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    Thanks! I actually use the current Royal's blue for the outlines, but I guess it looks darker on the designs. Thank you guys! Let's continue with the Twins. @MJD7 suggested me to use Wolfsburg away kit as inspiration, symbolizing the Twin Cities. I decided to use Navy Blue, Powder Blue and Red as colours.
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    The sleeves were too long & large so I had them bobbed. It’s making its debut today for Rams at Saints.
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    If you take a close look on official nike render of this uniform, you'll know why 2k interpretation look wrong:
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    Since finishing my NFL Redesign I haven't taken on any large projects. With baseball season gone I've found myself missing it, and missing the best designed league in the world. Iconic logos abound, near perfect designs, and more history than anyone would know what to do with... ...so why not redesign the whole league? First up: Oakland Athletics The A's have had at least as many cap logos as they've had cities, and they've not yet perfected it. Time to lean into the green and yellow. Time to endear themselves to Oakland (before they find yet another home field).
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    Every INT Nathan Peterman throws, the stronger Colin Kaepernick's collusion case gets.
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    Things nobody gets about the Coliseum: *It’s in a God awful part of town *There’s hardly any parking (people living a half mile away charge a hundred bucks to use their front lawns) *There’s no shade whatsoever, which is great for a 90° 1:30 PM kickoff *Concessions are so lacking that they’ve run out of water several times *The stadium is a construction nightmare *The light rail options, while there, require multiple transfers for most people and most rail lines snake through even worse parts of town (if I went I’d have to drive 5 miles to the Green Line then take that to the Blue Line to the Expo Line) And you wonder why they’re not leading the league in attendance?
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    I don’t mind alternatives for O6 teams to think outside the box and go a little nuts. As long as the primaries stay untouched. Rangers did that pretty well with the Liberty jersey. If these are for NHL 19, I wouldn’t mind the really good ones to become real life alternatives.
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    The drop-shadowed slab-serif numbers and plain block NOBs were yet another baffling part of the Marlins' design, right there with all the green in the park but none in the uniforms or logos. Should have been Futura for both, with the numbers beveled the same way the scripts were.
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    Nice of Kentucky to look like $hit on a national spotlight. No reason for black jerseys.
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    ? Nah, ya think? They’re drawing 71,000 to a stadium that seats 75,000 and they’re ahead of 21 teams in the attendance standings. And you want to compare them to the Rays? There’s hyperbole and then there’s nuking your own point with insane statements. I have no idea why “I don’t think anyone in LA likes the Rams” is your hill to die on. Is this one of those “east coast/west coast” things I’ve heard so much about? The Lakers/Clippers comparison has always been made in comparison between the Rams and the Chargers, and only in that context.
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    That’s my all-time favorite A’s cap. I’m still pissed they scrapped it. I bet they thought the white “A’s” outlined in gold would be a minor tweak, but it looks so inferior to me that they may as well have just scrapped the solid green cap altogether.
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    Yeah this is such a fantastic uniform. Bring back the blue facemask too. And the Bills red helmet. Just all of it idk man
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    I miss the days of each team having unique warm-ups.
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    I've been working on painting logo blocks for an MLS standings board. I had created an NFL version of this a few years back, and since Minnesota United is now in the MLS, I thought it was time to make an MLS one. I underestimated the detail on these logos and the difficulty of painting them with acrylic. NFL logos aren't as detailed as MLS logos. I fact that didn't cross my mind until I started painting. The blocks are 5.125" x 2.5". In hindsight, I wish I had used oil paints as I think it may have been easier to get more precise colors when mixing and easier to work with the fine detail. All in all I'm pretty happy with them, though. Up to this point, I think I've spent about 50 hours on this project. Next step is to stain the board, paint the MLS logo, and get magnets attached to the board.
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    Yeah, I scratched my head at the Bills exiling Taylor at the time. I’m really scratching my head at it now. And boy, is Petermeme/Jerry Gergich in pads making them pay for it.
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    Timbers-Sounders. Self explanatory.
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    Yet, I was just able to go to their site, and find plenty of $84 tickets available for this week's game vs Seattle, and plenty of $111 tickets for their SNF game against the reigning, defending, Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles - a game that, in the beginning of the year, many would have picked as a GOTY candidate, and a game for which thousands of Philadelphians have tickets for, meaning that the figure for tickets sold to Rams fans is actually lower. Oh, and the Rams are an 8-0 team that looks on their way to the Super Bowl. Say all you want about capacity, limits, etc., but the facts show that they're in the second largest market in the country, have no competition, and there is no demand for tickets. If they're not selling 100K tix, and legit limiting it to 75K, then this is an embarrassment. If they are limiting to 100K, that's still an embarrassment, because they should be able to draw more than 71K considering how good the team is, and the high-profile nature of their upcoming games. This is simply fantasy that people have wanted to be true for so long now - that the Rams are the Lakers of football in LA (I believe that point has been made a few times). They're doing OK - maybe even better than some (including me) anticipated - but it is simply not the case that they're killing it in the market. It's not fair to cast full judgement until the stadium opens, but again, it's an 8-0 team that's fun to watch, and has a showdown with the champs coming up... and lots of people don't care.
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    It wouldn't have been done save to illustrate the point I was trying to make - that someone's first-hand experience, while often helpful and insightful with respect to a particular, often comes with it biases that cause them to be dismissive of others who didn't share a similar experience at that level. In a lot of cases I defer to that experience, as it's deserved. But in this case the experience seems to have skewed the poster's viewpoint to a point where he is turning at least a slightly blind eye to the reality going on, instead bringing up comparatively nebulous points about "the good of the sport." That's all well and good, and few here, based on that experience, will argue that football has certain elements that help prepare its participants for the rest of their lives. Attempting to spin such an argument, particularly in the wake of the medical evidence connected between football, CTE and other forms of brain trauma and/or permanent physical damage to players, runs counter to the reality of things. To be clear, I have great respect for Danny and his life in the sport. But again, that experience doesn't make him an all-knowing oracle as to its aspects in this area or any other. Beyond "I haven't shown signs of it myself?," he has no significant basis of experience regarding the long-term, potentially permanent affects of CTE and other head trauma. And I pray he never does.
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    I'm surprised that either at the half or the end of the game Saban didn't say "We need to recruit a kicker." It's been their Achilles heel for years now. I tend to take things one game at a time. Get us through Mississippi State, Auburn, then Georgia, then whoever in the playoffs should we get there. It's going to be a sad day when Saban finally hangs it up.
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    My thoughts thus far: Oakland: I rather like the removal of white and the oak leaf apostrophe/old English “s.” My one problem is that the “A” is a bit on the gangly side (compared to the more compact “A” of the 1970s-‘80s). Reducing its width would improve it immensely. I would also try to incorporate the white elephant into the design somehow. Yankees: As somebody who has also attempted a merger of the different “NY” logos, I really like your take on it. I opted for a straight crossbar on my “N,” but the slightly curved one looks good as well. I would prefer more flares on the top and bottom of the long bars of the “N” (like the print logo). Still, I like it. Nationals: I get what you’re going for, but I don’t like the execution. The block W is too generic. Something with more embellishements or serifs would look better. The Capitol Building is a nice touch, but it needs a thicker outline. Angels: I get what you’re going for here, but I don’t like the execution. Using the Tuscan-style font brings the Angels right back to their Red Sox clone look. I don’t think that’s a good direction to take the team. Using an “A” that looks more like the current one (albeit without bevelinh) would be a better course of action. I’m looking forward to the rest of your designs, but I’m hesitant to give it universal praise.
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    If that's the case, then I totally agree with them. First impressions are everything, and even though as a fan you know you're watching them or attending a game in a temporary home and the palace opens next year, it's hard to shake that feeling of amateurism that you're likely to have from watching or attending a game played under those circumstances. Not sure why I want this so bad, but godsdammit let's make the London Raiders happen!
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    Every summer we took a trip to Milwaukee to see these beauties. And for us the Muskegon Lumberjacks were our local sports team.
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    I actually a fan of the skylines
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    Because there are different elements/cultures within each city which deserved to be given attention on an international level.
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    Yeah that was implied in my post that started this thread, but I'm glad others are talking about it so clearly. Peterson looks so appealing on the field because of that helmet. I'm really going to miss seeing it in use. I hate the way the new helmets look. What could become the new standard "logo helmet?" At some point, it'll happen. In 1987 the Pigskins were still using the two-bar helmet in their endzone. I would assume they upgraded to the VS4 in 1997 at FedEx? Also when did their font change? Also '97? '02? Anybody know? That new font is so much more how I think of the team than the older one that's a bit less perfect.
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    I know it was just one game, well two if you count the aways. But This jersey for me was the first time I realized that the Denver broncos had different uniforms that what I was used to and it made this "rare" to me. I think this may be the jersey that kicked off my fascination in uniforms. I am not now nor ever have been a fan of the suns, but when they made the switch to this uniform, it was the first time I thought uniforms could be "cool"
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    Because retro Philadelphia team uniforms are already covered here, I'll take a slightly different tack when it comes to nostalgia. The Sports Specialities Script hat. I know it pops up in contemporary applications, too, but whenever I see that, it feels a bit jarring. (Drake holding hand out disapprovingly) (Drake satisfyingly grinning, eyes closed)
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    You Marlins fans don't know what you want! That's why you're still Marlins fans! Because you're stupid.
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    Like @FinsUp1214, I too hail from the south of Provo. Unfortunately, I didn't appreciate the rich Jazz basketball culture in Utah until my late teenage years. Because of that, my most nostalgic Jazz memories come from the 2008 and 2009 seasons. The powder blue alternate and green throwbacks hold a special place in my heart. I know the rest of that set probably sits lowest in most people's Jazz uniform ranking, but that's what I will always associate my primal love of the NBA with. That spark turned into my passion.
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    Yeah... but... I'd still rather have this:
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    Thy shld'v gne flly vwllss nd clled t Trvl Chnnl.
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    I thought the black triangle was just a neat way to "memorial"ize their logo... then it clicked. It's truly a great memorial patch. Also, 5,000,000 bonus points for not using PITTSBURGH STRONG.
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    One of the best memorial patches I can remember.
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    Penguins Honour Shooting Victims With Jersey Patch Tonight October 30, 2018 - 20:50 PM The Pittsburgh Penguins will honour the victims of the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting, which happened in the Squirrel Hill neighbourhood of Pittsburgh. For tonight’s game against the New York Islanders, the Penguins will wear a patch on their right […] Read More...
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    Packers wore their standard unis There’s the pants from the all white color rush I’d really like to see the white on white return for a game or two a year, it’s really fresh.
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    Nice job with the Angels! One small nitpick with the Royals. I believe @vtgco and @luketheduke03 were suggesting adding a royal blue, not navy, outline to the wordmarks and scripts.
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    Yes they can. Besides, all this American Iron War Eagle stuff doesn't really fit the NBA.
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    Kraken First of all, I say it should be pronounced "Cray-Kin"...that just sounds the best of all options IMO. Someone mentioned earlier, that my primary and secondary logos were too similar. I agree, so I created a new secondary. The logo combines the letter "S" with the huge eye of a giant squid (kraken)... I also brightened up the dark green on the uniforms. I tried using a straight traditional striping pattern, but the 90-ish curvy striping just suited a tentacled kraken theme better. ...coming soon...The KrakenShakin' Video...
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    Anduin Argonath The team takes the name from the famous two statues called the Pillars of the Kings or Argonath. They mark the entrance in the realm of Gondor on the course of the river Anduin. The big statues, representing Isildur and Anarion, are said to hold both an axe in the books while in the movies it was decided to give a sword to one of the two. The team decided to stick with the movie design as it seemed a neat idea to differentiate more the two. The color palette is based on Fresh Water Light Blue, Granite Ochre and Deep Waterfall Blue. The usual jersey presentation was changed to make enough room for the main logo, which has a mainly vertical extension, and in the negative space it was possible to add a particular of the shoulder patch A.
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    Here's what's going to happen, Sparky. If the Seattle NHL Franchise announces a name/logo package that's not any of these, I'm going to get disproportionately upset. Love the plaid jersey.
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    The Sockeyes and Sea Lions are far and away the winning designs. Excellent work.
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    Minas Morgul Nazgul I've always been fascinated by Peter Jackson's depiction of the fallen city of Minas Ithil, now known as Minas Morgul, with its gloomy yet flashy apparence. Neon blue and green fading into darkness was a perfect match to the home jersey. The logo is taken from the Nazgul banner representing Minas Ithil (Tower of the Moon) now under the dark spells of the Nazgul, hence the skull. The away jersey sports a logo resembling the helmet of the witchking of Angmar, the Nazgul commander. I decided to have just fading colors instead of a proper striping as the Ringwraiths are a simple yet powerful institutions in the ranks of the Dark lord
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    Mordor Black Army The dark realm of Mordor deserved a dark and gloomy jersey to match. The flaming eye of Sauron was in red on the black banner of the mighty army of Mordor so the team's logo was an obvious one to choose. For the away jersey the team refused to wear white opting for an interesting shade of reddish gray. At first it was thought of adding yellow and orange to recreate the colors of the ever-active volcano of Mount Doom but then the idea was ditched as the color scheme was felt becoming too bright...
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