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    I participated in the Lightning third jersey online survey. I forget what almost all of my answers were, but I just want to say I apologize.
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    This would've made a better jersey.
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    I cast votes for the Ohio Governor and senate this morning. I hope they still count. I don't really align with the true native Cincinnatians on a lot of stuff, politics especially, but the most Cincinnati thing about me is how much I love the Reds and Skyline Chili. Skyline Chili is the :censored:ing best gross food on the planet and I go there biweekly. Any attempts to knock it only serves to make me stronger and places you firmly into Basic Bitchdom. I don't make the rules. I will stan for Skyline until the day I die. It's cheese, meat, spaghetti. You can get it on a hot dog. They bring you oyster crackers! Throw it all on a baked potato and it's like if a warm blanket was a meal. Protip: Get the Chilito with spaghetti on a tomato wrap. It's a 3way, wrapped up in a tortilla, but their tomato wraps are bigger than their regular tortilla shells so you get more goop inside, but for the same price. Kentucky doesn't want us either. Yes correct, but Cincinnati's topography is far more interesting. St Louis had to build an arch so people had something to look up towards.
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    Lafayette going with really classy and unique helmet decal tributes for this weekend’s game:
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    If likes and RT's are any indication it looks like the 99 set is the most popular among the fans so far in this chain. (Granted, nostalgic fans from 1911 probably aren't around and using twitter)
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    I never noticed until now how the modernized "D" mimics the tip of the wing on the standard crest, and I really dig it.
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    The Liberty jersey was a perfect example of how to get creative with an original six team. A crest based off a city landmark, using new colours that don't stray too far from the overall look, a different (albeit failed) take on the primary logo (the only bad thing about the uniform), new striping, etc.
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    Imagine thinking Nike has the final say on these designs and that it’s not a collaborative effort between the company’s designers and the teams.
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    Was a lot of work to get this one done, but it's finally finished; the great abomination, the Rams Frankenfield from Week 8. *** Images temporarily removed while I host them in a different location *** Baltimore had black endzones, with purple letters and white trim for the first time. *** Images temporarily removed while I host them in a different location ***
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    Best looking game from the weekend. Duke-Miami in the mud
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    Do you know which league we're dealing with?!?
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    I love em too. The best part is a subtle detail; the two-tone green Bucks logo. A nice nod to the old color scheme. I think I prefer this version to the original, and they could incorporate cream by replacing the white.
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    I think @raysox had something used by an amateur soccer league/team in Michigan.
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    I have a Tim Couch Browns jersey. Got it the year he was drafted. Haven’t worn it in YEARS. And this Dodgers fan thinks that Giants jersey above looks NICE.
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    Technically, Joe Bosack is a member of the community, and he's designed everything that board members don't complain about. Frazer Davidson too.
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    Uniforms-wise, the nba quickly went soccer. Skin tight jerseys (even tried sleeves), ads (how soon will the logo be the patch and the ad be the wordmark?), 3rd jerseys that are off the wall and not part of the logo or color package, no set color for home-road, and you can wear whatever color shoes you want.
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    I thought those weird black/grey fashion jerseys was killed few years ago, but it look like Tampa Bay back them into life. On the other hand if this is "still in design", I'm afraid of the final results. Lightning really need to find their lost identify, their primaries uniforms looks like Red Wings having a child with Maple Leafs and now this abomination. At least their logo is ok. C'mon back to the 90's look. Kings are ok, we already saw this jersey, Toronto also ok, but I still prefer Arenas throwback.
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    I always have high hopes for Ligtning jerseys. I am always disappointed. I mean...w..t..f..
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    Agreed on all counts. We’ve put lots of work in front of them over the years when they’ve requested it, but they know exactly who they are, and they’re content with keeping it that way if they don’t feel the new work matches up with their vision for the brand. It’s hard to argue with that even though, as designers, you and I see so much potential for something more creative. ? I also strongly agree here. This uniform is much more fun than the previous black third, and a much more creative approach than simply color-flipping the normal uniform. I do think the old black uniform would have worked much better as a color-flip of the red jersey, since the jersey stripes would coordinate better with the pant stripes that way, but I still like this one much more.
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    Last time the Anaheim Ducks had a seven-game losing streak that was ended with a bounce back win and a team with red as the primary color fired their highly successful coach, Randy Carlyle was fired and that highly successful red team coach was hired by the Ducks. I'm not saying, but I'm just saying. And Arizona, good lord, again? really?
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    The Lady Liberty sweaters weren't much more than palette swaps of the Penguins, Panthers, and Canucks, and the crest was hideous and looks too Totally Extreme '90s to bear. Bury them. All their fauxbacks suck too.
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    Week 10- Bengals in alt orange. Tampa in white at home/Redskins in maroon. Steelers in color rush. Everyone else including Browns/Falcons are in normal white away/color home. Eagles I have in normal greens. FWIW this list has had some changes in it since it was released in early July. Someone said the Seahawks are now wearing color rush Week 11 but I don't have that, so we'll see. And the Ravens were listed with the weird Alternate White last week which doesn't exist and they were actually in alternate color. So i can't be 100% certain i'm just letting you know what this designation sheet has. Next week has some fun stuff -- 2 throwbacks, 2 alts, and 4 (possibly 5) color rush
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    These are some tremendous concepts. Nice work all around, Nate. Only because they're the latest, one thought that occurred to me about Green Bay: The first thing I thought of when I saw them was the Edmonton Eskimos. I realize the two are fairly similar to begin with, but the thing that really got me was the stacked two-letter logo on the helmet. The GB mark is smart and looks good, so for redesign purposes, I'd say keep it. I just wanted to point out the similarity. One other thing: Your Browns concept seems to be the logical way to clean up their current actual look. It's solid, simple, and yet a bit more modern than the full-on 60s look they had before their redesign. Again, excellent work all around.
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    I was speaking about Nike, though, since the initial comment was “what [Nike is] gonna do the Yankees once [they] get ahold of MLB” and most of the conversation (or rather complaining) in this thread and the NBA thread revolves around the idea that Nike is the sole reason why teams currently look the way they do. I used Boston as an example, too, because the team has been pretty conservative when it comes to uniform design and it was another manufacturer that ushered in the Celtics’ gray and black-accented uniforms.
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    Another great solid look! Put the traditional G on the helmet and they could wear that next week. That said, this is one of your better logo designs too. Great job
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    The Red Wings' normal uniforms are untouchable for good reason, but even as a staunch-traditionalist, I really, really enjoyed the modern "winged-D" from the Stadium series uniforms (I didn't care much for the jersey design, but the logo is a perfect modern take on the Wings' history) If the Wings ever wanted to do an alternate jersey and used that logo either as a crest or on the shoulder, I'd be all for it. You could even use a little darker shade of red like the helmets from the 80 to set it apart from the normal look: Lastly, I really don't like the red buckets with the white jerseys look that seems so prevalent for Red Wings' alternate uniforms. This: ...looks far better (and more like the Red Wings) than this, in my opinion:
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    I disagree on the Lady Liberty jersey. It’s popular, but i don’t think it’s not all that creative. If most of these are low-hanging fruit on the idea tree, then the Statue of Liberty is fruit that’s already fallen to the ground and decomposed into the earth. If that’s the criteria, though, then I’d argue that most of these check one or two of those boxes. In my opinion, that’s a step in the right direction given that these teams rarely step out to do anything other than a throwback, especially in recent years.
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    Id think theres no issue, but at least create your own new topic for it.
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    GOOD. The old one with the ransom note type was one of my least favorite logos of the last decade. That whole trend of skewing letters to different sizes and widths lasted a brief time, but it really :censored:ed with some brands and I'm glad to see the return to sanity.
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    The Gameplan Creative guy (Tom O’Grady/NeverSayNever) was a member of the boards, but he was a dick to everybody here because he lost any and all interest in polite discourse. If you’re a professional in the business, try to conduct yourself in a civil manner like @andrewharrington.
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    andrewharrington seems to have designed everything that board members complain about.
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    What we've all been waiting for- Marlins Man gives his very important opinion on this matter (under the first Instagram post): marlins_man Why are they called Marlins anymore. Florida Marlins, silver black, teal, GONE. Miami Marlins orange black white blue yellow, GONE. Maybe name them Miami something else. New colors are dark. Miami is bright vibrant city. This is not Gotham. There is no Dark Knight. Hmmmmmmmm. @SilverBullet1929
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    My father, who was from Cincinnati, always told us not to forget that Cincinnati is the South.
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    Better would be to make all rounds single-elimination, played at the home of the higher seed. This would make the regular season more meaningful by giving each finishing place a unique value. As it stands now, there is no difference between finishing no. 5 and no. 6, or between no. 3 and no. 4, or between no. 1 and no. 2. Also, it would provide a clear advantage in the playoffs to the higher-seeded team, as the playing of two-legged ties all but eliminates this advantage. Finally, playing all rounds as single matches would allow the playoffs to end a few weeks earlier and not drag into December, where the risk of bad weather is much greater. The concrete advantages of a playoff system consisting only of single-elimination matches are many. One can cite the disadvantage of there being a greater possibility of a chance event deciding a single match than a two-legged tie. But if a single match is acceptable for the MLS Cup Final, despite the theoretical possibility of a fluke goal deciding matters, then surely it is acceptable for the conference finals and conference semifinals. Of course, the real reason that the MLS playoffs contain two rounds of two-legged ties has nothing to do with the competition. The reason is to give more teams home games. Up until the latest revision of the playoffs a few years ago, the stated intent was to give a home game to every playoff team. The league has abandoned that absolutist approach, as right now seeds no. 5 and 6 are not guaranteed a home game. Having taken that step, the league should drop two-legged ties altogether.
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    The Reds will celebrate 150 years of baseball. They will wear this patch all season and sport 15 different throwbacks throughout the season
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    This is an extremely tiny detail and might be impossible to show in this template, but the 1990 Argos whites had red trim around the wordmark.
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    This is the best version yet. You could really call the design itself finished. However, I think I might see why the concept feels "generic" despite the clever idea. The finished logo needs some sort of context other than just "DC baseball". When a logo is designed, its job is to present or hype the team or organization it stands for. It "brands" the team and its identity. Someone needs to wear the hat, after all. However, at this point this logo isn't presenting a team, it is simply presenting itself. All you have to do is find a home for it. My first thought would be as a basis for team hats for the annual Congressional Baseball game. Whether its that or something else, you need to get a story behind the logo to elicit some sentiment beyond "cool design idea" and have the logo tell a story about something other than itself. Find that home and its a winner.
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    You’re completely missing the point, and it comes up every time there’s a discussion about material technology or textile innovations. So again, fabrics, materials, coatings, innovations, etc. are not meant to increase athlete performance, nor do they claim to. No one has ever claimed that Jordan/Gretzky/whomever would have been better in a newer uniform, yet that’s the only counter-argument you guys pull out. Textbook straw man. The goal is always to make athletes more comfortable in the uniforms they have to wear, which is exactly the original point I made; no one *wants* to wear a sweaty 2 lb. jersey when they *could* wear a less-sweaty 1lb. jersey. Not even Jordan.
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    If that's the case, then I totally agree with them. First impressions are everything, and even though as a fan you know you're watching them or attending a game in a temporary home and the palace opens next year, it's hard to shake that feeling of amateurism that you're likely to have from watching or attending a game played under those circumstances. Not sure why I want this so bad, but godsdammit let's make the London Raiders happen!
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    Yes they can. Besides, all this American Iron War Eagle stuff doesn't really fit the NBA.
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    Well, after a season of the Tigers going with the big "D" on the caps, I am hoping for a return to the smaller "D" or at least down size this one a bit. The fan's reaction in Motown to the larger letter on the cap was not well-received at all.
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    I was recently asked to work on a Kelly Green Eagles uniform concept and after many long hours, I have finally completed it. My whole concept is based on the idea of History: - The Home/Away uniforms are based on the 1980's Eagles uniform set, just more modernized. - The numbers and new Logo Type are created using the angle of 52degrees (to celebrate the History of the 1st Super Bowl in franchise history) I will post a few of the shots here, but the full project can be found on Behance at: https://www.behance.net/gallery/70431389/Modern-1984-Philadelphia-Eagles-Uniform-Concept My Uniform set is made up of a Home, Away, Alternate and Color Rush Uniforms. A new Logo Type, simplified helmet design and simplified 1980's bird logo.
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    This is great and it suits Nike’s odd fetish of wordmarks on sleeves
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    a concept design I made. I know not a lot of people will like this because it’s so extra but I decided to put a lot of “extraness” to match the spirits of New Orleans during Mardi Gras. The skyline is the one if New Orleans and I put it on both the top and bottom for some symmetry. I also put the team name on the bottom instead because of the New Orleans vine design on the corners. I then bring back the old Nola logo and recolored it to a Mardi Gras color. Note: I am not a professional artist so please excuse some weird jagged up areas or ocd triggering details
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    "There ain't no Vancouver Grizzles here and there never was!"
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    There's something unsettling about that Rockford Expos logo. It's vaguely...tenticular.
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