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    That's a streeeeeeetch. I kinda can see how the "m" is similar to the "n" in "Kings", and the "a" is kinda like the "a" in "Marlins", but it's also like most other "a"s, and there's not really any other similarities. I think they drew the Miami script and then just made that other stuff up. They weren't sitting in a room, staring at those two old jerseys, and figuring out how to "combine" them.
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    How long do you think it will be before this team does what it’s always done and decide to wear “midnight black” for 150 of 162 games?
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    Hey, the intern knows Paint! Good job intern. You get a cookie.
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    Well, at least this confirms that the Prolight material is gone for the ST caps.
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    What they need to do is go back to their roots when they used to be Plan B Branding. Designs like the Clearwater Threshers...or even the Lehigh Valley Ironpigs (I mean its original and wierd, but not Booyah or Sod Poodles)
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    I like the change to the top fin but the rest I'd leave the same.
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    We might see the uniforms tonight at midnight. Keep your eyes peeled
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    It’s... the light, probably from a window
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    Bottom 5 primary in MLB. Hopefully the uniforms will be decent. The new fish with the M secondary logo we saw leaked isn't bad. There's still hope for this
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    I will never stop believing that black-silver-red-orange-yellow-green-blue was a totally awesome color scheme that could have been just as Miamian with the right application. Oh well, RIP.
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    https://www.uniswag.com/blog/mississippi-statesman-uniform Here's some more info. Baylor using the retro logo on their black helmets this week: https://www.uniswag.com/blog/baylor-week-12-uniform Missouri with a special helmet logo this week: https://www.uniswag.com/blog/missouri-military-appreciation-uniforms
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    I get really nervous when people do Niners concepts, but this is one of the best I have ever seen. As much as I feel like their current look is untouchable (we won't talk about the switch to garnet in the late 90s), this would be a fantastic rebrand in real life.
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    What's wrong with that? LEBO is a great artist (at least I think he is) and Le Batard is essentially a mascot for Miami anyway.
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    The Word of God is a double edged sword...but that's probably a discussion for a different forum
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    Granted, I was not present when the design brief was drafted, nor have I seen it, but if anything hyper-locally representative of Cincinnati was on that brief, well... ...How nothing even remotely referencing neither the bendy nor the buckeye leaves is a complete mystery to me, and I'm sure others, as well. Unless there's a brand extension somewhere we're unaware of, perhaps maybe they didn't want to be too obvious with the symbolism...but IMHO Cincy's flag inagery is so strong and recognizable it just begs to be drawn from. Eh well...just my two rusted Lincolns, I guess. All that being said, I'm cool with the lion too--although to be perfectly honest, I think I prefer the USL version over the MLS one. It seems more "classic", I guess. And the art style is more unique.
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    Just thought of this while viewing the Bad Jersey discussion and the hybrid basketball/football Pro Bowl shirt posted. Are there any real life, actual examples of a legitimate jersey (or fan/replica style) of a team but of a different sport. For instance, a football team identity as a baseball, basketball, or hockey jersey? Or any alteration similar? You see it somewhat in college, where there's a natural crossover, so you see fans sporting, say, a hockey jersey of Minnesota at a Minnesota football game, etc. But, any jerseys actually sold of different sports by one of the Big Four League teams?
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    This is great stuff guys. There are a lot of talented people here. Let me just make a plug for all the talent here to pop in the request board more often. I put a request on there but while I was there I saw how many got O response or just 1. I figured most members forgot it was there. Could be wrong but I remember the days when it wasn't seperated and even got a corporate logo made by Patrick Cummings who as I mentioned is now with Adidas. Just thought I'd remind everyone that it is there and there are some opportunities there to hone your skills, help someone and maybe get paid. But again, this has to be one of the greatest collections of talent assembled like this in an organic way. Proud to be surrounded by all of you amazing artists and enthusiasts!
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    That's definitely the team store and matches up with what I've been told. Looks legit. The stripes/pipping seem to be lost in the crappy quality of the pic.
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    Hammer from the pumps and a bump video..
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    The Denver Bears had a lower case "db" hat logo and lowercase "bears" on their jerseys in the early '80's.
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    Love it, minus the baseball laces. Looks good and screams Miami. Its a City I’ve been to once in my life but I think the vibrant colors represent it well. Lets all hope that the uniforms aren’t a train wreck.
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    What's the actual color? Even in the shadow it looks goldish Nevermind, I see it. Black. Upper right of the bill you can see the black. Odd how light makes black look gold.
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    why the baseball stitching. it looks so out of place.
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    Looks like it was inspired by this logo used by Topps in the 1950s. I don’t know if it was ever used in other applications. Personally, I love it. Great new alternate logo, fully expect that it’ll be used beyond this initial trial.
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    I really like the colors, the marlin, and the Miami script. I just don't like the fishball logo.
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    God I really hope the one he's wrong about is the Vikings. Lets not ruin the Packers matchup with color rush. They didn't wear em last year so hopefully they won't agin this year. If they had to go mono I'd rather they just wear the regular purple pants and jerseys than the color rush. Because at least there's some white in there (for instance sock bottoms) to break it up. But that's like choosing the bullet to the head over 1000 cuts.
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    I suppose you could, but I wouldn't. Why? Read on. I don't see motion lines. First, why would motion lines appear on both sides of the ball, from two opposite directions? What I see is a white stripe, similar to the other flag stripes under the word mark banner. I've always felt it was meant to give the logo six stripes, just as it has six stars in the ball... in each case, signifying the six New England states. As such, it doesn't strike me as an "extraneous" detail. Nor do I think it is "poorly-integrated" into the logo's overall design. Now, I'll grant you that the American flag's top stripe should be red, but - given that the topmost stripe under the banner is already red - I simply presumed that Mr. Walls exercised artistic license and opted to render said stripe in the alternating color. Whether that was his intention or not, I don't know. Said distressed font calls to mind a typeface style associated with the era in which the American Revolution - namesake of New England's Major League Soccer franchise - took place. Again, given this distinction, I don't find the detail "extraneous" or "poorly-integrated". I don't agree. I feel that the examples of extraneous and poorly-integrated components I referenced in my assessment of the clip-art logos were truly egregious, while Mr. Walls' mark strikes me as a simple, straightforward, well-crafted logo design... one in which each of its component elements serves a purpose. I honestly don't see any of the design elements Mr. Walls utilized in his New England Revolution concept being extraneous. In terms of poorly-integrated, I don't know that I feel the "type that doesn't quite follow the banner right" to quite rise to that level. Truth be told, I think it is barely noticeable. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We all have our own opinions. You consider the New England Revolution's current logo to be "the better executed of the two". I consider said mark to be a ham-handed, dated-the-minute-it-was-created failure. Which is where we have our disconnect. I'm not someone who applauds graphic designers for nailing a style I find aesthetically lacking. All of this said, it will be interesting to see just how long it takes the Krafts to have the Revolution's logo redesigned... or, if they ever actually manage to shake-off their apathy as investor/operators of the team long enough to do so.
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    Is this something every team will do for next year, using their own number fonts instead of the generic one? Seems pretty cheesy to me.
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    then it would look just like the older purple jerseys. I swear you people hate trying new things. I said it before and ill say it again Home and Away = simple. consistent and should follow tradition. Alternates = crazy, funky and trying new things.
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    Marlins players already were told the color scheme ahead of time because he's Garrett Cooper's new cleats already delivered...
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    The team posted it but ST caps usually aren't released until early February.
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    This could also happen at 11:15 am right?
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    I like them when they're contrasting with each other. BBG vs GRG is a good look. Even if OSU vs PSU were a color matchup it'd look good. It might even pop more aestheticly.
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    Inevitably, there will be hate, and there's going to be some who like it as well. It's ok to discuss it, but to judge without seeing the sum of all parts is kinda pointless. Get the full picture first, then you can say if it's horrible or not. Even then, some will say" it's starting to grow on me".
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    I like the packing stencil idea for Green Bay! A "GB" logo makes more sense than just a big "G," IMO. IDK if a circle is the best idea, but it works. The new font looks great on the jerseys, but I think the alternate should use a throwback block font. What a great concept for San Francisco! It looks so much cleaner without all the gross black outlines, and the SF interlocking is perfect, but the pickaxes really elevate the logo! Amazing work! The Bridge font is really well-done, too. Good idea. I'm not a huge fan of the fauxback, but it's certainly better than the original. Way to keep up the really good work!
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    You don't have to be a die hard fan to know Realmuto refuses to sign an extension and wants out.
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    That's an oar. Booyah is traditionally cooked in a huge pot and stirred with an oar. The local G-League team is named after something that people in the area hunt every November.
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    The perfect update would for them to get a white version of the color rush set, possibly go back to a white helmet, and call it a day.
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    Man, it’s really too bad this City-themed court concept for the Thunder isn’t real:
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    Meanwhile on "Days of our Mariners"... God... the torture I put up with as a fan of this team.
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    – Try to use the same line width as often as you can while designing. In this particular case, it's absolutely manageable. Identical line width is always more pleasing to the eye. – The curved bottom of the shape underneath the typo doesn't work since "La Liga" isn't curved. Decide between arching "La Liga" or replacing the curve with a straight line.
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    Halifax Atlantics has a nice ring to it.
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    I lurk more than I post these days, but I design all of the uniforms for The Basketball Tournament every spring/summer. Year round I design for college lacrosse, helmets mostly, but some uniforms here and there as well.
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    But muh cheap jokes and parroting of reactionary statements! Trying to “redeem” Loria is a fool’s errand. P.S. Jorge Más wouldn’t have made the team’s situation better. If anything, he’d have tried to go all-in on a team with a low ceiling. That’s how you get a Giants-level clusterbleep of terrible contracts that cripple a team’s flexibility.
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