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    OKC needs to do a logo & uniform set rebrand based upon these City uniforms, immediately.
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    Ready for the 2019 season comes Minor League Baseball's newest branding sensation in sunny San Diego, the Finest City Pogo Sharks! The Pogo Sharks name honors San Diego, famous for its constant movement and growth. The seaside city is home to many forms of sea life, none more jovial and active than the shark. The pogo stick represents the city's and the franchise's readiness to soar leaps and bounds above the competition! Be on the lookout for more upcoming logos in the set, including: A shark swinging the pogo stick like a bat, Hoppy the happy pint of beer for random food based logo and uniform promotion night, a surfboard with a bite taken out of it forming the letters FC! And of course, no shark-jumping identity is complete without a logo featuring an anthropomorphic Henry Winkler on water skis!! Stay tuned!!
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    New Nationals Spring Training uniform/cap: Via Twitter https://twitter.com/Nationals/status/1063071696247291905
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    I'm pretty sure that's the tourism video that plays in every rental car place in the Miami airport. They just tacked a Marlins logo on at the end.
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    I get that I'm in phone and the photo is low-res, but I see a plain white jersey with a plain black wordmark. And we've seen from the teaser images that the white jersey uses black numbers. So what we've got is a uniform that, from any distance, is basically devoid of color, and a marketing campaign that puts all its emphasis on color. Par for the course from the Marlins. Anyway, here's to six years of the Concepts Forum finding a thousand different ways to implement this better than the team actually will.
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    That jersey looks better than the Nats' current home jersey. Would love to see that full time.
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    That's a streeeeeeetch. I kinda can see how the "m" is similar to the "n" in "Kings", and the "a" is kinda like the "a" in "Marlins", but it's also like most other "a"s, and there's not really any other similarities. I think they drew the Miami script and then just made that other stuff up. They weren't sitting in a room, staring at those two old jerseys, and figuring out how to "combine" them.
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    Oh god, it's that dress BS all over again.
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    Why would they caption all of the uniform sneak peeks with “11.15” only to reveal them tomorrow morning?
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    How long do you think it will be before this team does what it’s always done and decide to wear “midnight black” for 150 of 162 games?
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    That eyeless Marlin looks like he's peeing blood.
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    Maybe it's just me, but this particular location just makes it look like the Marlins are randomly vandalizing people's homes...
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    Can't help myself. This is my Revs concept from a few months ago.
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    The lighting of this photo combined with the Rams' throwbacks makes it look like the Seahawks arrived at this game via time machine.
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    Wordmark font is a mix of the 1950s Miami Marlins and Havana Sugar Kings wordmarks... I like it way better now knowing it isn't just a rip off the Cardinals wordmark.
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    All this hype for the big logo reveal on 11/15 and we don’t even get to see the uniforms today. <Mod edit>
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    For pure Brandiose effect the shark should be swinging a pogo stick while riding a pogo stick.
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    Was probably planned for 3:05 but everyone is running on Miami time
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    Exactly. The Lakers jerseys are overdesigned. Drop the black racing stripe, ditch the pinstripes, and you've got a solid set.
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    Agreed. I'm a big fan of the all-white, too, but I don't want the road maize pants to disappear completely. And white over maize vs. Scarlet and Gray is tough to beat.
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    I agree. My hope is that Michigan revives the white jersey/yellow pants combo: All-white is fantastic, but a bit more maize is nice.
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    I think the Marlins, from what has been shown, missed the mark on their redesign and rather than complain about it I thought it would be more constructive to at least put forward an alternative.
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    That shade of blue looks fantastic. Everything else about these is incredibly boring. No front numbers, no collar or placket piping, no sleeve patch. The wordmark doesn't even use the marlin on the M. There's nothing. They make a big stink about their "colores" and they barely even use them in any meaningful or interesting way.
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    I think with a couple of reeeally small changes this could be really awesome.
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    I would say the Brewers’ Ball-in-Glove logo fits this criteria.
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    Looks like an improvement to me so far
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    That one is like the Giants, deliberately referencing an old style. Lower-case was popular in the 60s and 70s, and that Hustle logo is definitely evocative of the period.
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    Washington Capitals: They still using lower case instead of -what an ironic- capital letters.
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    Couldn't be more apparent that they designed the cap logo first, then realized they needed a "primary mark" so they added a disjointed "iami" and just like random baseball stiching
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    Their primary logo is already the Roman numeral for 100, so I'll pretend that's their very clever centennial logo.
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    Hey, the intern knows Paint! Good job intern. You get a cookie.
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    Man those OKC city jerseys are beautiful. If they made it their primary, it would be a top 5 look
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    The cap logo is a great throwback and works as a Spring Training hat but that jersey needs to be the primary home NOW!!!
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    Brandiose needs to go adios like pronto when it comes to milb.
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    So on TV....I don't hate them. It might be because I hate their black-striped purple set so much that I'm open to something less severe. But as an alt, it fits in the family of the old Hollywood Nights set and the pinstripes aren't noticeable on TV. As a fan, I'm a fan.
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    I don't think they sold them in stores, but the Cardinals gave these out to the first 30,000 fans this past September.
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    Incredible, so far superior to anything OKC has ever worn.
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    Ohio State’s road uniform vs Michigan’s home uniform beats that. And no, this year’s matchup won’t be color vs color. I’m in the minority, but I hope it never is.
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    Growing up, Michigan was always wearing maize pants home and away. Now it just looks weird for them to wear white pants on the road.
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    So adidas can do collars that aren't awful. Huh.
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    On the subject of the sounders logo, a few years ago Go Red Sox! created a really on point update of their crest on the concept boards that I think would elevate them to one of the best branded clubs in the league. Just a cleaner version of what they have now, no need for a massive overhaul. Same feeling for most of the clubs in the league. I'd say: Colorado, Montreal, San Jose, and Sporting are other similar examples of where some subtle tweaks could really fix their overall looks without changing too much. Even Chicago too, but New England needs a complete visual re-tooling. This is the Sounders concept thread link: And here's the concept itself:
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