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    Apart from whatever cultural implications, that C looks like a staple gun misfire to me.
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    Oh here we go with this trash again. This thread is about the rebrand. Keep your assumptions about Jeter's plans out of here and give him time to prove he's not Jeffrey Loria. To me he's already proved that.
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    In a multitude of settings, they look phenomenal. In a number of baseball settings, it's going to be quite a strain to read those black-on-black names.
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    Scott Darling's "Whalers Night" gear has been posted. Great homage to Sean Burke. Excited to see it in action.
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    Here's the road uni and PANTS... they've got the same sleeve piping along the pants, very good there... Check out @Marlins’s Tweet: The script looks great here but again the trim is hard to see. The numbers look good because the red trim is more noticeable. Still think a not black front number would help. I'm over the collar piping too as i perused other teams unis and was stunned by how many teams have sleeve piping but no collar piping.
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    The last time I went cap shopping, I found that nearly all of the ones I sorted through were defective in one way or another. Most of it was random/missing threads and misaligned seams. Is it common for New Era caps to have this many flaws? I had assumed that they were already manufactured overseas and was floored that they cost $36.
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    I don't know anything about baseball, so excuse me if I broke some cardinal rule of baseball uniforms. Quick and dirty "fix" to add some contrast to the tops with the addition of white outlines. Also tried to make the blue more consistent with the others.
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    https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/banking/article221783230.html NEW: OLD: I think it's a good evolution - having everything line up on the flag fixes an issue that bugs me every time I see it. I'm hoping they'll have a better solution for applications on solid red or blue backgrounds:
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    So last night my high school played (and lost in three overtimes) Lewisville. I was there at the game when I noticed this atrocious thing, . So I decided to try to clean it up and resulted in this,
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    Yes. The interior of the M is "blank" - just the regular hat material, whereas the Marlin is raised.
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    The bigger stroke/outline on the numbers looks so much better - you know, so you can actually see the colors. --- Here are a few pics I've taken after getting some of the merchandise.....the blue is the same as the current blue jersey. The colors DO pop in bright lighting: They start to dim/get lost quickly though in less-than-ideal lighting conditions. I guess luckily the team will be in bright lights in uniforms on the field.
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    High praise coming from you Mr. Sweitz! I personally like the black caps better as well but realistically the team could mix and match. One drawback to the teal caps is the white M is outside the blue-red-black color palate, although I can see the appeal of that as it kind of recalls the original Florida Marlins color scheme. A red M looks garish on the blue and a black M reduces that legibility. Figured it was okay on the blue chest logo since it's bigger, but on a cap an all-black logo is too muddled. Also here's another idea for how to pull off the lights at night look with the black jersey while still being functionally legible. Very intentionally supposed to look like a neon sign (forgive the imperfect Pen tool work I am not skilled enough to match the font exactly.).
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    Disappointing. What a missed opportunity for them to improve on the last set. Their primary logo consist of a clip art-esque marlin with a tacked on script (which is also generic BTW). The uniforms are underwhelming, the black-on-black blows, and they kept MARLINS limited to the alternate uniform when it should be on the home.
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    Ugh. Those both look terrible. Front nimbers are very, very hard to pull off on jerseys with chest logos instead of wordmarks. Better off just skipping them entirely.
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    Man I can't believe how many people are unhappy with the rebrand only because it's too traditional. I hope those aren't the same people who complained in 2012 that that rebrand wasn't traditional enough. Damned if you do and damned if you don't!
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    I've been working on painting logo blocks for an MLS standings board. I had created an NFL version of this a few years back, and since Minnesota United is now in the MLS, I thought it was time to make an MLS one. I underestimated the detail on these logos and the difficulty of painting them with acrylic. NFL logos aren't as detailed as MLS logos. I fact that didn't cross my mind until I started painting. The blocks are 5.125" x 2.5". In hindsight, I wish I had used oil paints as I think it may have been easier to get more precise colors when mixing and easier to work with the fine detail. All in all I'm pretty happy with them, though. Up to this point, I think I've spent about 50 hours on this project. Next step is to stain the board, paint the MLS logo, and get magnets attached to the board.
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    That red sometimes looks red, magenta or light pink. I can't figure it out.
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    Had a thought... even with the team's heavy use of black Marlins players were quite good with using a lot of color, orange and blue, in their accessories like batting gloves, cleats, and arm sleeves. I look forward to beautiful light blue accessories next season. Was also thinking the Rockies players are another group who does this well, accentuating the black heavy Rockies jerseys with great purple accessories.
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    I hate it more than Block C. It didn't help the teams in the 1970s were pretty bad. Why do you think nickel beer night happened? No one's close to that mess.
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    I think Vicis is one of the companies that demands you use THEM for reconditioning of their helmets or risk voiding their warranty, so I'm assuming that the difference you're seeing is the difference between Riddell's version of that orange and Vicis's version of that orange..
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    So that’s about a ten hour drive, I’m out of class at noon on Friday... Get some friends, get a hotel, looks like I have some weekend plans
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    The collar is too wide on an Adidas jersey. Can't be.
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    Another minor detail about the Riders jersey and the "circle-S" on the sleeve. The logo looked different on the green jerseys in 1984 compared to previous years. All years except 1984, the "S" was in green within a white circle. This was true up to and including 1983. This card of Bryan Illerbrun is a photo from 1983. QB Homer Jordan is in the background and 1983 is the only year they shared as Roughriders. In 1984, the "S" and surrounding wheatsheaf was in white. Here are a couple of photos. Can corroborate this is 1984 as one of these photos is QB Joe Paopao. His first year with the Riders was 1984 in this uniform. Of course, the major uniform redesign took place for the 1985 season with the switch to the wraparound helmet logo and addition of the silver and black trim.
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    Aside from going with the 1960s color balance (navy with red only on outlines), most people here have given up on the "switch their colors" approach. Cleveland and Atlanta are far more subject to these talks, with the former being for a rebranding for MOD EDIT reasons and the latter being an attempt to "Pittsburgh-ify" Atlanta's teams under the black/red/gold banner (a foolhardy venture, given how the Braves went out of their way to leave Atlanta proper). Totally. Nostalgia would work as a branding venture, especially if the team is several years away from being competitive. Maybe going with a retro-inspired new brand would be a bad idea if the new ownership group wanted to put their stamp on the team later, but it's a legitimate strategy for the time being. Heck, even wearing throwbacks on a regular basis/showcasing throwbacks to the International League Marlins and all of the Florida-era iterations of the team would work. Pick-and-choose, experiment, etc. I do agree that the full redesign timing was a ways off. We simply have a different conception of the brand and what we want out of it. No biggie. I mocked up what they might have looked like circa 1997-2002: It wouldn't deviate too much from the Marlins' 1993-2002 appearance. The team would probably have relegated black to the main color circa 2003, while using a "toothpaste" flamingo with the Art Deco-styled set. Either that or Loria would have gone full "BUT PINK IS A GIRL'S COLOUR" and dumped the name for Marlins and his beloved black/orange.
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    I felt it muddled up the design without really adding anything important. One of the things I focused on with my cap logo versus the original is improved legibility at small sizes. Either the tail goes over the M and breaks up the shape, or it goes behind the M and just adds extra noise.
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    Agreed. But I thought his point was that the N was lower-case. Which it isn’t.
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    It looks great, but I have one question. Where'd the tail go?
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    I don't know about that. Everywhere I look on social media, people are talking about how great the 90s colors/jerseys were and how much they want some version of them back. This includes people who are content with the newest rebrand. I think there's only a small minority of Marlins fans who would disappointed with a nostalgic rebrand. And I don't recall anyone accusing the Orioles and Blue Jays as being "lazy" when they simply retooled earlier, but beloved looks. Jeter wanted to be associated with a new identity, I totally get it, but I genuinely believe that a modern upgrade to what the Marlins wore before Loria became owner would have been even more warmly received.
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    Yeah, is that "C" hated? At least it's unique unlike that crappy block C now...
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    Delving into one's own history in order to reclaim a classic look is not "lazy". The Mets restored their uniforms after decades of misguided alterations. The Phillies brought back an older design. The Braves reached all the way to the Milwaukee and Boston days in order to reactivate the tomahawk uniforms. Of course it would have been pandering. And it would've worked, by evoking (admittedly unearned) good feelings. This is not a problem. They could have done as the Blue Jays and the Charlotte Hornets and the New York Cosmos did: modernise the wordmark, while keeping it continuous with the original.
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    The cap logo is pretty good. But I have several complaints: The multi-coloured shadows on the lettering make me think that I should be wearing 3-D glasses. The use of black is as ugly as it had been in the previous set. The home jersey should have the nickname. Both jerseys badly need a front number. The correct move would have been to go back to the original 1993 set, with an M cap instead of an F cap. That shade of teal is, was, and ever shall be the quintessential Miami colour. This move would have been universally applauded. Jeter could have stood next to Jeff Conine and Benito Santiago, and could have announced that he was bringing the team back to its roots. The flaws in this new uniform are exacerbated by the enormous missed opportunity to earn some goodwill from a city that deeply distrusts the team's current ownership.
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    As much sense as it makes, I'm just not very fond of that curly C aesthetically. The Block C to me is already better and, while somewhat generic, is more separated from the Cubs than switching to this. In that script the I is a much better looking mark, but I'd only want that on a home cap.
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    According to Paul Hoynes of cleveland.com........ CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Indians will introduce a new “uniform option’ Monday as well as small enhancements to the existing uniforms for the 2019 season. The 2018 season marked the end of the team using Chief Wahoo as their main logo. The team will not be introducing a new logo to replace Chief Wahoo, but a shoulder patch representing the 2019 All-Star Game, which will be played at Progressive Field on July 9, is expected to be introduced. The Indians’ new look will be unveiled at 10 a.m. Monday at the team shop at Progressive Field. The Indians will continue to wear the block C on their caps in 2019. It was determined that 2018 would be the last year the Indians used Chief Wahoo as its logo through negotiations between MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred and team owner Paul Dolan. The Indians have worn some form of Chief Wahoo on their uniform since 1947, but it became a flashpoint for protests and lawsuits by Native American groups that considered it racist. The team has no plans to add a new logo to replace Chief Wahoo for 2019. They are still exploring possibilities for the future, but as of now there is no timetable to make such a decision. Block C and script Indians will serve as their logos for 2019.
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    Yea don't call it a soft rebrand but most teams give their looks some changes here and there after seeing everything in action and getting fan feedback so I'm pretty confident at that point we'll get more blue in the caps, and a little more color in the jerseys. Anyone remember when the Dbacks made this small upgrade to the names and numbers on their road unis? I absolutely see this happening to the Marlins sooner rather than later.
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    Hey, the intern knows Paint! Good job intern. You get a cookie.
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    Man, it’s really too bad this City-themed court concept for the Thunder isn’t real:
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    My old High School has what I think is a unique name - The Norwalk Truckers. They chose the name Truckers because trucking was the biggest industry in town at the time. It might be my all time favorite team name. At least top five for sure. Not the greatest logo, but you get the idea...
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    I don't know why you'd say "ugg". A quarterback's relative lack of success in the NFL is irrelevant. Any QB who is good enough to take one snap in the NFL is good enough to play in this league.
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    That Cleveland uniform is lovely. Maybe going back to blue/orange could be a nice way to detach from the LeBron era.
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    Meanwhile, in this corner over here...I mean, I used to be a print production & prepress editor, did some work for Kurt Angle and the WWF as well as the Steelers' 75th anniversary celebration some years back--but other than that, I got nothin'. ? Anyway, for my part, I've seen (and in some cases, "tutored", I suppose) several young up-and-comers who've gone on to do some big things, the aforementioned McCarthy being one of them. There's also Raysox, who (last I knew) did some work with the Tampa Bay Rays. Many may not remember McCall, but he managed to get some work published/used as well. And then of course, we have mcrosby, whose portfolio of work is something else. I'm not sure of any of his work got picked up by anyone or not, though. Also not to be forgotten is my man drdougfresh, who's been crushing it in his corner of the business world (he does a lot of marketing and advertising campaigns). I'm not sure if Matthew Wolff is/was a member here or not, but if he is/was, there's another one. I do know jaha32 (or is it 23?) is a member here and has produced a lot of great work over the years. I'm sure there's others I'm forgetting...charge it to my head, not my heart. It's great to see and track all the young guns who've come through here (or were young when they first came through here, lol) go on to making it happen in the design game. Props and big ups to all of y'all!
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    I really don’t care about her personal life. But her professional life is entirely wrapped up in ESPN, which has a vested interest in keeping the NFL’s dirty laundry well-hidden. Doesn’t surprise me that she’s willing to parrot the company line.
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    It looks like more of a dragon to me, but i think that is because of the wing. Great job otherwise.
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    I always really liked the Tennessee Oilers uni patch for whatever reason:
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