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    That Broncos uniform wouldv'e looked so much better with white pants and the stripes used on those orange pants being blue and orange.
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    There’s a lot to love about Portland. A real soccer city, drove their baseball team out of town to boost the Timbers. The organization has been around for a long time, and is widely seen as having worked their way up to MLS. As @Ferdinand Cesarano indicates, even NASL partisans have something to celebrate there with Savarese as coach. I can totally see soccer fans without a rooting interest choosing to get behind the Timbers.
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    I wasn't planning on a six and a half-month break from they, but hey, stuff happens. Anyway, here's a new team! Mission Santa Ines Established: 1945 Joined CALPROSOL: 1955 Championships: (4) 1991, 2001, 2010, 2016 Home Grounds: Mission Park Kit manufacturer: New Balance Kit Sponsor: Athlead Welcome to Solvang, the quaint little Danish town in the Santa Ynez Valley. So why did the Danes name their club after the old Spanish mission? Brand recognition. The original owner eventually wanted into the premier California Soccer League and knew that Mission teams had high reputations, besides, they could build their stadium right next to the original Mission Santa Ines. However, the Danes lean more on their Scandinavian traditions than their Spanish namesake's. The club's crest features a lamb carrying the flag of Denmark (Santa Ines -> Saint Agnes of Rome -> Agnes is derived from the Latin word for lamb, agnus). They typically wear claret shirts with sky blue sleeves and white shorts at home, and New Balance produced a classy kit for 2015-16 (a championship year for Mission Santa Ines). The third kits are worn exclusively for home games between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, and reflect the Danish tradition of Julefrokost, a "Christmas Lunch" that turns into a day-long, booze-filled party, which of course is celebrated at the games. Seriously, they are fun! This year's third kits feature "Julehjerte", Pleated Christmas hearts, a traditional Danish tree ornament.
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    Three months into the season and the Panthers have yet to wear their best look: black jerseys and silver pants. This sucks.
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    What's really strange is why they have different numbers on their navy alt, and why they don't use them on all the jerseys.
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    Current Vikings set wouldn't work well with outlined numbers. If they'd get rid of the "sail" gimmick, it'd be a really solid jersey.
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    This was one of my favorite looks in the NFL. Colors seemed very much what my impression of Florida was. But, as always, I'd defer to locals as to what colors they feel better represent their city/region.
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    While true, both leagues are making moves. Meanwhile, in the Arena Football League:
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    The Dodgers could either have their other accessories darkened to match, or use the lighter royal in their caps. Just like the Cubs did.
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    I guess I'll never truly understand the Buccaneers uniform and the way people in this thread are talking about Mike Alstott jerseys changing their lives. They're just grimdark 49ers (who by then were themselves a grimmer version of the old 49ers) with the same cartoony pirate stuff that we make fun of bootleg Raiders merchandise for.
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    Antonio Bryant agrees: https://www.tampabay.com/blogs/bucs/2018/11/30/ex-buccaneers-receiver-ditch-the-uniforms/ Honestly the current set wouldn't be awful with either of the old helmet logos and a normal font. But to me the matte pewter isn't on the same level as the previous sets. I'm just torn on which era I prefer; Bruce ('76-'96) or pewter ('97-'13). Also, not sure I understand what made the reversible-Bruce logo interesting. Is it not just flipped horizontally?
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    man, i love all three of these uniforms so much
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    It’s cultural as much as anything. If it were strictly geography, the Midwest wouldn’t start until Colorado or so. And Pittsburgh and Buffalo were the western frontier... in about 1800 or so.
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    Let's go Timbers Army and show up well in the ATL. 72,000 soccer fans at the MLS CUP will be sublime. Great match SKC. A tip of the cap to you.
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    There were a ton of errors! To be fair, SI turned this list into a collaboration and had every writer give their top three favorite uniforms. That's why there are so many continuity errors. I did enjoy a lot of the pictures they used though! I feel like there were some classic looking images that I had never seen.
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    It’s a good look, but I have two points of contention: 1. Those uniforms had a silver outline beyond the teal, but it wasn’t all that visible. 2. Outside of the teal-billed cap (which should have been the road cap, as the road set looked so g’d dreary without it), there’s not enough teal. I’d rather the Mariners use the Orioles/Braves-style color balance with teal: With the Marlins surrendering the “teal-first” look, the Mariners can make it their own. Pair it with a teal-billed cap, navy accessories, and navy socks with teal/white/maybe silver stripes, and you’d have a perfect refresh of that look.
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    Start with this: Be inspired by these: Make something that doesn't look like this: and....go
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    I don't know, man, you're the one that sounds pretty mad about him getting cut for beating up women. How dare he face consequences for his actions, right?
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    The only reason the Big XII didn't expand is schools didn't want to split the pie further. That's why I think we wouldn't see 16 team conferences in the Power 5.
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    I agree with both of you, though I give Columbus slightly more of a pass as black is at least a prominent piece of their brand. I'm also okay with teams wearing their away kits at home a few times a year during the regular season, only. I don't get SKC though. Since the rebrand they really pushed the blue as their thing. Calling their stadium "Blue Hell" and everything. Their fans were decked out in the two shades of blue and they didn't match on the field at all! I don't understand the theoretical advantage to doing that; they'll sell the black jerseys either way but I'd think there's more long-term advantage in using a big game like that to establish an iconic brand. (Guess they didn't do that by losing anyway.) But, as much as SKC are the poster children for turning around a struggling MLS team, there's a real... lacking to their brand, like it could blow away in the wind. Dull crest, abstract name, corner print shop typeface...if their colors are a mystery too, what is there then?
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    If you're going the totem route, I think red and black with teal accents would look the best, since that's the most common color scheme for traditional Haida art. Also, I missed this the first time but the fish looks like he's folding over rather than wrapping around. I think it's cause that curve juts out too much, and the rest of the tail doesn't follow the curve. It seems like this is a pretty common mistake with fish logos on these boards. It's a really tough curve to nail down.
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    I think part of the issue here is that very few teams have 3 colors.. especially if you don't include white or silver/grey.. the Ravens, Jaguars, Titans, Chargers, and Buccaneers are really the only teams that could possibly have 3 differently colored uniform elements (without white or silver/grey)
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    Yeah I, too, am having a hard time seeing how the left and right decals are drawn differently...pretty sure they are just mirrored.
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    Thats absurd. A coach shouldn’t have to not challenge a potentially bad call because he may need to save it for an even worse bad call. I don’t know the circumstances of the first couple of challenges, and maybe they just weren’t worth it (there’s def cases where even if you win, nothing really changes) but a coach shouldn’t ever feel like he can’t challenge anything. Once youre out of challenges you can just be screwed. I’m tired of the “bad calls are part of the game” line. Not in 2018 where there’s literally millions at stake on every game, contracts on the line, jobs at stake, etc. officiating should be perfect, and leave no doubt that there’s a level playing field.
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    How is this? I muted the blue to a steel blue
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    To my mind, the best look that the Buccaneers ever sported were the uniforms they wore from 1997 through 2011. The white jersey/pewter pants Buccaneers combo of this era is one of my all-time favorite NFL uniforms; easily a "Top 5" look in my opinion. Personally, I wasn't a huge fan of the 1997-2011 white pants, particularly when worn with the red jersey. The move to the flywire collars in 2012 was a downgrade, as was the decision to eliminate all of the black from the collars in 2013. For those clamoring for a return of orange prominence in Tampa Bay's uniform design, I've often wondered what the 1997-2011 Buccaneers' uniforms would look like with the red and orange on the pants and jerseys flipped. In other words... * Home: orange jersey w/ a black collar, black sleeve trim, white numbers outlined in red & black, player name in white; pewter pants w/ a black/red/orange/red/black stripe; pewter helmet w/ a black facemask * Road: white jersey w/ a black collar, black sleeve trim, orange numbers outlined in red & black, player name in orange; pewter pants w/ a black/red/orange/red/black stripe; pewter helmet w/ a black facemask * Coloring of helmet and sleeve logos would remain exactly the same as in 1997-2011 uniforms.
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    Or at the very least fill in the bottom of the sock like on the sleeves.
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    Okay this is bizarre, apparently the Thunder have only worn their white uniform this entire season so far except for this past Saturday when they wore the City uniform. The normal "road" uniform won't appear until December 5th. Anybody else find that really weird? It's a very NFL move, wear white for the first half of the season then finally wear color in the second half.
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    I was only vaguely aware of the Bucs until their uni change in 1997(?). The first crimson and pewter set- the one they won a Super Bowl in- was fantastic. “Modern classic” gets thrown around far too much these days, but it was an apt descriptor for those unis. That said? I kind of like the Bucco Bruce look. The pirate? He’s got a dashing Errol Flynn look to him. There are always multiple ways to represent one idea, and while the skull/flag works? I think a dashing “golden age of piracy literature” look works too, and has a bit of whimsey lacking in pro sports today. So really? Either old look works for me. Just for the love of G-d, get them out of their current abominations.
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    And the Brewers won a pennant in their royal blue. And the Minnesota Twins won two World Series in pinstripes with the “M” cap. Hell, just down the road from Tampa, the Marlins have overhauled their logos and color scheme twice since winning their two titles, and the Dolphins have changed their look since notching an undefeated season. Just because they won a championship doesn’t mean the fans will never accept a new uniform, new logos, or new colors. If fans in Tampa Bay have been fine with scrapping the Super Bowl-era uniforms, and overhauling the Super Bowl-era logos, then they’ll eventually be fine with changing the Super Bowl-era colors too. The Buccaneers have shown that nothing from that set was particularly sacred.
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    This. A thousand times this. . . . plus get rid of the boat/sail imitation on the current sleeve stripe and make it a straight stripe.
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    The Broncos' color rush are almost so great. The only issue? Being color rush-ified. If Denver decided to get wild and follow the wishes of Football Deity John Elway and bring that look back, I really hope they would have orange numbers on the road set. One of the things that always bothered me about the old (and current) Denver set is that they go from being an orange team at home to a blue team on the road. I have a similar issue with Georgia having black numbers on their road jerseys. The Bengals and Browns are two teams that should look so much better. It always cracks me up how the Browns Maybe Possibly Changing Soon thread is filled with posts about how they only need to change a few things, which is followed up by 12 bullet points. They both feel so close to being right, yet realistically they're actually so far away. I still think the Bengals should be an orange first team and the Browns should burn their orange and brown pants.
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    Jeff Brohm is staying at Purdue. Bad news for Louisville!
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    I have no quarrel with you, but this is an elitest a-hole comment. At the end of the day, it's all about whether people like it. You can argue objective points, and be 100% correct about it, but if the changes required to make it objectively OK make it so that I don't like it, then it's a failed logo, to be appreciated only by artists in their collective circle jerk. I happen to be a stickler for "rules" in design, and therefore agree with much of the criticism, and the majority of what you post (and I'm not a fan of the logo, FWIW), but artists should never criticize people's tastes. If crap sells, and you poo-poo what you consider crap and produce what you consider beauty (but other people don't), that's a good way to end up unemployed. Is it fair? No, of course not. I've been in the situation more times than I can count where I've either written something or proposed something that I feel is far superior to what others have done, only to have theirs chosen because it can be appreciated by a mass audience that can't be expected to either have the knowledge or do research to appreciate why my idea worked on so many more levels. So, my choices are to either come up with proposals that will actually get adopted, or keep satisfying myself, but eventually be demoted or re-assigned because nobody cares.
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    Though the new birds look a bit suspicious, this is an all time great update because the changes are quite subtle. It’s the same composition, but with a much better attention to detail. The birds are a great combination of illustrative and iconic with a much better proportion and believable form, which is what the previous was going for but never achieved. (This is important here, but irrelevant to the Falcons by comparison because Atlanta was never going for realism) Now, you can actually make out the wings, feather, and tail with just a few lines. Look how the feet grip the bat; really nice detail there compared to the last. And then on to the script. The old script had flaws in consistent weight, letter width, bad kerning (r-d, n-a) and just straight up wonky ness in the line work. It’s still a piece of art i’d Like to see pushed forward even more, but I don’t think there’s ever been a logo that got so much better by such little tweaking. It’s really a lesson in craftsmanship and drawing
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    Both of the Falcons' logos are greatly flawed. The old one looks like silhouetted clip art that you would see on Microsoft Office, and the current one is over-designed with too many elements and outlines. While the old logo is a more accurate image of a falcon, the current one is more up-to-date IMO so I consider it a refresh. The gold lines get lost from a distance; they need black around them.
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    I respectfully disagree. Athletic Gold with navy highlights looks awesome and it screams SoCal. I’d switch to navy socks and make this the primary uniform with blue jerseys and white pants to mix it up occasionally.
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    I have a dislike for the nuggets logo. I like their picaxe logo but their main logo that’s on the court just doesn’t work for me. The navy almost looks black and the bright yellow doesn’t really fit well. And then there’s some baby blue which isn’t that noticeable.
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    I actually really love the Baltimore Ravens number font. Fits their identity perfect imo.
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    PSG finally revealed their away jersey for this year. How adidas couldn't get this color right for Atlanta's away this year is beyond me.
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    The color balance absolutely was not better in the past. There was no pewter at all on the jerseys in the '90s set. Pewter was and is their unique color, yet they managed to leave it off the jerseys entirely in favor of generic red and black. Their current uniforms are a big improvement in that regard.
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