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    Jock tag says "Oakland townies, please buy one more round of merch before we move across the bay and kick out the last 12 of you who are still at our games, we love you"
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    Not trying to derail this thread, but can I just say that college mascot logos is one of my favorite things in all of sports.
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    Everyone is gonna call them the Seattle Gays and that inaugural season patch is gonna get turned into a dick.
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    i admit Kraken would be unique, but to me it just feels so minor league. that being said, I could get behind a Sockeyes identity with double green, silver and white.
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    With Buffalo going to blue, I thought maybe the NHL's love affair with red and black might stay put at New Jersey, Calgary, Chicago, Ottawa, and Carolina. Wow. This is almost like an expansion MLB team going with Navy and Red.
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    Plenty to work with in week 13 for both lists. We had a couple stone cold classics take the top two spots on the best list and we had what I'm pretty sure is a first for the top spot on the worst list this week. As always, the lists are just my opinion. Your opinion may be different from mine and that's perfectly OK. All I ask is that we keep the conversation civil and limited to the uniforms. Let's play our game. I'll take "Miami fans won't be asking 'no love for the Dolphins this week?' for $800, Alex." BEST: 1. Bills - Dolphins: What's better than seeing the beautiful Dolphins throwbacks make their 2018 debut? The Buffalo Bills showing up in their pretty cool AFL throwbacks to play against the Dolphins in those beautiful throwbacks. My only issue with this game was that I was unable to find pictures that included both teams that do this match up justice. This one is definitely in the running for the game of the year. The sooner the Dolphins pull the trigger and make this the full time look, the better. Every game should look this good. 2. Chiefs - Raiders: There aren't many match ups that can knock this game out of the top spot. Another fantastic looking match up. They all should look this good. 3. Bears - Giants: It's gotta be a pretty good week when this game is only good enough for the #3 slot. I think it would be great if the Bears would go all white when matched up with classic uniforms. They don't need to do the all white all the time (although I wish they would) just do it against teams like the Giants, Packers, Chiefs, Raiders, etc. 4. Redskins - Super Bowl Champion Eagles: Kudos to the Eagles for staying away from the Thursday/Sunday/Monday Night nonsense of wearing CR, monochrome, all black, etc. Great looking game. 5. Colts - Jaguars: I'm probably in the minority, but I really like some of the combos with this new Jags uniform. Nice to see the Colts looking like the Colts again after last week's blue monochrome disaster. Honorable Mention: 1. Chargers - Steelers: There are a lot of things I don't like about the Chargers current look, but when they wear the right combo against the right team, they don't look half bad. I thought the all white matched up with the Steelers looked pretty solid. 2. Vikings - Patriots: Not the worst looking game I've ever seen. WORST: 1. Panthers - Buccaneers: Leave it to the Bucs to follow up an article about how awful their uniforms are by wearing the worst possible version of that uniform. This just might be the ugliest NFL uniform I've ever seen. This also may be the first time the top game on the worst list included a team that looked good. The Panthers had nothing to do with this game taking the top slot. They were just innocent bystanders. The worst part of this disaster is that there are surely people out there who think this looked good. 2. Broncos - Bengals: The "Wow, do we need new uniforms" Bowl. Whole lotta ugly going on here. 3. Browns - Texans: If the Browns had gone with the all white combo and the Texans had gone with blue over white, this game has a shot at making the best list - or at least an honorable mention. Instead, we got this. There should never be a game in which the Browns in that combo are the best looking team on the field. 4. Ravens - Falcons: Both teams could easily look better - they just choose not to. That's it for this week. Hard to believe we're down to just four weeks left in the season. We'll do it all again next week. Thanks for dropping by.
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    I actually like GSW current set of uniforms but dislike the copperplate gothic font they are using. Also the shade of yellow is a bit too bright. Hopefully they retain the bridge motif
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    The old logo being more square proportion-wise is what makes it better than the update. I like many of the individual updates of the new logo such as the skinnier N and the tape stripes, but in the vast majority of cases a hockey crest simply looks better and fits a sweater when proportionally square.
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    For all intents and purposes, LAFC's expansion partner is... FCC. AUFC and MNUFC came in at the same time to take MLS from 20 to 22 teams. LAFC made it 23, and now FCC's making it 24. The circumstances of MNUFC's entry into MLS were quite different from those of AUFC and LAFC, and pretty much guaranteed that the Loons were going to struggle for their first two years in the league. The short version is that AUFC and LAFC were true expansion franchises, each announced three years in advance of their inaugural seasons, which gave them that much time to plan and build their organizations and rosters; whereas MNUFC's move to MLS for the 2017 season wasn't finalized until deep into their 2016 NASL season, and even then they couldn't begin the transition in earnest until after that season was done - which left them about three months instead of years to blow up and rebuild their coaching staff and most of their roster. (Staying in the NASL until they were ready for a proper MLS debut in a new stadium wasn't really an option, as the NASL had already entered its slow death spiral at that point.) Coming from the USL, and also not being finalized until midway through the previous season, FCC's situation resembles MNUFC's more than the other recent MLS newcomers. Judging from the Loons' experience, FCC's best strategy may be to leave their USL squad mostly intact at first, and just build as they go from there.
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    Thanks for the feedback, guys. I'll add some other combos to the original post. I think yellow pants are more of a Rams thing, but I wouldn't mind seeing them on the Chargers a couple times a year as a callback to their history. Thanks! I'll put one together at the end. Next up, the Washington Redskins! While I doubt they're ever changing their name under the Snyder regime, I think removing the Indian head (which isn't particularly well-rendered anyway) is a logical step for the franchise. (This would also allow for a seamless transition to Renegades or Redhawks or what-have-you, if that's the eventual route they go) In its place is a new R logo. Its simple, inoffensive and has a lot more character the Cleveland Indians' block C. The helmets feature the new R, with a feather in place of a stripe, like they had in the 60's, but running front-to-back this time. The alternate helmet features a modernization of the old spear decal. The uniforms aren't too much of a departure from their current threads. A sharp new block font replaces the standard block. Yellow pants could be substituted for the primary pants a few times a year. I prefer the burgundy-over-white look, but I like the yellow as a change of pace. I also made the burgundy a couple shades darker to better contrast the gold. The scripts are an adjusted version of the Parkside typeface. Let me know what you think!
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    Yeah, but none of the money. I'm sure they'd prefer the money.
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    I like the old version of the Stallions helmet more, with the wraparound logo.
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    Agreed. The old one looked like it was lifted right off a pirate’s treasure map. The new Terminator logo is just awful, clean where it should be a little rough.
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    Ouch. Got any advice for how I can suck less at my job next time?
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    Agreed. There are a couple things I'd change/fix on both uniforms (the Dolphins pants stripe would be the first thing), but like you, none of that stuff bothered me. Sometimes, fun is enough.
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    One of the proposed names is Cougars, and they've led with red and black. I'm just going by the info they've presented. Obviously it's all conjecture, but it can be really easy. Seattle has a pretty solid blue/green/teal/navy aesthetic among its pro sports teams. Gold too if the Sonics ever return. Let's just go with those.
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    Honestly, I think the Patriots would look better with white helmets instead of silver.
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    I edited the previous posts. I changed Merrimack's number design and added the Maine state outline to both jersey collars. I had difficulty deciding which UNH jersey I preferred but I think the white shoulders is more true to their history.
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    How good would the Chargers' Color Rush set look if they had blue helmets?
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    Seals, Sea Lions and Kraken just feel too much like AAA Minor League Baseball to me. Eagles is a nice nod to the Seahawks, but at the same time it makes you think NFL and, well, Philly. And Cougars seems a bit odd with both the Preds and Panthers already using big cat imagery. I think I like Emeralds the best. Side note - the local MiLB team here in Eugene is the Ems and they have some cool sasquatch / bigfoot branding to go with that name.
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    I also think teams might be more willing to just let players get drafted this time around, instead of the two for one "we'll trade you this guy in exchange for you drafting this other guy".
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    interesting @Teal thanks for the info. Any changes to the logo? And any others that you know of?
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    No, they won’t change that. But if they did, they should change it to the west span of the Bay Bridge. The new park will be within view of the Bay Bridge, so the GGB wouldn’t make much sense, and is already cliché and played out. The Giants use the GGB in their logo when the Bay Bridge is the actual bridge within view of their park, and it’s always annoyed me. The Golden Gate Bridge is also more of just a photo op at this point. If it weren’t for the fear rich Marin County residents have of losing their gentrified safe space, it would be totally obsolete. It’s crazy overrated. The Bay Bridge, on the other hand, is what makes the Bay Area so interconnected. If not for that, San Francisco and the east bay wouldn’t have had the ease of movement they do, which makes the Bay Area what it is.
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    It's a Washington Wild jersey.
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    I do like that hockey sticks-Needle graphic, but red and black is such an overused color scheme in hockey that it’s ludicrous anyone thinks it would be the correct choice for an expansion team.
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    I've been staring at these Islanders logos for far too long. This is all I can think about when I look at them.
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    This is funny and also troubling. The NHL needs personalities, not the exact same dude on every single team answering every question the exact same way. They're trained to do interviews this way. This is why I never watch the Blue Jackets pregame, intermission, or postgame.
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    Thanks for the input. I’ll at least lose the pointy things on the numbers. The Piasa Bird is a unique breed of dragon, whose face has been described as human-like, which is why it doesn’t look as reptilian as you might expect. I'll make this a series. See OP for more details.
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    I like the new logo! But silvers got to go in my book does nothing to the design it only works at home and still there is much prefer white. Outside of that I’m not sure how to feel. While the number fonts an upgrade I’m not the biggest fan, if it were me I’d copy most of the elements from their color rush, it’s their best look, except for the silver helmet
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    You raise an interesting point, one that designers and teams undoubtedly face every day. Fans have an emotional connection to their teams that defies logic and makes any changes difficult. I don't really like the Packers' logo, but I sure as hell don't want them to change it. But in this case? Eh, I don't think so. I don't care one whit about the Islanders (or, to be fair, the NHL in general). I have no emotional connection to the team or any associations, positive or negative, with any of their logos. I just see this as a downgrade, for all the reasons I stated. I think the choice to make the logo squatter and more square also made it much more ugly. The old angles are more pleasing to my eye not because they reminded me of anything but because they are more pleasing to my eye.
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    Curious to see if the Diamond Quest idea is exclusive to Nike teams, or if the idea is for to give every College Football Playoff participant’s manufacturer logo the diamond effect (Notre Dame is with Under Armour and Oklahoma with Jordan Brand, though I know the latter is still a subsidiary company of Nike). Would be odd to see two teams with the Diamond Quest swoosh and others without.
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    Heat wore their red jerseys again on the Miami Vice court last night. Ugh.
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    I feel like I’m the only person who hates the new logo about as much as I hate the new uniforms. I hate the way the updates the pirate to look like some kind of terminator. And the new football. The old pirate was really well done. And the flag was more “logo-shaped” in some way.
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    Hey, look! There's an entire forum on these boards devoted to concepts. Who knew? [that's a hint] [probably backseat modding - my apologies]
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    I wasn't planning on a six and a half-month break from they, but hey, stuff happens. Anyway, here's a new team! Mission Santa Ines Established: 1945 Joined CALPROSOL: 1955 Championships: (4) 1991, 2001, 2010, 2016 Home Grounds: Mission Park Kit manufacturer: New Balance Kit Sponsor: Athlead Welcome to Solvang, the quaint little Danish town in the Santa Ynez Valley. So why did the Danes name their club after the old Spanish mission? Brand recognition. The original owner eventually wanted into the premier California Soccer League and knew that Mission teams had high reputations, besides, they could build their stadium right next to the original Mission Santa Ines. However, the Danes lean more on their Scandinavian traditions than their Spanish namesake's. The club's crest features a lamb carrying the flag of Denmark (Santa Ines -> Saint Agnes of Rome -> Agnes is derived from the Latin word for lamb, agnus). They typically wear claret shirts with sky blue sleeves and white shorts at home, and New Balance produced a classy kit for 2015-16 (a championship year for Mission Santa Ines). The third kits are worn exclusively for home games between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, and reflect the Danish tradition of Julefrokost, a "Christmas Lunch" that turns into a day-long, booze-filled party, which of course is celebrated at the games. Seriously, they are fun! This year's third kits feature "Julehjerte", Pleated Christmas hearts, a traditional Danish tree ornament.
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    If you're going the totem route, I think red and black with teal accents would look the best, since that's the most common color scheme for traditional Haida art. Also, I missed this the first time but the fish looks like he's folding over rather than wrapping around. I think it's cause that curve juts out too much, and the rest of the tail doesn't follow the curve. It seems like this is a pretty common mistake with fish logos on these boards. It's a really tough curve to nail down.
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    I exclusively use the term "Old Northwest," as I am an aggressive traditionalist.
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    That Broncos uniform wouldv'e looked so much better with white pants and the stripes used on those orange pants being blue and orange.
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    yes, these rainbow skyline jerseys are the best in the league, but it's still such a missed opportunity with how washed out the colors look with the thin lines. and yes, the purple does look good here
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    This is one of the most overrated uniforms ever. I liked it when it first came out but it got old to me after several years. I just don't think it's as good as everyone says it is especially when it lacks the one color (orange) that everyone wants from this team.
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    Pittsburgh and Buffalo are honorary Midwest. It's those Great Plains states I'm not sure about.
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    The last time I went cap shopping, I found that nearly all of the ones I sorted through were defective in one way or another. Most of it was random/missing threads and misaligned seams. Is it common for New Era caps to have this many flaws? I had assumed that they were already manufactured overseas and was floored that they cost $36.
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    Or him spending the first 16 years of his life in the Seattle area but don't let that get in the way of college bragging rights ?
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    If I'm making a wish list of (realistic) changes next season, mine would be ... Oklahoma City Dallas Houston Brooklyn Memphis
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    I want Seattle to have a hockey team based around a Submarine/Navy theme, with the Seahawks colors, logo of a sub breaking through the ice And call them... The Seattle Submariners
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