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    Wow!!! I didn't know T.O. was in the Ohio Players!!!!
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    "As if millions of fans suddenly cried out in terror..."
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    Usually that's the recipe for so much neurosis that you check out of religion altogether and only talk about appreciating paintings and dinners.
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    There were a number of complaints that the field was in bad shape after the 2016 Grey Cup game and that effected the 2016 MLS Cup. Sebastian Giovinco continues to complain that there is too much wear on the field and that it is a contributing factor to injuries.Ownership had to lay a completely new field in May last year because it was in bad shape and the new hybrid is being installed now. It's been a big problem in BMO. https://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/mlse-upgrade-bmo-field-playing-surface-mounting-complaints/
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    So they’re going to be awful and embarrassing?
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    And the third jersey wasn't awful, really, just not "Sonics". It's not the worst color combo. "Wine and pine" still sounds cool, especially in Seattle. It just fits.
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    The biggest knock against that logo is the color choices they used. They didn’t contrast enough. The red and orange were kind of their thing, but when you paired both of those together it muddied up the logo really badly and made the logo really hard to see. It was tough to distinguish when I was a kid, and absolutely impossible to see from any distance. It actually took me a few years before I realized that the logo was supposed to be a pirate’s head with a knife in his mouth (remember now, I was a kid living in California and didn’t see it all over the place other than during game days). Prior to noticing that one day while looking at the logo, it just looked like a messy orange and red blob. Also, it translates MISERABLY when stitched.
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    Putting this up against Tampa Bay and Tennessee? I'd say that it's not bad at all. Except low socks, I hate that's a thing.
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    And they're right. That beautiful field is going to be destroyed for garbage football. I'm annoyed as a Sounders fan too. Hopefully they can flip weeks without issue, but if we see XFL football lines on the field during Sounders matches, I'm going to flip my lid.
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    Whoever the people were who signed off on that collar deserve to be fired. They're either completely unqualified to make judgements on jersey aesthetics, or just too dumb to care.
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    Please, for all that is good and holy, yes. These are abominations.
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    This is actually a really topical theme for me at the moment because i'm currently involved in a movement to bring back a historical uniform for a major professional sports team. I support the Port Adelaide Football Club in the Australian Football League, which for those who are not aware is the biggest sports league in Australia, playing Australian rules football. Port Adelaide is a very old club, having been formed in 1870 and playing in the South Australian league, where they were wildly successful, winning 34 premierships between 1870 and 1996. In 1902, they adopted their famous "prison bar" playing strip, which despite becoming known as the Prison Bars, was based on the wharf and pylons of the Port area, and were known as the Magpies. In the 1980s, the large Victorian Football League began forming teams interstate, and became the national competition. Port Adelaide, as the biggest club outside of the AFL, successfully applied to join the league in 1996. From a branding perspective, Port Adelaide were asked to change their guernsey and nickname because it clashed with an existing large AFL club, Collingwood, who wear black and white vertical stripes. Port Adelaide were in no position to argue, as being elevated to the national competition was too important, and changed their branding. They retained black and white, but added the 90s special in teal. The guernseys they adopted were a product of their time, as you can see below, with the centre guernsey here being adopted as the home guernsey. That uniform was wildly unpopular, but persisted until 2010, when Port adopted it's current design, a much more traditional football design. While this design is really nice, there is no real attachment to the design from supporters apart from aesthetics. Port have been allowed to wear the prison bar design as a throwback on 4 occasions since joining the AFL, most recently in 2014. In the last few weeks, a fan campaign has begun for Port Adelaide to go back to wearing the Prison Bar design full time. It has so much history with the football club and it means so much to supporters. The petition currently has about 5500 signatures after a couple of weeks, but there is a lot of work to be done to overcome the obstacles that need to be overcome. You can find the peitition at www.bringbackthebars.com The wonderful people in charge of this petition have managed to get interviews on local radio and have had retweets by big names in the football community supporting the cause, but it's still very early days. If you support teams being able to choose to wear their most famous and loved uniforms, a signature would be much appreciated!
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    Here is a different option, the green and steel blue with a new striping pattern that I really like. Let me know what you guys think, I personally like this more than the red and black especially because it is a unique color scheme.
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    I wish the Timbers would’ve gone for green shorts. White/green/white is a really nice look that’s pretty identifiably Timbers.
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    Jeter fired Samson. Why exactly should we believe his sour grapes?
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    To hell with Samson. Never liked him. I'm sure Jeter cares cares the more for the past than Samson did for the product he put on the field.
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    The main thing is that they need to provide sufficient contrast from both teams’ outfield kits, but they’re also supposed to contrast with the other team’s keeper kit, as well as the ref kit.
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    You know who else was green and into jets?
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    I think I see an Atlanta Thrashers logo in there somewhere.
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    here's the thing: i get why everyone is freaking out about those quotes from one jets drive, but i'm much more erring on the side of "traditional-leaning with a helping of modern gimmicks." i *think* the jets get that gimmicky uniforms go over like a fart in church, especially in the new york market. evidence of that seems to appear in the storyboard that was on the wall at nike in the video. they share a building with the giants, who trot out the tradition talking point at every turn. the jets (hopefully) just drafted a franchise quarterback that will lead them out of 50 years of darkness, and this look will be tied to a new era of the franchise. i assume they understand that they can't switch over from a look established in the 1960s to full blown clown suit. with that all said, this is the jets, and you never underestimate their ability to go all jets-y on us and screw everything up. i just think back to the concepts that jamal adams and darron lee were hyping up, the latter of whom had very likely seen the look (or some iteration of it) by then. it wouldn't make sense to prime the pump with those, then drop some hot garbage look on us. so my prediction: it's going to be heavily military-inspired. this is what i think they are referring to about the modern jets look. people used to be fascinated by 747s. air travel used to be a much different experience than it is now. now, people are much more inclined to think of the air force when they hear the word jets. as teal alluded to, they'll brighten up the green. there's going to be a black or grey alternate look. '80s-inspired logo. and something dumb (like a chest patch or some kind of shoulder yoke pattern or collar/sleeve trim) that is taken from fighter jet imagery.
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    I get that intention and approach, I really do. And it’s definitely well-meaning. But I hardly think for a second if they did go back to the throwback look that many people would (or should) look at them and be like “ugh, the 2020’s uniforms, what a bad omen” or “they remind me of when they went 3-13 in 2020” or whatever. That set will ALWAYS be the Dolphins’ glory days set, I just don’t think you can tarnish it that way. And true fans of the team know it’s history and should know what those uniforms really represent. I mean, for all the suckage the Raiders have been at various times and certainly now, that’s never tarnished thier set one bit and I haven’t met or heard of a single Raiders fan who wanted to change things now just because they hit rock bottom these days. Plus, I really don’t like the idea of sacrificing the opportunity to have a great look in favor of keeping an inferior one* just because your team itself is inferior. If you can’t play good, at least look good. In short: I don’t see tarnishing as a risk at all. I really don’t. Even if a few younger fans here and there do see it that way because of generation gap, then they need to be shown some clips of Csonka, Griese, Shula and Co. to clear that up quick *Just a personal subjective opinion that the throwback identity is much better than the current (though the off-season tweaks were definite improvements). Others may think differently and that’s totally fine! But dang it I HATE belly-flop dolphin. I’ll never fully embrace that identity as long as that thing lives.
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    You mean every 11 year old in the year 2009?
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    A net that's also the Brooklyn Bridge? I really like that. Its better than that stupid B shield thing already
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    The Nets' 2K league team unveiled their logo, which to the best of my knowledge, is the first in franchise history to include an actual net:
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    Oh, those are gorgeous. I wouldn't mind them or the template being used in a full-time rebrand. I would definitely take them over their last orange alternate jerseys.
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    VERY Casual American Soccer fan here (GO RSL!): What are the rules of keepers kits? Just contrasting colors than the rest of the team?
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    Here’s confirmation of the kit matchup for Saturday’s MLS Cup between Atlanta and Portland: As expected, it’s the same kit matchup as the game between the two teams back in June, except the Timbers’ keepers will be in orange this time around (both teams’ keepers were in blue for that game). Speaking of the Timbers’ keepers being in orange for this game, this’ll be the first (and obviously only) time all season that they’re wearing the orange keeper kit colorway. That’s really the only colorway that provides sufficient contrast with both teams’ outfield kits, the blue keeper kits for Atlanta, and the yellow ref shirts, so I’m guessing the league made them get the orange keeper kits specifically for this game.
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    Seattle Center (where the new area will be) has a green brand... Obviously just a stab in the dark but if you look at the Center brand, what the owners have shown already, and throw in a sockeye... interesting palette.
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    If the Jets were to go with something like that, it’d be a huge win. That’s a great look. For or some reason I never even considered putting the old logo on a white helmet, but it works very well IMO. That’s a great way to mash up old and new and make it not look like a jumbled mess.
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    Good. Some of these new Adidas collars look horrible. I'm sure we will slowly start to see teams get new jerseys and tweak their collars. (Montreal, you're next)
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    I don’t blame them. They had to play in somebody else’s home for years. Now they have their own, and they have to share. The fans won’t get a cut of whatever the XFL is paying, they just see that their ownership doesn’t care enough to make DCU the only priority.
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    Yeah, that's a great look with the green and steel blue. I do hope they go a traditional route in the NHL.
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    I actually like the modern Dolphins look and I like the throwback look. What they're doing now works for me and it's probably how the team views it too. I understand that branding should be consistent and I hate how certain teams (COUGHBREWERSCOUGH) can't make up their mind but in this case I don't see any harm in running 2 games in the throwbacks. There's a place for a modern look and a classic look in sports and the Dolphins do it well. I personally believe that within the next 5 or 10 years the team will go back to the classic Dolphin logo. They might not want to do it right now but I think they'll just cave in eventually.
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    In regards to uniform changes bold almost always means risky and stupid. Even the whole "wow this is what the modern Jets brand is and it feels right for today" doesn't give me much hope because he likely thinks Seahawks, Browns (changing back) Bucs, Bengals, and Falcons is what feels right for today, when in reality there is a consensus they are all substandard. And the Jags and Vikings moved away from their mistakes as did the Bills, as did the Dolphins (they're almost all the way back) You also had the 9ers and Lions clean things up nicely This is going to be an absolute dud. I just hope we scream loud enough to where they change it at the first given opportunity.
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    make mean tweets at the team. if there's enough and they're funny, the Dolphins won't ever wear an orange uniform again. i think it was the circus peanut comparison that really sold it
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    I understand this is (likely) changing but I dislike how they altered our logo into some nondescript oval from a football shape
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    I believe Minnesota Wild fans are still waiting for that evolution for the team name to make sense. And, my two cents ... give me the Seattle Sockeyes. It works and sounds very hockey-ish.
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    Just a FYI, the Warriors are getting new unis next season.
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    The 'Best Logo Refreshes' thread got me to work on this. Let me know what you think:
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    Good thing no nut november ended.
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    Looks like the NHL announcement about granting Seattle an expansion team will be made in the morning. I did some slight edits to the color schemes of the concepts I'd been working on: Seattle Pilots I submitted this to Uniwatch's call for Seattle NHL concepts recently, so hopefully it will be up on the ESPN site when he makes the post. I changed the colors to align with the Seahawks & Sounders. It feels a little safe to me (I liked the idea of a more bold & original color palette), but it is definitely the most obvious choice for a color scheme to tie in with the rest of Seattle sports. Seattle Breakers Changed the color scheme to differentiate it from Seattle's most hated NBA team. I also took @vtgco's feedback into account and added a little more depth to the S wave so it would match the visual treatment of the sea lion better: Seattle Metropolitans Another logo idea that I've been thinking about for a little while. I don't think this is quite there yet, but I like the idea of using the monogram and keeping it simple for a Metropolitans logo. I've seen some other good Metropolitans concepts, but I was trying to think of a way to pull it off without using the Space Needle or the skyline. For the color scheme, I thought I would bring back the Sonics' green & gold.
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    It is very fair, especially since the Marlins switched only a year or 2 after the Heat introduced their new uniforms with the same look. these were the ones the Marlins should have switched back to: what a great logo, what a great jersey, what a great cap!
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