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    Since I'm off work for Christmas break, I thought I'd start a new series. I have no idea how quickly I'll get through these, but I'll be taking each NBA team's City Edition jersey and converting them over to an NFL Color Rush Type. Up first: Atlanta
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    Thanks for all the feedback guys. I've been really busy with final projects the last couple of weeks, but now that the semester's done I'll be posting a lot more. I disagree about the silver. I think they've been too successful in it to toss it aside. The home jersey is basically the color rush but I doubled the stripes so it was more flaggy. I'll put together a concept without the silver though since a lot of people want to see it. Thanks. I appreciate the logo critique. The stripes were intended to reference the American flag but I guess they don't read very well. I agree that it can be improved. Yeah, unfortunately a lot of this series ends up becoming change for the sake of change. Especially as we're nearing the end. The reality is that most of the NFL has really strong logos. But I'm holding myself to try and create new logos for every team as a challenge, whether they're necessary or not. I'll try it out. I'm not usually a big yoke guy but that could be a cool solution. Next up, the Tennessee Titans! The current Titans update is a disaster, so I built this mostly from their inaugural look. The one idea I kept from their latest overhaul was the sword motif on the shoulders, but I took a different approach to it. The unifying element here is the striping pattern that appears on the sword. It's also reinforced by the inline on the jersey numbering. The number font, which is constructed from the Homestead typeface, is inspired by the sharp angles and circular forms of Greek characters. The new primary logo features a 'titan' in profile, with the Tennessee flag stars on the side. I think its a well-rendered logo, but I'd love to see if anyone has ideas about how to improve it so it better fits the Titans. Let me know what you think!
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    I've started in on a new project: Bundesliga. There are some great logos in the German league, and some of these redesigns will be adjustments to current looks. Others will be more severe. Stay tuned. Schalke 04 VfB Stuttgart Borrussia Mönchengladbach
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    This Las Vegas bowl is brutal on the eyes
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    Can someone tell me again just which one of these years are the Hurricanes going to have the break-out that the #fancystats community says they're going to have?
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    Thanks T...could be Totems...(although it's not a "water-based" concept)...however they have reached out to a local indigenous artist. Yeah Id...they say that "Kraken" is off the table...and then it's back on...They say it'll be a "water-based" concept and then, they reach out to the local indigenous population and have talked to artist Louie Gong, a member of the Nooksack tribe, which would suggest "Totems"...Who knows...I think there will be a lot of misdirection as the process evolves... So, I'm putting all names back in the race... However...Kraken (my favourite), Totems, and the two Fish names are all very polarizing names, aren't they?! It seems that people either love'em or hate'em. So I'm wondering if a less contentious name might be a dark horse in all this... Seattle Evergreens I'm gonna throw some support over to the "Evergreens" as a "sleeper choice"... a "gentler" concept that won't be as polarizing. It could work pretty well...a crisp, clean, simple logo...You could "spruce-up" (see what I did there?) the concept by bringing in the plaid element and then have some fun with it... (yes...that's Dave Tippett)
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    This is the part that just messes with me so bad. It’s like they wanted to go back to that look, but add their own touch to it. I hate that Nike (Really, ALL sports brands) always insists on doing :censored: like that.
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    I thought we talked about these sorts of posts.
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    Indeed. Huet Toivanen Bryzgalov Clemmensen Luongo Gerber Cloutier Garon Turco
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    I would like to see a current Real player wear a handlebar mustache
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    While I'm not very familiar with the Bundesliga, I'd say like the direction here. Stuttgart is a great update; a much more cohesive look! Love the new font. Schalke works, but I could imagine a middle ground keeping some of the roundedness and serifs it had before. M'gladbach is a clever idea, but feels a bit more sterile/corporate now ala Juventus.
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    Why doesn't the NBA just take every single team's uniforms history, make a jersey for each season every team has existed, sell a replica, Swingman, and Authentic version of it. After that, pick up a dictionary(yeah,I'm old), close the book, open it and point to ten words on the page and create a new uniform for each team and called it the word that you point to. Done.
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    It honestly kind of reminds me of myself playing FIFA around February/March of this year. I’d come to the realization that in all honesty I hated this game and got very little enjoyment out of it, but I was still convincing myself that I somehow liked it and needed to keep playing it. I decided to quit in April and have been a lot happier since. If you can’t enjoy an amazing football game between two likeable teams (not owners - teams) because you’re worried about the implications regarding the Patriots, you might need to take a step back and reanalyze if you actually enjoy the NFL, man. I say this as genuinely as possible.
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    Nope, this wasn't an amazing ending...
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    So thier solution was to switch to a dolphin that basically looks like it’s about to do this? I’m sure there’s some kind of explaination as to why the Dolphin is in that particular position against the sun, but regardless of what that is, the honest truth is within a second of seeing the current logo for the very first time, I saw a belly flop, and it’s all I can see ever since. I’m sure their intent was to make it look more graceful than the throwback’s jump but it honestly looks just the opposite to me. It frankly looks silly and hilarious because I can’t get my first impression out of my head, and I’ve never been able to take it seriously. It looks more like a parody logo to me than something to take serious. So frankly, if they’re worried about not looking silly, helmet-wearing dolphin might actually be the better option. I’ve never laughed at helmet-wearing dolphin once; I’ve laughed a great deal at belly-flop dolphin numerous times.
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    Flags fly forever, the bad years are mostly forgotten
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    This update vaulted the Bruins from middle-of-the-pack to top 5*. *At least
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    Here's a shot of the Sonics playing on that 1995 Rockets court and you can see how rough it is even if the picture quality isn't that great but it just adds to the point that the NBA didn't want teams getting lost in the colors of the court. Nowadays in the era of HDTV it's more clear who is on the court so you get things like the Warriors wearing yellow at home and Rockets wearing red.
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    The Swamp Dragons would be a perfect G league name. I'd be down.
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    Padres farm team wearing a blue cursive script with a red front number. I'M DESGINIGN
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    The way they did it has always been a clunky solution to the gradient problem. There's at least 3 better ways to handle this. I made this years ago so I had to really dig deep on my computer.
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    But they put the flame emoji so that means it's automatically a good decision and everyone will love it...
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    The San Diego Strike Force unveil their new logo...
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    After a couple of months of homework and/or laziness searching for Sasquatch, I have finally returned with the last entry in the series, as well as a league graphics package! After all this time, here's Saskatchewan: The team is based in Saskatoon, and is named after the provincial animal of Saskatchewan. The crest takes the deer from the Saskatchewan coat of arms, and puts it in the Saskatoon coat of arms. I was hoping for a traditional heraldic feeling! Also, part of the outline of the deer matches a map of the South Saskatchewan River through the city (ala FC Cincy's new logo.) The home jersey has a saskatoon-berry leaf pattern. The away jersey is based on the city flag of Saskatoon and the Broadway Bridge. Both have white shorts. Finally, here are some scorebugs and other TV graphics for the league, inspired by @Xibalba's scorebug concepts: Please leave any comments on any of the logos, kits, or scorebugs, or the presentation of the series! If you all want, I can do some final edits to the teams or add some more to the graphics package. Thank you so much for your patience and feedback throughout this series! Best wishes for your first season, Canadian Premier League fans!
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    Thoughts? Old: New: Articles: http://www.adweek.com/brand-marketing/rotten-tomatoes-rolls-out-a-fresh-logo-and-visual-identity-after-19-years/ https://www.designweek.co.uk/issues/5-11-march-2018/emily-oberman-gives-rotten-tomatoes-first-rebrand-17-years/
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    That's the ing In the Hunt Cleveland Browns!
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    I moved away from round for Schalke because there is A LOT of round in the Bundesliga, and the rectangle is not too common in soccer. M'gladbach *tips fedora* was definitely inspired by the new, corporate feel some clubs are moving towards.
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    I thought I read somewhere, maybe The Buffalo News, that they do own the Florida plant through their purchase of 5th and Ocean but that it is smaller than the one in upstate New York.
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    It's fantastic logo, but I'd tweak the mouth and eye. It looks more like hes yelling at his mom for taking away his xbox than it does like a battle cry or anything heroic. I love the execution of the sword-yoke.
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    Good numbers don't need depth.
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    A small thing that always bothers me about this set is the inconsistent colouring of the numbers. The black sleeves have white numbers outlined in black & gold on them, but the black jerseys have gold numbers outlined in black & white. I have the same problem with the Avs current set (white & blue numbers on burgundy sleeve, white & sliver numbers on burgundy jersey).
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    My only gripe is that the skull theme has already been used by another NFL team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a team that in 1997 intended to look meaner and bolder than just the colorful version of the Raiders logo which they eventually were for more than 20 years. I actually don't think that the Raiders organization would ever adopt the pirate skull theme due to the aforementioned reason, but it's a great concept anyway.
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    The 2019 in this graphic does not match the jersey numbers. After looking at the mavs numbers, they just appear to be less rounded and slightly skinnier/taller.
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    I thought you might like that.
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    For me, it's the yellow stripes that is throwing everything off. If it were white/purple/white, it would be fine. It would be the Lakers. The Magic alternate has grown on me after hating it at first. The hideous road purple with the black side panels still confuses the hell out me, though.
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    Who said anything about the original Cosmos? I'm talking about the modern ones, who have as much relation to the original as Robert Mitchum's ludicrous 1978 film The Big Sleep has to Bogart and Bacall's classic. From Kemsley to Seamus O'Brien to Rocco Commisso, every single one of their three principal owners has been a cancer on the sport. But, since we're talking about the originals: That is utter volapukaĵo. The Cosmos were not "willing to lose money in the short term". They were willing to lose money indefinitely, without the prospect of ever not losing money, which isn't at all the same thing. Today's MLS clubs are willing to lose money in the short term because they're putting all their available money into building infrastructure. Facilities, stadiums, academies, they're building their futures. And that means while MLS clubs lose money in the short term, they are setting the table to make money in the long term. That's investing in their future, and it is decidedly not what Steve Ross did. He didn't have to build anything, and he didn't demonstrate much competence. It wasn't his money, it was the shareholders' money, and he didn't care how much he lost. Until, of course, his business empire took a downturn and he was suddenly forced to care. And then the commitment vanished. Which shows the fatal flaw in his business model; because nobody even bothered to pretend it was sustainable, it lasted only as long as the dilettante's attention. No, they were all bad to one degree or another. The only difference is that the other NASL teams didn't have the (temporarily) bottomless pockets. At some point, they had to start making money. But nobody in that NASL was terribly interested in long-term planning or building something that could last. And, surprise of surprises, it didn't. They salted the earth and set the sport back by decades. Led by the Cosmos, who are rightfully viewed as driving that particular bus off the cliff. Which is why, as much as I am sometimes frustrated by MLS, I have to give it to them. They built the first sustainable soccer league our country has ever seen. And they did so in no small part by learning from and avoiding the mistakes of the Cosmos and the NASL. While most of their teams are losing money, it's not because they're wildly spending beyond any possible means but because they're actually building something. Something that will last. Still, I loved that team as a kid. Breaks my heart that the second team has thrown away the history of the first one by being careless with the archival tapes.
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    This uniform combo would have been on fire if they had switched to a light blue helmet. The could have really owned light blue like they did in their oiler days.
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    Very nice. Getting rid of the weird 3D text works wonders.
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    Zach Lowe on the Heat is a must-read. http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/25516123/inside-new-miami-heat-vice-jerseys Some teams adopted Nike's ideas almost wholesale. The Heat looked over Nike's proposals, which included one jersey featuring a palm tree print, and politely sent them back. They had a plan, and they weren't deviating. More proof that Nike will only go as far as teams let them.
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    Agreed, but the league was probably smart to avoid the red/green colorblind issue, and have the Blazers wear white instead.
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    What the Dolphins should do every season is break out the 1972 throwbacks the week after the last undefeated team loses its first game. If the team’s first loss is in the playoffs—e.g., the 2007 Patriots—Miami wears the throwbacks during the opening game of the following season—the 2008 season in our example.
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    Out of all teams I want the Broncos, Falcons, Cardinals and Patriots to all change their fubu jersey templates. Ironically they all have nice helmets and logos its just the fubu/reebok piping that kills it.
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    As a Michigan State fan, I have very few good things to say about U Athletics, but the uniform fan in me has a few good things to say. The Jordan Brand has taken good care of football and basketball, and the Swoosh has done good on the diamond and pretty good on the ice. So with that in mind, I did make a few minor changes here and there. Football - Not a whole lot of change to made here. The helmet stays the exact same. I don't think I made a single change to it. Jerseys had a couple tweaks made to them. I added double yellow stripes to the sleeves of the navy uniforms and accordingly moved the numbers to the shoulders. On the white uniforms I moved the stripes up onto the sleeves and also moved the numbers to the shoulders. For the maize jersey, which I didn't know had historical relevance as it was worn before gets stripes now, that I borrowed from IRL maize hockey jerseys. Kept the collar navy. All the jerseys now have the block M at the base of the collar. Maize pants remain stripeless and white pants have stripes. Hockey - I'm not quite sure what Nike was doing with the navy hockey jerseys. It just doesn't work for me. So now the double maize stripes get applied here on the sleeves, socks and hem. The white and maize uniforms don't really change from what exists now in real life. The biggest issues I had here was that the current pant stripe doesn't fit with the look. So I kept them blank with the exception of a block M on the front of the pants. Winged helmet because c'mon, this is Michigan. Baseball - Shoutout to @JimmyN64 for the baseball helmet template I ended up using here. I was a little disappointed when I found out that the baseball teams don't use a winged helmet but guess what , they do now! Uniformwise, it's a lot of the same as above. Basketball - Basketball saw a little bit of change, and that was mostly just in the striping patterns. I personally don't like the striping patterns they use and so I changed them to match the rest of the uniforms. Not a lot to say but if you guys have anything to say, I'm all ears!
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    Yeah the Dolphins are really close. All they have to do to look perfect is add a white version of that throwback set to pair with the current throwback, and absolutely nuke the rest of their look, logo and all. If they did that, they’d look perfect!
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    I exclusively use the term "Old Northwest," as I am an aggressive traditionalist.
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