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    Here’s another good shot of Notre Dame’s playoff jerseys:
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    Is that Bucks' court intentionally Jägermeister-y?
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    Started this thread so that I don't have to start a new one everytime I post a new concept. Kicking things off are the Nashville Predators! I Kept things pretty simple here, using a pattern inspired by their Reebok jerseys. The pattern is the exact same on all three jerseys. On the alt, I used a recoloured version of their original logo. Any C&C is appreciated!
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    The current look isn’t how you should be branding the Bucs in 2020 either.
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    Considering that the rival in question has re-branded several times in its 40+ year history and has toyed with rebranding again in the last ten years, I'd argue that Seattle could soon have the "indigenous" look all to itself in the not too distant future. Who knows, maybe Seattle horning in on the aesthetic will be all the incentive Vancouver needs to finally commit to a Johnny Canuck based identity. That being said, when I hear "water themed" and "indigenous art" it's difficult to imagine how a brand based on a name like Sockeyes could successfully distinguish itself from the current Canucks identity.
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    I'll miss the home and home, but on the whole, this is a better system that does more to reward high seeds.
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    I don't think the NFL has had a team in recent memory ... or at least since 1970 that has gone BACK to an old design? Well, besides the 49ers, but there were even changes to that design. So asking or expecting teams like the Browns, Bengals or Broncos to go back to throwback design is a lost cause. I think all we can ask is that their next designs just don't suck.
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    I believe the Edge rollout for Reebok in the NHL was 2007. But the practice jerseys around the 2005 timeframe did have that template.
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    A gold, throwback-y alt seems like a no-brainer, doesn't it? I'm surprised the Bruins have spent so much time having a second black jersey with variations on the arch/bear logo -- which is fine, but the spoked B is their look through and through. Plus that one gold jersey they wore for the Fenway Winter Classic seemed like a smash hit. At least they got it sorted out in the minors.
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    It’s the same helmets because the royal Rams always used navy helmets. I believe the Giants at the time were the same way. The reason is that just was a lot easier to make a good-looking navy helmet than royal. Look at the Broncos blue lids before they got Nikefied; it’s a pretty uninspiring shade and finish compared to, say, the modern Giants helmets. Also, it was a lot less noticeable on the crummy TVs of old. Hope they go with something like the Giants a year from now.
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    Seahawks and Chiefs should both wear color rush next week on Sunday night because Christmas is 2 days after the game so it would be a nice touch to have a red vs green game. Also color blind problem wouldn't be as big because the Seahawks wear navy helmets
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    A lot of the concepts on here are massive in scope. The entire MLB. Every NFC team with fauxbacks. They're also expertly done in beautiful vector images with photo-realistic details. Whatever. I'm old school, so this is my team and it's in MS Paint. Paint concepts can kick ass if you have good execution. At this point, I'm not really inspired to make this a big, ongoing, every-team-in-the-Western-Hemisphere kind of thing, but who knows. Comments are welcome. Onto the graphics. We'll start with the helmets. While I like the tradition of Nebraska's Skinny-N helmets, it does bother me that there is a lack of unity across the brand. So we're dropping the Iron N onto the lids to match the primary logo. One other small tweak is moving the rear helmet numbers inside the stripe. Currently, they are split on either side of the stripe. Also, if you look closely, you'll see a small skull-and-bones Blackshirt logo to the right of the rear stripe. I'm not a big fan of making my helmets look like a marijuana ad (looking at you, Buckeyes), but having a sticker for Blackshirt defenders who have earned that distinction is something I'd like to see. Onto the jerseys. The most noticeable change may be the number font, moving from a block collegiate style to a more rounded, century gothic style. It's not quite as narrow and angular as our 2018 throwbacks, but this number font matches more closely with the helmet numbers. It's always bugged me that Nebraska wears block style numbers on the shirts and rounded gothic style numbers on the helmets. Unity. You may also notice that the sleeve stripes and pant stripes have been reduced to a single, thicker stripe. This provides consistency across the board with the helmet, jersey and pants each having a single stripe. In 2018, Nebraska did away entirely with the pant stripes, and we flip flopped back and forth between stripes and no stripes during the 1990s. If you can win multiple titles and have a 60-3 run over five years while Scott Frost and Tommie Frazier wore inconsistent pants, than I've got the runway to flatten everything down to a single stripe across the set. Small details: added the Iron N logo into the pant stripe, which is moved from the traditional placement on the left hip. The "Winning Tradition" and B1G patches remain unchanged, and an extra patch has been added above the NOB. With Nebraska being the Cornhusker State and there being no other Division 1 football or pro football teams in the state, Cornhusker Football is quite literally a representation of the State of Nebraska. Home pride, baby. Finally, the Blackshirt Edition Alt. If you hate black alts, whatever. Husker fans are SPLIT over the use of black -- like seriously, we're talking Great Schism or Protestant Reformation split -- but my logic says that if your first string defense is nicknamed the Blackshirts, having a, well, black shirt is probably not quite a BFBS situation. If any school wanted to add an extra color for an alt, we've got a built-in excuse that aligns with tradition. For all you ninnies who say that Blackshirts only apply to defense, and thus, a whole-team concept that includes offense and special teams... well just get out and start your own concept. It's essentially the same template, with the only real difference being a skull 'n bones logo replacing the pant stripe N. Anyway, those are my tweaks. Minor they may be, but that's probably because Nebraska is already a 9/10 in terms of uniform perfection. No day-glo, no neon, no anthracite needed. Just a few clean ups and you have a pristine collegiate football uniform that's perfect for stomping on rodent-and-bird mascotted teams in the Big Ten West.
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    I dunno, I’m not willing to lend credence to those rumors just yet.
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    That first wordmark, though. Their best ever.
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    Thanks! I never found any credible evidence that White Sox to Indianapolis was a credible rumor, but I'd definitely consider doing it when the time comes (for funsies). I'd probably do the whole black/red deal with them, with a region-appropriate city script/insignia. Thanks! I'm rather fond of the orange pinstripes, as they provide a modern twist on a traditional design convention. The white-crown looks pretty good. Thanks! The whole point of the set was that it could work with a slate-crowned/red-billed cap or an all-red cap. It does look pretty solid with a red cap: I prefer slate with a red bill, as it's more unique within the AL and fits more with the "military fort" theme. Still, it's a strong alternate look. Thanks! Morsani was one of the big money people behind bringing a team to Tampa Bay, looking for any and all opportunities to get in on the action. You kind of feel sorry for the guy by the end of the story, as he faces bankruptcy problems once his expansion group fails. Thanks! Thanks! I was hoping a Tampa Bay Area resident who was alive during the time would post here. The whole thing must have felt like getting pummeled by a Muay Thai champ for the better part of a decade. I'll get into it for the final post, but I maintain that the shell game really hurt baseball's standing in the market. Thanks! The Calgary Cannons had a pretty strong look, so I'm glad my concept reminded you of them. The first of the two expansion teams should be up soon!
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    I pointed it out back when it happened and provided some information from the St. Petersburg Times (now the Tampa Bay Times).
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    The Titans? There's been some late changes this season but right now they are listed as white at home and redskins are listed as red on the road. Maybe they are planning a winter white out or something
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    Take a look around at some of the free basketball templates that do exist on this website then & see which one you like.
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    So the Rams have 2 games against Arizona and the Niners to get the offense back in sync again or else their postseason is gonna be over quick, Goff looked like he was starting to get some grove back at the end there and finished with 300+ yards so I have still have faith they can do it. Also Todd Gurley of all people should know to get out of bounds, they would have had something like 25 seconds to tie the game insted of just 1 shot at the endzone! Of course that probably wouldn't matter if Jo Jo dosent randomly just drop the ball returning the punt.
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    Caveat: I know nothing about CFB... But I like the updated helmet and number font. Sounds like a black alt is fine since you have an explanation. That said, I think the sleeve and pant stripes are way too plain, even compared to the previous unis, which were pretty sparse to begin with. I think the back numbers are a tad too small.
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    Haven't caught up with this thread for a while, but I have to say that you've done some really good ones lately! The Rangers with the quilt pattern look really cool. You could use the road hat for both home & away, IMO. The Rays are absolutely stunning! My only suggestion is to use yellow or light green for the number outline and the cap brims. For Toronto, I really think you ought to keep the Blue Jay logo. Also, the maple leaf pattern looks a bit odd in blue; maybe consider implementing the Toronto flag T in a similar way?
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    I caught that too. They called down by contact (twice!), then change it to forward progress. The amount of sheer bull that goes NE's way is ridiculous and predictable. Still... YOU NEW ENGLAND! HOW ABOUT THAT!
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    LMAO... "The Patriots might have lost this replay challenge, so actually we decided to change our call to something you can't challenge."
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    So how did the cincy-miss st get approved uni wise? Cincy in the road black jerseys Miss St. in dark grey jerseys with only white trip and name plates fonts in lighter grey... seriously looked like like a nba summer league or Rec league game. Could not hardly tell who was who.
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    ^^^^^^ Yep, agree. And what makes it even better.....its being played outside........on grass!!
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    put their logo on a sublimated practice jersey
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    I've always wanted the Bruins to switch the colors on the road yoke. Make it like the Orr-era jerseys with a yellow yoke at home and on the road. It's gorgeous. Also, go back to yellow socks.
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    It has felt like the pistons barely wear their whites and royal blues anymore, which is a shame because both the statement and city jersey suck.
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    Am I the only one that thinks a team named the Jets is the last team that should use a script as its logo? The Raiders and the Steelers are the only other teams with their names in there logos, and it is not the main focus in their logos. There are so many opportunities to use jet imagery for a logo and I think just using a script is lazy. They can bring back the old script or a version of it as their woodmark, but I would really like something new as the primary.
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    The Bruins should've never ditched their '74-'95 set when they moved into the Fleet Center/TD Garden. I very much miss the gold B in the gold circle on the black sweaters.
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    I haaaaaaaate these uniforms. It certainly didn’t help that these were worn during the dark ages. I disliked them so much that I remember actively only picking the alternate and throwback uniforms in NHL 2001. Eight year old me knew what was up.
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    Believe me @vtgco, I was torn regarding how to have the stripes on the jersey. I went with the shoulder stripe variant like they used to use, but I did consider going with sleeve stripes, the main reason I went with white for the base of the shoulder stripes was to maintain some contrast, though I just as easily could've used thin white outlining. Funny thing, in the doodling stages, the thought that there were many directions I could take this idea in frequently crossed my mind (your angle idea is something I might use). Hell, some unintended consequences of changing the helmet from orange to white have crossed my mind, some good (white tiger variant, anyone?), some bad (white dome-orange jersey-black pants, anyone?) it's actually kinda crazy, come to think of it...the myriad of possibilities that could spring from lessening the "tiger cosplay" theme a bit. I'm likely going to avoid Northwestern striping, but I'll show you this Cardinals concept from 2013 as an example of how I'd play around with the game's most "old-school" striping pattern if I do go that route. The colors (cardinal red/navy/copper) were a result of one of Colorwerx's rare forays into the Concepts forum, wherein he laid down a number of color schemes he thought would work well, and whoever wanted to take a stab at them could do so.
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    Love it. Hopefully we get a full Irish rainbow set next season.
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    My short surprise wishlist. 1. Saints 2. Falcons 3. Cardinals 4. Bengals 5. Broncos
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    They use it in some media, at least: They use the cartoon bird a lot more, though. I almost think they keep the old bird around only so the Camden Yards signage doesn't get further out of date.
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    With all the mixing-and-matching the Panthers are doing this season, I’d like to see them go back to their original combo from their expansion season in 1995.
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    TAMPA BAY CANNONS (former Texas Rangers) - Yeahmanthat'sFortBrookedangumSlateandScarlet, tellyawhat! Tampa Bay Sweepstakes Intro The next franchise in the lineup was the Texas Rangers. By 1988, the problems inherent in the glorified minor-league venue Turnpike/Arlington Stadium had become all too apparent. It's rinky-dink, built-on-speculation (and poorly expanded upon) construction provided little-to-no shade in the hot & humid Texas summers. The history of crummy ownership and poor play did not help matters (UrinatingTree provides the details here). Majority owner Eddie Chiles had fallen on hard times and ill health (Frank Morsani recalls being told that Chiles had Alzheimer's in Stadium for Rent and To Be Frank), which prompted him to sell the club. Morsani and the TBBG saw the perfect opportunity to get that team for the Tampa stadium.1 The TBBG (namely, Morsani and Bill Mack) hashed out a contract to buy Chiles' stake for $85 million, one which looked promising. Once again, the deal fell through due to complications from minority owners. Ed Gaylord, who owned 33% of the team, triggered his option to take a majority stake. While the other baseball owners (especially Jerry Reinsdorf) rejected it (due to Gaylord owning superstation KTVT), it scuttled Morsani & co.'s deal. The deal probably would have been rejected anyway, since Dallas/Ft. Worth is too valuable a market to lose, even though Morsani hinted at spurring on an expansion team to replace the Rangers.2 Meanwhile, AL President Bobby Brown (originally from Texas) and exiting Baseball Commissioner Peter Ueberroth helped to assemble a new ownership group headed by George W. Bush, Rusty Rose and Richard Rainwater. Said group swept in and bought the team for $79.3 million, leaving Morsani out in the cold again and further up financial fecal creek (having spent $500,000 on attorneys for the sale). This would spell the end of the Al Lopez Field site project.3 The Rangers would get a taxpayer-funded stadium to replace the glorified bowl of bleachers. but that's a rant for another day. TL;DR: Rusty Shackleford as Frank Morsani, Puff-Puff as Ed Gaylor, and the falling cigarettes as the Bush/Rose/Rainwater ownership group.4 However, what if either deal went through, and the Rangers moved to Tampa? How would their identity adapt to the Gulf Coast? Unlike "Twins" (which kind of works), "Rangers" really doesn't sound right in Tampa Bay. I wanted a name that kept with similar themes to the Rangers' identity, so I looked to the Rays' 2008 rebrand ideas for inspiration (citation in link). The name "Cannons" stood out, as it fit with the history of the region. The Tampa Bay area's growth started around the US Army outpost Fort Brooke, where it served as a valuable outpost in the Seminole Wars and the Civil War (for the Confederates - hey, the actual Texas Rangers have done questionable stuff as well). Heck, cannons from the fort remain on the University of Tampa campus: It seemed like a local identity that would keep the ethos of the Rangers' moniker intact.5 I imported the slate blue from the Project 32 Rangers concept, alongside scarlet and gold. I carried over the Caniste Semibold from my Florida White Sox concept as the central font. The primary features a baseball roundel with the insignia in front of a diamond and crossed cannons. The insignia is the secondary, while a roundel with the crossed cannons is the tertiary. The home and road set go for a slate/scarlet co-dominant look (a la the 1972-82 Rangers), while also featuring red-billed caps (like the 1972-85 headwear). Thick sleeve and pants trim appears here, so that the set uses the whole color scheme. The socks use a similar pattern. Caniste numbers also appear here, as a display font felt more appropriate for an expansion team (rather than an Original 16 club like the White Sox) and the more modern arching style. The NOB's are one-color, for legibility. I also put the primary on the sleeves. The alternates include both scarlet and slate blue jerseys, with the blue shirt using the tertiary as a patch and the "Tampa Bay" wordmark (road wordmarks at home being a Rangers-esque touch). The second set of alternates features a red-crowned cap, along with matching belts, undershirts, and socks. I didn't want to pair them with the red jersey, for fear of it being too much red. The fauxback is my attempt to produce a 1963-67 Washington Senators-style jersey, albeit with the Cannons' name and color scheme. The cap logo comes from the Tarpons/Twins, with a few adjustments to bring it closer to the original Curly W. I re-used the font from my Sens MK II concept, for that extra touch of accuracy. The jacket continues the co-dominant color scheme theme, with red sleeves and gold shoulder trim. While the Rangers' name really wouldn't work in Tampa Bay, one could keep the spirit of it intact for the new locale. It also allows me to continue my theme of "what the Rays should have done in 1998 or 2008," building an identity with a more local flare. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, Morsani makes a final stand with TWO proposals for 1993 NL expansion teams. Here's a hint: one has a NHL name and the other has a MLS/NASL moniker. 1 Andrew Clem, “Clem’s Baseball ~ Arlington Stadium,” Clem’s Baseball, December 1, 2018, http://www.andrewclem.com/Baseball/ArlingtonStadium.html; Bob Andelman and Lori Parsells, Stadium For Rent: Tampa Bay’s Quest for Major League Baseball, 2nd edition (St. Petersburg, FL: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2015), 55-57; Frank Morsani and Dave Scheiber, To Be Frank: Building the American Dream in Business and Life (Tampa, FL: BlackWood Books, 2015), 130-35. 2 Andelman and Parsells, Stadium For Rent, 58-59; Morsani and Dave Scheiber, To Be Frank, 133-36. 3 Clem, “Clem’s Baseball ~ Arlington Stadium,” Morsani and Dave Scheiber, To Be Frank, 131-136. 4 Author's note: King of the Hill never really specified whether or not Arlen was Rangers or Astros territory. I'd guess Rangers, if only because of Hank's derision at Boomhauer being a Texans fan. 5 Jonah Keri, “Chapter 7: The Exorcism,” in The Extra 2%: How Wall Street Strategies Took a Major League Baseball Team from Worst to First (Bristol, CT: ESPN Books, 2011), 134; “The Establishment of Fort Brooke — FlaHQ 31:273‑278 (1953),” University of Chicago, accessed December 11, 2018, http://penelope.uchicago.edu/Thayer/E/Gazetteer/Places/America/United_States/Florida/_Texts/FlaHQ/31/The_Establishment_of_Fort_Brooke*.html; “Ft. Brooke Cannon - History of Tampa, Florida - Wikipedia,” accessed December 11, 2018, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Tampa,_Florida#/media/File:Ft._Brooke_Cannon.jpg; “Fort Brooke - FortWiki Historic U.S. and Canadian Forts,” accessed December 10, 2018, http://www.fortwiki.com/Fort_Brooke.
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    Ah yes, that old White Sox to Indianapolis rumor that’s persisted for years. I don’t think there’s ever been any validity to it, but I certainly wouldn’t turn down another White Sox relocation concept from @SFGiants58.
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    Yes. Thank you. Stirrups are dumb.
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    Knicks - I was never a fan of the “modern era” uniforms. The silver adds nothing and new wordmark have the letters way to close to each other. Hopefully they bring back the championship era jerseys from the 70s and early 90s. Jets - I wish they stop wearing their green pants so often. They hardly used the white pants for away games when that’s suppose to be their primaries. Rangers - They’ve done almost everything right except the wordmark. It looked horrible under Reebok. They had the letters way too close and vertical. I think Adidas fixed it slightly but could be my eyes messing with me. Mets - Probably the most perfect team in terms of uniforms and logos. One tweak, bringing back the Mr. Met patch for the blue alternatives but I can live with what they got. Aside from that, they’re almost perfect.
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    To me, it's the perfect baseball font, and if it were a teeny bit bolder, it would be a near-perfect font for most anything.. I wore #15 in high school, and I LOVED the way the 1 and the 5 looked in this font.. Probably has something to do with why the Texans' font is my favorite athletic number font..
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    The Rangers actually successfully tweaked their primary uniforms before This uniform (especially with the NEW YORK) is better than their current one.
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    A name change would have probably been the best route. The branding has already been tarnished, and the John should have been dropped. Maybe just shorten to Papa's Pizza and create some kind of Mario/Chef Boyardee mascot as Papa and then a new logo.
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