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    Saw this on dribbble by a guy named Nino Zizzo. It's everything the Phillies should've done last week.
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    The Bills went back to uniforms that are basically their late 70's ones in 2011. When the Giants changed uniforms in 2005, they went back to their 60's uniforms. Same with the Jets when they made their change in 1998.
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    OK . . . I’ll start with the team that sparked this whole thing, my hometown Portland Trail Blazers. As far as I'm concerned, the Trail Blazers brand should revolve around its most recognizable design elements. The rest is just noise. 1. Black and Red 2. Lowercase lettering 3. Diagonal sash/stripe 4. Pinwheel logo When the team gets away from those four elements, they start to look pretty generic if you ask me. With this in mind, you'll notice I removed gray/silver from the uniforms. It's not needed and it just muddies up a crisp color palette. On the icon and association sets, I kept with some classic design elements and smushed together a few different eras. I love the gorgeous lowercase type face, created by Kyle Zadina, that the team introduced on the Rip City uniforms a few years ago. I can’t for the life of me figure out why the team is clinging to generic uppercase lettering when they have this beauty in their toolbox. It is uniquely "Portland" and fits the franchise just right. Lastly, for the statement uniform I mixed it up a little bit. I was tempted to create a red Rip City jersey, but I've always wanted to see the team with their whole "Trail Blazers" name on the front of the jersey. It is a pretty large word mark, but I think it is fun and has that asymmetry that is already familiar on the team's uniforms. On the sides I added five diagonal stripes that are a effectively a little slice of the pinwheel logo. The team has been using this design element in their social media and in-arena branding for a little while and I think it's a great look. I know it's a little like the Raptors chevrons, but I don't really care. Raptors had a unique look at one point, they only have themselves to blame if they end up looking like the Canadian Trail Blazers - We the Northernmost, anyways . . . Feedback is welcome and encouraged. More to come soon!
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    FLORIDA PANTHERS, PT. I - Morsani's green and gold grasp at expansion Tampa Bay Sweepstakes Intro This was Frank Morsani’s final stand. After the failure of the Rangers purchase, he triggered the National League’s interest in expansion in 1990. He set about turning the Tampa Bay Baseball Group towards expansion, branding themselves as the “Florida Panthers.” The team would play in the Suncoast Dome, giving in to the pressure to use the poorly-located, taxpayer-funded white elephant. Morsani also restructured of the group once he realized that Bill Mack’s deep pockets wouldn’t cover the group’s many expenses (e.g., demolishing Al Lopez Stadium, renting the Tampa land, paying for offices, etc.). Businessmen Mark Bostick and Lance Ringhaver agreed to take Mack’s place. While it brought a bit more stability, they did lose Mack’s baseball connections.1 The group went into the expansion meetings, competing with groups from all over the country, including two others in the Tampa Bay Area (the Schur/Porter/Kohl partnership – detailed more in the next post – and a team headed up by Sarasota-based businessman Tom Hammonds, Hawk Harrelson, and Don Drysdale – which never received serious consideration). After making their presentations in New York to the NL expansion committee on September 28, 1990, Morsani and his partners came away confident. Said confidence died on December 18, 1990, when the NL announced that six cities made the cut: Denver, Miami, Buffalo, Orlando, Washington, and the Schur/Porter/Kohl group in Tampa Bay. Morsani had made a valiant final effort, only to find himself betrayed by baseball again. He would soon file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, while also mourning the death of his baseball insider, Cedric Tallis, from a series of heart attacks. Frank Morsani would sell the trademark for the name “Florida Panthers” to Wayne Huizenga.2 TL;DR: Shinji Ikari as Morsani and the many faces and visions flashing over him as the mental trauma of his attempts to get a baseball team, one that basically killed a close friend of his: The National League (and Major League Baseball as a whole) denied Morsani’s group for several reasons, most notable among them being: 1. Morsani was facing publicized lawsuits from two Tampa Bay Area banks for defaulting on sizable loans. Morsani had been paying many expenses out of his personal pocket, weakening his financial state (losing $3-million of his fortune on “baseball expenses”). Bostick and Ringhaver didn’t have that same “wow” factor/financial standing as Bill Mack. 2. The Schur/Porter/Kohl group had far more money. Among their group was Roy Disney, Walt’s nephew, who was worth about $660-million. Sidney and Allen Kohl also had a sizeable fortune to back themselves from their Wisconsin supermarket chain. While they did not have the same local connections as Morsani, they were more financially solvent. While the TBBG did get screwed over by baseball’s owners and the expansion committee, Morsani wasn’t exactly going to be the best position to lead an ownership group. I’ll get into the details of it more the Tampa Bay Sweepstakes wrap-up, but the tale of the TBBG is one of the most disheartening stories of failed expansion, especially with the potential for a privately-funded stadium in a better location and deep local connection.3 So, this is a baseball concept series, yes? Well, let’s get to the concept! What if Bill Mack footed the bills to avert Morsani’s financial mess? What if the Panthers came to be? The above is from the Kindle edition of Stadium for Rent - seriously, go read this book when you have the time.4 Morsani created a design with green/yellow color scheme. However, I expect that MLB Properties would point out that the A’s might have an issue with another team adopting their color scheme. I figured that they’d convince Morsani to employ metallic gold instead of yellow. Morsani, who would later become a big-time booster at the University of South Florida, would probably be thrilled with the proposition. Red would be a minor accent color.5 Much like the Rockies and Marlins, Phoenix Design Works would handle the designs. They would create a mark akin to the 1994-present Detroit Tigers’ head logo. I wanted to repurpose the NHL Panthers’ design (since Huizenga wouldn’t own the name), with enough adjustments to make it fit within the Phoenix Design Works’ style. The “JetBlue” panther head provided the base, one that I tweaked to include bits of the 1993 “electrocuted” panther (taller eyes, whiskers, and curved fur bits at the bottom of the jaw). Here is a comparison: The logo sheet features two roundels, which include a primary with the team/city name and a tertiary with the state outline and the cap logo (pointing to Tampa Bay). The secondaries include the cap logo (an “F” with claw marks) and the solo panther. Albertus Medium is the base font, with a few modifications. Glyphic serifs make for fantastic “claw mark” simulations. EDIT: The tertiary is now the panther head on its own, per @coco1997's suggestion. The first image is here. The uniforms use the same template as the 1993-2002 Marlins, with a pinstriped home uniform, double-outlined wordmarks/lettering, nameplates, and thick cuffs on the road uniform. I tried to imitate the Marlins’ old wordmark, albeit less messy and without that “s-tail.” The primary is on the sleeve, while the cap logo appears on the socks. The alternates include a vest and a green jersey. The green jersey features the panther on its own, along with a metallic gold bill. Original image, with the first tertiary on the vest's sleeve, is here. Outerwear features the claw mark pattern on the gold sleeves, for an exceptionally-bold look. Original image here. The Florida Panthers could have had a strong identity within the confines of the era’s aesthetic conventions. But how would I spin the design to fit with my tastes? That post will be coming later today! 1 Bob Andelman and Lori Parsells, Stadium For Rent: Tampa Bay’s Quest for Major League Baseball, 2nd edition (St. Petersburg, FL: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2015), 156–60, 168; Bruce Lowitt and Kenneth S. Allen, “Is the Cat out of the Bag? - Morsani Team Would Be Florida Panthers,” Tampa Bay Times, April 12, 1990, sec. Sports; Frank Morsani and Dave Scheiber, To Be Frank: Building the American Dream in Business and Life (Tampa, FL: BlackWood Books, 2015), 136–38. 2 Andelman and Parsells, Stadium For Rent, chaps. 12 "The Pitch"-13 "Happy Holidays, Mr. Morsani"; Marc Topkin and Karl Vick, “Tampa Bay Makes Its Pitch,” Tampa Bay Times, September 29, 1990, sec. National; Marc Topkin, “Tampa Bay Group Signs Merchandising Agreement,” Tampa Bay Times, May 25, 1991, sec. Sports. 3 Morsani and Scheiber, To Be Frank, 146–51. 4 Andelman and Parsells, Stadium For Rent, 189. 5 Morsani and Scheiber, To Be Frank, 146–51. As for the other expansion group, we'll see soon enough.
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    Here’s another good shot of Notre Dame’s playoff jerseys:
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    I don't see them losing their name Raiders either. If they lose it the name is gone forever unless an owner with deep pockets wants to move to the bay area, privately construct his own stadium and change the name to the raiders upon arrival to Oakland. But on changes I am excited to see what the Jets are going to do. I used to love the Namath era uniforms and was happy in 97 when they changed but since then I have soured on that look. Not sure if it is because throughout the years the look was butchered by various apparel companies (adidas,reebok,nike etc). My wish list is; 1. Cardinals change 2. Falcons change to something similar to the expansion season or the Hammer/Neon Deon era 3. Patriots change 4. Broncos change back to the elway era colors uniform mashed up with current logo or even an updated D logo 5. Dolphins go back to '72 uniform 6. Bengals go back to either '88 uniform or the jeff black era flying tiger 7. Browns go back to old set please 8. Chargers upgrade to powder blue and ditch all navy 9. Saints promote color rush and throwback to primary, incinerate the black pants.
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    The orange arena name on the baselines is so out of place.
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    I'll have another look at the NY concept when I can. Thanks for the feedback. WASHINGTON POTOMACS For DC's team, I wanted something cool, patriotic, and something Native American themed without offending anyone, to show the NFL team how it's done. That's it for the Eastern teams. North Texas is coming next.
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    This seems a good place to leave this: https://247sports.com/nfl/dallas-cowboys/Article/Ezekiel-Elliott-Dak-Prescott-fined-big-for-wearing-sleeves-126474751/Amp/ "So, why are the sleeves a violation? Well, according the Article 4, Subsection J of the Uniform Policy, the sleeves don't match the team color, which is blue for the Cowboys -- not white. For example, wide receiver Cole Beasley has been spotted wearing sleeves multiple times in the past few weeks, but they were blue. Are you effing kidding me?
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    It is silly to create a “water themed indigenous style logo” when your closest geographic rival does the exact same thing. Doesn’t exactly make good branding when you’re a new identity aping your 50 year old neighbour. That said, Seattle can have the native art style for all I care as Vancouver doesn’t exactly pull it off very well. Like it’s been said maybe that’ll finally be the incentive to drop that dumb cetacean from the branding and go with Johnny or the Rink or whatever. As long as they don’t ever stray from blue and green again.
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    you need rules dude, and sometimes you need to get ahead of these things before players make up reasons to wear whatever color sleeves and cleats they want. William Gay was fined for wearing purple cleats and everyone killed the NFL because he said it was for charity, which i understand. But you do have to draw a line somewhere. What if the next guy wears yellow cleats because its his kids favorite color, and the next guy wears polka dot cleats because he like polka music. There's a line, stay on your side of it. And if you know your breaking the rule, then take the fine. NFL gives many warnings and training before issuing a fine. There's uniform codes posted in every locker room. players know they are breaking the rules. Besides if i was given an NFL uniform i would be honored beyond belief. I would not try to alter to to fit my own personal taste.
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    I dunno. Sounds more like a journalist stretching a few quotes into a provocative headline. I mean, she’s basing this on “buzz” and some testimony from an artist who “a while ago” talked to a group of nameless persons associated with the team?
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    Is that Bucks' court intentionally Jägermeister-y?
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    It would be interesting to see the steelers try white jersey with these black pants for one road game. I think it would pop.
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    I hate those black pants the Saints use just as much as Baltimore's black pants. They both look like leotards without the stripe. I wish the saints would promote their color rush uniform to primary road and throw the leotard pants in the garbage.
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    From Paul Lukas on Twitter: The Devils will wear green-trimmed throwbacks for four upcoming games: Dec. 23 vs. Blue Jackets, Jan. 10 vs. Maple Leafs, Jan. 31 vs. Rangers, and March 1 vs. Flyers.
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    Okay, I'm officially calling for the Bills to burn their color rush look. I've tried to like them, but there's just no way I'll ever be able separate the red uniforms from the Patriots' throwback jerseys... And when they're not reminding me of the Patriots, it still looks like they're trying to rip off the Chiefs monochrome look. Give it a rest, Bills. Enough with the red.
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    If nothing else, Crowley in a Bulldogs jersey would fit in well in the "players in wrong uniform" thread. Seriously though Crowley proved in the playoffs for Dallas that he can still play a role and he came so cheap he could be just the veteran depth player the Bulldogs need. Camden could provide plenty of motivation for a few teams to blow it up in '07-08. The Stingrays' current lineup is unlikely to win a title so it would make sense for them to start a rebuild now. There is actually a chance that Carolina could return to Ottawa, as they have struggled financially since moving to Charlotte. There is also a chance Nolan will want to expand at some point, though probably not until the 2010s. It is probably just a matter of time for Ottawa, especially now that they have the new arena. Thanks guys! we're very excited about the baby. I hope to continue to produce the same quality work for you guys and I think the new format will actually help with that. That's actually another reason I want to simplify the narrative parts of the project, so I can focus more on graphics. There will be another big batch of alternate uniforms next season and soon after that teams will start to make changes to their home/away (there is a clause in the Duke contract that no team can make major changes for a minimum of two seasons). I also plan to update the blog when I have more time, especially the team info section and uniform section.
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    Hannover 96's logo has always looked like an American truck stop's logo to me, but it's pretty iconic. I wanted to keep the same feel, but add something extra, maybe an H for Hannover.
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    From the 00’s piping/5-color/yolk mess till today? They did not.
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    Started this thread so that I don't have to start a new one everytime I post a new concept. Kicking things off are the Nashville Predators! I Kept things pretty simple here, using a pattern inspired by their Reebok jerseys. The pattern is the exact same on all three jerseys. On the alt, I used a recoloured version of their original logo. Any C&C is appreciated!
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    The 1955 cap wasn’t actually a cap, it was a batting helmet. That block B should be on the cartoon bird’s cap.
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    They should do something like this with their black pants but cleaner
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    Hear, hear. Red socks should be worn at home and on the road, especially with the blue pants.
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    It’s far more than that. They’re betting another team, whom they have no control over, will change their branding. Why should the Canucks change? The Canucks are currently the only team in the NHL that used indigenous Pacific Northwest art. They own it as far as the NHL goes. Don’t be silly. pssst Any claim you can make about Seattle having a connection to indigenous designs you can make about Vancouver. And Vancouver’s had their Pacific Northwest Native art-inspired logo since 1997.
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    The current look isn’t how you should be branding the Bucs in 2020 either.
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    For 1959, the Milwaukee Voyagers add their simple capital M to their new plastic helmets: C&C Welcome.
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    Considering that the rival in question has re-branded several times in its 40+ year history and has toyed with rebranding again in the last ten years, I'd argue that Seattle could soon have the "indigenous" look all to itself in the not too distant future. Who knows, maybe Seattle horning in on the aesthetic will be all the incentive Vancouver needs to finally commit to a Johnny Canuck based identity. That being said, when I hear "water themed" and "indigenous art" it's difficult to imagine how a brand based on a name like Sockeyes could successfully distinguish itself from the current Canucks identity.
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    I'll miss the home and home, but on the whole, this is a better system that does more to reward high seeds.
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    I don't think the NFL has had a team in recent memory ... or at least since 1970 that has gone BACK to an old design? Well, besides the 49ers, but there were even changes to that design. So asking or expecting teams like the Browns, Bengals or Broncos to go back to throwback design is a lost cause. I think all we can ask is that their next designs just don't suck.
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    Good job distinguishing yourselves from your closest geographic rival!
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    I believe the Edge rollout for Reebok in the NHL was 2007. But the practice jerseys around the 2005 timeframe did have that template.
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    I dunno about this... Chris Taylor is wearing shorter pants to intentionally show off the color of his stirrups, the team color of blue... By having longer pants McGwire almost looks like he's trying to hide the green and gold of his stirrups/socks. And I know that was the style of the times and still looks good but having the pants at that length makes it look like when you're a kid and you start growing and your mom hasn't bought new pants yet so you put on pants that are now smaller than they should be and your socks are only showing because your pants no longer fit you correctly. I know it's a different time period I do think this looks better...
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    A gold, throwback-y alt seems like a no-brainer, doesn't it? I'm surprised the Bruins have spent so much time having a second black jersey with variations on the arch/bear logo -- which is fine, but the spoked B is their look through and through. Plus that one gold jersey they wore for the Fenway Winter Classic seemed like a smash hit. At least they got it sorted out in the minors.
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    Regular Season Week 16 (Part2) Bills vs. Patriots Falcons vs. Panthers Ravens vs. Chargers Bears vs. 49ers Rams vs. Cardinals Steelers vs. Saints Chiefs vs. Seahawks Broncos vs. Raiders
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    Regular Season Week 16 (Part1) Giants vs. Colts Texans vs. Eagles Jaguars vs. Dolphins Redskins vs. Titans Packers vs. Jets Bengals vs. Browns Buccaneers vs. Cowboys Vikings vs. Lions
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    October 2 would have been a preseason game. And since that was in 2005, that "practice jersey" could be a Reebok Edge prototype. Perhaps they gave the new uniform system a few trial runs of game action in the preseason.
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    Meanwhile in the capital... At that same date, at 7:30pm Gorania time, the Chavez Football Club have announced they will join the Gorania Football League. The club president, Tom D'Agostino, who has served since 1938, decided that the Nationals moniker will be added to the club, which was formed in 1890. D'Agostino chose the nickname as "it is the team of the capital and we want to be the best in the nation". The jumper remains the same, which they have worn since 1914, looking similar to Carlton. The club logo is the CFC monogram, again bearing striking similarity to the Carlton Football Club. The Chavez Football Club until now has not had an official nickname, although Blues and Chargers have been colloquial nicknames for the club by the fans and local media. The club will play in the country's largest stadium, the Chavez Cricket Ground, seating 73,720 people. As the most supported club in the Southern Football League, it was a no-brainer to include the Chavez Football Club in the national competition. Commissioner Nakamura immediately asked the Chavez Football Club to join as having a team in the nation's largest city and capital and including one of the country's largest clubs would bring a huge step to success in the league.
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    It’s the same helmets because the royal Rams always used navy helmets. I believe the Giants at the time were the same way. The reason is that just was a lot easier to make a good-looking navy helmet than royal. Look at the Broncos blue lids before they got Nikefied; it’s a pretty uninspiring shade and finish compared to, say, the modern Giants helmets. Also, it was a lot less noticeable on the crummy TVs of old. Hope they go with something like the Giants a year from now.
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    Seahawks and Chiefs should both wear color rush next week on Sunday night because Christmas is 2 days after the game so it would be a nice touch to have a red vs green game. Also color blind problem wouldn't be as big because the Seahawks wear navy helmets
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    I really do wish the Orioles would go back to the ornithologically correct bird. And the Phillies back to maroon and light blue.
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    Pretty much. The next local I meet still rooting for the Chargers will be the first. Everyone I know told them to take a hike after they relocated to Carson. And the fact they're actually fielding a winning team in only their second year up there isn't helping any. Everyone I know has moved on and found new teams to root for (Seattle, Rams and San Francisco among the most common). Or simply given up on the NFL.
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    My understanding is that the Chargers are turbo-dead to the average San Diegan. Like "The Rams are actually making decent inroads into the market" dead.
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    But the Rays don’t have an appreciable fan base. Even when they went to the World Series, even when they led the AL East from the first day of the season to the last, their attendance has been near or at the bottom of the majors. They’ve never been able to draw well, no matter how good they are. I can’t think of another instance where players are restored to calling out their own fans for apathy, express their frustration at having to play winning baseball before empty stands. Put that team anywhere else and they’d lead the league. But not in Tampa Bay. I hate relocation, but at some point baseball has to have a serious conversation about whether it was a mistake to expand to Tampa Bay at all. Now seems like a pretty good time.
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    I was going to post this. Though I like the mono navy better, I like how the green pops more.
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    Don’t see the issue with mono, different color socks help, but most times mono works. Unless of course the color itself is ugly
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