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    You might be right there, my friend
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    That’s cool. But people also have the right to criticize you for the vague teases. It goes both ways.
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    If the "new home and road" for the Blackhawks isn't just a collar correction, I will lead the riot.
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    I just hope that Drew Brees and Sean Payton finally walk off of the sunset, that the Saints go back to a traditional look. More like gold pants more often and even white pants (not the Color Rush version), and if they do have black pants please put a STRIPE on them. And of course matching gold. Thank you and Merry Christmas!!
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    Really hoping we can do a rose bowl edition white jersey and retire purple sleeves and armpit spikes. Hate to imortalize those in Rose Bowl. Love to see us in G/W/G FOR A bit of change. I loved the old gold pants with wide purple and white stripes.
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    Idk. The new look isn't perfect and could use some tweaking, but I think it's a stronger look overall. The new helmet especially is a much better fit. The white one was always weak looking to me. Just my unpopular opinion.
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    Two in the Clink and one in the Pink
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    T-Mobile Park is a fitting name since the M’s have been phoning it in since 2004
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    Good thing the Seahawks don't play there; WRs would hate to play in a place with lots of drops and poor reception. (ducks)
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    The Lakers' recent re-design was a bit unexpected for me, and I'm rather conflicted with what was unveiled. With Magic playing a prominent front office role and LeBron coming to town, a modernized version of the Showtime-era uniforms makes perfect sense. However, a number of details feel a bit overthought. Let's start with the good. The crewneck collars are a long-awaited change, the lack of side panels on the Association and Icon Edition jerseys eliminates a bit of clutter, and the vertical drop shadows offer a cleaner take on the previously angled design. The gold looks better than last year's mysterious shade of banana yellow, and unifying the colors of the wordmark and numerals on each jersey helps give this set its own identity without straying far from the team's historical identity. Speaking of not straying far from the team's historical identity, let's now move on to the bad. That starts with the purple Statement Edition uniforms with random and unnecessary full-length black side panels. I actually don't think they're as offensive as everyone believes them to be, but it's a change that lacks purpose and reason while taking away from what could have been a very nice traditional purple uniform -- for a team like the Lakers, just don't overthink it. Another design detail I feel was overthought is the triple stripe trim on the Association and Icon Edition uniforms. Including the base color of the uniform as the outermost stripe just seems to add a bit of unnecessary clutter. (Oddly enough, they got this part right on the Statement Edition uniforms....weird.) To improve this set, I think only two significant changes are necessary: 1) make the trim a double stripe pattern, eliminating the uniform's base color; and 2) make the Statement Edition uniform consistent with the design of the Association and Icon Edition uniforms. The double stripe trim pattern creates cleaner borders, especially once the colors are flipped to reduce the muddling that occurs when white and gold touch. This color distribution also allows for the trim to border the side panels on the shorts without causing conflict. The consistent Statement Edition uniform simply preserves the Lakers' identity while adding a bit of flair for the LeBron era. To complete this set, I also designed a City Edition uniform. This one is far more out there than the other three uniforms, but personally that's what I prefer City Edition uniforms to be -- fun, unique, full of character, at least noticeably different from the rest of the team's uniforms. They aren't the Kobe-inspired City Edition uniforms from last season, but they still incorporate animal print. Specifically, the influence comes from the obscure giraffe logo of unknown origins adopted by the team for a brief moment in the early '60s. It was recently discussed on the Sports Logos board here, and I found a very thorough write-up on Reddit that can be found here. Basically, this logo appeared on a few merchandised items in the early '60s, while a text-less version appeared on a number of Fleer basketball cards. There doesn't seem to be a definitive origin or history of the logo, but it's weird and it's fun and I figured I may as well try to create a uniform based on it. So, we have the classic 'Los Angeles' script - arched - along with giraffe-print side panels, stars, and black and pink accents. The giraffe-print side panels are also a subtle way to incorporate another mysterious element of the Lakers' historical identity, that of the aforementioned multiple shades of gold. Anyways, it's weird and obscure, but hopefully fun and unique. Thank you for taking the time to read my analysis and explanations -- any and all comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated! Los Angeles Lakers Association Edition Uniform Concept Los Angeles Lakers Icon Edition Uniform Concept Los Angeles Lakers Statement Edition Uniform Concept Los Angeles Lakers City Edition Uniform Concept
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    There’s only so much discretionary income to go around. Companies plan their advertising budgets on a yearly basis no matter when they actually spend the money. Make no mistake, the AAF is very much in competition with UCF athletics. Just as it is in direct competition with Orlando City SC and the Magic. I don’t know how many locals visit the various theme parks, but they could be competitors as well.
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    Titans perfect set home: road: home alt: road alt:
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    I get that aspect but I think they should celebrate the 100 years of the league by digging deep into the past and educating people on what there was. I'd love to see some stuff like Duluth Eskimos or Dayton Triangles as throwbacks. A large majority of people probably aren't even aware of what old NFL teams there were and you gotta remember, some of these teams like the Bears and Packers existed as far back as the 1920's and that's just crazy to me. The league is one thing but an entire organization is pretty wild considering the moving and dissolving that teams have done over the years.
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    No, they use that application of their logo all the time, it’s been in their end zones ever since moving to the new stadium.
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    Johnny Canuck overrated!
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    Next Up... The Detroit Red Wings Detroit isn't exactly known for their creativity, so its hard to expect anything different from their Color Rush. The Red Wings are rocking a white heavy look that swaps the colors on their current road sleeves, giving us white arms with red stripes opposite of what we're used to seeing. Swap the winged wheel out for the Stadium Series steaking-D and we're battle ready. The Red Wings have a solid look going for them, so its best not to mess with it too much. Let me know if you've got any C&C on the three we've seen so far. We've got a Christmas surprise up next (We're heading outside the Atlantic for this one).
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    Wish list: Texans: bring back red pants for primary or CR jerseys or at least wear red socks with blue pants again. Preferably switch to Battle Reds as primaries. Navy helmet's made us clones. You can keep your navy numerals. Falcons: New set based off of Color Rush. go with white, black and silver britches Browns: Pull a Rams and break out new pants as transition between old and new sets. I'll even take brown pants like the CR if they do a proper Brashier Stripe. Cowboys: Ditch the seafoam already. Colts: White striped socks Saints: Stripes on the black pants if you have to have them and white striped socks. Patriots: Pats won't change logos until Brady/Belichek era is over. TV numbers on CR. Cardinals: Overhaul.
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    Falcons are dated. I would use throwback alts as inspiration. But go red helmet. R/B/W at home, R/W/R on road. Alt red jersey. Alt black pants to allow a little mix and match. Perfect.
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    Small anecdotal note: I've been in Orlando since Monday and spent the past two days with my brother, who has lived there for 23 years. He's dual degree from Florida during the Spurrier era (and Gator STH), so I asked him about the AAF, he knew they were the Apollos, they were playing at UCF, that Spurrier was HC, and that neither he, nor his friends were interested in tickets. His concern was the impact of their hosts, UCF and their sudden popularity will keep dollars with the Knights rather than to the AAF.
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    I'm a Celtics fan and I don't hate today's uniform, but I agree that the metallic gold looks superior to this athletic gold. Athletic gold pairs better with slightly darker shades of green.
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    It’s to get people to buy those jerseys for the holidays, so they get the same jerseys as a present that they are debuting that day.
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    I love the updated Whitecaps! The original version definitely has that 90s feel, but your update gives me UNC vibes, which I will always love. The sleeves, sock stripes, and colors are all great. Merry Christmas!
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    From the front view, the helmet stripe looks like a normal braisher stripe, which I think was the intention - and it matches the braisher stripe on the pants.. The shoulder yoke isn't a stripe or really even a "design feature" like stripes are, so I don't really feel like they're comparable or that there's anything to "match" between the two elements.. I agree with you on the number font though.. I never cared for that font at all.. the social media font would've been a fantastic upgrade.. I don't think it was a masterpiece by any means, and I think they struggled finding their best looks and sticking with them, but overall I think the previous set was miles ahead of the new set. But to answer your question: yes, it's ok to say it was trash.. I don't agree with you, but I support your right to be wrong
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    Thanks! A lot of my Tampa Bay designs play like modified versions of the Rays, since I like exploring ways to improve the basic structure of that identity. As @coco1997 said, Sidney Kohl is Herb's brother. That's part of why they got in on the Porter group, as Sidney and Allen Kohl were mutual friends of Porter, Schur, and Bud Selig. Thanks! I might have to try that some day. Thank you. I was thinking about full-time white caps, but sweat stains meant that I didn't think they would be primary caps. They're better as alternates. Merry Christmas to you too! Ocean Beach Major, with a few tiny adjustments. Anyway, it's time to finish off the Whitecaps! FLORIDA/TAMPA BAY WHITECAPS, PT. II - Surfin' Scripts This is basically my attempt to merge my Project 32 Tampa Bay Stingrays and (Sun)Rays concepts with the Whitecaps' identity. Light Blue is the primary color, with navy as a secondary shade. Silver gives way to extra light blue, for a bit of "wavier" look. I used a modified version of Seren Script by Type Faith Fonts for the wordmarks, paired with Caniste Semibold. The primary is a home plate, with both a large wave and small wave pattern (the latter coming from the Padres' 2004-10 primary logo), while the secondary is the cap insignia (which features a wave pattern). The tertiary is a roundel with the sock stripe and the founding date. Also, I’d like to send a big thank you to @MJD7 for his consult. I'll model the Florida variant first. The home and road uniforms feature a rounded inset on the edge of the sleeve, designed to mimic a wave pattern. The scripts feature highlights on their tails, to tie them into the insignia and primary (which is on the sleeves). MLB Block with Serifs is the number font, paired with the Pittsburgh Penguins NoB font. The sock stripes mimic the multi-blue waves. The alternates include a light blue jersey (featuring the tertiary logo on the sleeve) and a navy top with a navy-crowned, light blue-billed cap, navy accessories, and the insignia on the chest. The white cap returns as an alternate for both home-only sets. The jacket features the wave pattern again, albeit with fewer sharp edges than the 1990s version. TAMPA BAY EDITION The Tampa Bay version of the logo set is much the same, albeit with "Tampa Bay" replacing "Florida" in all instances. The "TB" insignia receives the same treatment as the "F" variant. The home and road set is much the same, just with the appropriate name swaps. The alternates receive the same location swap. The second set of alternates now includes my attempt to homage the 1970s Tampa Tarpons and their distinctive font (as suggested by @Paul Lucas). Using this guide and this uniform to help form the lettering (as well as a bit of my Rainiers-style letters), I produced a "Tarpon-ized" take on the team in light blue/white.1 The dugout jackets now include a Tarpon-ized version to go along with the primary. It's got a "classically Floridian" vibe (e.g., the Miami Dolphins' vintage wordmark) with a slight modern edge, while also being unique within the NL East. While I like the 1990s-styled version, this one is much more fitting with my personal tastes for baseball design. C+C is appreciated, as always! Merry Christmas, folks! May the yuletide season bring you joy. (Spoilers: Father Ted Crilly didn't get a normal Christmas) Up next, with expansion impossible, who will Tampa Bay get to relocate to the Suncoast Dome? Here's a hint: their organization can be described as a "shipwreck." 1 William F. Henderson, Game Worn Guide to MLB Jerseys: (1970–2017), Eighth (Philadelphia, PA: Aardvark Publishing, 2017), 2570.
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    I don't think there's an answer to this. It's like looking at a body with no head, and another body with bullet holes all through it, and trying to decide which is more dead. I really don't think that there's a single positive take away from either of those sets. Literally nothing that I'd like to see carried forward.
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    First "news" I've heard about the new MNUFC kit. Does't say any details. But still, I'd take "pretty special" over "looks bad" or fire emojis.
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    Interested with the potential of a black Jets uniform. I can't help but think of Eagles comparisons, and I don't like that. Black just doesn't seem to work with green/white. Not super excited about that, but I guess I'll hold judgement until I see them. Whatever this "Sport Green" is, I hope it's a little brighter than the current Jets green. I'd like to see a change for the Falcons, but nothing super drastic. They have a good base, but it needs to be less edgy/aggressively modern. I'm sure the Patriots will make a change to the uniforms after Brady leaves (which can't come soon enough), but it probably won't be a return to the Pat Patriot style. I'd like to see the removal of silver and the better use of red. One last thing here, there are rumors going around Panthers fans that we may see a change next year. Not sure how well these hold up, but given that we've been playing around with new combos this year, it may be something. Hopefully we see the dropping of silver and a switch to an all-black look. I'm hoping that Mr. Tepper makes some changes to help make this era distinct from the Richardson era.
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    I can fully 110% confirm that this will be a disaster next season and we have to sit and watch the Jets wear ugly jerseys for 5 years.
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    With the City of Oakland having filed a lawsuit against the Oakland Raiders over the team's planned relocation to Las Vegas, where will the franchise play its home games in 2019? According to Jay Glazer, "London is now an option for the Raiders. It's being discussed for them to play (there) next year. They're still trying to figure it out. Other owners have brought it up to the Raiders, the Raiders are discussing it." Per Glazer, one of the scheduling scenarios under consideration would see the Raiders play alternating four-game home and road stands over the course of the 2019 season (four "home" games in London, four road games in the United States, then repeat the cycle). NFL rumors: Raiders to London in 2019? It's an option, has been discussed Now all we need is for Mark Davis to be named heir to the British throne in a King Ralph-like twist.
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    And for the first time in 20+ years I will be rooting for my Browns to lose next week.
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    That's probably it. I was really skeptical at first because I couldn't think of a reason as to why they would go with those colors (other than maybe a Packers tie-in), but I see this reminisces the Mecca court days.
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    One sleeve will have a Jet, the other will have a Jets wordmark, and NEW YORK will be super huge above the numbers - Cleveland style.
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    It’s a joke, don’t take it so hard
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    Army 70, Houston 14 Man, when you let a bunch of cadets loose in a stadium full of Cougars, they sure do score a lot.
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    To me it’s just a trendy 90s design. Black and teal was all the rage so they tried black and “slate blue” hoping it would catch on. And then they made it less interesting by promoting the drab black alternate to primary status.
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    Next Saturday’s Peach Bowl will look absolutely gorgeous with the Wolverines in their classic home uniforms and the Gators in orange/white/blue: Nice to see both teams going with classic looks after what they wore the last time they squared off:
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    People telling infrared he’s wrong in a thread about his own opinions. Also I never want to see the Leafs drop the “TORONTO MAPS LEAFS” text from their logo.
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    I don't think Jeter is trying to make the Marlins stuffy and serious like the Yankees are assumed to be. When Stanton was traded he spoke highly of the city and the fanbase but said that too often the organization came off like a circus. I think Jeter is just trying to change that perception that we're a joke of a franchise, the laughingstock of MLB. Jeter is just trying to make this organization respectable... I don't think that necessarily means being boring and "buttoned up" like the Yankees. Jeter has said things like he wants this organization to be a place that players are proud to be part of and that other players want to come to as opposed to "oh man I got traded to the Marlins." I don't think there's anything wrong with that mindset.
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    And Great American Ball Park. I just thought it was a really good place to catch a game.
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    Getting rid of the silver and piping. A few other tweaks and they'd be good.
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    Big Block N on Oklahoma uniforms? This guy approves.
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    I pointed it out back when it happened and provided some information from the St. Petersburg Times (now the Tampa Bay Times).
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    Worth a try. The team would still have the same nickname, just spelled differently (Sens vs Cens).
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    Disagree completely, a team's nickname should be a homage to the city/state/region's character. Whether thats geographical, cultural, etc, it doesn't really matter. That's the entire point of a nickname. Its bad enough when you get generic ones like "Bulldogs" or "Warriors", even worse when they kept a nickname from a city where it no longer makes sense, like Utah Jazz. Imagine for the sake of argument the Colorado Avalanche or New York Islanders moving to Kansas City. "Kansas City Islanders" or "Kansas City Avalanche" is a bit absurd. Also I never understood what was so great about the Houston Oilers identity. The colours were pretty unique, beyond that they had a clip art oil derrick for a logo and a a generic striping pattern. Nothing about it screams "untouchable" or "iconic" to me.
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    Portland is weird. It's one of my favorite places on earth, in part due to how outrageously quirky and charmingly odd it is. So I guess it's fitting that this concept is a bit different, too. My original plan for this series was to start out by creating full sets for four teams with classic looks - the Lakers, Celtics, Spurs, and Bulls - to iron out some wrinkles in the template. However, before starting on the Bulls, I felt like creating something new and exciting rather than replicating uniforms that already exist or at best tweaking them. When Nike originally took over as the official outfitter of the NBA, I was intrigued by how they would design for different teams. Based on their work in, say, college football, not all teams are created equally. Some teams get basic, templated designs, while others get exciting one-off uniforms, exclusive gear, etc. I kind of hope the NBA eventually trends in that direction. The most logical recipient of the Nike treatment - at least in my mind - is the Portland Trail Blazers. They're the namesake of the Blazer, Nike's first basketball sneaker, and Nike's Beaverton headquarters is located just a short distance west of Portland. My goal was to create something new and exciting for the Blazers....something different and outside the box. The broader inspiration came from the Oregon Ducks' new Nike football uniforms. Originally criticized for having gimmicky over-sized numerals and not much else, I absolutely love the clean design, bold colors, and identifiable look. I wanted to create a set that was somewhat minimalist, emphasized the team's rich color palette, and was Blazers through and through. The sash design has been a core design element for much of the Blazers' uniform history, so it had to be retained in some form. I experimented with a number of different twists on it, an eventually settled on spacing out the color blocks -- a nod to their logo in which the pinwheel colors never touch. The sash design is obviously iconic, but somehow it was omitted from the recent Just Don x Mitchell & Ness No Name collection. Taking things to an extreme, I proceeded with the intention of using no wordmarks on the jersey because the sash is sufficiently prominent and iconic. I studied a number of Nike soccer kits while experimenting with the sash, and one thing I noticed was how often the numerals were strategically placed right under the Nike swoosh. This seemed like a logical application, so the sash was flipped. I also noted various truncated collar and armhole trim patterns, and decided to apply that idea to the front of the jersey as well. The chest sash is a bit overwhelming, so cutting off the trim pattern alleviates clutter and also nicely moves the eye to the Nike swoosh, numerals, and ad patch. (I later realized Adidas used a similar pattern for Michigan's basketball team years ago -- though I'm not too fond of it there.) I own a pair of J.Crew sweatpants and a pair of Nike basketball shorts that both have waistband designs that extend all the way around the back but cut off at the front of each hip. I wanted to incorporate that same design on the waistbands here, but it looked a bit bland and without purpose. To fix that, I added over-sized wordmarks as belt buckle logos -- quite similar to the design of boxing trunks. This helps fill the negative space along the waistband, account for the lack of a wordmark on the jersey, and create a cohesive uniform between the jersey and shorts. The shorts also get side panel trim that extends along the back of the legs, but not the front -- something about the shorts transitioning into same-color leg sleeve accessories without any contrast in between seems to work well. The font is a custom typeface I made based off the one used on the Oregon Ducks' new football uniforms -- it uses a lot of the same ideas, but is rounded in places where that font uses angular straight lines. It feels like a good mix of modern and retro with a bit of quirkiness to it. (I originally wanted to put chrome pinwheel inlines in the numerals a la the Oregon's football numerals, but that plan was scrapped....I may experiment with it some more, though.) The Association, Icon, and Statement Edition uniforms are three different colors of the aforementioned design. The City Edition uniform, on the other hand, draws inspiration from the team's Oregon Trail-themed schedule release video. It focuses on the simple, pixelated graphics of the old computer game where the goal is to complete the 2,170-mile excursion from Independence, Missouri to Oregon City, Oregon (just southeast of Portland) without dying of dysentery. The colors as well as the font come from the old screen on which the game was played. The belt buckle contains '2170' in reference to the miles traveled to successfully reach Oregon City, Oregon, and a pixelated Blazers logo accents the bottom of the shorts leg. (It's also conveniently Oregon Ducks-ish in it's color palette -- let's get this $$$ @Nike.) Thanks for looking -- hopefully you at least find it interesting. As always, any and all thoughts, ideas, comments, and criticisms are always appreciated! Portland Trail Blazers Association Edition Uniform Concept Portland Trail Blazers Icon Edition Uniform Concept Portland Trail Blazers Statement Edition Uniform Concept Portland Trail Blazers City Edition Uniform Concept
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