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    @Teal you have to realize that this is a public forum and you have to have some thick skin when you make statements on subjects as hot as a new identity that hasnt been released. If you believe what you saw as valid and true, then wait it out and wait until the details come out. There's nothing to defend if you know what you saw is right. You gotta have some thicker skin. Also, sometimes in the past you've been one in other threads (the Marlins and Jaguars recent change threads for example) where you kept asking and asking for updates when clearly there was no new news. Things like this do sorta tarnish your credibility, so when you come around with what could be some epic teasers, some posters may not believe you as much when recalling your other posts.
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    Thankfully, it's not. Just a brighter green for the Jets next season, lighter than their current dark green, but darker than their throwback kelly green. I don't mind it. The logo is kinda meh, but what can you expect? Here's hoping the uniforms aren't too Nike-fied.
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    You might be right there, my friend
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    That’s cool. But people also have the right to criticize you for the vague teases. It goes both ways.
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    The Miami Heat brand is stale. Their logo style has been around since the eighties and their uni style has been around since the nineties. That's acceptable if you're a team like the Chicago Bulls, who have had the same beloved, iconic logo since their inception in the 1960's. Miami's Flaming-ball-through-basket logo has become almost iconic in it's own right, but most logos that have hung around as long as the Heat's become well-respected, regardless of imperfections. The Heat fans seem desperate for a change and have embraced the team's alternate Vice identity as strongly as America embraced Crockett and Tubbs in 1984. That's great and all, but a 30+ year old fanbase deserves a fresh, relevant basketball identity so that's what I sought to accomplish with this rebrand. Odes to Miami Days, Dusks, and Nights are included throughout as the main logo becomes sleeker, more abstract, and with more purpose. The colors are more current, bright pink and orange in, yellow out. There's also, I hope, a feeling of versatility in the different brand assets from the uniquely Miami neon set piece to a more hipster element seen in the repeating word mark and color ID. Cause the NBA. The static backgrounds are a small vaporware touch and the Billboard hangs on to a little bit of the Miami Vice alt. identity, which in this universe sticks around as a City 4th jersey. Thanks for Watching!
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    Johnny Canuck is whom the Canucks are named after. The city of Vancouver was built on the lumber industry. Johnny is a fearless and hardworking Canadian lumberjack who plays hockey in his spare time. After all, the Penguins do have a skating penguin, right? An orca, west coast or not, has absolutely nothing to do with the Canucks' name, heritage and history.
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    I get the change in corporate name, but why not T-Mobile Field? I hate it when the descriptor is changed too for no apparent reason.
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    Johnny Canuck IS A SAINT!
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    One day in and we’ve already fallen off schedule. To make up for it, we’ll be doing three teams today (one for Yesterday, one for today, and an extra to make up for the Christmas confusion). First up... The Buffalo Sabres Buffalo rocks the Royal Blue for their Color Rush. The Winter Classic leaping buffalo finds a new home on the chest and the crossed sabres move to the sleeves, pants, and helmet. The yoke ends feature end caps inspired by buffalo horns, a new adaptation of the Bison-head look of Buffalo’s black and red days. As always, C&C appreciated. I’ll see you again in a couple hours.
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    If the "new home and road" for the Blackhawks isn't just a collar correction, I will lead the riot.
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    I like the diamond end zones better, but I'm loving the throwback football with lowercase dolphins script watermark in the lower left!
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    I look forward to the Nike deal running out.
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    Not unexpected, but Washington has been wearing it’s traditional gold helmets in practice ahead of the Rose Bowl. No matter if the Huskies wear gold or purple pants, it’s going to be one of the best looking matchups of bowl season.
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    It’s a bigger problem in that each team has so many more variations of jerseys it’s going to blur the line on what their ‘standard’ set is. And the Nike labeling is upsurd as who can keep track of the names for each set. Earned vs city vs icon. It’s just a mess.
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    I’m not really seeing Lakers in these Celtics unis; yellow has always been a secondary color for them. But it does look bad! Maybe they’ll bring back the metallic gold like the old St Patrick’s Day jerseys next year.
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    Stop being so combative. It does you no favors here. Not every critique is an insult on your family name. Now if you keep posting about teases that show nothing I’ll just continue to ignore you especially when you come back like this. So good day merry Christmas
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    I just hope that Drew Brees and Sean Payton finally walk off of the sunset, that the Saints go back to a traditional look. More like gold pants more often and even white pants (not the Color Rush version), and if they do have black pants please put a STRIPE on them. And of course matching gold. Thank you and Merry Christmas!!
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    Vikings/Lions would be the top of my list. I liked the Browns Bengals but really wish they could wear white pants with that look. Pats/Bills did not deserve it's rank IMO.
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    preachin' to the choir, homie. 1 shot to celebrate 100 years and they're going to ignore the logical
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    Yeah tlph..."Evergreens" could be the sleeper... The old Whalers' uniforms looked GREAT down in Carolina... So, take a similar look, but replace the blue with a darker green... Put on some crisp white Seattle logos (w/a touch of silver). The striping matches the horizontal lines of the "E"... For fun, create a Seattle-Plaid-cut uniform for an alt...
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    That’s going to be a no from me on a maple leaf logo. Just because they’re Canadian, doesn’t mean they should have a maple leaf logo, especially with six other Canadian teams and one being the Maple Leafs. Cough, cough, Winnipeg.
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    That skating Johnny has always felt like a weak logo, in searching ive always figured some kind of brawny looking lumberjack might work better. This is the direction my mind always goes. Essentially a changed up Johnny. And some kind of axe on a maple leaf logo or something like that for an alternate patch
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    This is the same stupid "logic" Penguins fans used against the triangle penguin logo. The Orca is a good logo and they should stick with it.
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    Really hoping we can do a rose bowl edition white jersey and retire purple sleeves and armpit spikes. Hate to imortalize those in Rose Bowl. Love to see us in G/W/G FOR A bit of change. I loved the old gold pants with wide purple and white stripes.
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    Las Vegas is definitely a go since the stadium is over 30% complete. Webcam: https://www.raiders.com/lasvegas/live-stadium-camera The more cities interested in a franchise or business is better for the business (see the fight for Amazon HQ2). Now as for the long-term survival in the event a team actually moves, it is always TBD by the community itself in terms of its economy and corporate support. As for the Bills, the Pegulas hired a consultant last month for both the arena and stadium.
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    Wait... You have seen the new green and the new logo? Can you describe the logo please?
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    Cleveland's current set has too much orange. We need less of that and more white. I'm not saying reduce orange to a minimal color, but brown and orange aren't the best contrasting combo, which is why white was so beneficial.
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    Hopefully there's a new TV under the tree Jokes aside, I mostly agree.
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    I’m here for a jets version of this honestly: https://goo.gl/images/dheBcW
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    Idk. The new look isn't perfect and could use some tweaking, but I think it's a stronger look overall. The new helmet especially is a much better fit. The white one was always weak looking to me. Just my unpopular opinion.
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    I’m not really sure this is “Unpopular” anymore after the unveiling of their Current disaster sets, but the Titans old set was a good, solid uniform. It was, in my opinion, some red accents and their old Social Media number font away from being a great set.
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    There were parts of the blue-bronze-black Caps that, in hindsight, could’ve been better. I didn’t like the black uniform so much even from the start and would’ve preferred the blue one stay instead, and they could’ve tried a different number font too. But I dug the colors a lot (a much more federal color scheme than it’s given credit for, and not a cliche American color scheme) and loved the eagle. Those were very great things going for it that, despite the overall identity’s flaws, help carry it over thier other identities for me. The reason I prefer that identity over any other Caps one is that the inaugural grew too gaudy and still looks so (plus I HATE the “capiLals” wordmark), and the current iteration looks very “modern dated” in the same way the Atlanta Falcons or Arizona Cardinals do. It should’ve left with the other Edge piping messes. And, though improved some, the modern wordmark still looks like “capiLals” to me. The initial idea was a typographic disaster and it shouldn’t have been returned to. I’m usually a pretty classic/throwback oriented guy and usually sway towards a team’s former look before ones in which they may have chased a trend. The Caps are one of those exceptions, however, because I just don’t think what they started with was all that good.
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    Two in the Clink and one in the Pink
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    T-Mobile Park is a fitting name since the M’s have been phoning it in since 2004
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    Good thing the Seahawks don't play there; WRs would hate to play in a place with lots of drops and poor reception. (ducks)
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    Titans perfect set home: road: home alt: road alt:
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    Oh man. He hasn't looked well at all the past few years, so this isn't a complete surprise. But still, Sigi was a fixture on Seattle sidelines and I was a huge fan. I'm really sorry to hear this news.
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    Very sad news today as Sigi Schmidt, the winningest coach in MLS history, has passed away at age 65.
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    No short pants in baseball. No long pants in hockey. No sleeves in basketball.
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    Two chapters into The Down Goes Brown History of the NHL and I'm already calling it OITGDNHL: The Book
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    the Browns made a point to say that they changed their orange to make it more red when they killed their uniforms by making them garbage that someone crapped on after eating garbage.
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    First "news" I've heard about the new MNUFC kit. Does't say any details. But still, I'd take "pretty special" over "looks bad" or fire emojis.
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    I wish the Bruins came out with a throwback to wear with Carolina for these Whaler games. Easy call to wear the white Neely/Bourque era jersey. Would have been amazing.
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    I admire people who get paid to make fantasy football predictions. It’s the greatest scam in the history of humans.
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    The Jets across the front was a brand standard font for caps. The one one the left of the cap was a great script though.
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    I don't think Jeter is trying to make the Marlins stuffy and serious like the Yankees are assumed to be. When Stanton was traded he spoke highly of the city and the fanbase but said that too often the organization came off like a circus. I think Jeter is just trying to change that perception that we're a joke of a franchise, the laughingstock of MLB. Jeter is just trying to make this organization respectable... I don't think that necessarily means being boring and "buttoned up" like the Yankees. Jeter has said things like he wants this organization to be a place that players are proud to be part of and that other players want to come to as opposed to "oh man I got traded to the Marlins." I don't think there's anything wrong with that mindset.
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