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    I've been living a lie all these years. I absolutely hated the stuff because I thought they owned it. Ah well, it still sucks.
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    I always liked Paul Rand's unused Ford logo:
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    1) It was humid and hot in in Texas back in 1994. They couldn't figure this out then? 2) Why should the tax payers pay for the Rangers' boneheaded mistake?
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    Helmet always has 1 stripe. Jersey/pants always have 2 stripes. Seems pretty consistent to me. The pants/helmets/jerseys don't have to have the exact same stripe to be considered consistent for me.
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    Should the “successful in this look” argument always hold up? Don’t think too many of us would turn down the Mighty Ducks set replacing the non-mighty webbed D full time.
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    You’re engaging in the “no true Scotsman” fallacy. You do not speak for Heat fans (or Marlins fans) in totality. Nor are you a gatekeeper for “true” Marlins or Heat fandom.
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    It really is a dumb rule. If they are looking for a clear recovery, then that implies that there was a fumble, which can only happen if it was a catch. I don't get how any coherent person could be typing that out in the rule book and not stop to question it. I was complaining that he did it. it really is stupid - say he misses the first one - you just gave him a second chance. I don't mind taking the time out well before the ball is snapped, so as to give him extra time to think. That's fine. But when you do it a split second before the snap, so that he actually goes through with the kick, that's bush league, and I (almost!) always hope that the kicker misses the first one so he can win it with the second and prove the opposing coach to be a dummy.
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    Parkey walks into the tunnel amidst a sea of boos. The rage of a city that is no stranger to scapegoating roars upon him, then fades as he shuffles inside, his head hung low. A figure in a winged helmet approaches him, like a messenger of the Greco-Roman gods of old. "You know I can never show my face in Chicago again, right? I might not even get another offer to play again after this season. Is it worth what you promise me?" "It is worth it and more. You are ushering in a new era in our league, Cody. Last postseason was only the beginning. Your new life is worth every boink you've ever had the misfortune of kicking. I have you set up nice and neatly. A village in Vermont, witness protection secured, legal name change paperwork ready to file, living expenses covered for life. Who knows? Maybe your career isn't over. They may have an opening in Arizona, where careers go to pasture and die like aged derby horses. We'll see." "Alright. I guess I'm still on board. Let's go." With a handshake, the figure says, "You're making a wise choice, Mr Parkey. Welcome to the Foled." Meanwhile, in Foxboro, Tom Brady sits in a dark film room. Super Bowl LII is rolling on the screen for the thousandth time. Brady has poured over every frame backwards and forward. He will not let it go. His phone buzzes. It's a notification, simply reading: "FINAL: PHI 16, CHI 15" In a cold sweat, Brady sits in silence. The Philly Special play rolls on the screen.
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    If the cowboys play the saints next week the saints might choose to wear white jerseys because earlier this year the cowboys beat them when they were in all black
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    These aren't NHL concepts but next up are the two teams that competed in the World Junior Final yesterday, Finland and the USA! Finland's patriotic jerseys are inspired by their 2014 Olympic set, while the American set is an update of an earlier concept of mine. C&C is appreciated!
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    Sticking with LA next is the Chargers. As much as I love the old chargers look with a emphasis on yellow, I decide to lean towards white to differentiate them from the Rams. To give them a new look I decided to go back to a blue helmet and based the uniform on the previous design. I also dropped the navy because the powder blue looks better and is more unique. Another difference is I went with solid retro looking numbers because I like the look of the 1960s uniforms.
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    here are the jerseys for the avs and some teams that may also be involved, since nothing's been confirmed. any thoughts?
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    IIRC, Nike tried to move the swoosh to the chest when they first got the contract, but the NFL said no.
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    Doesn't bother me. Would double stripes on the helmet look nice? Yeah. Do they need to do it? No.
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    and i actually own the green one. it was a authertic jersey, and there were no replicas avaliable.
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    Yup. Fill those goofy little shapes with green and burn every other pair of pants.
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    Good for you. Mine always seems to think that I'm spending all the time I'm around here actually watching some porn... Her face always says "Yeah right, you're reading about sports logos once again"...
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    this post is from earlier this year but just ran across it again, and i dont remember seeing it on the boards here so thought it would be good to post. gives great insight into the process of creating the world of the Incredibles full article: http://joshholtsclaw.com/blog/2018/3/5/the-graphic-art-of-incredibles-2
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    Depends on your definition of "confirmed". There's no reason to doubt the claim that the Panthers are changing, but nothing has been "confirmed" by the team or by anyone with any recognized credentials.
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    Saints and Rams both might wear white next week. Saints beat the eagles earlier this year in white (it was color rush though and I don't think they can wear that in the playoffs). Meanwhile the Rams may or may not be able to wear the throwback blue uniforms
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    Do they though? Last I checked the chargers needed to do everything in their power to get the move done because the NFL was against it. Now why would they want a team with no support from LA to win a super bowl and then have a parade that no one will show up for
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    The Puple/Black/Silver color scheme was their best by far, but the execution was a bit too busy. I really wish they'd go back to that, especially since purple is completely unrepresented in the NHL. I think there is a good hybrid of era's that can come together using that color scheme and the more blocky/traditional setup of the gretzky and cups eras. The purple and yellow... I don't like at all. Never did as a kid growing up either. it's too bright and clownish on the ice.
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    Man I wish the Saints would go black/gold more often. It looks so much better than the all-black look.
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    The Heat’s Miami Vice is the hottest thing down here.
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    This would look good because I'm dying for them to go Kelly Green and Silver/Gray and I've always liked the 80's logo. It's also an update without :censored:ting the bed. Nice concept though.
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    Alleged leak from the Jets fan discord
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    Yes, it bothers me. There should be two stripes on the helmet.
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    Gonna have to disagree, but those Jaguars uniforms are one of their best look tbh
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    I remember that one season they had blue pants. It balanced out the road set a little, but a lot of people are happy that they've been gone now. But, nah, the single stripe on the Colts helmet doesn't bother me at all. It's a timeless design.
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    Likewise. And, while watching this game, I have to say it makes me love the Cowboys' white jerseys even more ... they're gorgeous, mismatched silver and all.
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    Maybe if it were $20 for all of them and I needed a set because my team bus burned down.
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    Just noticed there are no playoff logos on the field in Dallas. Was that the case in Houston too?
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    Not quite. The league had four teams in it's first year and each team had a primary color. Florida, blue. Las Vegas, silver. California, green. New York, black.
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    Seahawks breaking out the gray pants in Dallas. When was the last time they wore navy over gray?
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    I'd love to see a Texans-Redskins matchup with Houston in blue and Washington in white, even though I will have to wait for at least 2022 to see it.
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    Since it's the weekend and I'm feeling happy about not having to work for a couple of days, here's two more designs. First off, here's something we haven't seen before, a modern set for Chicago. I designed this with two things in mind - to represent the city, not strictly the team, and to do something radically different but still somewhat on brand. Here are the Blackhawks' new "War Paint" sweaters. Next up are the Colorado Avalanche. When you think of Colorado, the odds are good the first thing you think of is the Rockies. I mean, they named the team after them in a way. So, it only makes sense to have the team celebrate being "Rocky Mountain High". Let me know if I'm on the right track with these - I'm seeing a few likes, but not that many comments, good or bad.
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    I always thought that was an underrated look for the Mariners. Nice job!
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    I just think it’s fascinating that a jersey that is what, 2 years old, gets done so poorly where they can’t just reproduce the actual ones?
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    Well file that under "TIL". Here's on-field confirmation:
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    Well, as you know, Texas has strong views on thoughtful long-term urban planning and the judicious use of limited resources: they're against it!
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    SEATTLE SURGE The Surge celebrates Seattle's position as a leading center of technology with its logo and uni design based around circuitry and software. The logo is a football with motion lines morphing into circuit lines, then housed inside a rounded square like an app icon. A bit out there, I know, but at least it's original, right? California is next.
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    Thank goodness TCU is upgrading. This current set got old real quick
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    Nice a specifically Ft. Worth concept! And I get all references because I live there!
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    Oh man, did the Coyotes just send out a press release by screencapping a Word document with spellcheck on?
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