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    I'd lean more toward dark royal rather than navy, but I'd have to see it. The black trim on the sleeve strips angers me way more than it probably should.
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    And that GD swollen talon and squat wings...I frankly hate that thing. They could’ve done a much better job of updating the original (and the original did need updating, yes). For example, I love this concept by @LogoFan . It’s my favorite attempt at updating the original I’ve seen yet: I might have “swooped” it a little more to give it some speed, but this is still just about everything I wish Atlanta had done instead of energy drink bird.
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    I assume its too late for 2019, but here's hoping WVU's new coach brings new uniforms. They've had the current set for 6(!) seasons! What, are we trying to make these into classics? Enough's enough, get us some new threads. And reminder to the athletic department: we're not the miners. Sell the shticky number font to UTEP.
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    Because I'm sure just having a TCU only thread wouldn't be as accepted, I decided to just go ahead and get a jump on next season (if that's ok)... I really hope they downplay the "Frogskin" this time. The Boykin era uniforms were perfect.
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    I've had this idea all season to fix the Browns using their current Color Rush set as inspiration. Obviously what they have now is a mess and most, if not all, Cleveland fans love the CR. Probably because it goes back to a more traditional look. I also brought back the white facemasks and added the new "Browns" script the team has been using the past couple of seasons....
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    "it works" is certainly subjective. I think that most would say that it doesn't work, but some are fooled into thinking it does just because that's all they've known. I remember someone doing photoshops of the Cowboys with silver green replacing all silver, and IIRC the reality wasn't as pretty as the vision. It clashed pretty bad with the navy, and didn't look quite right even if the navy jersey was switched to royal.
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    "Inspired by the colors of the game - crisp white, like a fresh sheet ice and contrasting black, like a brand-new puck - the environmentally-conscious uniforms create an instantly classic aesthetic that pays homage to tools of the game."
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    As a fan the move definitely makes sense. How many people actually want a jersey with the NHL shield big on the front? I'd be more willing to buy one of these, even if the design isn't anything amazing.
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    As in "get struck by lightning and burn" flashy?
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    PART THREE - Floridian Flare This concept follows the same hypothesis as the previous one (a neo-retro redesign of the team in the late-'90s/early-'00s), but this one goes in a slightly different direction. Instead of the Giants restoring their classic font, they would instead modernize their vintage cursive script to fit with their Florida setting. Seren Script by Type Faith Fonts forms the basis of these new scripts. Here is a comparison with the vintage wordmark, along with the update: The scripts replace the Giants/Pirates lettering from the neo-retro take. The ball stitching from the Twins' primary logo takes the place of the Giants-style stitches of the first version. EDIT: I've updated the "Tampa Bay" wordmark to have a few more flairs and tighter spacing between the two words, per @coco1997's suggestion. Here is a comparison and here is the original logo sheet. EDIT 2: I've updated the script to have a shorter tail, per @Ferdinand Cesarano's suggestion. Here is a comparison and here is the second logo sheet. The uniforms now feature the scripts, along with front numbers. Here is the original home & road set, and the first update. The alternates follow the same formula as the previous design, except with the "TB" replacing the "Tampa Bay" wordmark. The initial rendering (with trim errors) is here, along with the original update. I kept the orange-billed cap and heritage alternate from the first set. Here is the original image, along with the first update. The jacket is the same, except for the new primary logo patch. This link leads to the original image, and this is the first update. I like this take a bit more than the previous version, as I'd rather see the Tampa Bay Giants break with their aesthetic (and competitive, given the fall of the great rivalry, Naimoli ownership, and entry into the NL East) traditions and try something new. It'd look pretty nice in one of those Tampa Bay stadium concepts that pops up now and then - capturing a "classically Floridian" aesthetic. While the Giants moving to Tampa Bay would have been awful on many fronts, they still had the potential to look fantastic. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, we wrap up the sweepstakes with a few experiments.
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    I like the compromise concept there, but the current logo is a big upgrade to the old look and doesn't need to change IMO. The Cards logo is one of the greatest examples available of a proper clean up/upgrade.
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    Here it is with the current colors:
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    “You know I like em flashy” could just as easily be interpreted as support for the Bucs' current uniforms. Also, the head coach doesn't design the uniforms, nor have much/any influence in when new ones are requested.
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    I totally get the applications thing. Makes perfect sense to have that circular version, where a smaller or simpler logo would be helpful. What seems odd here is that they have two solid logos, and then two logos that are almost identical to those with only minor differences. I would understand four logos if those four logos gave them maximum flexibility across applications, but I don’t see that here. Guess we’ll see how they use them in practice.
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    Any attempts to "clean up" this enduring logo probably wouldn't be worth revoking its nostalgia... a classic!
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    this post is from earlier this year but just ran across it again, and i dont remember seeing it on the boards here so thought it would be good to post. gives great insight into the process of creating the world of the Incredibles full article: http://joshholtsclaw.com/blog/2018/3/5/the-graphic-art-of-incredibles-2
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    Pretty straight forward, I know, but here it is...
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    I won't lie, the Cowboys mismatching pants/helmets doesn't bug me at all. I see no need to change them it works, it's the Cowboys. I really, really love their white jerseys.
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    I agree 100% Buc. Or at minimum, WVU should go back to that number font. And then if they want to experiment with different jersey templates/designs have at it.
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    A full or even partial rebranding doesn't make sense until next year at the earliest, unless they magically had a new crest ready to go. The biggest happiness for most Crew fans was the hashtag changing to #Crew96 instead of #crewsc.
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    I'm good with the helmets. I like options.
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    Tampa Bay as well, if this was the alt I wouldnt mind... compared to that leak form the Fall.
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    Flyers should eventually break these out again: Yes, they're very ugly! But they are part of the team's history. For a one game alternate, especially outdoors, why not break em out again. Turn some heads. And maybe keep the players' legs warm too?
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    Those ASG jerseys are going to be miles better than what the NHL/Adidas reveals tomorrow
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    That's a winning set! I absolutely love it!
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    Baylor's neon on that dull green and gold court looks so wrong.
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    Or maybe a red beak, since that's what Cardinals have. If they wanted a gold beak, they could have used the Desert Cardinal: And hey, look! Very marketable gray as a secondary color.
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    PART TWO - Neo-retro nauticality Both of my takes on the team operate under the assumption that the team would have stuck with the “Lurie Slab” font for a few years after moving. However, around the time neo-retro kicked into high gear (mid-late 1990s), the team would have decided to modernize their classic font and adopt a new varsity block variant developed by MLB Properties (author’s note: I don’t think the font is proprietary to the Giants, since the Royals and Brewers considered using it).1 This first one centers on the Giants/Pirates font. The primary logo features my take on what’s so “Giant” about Tampa Bay - Tampa Bay itself. I chose to represent it with both wave patterns and the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, one of my favorite suspension bridges in the country. The primary also features a ball with the team wordmark. The secondary is my second attempt at a Giants/Pirates font “TB.” This one doesn’t feature the T going through the B, as the dagger-style design fits the Pirates more than the Giants. A roundel with the wave pattern is the tertiary. EDIT: I updated the "TB" to round the right edges, per @coco1997's request. Here is a comparison and the original image. While the home and road set is fairly similar to the 2000-present uniforms, there are key differences. The sleeve stripes are larger and not on the ends, there’s no collar trim, and the homes use a white base and an NoB. Creme and no-NoB doesn’t work at The Trop or a modern Tampa stadium (maybe a legacy club would have better luck scamming taxpayers?). Here is the original image. The alternates follow my standard Giants protocol. An orange-billed cap joins an orange jersey, while a black top features a one-color wordmark. Here is the original image. The orange-billed hat appears with the home uniform, while the 1993 home set is the throwback. It didn’t feel right to have a New York-era throwback while playing in the same division as the Mets. Bill Henderson’s book was the source for the 1983-99 number font.2 Here is the original image. The jacket features a modified Seren Script (by Type Faith Fonts) “Tampa Bay” wordmark. The tri-stripe forms the trim. Here is the original image. While it would’ve been an awful relocation, the Giants could have rocked their neo-retro aesthetic pretty well in St. Pete or Tampa. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, we get slightly more Floridian. 1 William F. Henderson, Game Worn Guide to MLB Jerseys: (1970–2017), Eighth (Philadelphia, PA: Aardvark Publishing, 2017), 910; Paul Lukas, “The Rodney Dangerfield of MLB | Uni Watch,” Uni Watch, November 23, 2011, https://uni-watch.com/2011/11/23/royals-unveil-uniform-updates/. 2 Henderson, Game Worn Guide to MLB Jerseys, 3428.
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    So, this took longer than I wanted to because my second option after further review was going to way too close to what @oldschoolvikings designed for the Mountaineers so I had to scrap Option 2 and go back to the drawing board. The drawing board process took a while because I didn't want to go to a straight throwback route. And then finally, the light bulb went off. Before I begin, let me say this: I know Mountaineers =/= Coal Miners. But that aside, coal mining has been a part of West Virginia history for a long while and I looked to that for inspiration on these uniforms. More closely, I used the coal miner uniforms as direct inspiration for these uniforms which is where the stripes come from specifically. So now with a new inspiration in mind, there are 4 new uniforms, 1 in each sport that also make a new appearance. Football - No major changes to the helmets. Logos, bumpers remain the same as before this update. Jerseys and pants do not. First things first, it's a return to to the previous Morgantown font. I personally have no major issues with the current font, plus or minus a few alterations to a few numbers in the set but anyways. The sleeve stripes are basically lifted from miner uniforms and recolored to fit the sleeves as well as down the pants. Now to the new alternates. The WVU Pro Combats were among my all time favorites in the 3 year period they ran. So in this case I flipped the color scheme to a black base uniform with some alterations. Coal patterned helmet with yellow and black WV on the side. Jerseys are black with yellow numbers, coal dust pattern on the sleeves and miner uniform stripes near the shoulders to more closely simulate a coal miners uniform. On the pants, the coal dust pattern runs top to bottom with two sets of uniform stripes to again simulate a coal miners uniforms Hockey - Hockey sees a bit of change. But I am leaving the numbers on the shoulders. Gone is the pickaxe stripe and replacing it is the miner stripes. The away uniform now gains a navy shoulder yoke. I also added gold pants after a previous debate I had scrapped but now they are here for the option. There's now a "Pro Combat" hockey uniform with coal dust down the sleeves and the pants. Baseball - Less change than hockey I think. Sleeve colors go away, stripes change. Hats don't change at all. Pants stripe changed. Pro Combat uniform gets added . Basketball - Basketball sees a bit of change. The striping arrangement doesn't change but the stripes do. But the biggest change is the jersey font. With the use of the Morgantown font, the block font no longer felt like it fit. So I went looking for a font that would fit with the number and I think I found it. Beyond that, the next biggest change is the addition of the Pro Combat uniform. Shoulder stripes, coal stripe down the side of the uniform which continues down the shorts with the set of stripes in the coal stripe. C&C welcome!
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    I'm loving these, Jimmy! Love the template too.
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    Depends on your definition of "confirmed". There's no reason to doubt the claim that the Panthers are changing, but nothing has been "confirmed" by the team or by anyone with any recognized credentials.
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    Is this the only confirmed changes we know of? 2019- Jets 2020- Panthers, Rams, Browns
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    That's how you have to rationalize success if you're a Bengals fan, after all. (good grief, literally hundreds of emojis/emoticons and not a single one fits what I wanted to put after that sentence.)
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    Sticking with LA next is the Chargers. As much as I love the old chargers look with a emphasis on yellow, I decide to lean towards white to differentiate them from the Rams. To give them a new look I decided to go back to a blue helmet and based the uniform on the previous design. I also dropped the navy because the powder blue looks better and is more unique. Another difference is I went with solid retro looking numbers because I like the look of the 1960s uniforms.
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    It's probably used by a school up there. One of the high schools here used one too.
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    "Historic" has to do with significance, rather than age. The 2001 Mariners' season was historic. Max Scherzer's 20 strikeout game in 2016 was historic. I still don't think I would describe Globe Life as historic though.
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    This is criminal. I'm 50 and I've actually seen teams now have two new stadiums built. Giants and Jets didn't need one, it was perfect for football. Why is the Superdome lasting so long then? Some of these stadiums never were even torn down i.e. Astrodome, CAA arena in NJ. Makes no sense sometimes but there's Wrigley, Fenway, Superdome etc. Not one cent should go to these greedy bastards or what are they gonna do...THREATEN TO MOVE THE TEAM. How did that work out for you Spanos? I didn't even know about the Rangers getting a new stadium, makes no sense.
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    Maybe baseball is just a poorly thought out sport in general if they can't play in the rain and snow.
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    Yeah, I think Jacobs and Comiskey are in it for the long haul, partly because of renovations along the way and partly because I do not see any stomach to pay for replacing them. Really? It was always my least favorite of the 1990s parks. The outfield with its wonky office building and the weird little roof over the right-field pavilion always looked ugly to me. As Camden Yards was inspired by urban warehouses, Ballpark in Arlington was inspired by suburban office campuses. Who wants to go to an office campus for a baseball game?
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    The City of Arlington issued $500 Million in bonds to help finance the stadium. They plan to use an increased sales tax, hotel tax, and rental car tax to help pay it off. The Rangers were threatening to move to Fort Worth if Arlington didnt help pay up. Hopefully this one lasts 50 years, but I doubt it as there is always a newer and shinier suburb in the area willing to lure a team away.
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    Ah, poor sports owners begging the public to fund their stadiums they don't even intend to keep around for much longer than 20 years. (I'm hoping their upcoming stadium was privately funded). While I think it's ridiculous they need to have a new stadium already, the patch itself is fine. Pretty much what I expected it to look like.
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    Take your blinders off bud, the WC is far from an O6 or Second 6 showcase. It’s a league showcase. Why not let the league show off some other teams outside of traditional markets. ...and who says it needs to be freezing to play outdoors. This is is why I hope the traditional teams are left out of the Dallas matchup.
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    The number font is the best thing about the Falcons look.
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    The Falcons look gets so much unnecessary hate. It's not busy, it's consistent, and it looks modern without being gimmicky. Not every team needs to have the same stripe pattern or a traditional/plain look. My issues with the Falcons identity: 1) The use of gray in the logo when it isn't present anywhere else. 2) I'm not a fan of piping. That's it. And the thing is, they use piping CORRECTLY. It's a single color just going down the side of the uniform and it matches on the pants. It isn't creating a faux-yoke or making the look overly complex or mismatching with a striping pattern. Now, I understand PREFERRING the old looks. Simple bold design can be great in football. The new logo to me is nearly objectively better than the old one, but different strokes so whatever. But to say that the Falcons wear clown suits to me is just silly. I mean, they usually wear one of two uniform combos right? And neither of those combos is an ugly monochrome look or some wannabe edgy futuristic Nike set... All I'm really saying is there are so many more urgent cases for a rebrand in the NFL than the Falcons. EDIT: FTR the Cards are a totally different story, starting with the fact that they have a traditional helmet paired with a mid-aughts pipemare. But they also have a damn near perfect logo (I'm on the fence about the fact that Cardinal teams continue to insist on yellow for the beak in their logo even though it's neither in their color scheme nor the actual color of cardinal beaks!)
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    No. The uniforms are okay I guess, but that logo is far too detailed to be featured on a helmet. It looked out of place in 1986 and it does now. Not to mention the absence of blue irks me with a team that's based off the American Revolution. Hell no. This is being minimalist to a fault. The Bengals helmets since 1980 have stood the test of time as a great and unique look, far different from what any team has produced before or after. The wordmark-helmet is obnoxious and bland (just like the uniforms) and is far too big to fit on the helmet in an aesthetically pleasing way. Not to mention those uniforms are almost a complete ripoff of the Browns due to senior Brown's exit with the team. They just need to be shot in a canon far away from this earth.
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    So, due to my own incompetence, I've been a bit slow with getting the net entry out of the door. The original entry I had planned was pretty down to earth, but because of the delay, I've decided to push that back to tomorrow and give you guys a full on desecration complete with a new identity! Say goodbye to Pirates, kids! With the Raiders moving to the middle of a desert, I figured the pirate theme didn't make all that much sense. Because of this, I wanted to make a "raider" identity that would fit Nevada a bit better. Most historical references to "raids" in the area reference raids by Native American tribes, and there's zero chance in hell I'm touching that. Instead, I sort of fudged the idea of raid and combined it with robbery and outlaws. Nevada was home to the Great Train Robbery of 1870, and despite the incident occurring in Reno, not Vegas, I liked the idea for the identity. The primary logo I feel is pretty straight forward, an old timey outlaw head featuring the team colors of black, silver, and copper/brown (Gold is played out with Vegas). The uniforms are also drastically different from the current, classic design. The main feature of the uniform are the stripes. The pattern features a copper-black-silver-black-copper stripe. On the inside of the stripe are angled back segments designed to depict rail tracks. The black helmets are a nod to the depiction of the Old West in film, where the villain always wears the black hat. This also references the Raiders' reputation in the NFL as the rough and tough team, embracing the villain role. The numbers feature a new custom font featuring the same copper-black-silver pattern as on the sleeves. Two sets of pants are included, silver and black, which are designed to be interchanged on the road uniform, but NOT the home uniform.
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    I decided to go the throwback route with the Dolphins because of their great throwbacks. I also prefer the old logo even though the new one is growing on me. I like the look of the white mask too and most teams need striped socks.
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