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    With the Spurs, I wanted to really push the black and silver color scheme. For that reason, the only white you'll see in this set is the Association uniforms. The wordmark is simplified, but has a modern twist on a classic aesthetic. The side stripes on the Association and Icon edition uniforms form a 'spur' on the shorts and the inline stripes echo the wordmark and the numbers. The statement uniform is a bit more wild. It incorporates the first custom logo I've added to a set so far with the state of Texas on the shorts. The different color shorts and jersey are something that people see as a "throwback", but its a look that I wish was more common in the modern game. I know it feels a bit bizarre, but it is a design element I"m planning on bringing back for a few different teams in this series. The stripes at the hem and waistband are supposed to call back to the inline design of the wordmark and numbers on the Icon and Association uniforms. I'd love some feedback on this set in particular! Thanks y'all.
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    Very interesting. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/columnists/nick-canepa/sd-sp-padres-brown-uniforms-canepa-20190110-story.html About freaking time. More at the article - give it a click.
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    That Browns uniform is perfect. Geez.
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    This matchup did happen last year: Give me Miami’s black Vice set vs Charlotte’s teal, though, and my heart might explode.
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    Ah yes, the "I'd rather be anywhere else" face, a classic
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    The Indiana Pacers are another team for whom I immediately had issues with Nike's new uniforms. I liked where Nike's ideas were headed, but found the execution muddy - this will be a common theme - so I tried my hand at reworking them. To me, Indiana's basketball team should be drawing on the basketball heritage of the Hoosier state. They were one of the original ABA dynasties and the state has a storied connection to March Madness, James Naismith, high school basketball, and so on. With this in mind, I wanted the Pacers in a classic and understated uniform set - but one that isn't boring or faux-throwback-ish. I simplified the color palette (another recurring theme) so that they're essentially a navy and white team with gold accents. The primary icon and association sets fit this color scheme, and the statement uniform flips gold to the primary color to, uh, make a statement. The design is inspired by the one thing in the game that hasn't changed (much) over the past 100 years - the lines on the court. The team name and jersey number are organized around a center court circle. The name on back is placed on a nameplate like a team name on the baseline. The striping and trim is all simplified to evoke the lines on the court and give the entire set a classic vintage feel. I hope y'all enjoy, please keep the feedback coming!
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    nothing bothers me about the uniform, except maybe the socks. i just like striped socks better than non-striped socks, as long as they're not too large and take focus away from more important parts of the uni. i agree with Harry that the uniform is a bit bottom heavy, but i'd rather the uniform be bottom heavy than top heavy. that said, a single pants stripe would look great too. its a uniform that will always need to contrast with the Jets. no matter what NY does now, you never want to move the elements on the Colts uni to a point where people might say "looks like the old Jets uniform"
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    Yes, the blue silver ones are their away pants, green silver are their home pants on official style guide
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    Yikes. Never seen that before. That looks horrible.
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    I hope they get someone else to do their logos. It’s Brandoise's fault this is even happening. If the Zephyrs never rebranded, or at least not into something idiotic like "Baby Cakes," and alienating their entire fan base, they would’ve stayed in New Orleans, which was their home for over 25 years, might I add.
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    Helmet always has 1 stripe. Jersey/pants always have 2 stripes. Seems pretty consistent to me. The pants/helmets/jerseys don't have to have the exact same stripe to be considered consistent for me.
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    this post is from earlier this year but just ran across it again, and i dont remember seeing it on the boards here so thought it would be good to post. gives great insight into the process of creating the world of the Incredibles full article: http://joshholtsclaw.com/blog/2018/3/5/the-graphic-art-of-incredibles-2
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    just for the sake of accuracy, there is “Silver” and “Silver Green”.
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    So it looks like we'll be getting the actual FC Cincy uniforms next month. The placeholder jersey also has what should be the ad on the front of the Inaugural Jerseys with Mercy Health taking the spot.
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    When the league is run by a man whose only experience is in staged, scripted "competitions" that are packaged and sold like sporting events, then yes. It is totally fair to wonder a little bit about the legitimacy of his new venture.
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    This is a proposal form the coaches, who had their convention this week in San Antonio, but if it was discussed there, the Rules Committee will take the issue up. Football Rules Committee
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    As someone who wants to be in this line of work someday, this is a really cool story. I love seeing the behind the scenes looks at how uniforms are designed from day one to reveal.
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    I know it’s a different time and age.....but didn’t Jerry Granville convince the Falcons ownership to switch to Black from Red?
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    I have had a couple 80s helmets in my collection, the decals were really thick back then. Sixteenth of an inch, at least. Maybe closer to an eighth.
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    I think they're still interested in MLS, but want to go through with it either way. The Star is reporting that the Eleven have offered to buy the old Broad Ripple High School site in Indianapolis, which is located on the edge of the main bar strip in Broad Ripple (the neighborhood with the best fit for the younger soccer demographic). It's several miles north of downtown Indy, but IMO, it's a better site, aside from the fact that traffic/parking would be a total nightmare. There is new transit development happening in the neighborhood with BRT though, so maybe that would help. From everything that's been reported so far, it seems like the Eleven are much more interested in a taxpayer-friendly deal this time around than in previous iterations of their stadium plan. I want to hear more before fully throwing my support behind the plan, but this seems like a huge step in the right direction.
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    Arkansas has been a puppet for both adidas and Nike when it comes to various design aspects being considered tusks, though they were still used by other programs. You may recall their 2008-09 set was also the same design as Michigan's road uniforms.
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    Right, I get the symbolism but don't think it's worth cluttering the look with. Those elements only created recently by Nike so as a long time Husky fan/alum I'm not tied to them at all.
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    Like the Utah Jazz, everything the Kings have ever done has been derivative of someone else, whether the Lakers, Raiders, or Sacramento. I'd say they should go strictly purple and white with no other colors, but then they'd be a mix of the Red Wings and Maple Leafs.
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    I really, really hope so. That balance of purple, black, and red is so gorgeous and not used by any other teams really. The reasoning behind its inclusion is also really cool.
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    i think your original is the best version, but i would give a little more definition to the horse's leg work on making that helmet mockup a bit more realistic. i dont know if this process will make sense if you're not using Ai, but this is how i place the art on the helmet
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    Here it is with the current colors:
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    I'd lean more toward dark royal rather than navy, but I'd have to see it. The black trim on the sleeve strips angers me way more than it probably should.
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    "Inspired by the colors of the game - crisp white, like a fresh sheet ice and contrasting black, like a brand-new puck - the environmentally-conscious uniforms create an instantly classic aesthetic that pays homage to tools of the game."
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    "it works" is certainly subjective. I think that most would say that it doesn't work, but some are fooled into thinking it does just because that's all they've known. I remember someone doing photoshops of the Cowboys with silver green replacing all silver, and IIRC the reality wasn't as pretty as the vision. It clashed pretty bad with the navy, and didn't look quite right even if the navy jersey was switched to royal.
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    I won't lie, the Cowboys mismatching pants/helmets doesn't bug me at all. I see no need to change them it works, it's the Cowboys. I really, really love their white jerseys.
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    I assume its too late for 2019, but here's hoping WVU's new coach brings new uniforms. They've had the current set for 6(!) seasons! What, are we trying to make these into classics? Enough's enough, get us some new threads. And reminder to the athletic department: we're not the miners. Sell the shticky number font to UTEP.
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    PART THREE - Floridian Flare This concept follows the same hypothesis as the previous one (a neo-retro redesign of the team in the late-'90s/early-'00s), but this one goes in a slightly different direction. Instead of the Giants restoring their classic font, they would instead modernize their vintage cursive script to fit with their Florida setting. Seren Script by Type Faith Fonts forms the basis of these new scripts. Here is a comparison with the vintage wordmark, along with the update: The scripts replace the Giants/Pirates lettering from the neo-retro take. The ball stitching from the Twins' primary logo takes the place of the Giants-style stitches of the first version. EDIT: I've updated the "Tampa Bay" wordmark to have a few more flairs and tighter spacing between the two words, per @coco1997's suggestion. Here is a comparison and here is the original logo sheet. EDIT 2: I've updated the script to have a shorter tail, per @Ferdinand Cesarano's suggestion. Here is a comparison and here is the second logo sheet. The uniforms now feature the scripts, along with front numbers. Here is the original home & road set, and the first update. The alternates follow the same formula as the previous design, except with the "TB" replacing the "Tampa Bay" wordmark. The initial rendering (with trim errors) is here, along with the original update. I kept the orange-billed cap and heritage alternate from the first set. Here is the original image, along with the first update. The jacket is the same, except for the new primary logo patch. This link leads to the original image, and this is the first update. I like this take a bit more than the previous version, as I'd rather see the Tampa Bay Giants break with their aesthetic (and competitive, given the fall of the great rivalry, Naimoli ownership, and entry into the NL East) traditions and try something new. It'd look pretty nice in one of those Tampa Bay stadium concepts that pops up now and then - capturing a "classically Floridian" aesthetic. While the Giants moving to Tampa Bay would have been awful on many fronts, they still had the potential to look fantastic. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, we wrap up the sweepstakes with a few experiments.
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    Thanks for the feedback! I agree the points on the ends of the A look good. I tried the other suggestions as well. There's certainly room for improvement in my designs.
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    Or maybe a red beak, since that's what Cardinals have. If they wanted a gold beak, they could have used the Desert Cardinal: And hey, look! Very marketable gray as a secondary color.
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    That’s a good one. For comparison here’s what it was just prior to this
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    No, we don't. @dont care and @Teal, quit your sniping at one another. Suspensions may follow if you don't.
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    We’re definitely getting Pats Eagles part III
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    This would look good because I'm dying for them to go Kelly Green and Silver/Gray and I've always liked the 80's logo. It's also an update without :censored:ting the bed. Nice concept though.
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    Alleged leak from the Jets fan discord
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    I remember that one season they had blue pants. It balanced out the road set a little, but a lot of people are happy that they've been gone now. But, nah, the single stripe on the Colts helmet doesn't bother me at all. It's a timeless design.
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    Since it's the weekend and I'm feeling happy about not having to work for a couple of days, here's two more designs. First off, here's something we haven't seen before, a modern set for Chicago. I designed this with two things in mind - to represent the city, not strictly the team, and to do something radically different but still somewhat on brand. Here are the Blackhawks' new "War Paint" sweaters. Next up are the Colorado Avalanche. When you think of Colorado, the odds are good the first thing you think of is the Rockies. I mean, they named the team after them in a way. So, it only makes sense to have the team celebrate being "Rocky Mountain High". Let me know if I'm on the right track with these - I'm seeing a few likes, but not that many comments, good or bad.
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    Which will be never, yeah? Just playing but it seems that way.
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    Continuing on with the next team on the alphabetical list, the Carolina Hurricanes. With a slightly redesigned primary logo, a grey base and a streamlined look, the Canes hope to "Sound the Alarm" with this new set.
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    Strictly design speaking, looking at it like it’s a lo-fi wireframe — the big sponsor logo and the manufacturer and crest above it provide nice balance, that gets thrown off by tiny unreadable text in an unnatural place on the shirt.
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    From the comments section of the video: "Big shouts to Behance.com where I pulled most of the logos and to the rest of the incredibly creative people around the internet who made some of these!" Apparently just saying that makes it ok to steal other people's logos.
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    Disagree... http://wallpart.com/poster/creamer-s-sports-logos-community-ccslc-sportslogosnet-forums-413780372035 I mean, we had to see this coming, someone stealing the pandas, right?
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