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    I can live with silly piping if NIKE calls then “chemtrails”
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    Amy I the only one who thought this thread was going to be something about the Milwaukee Bucks doing something to honor the career of Gary "The Glove" Payton?
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    People will probably hate these here, but I really like them.... Although it reminds me of this...
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    I've always thought the ball in glove logo was a cool, fun, and quirky throwback but I don't think it's good enough to bring back full time. I think it's time was the 80's. A better logo can be made for the current day Brewers. I do like the blue and yellow colors though. This jersey in particular looks very sharp:
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    It was cool for its time but the Futura Display wordmark is cool for all time.
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    Huh, so the court design team and the jersey design team should probably communicate a little more.
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    Here are Claw Marks on an F now here are Claw Marks on a BEAR!!! now here are Claw Marks on a BEAR ON A FLAG now here are Claw Marks on a BEAR ON A FLAG BEING CARRIED BY ANOTHER BEAR!!!!!! I actually don't mind the Bear-on-Flag logo but yeah, there's a lot of oddity going on
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    IMO, this is what the field should look like.
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    I have a feeling this redesign is going to have lots of piping and stripes going nowhere. I can't wait ..........
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    Yeah, it's really the color scheme I'd be more concerned with. The similaritiy to the LA Rams is pretty hard to miss. Both moved to Navy and beige during sport's dark age and both looked immeasurably better in royal and yellow-gold.
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    At what once again? This is nothing like the rebrands they're infamous for. It's not an anthropomorphic gummy bear swinging a bat. This is pretty restrained for them. The claw marks on everything is definitely overkill. The F logo is all that needed them, and even that could have been executed better. The red pants are bad. They might be somewhat salvageable if everyone wears them up with black socks showing, but we know that's not happening. Also a black belt and piping down the side. Who thought solid red pants would look anything but terrible?
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    Now that it would seem Padres fans were successful in their "Bring Back The Brown" campaign; might it be time for a similar fan-fronted movement for the Brewers regarding the uniforms most of their fans clearly want? How would one even go about starting such a campaign? I'm guessing a facebook group is a no-brainer. But I'm more interested in the nuances that made the San Diego fans' campaign so successful. At the very least, we can use this thread for discussions about the Brewers uniforms so as to not keep jacking other threads.
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    I'm actually liking these much more than their full-frogskin unis, but do see where they could have done better. I think they should have gone with solid facemasks instead of the striped ones and gone with gloss helmets instead of matte helmets. On the unis, I really do think they were trying to mimic both the spike and scale pattern on real horned frogs and the look from the Black Panther suit but it's not a bad look. Only part I don't like there is it extending beyond the nameplate.
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    I really like this look for TCU. It isn't perfect, but a huge upgrade. The LT collar spikes are nice- maybe a bit too big, though. They go below the nameplate, which is too much. The facemask could be fine all purple. The stripe isn't necessary.
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    I'd like every logo better without the claw marks.
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    So we've got the same situation like in last year where Rising Stars uniforms are far better than All Star Game unis. I can't wait for Celebrity ASG unis.
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    I just thought I'd take a quick break from my Vancouver Canucks series to bring you my idea for FC Cincinnati, who will release their first MLS uniforms in the coming weeks. I thought the lion looked way better outside of the strange hexagon crest, so it becomes the primary logo. My inaugural season logo is a version of the city flag element in the style of the team. The home uniform uses the diamond pattern that FC Cincinnati seems to use on their promotional materials. Orange feels much more Cincinnati to me than blue, so it's the primary color. The away uniform is a vertical adaption of the city flag. I figured a vertical water pattern would work as a reference to the Genius of Water fountain. It's not world-changing, but I feel like the crest is an improvement, and that there's some simple patterns that could really go far for the team! Let me know what you think!
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    After the naming rights for Miller Park change hands, anything is possible. I'd kinda like to see a collaborative effort of sorts, to create a new brand around the BiG. Modernize the BiG a bit, think Vikings. Then develop some fonts that kinda reflect it, and the eras associated with it. Nice clean scrips for the jerseys, and a unique block font for the names and numbers. Bring back the pinstripes for the home uni's, go to a deep greyish/blue for the roads. Make the yellow paneled hat the alternate. Yes keep navy, but lighten a touch, and keep the gold atheletic gold they have been using. Their postseason merch was spot on with everything, and it pained me that the look wasn't portrayed on the field. Add piping to the roads and it would be amazing.
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    Are they perfect? No. Do i dig them? Very much so.
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    I gotta say I’m pretty opposed to any company that replaces an ‘S’ in their name with a ‘Z’
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    I know I'm in the minority on this one, but I love everything about the current Brewers look. Navy and gold is great combination, and I'm sad the Rams have gone away from it.
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    Not to mention that before the NFC Championship, the Rams were 0-8 with Orange County resident Bill Vinovich as head referee, including that same crew for their first game in New Orleans in Week 9 where the Rams got screwed on a bad spot. There was no referee conspiracy in the Rams' favor. So... for the final time... to any Saints fans that are really going this far with it, whether its lawsuits or writing congressmen or statements from the governor or bringing it to the Senate floor or all the way to conspiracy theories... RAM IT.
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    2019 NBA All Star weekend court design has been revealed!
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    Come on, Bolts. It's not that hard. Either embrace the best uniform you've ever had... ... or the goofiest one.
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    *sigh* I really miss the previous Patriots' wordmark.
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    Oh no... This might be turning into a series. The worst logo in American professional sports is in dire need of something new. Prepare yourself for some logo-explainerTM nonsense. 6 red stripes for the 6 New England states 11 total stripes for the 11 revolutionary players on the pitch a shield reminiscent of the Massachusetts official seal, and so tall for @raysox an evergreen tree, because New England. is that a 3 pointed hat? look at that revolutionary as sh** font.
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    These two points. Throw the BiG on the sleeves and maybe an alt hat, but the main hat should be a nice clean looking M from the pic above. Sure modernize it a bit, but don't go crazy.
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    The Palms' move to Miami was a controversial one, but it did allow them to keep their name. That said, their color scheme of purparoon, copporange, and athletic yellow wasn't really gonna work in South Florida. Here's what they came up with for the move east: image Local teams had been dancing around the "Vice" color scheme for years, with Inter and the Marlins going with similar colors and the Heat using them as an alternate. The Palms really wanted to embrace Miami culture, so they went full black, pink, and blue, with lots of influences from the city's history with neon and Art Deco. As a result, most everything is black with outlines in pink and blue. The general shape of the palm tree is similar to the Phoenix edition, but is smoother in order to be more easily rendered in neon. The secondary logos are based on vertical neon signs, and the hexagonal shape seemed to work well for that, so they used another hexagon (regular this time) to encapsulate the tree in the primary logo. image The uniforms are also very black-heavy, with the double striping adorning the collar of the jerseys as well as the shorts and socks, making Miami the first team to incorporate striping into their collar. Apart from that, the primary uniform only includes color when absolutely necessary. The secondary is obviously more bright, and uses a split down the middle in order to keep the balance between blue and pink. They also included a white uniform as a tertiary, which is basically the primary with no black. image Yeah, they did that. With no basketball or other hardwood teams playing in Sunrise, they had a blank slate, and they painted it all black. There have been some concerns voiced about the Palms wearing all-black uniforms on an all-black court, but if Boise State can do it, why can't the Palms? Just a side note: the court looks smaller because it is. I noticed that I had gotten the relative dimensions between the court and the boards wrong; there's supposed to be a lot more space in between. I've gone back and fixed all the old courts, so everything should be in line now.
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    So will they all be italicized team fonts like the bears? I shudder at the thought of Tampa's.
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    Yea awesome when they don’t even know if a stadium will be built in time for it.
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    I love those TCU uniforms. The Black Panther reference was what I thought of too. It's bold and futuristic, but it makes sense. It looks good. Nice work, TCU. Looking forward to seeing them on the field.
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    Speaking of the Brewers, am I the only one who likes the BiG in Navy+Yellow rather than the Royal+Yellow? Same with the Rams.
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    IDK, I like that they stopped honoring the man whose cheapness caused the Black Sox scandal.
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    For once, a "reminds me of this:" post that actually makes sense.
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    https://spark.adobe.com/page/oH8a0KpqS0gQi/ Here’s a closer look at the pattern on each jersey. Also on that Adobe Spark page, in perhaps the most random design aspect: the coach loves music so they made the TCU collar patch in the shape of a guitar pick.
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    No. If they want to change and modernize/clean up that one, cool. But as it is, that thing is horrendously outdated. The text looks like someone did a Live Trace on a pixelated 100x100 scan.
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    Brightened the colors, integrated the SLC better. I'm still unsure about what to do in the center of the crest. Does just honeycomb and a dark center comb work to evoke the classic soccer ball pattern?
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    BiG was a cute logo in its day, but the M with the wheat is the best cap logo the Brewers have ever had, IMO. Bring back royal and yellow, sure. Leave BiG to throwbacks.
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    What has been seen cannot be unseen.
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    Even for a minor league team the Grizzlies go through a lot of redesigns.
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    Real rough draft, just to put some ideas on paper. I put some logo-explainers in there, I don't think they're too distracting. But seriously, I'm against the name Real Salt Lake. There aren't a lot of great name options for Salt Lake City. Great Salt Lake SC, SLCSC. The MLS already has two 'City' clubs. I'm not sure where I'm going with this concept, but it's unfinished and I need your help. Edit: Some late night, polar vortex upates.
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    To be fair, it was a bad call that literally cost a team the chance to go to the Super Bowl. While I'd be happy if my team was the benefactor, it will really taint their win should they pull it off (again - if it was my team, I wouldn't care and would tell everyone to blow me.) Anyway... while I do believe in conspiracies and do believe that games are tilted, I believe that it's at the behest of the league, under the influence of networks and maybe Vegas. I don't think that referee preference has anything to do with it. I don't think pro referees are even fans of teams in the sports they ref (though there was that guy that congratulated Tom Brady after he set some record and got some autographed stuff... that was poor form.)
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    Not necessarily a logo misconception, but when I was younger, I thought an Argonaut was nothing more than a Canadian Astronaut.
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    Alright, alright, alright... next up is the Phoenix Suns! Probably the biggest design risk I took here was removing black from the Suns identity entirely. With such a striking contrast between bright orange and deep purple, I've never really seen the value in adding black (90's nostalgia notwithstanding). In order to play up that contrast (and hopefully get people to forget about black), I made a couple deliberate design choices. 1. I darkened the purple to "almost black". I was inspired by this Carl Anders photo of the bright sun popping through a dark night sky. I wanted contrast like that in the Suns' uniforms. 2. I kept the Icon and Association uniforms identical except for the base color. Not a drop of purple on the Association set, not a drop of white on the Icon set. This is to evoke a night / day or sunrise / sunset duality between the two. 3. After a long and brutal negotiation period with PayPal, they agreed to let me change the color of their logo patch to orange so that it would work with the color scheme of the rest of the jersey. The Statement jersey is, yes, a little evocative of the Utah Jazz's new unis.... sorry. Believe it or not, this concept was started before those were unveiled. I've zoomed in on the shorts pattern of the other two sets and stretched it across the entire uniform to create the gradient. The idea here is that opponents have flown too close to the sun when the team steps on the court in these loud and bold uniforms. Someone's gonna get burned. Hope you enjoy. Feedback welcomed!
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