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    I hate how people keep saying this kinda thing. Look at the court or look at the scoreboard, it's not hard.
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    I don't hate the Patriots. I hate the Steelers because their fans are the worst people alive and they cheer for a fat a$$hole rapist quarterback and have gotten away with cheap shots and gifted at least one bad call every game since the early 70's yet won't acknowledge either. At least Patriots fans of a certain age remember some dark days. My main emotion towards the Patriots right now is boredom and envy. I don't think watching them is a fun experience and last night proved that. I'm bored by the Patriots and envious of the people in this weird coastal city that for reasons that will never make sense started winning everything around February of 2002. Who did Bill Simmons blow in a past life to get this? I asked this in October when the Red Sox won, but I'll say it again - surely there are people in Boston now going "I can't make the parade this week. I'll just catch the next one"? those people. We're watching the longest, greatest run in the Super Bowl era and it's gone on so long that the Patriots could be split into two distinct and separate dynasties, plus two super bowl losses sandwiched in-between, with only the coach and QB as the link. I've had Patriots fatigue since 2004. It's ridiculous. The thing I don't like about this Patriots run is that it doesn't matter who plays for them. This was their worst team in a decade and they still won the mother****ing super bowl. Everyone besides the coach and the quarterback is a plug, a robot on an assembly line. It's like watching a factory play football. They're the neutral zone trap of NFL teams. Which in turn means that following all the team building and draft day strategy everyone else is doing feels like a complete waste of time. Is your team having their first good year in a decade? Did all the puzzle pieces seem to finally fit together to make a good team? It doesn't matter because you're going to lose to this team of randos who will beat you slow and joylessly. Your coach will probably do something really stupid too. I hated the 49ers and I hated the Cowboys, but at least they had the decency to do it with some excitement and some of the best players. They also had the decency to fall apart and end. The Pats have broken football and it won't be fun again until the main parts of the machinery finally move on and I don't think we can even say that moment will be when Belichick and Brady finally move on.
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    It's interesting that the white home/color road (or vice-versa) is so deeply ingrained in North American sports, but isn't really a thing in the most popular sports globally. There are advantages to each philosophy, but I don't think the majority of big soccer games ever played have necessarily looked unprofessional.
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    Thats the problem though they will not be. I am sure there is going to be at least one element of this uniform that most people will say if they would have just done this different it would be a great set or even good
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    Nope. For a uniform with both bright red and silver its somehow muddy.
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    Yes yes YES. New Era has been pushing this style for years, and I hate it.
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    1.5? So they can win one more and still be under? Under. Took some incredible good fortune against the Chiefs to win even this one. Were it not for a bone-headed offsides penalty the Chiefs would've won that game. Tom Brady will be 42 when next season starts, which means in order to go over 1.5 he'll have to do so as a 43 year old, at the earliest. Did he look good last night? He did not. Time will get him eventually. Someone on another team will get him eventually. I think that happens sooner than he thinks.
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    More like Stupidicus Greedius Billionarus Maximus Rex.
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    Kinda bummed they recycled a lot of last year’s BP cap designs. Still waiting for the Cardinals “slugger-bird” to make an appearence on a BP cap.
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    The word "unprofessional" is tossed around too lightly on these boards. Some would argue it is progressive, rather than caught up in how things have always been done. That said, I believe white should be the *primary* home in the NBA, MLB and NHL, while dark/colored jerseys should be standard at home in the NFL (other than Dallas). The college level of each respective sport should match their professional counterpart, but there are some notable exceptions like LSU and Georgia Tech in football. And, lastly, alternates can be worn in any situation, but they must be worn less than the designated home and away sets. I think a lot of you are forgetting, though, the NBA no longer has a home and an away designation for its uniforms. The entire purpose was to do away with the mindset that white equals home and dark equals away. If you're that confused about who is the home team, check the scoreboard, the court or even in the picture above where no such branding is available, it's clear Boston is the home team (and that it was broadcast on ESPN) based on the people in the crowd.
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    I don’t hate the Patriots. I’m not sure why I don’t, most of my life I’ve been a confirmed “dynasty hater”. My first sports hate as a wee little tyke was the 70’s Steelers (tho, mostly because they beat the Vikings in a SB). In the 90’s I hated the Redwings and the Cowboys (honestly, I can’t really remember not hating the Cowboys). I hated the Magic Johnson Lakers AND the Kobe Bryant Lakers, and am preparing to hate the LeBron Lakers. I hate all Yankees, forever. I didn’t hate the 49ers for some reason… probably because of “the catch” game, which hilariously broke Cowboys hearts. And now, I don’t hate the Patriots, which seems weird to me. In fact, although I usually think I’d rather not see them get in, once they’re in I find myself hoping they’ll win, which I ended up doing again last night. I guess as long as they’re going to be great, I’d rather see them be really great than just pretty great… I was surprised to find myself really disappointed when the mediocre Giants led by huge doofus Eli Manning wrecked their perfect season. It was like seeing Einstein get corrected on the math problem by a freshman student… who wants to see that? It probably also helps that I don’t know any annoying Patriot fans. With all those other teams I mentioned, I had to deal with bunches of bandwagon jackasses, none worse than the “America’s Team” a-holes. The only Patriot fan I personally know was born and raised in Boston, is a fine upstanding police officer, and one of the nicest guys I know. So anyway, I get why everyone hates them… they’ll never be my favorite team, but I’m willing to ride this out and see the history first hand. For what it’s worth, I don’t hate Golden State, either.
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    Jeff Fisher sits in his den as the game ends. He picks up his 1999 AFC championship ring. "To get there and come up short, I know how it feels. After all," He sets the ring down and looks at a photo of himself on the sidelines in a Rams jacket. He smirks under his graying mustache. "I got you there. You knew you'd regret firing me someday. Today's that day, I guess." He turns off the TV, goes to his kitchen, and microwaves a mediocre TV dinner for the fourth straight night.
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    When Alabama wins the national championship, the Patriots lose the Super Bowl.When Alabama does not win the national championship, the Patriots win the Super Bowl.Sometimes, you just can't fight fate.
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    I’m not from Detroit but this video is great. “It’s so hard in the D...”
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    I think people forget that throughout its history the Super Bowl has been a dud game more often than not. When everyone was grousing about the Seahawks kicking the crap out of the Broncos I remember thinking "This is always what it was like when I was a kid". I'm not old enough to have watched those 80's games live, but as a kid I religiously watched every NFL Films Super Bowl recap in the days leading up to the game. ESPN 2 used to run a marathon every year and little me never missed a one. When the Elway Broncos beat the Packers that was the first year I'd ever seen a Super Bowl that was actually a good game. Up until that point blowouts were the norm, the AFC always got destroyed (unless you were the Bengals. I used to take sad pride in the fact that the Bengals put up the best fight against the 49ers), and you were lucky if it was within a couple scores.
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    But... Is he better than Dennis Miller? I require convoluted political analogies and esoteric references when watching football.
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    If they didn’t do it for Super Bowl 50, they wouldn’t do it for Season 100.
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    This is really really fascinating- it looks like a modern branding firm approached a sports team as if they were a just another corporate job, completely avoiding a lot of the traditional approaches we are accustomed to seeing in sports design. I have to say that I really dig it, and think it works really well for a city like Montreal.
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    Small D will always be classic
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    Trust me this is the last time i’ll post a pelicans Mardi Gras court concept. The last two I posted were in my beginner graphic designing days. Here is a finalized version. 2D 3D 3D + info
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    Good post and an interesting thought. Could be it’s own thread. I considered the Texas script to be “throwback style” not because it looked traditional to me in and of itself, but because it looks very similar (sans the tail) as the Clemens era uniforms from the 80’s. Agreed that it lacks a certain human element, but I’m a sucker for scripts in baseball regardless. Big fan of the Aggies new uniforms as well.
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    Montreal Canadiens Away jersey.
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    And the Nationals. Especially the Nationals.
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    I would expect so, if a player feels strongly about it. And I would similarly expect clubs to make small amounts of them available in the stadium shops.
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    Here’s the official unveiling of the new SKC kit: After sewing the full thing, I have to say that I really like this kit. I was unsure about the pattern when the leaked images on reddit popped up, but I think it looks really nice integrated into the diagonal stripes. I also like the return to the light blue shorts after going with navy and white shorts with their last two primaries. I would say this is a definite upgrade over their previous primaries and is a more fashion forward look, which was kind of their thing for a few years up until the last couple kit releases.
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    I was cheering for the Rams but as the game progressed I was perfectly fine with the Patriots winning - in my opinion that was the most fitting outcome for the most boring Super Bowl ever played.
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    Why do the Tigers need four spring training caps? That's insane.
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    I’m with @Old School Fool on this one. I don’t mind the uniform color choice as much as I care about some of the City and Statement jersey designs and matchups. I do wish there was more of an emphasis on color vs. color matchups with white jerseys used as a “clash” jersey. I also wish the Lakers wore their gold jerseys a lot less on the road, but for the most part I haven’t cared two much what the home team wore, especially now that I’m used to it.
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    But if it ended with, say, Andy Reid finally winning the big one or Brees getting #2 instead of LOLBOSTONWINS I think there might be less of a bitter aftertaste.
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    Fun/Horrifying Fact: The Patriots' roster featured more players from Rutgers, all in the secondary, than any other college.
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    I believe the term is Mangenius.
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    I wish they'd screen print the pattern instead of stitching it in. It would look so much better.
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    I think everybody understands how jersey ads work. That's not really the issue here.
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    Maybe the hire-anybody-who's-ever-met-McVay revolution in the NFL was a bit premature. You should have to forfeit the offensive mastermind reputation if your offense plays like this with two weeks of preparation.
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    I get it - everyone needs a gimmick - they're just not all successful. Anyway, the Rams were no better than the 3rd-best team in the NFC, and their offense is showing it. At least New Orleans and the Super Bowl LII Champion Philadelphia Eagles would be leading this game right now.
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    Some of the Facebook comments about the league are not positive: https://www.facebook.com/pg/americanpatriotleague/reviews/
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    *posts entire thread in MLB officially partners with Nike thread* Honestly, the only potential complaint I can see from baseball traditionalists are the ventilation holes on the back (but it's hardly noticeable from any distance, just like Nike's football and basketball uniforms).
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    But the plastic is specially designed to be lighter than fabric to reduce drag on your body by 1/10000000000th allowing you to swing and throw better /s
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    Thanks for the feedback! I'll go back and take a look at what the Stars would look like with a darker grey. Definitely not something I thought of the first time around, just kinda pulled the silver from their logo and ran with it. Might be worth taking a look at as well, though I tend to shy away from dismembered heads as primary crests. Yeah, the Barzal number was an oversight on my part. It's updated in the full Metro mock-up, but I didn't feel it worthwhile to repost the concept just for that. Speaking of dismembered heads... The Minnesota Wild The Wild return to red with the Color Rush look and bring back one of the more unique fonts in the NHL's history. The jersey features a full length green yoke that includes a few elements from t eh primary logo, a sublimated tree appears on the cuff and the North Star finds a home about halfway up each sleeve. Gloves and helmet are green to build off the color of the yoke while socks and pants remain red to keep that Color Rush Identity.
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    These are a great compromise between the NFL wanting to keep the logos standardized, while still allowing for the host city's personality to come through in subtle ways.
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    Come on, Bolts. It's not that hard. Either embrace the best uniform you've ever had... ... or the goofiest one.
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    Titans perfect set home: road: home alt: road alt:
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    While we're tiptoeing through that neighbourhood, I've been meaning to talk to you about your avatar, Glenn. I don't know who he is, but elderly, privileged white guys performing power salutes make me uncomfortable.
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    Ban public funding for privately owned stadia
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