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    These are awesome and thus not underrated.
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    They should go with the Oranges as the primary (is there a Orange-primary team in the NBA?), get rid of the white outline. Those OKC unis are probably some of my favorite unis in the NBA
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    Well pour more cold water in the Raiders to Oracle Park/San Francisco idea... The Mayor of SF has come out publicly against it. This in addition to 3 members of the SF Board of Supervisors who previously expressed their opposition. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/raiders/2019/02/05/oakland-raiders-san-francisco-mayor-oracle-park/2779248002/
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    That feels like it was put together by someone who was told what a meme is, but hadn't really ever experienced one first-hand.
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    Yeah layers are great. Illustrator has them and so anyone with an AI file will have an easier time swapping stuff in and out. I got home, took some pictures of my USA kit and here is draft one of my new template(which I will name at some point)! I'm calling it the Caillou version since there's so many colors. I built it sort of big but bare with me. The seams and dashes are 100% opacity, which will create a clear division between panels of the kit. I built the thing without a collar, which you can swap the however you want with the cross hair being a good center point to use. Each collar will have a fill that you can change, since it won't necessarily reflect the pattern you place it over top. I used a geological pattern on the sleeves to help create a sense of realism as well. The band seams are loose, so you can move them up or remove them. Finally, in addition to the paneling on my file, it has clip groups so you can easily throw in patches. All said and done, here's what a concept looks like. I think this is a fair representation of the Nike and Adidas kit I took pictures of. I'm going to create an Adidas version now to test that out, but I don't imagine the shape changing much. Then I'll make a back, which will be easy since I don't have to remove a collar. Let me know what you think! Down the line, I'll upload my file to a drive and you guys can play with it and let me know how it tests in case I'm missing anything.
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    If I had my way, Canucks should go with something similar to this concept that I think brilliantly works: http://forum.canucks.com/topic/382717-canucks-adidas-jersey-is-out/?page=5 However, replace the shoulder patch on the green jersey with Stick-in-Rink logo. Gives us a modern rendition of original uniform. Orca is gone. We can still use the Johnny Canuck head with V secondary logo. We get the green alternate. Full body Johnny Canuck gets to appear on the crest of the alternate.
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    I think it was as simple as being a team that had never won it all, from an area that had had a huge title drought, and doing it with their backup QB as heavy underdogs against the Rams who had had a similar story just a few years prior. As far as one-hit wonder, sure. Any team with sustained success at the top will be hated. The Patriots used to not matter and now they're one of the most loathsome teams in sports. The Warriors used to not matter and they're just as easy to hate now. If one team is winning, that means 30 or so other teams aren't and that leads to resentment.
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    Your mans, err boss, Charlie Ebersol told the public on his the app would differentiate the AAF from any other sport telecast. Source: https://www.sporttechie.com/alliance-american-football-charlie-ebersol-bill-polian/
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    In 2011, the Ducks went on a 2-14-4 stretch with the last loss coming against the Maple Leafs, and after a win against Montreal in their next game, the Ducks fired Randy Carlyle. In 2019, the Ducks are on a 2-14-4 stretch with their latest loss coming against the Maple Leafs, and the Ducks are in Montreal for their next game tonight. Your move, Bob Murray. (He won't.)
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    Who's praising the bumble-bee jerseys as the best of all time?
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    I don't really know what a "clara" is but Santa's not going to enjoy this.
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    it depends. sometimes i will be willing to look at things differently, especially depending on who's commenting (like someone with obvious design experience or whose tastes i seem to share). like, my knee-jerk reaction might be that it isn't my taste, but then i learn to appreciate certain design elements, and maybe the look grows on me. as an example, someone just said the other day that the marlins brand refresh has really grown on him, and i was thought, "ya know, i can definitely see that. it's not as bad as i wrote it off being back in november" the only comments i really dismiss out of hand about uniform design is the purely negative (and usually) hyperbolic ones. like, "worst design ever." or "these are trash." admittedly, those are relatively rare among the commenters whose opinions i value. and i tend to reserve judgement on a look until i see it on the field/ice.
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    New Era also had an issue sourcing the original DE material after awhile. The price went up and the sales numbers weren’t enough to justify the increase in price in their view. Last year was an attempt to go in a different direction in order to boost that and it ended up being such a flop that the decrease in overall sales numbers just couldn’t justify the decrease in material cost. The material they’re using now (Basically what they’ve been using on NFL caps for awhile now, but I believe the NFL had exclusivity rights for the first two or three years on that. I could be wrong about that though) is both cheaper to make and, IMO, is better quality overall.
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    You can basically count this under unpopular opinions.
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    I know we'd all like to forget this game (unless you're a Patriots fan of course), but I have a finished textured version of the field, excluding the sidelines. I should be able to get the full field with the sidelines done tomorrow.
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    I think people forget that throughout its history the Super Bowl has been a dud game more often than not. When everyone was grousing about the Seahawks kicking the crap out of the Broncos I remember thinking "This is always what it was like when I was a kid". I'm not old enough to have watched those 80's games live, but as a kid I religiously watched every NFL Films Super Bowl recap in the days leading up to the game. ESPN 2 used to run a marathon every year and little me never missed a one. When the Elway Broncos beat the Packers that was the first year I'd ever seen a Super Bowl that was actually a good game. Up until that point blowouts were the norm, the AFC always got destroyed (unless you were the Bengals. I used to take sad pride in the fact that the Bengals put up the best fight against the 49ers), and you were lucky if it was within a couple scores.
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    Nope. For a uniform with both bright red and silver its somehow muddy.
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    Member has been suspended for abusive behavior, belligerence towards the moderator team, and report button abuse.
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    Not sure how familiar you are with BIG3, but it's a travelling league. Goes from city to city each week.
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    It is a "barnstorming" league and always has been
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    Foles is perfect as the #2 QB for just about anyone. Don't let 5 1/2 decent games trick you into thinking Foles is better than he actually is. He's had six seasons to establish himself as a top level QB and he's yet to do so for a full season. Good guy to have in a pinch, but not the guy you want steering your team full time.
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    I don't trust Goff either. Here's the thing though. Goff still got them to the Super Bowl. If, organizationally, the Rams decide that Goff is not the way forward, that frees up a lot of hypothetical cap space for them to hold stuff together since his replacement will almost certainly start under a rookie deal.
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    Teaser image for RSL’s new secondary: Looks like a red collar and navy printing. Probably a good chance it’ll be pretty plain again, but not quite as plain as their outgoing secondaries.
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    Hey J-E-T-S fans, take a look at this very rare color photo from the 1963 season, with the newly renamed Jets (from Titans) and their one-season jet-airplane logo. Pretty damn cool !! NY Jets at Buffalo 07-DEC-1963 War Memorial Stadium . . . E Buffalo, NY BILLS 45 - J-E-T-S 14 Very bizarre when seeing the goal posts on the goal line as it was back in those days. That had to of sucked. This was played Week 14, and oddly both teams met again the following week to close out the regular season, which was to be the Jets final ever home game at the old Polo Grounds in Manhattan, which became Week 15 of the 14-game AFL season. There was no Week 12 in 1963. The AFL called off all the Sunday games after President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas on the Friday before. The NFL didn't suspend their games, and that was later deeply regretted by then NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle.
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    I do like the base of your template, and have been using an adaptation of it for personal use for quite some time: It does feature similar stuff to what you would like to change (thinner and straighter lines and stuff like that). Maybe it's a good reference point for you as to what some of those changes look like. As for the collar, I normally do my templates with a straight horizontal line where the collar should be and place different ones above it every time I want it changed
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    That tiger looks less like a tiger now, with the changed stripe pattern. I mean seriously, what was the point of that? Looks more like a jaguar. But the supporters had their hand in this update - if they're good with it, far be it from me to disagree.
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    As a Hawks fan, I really enjoyed that Super Bowl.
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    I have to make a similar request to expound on these. Especially the Lions. That's damn near perfect color balance for a football uniform IMO.
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    Done the right thing? By having the same length of training camp as the XFL? Hell, they are late in delivering their app, which Ebersol has touted since Day 1 and supposedly have worked two years on. Even the Stans on the AAF Reddit are expressing concerns not only over the app, but their digital ticketing for this weekend as they were supposed to be within the app and some with season tickets are not available on the Ticketmaster app and the lack of information regarding the teams they wish to follow.
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    I would say that SB LIII reminded me a lot of SB XL. Both games were close until late in the 4th quarter, and yet there just wasn't a whole lot of big plays to get excited about. I think Willie Parker had a 75-yard TD run and Antwaan Randle El threw a TD pass and that's about all I can remember from that PIT-SEA game. This year's game felt like I was watching a game from 2005. I'm going to just pretend that Sunday's game never happened and the season ended on November 19th, when the real Super Bowl was played.
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    Not to mention all of the people that felt the Rams were not the legitimate NFC Champions. That plus Patriot fatigue is going to lead to a decline. Granted, we're talking about a decline from 105.4 million to 100.7 million. At some point, you're still doing over 100 million viewers for a single event. Things will be fine. I saw an article from a St. Louis site talking about how Los Angeles had the second-worst rating for a market with a team in the Super Bowl ever. Now I'm interested in ratings because I want to trash talk St. Louis whenever possible. LA had a 44.6 rating for the Super Bowl. How do ratings work? That's saying 44.6% of TV's were estimated to be watching, right? Because if so, that would mean that roughly 2.35 million were watching in the LA market, which is more than twice as many as are in the entire St. Louis market. Unless I'm totally misunderstanding the concept. Please feel free to correct me.
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    Hockey needs to bring back multi-coloured gloves.
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    The Colorado Avalanche kind of own the rounded C from the flag these days (it’s their alternate logo) but I like the mountain inside of it. That’s a solid look.
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    Yes yes YES. New Era has been pushing this style for years, and I hate it.
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    More like Stupidicus Greedius Billionarus Maximus Rex.
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    Nice work here! Looking forward to the uniforms. Here's hoping you emphasize purple over black.
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    I like it! I think it looks really clean and modern without losing the current logo feel. I like their current set, but I think you've got a great modernization here. Abandoning the CR logo for the C mountain is a great move too. Can't wait to see uniforms!
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    So proud of the Stars playing Sweet Victory.
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    But... Is he better than Dennis Miller? I require convoluted political analogies and esoteric references when watching football.
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    If they didn’t do it for Super Bowl 50, they wouldn’t do it for Season 100.
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    In order of game played, my favorite field designs have to be: SB IV: Love the midfield design, and the number font (which hasn't been seen on an NFL field since old Texas Stadium, but featured every Rose Bowl game), and the endzone colors were a great contrast. SB XIII: First game where the 20 yard lines were painted, and the first time a version of the actual Super Bowl logo was used on the field. Good color contrast between the endzones, and the numbers were outlined in conference colors (not a first, but still looked good) SB XXI: California sun, and full of color. Endzones full of bright colors, and the 20's, 50's, and numbers all painted up. SB XXIII: I like the way they did the numbers on this field. A thin outline was added (black for the Bengals, and 49ers) on the outside; a small touch, but small details are important (take a hint NFL). Love the Bengals endzone contrast of the black and orange. SB XXVII: Gotta say, not a bad field at the Rose Bowl. Always full of color, and any Californian game looks good in the sun on grass, but this one was really looking top notch (if only the game was decent). SB XXX: First time the team boxes were painted, last year of the dueling helmets endzones, full colored numbers and 50/20s, and also a game that starts in sun on grass can never look bad (XLIX, and 50 with :censored: logos and designs even looked so much better on grass in the sun than any other field since Super Bowl XLV) The first game I can remember was XXXV, but I fell asleep for that one (I was 5, so I need a pass there). SB XXXVII I remember the opening drive and the logo at midfield in the sun. Really a great logo, and looked awesome on the field. SB XL was the first time I really paid attention to the field and the logo, as a Steelers fan. Not many people here seem to like the silver 'banners' around the conference logos, but I always thought they were unique and a nice touch. If it weren't for that game, I'm not sure how much into field designs I would be, because after that Super Bowl I was always excited for the field and the logos, and would either draw out fields on paper, and make banners for my families Super Bowl event. I can't say Super Bowl XL makes my top 10 of fields, but it is the reason I'm here documenting the field designs now.
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    Calgary seems like a good candidate for a uniform overhaul
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    Are they ever going to finish that stadium?
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    this post is from earlier this year but just ran across it again, and i dont remember seeing it on the boards here so thought it would be good to post. gives great insight into the process of creating the world of the Incredibles full article: http://joshholtsclaw.com/blog/2018/3/5/the-graphic-art-of-incredibles-2
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    2007: Steelers 3, Dolphins 0 on Monday Night Football, with the lone score basically as time expired.
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