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    The iconic Jaws of MetLife Stadium
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    The Jaws of Victory from which the Jets and Giants so frequently snatch defeat...
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    I've realized that I am this series and this series is me and I have to stop abandoning it, so expect more frequent updates. (and more food stay tuned!)
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    Yes - the large star is the MLS version of a scudetto. Just not as garish. I can see your objection, but I don't share it. There's something cool about a defending champ wearing that badge of pride. As for the Galaxy, I think five silver stars looks more impressive than one gold one. But mixing and matching? What's the point supposed to be?
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    You get an A+ in tactfully presenting your information to the class.
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    As somebody who's been suspended for a short time before, that week can feel like a long time when you're jonesing for updates on the Jets-new-uniform-hate bandwagon.
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    Digital alarm clock numbers and reflective tire-tread patterns....confirmed.
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    Sigh...this again...? Please stop forcing this 1880s crap on us, that no living person ever saw on the field nor can relate to... If you want fans to hearken back to a long-forgotten era, just eliminate the black and take us back to this:
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    I've always felt that this Bobcats set was far superior to the jumbled Mavs-esque mess they switched to. Aside from the strange collars they used, I dig everything about this set.
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    Hello all, I had done a brand refresh for the Knicks a while back, prior to the release of the Nike uniforms, but seeing as the Knicks are now in position come next year to be competitive once again (not gonna jinx anything), I decided to give the Knicks an extensive refresh to the team's brand. Colors: The new blue and orange are more reminiscent of the the shade in the teams past, becoming deeper and more pronounced. Silver is removed entirely in the color scheme. Primary Logo: A blend of both the Knicks' 70s logo and the logo from the Present (New York removed). The font is an updated version of the one they currently use. Secondary Logo: Simply a recolor of their current secondary with the silver outlining removed. Uniforms: The chest text on the jersey reverts to the old style the team had used since the 60s and are well known for. The silver outlining is removed entirely leaving only the white/blue and orange on the sleeves. The shorts receive a new side and waist pattern reminiscent of the 70s and 90s uniforms but reworked in color so it matches up with the pattern on the bottom of the shorts. The new primary is also added to the short where the old one was. I welcome any CC and general comments and I hope y'all like it!
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    Distorted it in Photoshop to a flat rectangle. Looks like it says 2019 Branding, and I do think it says new york above jets.
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    I really don't understand what's the issue with simply bringing back the away version of the blue and yellow and calling it a day.
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    I'm personally trying to keep track of his claims to see what washes out when they are actually unveiled. We'll have to wait and see what happens there.
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    At least he didn’t describe them as #fire That is always a sure sign of horror on the horizon.
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    Anyone who complains that message board discipline against someone else is not strong enough but hasn't been, like, personally threatened by that person is a NEERRRRRRRRRRRRRD
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    This league is spending some serious dough on branding so hopefully it works out for them
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    That last post got me to thinking about DC United. For a moment I considered renaming them to District United, but DCU is pretty iconic at this point. I went away from the eagle, because the black heraldic eagle has always felt less American and more...on a different....Axis...if you know what I mean. DC was planned in a diamond, so let's run with that and their fantastic flag.
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    No it wouldn't, that looks horrible.
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    I hear ya. I just got finished with a weeklong suspension, but it felt more like 4 years.
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    Without even getting into his firsts, Robinson had some pretty amazing stats. I think he's underrated among the all-time greats, if that makes any sense.
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    The problem with these is that they are just too damn good looking, they leverage a classic design which would likely have staying power for well over a decade. Designs like this mean less work for nike.
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    Quite the contrary. By waiting until the offseason, they actually open up the bidding war by bringing in the Celtics, Knicks, and probably other teams too. They won't get "nothing in return." As for major free agents, they've never signed with New Orleans and probably never will. That isn't going to change whether they give in to the Lakers' demands or not.
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    in a vacuum, yes, it could have stayed. or as @VancouverFan69 says, it could have been an effective third jersey (provided the jersey was a little more toned down. the rangers' lady liberty look was, in my opinion, very classy, especially the white version). but as an islanders fan who watched this whole thing go down live and in person, let me assure you that it needed to die the quick death it did. you cannot even imagine how much outrage there was over this logo/sweater. i was in elementary school at the time it was introduced, so of course i loved it. us young kids were the only ones who did though. and as the situation with the franchise got more and more dire, the fisherman logo really became a lightning rod for the fans' outrage. the "save the islanders coalition" was this outspoken fan group that made changing the logo, among other grievances, their mission. i was in the stands in april '96 when they sent (i believe) rich pilon out in the fisherman jersey, then ripped it off to show the 'wave' jersey with the traditional crest. the coliseum went nuts. as far as the prototype differences, it was really only the diagonal/wave hem stripe. some early starter replica jerseys actually had the diagonal stripe on them.
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    this is kinda what i was inferring, too. i was thinking more something like this:
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    Just another one of those great American achievements, like the telephone, the Kids in the Hall, or letting anyone go to the doctor.
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    But make the jersey midnight green with silver numbers and all of a sudden it becomes a simple, modern take on the throwback, and a top 5 uniform in the league.
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    Celebrity All Star Game uniforms:
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    In a similar situation, in '94, the Yankees switched from polyester to cotton uniforms with disastrous results.
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    https://www.wbal.com/article/370315/6/frank-robinson-baseball-lifer-and-orioles-legend-has-died?fbclid=IwAR0dGejxvThR5XBYC6OQmTy8cSnhy-JIfRjNc8JVqtUOuqK1wgtqE_2I9nE R.I.P. to a true legend of the game. Any Oriole fan over 40 should get the picture below.
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    It kinda looks like the football covers the bottom part of the E and T in JETS. So with that, let me be the first to introduce the 2019 New York JFTS !
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    This sets a dangerous precedent. If fans can go after teams for moving or changing names, than MiLB is about to become Lawsuit Thunderdome.
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    Here is a mock up I did real quick of what the new logo may be.
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    So, if Jeff Carter gets traded at the deadline can I sue the Kings for buying an alternate with his name on it? Stupid logic.
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    That. and Nike is no doubt chomping at the bit to put their "spin" on them. All the better to sell more proprietary templates to colleges.
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    Fun fact, thought the team was originally called the Oreos for a couple years before I was told different. Really like the Maryland flag design on the cookie!
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    I once ran into Frank Robinson twice in the same day. I was at a Yankee game against the Orioles in 1993, when he was the Orioles' assistant general manager, and I passed him walking the other way as I was heading to my seat. I said "Hello, Mr. Robinson", and he said hello back. (I didn't ask him for an autograph because I was aware of some ballplayers' resentment about people making money by selling their autographs; so I didn't want him to suspect me of exploiting him.) Then, after the game, I actually saw him again as I was heading out of the Stadium! He remembered me from earlier and smiled at me as we passed. I said "Nice infield", because the O's had turned a couple of slick double plays; and he said "Thanks". This game took place a few days after the Mets had fired Jeff Torborg as manager; so I then said to him that the Mets should have hired him. In response he adopted a horrified look, shook his head, waved his hands in front of him, and exclaimed with a laugh "No, no, no!"
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    Rest In Piece Big Frank. Hope you and Wllie Mac are bashing homers in heaven.
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    White numbers on the blue jerseys would seemingly be way better, based on well...the 90s
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    Not just an Orioles legend but a Reds and Indians legend as well. RIP Frank
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    This whole era has been absolutey awful for the NFL, and the Patriots winning a lot is very low on the list of reasons why. The NFL is constantly making the wrong choice and pretty much trips over their dick every time they take a step. Holding cities hostage for public funds to build stadiums, the recent Kaepernick thing and race relations as a whole, how they’ve handled replay and the refs in general, their overall apathy to domestic violence and crime among their players, and (the most egregious thing) the way they’ve swept the CTE findings under the rug and have poured money into false findings (which is not just a bad look, but is borderline criminal) are all WAY bigger issues. I’m to the point where I Hope this entire league crashes and burns, but it sure ain’t because the Pats won a lot.
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    I'm more interested in that white triangle thing below the logo.
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    Suspension has been set at six months.
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    Heh, it can be so tricky to tell what players and the general public mean when they use the same terms that we do. There was that Chargers player that said that their mono-navy look was “traditional,” and ive seen folks say the same about the Pats current set. Just different contexts and such.
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    The Islanders gave their proud winning history two middle fingers when they ditched their iconic look. It would've been fine if the Isles introduced the fisherman as a third jersey crest like the Rangers had the Lady Liberty jerseys. However, ditching the NY _/ Long Island crest was despicable.
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    So Vet will be back in a few days, and not too far behind him? You guessed it:
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    So thinking about all the new (rumored) information over the past couple of days, is this what we're headed for: A brighter green, but not quite the Kelly green of the 80's. The current JETS wordmark with the 80's streaking jetstream above it, placed in an oval with black outlines? The Jets wordmark on the chest? I wouldn't be surprised by the jetstream logo running down the middle of the helmet, creating a white arrow/'V' towards the front of the helmet and a line down towards the back. For the uniforms, I'm imagining a lot of black outlines or piping, with white shoulder caps/sleeves, maybe even black TV numbers, black side panels, and some cutoff striping on the pants. I even thought about 'NEW YORK' being in the Jetstream in the logo behind the Jet. and then started thinking about that running down the legs as well. Then I lied to myself and pretended Nike would never do that. I'm still nervously anticipating some dumb, oversized military stencil numbering with black drop shadows that will make the Bucs alarm clock font look like a classic. The unveiling will probably take place on the USS Intrepid as well. * Everything in this post is just a ridiculous worry, but at least takes grains from the bits of rumors out there *
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    I live in Atlanta, and went to high school with Buster Skrine's sister. I ran into him on Monday at a CVS, and talked to him for a second. I asked if he saw the new uniforms, and he said" yeah, they're pretty dope, but a little flashy for my taste." So, interpret that how you like. Not claiming inside info, just a genuine tidbit I thought might help here.
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    The Blazers just unveiled their 50th season logo for 2019/20: For the most part I really like this, though I’m not a huge fan of the bottom of the 5 being cut off like that.
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