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    The iconic Jaws of MetLife Stadium
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    The Jaws of Victory from which the Jets and Giants so frequently snatch defeat...
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    I've realized that I am this series and this series is me and I have to stop abandoning it, so expect more frequent updates. (and more food stay tuned!)
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    Digital alarm clock numbers and reflective tire-tread patterns....confirmed.
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    Distorted it in Photoshop to a flat rectangle. Looks like it says 2019 Branding, and I do think it says new york above jets.
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    Without even getting into his firsts, Robinson had some pretty amazing stats. I think he's underrated among the all-time greats, if that makes any sense.
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    Celebrity All Star Game uniforms:
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    It kinda looks like the football covers the bottom part of the E and T in JETS. So with that, let me be the first to introduce the 2019 New York JFTS !
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    Rest In Piece Big Frank. Hope you and Wllie Mac are bashing homers in heaven.
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    This whole era has been absolutey awful for the NFL, and the Patriots winning a lot is very low on the list of reasons why. The NFL is constantly making the wrong choice and pretty much trips over their dick every time they take a step. Holding cities hostage for public funds to build stadiums, the recent Kaepernick thing and race relations as a whole, how they’ve handled replay and the refs in general, their overall apathy to domestic violence and crime among their players, and (the most egregious thing) the way they’ve swept the CTE findings under the rug and have poured money into false findings (which is not just a bad look, but is borderline criminal) are all WAY bigger issues. I’m to the point where I Hope this entire league crashes and burns, but it sure ain’t because the Pats won a lot.
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    I might be in the minority here but I loved the style of the old template. The thicker outlines and blocky look were fantastic. With this new one, I feel that adding some thicker outlines and making it a tad more blocky would create a great update to one of the best templates on this site
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    See, I was thinking they meant the horns on the helmet were sacred, as that's the one thing the team has had for something like 70 years. I really like the sleeve horns, but I would be fine if they got rid of them as long as the rest of the set was great. The actual template of the StL set would be fine for me with the right colors (and a block font). In addition to the awful new Nike font, the other great thing they'll ruin will be the pants. It'll be some crap like yellow, white and blue pants to match the jersey. with a weird truncated stripe which curls around like a horn. There's no way these turn out anywhere close to as good as the throwbacks.
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    It's exactly how I feel about the Orca or Sabres fans feel about the Banana Slug. A good logo tells a story about the club's heritage and history. The logo was just slapped on because of the stereotypical connection between islanders and fishermen. The Islanders name, obviously, comes from the NYC-area club being based on Long Island.
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    I miss the NYK subway token. A lot of people didn't realize what it was, but it was actually a really unique logo and it was so well executed and tied into the history of the NY subways. I don't get the point of the new Knicks in a ball logo. I know they had something like it in the 70s, but i still don't get the point? Instead of knicks on top of the ball you have knicks inside the ball? If you're going to have an alternate there should be a reason. And none of it says or implies New York anywhere. That could easily be a purple ball and say Lakers and it would make no difference.
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    Unpopular opinion, maybe. But I like that the Rockies use a "CR" and I don't care for how many concepts I see that want to get rid of it altogether. As much as they need a refresh, I'd rather they get a better CR than be yet another team that just uses a C.
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    So my friend talked to the Arizona AD at the event & that the AD told him that there will be a 90’s style Desert Swarm throwback for a game or 2 next season.
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    Why? The coloured peacock is a beautiful thing, very iconic and instantly recognizable.
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    The brighter green represents the green passion of Fireman Ed.
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    Not if they’re keeping the horns on the shoulders, That’s the one thing that doesn’t really work on the modern jerseys, but it’s also the one thing the team insists on maintaining. Nike will probably give them a pointless custom number font, fixing a non-existent “problem”.
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    Looks a bit better in these over-saturated shots. I dunno. It's weird and it's different and it's experimental, and yet the dark monochrome palette doesn't do enough to make it stand out.
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    so awesome. The medium blu is probably because of the water color, if you go full navy at the base the program will be just all dark and unappealing.
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    Those who I know in sports media don't cover the NBA. I do talk to a guy who used to work for me when he was an undergrad. He has worked in the NBA Office, spent time in the Finance Dept. of MSG, and now is a similar role for a team in the Western Conference. We talk/text monthly and see each other during Homecoming and/or during NBA's Vegas Summer League.
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    Yea I thought this was AD’s contract year, NVM they played the lakers like a fiddle and it’s incredibly entertaining now
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    good call, and that doesn't appear to be the current 'NY' in the background. there's no white in the lower space between the 'T' and the 'S', where the 'Y' of the 'NY' would normally drop down.
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    It seems on par with the pointy stripes in the mockup that was supposedly rather close to the real deal...
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    I think the two strikes for it ... besides going away from the team's traditional logo, was that the toothpaste wave and the human logo. Human logos, especially in professional sports, just don't make good logos and it's one reason why we don't see many of them ... Patriots are really the only ones that come to mind. But, I agree with @VancouverFan69 it could have made a decent third jersey crest ... at the very least.
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    Posted slight variations on this a number of times... here's the latest;
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    Member has been suspended for abusive behavior, belligerence towards the moderator team, and report button abuse.
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    That would be me about the pats set, but it was in terms of the home and road uniform sets are what they have traditionally worn with the current set for nearly 2 decades, not that the style was traditional.
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    Let's not let that happen. It looks really bad in the CFL.
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    CTV SportsNet/Rogers SportsNet/SportsNet
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    Where can we find the jersey mesh background?
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    Does this mean we get a Fathom concept?
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    It's Studio Simon...not to worry. As I said on the mothership, I think they're doing this because they're feeling the pressure to...Teresa Earnhardt (Dale Sr.'s widow) has been NOTORIOUSLY protective of the family brand (She even sued her own stepson Kerry for using his own family name in a business venture once). So the Intimidators were wondering how long they'd be allowed to keep the brand, and so wanted to change it now to avoid legal action later...
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    Bobby Phills' #13 was retired by the Hornets weeks after the car accident. He had four years left on his contract. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/hornets-retire-phills-no-13/ Reggie Lewis was on the payroll and counted against the cap at the time of his number retirement ceremony. Lewis was to be in the third year of his five year contract. I think the same was the case for Malik Sealy. Drazen Petrovic died when he was a RFA.
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    Abstract concepts like “character” or “charm” are often dependent upon the observer... If you feel that way, I probably can’t sway your opinion right now; but I think in time those things can develop in your mind. Good design has a tendency to grow on people, and while you might not be a fan of the chosen direction for this rebranding, I don’t think anyone can say that this was poorly executed.
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    Oh so like how NBC always tries to create some sort of bitter rivalry between the Bruins and Rangers?
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    I'm anti-DH, always have been, always will be, but I actually do kind of like the leagues being different. How it's been that way my whole life. That being said, I'm also realistic and know that it could happen. So if it does, it does. I'm not going to stop watching it. Actually would benefit the Cardinals this year. Jose Martinez could play everyday and could kinda stomach giving Fowler a shot at redemption in RF without it having as much of an effect offensively. I've been saying for awhile and I think a writer put it out there a couple months ago, too (Stark?), but I'd only DH for the starting pitcher. When he's pulled, it becomes an NL game again. Relievers never really bat anyway, so pinch-hitting would continue so the current NL strategy would as well. The DH himself can be double-switched into the field if necessary. I think that would be the best of both worlds, IMO.
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    I can't stand these conversations. The location of the team's stadium is just 1 (small) part of how to label the team in terms of location. You build the stadium where you have room to build one. It could be way outside the city limits, could be downtown, could be in a different state altogether. Wherever there's a place to build it. It makes just as much sense (zero) to name a football team after the specific location of their stadium as it does to name them after the location of their training facility and front offices, and in fact if you really want to go down that route then it actually makes more sense since the practice facility is where they spend 99% of their time. The team only spends 3 hours a week at their stadium. Every other working moment is at the training facility. So if you want the Jets to be the East Rutherford Jets then they should really be the Florham Park Jets which is just as dumb. But anyway, you name your team based on the location and fans you want to represent, be it the city, borough, 1 state, 2 states like carolina, 6 states like new england. Whatever marketing purposes or regional purposes you want, that's what you name your team. The specific location of the stadium doesn't matter. As much as it seems to bother some people that the Jets don't call themselves the East Rutherford Jets (seriously?) is how much is bothers me that it bothers them.
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    Yeah, that was pretty standard in the 90s/2000s - teams with new unis would usually wear the previous season's duds in preseason, waiting for regular season to start before busting out the new threads.
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    We're getting closer to the model of officiating I've advocated for here on the boards: a ref in the press box with as much power as those on the field.
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    These are awesome and thus not underrated.
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    Good post and an interesting thought. Could be it’s own thread. I considered the Texas script to be “throwback style” not because it looked traditional to me in and of itself, but because it looks very similar (sans the tail) as the Clemens era uniforms from the 80’s. Agreed that it lacks a certain human element, but I’m a sucker for scripts in baseball regardless. Big fan of the Aggies new uniforms as well.
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    Nope. For a uniform with both bright red and silver its somehow muddy.
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    Yankees fans need to stop acting like they're bigger than the league or bigger than the manufacturer.
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    Since it's the weekend and I'm feeling happy about not having to work for a couple of days, here's two more designs. First off, here's something we haven't seen before, a modern set for Chicago. I designed this with two things in mind - to represent the city, not strictly the team, and to do something radically different but still somewhat on brand. Here are the Blackhawks' new "War Paint" sweaters. Next up are the Colorado Avalanche. When you think of Colorado, the odds are good the first thing you think of is the Rockies. I mean, they named the team after them in a way. So, it only makes sense to have the team celebrate being "Rocky Mountain High". Let me know if I'm on the right track with these - I'm seeing a few likes, but not that many comments, good or bad.
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    Continuing on with the next team on the alphabetical list, the Carolina Hurricanes. With a slightly redesigned primary logo, a grey base and a streamlined look, the Canes hope to "Sound the Alarm" with this new set.
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    Time for another one, let's see how this goes. Tennessee Titans So the Titans recently got new uniforms and well, they missed. Now that's not to say parts of it weren't good, as there were parts that are salvageable. Nevermind, screw it, time to start from scratch. Colors: I tried to manage to use 4 colors, both blues, red, and silver. I know that's a lot, but I think if it's balanced well enough, it can work. Hopefully mine is one that works. Helmet: We're going crazy right off the bat. The flames from the logo are on each side of the helmet coming from the face opening. If they doesn't make sense, I've got pictures. The rest of the helmet is silver and has a Columbia Blue face mask. Jerseys: Home, road, and alternate jerseys in Columbia, white, and Navy, in that order. I couldn't decide if there should be a red jersey a navy jersey and spent quite a while thinking it over, but in the end I decided on navy because of the Titans history being more navy than red. As for the design, I took the yoke from the previous set and gave it a red outline. I saw it, decided I wanted a little more than that, and used the sword-yoke from the current set (WITHOUT THE BEVEL. No double silver on mine) while still using the other color to carry it all the way to the end of the sleeve, so for example, the home jersey's yoke states silver, comes to the sword point, and then is navy the rest of the way. The number font is the one that had been used on social media and was presumed to be the new font until...... yeah. They're dumb. Pants: Three pairs, silver and both blues. The pants have the yoke turned into a stripe down the side and thats about it. Combinations: At home, stick to silver-Columbia-silver, a home uniform used but a related team in the past. On the road, either silver or Columbia pants, navy mixed in very sparingly. With the navy jersey, navy or silver pants. Socks are available in both blues, so the top of the sock should never clash with the pants. Now that you see them, how do you feel? Are they better than what they currently have? The same? Worse? What could I have done differently? Let me know!
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