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    I’ve heard a lot of dumb things on this board but this is close to the top. How is a defender suppose to have any chance if the receiver is allowed to do whatever they want before catching the ball? You basically want both teams to just not field a defense?
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    I'm back! Here are my idea of what the Titans can looks like. Upgraded to their arguably better logo. Minimized red and navy to prioritize the Columbia blue. And I also fixed the number font and sword shoulder design. Hope you enjoy.
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    The very first AAF game had a higher halftime score than this year’s Super Bowl. Let that sink in.
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    Wisconsin is killing it... Forward Madison FC in the third division, Green Bay Voyageurs FC in the fourth division... now they just need a second division team in Milwaukee. Name, logo and colors announced for Green Bay USL League Two - Green Bay Voyageurs FCkit reveal: They better have a tifo based on this...
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    St. Louis is looking more and more likely. I always liked the short lived ACSTL brand and wish it was the look being promoted to the MLS. I wanted this logo to look very European, so I went with an oval. I also thought I'd try a half oval. Let me know your preference.
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    This is why I've been hating on this upcoming change. Say what you will about the logo looking like a rugby ball but that logo and jersey (thought not exactly the same style) are the Jets. I didn't ask for an entire re-branding. I don't want a new helmet. I don't want a new jersey design. I don't want a new logo. All I just wanted was a lighter shade of green dammit!
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    AAF: We want to speed up the game with less commercials and shorter play clocks Also AAF: We are going to tell you the game starts at 8 but make you listen to boring commentary for almost 40 minutes before the first game.
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    Magic twitter posted this picture, confirming Fultz will stick with #20.
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    This was from the 2-year span where these jerseys overlapped
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    Unpopular opinion: 1998-2000 is the best the Rays have ever looked. That's not saying much, though.
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    I don't know if it's as recognizable/enviable as the Yankees, Mets, (or Giants), but it's certainly more delicious.
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    I've realized that I am this series and this series is me and I have to stop abandoning it, so expect more frequent updates. (and more food stay tuned!)
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    Unpopular opinion, maybe. But I like that the Rockies use a "CR" and I don't care for how many concepts I see that want to get rid of it altogether. As much as they need a refresh, I'd rather they get a better CR than be yet another team that just uses a C.
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    Trust me this is the last time i’ll post a pelicans Mardi Gras court concept. The last two I posted were in my beginner graphic designing days. Here is a finalized version. 2D 3D 3D + info
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    To avoid flooding the MLS thread and making a thread for every lower league reveal I figured I'd start this. Let's start with a review of the two new Wisconsin clubs. Forward Madison FC - USL League 1 designed by Alex Perez Green Bay Voyageurs - USL League 2 designed by Matthew Wolff
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    Ok, so I really like the idea of them going to the replay official and showing his thought process before the call is made on the field. That adds a good bit of context to replays that has always been missing.
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    I'm really not liking the obsession with black or white in MLS. It started last year but I don't love that Atlanta and Montreal are both going so predominantly black on their shirts for this season, instead of their primary brand colors. I don't think every game needs to look like the NBA All-Star Game personally!
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    Well, it's indistinguishable to a lay man like me. I mean that as the greatest compliment. I loved the MN United logo and didn't think it could be improved upon. But I agree with all of the changes and reasons.
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    I’ve been checkmated. Speaking of the Red Sox, a Green Monster based team?
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    They're tied. They're freaking tied.
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    That's funny because that's not even the brightest yellow in sports.
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    Seattle Fathoms or Trappers - yep I am posting it here. Not in the current mentions or trademarks but maybe need a change of course. I am a big fan of the Fathoms ties nautically plus to the “Seattle Underground” .
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    It actually isn't because City's jerseys appear lighter in person. Wycombe Wanderers home vs Chelsea or City's would be a different story.
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    Nashville Beat actually works. It reminds me of the Nashville Sounds baseball team. Vibe and Groove are okay, but Honky Tonkers is ridiculous.
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    The Philadelphia Flyers' numbers seem to strike a happy medium between the Rams' old numbers, their new ones, and more traditional block: Basically I just like that 2.
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    The new lighter green reflects a new era in Gotham. No more dark (k)nights for Gang Green, the green is as bright as their future. The addition of black reflects the shadows cast by the hulking buildings scraping the sky of the Manhattan, A symbol of strength and unflinching resolve. The white remains unchanged.
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    More imagery, this one originally from NFL's twitter
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    I like the horn on the shoulder as it could be argued that it's like a herd of rams charging. And it makes it more unique than a simply stripe. That's why I was bummed to see the Seahawks abandon the hawk on the sleeve stripe motif. It was brilliant and theirs.
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    It pains me to say it, but this could use some electric blue(preferably) or volt. It's all night and no lightning as is.
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    Reading interesting things here probably posted by people working in the industry, very instructive. You see theres something else which have not been mentioned. Or I think it havent. This logo is sort of omnibus, I mean, while it represents a football team, named the Alouettes, its not say, ONLY football themed, say like the NY Jets. This means, and I believe they are shoothing this way, you could offer your girlfriend a MTL Alouettes shirt, no matter your loved one doesnt like football, and I mean, she could very well find the design attractive and wear it on parties or whatever. The logo here is a stylish bird with a M. Montreals wording could very well mean I am a montrealer, sort of. Its very mixed, very unique, were finally away from cartoon logos, or Letters with decorations. Will it grow old nice? I dunno. Certainly, its fresh, and yes they took a risk.
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    So, if it's the leaked alternate for the Lightning, was it inspired by Thanos?
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    Texas' throwback for 2019: Road and Pinstriped look: https://twitter.com/TexasBaseball/status/1092830655514361856
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    Here's my contribution... I think this set of Bucks uniforms are among the absolute best in the league, and they're constantly overlooked. The logos are good, the colors are great (and have meaning to the city), and the designs are coherent across all four sets (but not just identical recolorings) . . . I love 'em.
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    As a result of this, will there be a review of 'insider information' to see if the Jets stuff was accurate or horse-hockey, potentially leading to a longer suspension?
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    Abstract concepts like “character” or “charm” are often dependent upon the observer... If you feel that way, I probably can’t sway your opinion right now; but I think in time those things can develop in your mind. Good design has a tendency to grow on people, and while you might not be a fan of the chosen direction for this rebranding, I don’t think anyone can say that this was poorly executed.
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    Yeah, that was pretty standard in the 90s/2000s - teams with new unis would usually wear the previous season's duds in preseason, waiting for regular season to start before busting out the new threads.
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    My first thought after looking at those Kamala Harris ads: Kamala 2020: Females are strong as hell!
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    I love it. Completely agree with @Gothamite and @BrandMooreArt that this logo is so iconic that it doesn't need a wordmark. And by removing the wordmark, they've elevated the logo to explicitly convey that it's so iconic that anyone would recognize it without any words spelling out what it stands for. The removal of the wordmark forces the logo to stand on its own, and carry the work of telling customers "this is MasterCard." Look at how the logo works in the applications shown above - it's far more powerful when it stands on its own, rather than having a wordmark beneath it carry the load of telling customers that it stands for MasterCard. I have a feeling this was always the end goal of the 2016 rebrand - to separate the wordmark from the logo so that the simple circles themselves would be recognizable without any text (considering that 2016 was the first time the circles were portrayed without overlaying text), and then eventually to quietly remove the wordmark so that the circles would stand alone. If that was the plan all along, it worked.
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    Font feels too skinny, but that's par for the course with government roundel-style logos.
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    The North Stars used the logo that would coincide with their move to Dallas at center ice during the last season before the rebrand to black. There's a better photo out there somewhere but I can't find it at the moment...
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    I am sexually attracted to this thread
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    The current Burger King logo is terrible, with pointless tilting and the addition of faux-3D in the shine on the buns (Why shine? Buns aren't shiny.) and a motion line (Why? Your burger isn't spinning when you eat it.). They need to return to the classic logo, which was straightforward in its 2-dimensionality, and had very friendly type.
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    I was highest on Orlando after the logos were released, but there’s not really anything about that uniform that’s appealing... even the helmet treatment removes the strongest part of the logo, the encompassing “O” shape of the archer. So it looks like I’m a Hotshots fan.
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    They’ve been using the fluorescent yellow PL names/numbers with the purple GK kit all season: And no, this is not new. The PL typeface is still only available in five colors. The fluorescent yellow has been one of the five options since the PL unveiled the new typeface:
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    The 1986-1995 Saints set played the Panthers in Carolina's expansion season and both of their games that year had this specific uni matchup. Saints overhauled their unis one year later.
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    I always really liked the Tennessee Oilers uni patch for whatever reason:
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