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    Reading this post, I can rest a lot easier at night knowing now that all of Blake Bortles’s games were actually just fixed.
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    This is what I have done so far for the 2019 season. There are a couple of minor changes I need to make but this year I have had the ability to stay on top of the new uniforms.
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    Blue bill caps at the team store...
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    If you ask “the Jets are better than that right?” the answer is always “no.”
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    I thought these wouldn’t age well, but looking back, I still like the simplicity of WLAF’s Orlando Thunder:
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    Neon colours are ridiculous. But there is a way to use bright and bold colours in an attractive way.
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    I'd prefer the Raiders play in Tuscon next year just for the fact they would be the Tuscon Raiders.
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    Thanks for the feedback, guys. When I get some time, I'll go back and take a look at those. We round out the central with... The Winnipeg Jets This one should've been fairly obvious. Who better to do a white-out than Winnipeg? The Jets' beautiful new wordmark finds a home on the chest and the numbers find one on the shoulders. The jersey adopts a simple design to really let the white take hold, but shows some inspiration from the Jets inaugural look from the 1980s. The Jets use their current name and number font, but with the numbers in white and outlined in blue, matching the wordmark while again driving home the white-out theme. Winnipeg also adopts white gloves while using blue pants to help bring some balance to the set. Keep that C&C Coming, folks!
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    as a jets fan, can confirm. the logo thing...ugh. i mean, whatever. can't say i'm surprised.
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    The quality of the play isn't great but...this is spring football. At the absolute most? It's only ever going to be a compliment to the NFL. Something to hold football fans over during the NFL offseason. And that's totally fine. If the AAF or XFL 2.0 or any of these other startups can make that a sustainable business model? All the power to them. As fans though? No one can realistically expect NFL quality. Which, again, is fine. It doesn't have to be NFL-quality football if it's not aiming to replace the NFL. It just means that people will need to manage expectations. Based off of what I've seen? The AAF is at a good starting point. Assuming the league can stay afloat? I can see the sloppiness getting cleaned up over time.
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    Occasionally, a team will send you an image or description and say, “This is what we want it to look like.” Coincidentally, that’s what happened with all three of those (SJ, CAR, and TB).
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    not a fair comparison. Bortles has never lost a Super Bowl. in fact, he has never even had an incompletion in a Super Bowl.
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    Those blue bill hats are awesome. Those should be on the field hats
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    I say to hell with it, go all the way and quarter it like the can. Or the mighty Bristol Rovers FC.
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    These look uniforms look great! I also love the stripe on Birmingham helmet hope and wish the matte was sore satin. The logo would look great for the jets, they should take notes.
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    Recently, after viewing mcrosby's excellent MLS redesign project, I realized I hadn't done any soccer concepts in awhile. So, I decided to get back into the game with some redesigns of some European teams, particularly focusing on smaller/lower level clubs across the continent. For the first team, I present 1.FC Koln And the original for reference: The main elements of the design include: The modernized goat, moved from a leaning position next to the badge to a leaping position inside the badge. The towers of the Cologne Cathedral are now represented in the goat's horns. Behind the goat, the sash design is replaced with four stripes stylized to create a K.
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    I think it looks cool, but I have concerns about how those diagonal lines in the stripes are going to perform on camera or when they're wet. Orange on top of royal blue has a tendency to vibrate on its own, but using that treatment may make it read even worse. I think this is a color scheme best left for large, solid, bold blocks of color, separated from one another by white stripes if you can help it.
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    Here’s Cincinnati’s secondary, which is literally just an off-the-shelf white Condivo shirt with the crest, sponsor logo, and MLS badges added: I get the time limitations, but surely they could’ve done better than just slapping the logos and MLS badges on a plain teamwear shirt. Plus, we already know the home kit will be a miTeam design, so there’s no excuse for Adidas not being able to do the same for the away.
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    Thanks! I really wanted to keep the Pirates’ status as a black-based team for the move. I figured the vintage-modern blend would work really well here. I’ve got a revised color balance later in the post, which solves the muddling. Also, that DC insignia works well on the black jersey. Thanks for the idea! Thanks! I really enjoyed putting it together. I’ve got a few color schemes for you: Edit (11/8/2019): I updated the Owgust design per @Gothamite's recommendation. Navy/Yellow-Gold: Navy/Metallic Gold: ”Shamrock Series” (a Project 32 favorite) Athletic Gold "Shamrock/Lambeau Series" design: I think you’re right about my color balance for the Nationals. I opted for the 1990s-style color scheme, if only because I didn’t want to add a navy team. The metallic gold doesn’t make for all that great of a primary color, especially when the Pirates have rarely been a gold-first team. So, I’ve redistributed the colors to be black/gold/slate, which looks far less muddy. Thanks for the suggestion! It really cleaned things up. With concern for a “Cleveland Deal” (which is something I oppose, due to record transfers) or a “Winnipeg Jets Deal” (a much better idea), I’m sure a new Pittsburgh club would have adopted the Pirates’ name, colors, and font. However, I’m not sure a Pittsburgh expansion would be on a post-1970s expansion scope. The market shrank considerably follow the ‘60s due to various economic circumstances (I remember @the admiral claiming that the diaspora partially explains the nation-wide Steelers fandom). The diaspora gets frequent mentions in period articles about the Pirates’ fading fortunes in the post-1979 & pre-Bonds era. It’s a world where navy/red doesn’t jive all that well with the modern image of the Pirates (or the next team on the docket). Thanks! The new concept should be up soon.
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    Just as they wore their home uniforms when they played Tampa Bay in Japan in 2004, even though Tampa Bay were the home team. Such is the power of baseball's most iconic uniforms.
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    A hellishly busy week gives way to a new week, and finally I can finish our ACC double-feature. Originally, the plan was to return GT to a more Calvin Johnson-era look, but then the new look was unveiled. IDK why GT was one of the earliest teams I sketched out, they were one of the least certain teams I had. But then they went and streamlined their look and created a modern look that I think really, really works. So my plan changed, I felt it rude and wrong to completely ignore the new look they've gone to. Football - So football doesn't really change a whole lot from their new look. Mainly the biggest thing is that the helmet loses the stripes. They don't quite fit with the look in my opinion. Otherwise there are two helmets with 3 sticker sets if you will. Gold and white helmet shells, with the white having a gold base sticker set and a navy base sticker set for the alternate look. I kept the WAH look for them. It's their thing but I shaved it down to one white uniform. I also tweaked the "Stinger Stripes" as they're called. Gold serves as the primary clash jersey, with navy set as the alternate look. Pants are simply done with the Stinger Stripes down the side of the pants. Hockey - Hockey down at GT resides in the ACHA D3 levels, but has a really good look to them. In full honesty, check them out, they have an alternate based on the Thrashers old powder blue uniforms with the Ramblin' Wreck logo on the front. It's really cool. But anyways, keeping the similarity to football in mind, these are a bit simpler than the D3 team's uniforms. Stinger Stripes on the sleeves. Stinger on the shoulders, GT on the front. Hem stripes done to mirror the idea of the Stinger Stripes. And as a fmr. hockey player I am well aware of the stigma of light colored pants. Yes they get dirty quicker, but this is college hockey. Let them have fun. Pants have the stinger stripes down the side. Alternate replaces the GT with Stinger and Stinger with the Wreck Logo. Baseball - Baseball is as simple and modern as the rest of them. Gold, white and an added navy helmet/hat set. Jerseys are basically the same as everything else. The wordmarks don't quite lend themselves super well to the front of jerseys, so the GT logo takes their place. Stinger Stripes on the sleeves, Ramblin' Wreck logo on the back collar. Pants have the stinger stripes down the side. Basketball - Basketball carries out all the previously established motifs. Arched Georgia Tech on the home and away uniforms with the number in the middle. The hockey hem stripes get used around the neckline and the armholes with the stinger stripes coming out just underneath them. Shorts have the hem stripage on the waistband and around the bottom of the leg holes with Stinger on the side of the shorts. C&C Welcome as always!
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    Sure, of course. Simmons, however, cares deeply about the Red Sox and Patriots so it's a bad look to immediately jump into sports bitching the minute one sports thing doesn't go perfectly for him. THAT'S HOW THE REST OF US LIVE ALL THE TIME! It comes across as very spoiled and out of touch, which I guess is what he is.
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    I like interlocking letters but I actually like that only a select number of teams really can use them. I would not want to see them overused. I absolutely do not want to see TX, AZ, etc. Then' we'll get alts with ATL, PHILA. I am not a fan of postal codes and other abbreviations (especially on MLB hats if they get to be more than two letters). Using the nicknames and cities...I'm generally not a fan, but it makes more sense to me than interlocking a postal code. I kinda like the "CA" above (and the short-lived version just before the "winged-A" disaster). I'm not a fan of the "CR" in theory, but in practice it at least looks OK. The "Motre Bame" hat is the only bad part of an otherwise great look from 1994-1999. I thought that hat was awful. There are a couple of midwestern quirks: The BiG. I know that's an "M" and a "B" but obviously, they designed a "clever" logo and while I don't like it as much as some do, I don't consider it bad that they had both letters on the hat, as they arrived at it in a different way. The Twins "TC." This is one of the most unique cap logos in baseball in that it doesn't include the city (state) name at all and from a literal standpoint, should not represent "Minnesota Twins." But part of its charm is that it's rooted in the confusion of how to handle the whole "Minneapolis/St. Paul" issue. The Twins were the first team in North American team sports to take the field with a non-city name. Add to that that an "M" could have been seen as "Minneapolis" and not "St. Paul" and they ended up with a unique solution as the location of the "Twin Cities" is what prompted the whole mess to begin with. Also... I can't remember where I saw this...probably from someone here...I think they were considering calling themselves the Twin Cities Twins, which would have rendered that cap viable to the "city letter on the cap" norm. But the American League did not sign on to that name (thankfully). So they went with Minnesota but kept the hat. If that's true, then that makes it an interesting story. So, yeah, I kinda give my team a pass...
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    11,751 was the attendance for last night's game against Salt Lake. They do have 3 home games in March (Atlanta, San Antonio and San Diego). So, maybe you have some Rangers/Astros or Padres fans that might come in. And maybe some people that just want to watch a blowout with the Legendarily Bad Atlanta squad.
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    Their team color is Navy. So that's what the merchandise is going to predominantly be. That's like saying the Cardinals don't have a red jersey, but you can buy merchandise in red anyway. Or the Dodgers and blue. In baseball, not everybody has colored alternates, and home/aways are neutral white/gray, so you can't go by the color of the jerseys when determining the dominant color in which the merchandise is going to be produced. A better example would've been like the Giants who are predominantly black, but you can find orange merchandise. Or the A's with green/yellow. Mariners navy/teal. Tigers navy/orange.
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    Right. I was responding to a description that they were "gross". As a member of the largest wildland firefighting organization in the country and somebody responsible for hiring many of them, our organization is gravitating to the Arizona team. Wearing their polo to work today.
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    For starters, I absolutely LOVE the new look of the Marlins as-is. To answer your question, I honestly don’t think more blue would be better. The way everything is right now, it’s a perfect way of giving the look of a neon-sign vibe. Really the only changes I’d make would be to add the stripes from the sleeves to the collar and maybe add a cap with a blue bill
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    Siiiigh... Well I hope the uniforms improved at least
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    How do you know it was fixed? What proof do you have?
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    I always liked this. This and their original logo are the only ones that actually seem to incorporate airplane/flying imagery in any way. This logo doesn't even really need all that much modernization.
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    As a whole, I really think the visual identities in this league are strong - much stronger than I expected. I don't even mind the single jersey, as long as they contrast properly. I'm looking forward to seeing how this new league develops.
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    Unpopular opinion: I don’t hate this. The pattern may be standard adidas but it kind of reminds me of canyon rock sediment which is very fitting for Utah. The thing I dislike the most is the monochrome crest which is hardly ever the right choice
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    The hat is awful, off the top of my head it's the worst monogram in the majors.
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    Sometimes, sometimes not. Well-designed neons can look good.
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    Updated: I cleaned up the primary logo and made it look more refined. In addition, I proposed two variants of the old NYC token alternate the team used in the 1990s-early 2010s, simplified and easy to transfer. I will be creating alternate statement and city uniforms for the Knicks as well, so look out for that in the near future!
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    Anywhere we can stream these games? I’d love to watch today as well as the next few weeks but I’m not paying for CBS sports
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    Celebrity All Star Game uniforms:
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    And now here’s the primary, which matches up with the mockups I’ve made and posted here: The shirt has an inaugural MLS season jocktag. And as an aside, the application of the MLS badges here is nicer than that of all of the other 2019 kits. I’d much prefer that application over the cheap sewn on application that Adidas seems to be moving to this year.
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    No need to get salty. An overly detailed late 90s/early 2000s style illustration of a jet isn’t exactly becoming of a team with the history and locale of the Jets. That they’re ditching the uniforms that put the team, AFL, and Super Bowl itself on the map so they can have some over-designed Nike clownsuit with unnecessary colours is bad enough. No need to add a cartoony aggressive jet logo on top of it.
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