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    Or maybe it looks good because that's What it's supposed to look like. Lakers in yellow(goldish) at home vs the rockets in a colored uniform.
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    these are the types of matchups I love seeing. Both teams wearing vibrant primary colors. While the home teams court and uniforms match perfectly and the away team is perfectly differentiated
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    It's second tier football. This is what crowds look like for second tier football.
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    Can the matte helmet fad please die?
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    Boring. They have a unique shade of blue but decide to only use 10% of it. All I see on TV is black and white.
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    They remind me of the 2006 Mets: black and purplish.
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    In that case, I have also invested $250M in the AAF. No, make that $300M! I'll send the check when I get around to it, and I may change my mind at any time.
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    The oldest millennials are pushing 40.
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    I think that's a spot-on assessment on your part. I had the privilege of working on a number of charitable events and initiatives that Mrs. Kraft played a major role in putting together. She was as lovely a human being - compassionate, friendly, generous, intuitive, sensitive, and wise - as you were ever likely to meet. She was truly someone capable of "lighting up a room" - and your heart - with the sheer force of her energy, enthusiasm, and optimism. And she was so down-to-earth. She was famous for her willingness to roll up her sleeves and take on any task that was necessary to benefit a charity that she supported. I remember working side by side with her during the construction of a playground. She was out there in a t-shirt, jeans, and work gloves... as insistent upon spreading mulch, shoveling dirt, and constructing play structures as anyone else there. There was no pretense about her. Perhaps her greatest gift was her ability to truly connect with people. If she was engaged in a conversation with you, you were her absolute focus until that exchange was over. You could be certain that you were the center of her world. And, quite frankly, Bob Kraft knew what it was to be the center of his wife's world - and, make her the center of his - for 48 years of marriage. They were legendarily devoted to one another. Bob Kraft was devastated when she succumbed to cancer eight years ago and, truth be told, I don't think he's ever recovered from her passing. I truly believe that Myra Kraft grounded her husband in a very profound way and, since her death, it has struck me that he's seemed to be adrift... untethered... lost. Something hasn't been quite right with him. I think that the death of his wife created a hole in his life that he's been trying to fill in countless ways... with none of those methods truly managing to do the trick. In any event, that's my dime-store psychoanalysis. None of this is meant to excuse Bob Kraft's latest behavior... but, that said, I certainly don't think that he'd be engaging in said behavior if Myra Kraft were still alive.
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    The crowd wasn't great but it was definitely better than that picture when I watched the second half. But not 10k people better. The cold weather seems like a legitimate excuse to me. If I'm planning on going to a game I know won't sell out, I'm not going to buy early and I'm sure as hell not going if it's 37 degrees out or raining, especially for a team that the best praise you can give them is "they're probably not as bad as their winless record looks" and I have no real attachment to. They still need to figure out a way to put asses in seats, though.
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    Bob definitely lost it when Myra passed. I know it’s uncouth to judge these things but god, isn’t it profoundly weird how he went from publicly mourning her to dating someone who could’ve been his granddaughter so quickly? And all of his weirdo attempts to look young and cool — the AF1s with a suit, dancing in a hoodie at rap shows, friendships with Meek Mill? I guess it’s kind of a breath of fresh air compared to the usual country club boringness of this class, but it’s also been very strange. also if there’s one thing I’ve learned about mega-rich men, it’s that philanthropy doesn’t mean they aren’t monsters in other areas.
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    Surprised it took this long to see "designed" helmets in the NHL. I don't really think the logos work, but wouldn't mind seeing stripes similar to what colleges do.
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    Hey there! Were you disappointed in an unexciting Super Bowl culminating in the Evil Empire hoisting yet another Lombardi Trophy? Need a bigger fix of football and the AAF isn't doing the trick? Want to see someone display marginal design skills and creativity through a cavalcade of slightly altered striping patterns, new fonts, and superfluous recolors before inevitably burning out and stopping 2/3 of the way through the league? Then you have come to the right place! In the posts that follow, you will see my staid re-imaginings of the National Football League, starting, as nearly every one of these threads does, with the Arizona Cardinals, because that's how the alphabet works. ARIZONA CARDINALS The one distinctive trait of their uniforms during their time in the Copper State has been the incorporation of the state flag on the sleeves from the late 90s to mid 00s, so that's the main source of inspiration. The team colors are altered to reflect this (bye-bye black) and a red facemask replaces the gray one of yore, removing yet another extraneous color from the Cardinals colorway. The uniforms fit the flag onto the sleeve caps, and the solitary angular stripe on the pants carries from the flag as well. The alternate also draws heavily from the flag. Other than that, the red pants are back (only to be used with the white jersey), and a new number font accompanies these changes. Let me know which team you want to see next. I welcome your feedback.
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    Milwaukee farm club Carolina Mudcats to play as Micro Brews February 24, 2019 - 00:37 AM The Carolina Mudcats, Class-A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers, will play four games this season as the Micro Brews. It’s not just an homage to the parent club, or that the minor league players in Milwaukee’s farm system are like […] Read More...
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    It looks like they're wearing low-quality giveaway jerseys, practice jerseys, or t-shirts.
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    Woof for the helmet. They have good pieces, but they're put together upside down and inside out.
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    Nothing too crazy on this next one - Portland 50th Anniversary edition. Old School Trim - 5 Lines to tie in with logo and 50. Touches of Gold. Subtle Line below sash to give some dimension.
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    “This Marlins uniform may potentially look good 1/2 of the time it’s worn! Brilliant design! All hail Jeter!”
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    They look "simple" and "clean" because it's basically a traditional, (nearly) solid black wordmark on a white jersey. I'd say it's a bad sign for your branding and uniform design if they don't come to life during a sunny afternoon day (you know, how baseball's been played for 150 years) and need indoor stadium lights to actually see your "colores." I agree on the helmets. It doesn't help that some of the players have pine tar on them, but it's hard to see the logos on players who aren't. They probably should have opted for shiny rather than matte, but the issue is with the design. The caps manage to work somewhat because of the embroidery.
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    Hamilton looks better with black helmets with the yellow stripe.
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    It’s so painfully dull. A front number would improve it a tiny bit, but they really need to go further than that to get things looking better.
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    These helmets are what happens when you try to cater to the Fortnite generation of kids who can’t keep their attention on one thing for more than 10 seconds. Hockey needs to get back to catering to their diehard fans, and not this millenial crap
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    They had a version of the 80's set minus the black:
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    If you don't enjoy this (excluding Jazz fans) then the NBA might not be your thing.
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    Between this, the Nashville Sounds, and the Predators' guitar pick secondary logo, it's kind of embarrassing that the Titans hate Nashville so much that they don't have any music related imagery.
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    I don’t know if there’s a sports design trend I dislike more than the ‘large logo on one side, number on the other side’ that we see here and in every third college football game.
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    I’m liking this series thus far! Baltimore - I like the placket striping and the decision to drop the tails on the scripts. The black alternate, while I don’t like the O’s insignia, is a fantastic addition to the set. It does make the taper on the home script fairly clear, which does create a bit of a problem when compared to the road design. It’d be interesting to de-taper it or use a mild taper on the “Baltimore” script, milder than the one used from 2009-2011. Boston - I like the return of the double headspoon and the socks. The only part I’m not sure about are the red undershirts on the road uniform. I would either flip the road lettering colors or use navy undershirts, for a better color balance. I’m excited to see where you go with the series!
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    This looks great! I'm definitely following this thread closely for at least a week or so before my attention gets diverted and I then I only sporadically check in and get caught up on a couple of dozen posts and responses before you inevitably drop out 2/3rds of the way through and I completely forget this existed until some nitwit two years from now posts a "Neat, are you still doing this thread?" comment which gets a ton of angry responses from the rest of us telling them to let dead threads stay dead, but ironically, his dumb post inspires you to revisit this series and bring it back to life because now your life is a bit less hectic because the baby you had is now a couple of years old and not QUITE the exhausting, all-time-consuming beast it used to be, so you excitedly post a couple of new designs before disappearing again, this time with increased shame and depression as you realize that you truly have no life except work and that baby and what were you thinking believing you could actually dedicated time to finishing off this league and you become slightly depressed and abandon all creative endeavors of any kind, at least for a while.
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    Why? Use black numbers and be done with it!
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    1 - You are confusing 'wanting it to fail' with 'expecting it to fail'. Those are two very different things. 2 - The NFL already HAS its minor league system. It's the NCAA.
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    Don't you think it would be silly to design uniforms that only look good under the lights of a retractable roof stadium, even if that's where they play 50% of their games? Also bearing in mind, we don't even know if these would look decent under those conditions yet. Frankly I'm skeptical.
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    I’m aware. I don’t understand why it’s difficult to get kids to like sports....for sports, and why we always have to go the extra mile with nonsense.
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    Calgary should get rid of black, period. The silver they used to have was 100 times better, and there is another team that not only uses red and black but calls itself after the colours. Hamilton should indeed go back to yellow helmets (and pants) but I doubt it will happen. The Argos need to eliminate the non-contrasting look (blue pants/blue jerseys, white pants/white jerseys) and start using Cambridge (light) blue upper socks with the Oxford (dark) blue pants.
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    There's no extra money in diehard fans. Innovation has to continue. Plus it's one game.
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    There's so much I wanna say about this given everything I saw leading up to this but...I don't even know if it's worth the keystrokes at this point. I try to be as open-minded as possible when it comes to certain things...but that is supposed to be a pro-level crest?? All the many muses a Nashville sport club could use around here and...I just wanna see the creative brief on this.
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    This comment really sucks. Billionaires are destroying our economies, our environments, and the very nature of the social contract. On the whole, they're way more likely to be caught up in sexual exploitation of marginalized groups simply because they want to be. I don't like the implication that being involved with hip-hop means you're more likely to seek prostitutes. I don't see the connection; old white dudes do just fine paying for trim all by themselves.
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    I dont hate it. That's all I'll say.,
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    It works for football because there's minimal interruption across the shell of the helmet. It doesn't work for hockey because there is :censored: ton of interruption across the shell of the helmet.
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    Bumping because I have the next one done. New Orleans Pelicans - following the tradition of Mardi Gras themed. I wanted this one to be wild and bold yet clean. Inspired again by the city flag with a unique "wordmark" I intentionally left the number off the front. 1. It cluttered the design. I even tried it in between the Fleur-De-Lis and still didn't look right, but in today's NBA I don't think it's a necessity. The trim is not the typically even 3 lines, it's intended to mimic the dimensions of the city flag. Crescent City basketball logo on shorts and mismatching purple and green accents that pay homage to the original mardi gras uniform they wore. The back has a faint detail inspired by the city's detailed architecture and old royal French garments. Bonus socks added.
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    Round Rock Express to don classic Astros fauxbacks February 22, 2019 - 14:04 PM The Round Rock Express, newly minted Triple-A affiliate of the Houston Astros, already unveiled new logos this offseason to reflect their new parent club, and now they’ve unveiled “fauxback” jerseys and hats that emulate one of the most distinctive looks […] Read More...
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    That's a conversation the Colts need to have with Nike, not the Jets.
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    the ability some of you have to get to a place of insults on the internet over people not liking the designs you like is seriously as impressive as it is disconcerting.
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    They probably won’t do it but the Eskimos need to bring back their classic striping, which coincidentally they won they their most recent Grey Cup with (and a whack load of others back then). Just make it permanent and never go back. It looks so much better than the 2000s striping. They are the best looking team in the league with these stripes.
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