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    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the story they’ve told. They’ve shown their helmets arriving at a massive facility where hundreds (if not thousands of helmets) are made or refurbished on a daily basis. The story mainly follows the white helmets (which they previously wore) being sanded down and sent through the paint/primer line, but threw in shots of other helmets to not only back up my first point, but also to avoid any hints of what color the new helmets may be.
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    For what it’s worth, the Canucks have also done a ton of brand research over the past few seasons, and the overwhelming fan preference for Stick-in-Rink and Johnny Canuck that you keep trumpeting is simply not supported by the data.
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    The fanbase will argue until the end of time about the appropriate logo but one thing for sure is that its pretty much universally agreed upon the blue and green should stay.
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    It *is* the Vapor Untouchable template, just without the mesh collar insert (proof that it — much like Flywire — serves no real function or purpose). I was told it was simply "in the way" when Nike designed Oregon's oversized numbers, and early concepts made them sit down too far on the model's stomach to the point where the numbers could essentially be tucked in, depending on the player's height. And I can also confirm the Ducks are not the only team that will be wearing oversized numbers next season.
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    Dude it’s one uniform, make some suggestions for the uniform, not tell him what you want
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    To me the benefit of having a bright color is allowing it to pop in a design. The Marlins might as we have just used black only. Waste of a great color scheme.
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    However, Kraft and the others went to the location not because those women wouldn't talk like an escort had the possibility to and blackmail them, they went there because those women COULDN'T talk. Those women were completely powerless and every one of those men knew that.
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    Both the Rams and Raiders dealt with this at the L.A. Coliseum.
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    That might actually be the right size for this league.
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    To me, the hawk always looked like it was hatching out of a tan/beige egg. I can't explain the red and white part at the bottom.
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    Well, I think that@Ice_Cap has said that the best thing about the AAF is that its ratings haven't continue to decline (after the inevitable drop-off from the first week on an over-the-air network). This is a good point. If this trend continues, then it would be a legitimately hopeful sign.
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    Why are we assuming that if the primer is grey it can’t be a white helmet? I’ve seen grey primer used all the time for white paint on cars and such, heck I’ve seen damn near royal blue primer used for the exterior of a house that was then painted white.
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    @daveindc You're probably right, in all honesty. I guess I just have a hard time believing there's really that much of a demand for baseball in Charlotte. Let alone enough of one to necessitate a MLB franchise. It's actually pretty insane to me that we're even talking about expansion at all. Quite a few teams wouldn't even exist in the first place if not for television driving revenue more than ticket sales.
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    Well, I NEVER like seeing the Warriors lose, but I’ll take it. If you’re gonna lose a game to a team less talented than you, that’s certainly the way to do it. What a great finish. Happy for D Wade.
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    One of the more universally liked City Edition uniforms - and certainly one of my personal favorites - belongs to the Miami Heat. The Miami Vice theme along with the neon colors is pretty much the most Miami thing you can legally do to a uniform, and it's perfect in every single way right down to the throwback single-leg shorts trim. With that being said, the first thing myself and many others on this board and elsewhere thought was that it could work very well in black too. Something about the city's neon lights at night creates a perfect tie-in. With City Edition uniforms anticipated to change every year, I wouldn't be surprised to see a black version sooner than later. I've seen a few mock-ups of black versions that more or less just flip the base colors and call it a day, and those look just as nice as expected. However, I think the white base needs the full-color wordmarks and numerals as well as the black accents to make it work; I don't know that this is necessarily true for the black base, though. For my black version, I maintained the basic template of their current City Edition jersey while revisiting the LeBron-era "Back in Black" alternates for the wordmarks and numerals. The black letters and numerals on the black background creates a perfect amount of contrast with the neon strokes while also affording room for a glow effect similar to my Minnesota Timberwolves Northern Lights alternate jersey a few pages back. It's clean, simple, and very Miami. Please let me know your thoughts on this version....thanks! Miami Heat City Edition Jerseys
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    If ratings were everything, then CBS would actually pay Nielsen to have CBSSN rated.
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    Fun fact - I made that Canucks logo some years ago now.
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    I said “I wish” out loud when I saw this.
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    What’s killing me is the shooting football coming out of it like a tumor apparently moving the “center” of the logo over to the right, making the whole thing look unbalanced to the left on the field. It would’ve looked fine if they rested the middle of the first 0 on the 50, with the ball shooting out a little past the 35.
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    Next up are the North Polars from North St. Paul. North High School Nickname: Polars Enrollment: 1,774 Rival(s): Hill-Murray, Mahtomedi Class: AA State Titles: 0 State Tournament Appearances: 4 (1961, 1967, 1970, 1981) Home: The biggest change to their home uni is the reinstatement of the angled "North" text. This was used by them back in the 60s and was the best jersey logo I think they've used, I think it fits their old school jerseys better than their current jerseys Another somewhat big change was in the striping, rather than being a direct copy of Detroit, I gave moved the white stripe further up the arm and added another white stripe at the cuff. I think this kind of gives off a retro vibe, almost like the barber pole jerseys Ottawa used not long ago. I also changed the helmets back to white because I jut like how they looked more than the red, and I also put a white stripe on the breezers. Away: Similar to the new home, the striping is a modified version of the Red Wings classic jerseys. The biggest change I made was keeping the shoulders white to match the home. Alternate: It seems like the Polars have essentially used the Red Wings copies their whole existence, except for a few years in these... So I just made up a new alternate. I brought the skating bear back to the front of the jersey and added black to the stripes. Black is one of their school colors, I just decided not to use it in the main sets, plus I think it looks better with the bear. The striping is just two thick stripes, one red and one black with a slim white line between. I tried to keep it simple while still being different for them. Next up will be Simley High School Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
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    Houston isn’t right - that chevron jersey is from 2016. They replaced the orange uniforms this year.
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    #3 - Vancouver Canucks Speculation has it that the Vancouver script will be dropped from the primary logo. 2019/20 will also see the addition of a third jersey and the skate throwback to celebrate the Canucks 50th Anniversary. So here is my prediction for the Canucks 2019 set. Script dropped, green alt, Adizero Flying Skate.
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    You would think North and South St Paul, but as a Packer alum I can assure you they weren't at all. We were rivals with Sibley, Simley and STA for everything and Mahtomedi for football. This thread inspired me to see what SSP looked like these days and I was somewhat disappointed with the look they've gone in bringing back the Athletic Gold throwback color. I always liked that while I was there we were maroon and white with black and silver accents. The Gold made it too Gopher like. Interested to see more of these, this is a great series so far!
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    Dallas Cowboys NFL 75th Anniversary Season 1974
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    And this could be the official soft drink at the stadium:
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    Lastly (for tonight) the Minnesota Vikings. Unlike the other three teams in the NFC North, the Vikings have an identity crisis when it comes to uniforms, as they never feel "perfect". Me personally, I loved the '98 uniforms, but I also like their current font, so I combined the two and made something new. I also added some purple pants to the mix and "throwbacks" based off of the throwbacks worn about ten years ago.
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    So, the leaked logo is definitely green, and the helmet is likely green also. This brings to mind several possibilities: 1. The green helmet logo will blend into the green helmet. This seems unlikely. 2. The logo we have seen is the new primary, but the helmet decal(s) will be something designed to evoke the team name, rather than the team's official primary logo - along the lines of Bengals, Eagles, Vikings, and Rams. This could happen with any helmet color. I would think they'd maybe use grey to evoke a military jet but none of the revealed info has indicated any usage of grey - just green, black, white. This is very feasible with a green helmet. 3. The logo we've seen is legit AND is the helmet logo, but there's a color-swapped (primarily white) version for the green helmet. 4. The logo we have seen will be on a non-green helmet in the form we have seen it. 5. The logo we have seen is legit but a second (as-yet unseen) new logo will go on the helmet. (Not the same as #2, where the decals would likely not be an actual logo.) 6. The logo we've seen is a fake or decoy of some sort, maybe an alternate rather than a primary, and will not factor into the uniforms at all (this is somewhat compatible with #2 and #5). Right now my thoughts lean toward #2 or #3. I think #2 would be better because the leaked logo looks pretty lame for a new helmet - it's almost identical to the old one. I too think a green helmet is the most likely scenario. If so, I hope it matches the uniforms well and has either a gloss or satin finish - not straight-up matte.
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    This is listed as a current alternate logo on sportslogos.net, which actually surprised me when I researched just now. It isn't really used in many promotional materials that I can think of.
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    An obvious stretch. If that had been intended, they wouldn't have messed up the "p" by putting the line break where they did.
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    I've been sitting on this for some time, but.....
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    Yes. The piping works better when it accentuates the design. Plain piping makes the detailed wordmark or script the focal point, while still adding some nice detail and making it look like a "finished" design. Numbers are the same way. If you have an ornate wordmark, then plain numbers/NOB are the way to go. Stylized numbers either create two focal points (if the numbers are not the same style as wordmark) and lessen the impact of all design elements, or (if the same style as the wordmark) blend in and... well, lessen the impact of all design elements. I think it's the same way with NFL uniforms, and is why basic one-color block (or at least non flashy) numbers work so well for teams like the Steelers and pre LOL-era Browns. Go ahead... cosign this one too.
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    Memphis seems to have given up on actually selling tickets for Saturday
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    My mind immediately went to this...
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    Dallas Cowboys at Jacksonville Jaguars, September 10, 2006. Only time the Cowboys have won blue against the Jags and also the only time Dallas has played in Jacksonville during the regular season.
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    Carolina Reapers Make the logo similar to the Padres friar swinging, but with a Grim Reaper instead. Make the baseball look like a Carolina Reaper pepper. Colors could be black with red and green trim.
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    Right, but once you build on the parking lot, where's the parking? Do you tear down part of the convention center? It's Southern California, people can't not drive to the games. Is that Tobias's Queen Mary there?
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    Disney’s Island of Whatever they’re gonna make more money from.
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    I'd say it's a decent amount. That's just a terrible situation all-around.
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    If you're the Nationals, I'm not sure how you explain to your fanbase that you let the face of your franchise, and likely the first player to sport that cap in the HOF walk over money. I'm assuming they're in decent financial shape, considering the market and stadium situation, but maybe they're not a "high revenue" team? One of those "small market in a big market" teams? I'm also tired about hearing about Boras. It's the player - it's all on the player. Boras might be telling him "just another week Bryce... trust me, they'll come crawling back" but at the end of the day it's on the player to say "bro, I just want to play, and $301M works for me." I think people forget who works for who.
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    OHMYGOD I would have never thought... THAT GUY... would be in a Kings jersey! To me, That Guy will always be a member of another team.
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    I think that IS conductive to my argument. The UCLA set proves that a modern, non-loose, sleeve-capped jersey can have perfectly serviceable shoulder stripes, if that's what the team insists on and what the manufacturer is willing to do for them. It seems pretty clear to me that in a normal client/vendor relationship, if the client comes to the vendor with a design, it's the vendor's job to alter what they do to fit the needs of the client, not the other way around. But the Jets obviously never cared enough, and Nike is obviously too interested in their proprietary templates to do a little extra work. Frustrating.
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    You have a good point ... but you oversold it a tad. We don't need taunting; and we definitely don't need details about players' dating practices! What is nice to have, however, is storylines. The thing that I really liked when I started following Arena Football was the fact that the players played both ways. So a wide receiver who is covered by a defensive back had the chance to cover that same player; and running back / linebackers spent the game tackling each other. Those storylines made most games interesting. Unfortunately, the league eventually dropped iron man football; and with that decision plenty of built-in drama went out of the games. Each league has its own set of storylines. In the AAF, the opening-week performance of Birmingham quarterback Luis Perez, who had had a great Division II college career after having played very little football in high school, was compelling, as was the play of that team's ex-Alabama running back Trent Richardson. Even failure is interesting, if there's a story to it: the bungling and bumbling of Memphis quarterback Christian Hackenberg, a second-round NFL pick, had a "can't look away" disaster quality. At San Antonio, coach Mike Riley might be tempted to use two quarterbacks. Even if Logan Woodside is the main starter, he might want to keep Marquise Williams sharp. Just give us the stories. In the orignial XFL, my favourite player was Hitmen wide receiver Anthony DiCosmo. He was a New Jersey native, a black guy who had been adopted as a baby by a loving Italian mother whom he adored and who still doted on him. The Dragons in the Arena League had a very interesting wide receiver / defensive back in Richmond Flowers III. He was the son of an ex-Giant, and, even more significantly, the grandson of a brave anti-segregationist Alabama attorney general. And he played guitar and sang in the clubhouse. This is the kind of stuff that makes a team and a league come alive, and makes a fan want to watch.
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    Am I the only one that sometimes reads the Rockies cap CR as saying "ColoRado?"
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    Not necessarily a logo misconception, but when I was younger, I thought an Argonaut was nothing more than a Canadian Astronaut.
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    *Edit* Cleveland Browns Home and Road
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    We could kill the Kennedys but we couldn't make three shades of blue plastic.
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    Not familiar with this school but that mascot had a ton of potential, and they should have at least kept it as an alternate (if they cleaned up the gradients) similar to how the Wisconsin Badgers have their primary W but still use the Bucky mascot logo a lot. As far as these new shield logos, they need thicker lines. There’s a lot of unimaginative empty white space. This update seems like a missed opportunity.
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    Okay, let’s look at it from the perspective of a relocation. A relocation nullifies the 5-year rule immediately, even after just one year, but the Rams have used the same design since the early 2000s, so the rule wouldn’t apply anyway. The stadium opens, what, 3 years after the relocation? And they wanted to wear throwbacks full time. Okay, so they do that, but guess what? The clock resets because they changed uniforms and they can’t change for 5 years, 2 years after the stadium opens. There are rules in place for allowing exceptions during relocations, but the rule they’re asking to be exempt from doesn’t have anything to do with their relocation, it has to do with a new stadium. If, hypothetically, Tennessee opened a new stadium in 2 years, should they be exempted from the rule to get new uniforms coinciding with the new stadium? No, and the Rams shouldn’t be allowed to do that either. 0% of the blame goes on the league for this
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