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    The actual NFL shield sitting at the 41 is kicking the **** out of my OCD.
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    That might be the worst collar design ever.
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    I"ve literally never referred to DC as "Washington" outside of a sports context or at a train station. It's always "I have to go to DC for work" or "I'm visiting a friend down in DC". When I hear it referred to as "Washington", I take that to mean simply the US government, like "Washington's reaction to the attack on Ukraine..."
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    Someone please remove Portland from that list. Minor league football will die a fast death here.
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    This is a good way to put it and it's because A. the weight of each letter is too uniform throughout iami and B. the letters have too much space between them. If you're hand-writing something in cursive you don't give your letters that much space and you're not evenly applying pressure to your writing tool so your strokes will be thicker in some places than others. Look at the Orioles scripts, Minnesota's road jerseys, look at Detroit's, and look at Cleveland's old road script. The letters all work in close quarters to one another and with one another, but each letter fluctuates in it's own weight. Here the M takes up so much of the visual weight while the lowercase iami is streeeeetched to make the word reach across the chest, but once you get to the end it's cut off abruptly and the last i doesn't do the work the reach the same visual weight as the M so the whole thing feels unbalanced. The reason the Mets script works as a script with an even shorter word is because the t rises to match the weight of the M and combined with the lowercase s and vertical rise the whole thing is balanced. Also the Miami script is flat across the jerseys, which means there's no visual action with regards to how it's placed. It's begging for a more severe italicization and a vertical shear like every other team that uses a script on the front of a jersey. It doesn't have enough movement. If they'd vertically sheared it and given it an underlining tail coming off the last i then it'd be more dynamic, adds an extra character to the end of the word and also some more vertical thickness AND IF ANY TEAM SHOULD USE A TAIL ON THEIR SCRIPT IT'S THE GODDAMN MARLINS. This is like how the Capitals wordmark is all lower-case. All mistakes that make it feel very concept boards and very airport gift shop. Also the logo with the Marlin on top of the baseball looks like the Marlin is urinating and their prioritization of colors in what could be a cool color scheme is awful. The whole thing sucks! It's not an improvement over the previous identity and I hated the previous identity.
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    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the story they’ve told. They’ve shown their helmets arriving at a massive facility where hundreds (if not thousands of helmets) are made or refurbished on a daily basis. The story mainly follows the white helmets (which they previously wore) being sanded down and sent through the paint/primer line, but threw in shots of other helmets to not only back up my first point, but also to avoid any hints of what color the new helmets may be.
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    Fluorescent lighting also gives off a greenish tinge. Thank you, introductory photography class from college.
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    Portland is in Oregon but point proven, not once have I ever refered to Washington as just DC, either Washington DC together or, just Washington. If I were to talk ab the state I would say Washington State. I feel like the same thing applies to sports.
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    This is the best version of the SiR.
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    Or they could just fix the collar, drop the script and end up with one of the nicest jerseys in the league .
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    I know that jersey has some haters here, but my eyes light up whenever I see a photo of players wearing it. It's so gorgeous.
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    As for why, they're a Big Sky school with limited success that nobody cares about.
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    Good grief, so many concepts come through that try to make the negative toilet seat collar a “thing” by filling in only the front part of the (now mostly defunct) Elite 51 collar. The only time it’s been done in reality was on that one terrible UNC set, which turned out, in fact, to look terrible.
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    Respectfully, you’re nitpicking. It’s showing one step of the entire process and is meant to get people talking/excited about the rebrand. It’s building anticipation. It’s been successful in that aspect, even if it is what you believe to be just a “standard, menial step.” I’m truly curious what you believe the actual story is? Because, at least from my point of view, it seems like you want them to give you bits and pieces that ultimately lead to the answer when — in reality — that’s not the point of any of this. They’ll surely show the design process *after* the uniforms are unveiled. Again, I see this as a way for them to build anticipation for the uniforms, not to give you clues or hints as to what the uniforms are. Throwing the extra helmets in there keeps you off their track and gives some people who have no clue how this process works a behind-the-scenes look.
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    Hilarious. That "Brooklyn Camo" thing was insulting even by the standards of overwrought branding copy.
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    You have to look at the lockup as the full logo - which spans 35 to 35
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    There should be no modern stick-in-rink. How bout that.
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    Makes the Cowboys worse and MNF better. Nice.
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    When this logo was released, I'm pretty sure the idea behind it was that it was an ambiguous mix of a pioneer cap AND a hawk, because school officials couldn't make up their mind which one they wanted. I'll try to hunt it down.
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    For what it’s worth, the Canucks have also done a ton of brand research over the past few seasons, and the overwhelming fan preference for Stick-in-Rink and Johnny Canuck that you keep trumpeting is simply not supported by the data.
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    But nobody considers MLS’s ratings strong. Television ratings are where the league is weakest and is something that MLS is desperately working to improve. Few MLS clubs have good local TV deals, which is why LAFC and DCU are turning to streaming platforms for all their coverage. Major League Soccer attendance is up, but TV ratings lag as U.S. Soccer mulls future Major League Soccer’s Peculiar Viewing Trends The Problem With Soccer on TV if you’re using MLS ratings as the benchmark, then the AAF ratings are very concerning, if improving. And that’s why I say it’s a curious metric. If the best thing we can say about the AAF is that it’s greatest strength is slightly better than MLS’s worst liability, then maybe we shouldn’t equate the two.
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    Not really logo related but I feel like sharing anyway. When I was a very very young lad I didn’t realize football and hockey players were wearing shoulder pads beneath their jerseys and thought they were all just inhumanly jacked.
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    The fanbase will argue until the end of time about the appropriate logo but one thing for sure is that its pretty much universally agreed upon the blue and green should stay.
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    I really hope Lakers consider going back to tradition. They can mix it up occasionally but keep the white jersey as the Sunday home jersey. And fix the purple jersey and actually wear it.
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    It’s not touted as proof that MLS is in better shape than the NFL, and to be clear. I’m not saying the AAF is in better shape than MLS. I’m saying that if we hold MLS’ tv ratings up as a sign of the league’s relative strength then the AAF’s ratings are impressive. The XFL was legenadary in how it declined on a week by week basis. The same doesn’t appear to be happening here. Week two and week three drew less than the curiosity-boosted week one, but they’ve remained steady, with week three even getting a bump. It’s not a case of a sudden drop-off. A good chunk of the tv audience seems to be sticking around. For now. I’m not saying that the AAF is in better or equal shape compared to MLS. I’m saying if we consider MLS’ ratings strong than the AAF’s ratings are, well, strong. People are watching on tv is all I’m saying. I’m unsure how this is controversial. As for the MLS’ relative health? Of course it’s healthier. It’s been around longer. It’s survived a lot of the trials the AAF is currently facing (MLS almost went under at one point). They survived though, and they eventually thrived when they found their market. And what I’m saying is that the AAF has proven it has an audience that’s not insignificant. Again, we’re three weeks in and the XFL drop off hasn’t happened yet. There seems to be enough of a tv market to sustain this thing to the point that they can attempt to stabilize and find that niche.
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    It *is* the Vapor Untouchable template, just without the mesh collar insert (proof that it — much like Flywire — serves no real function or purpose). I was told it was simply "in the way" when Nike designed Oregon's oversized numbers, and early concepts made them sit down too far on the model's stomach to the point where the numbers could essentially be tucked in, depending on the player's height. And I can also confirm the Ducks are not the only team that will be wearing oversized numbers next season.
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    Quick question, how many goalposts are you going to move? Yes. The league has problems. Everyone and their mother knows that. But, this is one step out of many many necessary in the right direction. It's a start.
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    That’s a pretty misleading metric. You can find MLS games that outdraw the Chargers, does that mean that MLS is in better shape than the NFL?
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    Dude it’s one uniform, make some suggestions for the uniform, not tell him what you want
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    To me, that's the jersey he should be remembered for wearing. Won two titles with Houston.
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    Speaking of hidden letters in logos -- eagle eyed baseball fans will see the hidden "e" for Expos in the Nats interlocking DC logo. A nod to their origin in the great white north:
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    To me the benefit of having a bright color is allowing it to pop in a design. The Marlins might as we have just used black only. Waste of a great color scheme.
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    In the nba the city edition uniforms change every year (if i'm not wrong), so basically every matchup using those jerseys is a rare team matchup.
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    Has there ever been a team in any sport in Washington state that went by "Washington"? To me any team that says Washington is from DC and any team from Washington uses the name of their city like Seattle or Portland.
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    Just because it’s successful at building anticipation doesn’t mean it’s telling a focused, coherent story. It’s the difference between hollow, hype-driven marketing and engaging, substance-driven marketing. If I were doing this, I’d keep it much more focused on the relevant information that people are actuallly excited about (the team itself and the question of “how far are they going with this?”). Follow a single helmet from the player’s hands after cleaning out his locker, giving it to the equipment staff, who then strip off the decals and hardware, label it, etc. Then, show a reconditioner open up the box and start working on it, sanding, inspecting, whatever. When it comes time to get it into the paint booth, give the implication that something’s changing, but doesn’t tell them what (instead of being super vague and confusing like they are). That could be as simple as showing the reconditioner carrying the helmet into a paint booth and closing the door behind him. Basically, they have all the bones, but leave Riddell out of it (other than maybe a note at the bottom to establish the setting/location of that part of the process; no need to show drone footage of the factory), and leave the other stuff Riddell does for other teams out of it (because it’s not relevant to the Jets, and really, it’s not relevant to the design process at all; they’re just providing a routine service).
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    Both the Rams and Raiders dealt with this at the L.A. Coliseum.
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    C'mon man, you can do better. Not only is the "Marlins have no fans lul" meme tired, low hanging fruit but that wasn't even clever.
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    In my opinion, the mark for the Archers is the clear standout amongst the PLL club brands, while the Whipsnakes logo is also very appealing. The rest really do nothing for me, with the Chaos and Chrome identities striking me as looking particularly dated.
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    I found an old Colorado pennant on Ebay and created this update based off of the logo on it. Here is the progression:
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    and with that, ive lost all faith in the story they've told. i guess we can also assume the white helmets that were being sanded are primer white as well. they've butt-fumbled this whole thing as far as im concerned.
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    i think its a pretty good assumption that if they were going to be white, they would use a white primer
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    Why are we assuming that if the primer is grey it can’t be a white helmet? I’ve seen grey primer used all the time for white paint on cars and such, heck I’ve seen damn near royal blue primer used for the exterior of a house that was then painted white.
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    That’s true. But we’re not there yet, not by a long way.
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    Not 100% sold on these so I'll post to get some feedback. The first is Orlando. Idea here was to step back from the sky pattern/gradients and simplify things. The intent of the wordmark is to mimic the reflection of Orlando's downtown over the water - which ties in to the black (night sky) top and blue jersey. The bold waist band was intended to add a little modern flair and the star on the shorts is a nod to Orlando's original jersey. The next is Miami. I'll probably do another Miami one here soon, but thought it'd be fun to have a Dwayne Wade "the flash" tribute. Not necessarily something I'd like to see - but with the Lakers having a black mamba and magic jersey, and the Wolves and Nets both having uniforms inspired by people I don't think it's too crazy for the Heat to have a Wade tribute uniform. This one obviously playing off of his nickname and drawing inspiration from the flash superhero outfit. Thoughts?
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    Huh? There’s no news there, just conjecture from a guy named Joey The Jerk. Am I missing something?
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    You know, except for the big Bucks logo at center court and the fiserv.forum wordmark close by. Is the casual fan turning the game off after first glance or ignoring all identifying markers in a photo?
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