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    As we've learned in the past, social media and promotional teams doing something doesn't necessarily reflect on actual uniform choices. I'm reminded of the below meme (which 100% reflects me as well lol)
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    Am I the only one who wants the Panthers to not remove Silver on this Board? I would rather they Minimize the Use of White outside of the Away Jersey.
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    Why can’t I like multiple things? The NFL is still the NFL. Love it. The AAF has been a lot of fun. The XFL will have a local team. Of course I’ll check them out. The CFL will remain a favourite of mine. This isn’t an “all-in on one thing” situation.
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    Never do anything a la the Washington Wizards, that was terrible. They've made it this long being the Indians, the name is here to stay, work around not having Chief Wahoo.
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    I’m with you - I think they should eliminate white outside of the road jersey. Black, Carolina blue and silver is a great color combination. And provides more than enough contrast to skip white altogether. White only muddies the look.
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    I never understood why the Dbacks used a pitcher's path. They're 90s expansion team, that plays in a roofed venue with a pool in the outfield, and is from a state that's younger than some MLB clubs. They're one of the last teams who can pull of that aesthetic.
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    I choose the Alliance if they can hang in there and ride things out.
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    It's the Jets. If you just assume the worst you'll be better off, and pleasantly surprised on the off chance they don't screw it up.
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    Think you're reading too much into that. That's a composite of two separate images stitched together with one on top of the other. Not unlike this one they shared in the same gallery: Unless I'm missing something, all the various shots are consistent with the Panthers' current uniforms.
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    So was I. The picture I took from that game is still my computer background. This was also probably the game that truly sold me on soccer in the US. It was just such a perfect night. The World Cup just ended that day, the weather was beautiful, my family was in town, and they played awesome. It’s in my top five sporting events of all time I’ve ever attended. Knowing this, I absolutely LOVE this kit.
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    Good for the league. There's absolute no need for the Wild to have black third. Make it Red or Green, or even Wheat. Black thirds should only be used for teams who actually use black as a team color. Wanna make black (or gray) shirts, hats, hoodies, etc? Go for it. I'll even admit I'm a buyer of those things, especially gray. (not only for the neutrality of it, but I like how colors pop off gray) But keep BFBS (and GFGS) off the ice/field!
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    No, it's pretty clear what and where that is. There's something below the Nike swoosh:
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    People compare the AAF to the USFL a lot, but I think it’s worth noting that the USFL wasn’t trying to be minor league and had actual, legit football stars on their rosters. The AAF doesn’t have a lunatic owner that’s just going to through a dump truck of cash at the modern day equivalents of a Steve Young and Jim Kelly.
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    2007 Off-Season Retirements Jason Crowley, MIN, DAL, BOS, 1986-2007 Almost undisputedly the greatest American player of all time, Jason Crowley actually went undrafted as an 18-year-old in 1985, but a big year at Boston College put the Rochester, MIN native at third in the pre-draft rankings and he was ultimately taken second overall by the team he cheered for as a boy, the Minnesota Lumberjacks. Crowley’s impact on the ‘Jacks was immediate, as he led Minnesota back to the playoffs in his rookie season. In his fourth season, Crowley took the Lumberjacks all the way to the Lewis Cup Finals. The team lost to Long Island but it was a sign of things to come, as they would win two titles in three years in 1996 and 1998. After some near-misses in the early 2000s, The Lumberjacks decided to rebuild, sending Crowley to the Dallas Desperados. His stint in Texas would be brief and he would eventually sign for one more season with Boston, where he would team up with former teammate Brendan Marlo to help the Bulldogs to the Lewis Cup, the last one of Crowley’s brilliant career. Kevin Hoyle, CAL/OAK, NYC, 1986-2007 Kevin Hoyle earned an unusual distinction the moment he stepped on the ice in 1986, as the first-ever PHL player born in Hawaii. Hoyle’s father was a marine serving in Vietnam and Hoyle was born in 1968 while his parents were on a break in Honolulu. Hoyle’s true hometown was Boston and he grew up idolizing Bulldogs’ legend Johnny Bedford. Hoyle slipped in the 1986 draft, selected sixth after being ranked fourth. For the following 15 years, Hoyle was the face of a very mediocre California Nuggets franchise. Despite his team’s lack of success, Hoyle was determined to make things work in the Bay area. He impressed people with his community spirit when the Loma Prieta earthquake hit the area in 1989 and again after signing with the New York Civics in 2001, when he started a program to help first responders after the 9/11 attacks. Unfortunately, Hoyle never even reached the Lewis Cup Finals, retiring as quite possibly the greatest player to never win the title. Scott Lindsay, PIT, SEA, 1988-2007 In the post-Danny Stevenson era, Scott Lindsay was charged with giving a rebuilding Pittsburgh Stingers club a new identity during the 1990s. Lindsay was one of the few bright spots and quickly became a fan-favorite on a struggling team. In 2002, Lindsay left Pittsburgh for the defending champion Seattle Grey Wolves in hopes of winning a ring, but it would be too late, as the Wolves never did reach the finals again and like Hoyle, Lindsay would retire as one of the better players to never with a Lewis Cup. 2007 Entry Draft Still a year away from what hockey people had already labelled the “Camden Draft”, there was less hype surrounding the 2007 selection. The highest ranked prospect was speedy winger Jeffery Faulk, but it was considered a wash between him and defenseman Jordan Billings. Detroit won the lottery and the right to pick first for the second straight year and took Billings, leaving Faulk for the Kansas City Twisters and number two. The Minnesota Lumberjacks took big center Mackenzie Hicks third, while Washington took the first goaltender, Bryce Gordon with the fourth pick. The highlight of the first round was a big trade between Pittsburgh and Winnipeg, with Pittsburgh sending contract holdout and budding star Roman Novatny to the Pioneers for defenseman Evgeni Babkin and the fifth overall pick. The Stingers used the pick to select small but quick center Tyler Bass. Late in the first round, Long Island selected the oldest player ever drafted in the first round, 21-year-old Chris Dempsey from the University of Maine. 21 is the age limit for the PHL draft, but previously nobody older than 20 had ever been selected in the first round. Dempsey was previously drafted in the third round by Washingotn in 2004 but went unsigned. A huge 2006-07 campaign with Maine was convincing enough for the Concordes to take the power forward early. In the later rounds, there were a few more trades. Toronto sent Igor Kharitonov and the 82nd pick and the 130th pick to Houston in exchange for Josh McKenzie, a 27-year-old winger unlikely to ever make the PHL. It was really a cap move, with the picks an incentive for the Roughnecks to take on the aging Kharitonov’s $7 Million cap hit. In terms of late picks, Washington addressed their goaltending need with the selection of Brayden Hughes from the Maritime League’s Truro Totems, while LA legend Stuart Holly’s son Garret was selected in the third round by Pittsburgh. Transactions After Losing defenseman JP Laporte to retirement and winger Patrice Goulet to Houston via free agency, the Milwaukee Choppers were a busy team in the summer of ’07. Milwaukee acquired veteran defenceman Oleg Popov from Pittsburgh in exchange for center Alyn Marleau and a second round pick, but the big move came July 1, when the Choppers signed Vancouver star Andrei Yegorov to a six-year deal worth $7 Million. Milwaukee had to clear cap space to get under the new $53 Million cap, so they sent Brendan Bittner to Carolina in a three-way deal that also send rising star Dan McBride to Chicago and big Judy Weircoch to the Chops, who needed to replace Bittner’s size at a lower cost. Oakland was also busy over the summer, resigning their franchise defenseman, Jordan Rifkin, to a ten-year, $8 Million/year contract. The Nuggets then added star winger Kyle Clark as Dallas lacked the cap space to resign him. Many expected 40-year-old defenseman Randy Fernandez to retire, but once again Fernandez surprised everybody when he signed a one-year extension with Dallas for $2 Million. The biggest free agent on the market wasn’t available for long, as Joe Murdock signed a new 10-year deal with the Racers worth $10 Million/year. The deal meant Murdock would likely finish his career in Toronto. News The 2007 off-season felt tame after the tumoultous summer before it. In July, commissioner Greg Nolan gave his state of the league address at the conclusion of the annual GM meetings. Despite rumours of rule changes, such as the addition of the shootout, Nolan said the league would first need to navigate CBA negotiations and a potential work stoppage in 2008. The other issue of interest to the fans was that of expansion. As soon as Nolan, an Ottawa native, was appointed as commissioner, speculation began immediately that the city might return to the league. Nolan was quick to dismiss that speculation. “Our focus right now is on the health of our current markets” said Nolan. “We need a new CBA, and we have an expiring US television deal to look after. Ottawa is a good market and we will certainly consider it when the time comes.” Nolan also addressed possible rule changes, most notably the shootout, stating that the league would look into it potentially in time for the 2009-10 season, after the CBA is settled. One rule change that will come into effect for 2008 is a change to the draft lottery system. The current system takes the bottom two teams from each conference and puts them in a lottery with more weight given to the last place team. Beginning in 2008, the lottery will take teams’ performance from the previous three seasons into account. The bottom two in each conference will still be entered into the lottery with the teams given increasing odds in reverse order of finish, but now any team that finished in the bottom two of their conference three years in a row would receive the best odds whether or not they ever finished in last place. The league hopes the new system will help out teams that were truly bad, decreasing the chances of a good team having a bad year and getting a phenom. It should also help discourage tanking, as it is unlikely a team would want to tank for three consecutive seasons. Ground was finally broken for the Toronto Racers’ new downtown arena in June, while the Washington Generals also announced plans for a new arena set to open in 2011. In Calgary, the Wranglers scrambled to secure a new home after multiple problems were discovered in the 46-year-old Calgary Exhibition. An assessment from the city and the PHL found that the building was no longer suitable for professional hockey. The Wranglers will continue to play at the Exhibition in 2007-08 until arrangements can be made to move the team into the 10,000-seat Beltline Center until a new arena can be built. Immediately, concerns were raised about the community-owned Wranglers’ survival in the city. “We will do whatever we can to keep the team in Alberta” said Greg Nolan. Another anonymous league official was less encouraging; “It doesn’t look good, this is as bad a situation as we’ve seen.” Speculation began immediately about the Wranglers’ future. The news of the failed inspection came just days after Nolan’s expansion comments and many predicted that the Wranglers could move across the country to Ottawa. Calgary’s status as a the league’s only community-owned franchise meant the team’s fate could be at the mercy of the municipal government, unless a buyer showed up with interest in keeping the team in the city. Realistically, a new arena would need to be secured within a year if the team was to remain in Calgary.
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    That would ruin the look imo. Theres no reason for any football jersey to have the team name plastered on it. Im glad the AAF doesn't do this and the NFL should follow suit.
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    I can repost the date now. I posted it a few days ago but I took it down because I didn’t want to get in trouble. But Jets just confirmed 4/4
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    Speaking of helmet stripes, I love the Fleet’s. In fact, they have one of the best uniforms in the game right now, any league. Don’t like the logo-on-one-side conceit, and I wish they had light gray numbers to match the pants. Fix that, and it’s a really sharp uniform.
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    It's not an excuse, just an observation. If you still don't trust the style of football being played you ain't going to watch it in bad weather.
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    That new Salukis logo is, dare I say, one of the top logos in the NCAA
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    SIU’s new logo looks great on its helmets, too:
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    @BJ Sands @Gothamite @CrimsonBull9584 We have ave an AAF thread in the Sports in General subforum. Please take any arguments about the AAF’s finances there. This is a thread dedicated to the league’s uniforms and logos.
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    Yay... two threads overrun by people who just want to talk about how the league is going to fail.
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    From a Prior Lake-Edina game a couple weeks ago.
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    The 2019 NFL season is still a while away, but my assumption that throwbacks are going to come back for the occasion has encouraged me to refine by previous Packers alternate concepts and create a new one, so here they are: 1929 Throwback: The Return of the "Acme Packers" 2010 Alternate The wordmark is created from the warm-up jackets the 1929 squad had and the number were created to be as historically accurate as possible. This is also in a universe where there is no one helmet rule, so the 2010 brown helmet returns, but with a brown facemask due to may indifference with having gray. 1936 Throwback: The First Green and Gold Uniform The Packers won their fourth NFL championship in these and the wordmark is a recolored mark from the 1939 Packers Press Book (the earliest I could find with a nice wordmark). Due to the rather traditional block worn, the numbers are a modified version of the current numbers to match the style of the 1936 numbers. 1939 Throwback: The One That Always Has Way Too Big Yokes This uniform has been replicated twice now (1994, 2015-) and both times the yoke has been massive compared to what it should be. Also, like the 1936 throwback, the numbers have been simply modified. The wordmark has been taken from the 1945 Press Book.
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    Maybe the league will expand to 18 or 20. Moncton, Kelowna, Thundar Bay, Golden Horseshoe? Until then, I'm still working out some kinks with this one, specifically how to address the wordmark. I like the shape of the Wanderers crest, but wish we could've seen the kingfisher, so with that in mind: Halifax FC:
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    There's still some hold over Skins fans in parts of North Carolina. From what I've been told there's a surprising amount of Skins fans around Dallas.
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    This comes from the Panthers subreddit: "Just off-season speculation here, but if they were trying to hide a secret message here, it may say something like "Panthers (images 1-2) threads (3-5) NEW (6) helmet (7)."" (u/cantprocessanything) Source I'm thinking we finally see black helmets for the team, and I wouldn't be surprised if other various changes are present (please drop silver).
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    The NFL and NCAA. [too long - didn't read]
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    <MOD EDIT: See below>
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    You already have the Promenade the other side of Honda Center on Katella, the Outlets at Orange, the Village at Orange, and the Garden Walk. They don’t need another mall right in the parking lot. This isn’t Glendale. Angel fans can manage just fine without a Johnny Rockets and a Margaritaville.
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    That’s my major problem with most of the AAF looks- the numbers on the helmets. Orlando’s isn’t so bad with the numbers on the back, but even then? The way they position the Apollo logo makes the back look very crowded. I wouldn't even change the Apollo positioning. It works given the archer theme of the logo. I would just drop the back numbers. And I’d drop the side numbers for all the teams that use them (SD, Arizona, and SA).
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    4th worst in average attendance, dead last in capacity percentage. Last season, 3rd last in average, last in percentage. Two seasons ago, last in average, last in percentage. Three seasons ago, last and last. Four seasons ago, 2nd last and 2nd last. Five seasons ago, 23/30 and 27/30. Six seasons ago, 17/30 and 23/30. (And for whatever it's worth, this season, 2nd to last in average road attendance, dead last in average road capacity percentage.)
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    I don't think that "Bullets" and "Indians" are comparable in terms of reasons why a name should be changed.
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    Can't one of you guys doing that enhance thing?
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    NBC the first $10M received in ad revenues, then the next $3M went to the AFL before the remainder was split. http://articles.latimes.com/2003/jan/31/sports/sp-tvcol31 But in this case, AAF contracts out production to a 3rd party, Sneaky Big of Scottsdale as opposed to a network. Here are their rates to get a ballpark on costs. https://www.sneakybig.com/wp-content/uploads/BIGSTU_40687_Rate_Card_Update_Aug_2018_v2.pdf
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    The Jazz still had folks out to see them play the Bucks on Saturday night which started an hour later. Even if the game was not moved to the evening, they still would have had to deal with another event on campus in the gymnastics meet which was a near sellout at the Huntsman Center as their competition for disposable income. But nice try to play a song on the "Excuse Jukebox".
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    So inspiration struck for an exciting idea in this series, so here's another. Hope you like it! Johnny Canuck is a lumberjack, after all, so plaid is definitely appropriate. I've seen the occasional plaid concept for the Canucks before, so I figured it's not too out there! The primary logo is a plaid-ified version of the Johnny-in-V logo. The secondary is brand new, with a two-man saw, blue plaid water, and the Vancouver skyline. It's partially inspired by the Denver Nuggets skyline logo. Finally, my geometric, full-body Johnny dons plaid flannel for the alternate. The home and away jerseys are fairly simple, with striping based on the primarily logo. The alternate jersey is my take on the Canucks' odd 2001-06 alternate jersey, with plaid replacing the gradient. Hopefully you think it works! The font is High School USA Sans. C&C for any of these concepts is welcomed, and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    6500 is an ECHL crowd. Not good. Where is the money coming from? I like watching Spurrier and the Apollos. I have no hate. It just doesn't look good at all. Again, they aren't getting tv money. They are basically paid programming. Have a day like today or yesterday on a CFB Saturday. If they still played there like they use to, Bama's Birmingham stadium would have been gut to butt. The Utes would still have a nice draw.
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    Imagine playing on a hot and humid Houston day where the heat is bouncing back up off the plastic grass. Gross.
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    If it weren't for the home plate, I would've thought that was golf.
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    What's even weirder is them using the Dawg Pound logo for the Browns.
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    Wrong logo for the chiefs. Correct Logo:
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    Look, I hope the league lasts. It’s fun to watch, the rule experiments are great, it gives guys more jobs, and I think it’s a visually interesting product with some decent team identities. But it’s hard to be optimistic after the reports. That’s all.
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