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    Why can’t I like multiple things? The NFL is still the NFL. Love it. The AAF has been a lot of fun. The XFL will have a local team. Of course I’ll check them out. The CFL will remain a favourite of mine. This isn’t an “all-in on one thing” situation.
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    I never understood why the Dbacks used a pitcher's path. They're 90s expansion team, that plays in a roofed venue with a pool in the outfield, and is from a state that's younger than some MLB clubs. They're one of the last teams who can pull of that aesthetic.
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    Really pushing that angle thing
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    SIU’s new logo looks great on its helmets, too:
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    From a Prior Lake-Edina game a couple weeks ago.
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    I think the silver is unnecessary, and only takes away from that blue popping off the black: I would go with something like that Tar Heels, with a minimum use of white. I would even rather them go with something with a dark gray instead of silver. Something that will allow that blue to pop.
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    The NFL and NCAA. [too long - didn't read]
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    NBC the first $10M received in ad revenues, then the next $3M went to the AFL before the remainder was split. http://articles.latimes.com/2003/jan/31/sports/sp-tvcol31 But in this case, AAF contracts out production to a 3rd party, Sneaky Big of Scottsdale as opposed to a network. Here are their rates to get a ballpark on costs. https://www.sneakybig.com/wp-content/uploads/BIGSTU_40687_Rate_Card_Update_Aug_2018_v2.pdf
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    ....do they slide, ever?
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    Nevermind the Jets... look what they did to the Chargers!
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    Teal didn’t have the Jags info. I did give him bits and pieces of info about the Jags stuff outside of this site, but he does have inside info from somewhere now. Some of you give him too hard of a time on here. He’s just excited about uniforms.
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    COMMENT IS FREE: Okay, I'll Say It, Bernie's Logo Recycling Takes Jobs Away From Graphic-Design-Americans
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    They always had a problem growing turf in that stadium. Aside from the retro look, it was probably done for maintenance purposes.
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    This will always be a pet peeve of mine. The adidas stripes that change color when wearing contrasting jerseys and shorts. Just don't have stripes on one or the other so the color visually carries through. Red circle = bad. Blue circle = good. This would look much nicer if both these teams just didn't have shorts stripes. Or have monochrome stripes on the shorts. Ugh.
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    Yeah, the NFL is going to be dominant for quite some time. Concussion issues and all, the NBA and MLS's current spike in popularity does not seem sustainable due to the former being hilariously unequal with 4 superteams that can compete for a title every year with 26 others being SOL and the latter being very cost-controlled even at the expense of competitiveness of the league as a whole i.e. a case of the worst aspects of both prevailing economic theories as applied to sports. I could be very wrong, but I'm not seeing the NFL take a nosedive in popularity for a long time. As for the rest of the minor football leagues in the US (the CFL is AAAA as far as I'm concerned), I give the AAF the best shot at long-term viability right now but I'm definitely going to take a trip on I-70 to the East to see the XFL team in St. Louis at least once.
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    I would agree, save for the Legends' ATL side panels. It almost ruins the look on its own.
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    AL CENTRAL CHICAGO WHITE SOX The last two White Sox concepts I've done have all been based off of the same black and white scheme with only minor tweaks over the past two years. You can look at my most recent version along with another idea here. Ultimately, for this series I decided to go in a different direction, namely changing the secondary color from silver to Kelly green. The Sox have looked good in green for their St. Patrick's Day promotions over the years which makes green an interesting direction and one the team has never fully explored. The green, however, is not the biggest change. You might think that the gothic S-o-x has remained unchanged since it debuted in the 1950's. However the original version in the 50's had negative space between the two verticals of the "S." The result is that the two verticals are distinct without being muddled. The current logo, has the "S" on a single background with no negative space. That works fine for a silver backdrop but try to switch it to another color and the logo becomes muddled especially when rendered in fabric. My solution was to go back to the original style and recreate the negative space by decreasing the thickness of the lettering. For the uniforms I applied a 1-2-1 piping formula. The white uniform uses a headspoon which the road and alternate uniforms apply collar piping. The sock have white bottoms and the belts have patterns designed to stand out and break the silhouette of the uniform. C&C as always. Enjoy!
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    The guy who wrote that should probably stick to watching Arena Football. Now, I don't mean to gratuitously bag on Arena Football, which I generally like. The logos of two Arena League teams appear in my sig. But when I was watching this past weekend's games, I was reminded how nice it is to watch games in which the scoring plays are valuable (which highlights the main flaw of Arena Football). The San Antonio-Birmingham game and the Arizona-Atlanta game had real tension. There were indeed some mistakes in each game: dropped passes, missed blocks, bad decisons, officiating mistakes. But even these were part of the enjoyment, as the mistakes on the field allowed the announcers to do some explaining. And this leads me to note that I am so impressed with the standard of announcing on the AAF games. I have yet to see a game in which the announcers were less than excellent. They are all entertaining and informative, with plenty of great anecdotes. Watching the AAF games has been a distinct pleasure so far; and I am looking forward to each upcoming game.
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    This has "49ers one day logo" written all over it. I was excited.....now I'm concerned.
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    https://twitter.com/nyjets/status/1102554286976786432 April 4th release date seems to be confirmed
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    The Nassau Lions and So Connecticut logos looks like Nick jr. cartoon characters. Btw, those Saluki helmets are top tier.
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    That actually looks like it could work in the NBA. Good job! I can’t really think of many more teams to do. Bucks current logo in purple and also in red? Have those 2 been done?
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    This isn't good: https://www.nfldraftdiamonds.com/2019/03/aaf-attendance-15/
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    The racing stripes are a really cool touch on the blue alt. Nice idea! Looking forward to the next division!
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    As a fan, I'm not a fan of this set at all. I don't like the jerseys and I don't like the gray shorts. Somebody mentioned before, but they're just a little too close to the jerseys and look like they've been darkened from sweat. It's incredibly disappointing considering how little SKC truly misfires on their uniforms.
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    Since Atlas carried the world on his back, strength is an inferred property of that name.
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    That would be a perfect reason for them to rebrand.
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    You misspelled “an abomination.”
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    Here are all of today’s matchups:
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    I've had him on that setting since he was "Won't be long now" guy.
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    Unless your name is the Utah Jazz
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    Hamels was the NLCS and WS MVP, and people forget that they didn’t even have Halladay or Lee when they won. He was a legit ace for years (though he did blow in 2009) and was very significant for the franchise, despite what he has or hasn’t accomplished since. Howard was also a key piece of that ‘08 team - not that being a key piece (his nickname was literally “the big piece”) gets your number retired, but it’s one of those things where it might not make sense to the outside world but for us it does. You got me - this is my dup account. You’re smart - you remind me of me as I started all my businesses, and that’s why I was recruited to be on everyone’s board of directors. You’ll never be as successful as me, because I’m so successful and know so much about business, but POLITICS!
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    I am creating a new thread "The Fields of the USFL" I will post my USFL fields there
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    "Primer? Don't talk about - primer?! Are you kidding me?! Primer?! I just hope we can get some paint. Another paint (color)!"
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    It's easy to sum it up when you're just talking about primer. We're sitting in here, and I'm supposed to be talking the franchise, and we in here talking about primer. I mean, listen, we're talking about primer, not the goods, not the goods, not the goods, we talking about primer. Not the goods. Not, not … Not the goods that I go out there and die for. Not the goods, but we're talking about primer, man. I mean, how silly is that? … And we talking about primer. I know I supposed to be there. I know I'm supposed to lead by example... I know that... And I'm not.. I'm not shoving it aside, you know, like it don't mean anything. I know it's important, I do. I honestly do... But we're talking about primer man. What are we talking about? Primer? We're talking about primer, man. [laughter from the media crowd] We're talking about primer. We're talking about primer. We ain't talking about the goods. [more laughter] We're talking about primer, man. When you come to the arena, and you see them play, you see them play don't you? You've seen the, give everything they've got, right? But we're talking about primer right now. We talking about pr... [Interrupted]. Reporter: But it's an issue that the boards continues to raise? Man look, I hear you... it's funny to me too, I mean it's strange... it's strange to me too, but we're talking about primer man, we're not even talking about the goods... the actual goods, when it matters... We're talking about primer …
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    It *is* the Vapor Untouchable template, just without the mesh collar insert (proof that it — much like Flywire — serves no real function or purpose). I was told it was simply "in the way" when Nike designed Oregon's oversized numbers, and early concepts made them sit down too far on the model's stomach to the point where the numbers could essentially be tucked in, depending on the player's height. And I can also confirm the Ducks are not the only team that will be wearing oversized numbers next season.
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    To me the benefit of having a bright color is allowing it to pop in a design. The Marlins might as we have just used black only. Waste of a great color scheme.
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    Maybe it's simply "cool again" but I had enough of the navy/red/gold combo used in design in the 90s. Don't need to see it again.
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    I miss the NYK subway token. A lot of people didn't realize what it was, but it was actually a really unique logo and it was so well executed and tied into the history of the NY subways. I don't get the point of the new Knicks in a ball logo. I know they had something like it in the 70s, but i still don't get the point? Instead of knicks on top of the ball you have knicks inside the ball? If you're going to have an alternate there should be a reason. And none of it says or implies New York anywhere. That could easily be a purple ball and say Lakers and it would make no difference.
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    When I was younger, I believed the NFL Q.B. Club logo was a bird. Pardon the crude illustration example.
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    Thank you for your feedback! And now, another Variation for your enjoyment: In this edition, I go* all out on the First Nations art style with the 1997-present Orca logo (which really only took that style halfway...) *As much as a newbie like me can try to recreate such an beautiful art style... The colors teal, brown, and red match the old Vancouver Grizzlies (RIP) and are common in Northwest Coast art. The secondary logos are adapted versions of the Millionaires V (sorry to reuse it so much, but it's such a great secondary logo!) and the Stick-in-Rink. The home and away uniforms are brand new, and the alternate is a rendition of the Flying V. The font is Gemunu Libre. ------------------------------- Glad to hear you like it! There's definitely more stuff on the way. Always a good sign to hear that a fan of the team likes it! Here's a quick mock-up of your idea. I found that a darker maroon looked better than black for Johnny. I briefly tried that for the retro style, and thought it looked a bit muddy in my darker color scheme (navy & brick red). However, maybe I'll give it another go when I return! ------------------------------- I'll be out of town without my computer for a brief while, but I plan to work on a couple more Variations after that! In the meantime, if you have any comments or ideas for future Variations, please leave them here!
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