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    That triangle looks like the first piece of crap pinewood derby car I made at age 8.
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    FootyHeadlines has the USWNT Women's World Cup home kits: The pattern on the back lists all 50 states:
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    It's all true. Regarding the profile of Cincinnati, that's why I've thought it would have been a good NHL town, if only they were working with something newer than a carbon copy of the Met Center. Cincinnati may have avoided some of the the hiccups Columbus had with the Ohio State arena down the street and a general dearth of winter sports. This is also very true, and why the pitch for the Twins to play at an exurban complex equidistant to Greensboro and Winston-Salem would have been a boondoggle on top of another boondoggle.
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    I think its interesting that Nike thinks putting logos on sleeves is modern design. I wish they would try new stripes or patterns, like they did with the Seahawks and Vikings rather than the Bucs and Dolphins. They even added a chest logo for the Jags. I wish they made less jerseys with logos and wordmarks and tried to make innovative color blocking and stripes within the sleeve cap.
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    I usually see eye-to-eye with you on most aesthetic matters, but this one is a little over-the-top. Sometimes black is appropriate for an identity, like it is here.
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    AL CENTRAL CLEVELAND SPIDERS Alright, let's do this one more time. This is the Cleveland American League baseball team. They were bitten by a radioactive spider and as of right now they are the one and only Cleveland Spiders. Pretty sure that you know the rest. They've got a great block "C" logo, new scripts, and web-themed sleeve patch. The old fauxbacks had a great combination of soutached pants with unadorned jerseys that looked terrific with the all red color scheme. They also made great use of the cream base color. These uniforms take that stream to another level. Cream home uniforms with a single navy soutache on the pants and block lettering that matches the cap "C" and the numerals. Road uniforms also feature the block lettering but keep the red to navy switch of the current set.
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    There was also the recent failure of the Pohlad’s attempt to sell the team to Triad-area investors and move the team to Kernersville, NC. The voters gave the proposal a firm no. The Pohlads deserve more recognition as horrible owners. They may not have the Griffith-style racism, but they keep up with the cheapness. Nowadays, if contraction did come up, I’d imagine the focus would be on the Florida teams. Had Marlins Park not been built, a merger or contraction would certainly be discussed.
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    But black is already Carolina’s primary color...
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    You can only call them that if you are wearing your approved tinfoil hat.
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    This would be a nice logo for the Connecticut Whalers of the NWHL but only as a shoulder patch. Not strong enough to be promoted to primary.
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    Rays - I’m loving it! The font choice, the purple/yellow with gradient, and the unorthodox number style (which is a big improvement over the bubble letters) are all fantastic. My only suggestions would be to shrink the sock gradient, incorporate the ray logo, and utilize a “St. Pete” wordmark instead of a “Tampa” one, given that they play in St. Petersburg. Yankees - I’m glad you picked the cap logo as the unifying design (even if it is a bit “sterile”) and the new road wordmark/number font is fantastic. My one suggestion would be to slightly thicken the “NY.” Blue Jays - I’m a big fan of the racing stripes and faux-powder road uniform! My one recommendation would be to use white socks with blue stripes on the blue uniform. White Sox - I didn’t think I’d like black/Kelly green, but I’m really enjoying it! I also like the choice to re-do the “Sox” outline, striping pattern (dominantly white socks) and use the block “Chicago” wordmark. I second @vtgco‘s suggestion to use the flying sock on all of the uniforms, since it’s such a fab design. Spiders - I’m a big fan of the super-retro aesthetic of the font (the “I” does need slab serifs) and color flip! Nice work. I do wish the sleeve patch had better definition/separation between the “C” and the web, to avoid illegibility issues at small sizes. If the web doesn’t work, maybe incorporate the “C” onto a spider’s body? So far, so good!
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    I'm with you brother. Carry on.
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    Could just be this wordmark with that wacky ass triangle thinger above it.
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    The Jaguars all-black is technically their "primary," unfortunately, so it wouldn't be a first. Of course, no team should make all-black their primary IMHO, regardless of being "true" to their mascot (seriously, that is soo irrelevant).If any team would have wanted to make an identity out of their all-black uniform, they should have done it before 2004 when every black and black-adjacent team decided it would be *so badass* for them to have a black alt in their closet. Its pretty much tainted now as the "go-to alternate," which is why the Jags have looked like such buffoons for awhile attempting to own it.
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    It would suck if Oakland lost all three of their major sports teams. Oakland will 100% embrace the A's once Mark Davis moves to PF Chang Stadium at Al Davis Field in Las Vegas.
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    No, there's nothing exciting about it, only the fact that there's no major-league team between Atlanta and DC, but an awful lot of people. North Carolina is stealthily a really populous state: you have all these mid-sized towns like Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Asheville, and Greenville, and they all just about add up to Illinois, which is Chicagoland and precious little else. I don't really have an appetite for it because I like the Braves having the entire region to themselves, and I hate the New South for what they're done to our country, but it would make more sense than Montreal at this point, which, as I've said, MLB set out to kill and did. Vancouver might be the better option if Bell wants to give TSN a big block of summer programming.
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    Now that’ll DEFINITELY make them .0057983274% lighter and faster.
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    I think the silver is unnecessary, and only takes away from that blue popping off the black: I would go with something like that Tar Heels, with a minimum use of white. I would even rather them go with something with a dark gray instead of silver. Something that will allow that blue to pop.
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    The NSIC covers schools in Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, and North and South Dakota. Many of their schools could use updated logos. I have taken some of my old concepts and adjusted them to fit those schools that could be updated. There are 16 total teams, I did 9 and left 7 because they either had a good look or I didn't have a concept to shoe-horn into them. Here are my 9: Concordia St. Paul Golden Bears Minnesota Crookston Golden Eagles Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs Minnesota State Mavericks Northern State Wolves University of Sioux Falls Cougars Southwest Minnesota State Mustangs Wayne State Wildcats Winona State Warriors Here are the schools I left:
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    "Old-school '80s with a modern twist." I like the sound of that.
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    I have a pretty good feeling the weirdness of these past few years where nobody seems to want to spend anything is somewhat of an anomaly. Despite some of the negative lately, MLB is still in a pretty good spot. Multiple guys getting $300 million + contracts shows that the money is still there and teams are still willing to take that risk. It may level out a bit in how the players association and the owners work together, and that may be a bit weird and kind of contentious for awhile, but when push comes to shove, they both ultimately understand the value they each offer one another.
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    US and Germany home kits are great, US second and Brazil second are decent and I'm indifferent over Spain.
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    I actually like that second one better. I'm the weirdo I guess.
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    And min hopeful the font is similar to ones on jets so we can see a more block look rather than some nike bs.
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    You could always spin the yarn of Barcelona being the better team than PSG were, in addition to the other points MJ noted, to help, I dunno, not "explain away" because that's flimsy but at least help yourself sleep easier at night about. Also, I'm not sure PSG wins the competition that year anyway but that's an easy excuse after the fact. Yesterday was a 2-0 away lead, coming home, against a battered Manchester United side. Obsensibly, they're a better team than United even if United was closer to full strength, which they weren't at all. All they had to do was not concede at least two goals to a team they held to a clean sheet at home. And they weren't able to do it. Individual errors ruled the day, of course, but they also had a chance or two themselves to completely finish the game off and failed to do so (Mbappe's chance somewhere around the 82nd minute comes to mind immediately). They left themselves prone to individual errors deciding the tie, and that's what happened. It's inexplicable that they left themselves so vulnerable, but, they did.
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    It’s kinda wonky that the WWE logo is perfectly squared up on a flag that is billowing in the breeze, but otherwise, that’s one of the best WM logos ever. I can’t wait to see what they do with the set next year.
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    Looks a lot like this, except the point is at the wrong end.
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    Obviously it's because they're only minutes from going out of business! It's not that unusual for the person at the top to always be the one talking to the media?
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    I had no idea Arizona was already looking for a new park. That honestly makes me hate them. As far as Raleigh... I really don't see any reason why things would work out any better there than they have in Tampa, Miami, or any other sunbelt market that has struggled to support pro sports. Even the Braves only get by on being the biggest TV market in the southeast. If anything, baseball should be talking contraction, not expansion. But that horse left the barn a long time ago.
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    Here's a club with a non-traditional name, easily made a classic name with the nickname "Golden Boys". I like the banner look that Valour presented, but they missed some low hanging fruit by not making a 'W' with the banner. Winnipeg Golden:
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    File that under “unpopular opinions,” then. I don’t think we can separate merchandising concerns from any team choosing black at this point. But I’m happy to argue that one from a lonely place.
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    If you lived in the San Diego area you could easily find it. I’ve seen it.
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    How could you forget Arturs Irbe?
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    I think what they have in the VU is a good balance. It has signature visual cues, but they’re done in a very tasteful way, from the collar triangle that holds the team/league logo to the Y-shaped back seam to the laser-punched holes and stretchy woven fabric. Do you think people appreciate it more because of how ugly some of the previous design cues were?
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    They won’t give him gloves but they’ll make his hands white.
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    *Teaser shots of uniforms release* Everyone: This is gonna be the best they ever looked!! *Uniforms full reveal* Everyone: What is this S***?
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    I think I'm in the majority when I say I'm excited at the idea of this coming back permanently.
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    Cautiously optimistic, I guess. A lighter green and black can work together if black is minimized. ("Cautiously optimistic, I guess" could describe the franchise's entire existence after SB III.)
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    I would agree, save for the Legends' ATL side panels. It almost ruins the look on its own.
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    AL CENTRAL CHICAGO WHITE SOX The last two White Sox concepts I've done have all been based off of the same black and white scheme with only minor tweaks over the past two years. You can look at my most recent version along with another idea here. Ultimately, for this series I decided to go in a different direction, namely changing the secondary color from silver to Kelly green. The Sox have looked good in green for their St. Patrick's Day promotions over the years which makes green an interesting direction and one the team has never fully explored. The green, however, is not the biggest change. You might think that the gothic S-o-x has remained unchanged since it debuted in the 1950's. However the original version in the 50's had negative space between the two verticals of the "S." The result is that the two verticals are distinct without being muddled. The current logo, has the "S" on a single background with no negative space. That works fine for a silver backdrop but try to switch it to another color and the logo becomes muddled especially when rendered in fabric. My solution was to go back to the original style and recreate the negative space by decreasing the thickness of the lettering. For the uniforms I applied a 1-2-1 piping formula. The white uniform uses a headspoon which the road and alternate uniforms apply collar piping. The sock have white bottoms and the belts have patterns designed to stand out and break the silhouette of the uniform. C&C as always. Enjoy!
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    It's easy to sum it up when you're just talking about primer. We're sitting in here, and I'm supposed to be talking the franchise, and we in here talking about primer. I mean, listen, we're talking about primer, not the goods, not the goods, not the goods, we talking about primer. Not the goods. Not, not … Not the goods that I go out there and die for. Not the goods, but we're talking about primer, man. I mean, how silly is that? … And we talking about primer. I know I supposed to be there. I know I'm supposed to lead by example... I know that... And I'm not.. I'm not shoving it aside, you know, like it don't mean anything. I know it's important, I do. I honestly do... But we're talking about primer man. What are we talking about? Primer? We're talking about primer, man. [laughter from the media crowd] We're talking about primer. We're talking about primer. We ain't talking about the goods. [more laughter] We're talking about primer, man. When you come to the arena, and you see them play, you see them play don't you? You've seen the, give everything they've got, right? But we're talking about primer right now. We talking about pr... [Interrupted]. Reporter: But it's an issue that the boards continues to raise? Man look, I hear you... it's funny to me too, I mean it's strange... it's strange to me too, but we're talking about primer man, we're not even talking about the goods... the actual goods, when it matters... We're talking about primer …
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    I've been sitting on this for some time, but.....
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    I actually suddenly want them to go green/black/grey bc of this picture. Don't think it's likely, but if executed right something based on this could be really cool.
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    My mind immediately went to this...
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    That's green? Just looks dirty and drab. And I'm not anti matte either
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    What if Peter Pockilington didn't trade Gretzky? How many more cups would the Oilers win? What happens to hockey in California without the influence of the Great One in LA?
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