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    If the crowd thinks they're boring? That's a good thing for the rest of us.
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    it was beautiful, honey. that boy from pack 237 only beat you because his dad did his project!
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    Hey everybody, I'd love to get some feedback on this one. This would be considered a "City Edition" NBA concept so that allows for some play outside of the traditional colors for the Knicks. I've always loved the Knicks secondary logo for a ton of reasons so I decided it base a jersey on it. Inspiration: The “Empire City” concept jersey makes use of the “Subway Token Logo” secondary which debuted in 1996 and was designed by one of my favorite designers, Michael Doret. The letters “NYK” represent the city and the team’s nickname New York Knicks. Michael's design drew its inspiration from the old MTA subway tokens and elements of it crept into early concepts of the Knicks’ primary logo. The Knicks have been using as a secondary logo since 1995. It's graced equipment and merchandise since then, and was featured on the back of the uniform until recently. Michael's design drew its inspiration from the old MTA subway tokens and elements of it crept into early concepts of the Knicks’ primary logo. There is awesome post with hand drawn concepts of some of Michael's potential knick logos here if you are interested. Jersey Design features: -The lines across the chest extend to the sleeve holes to mimic the angles one would experience standing on a street corner in New York. -The belt buckle graphic proudly features the NYC initials. -A nod to New York’s famous nickname is printed above the jersey's jock tag. -The shorts feature a cascading design inspired by the ceiling at Madison Square Garden, the iconic building in which the Knicks have played basketball with the initials MSG at the center. Here is a link to the reference images I used for my design: This is version one, if you have any other color requests please post em. I've got a few more I'm working on if you guys are interested in seeing some more. I REALLY appreciate your thoughts, reactions and input. Please don't hold back. Thank you so much!!!
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    If I see one more person post the Raleigh Fingers joke on twitter..... Raleigh would have the same problem in MLB as it does in the NHL. It's just enough populated to trick people into thinking it's big enough for big league sports, but it's heavily populated with transplants who wouldn't give a flying flip about the Raleigh baseball team unless they're playing, like, the Tigers. Cities of their size work in baseball, but only if it's like Cincinnati where zero transplants live and the city has 100 year relationship with the team. 81 dates in a stadium is a lot to fill.
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    You are the living embodiment of the unpopular opinions thread
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    That triangle looks like the first piece of crap pinewood derby car I made at age 8.
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    FootyHeadlines has the USWNT Women's World Cup home kits: The pattern on the back lists all 50 states:
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    Tampa and Oakland have stadium situations that genuinely need to be worked out. Tropicana is gross and is in a miserably bad location. They may be better off being the team that moves to the Carolinas as that seems to make WAY more sense than granting another expansion team to that area. Oakland's stadium is in absolute disrepair and is in a city that's time has kind of passed it by. Get the current dopes out of ownership and work something out with the Giants to get that San Jose move rolling. It's going to take some cash (which the A's have even if they try to lie and say they don't), and maybe a few consessions on their part, but I still think it's doable. Or they could move them to, I dunno spitballing here, say, Sacramento? (No bias there whatsoever I pinky swear). Anaheim has a few somewhat advantageous options and a decent amount of time left I think before it really becomes a major problem. Their stadium isn't much to write home about, but it's perfectly serviceable for now and I've always had an enjoyable time there. The Diamondbacks, on the other hand, can go pound sand. them. That park is perfectly fine, and what's become an issue they should be responsible for footing the bill for. I'd rather see them contract the Diamondbacks than extort Maricopa County for another park that they absolutely do NOT need. The truth is, the D Backs are in the lower half of teams when it comes to needing a new stadium and even the idea of them talking about this is absurd.
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    Meh, I find this argument less than convincing. Baseball continues to rake in cash, and if it’s not the favorite sport of millennials it is frequently cited as the second. Plus watch what happens to football when they’re forced to face the consequences of the modern game. Already insurers are dropping them. Non-contact sports will be ripe for a Renaissance.
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    I'm actually pretty excited for this unveiling. "boring" is always better than "*75 fire emojis*" It may not be a popular opinion, but I think black as an accent color could end up being a really good thing for them. Also could be a disaster depending on how it's used.
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    Sounds good! Here's a version with a thickened crest: So here's I've adapted the striping into the Toronto flag "T" by merging it with a headspoon, along with putting the same detail on the hip. White socks also added. Here are versions with the sock patch on the road and black uniform. I think it looks pretty good with the road greys but I still prefer the S-o-x on the black jersey. I've tinkered around with a couple of different sleeve patches along with adding the serifs to the "I."
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    I think the subject matter has to come into play. Other than the Florida panther, the word itself is almost exclusively associated with various species of large black cats. It would be more unnatural to not use black as the primary color, to the point that it would be “not black for not black’s sake.”
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    It's all true. Regarding the profile of Cincinnati, that's why I've thought it would have been a good NHL town, if only they were working with something newer than a carbon copy of the Met Center. Cincinnati may have avoided some of the the hiccups Columbus had with the Ohio State arena down the street and a general dearth of winter sports. This is also very true, and why the pitch for the Twins to play at an exurban complex equidistant to Greensboro and Winston-Salem would have been a boondoggle on top of another boondoggle.
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    I think its interesting that Nike thinks putting logos on sleeves is modern design. I wish they would try new stripes or patterns, like they did with the Seahawks and Vikings rather than the Bucs and Dolphins. They even added a chest logo for the Jags. I wish they made less jerseys with logos and wordmarks and tried to make innovative color blocking and stripes within the sleeve cap.
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    If that is what it is, could they be flipping the point so that it is always facing forward? So it is essentially a left and right version of the same logo? \
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    That Dallas jersey he gave Wade is one of the worst of all time. Probably the worst Nike jersey so far.
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    I think it’s an NY with the dash we saw in the promo video above it. You can sort of see where the lower line comes back down (to form the middle part of an N) rather than going straight out as the message board poster implies.
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    can confirm. agree with @Ice_Cap though. based on this nike era, "underwhelming" is probably an encouraging word. very intriguing. the eye can really see what it wants to see, but this at least seems like *something*.
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    To rehash the dark/black jerseys vs away white jerseys happening way too frequently, we can look right at the New York Knicks. Apparently they won't be wearing their dark Navy blue City jerseys at all on the road. Home crowds are seeing less color variation than ever before. We may be at an all time low in variation for home crowds. Do they care? I think the Knicks home crowd will have seen just 6-7 colors all year long (half of those colors just once or twice. Overwhelming majority dark vs white). I remember reading about why the cowboys went with white at home for NFL. They made mention of having color variation when the away team shows up. Just more fun to see color variation for the fans and surroundings. --- Three potential red/blue/purple away matchups today/tomorrow will have Navy and black instead. Reds, blues, maroons, and oranges are out. The Celtics are on Pace to have worn green on the road just half the time. The Pistons in their icon blue, maybe 20% of their road contests. I guess as long as jerseys sales are up, we won't see a shift back to '70s to '10s normalcy. ------ I'd be super happy just to see some of these colored jerseys get used on the road. Twolves will not wear their lime statement jerseys away from home. Same with Miami's pink earned. Road teams don't need special courts NBA. Let them spread their wings. In fact I think there are one or two exclusive sets that each team only wears home or away. It just so happens the home color sets stay at home. Btw I was very irked to see Wade in white and Dirk in that weird Navy or grey jersey for their last game in Dallas. This shouldn't have happened They couldn't have done this? Alright. Rant over.
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    I usually see eye-to-eye with you on most aesthetic matters, but this one is a little over-the-top. Sometimes black is appropriate for an identity, like it is here.
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    What more am I looking for? Pants... silver ones, to be specific. It isn't the use of black I'm objecting to. The black jersey worn with silver helmets and silver pants with light blue trim is a perfectly serviceable look. The uniform they've been wearing since the came into the league is a few modifications away from being really good. (The pointy helmet and pants stripes are relics, and the logo repetition on the jersey and pants is unnecessary.) But it became clear last year that the new sheriffs in charge were interested in moving in a more "modern" direction. Which means matching dark jerseys and pants. And I don't like it, not on the Saints, not on the Chargers, not on the Seahawks, and not here. The above look is not good, and switching to a black helmet only makes it worse. This... is better;
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    Portland is probably the most interesting location of the three to me in this discussion because it's on the west coast, and it still only barely registers above a meh. Montreal probably sounds a lot cooler than it would actually be. Sort of how it was last time. I've seen a lot of "Things have changed!" talk, but where's the proof of that? I find there to be absolutely nothing even remotely exiting about the idea of North Carolina having a Major League Baseball team. It's about as interesting as the idea of North Carolina having a pro hockey team.
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    Not sure if Durham's big enough for big league ball, but on the flip side, the Durham Bulls name would have far more cache than anything else they could think of.
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    Ahhh, it's leaked. And my god --- it is worse than we ever, ever imagined.
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    So Miami’s new logos and uniforms have been met with mostly mixed reactions. Personally, I’m a fan of them, but others say they’re too black heavy. I can see that, and do believe a little more color could make them even better, so that’s what I’ve tried to do. Over the past few days, I’ve been doing quite a few sketches tweaking and evolving the Marlins logo, but I’m sort of stuck on where to go. I’ve got quite a few pages drawn out, so I guess I’ll go over them page by page. There's quite a few, so be. warned, this could get kinda long. So here's page one. I broke them up into groups 1A and 1B because before I knew I'd be posting these rough drafts, I kinda just drew them wherever I felt like. 1B is a later evolution, so for now let's just pretend it's not here, okay? At the very top you can see my modified fish-M logo which, in my world, would be the primary instead of that weird baseball stitches over the script they actually use. Right off the bat I changed the colors. I knew even if I kept the logos absolutely identical I was going to make this one change. A magenta/hot pink color replaces the red-orange. For the most part, this version stays pretty close to the original. I dropped the tail of the fish so it no longer crosses in front of the M, made the blue and (now) pink lines thicker and added a black stroke separating the pink and blue, allowing them to pop more and give more of a neon sign vibe. Lower down are the Miami script and an example of the numbers with the same tweaks as the primary logo: thicker outlines to add more color. Like I said earlier, the logo/script labeled 1B came later in the process and will be discussed then. Now comes page 2 and the first "evolution" of my tweaks. I wasn't quite sold on the first tweaks I made, so I kept going. I wanted to keep the neon sign on a dark backdrop vibe going, so I was afraid to drop black or make the script blue, but I still wanted to get more color. In this version, the script (and numbers) become blue with a black in-line. The full-bodied fish is at the bottom, the same fish would be used for both this and the previous page's logo sets. This is when I got to the 1B logos. I just kinda did those at random and, to my surprise, I kinda liked them. I wanted to get a more fleshed-out version, so that's what came on page 3. Like I've said above, I REALLY wanted to keep the neon sign feel, and with these I fully embraced it, making the logos look like literal neon signs These were still pretty rough, so I wanted to clean them up better and thats what I did on page 4: Full on, literal neon sign logo and word marks. Yes, I know one of the wordmarks *technically* says "arlins." These were quick and I didn't want to make the M again because there's so many small lines, so I just did what was simplest at the time. There are also two fonts I experimented with. Font A is based of the current font+the neon sign M, font B is based off the neon scrip used for the -iami and -arlins portions of the word marks. Page 5 simply shows how the neon scrip would appear on different colored backgrounds. Right now, that's what I have. But I don't know what direction I want to go. I have three choices, Option 1, the logos on page 1, Option 2, the logos on page 2, or Option 3, the logos on pages 3/4/5. I honestly think I'd be happy with any of them, but I'd like to hear what others think before I start on final drafts and uniforms. Option 1, 2, or 3? And if 3, which number font? I'm even open to suggestions of a whole new direction all together if someone has one.
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    Southern population density came up on one of the wrestling podcasts a while ago. Crockett was a grueling but lucrative territory because there were so many towns to make, few of them huge but big enough to draw crowds, like Anderson, South Carolina. But guys liked working the AWA because you could run Minneapolis and Chicago on one weekend and go back home.
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    Correct, which is why this... is better than this...
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    It could, and very likely is, part of a large unveiling strategy. I'm sure they've already shot some promotional material with the new uniform. I could see an unveiling video starting with darkened lighting like what we've seen, then brightening up and revealing the full uniform. Also, a few of these teaser images have actually been low quality leaks in the past.
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    Just Tampa Bay and Oakland, really. Angels aren't leaving the LA market and no other team is moving in, so it has no effect on any other teams relocating or future expansion. Arizona, as far as I'm concerned, is low on the list. I'm not in the area, so from an outsider's opinion, it seems more posturing from the team's part to get a new ballpark or at least massive upgrades with the city footing the bill. Correct me if I'm wrong on that.
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    Just saw this on Twitter. Northwestern seniors got to design their unis for Senior night vs Purdue and came up with these gems It could stand to use a little purple but I otherwise love the idea and execution of the uniform for a one-off.
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    This is my favorite part about waiting for logo or jersey reveals. The speculation and rampant rumors is part of the game that's soooooo blown out of proportion that you sometimes need to wear a tinfoil hat to just read through all the comments here. Carry on.
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    And what I don't understand is why it won't continue to be. Short of typical ownership simply wanting more taxpayer money for new stadiums, Angel Stadium has been around for almost a half century. No reason it can't continue to be with regular maintenance.
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    MLB needs to resolve stadium issues in Tampa, Oakland, Los Angeles (Angels) and I think Arizona before thinking of expansion.
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    AL CENTRAL CLEVELAND SPIDERS Alright, let's do this one more time. This is the Cleveland American League baseball team. They were bitten by a radioactive spider and as of right now they are the one and only Cleveland Spiders. Pretty sure that you know the rest. They've got a great block "C" logo, new scripts, and web-themed sleeve patch. The old fauxbacks had a great combination of soutached pants with unadorned jerseys that looked terrific with the all red color scheme. They also made great use of the cream base color. These uniforms take that stream to another level. Cream home uniforms with a single navy soutache on the pants and block lettering that matches the cap "C" and the numerals. Road uniforms also feature the block lettering but keep the red to navy switch of the current set.
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    There was also the recent failure of the Pohlad’s attempt to sell the team to Triad-area investors and move the team to Kernersville, NC. The voters gave the proposal a firm no. The Pohlads deserve more recognition as horrible owners. They may not have the Griffith-style racism, but they keep up with the cheapness. Nowadays, if contraction did come up, I’d imagine the focus would be on the Florida teams. Had Marlins Park not been built, a merger or contraction would certainly be discussed.
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    But black is already Carolina’s primary color...
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    Bumping this because I went down a rabbit hole looking at designs of old baseball cards. It's not "team branding" per se, but the design of 1959 Topps struck me: I was familiar with this design, but didn't realize it was 1959! I found this interesting, as I (and I'm probably not the only one) associate the "lower case" fad with the '70s, maybe the late '60s.
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    These are all really good, thoughtful designs. I never really thought about how much better the Yankees jerseys would look with less bulky numbers until you did it, but it works really well. I love the use of green for the White Sox, it looks great on St. Pats Day, so why not incorporate it full time? It would be a unique look in MLB, wish I had thought of it. Also I appreciate your willingness to get a little crazy with colored uniforms. I love the blue one for the Blue Jays, looking forward to what you’ve got next.
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    Yeah, but this presser, given its dramatic divergence from the party line, sounds an awful lot like the media availabilities of a certain nameless former New York Mayor who allegedly is being a defense attorney. I'll also quietly note that those media availabilities tend to lead to revelations that are soon confirmed elsewhere...(whistles)
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    legit made me LOL. i work in PR, so i can imagine the person writing the press release at nike/jets trying to come up with flashy descriptors for something they are also undoubtedly referring to as "that new triangle thingy"
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