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    "Old-school '80s with a modern twist." I like the sound of that.
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    Unpopular opinion but I don’t see any redeeming qualities in the green set.
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    I really don't mind this uniform. I actually think the Chargers look better in monochrome with their current uniforms.
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    I disagree with the author. The Red Wings logo patches have been understated, simple, and in the Wings classic red and white. It's exactly what a traditional organization should do with its memorial patches.
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    Really love the crazy history regarding the failed ARCO stadium. From a design standpoint, any thoughts on an interlocking SG instead of SF?
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    The only other thing I might do is make the outline black instead of white. But I like how understated it is, just like when the Yankees place the number above the black armband.
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    The Phoenix area is also crawling with Wisconsin transplants. I remember when the Packers would play the Cardinals and 90% of the stadium was in green and gold. I think the D'Backs are posturing. No one is gonna leave a Top 12 television market to go somewhere like Portland or North Carolina. Maybe if Vancouver got serious about wanting a team in about a decade I might get worried. And in that case, retrofit Chase for minor league ball... bring back the Phoenix Firebirds! Hell, the AWA frequently ran the Ampitheater in Chicago and the Auditorium in Milwaukee on the same night... 96 miles apart... and sold out both. Elder millennial here. My primary sports fandom has certainly shifted from football to baseball over the past few years. I'm not sure how much I'll follow the NFL at all once Aaron Rodgers retires.
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    Here's a club with a non-traditional name, easily made a classic name with the nickname "Golden Boys". I like the banner look that Valour presented, but they missed some low hanging fruit by not making a 'W' with the banner. Winnipeg Golden:
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    You yourself said it's just "rumors and leaks", but there's not even a source cited, so I'm not sure there's anything worth getting worked up about.
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    In regards to the script on the Canucks jersey, I think it's probable they were attempting to integrate elements of the Canucks' pre NHL history. I've posted this jersey before, but I don't think I've seen a colour image of a surviving jersey
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    28 members of the USWNT file class action Gender Discrimination suit against US Soccer. Excerpt: Full complaint can be found HERE
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    Jets underperforming as usual
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    When the NBA went to its current alignment, I really thought that Memphis and New Orleans would become a rivalry. Both were in the Southwest Division, both are the only non-Texas teams in that division, both are similar cities (Mississippi River, music, similar socio-economic make-up, etc.). However, it has never panned out. Neither team has been good or even decent at the same time; they've never fought for a playoff berth against each other; never had a playoff series against each other (New Orleans has had two intra-division series; one against Dallas and one against San Antonio). Just didn't happen.
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    Will this team score 21 or bust.
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    I think that was inevitable; the 90s saw the first really wild kit designs. As such, they hold a certain nostalgic appeal and were bound to be revisited in some form.
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    Another MLB team gets in bed with Sinclair Broadcasting...The Yankees, along with Amazon, Sinclair, and Blackstone Capital are buying the YES Network for $3.5 billion... https://deadline.com/2019/03/yes-network-sold-for-3-5b-to-yankees-amazon-sinclair-private-equity-reports-1202572010/
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    I have never seen a Hurricanes concept logo that was better than the real thing.
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    Also, considering another user currently has an NCAA court database project going that includes Final Four courts, this thread is redundant and will be locked.
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    So basically the same thing they did for the Vikes but probably going to look like the Browns? I can only imagine Jets down the pants
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    Anyway, let's do some updates. First off: the Rangers. I know the first post was a a little... controversial for being busy, but those who loved it really seemed to love it. In order to declutter, I made the pants blue and cut back on the stripes a bit, while keeping some of those New York touches. Second, here's Pittsburgh. When I posted these to my design IG page, a Penguins fan blog reposted my concept and literally every person in the comments despised it. Now, maybe they just didn't get it, but either way, 50 people might not be wrong. I understated this one a bit too, making it black but switching it all up otherwise.
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    The Pirates were originally gonna the in the NL East instead of the Braves but this never happened. There was a thought that the Braves could form a rivalry with the then-new Florida Marlins, since they play close and would be in the same division. This has yet to occur in the NL East.
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    The Bills desperately need WRs, but the coach seems like the stereotypical “keep your head down” kinda guy. I would have been shocked if the Bills got Antonio Brown.
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    Best two so far. Simple, classy, professional, fantastic
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    What happened to the top of his head?
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    You can only call them that if you are wearing your approved tinfoil hat.
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    That triangle looks like the first piece of crap pinewood derby car I made at age 8.
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    They won't start emphasizing it because it's totally unintentional. They wouldn't have put the line break where they did if there was any intention of creating a P.
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    My mind is blown. It'd be great if they started emphasizing this more
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    I'm with you brother. Carry on.
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    It's all true. Regarding the profile of Cincinnati, that's why I've thought it would have been a good NHL town, if only they were working with something newer than a carbon copy of the Met Center. Cincinnati may have avoided some of the the hiccups Columbus had with the Ohio State arena down the street and a general dearth of winter sports. This is also very true, and why the pitch for the Twins to play at an exurban complex equidistant to Greensboro and Winston-Salem would have been a boondoggle on top of another boondoggle.
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    The unused Clippers logo repurposed as a fictional San Diego team: C&C Welcome.
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    I don't remember when they were unveiled (last year), but I'm assuming adidas will release a Parley line of jerseys for teams again this year. That's my assumption based off the brands current affiliation/collaboration with Parley, I just hope they come up with something more than black/white kits and inject some color into it.
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    How could you forget Arturs Irbe?
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    Having said that nobody is wrong the way they follow sports, I'm finding it really hard to reconcile these two statements.
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    This will always be a pet peeve of mine. The adidas stripes that change color when wearing contrasting jerseys and shorts. Just don't have stripes on one or the other so the color visually carries through. Red circle = bad. Blue circle = good. This would look much nicer if both these teams just didn't have shorts stripes. Or have monochrome stripes on the shorts. Ugh.
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    Listen, I hate to be "that guy," but there's no way the Cards are trading Rosen. He was a top tier prospect last year, one season of bad coaching and little support around him doesn't change that. The idea that the Cardinals would give up on a potential suitor after one year because of some comment Kliff Kingsbury made a year ago is ludicrous imo.
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    My Tribe will win 90+ games. Then get swept in the ALDS. Same as it ever was...
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    I really hope Lakers consider going back to tradition. They can mix it up occasionally but keep the white jersey as the Sunday home jersey. And fix the purple jersey and actually wear it.
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    Carolina Reapers Make the logo similar to the Padres friar swinging, but with a Grim Reaper instead. Make the baseball look like a Carolina Reaper pepper. Colors could be black with red and green trim.
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    Fear not! The night owl will live on here in Quebec as Couche-tard
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    I'm not sure about this one yet, tried to go outside of my comfort zone somewhat. Regina Royal SC: And the map so far
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    Strongly disagree. Remember that "Brooklyn pizza festival" controversy where a bunch of rubes got scammed into buying one little piece of pizza? Those victims were probably all from Michigan living in the adult theme park of Brooklyn. Real New Yorkers can never be taken for a ride like that: just ask them, God knows they'll tell you.
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    Udinese wore 11 different kits from the last seasons against Lazio, due to a charity auction,
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    They changed the template again. I really thought they had something with the banner 2.0 model, but aside from that this is a solid logo. Really has a rising flame, Phoenix from the ashes thing that I dig.
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    A name change would have probably been the best route. The branding has already been tarnished, and the John should have been dropped. Maybe just shorten to Papa's Pizza and create some kind of Mario/Chef Boyardee mascot as Papa and then a new logo.
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