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    Why can't the Jets be this good at playing football as they are hiding uniform leaks?
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    Can the stupid circlejerk about emojis and everything end? It's so tired at this point and not really indicative of anything, that's just how a lot of younger people talk. Seriously, I've seen everything from the Giant's super simple throwbacks to the Seahawks all neon green color rush being described with the exact same terminology. What else do you expect them to say? Besides, uniforms should be allowed to have some attitude and make players excited. Of course, there's a delicate balance there to avoid going overboard, but still.
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    pretty sure #'s are standardized heights for front/back per league rules
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    Name is okay. Logo looks like it was made in Paint.
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    "Old-school '80s with a modern twist." I like the sound of that.
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    The Spurs say hello.
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    That Dallas jersey he gave Wade is one of the worst of all time. Probably the worst Nike jersey so far.
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    Unapologetically one of my favorite combos in the league..
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    Hopefully the Jets' redesign is closer to what the Jags did last year. Nothing too bold, just keep it simple. These weren't a home run, but they're definitely better than the abomination that the Titans came up with.
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    Forever .500?! Where do I sign up to guarantee eight wins every year, and do they take Amex?
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    SACRAMENTO GIANTS - Bear-rier to enry This one involves a bit of legal chicanery during the Proposition P proposal for a new Giants stadium in 1989 (which I covered in my San José Giants concept). Leading up the the election, Gregg Lukenbill and a group of Sacramento-area investors donated $12,500 to the anti-stadium campaign. San Francisco Mayor Art Agnos cried foul, claiming that it was an attempt at “looting” the team (as part of a last-minute push for the soon-to-be rejected proposition). In a later statement Lukenbill admitted, What did happen was that Mayor Agnos got San Francisco DA Arlo Smith to idict Lukenbill and four of his associates for not reporting their donation, a case that the judge dismissed for lack of evidence.1 While it may have been a “dick move” at the time, Lukenbill should be commended for standing up against teams getting taxpayers to foot the bill on stadiums. Ultimately, the Giants got their privately-funded stadium, while Lukenbill/the Sacramento Sports Association’s ARCO Park fell into dereliction. However, what if Lukenbill had lured Lurie to Sacramento and gotten him to contribute to finishing the stadium (unlikely, given how pro-taxpayer funding Lurie was)? What if the Sacramento Giants became a reality? Much like the San José Giants, I assumed that the same people behind the Giants’ 2000 redesign would have created the current logos & uniforms for the team. The primary reflects what’s so “Giant” about the team, namely that they play in the capital of the “giant” state of California. I used a silhouette of the bear from the old Sacramento Republic FC badge (itself derivative of the bear from the California flag). The flag tributes continue with the city text and the stripe dividing the bear from the “Giants-ball.” The secondary is the cap insignia, based off of the 1960 Sacramento Solons’ Giants/Pirates-style logo. The tertiary is a roundel with the tri-stripe and the insignia. The uniforms use the same template as the San José Giants, with a white home uniform featuring an NoB. Since “Sacramento” is a long name, I opted for a 1958-76/2000-present block wordmark (which has which has some precedent from the Solons). The primary is on the sleeves. Alternates follow my standard Giants formula, with an orange-billed cap and an insignia on the road jersey. The orange-billed cap/home uniform pairing is a Sunday alternate, while I’ve adopted a combination of the 1960s jersey style with a 1940's-style Solons cap (more Solons images here) and the classic cursive script. It’s a non-specific retro look that honors both the city and franchise’s baseball heritage. The jacket features many of the common traits of my other Giants jackets, with a semi-arched Herchey Script design. While moving the Giants to Sacramento would have kept the Giants-Dodgers rivalry relatively intact, I probably wouldn’t have grown up to enjoy the team nearly as much as I have. Besides, ARCO Park doesn’t seem like it’d be all that fantastic a venue. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, a team that hasn’t tried to move to Sacramento yet, but has received the suggestion before (@Bucfan56 knows what I’m talking about). 1 Robert F. Garratt, Home Team: The Turbulent History of the San Francisco Giants (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2017), 145–47; Mark Paul, “Remembering the SF Ballpark Five,” The California Fix, August 9, 2013, http://www.thecaliforniafix.com/thecaliforniafix/2013/8/8/remembering-the-sf-ballpark-five
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    IIRC: in 2013 the Jags players were quoted as saying their new uniforms were "dope" and "sick." in 2014 the Bucs players were quoted as saying their new uniforms were "dope" and "sick." in 2002 the Bills players were quoted as saying their new uniforms were "dope" and "sick." in 2015 the Browns players were quoted as saying their new uniforms were "dope" and "sick." in 2006 the Vikings players were quoted as saying their new uniforms were "dope" and "sick." in 2014 the 49ers players were quoted as saying their new Color Rush uniforms were "dope" and "sick." Players having taste? Don't bet on it...
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    It is possible that the players have good taste, too. I mean, it was a Jets player (whose name escapes me) that posted that 80's inspired concept last year
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    It evokes the right things, but it’s a truly awful drawing. The art from a playing card shows depth, nuance of form, graphic simplicity, etc. This honestly looks like it was drawn by someone who doesn’t know that you can use Bézier handles to create curves in drawing software. It shows a complete lack of understanding the principles of visual design and the tools used to create it.
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    Unpopular opinion but I don’t see any redeeming qualities in the green set.
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    I really don't mind this uniform. I actually think the Chargers look better in monochrome with their current uniforms.
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    So take the 80's uniforms and splice in the 80's Jets script into the 2 sleeve stripes (left sleeve only)?
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    You've got a shrimp humping the state of Florida... what more do you want?
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    I really like the current Cavalry logo. It's simple, it's classic. But keeping it isn't in the spirit of the series. So I took the horse from the City of Calgary's logo, made a few changes, and promoted the C from the current logo to more prominence. That just leaves Victoria, which I'd love some ideas for. ...or maybe I've got plans for expanding to 20 teams. Caravans of immigrants from the USA will likely be flooding Canada soon, so the sport will have room to grow.
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    Meh, I find this argument less than convincing. Baseball continues to rake in cash, and if it’s not the favorite sport of millennials it is frequently cited as the second. Plus watch what happens to football when they’re forced to face the consequences of the modern game. Already insurers are dropping them. Non-contact sports will be ripe for a Renaissance.
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    IMO the stick in rink is the most overrated hockey logo . if someone came out with that today as their main logo we would all think it was a joke.
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    I disagree with the author. The Red Wings logo patches have been understated, simple, and in the Wings classic red and white. It's exactly what a traditional organization should do with its memorial patches.
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    MLB already has issues with the Canadian dollar; I seriously doubt they want to add two new currencies into the mix.
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    It’s also worth noting that despite both the AAF and XFL stating they want to complement the NFL rather than compete with it? The AAF’s walked that line better than the XFL has. The XFL 1.0 was very antagonistic towards the NFL. Not that shocking, given how bold Vince was at the hight of the wrestling boom and the fact that he’d successfully vanquished WCW not that long ago by the league’s launch. Bull-headed antagonism helped him win the wrestling war, so why not take on the NFL with the same attitude? Now you might say “that was then, this is now, Vince learned his lesson.” And yeah, the XFL 2.0’s own website states that they want to complement the NFL, not compete with it. Rewind to the day the XFL 2.0 launched though. Vince was calmer than he’d been in 2000-01, but he was still very antagonistic. Talking about how the XFL was going to “give football back to the fans” and whatnot. Given the criticisms the NFL was under at the time? That was very much a shot across the bow by Vince and co. Vince can’t help but be antagonistic. Meanwhile? The AAF, as far as I’m aware, never tried to take the piss out of the NFL. It’s probably for the best that they didn’t get the rights to the XFL name, as it has all of that antagonistic baggage. My long-winded point is that if you want to play nice with the NFL? Maybe don’t start your league off by telling everyone why they suck and you’re better.
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    On my TV (which is not 4K)...the BP jerseys look teal in the sun, and the whole package looks like teal, black, and orange. And it looks like a great update from the 90s. Today's game against the Mets is an aesthetically pleasing game. Those blue jerseys obviously need to be full time alts.
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    Probably, but it didn’t come out today. Design doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and context informs a logo or uniform’s value.
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    were you starting to feel good about the jets unis? okay, well here's something to make you worry. this is from the athletic's connor hughes in a Q&A for the site yesterday: "The couple players I talked to who have seen them described them as "sick" and "awesome" and "dope." It's a complete redesign — colors, logo, etc." soooooo who knows. but it sounds like there's at least something in there for the [FLAME EMOJIS] crowd.
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    nothing else. ethan greenberg (who co-hosts the jets-produced 'jets360' )doesn't talk about it in his interview. paul esden is the host of the podcast, and he said: "personally, my guess, and people in the building that i know that can say anything, or people around the team, is that it seems like it's going to be that old school '80s with a modern twist. that's kinda what i've heard. that's the kind of feel i'm getting for this new uniform." this isn't a shot at esden, because he does a really nice job hosting the podcast, but i wouldn't necessarily put a ton of faith into that. he flat out says that part of it is a "feel" he's getting. it could just be inferences he has drawn, or it could be he has actual sources on background that have told him something legit. ultimately it's encouraging, but take it with a grain of salt.
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    Yeah, I feel better about baseball's future than football's. Baseball is, after all, the greatest game ever created. And basketball, pfft, Adam Silver just admitted they played themselves by getting everyone talking about the NBA on social but not bothering to watch the games.
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    I give that Hurricane's home and away concept a 9/10
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    Seeing my favorite baseball team wearing gear reptesenting the city I proudly call home makes me feel some kinda way.
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    The only other thing I might do is make the outline black instead of white. But I like how understated it is, just like when the Yankees place the number above the black armband.
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    Thanks. Yea, it’s a close one for sure. For now, I think I’ll just stick with the “Boston” script, and wait for you all to see Cleveland. I’m sorry, I’m not sure exactly what you mean, could you please explain? The White Sox will be up in a little bit!
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    I'm no graphic expert by a long shot, but looks like it was done in Paint in the 90's.
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    They're "similar" in a sense I guess, but it's definitely not a white version of the home. The Hurricanes owner at the time, IIRC, said as much when they were unveiled.
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    Damn, these are great. Nearly every one of it is better than their men counterpart. England away is my favourite.
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    To quote Lee Corso in regards to the Raiders home for 2019 being Oakland "not so fast my friend: https://footballstadiumdigest.com/2019/03/raiders-potential-oakland-coliseum-lease-agreement-hits-a-snag/
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    The Phoenix area is also crawling with Wisconsin transplants. I remember when the Packers would play the Cardinals and 90% of the stadium was in green and gold. I think the D'Backs are posturing. No one is gonna leave a Top 12 television market to go somewhere like Portland or North Carolina. Maybe if Vancouver got serious about wanting a team in about a decade I might get worried. And in that case, retrofit Chase for minor league ball... bring back the Phoenix Firebirds! Hell, the AWA frequently ran the Ampitheater in Chicago and the Auditorium in Milwaukee on the same night... 96 miles apart... and sold out both. Elder millennial here. My primary sports fandom has certainly shifted from football to baseball over the past few years. I'm not sure how much I'll follow the NFL at all once Aaron Rodgers retires.
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    After having Rosen (and trading UP for him) for one season, is Arizona really gonna draft another QB? They better hope Murray ends up being a HOF QB because they have much bigger needs at other positions.
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    So it's not St Cloud, but I did get a husky done: Washington Had to add a hat! Went back and made a St. Cloud:
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    I think the subject matter has to come into play. Other than the Florida panther, the word itself is almost exclusively associated with various species of large black cats. It would be more unnatural to not use black as the primary color, to the point that it would be “not black for not black’s sake.”
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    Just saw this on Twitter. Northwestern seniors got to design their unis for Senior night vs Purdue and came up with these gems It could stand to use a little purple but I otherwise love the idea and execution of the uniform for a one-off.
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