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    The helmet just feels incomplete or unfinished. The 90's logo would have been perfect. Adding the jet to the new wordmark or helmet logo would have helped.
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    In-depth analysis of a fictitious sports team appearing in a throwaway 30 second commercial about a state lottery is what makes this site great.
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    There’s soccer club Young Boys, who play at Wankdorf Stadium (now Stade de Suisse Wankdorf), leading to headlines like this:
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    Howdy there! Been a whole while since I've posted here. But lately I've been drawing up some vintage-inspired pennant designs for all the MLB teams! I love how pennants play with color, fonts, and trying to capture the essence of a team with a few simple shapes. I've had fun exploring different ways to showcase a team and elements of their brand, so to speak. First up, my Jays and the AL East! Boston - kept this extra simple, loved the way the text flowed into the home plate. Blue Jays - Had a eureka moment when I realized I could get the J and the bird's chest shape to line up well. I'm biased but they have the best look in baseball, so it was fun thinking up a retro design for them. Yankees - I wasn't going to give these guys a good nickname. I tried giving it an almost authoritarian look, the pinstripes and font lookin like 1930s-were-not-messing-around-mobster aesthetic. Baltimore - Kind of just split this into three sections, playing with shapes and of course a nod to the awesome Maryland flag. Rays - Was so happy with how this one turned out. They have the blandest brand in the big leagues, I wish they never got rid of the Devil Rays name and look. So I combined a bunch of eras basically! Cheers guys!
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    Hi guys! Back with some more designs, for the AL Central. Really happy with how these came out. I think they're a pretty unique way to think about how their designs could have looked decades ago! Cleveland: Inspired by the flag of Ohio, I knew I wanted to stay away from any sort of Native American caricature, and I've always loved when they use feathers. Detroit: This tiger might be one of my favorite things I've designed recently. Might expand the concept a bit and throw him inside a D. I wanted just boom, in your face classic design with big lettering, kind of a callback to the team's long history. Fun fact the tiger design initially started as a tattoo I wanted and sketched out for myself - then I thought it'd be a perfect fit to try out in this simpler vintage style. Add a ball in his mouth and voila, he's ready for fetch! Chicago White Sox: This was a toughie, but I was inspired by their diagonal blackletter font treatment, and always loved their kind of flying sock concept. Four stars for the flag of Chicago and boom! Kansas City: Wanted to keep this one simple, loved the nickname Crowntown. Honestly even though this KC monogram is so simple I love how the two letters look together. Minnesota: had played with ideas of little twin characters on here, but ultimately scratched it. Went with some more Minnesota imagery, which oddly is something they kind of haven't done in their brand a lot (unlike the Wild and Timberwolves do) - so I wanted to bring in that northern starry night flair. Knew I wanted to do a cool script font as the focal point because I just love their script so much, and the layout of the letters just lined up perfectly, with the cross of the "t" and dot of the "i" creating the perfect ball and bat. Thanks for stopping by, up next is the AL West!
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    Hey, look, it's every single Cardinals concept ever made on these boards!
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    Continued to be wildly baffled by how bad this looks
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    Every NFL team should only wear the first uniform they ever wore no matter how long ago that was or whether it looked good because history is static and can never change or be updated
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    Yes folks, IT, IS HAPPENING!
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    Just because people have been questioning: He's not wrong there.
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    1960. And let's also not forget 1948 and 1949. (The NFL did indeed exist prior to 1966......)
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    I’m bummed the thunder didn’t chose sonic, it’s a well known Oklahoma based brand, and would lead to so many SuperSonics jokes.
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    This whole throwback faux back discussion sparked an idea. Love the Hawk's silver helmet set but since they can't use an alt helmet, could/should they just do that set with their current darker blue and new logo?
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    I like the concepts when they are pertinent to the discussion as this one was. Helps the conversation and much easier than trying to explain it.
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    So I rolled along and made a final version of everything. I cleaned up the logos and scripts from pages 4 and 5. I ended up going with font A from page 4. I don’t usually like italic numbers or completely round fonts, and font B was both of those things, so as much as I tried to like it to get some more blue on the jerseys, I just couldn’t get myself to like the font. So I went with the font based of the primary logo. Hats: Two hats, but both are similar. Both have black crowns with the fish-only logo, but one has a blue bill and button, the other swaps in pink. Jerseys: A whopping 5 jerseys, in white, gray, blue, pink, and black. The white and pink jerseys have the Marlins script, the gray and black jerseys have the Miami script, and the blue jersey has Miami, swapping pink and blue for better contrast. On the sleeves, the jerseys have a striping pattern that replicates the scripts, going thin black-thick blue-thin black-medium pink-thin black, with blue and pink swapped on the blue jersey. Pants: Three pairs, white, gray, and blue. All pairs have striping down the side matching the jerseys and belts are colored to match the socks, which come in blue, pink, and black. Rules: Ah yes, rules for the uniforms. The bill of the caps should match the socks/undershirts unless black socks are being worn (because there isn't a solid black cap). While black socks and undershirts are an option, they should be avoided. Ideally, blue would be the most common choice, with pink a close second, and black being worn only when necessary, such as with the blue pants or black jerseys. All three colored jerseys can be worn at home with white pants, and the blue and black jerseys can be worn on the road, with blue and gray pants, respectively. Pink jerseys stay at home. This is the first time I've done this with baseball, normally I stick to football concepts, so I kinda improvised the presentation as I went along. Hopefully it isn't too bad to even look at. Here's the final product: Personally, I like how the neon "light bulbs" pop off the black backgrounds, but if all I wanted was my opinion, I wouldn't be posting them here. What do you guys think? Compared to the real Marlins redesign, upgrade, downgrade, flat? Let me know!
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    I don’t want much from Jacksonville. Literally just pants stripes. That’s all.
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    I am starting "another" MLB thread, but the catch here is the concepts are modeled after the college baseball nike designs. This means a ton of options, fauxbacks, and non-traditional designs. The first team is the Houston Astros, a team many college programs model uniforms after. I took a page out of the NCAA's book and brought back the rainbow guts with a modern twist. Additionally, the more traditional options have added a shooting star above the team names. C&C are appreciated, but any edits will be about 2 months out.
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    I hate this notion that the Yankees own pinstripes and are the only team that can wear them.
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    Oh c'mon: It's Fiesta Baby!
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    The fundamental problem at the core of the Chargers uniforms remains the striping on the bolt. It ought to be reversed. Putting the powder blue next to the gold doesn't contrast enough, creating a green effect when viewed at a distance. Compare:
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    The Heat don’t get enough credit for having built a timeless, enduring brand. The Vice colors are fine as an occasional alternate but just don’t hold a candle to the standard set.
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    Wrong. The new Jets uni is clearly a blatant rip-off of the Farmingdale High School football team of Long Island, NY. Shame on the Jets for stealing these kids' uniforms. Sad.
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    I'm starting to get real sick of people acting like certain colors can only be used by one team only. Nobody has a copyright or trademark on any colors. Please stop.
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    E-“sports”. Why any adult would want to watch another adult play video games is beyond me.
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    Unpopular opinion: Leave kelly green for the Jets. Midnight green looks great on the Eagles.
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    Forget alternate, I’d make a whole set out of that. Yes please.
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    Much like with the bowl games, basketball + energy = fun in Illustrator. So I present each regional bracket, displayed by team jerseys and scores. This will be updated again after next weekend's games. Click to enlarge.
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    Here comes the presentation! I'll be posting on here one division at a time. But I post each team on my Instagram page once I finish it, so follow @natesweitzer if you don't want to wait. First off, the NFC North.
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    To me, none of these uniforms you posted are really patriotic. They're about as well-intentioned as Pinktober was.
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    How is there any negative comments about this? It's completely innocuous. They simply saw an opportunity to get their primary logo on a jersey in a way that didn't alter waht has become their signature look. From a branding perspective, it's smart. From an aesthetic perspective, it didn't do any harm. It's at worst a lateral, and at best... a lateral. "Cash grab"? Really? They just figured out a way to get their mark out there on consumer's backs without it intruding on the aesthetic of their uniform. Seems pretty smart to me, and as sleeves continue to shrink, I'd expect more of this in the future.
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    Red socks really do make a world of difference for the Texan uniforms
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    couldn't that go for...::checks notes::...any other uniform that's ever been made?
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    I despise the Atlanta road cap with all my heart. The home cap is the only one they need and it works so much better with all of their uniforms.
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    I'll never understand why some people on this forum flip out about the usage of black in these uniforms. They never wore black jerseys. Never wore black pants. Never wore black socks. Yet the minor amount out black used with these in relation to the green and white has been vilified and tagged BFBS *sighs and shakes head*
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    At best, the yellow is a fine alternate look. I don't want it as the primary. The Los Angeles Rams are royal blue, then yellow. *chef's kiss*
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    Dundon is the very model of a vulture capitalist. He bought the league not for its own sake, not because he believed in it or wanted it to survive, but so he could strip it of its valuable asset(s?) and walk away, leaving the employees and creditors high and dry. Not to mention the fans. Will he refund the balance of season ticket accounts, or force them to sue for whatever meager scraps they can scavenge? He didn’t care about the AAF, only about getting his claws into its intellectual property. No matter what. It’s almost a parody of amoral capitalism run amok. Except it happened, as it too often does.
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    So as @andrewharrington pointed out...context matters regarding this stuff. Across the board when it comes to design, really. What works in Place A may not work in Place B. Beyond that though? The re-emergence of people who fell like the NY Jets MUST have a cool and badass fighter jet motif raises an interesting point on how to best use a jet- be it a military or commercial jet- when designing a good logo for a sports team. So let's look at some "fierce," "badass," and "cool" conceptual designs for both Jets teams, Winnipeg and New York. Full disclosure- I removed everything from these concepts save for the jets themselves, so that element could stand on its own. Anyway they're all pretty bad, if you ask me. They all fall into the trap that plagued 90s/early 2000s design. Too many highlights, too many angles, too much detail. They all work as cartoon illustrations of fighter jets, but as logos? They're all too much. They don't work. So now let's look at some actual jet logos used by professional teams. Again, I removed everything but the jet portions so we can see them on their own, and hopefully understand why they work. None of them are detailed. None of them are complex. There's been more than one person in this thread who have said the Memphis Express of the AAF have the best New York Jets conceptual logo and helmet, and when you look at that logo? It's really two chunks of blue shapes that simulate the look of a fighter jet without all the extra shading and detail that plague those above awful concepts. The current Winnipeg Jets logo is, like the Express' logo, clearly a fighter jet. Still, it's not overly detailed or outlined. It's shaded, yes, but the shading it used very boldly, with the shaded aspects being only one of two colours on the entire jet. And while its shape is a bit more distinct? Again, detail doesn't wear it down. It's a shaded silhouette at the end of the day. The previous Winnipeg logos, and those of the New York Jets, are remarkably similar. Simple silhouettes of passenger jets followed geometric shapes that allude to a jet shape without actually being defined enough to say what sort of jet they are. Could the second jet logos of both Winnipeg and New York be military jets? Sure. They could also be civilian passenger jets though. The shapes are vague enough to be either. And this vagueness doesn't make either bad. Again, the super-simple abstract nature of the current Winnipeg Jets and Memphis Express logos show that the style of the second New York and Winnipeg logos is a feature rather than a bug. They imply sleekness, speed, and movement without being bogged down by too much shading, too many angles, or too much detail. In short? Whatever the Jets do? It's in their best interests to keep the design simple. The name "Jets" is, in many ways, a trap. It conjures up images of sleek military jets that many concept artists love to dig into. Overly detailed, overly outlined and shaded, cartoon drawings of military hardware. These, however, don't make for effective logos. The less detailed, the more abstract? The better. At least as far as this subject matter goes. Both Jets teams have managed that so far. Let's hope the New York football team doesn't screw it up with overly-detailed military porn. Which is why I think doing something abstract that implies the shape of a jet, while conveying speed, is the best way to go about it. A detailed military jet as a logo would be awful.
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    Because amateur graphic designers don’t get a brief from the team. They don’t have to answer to an art director, let alone a creative director who may be completely removed from the project. They don’t have to work with a separate uniform design team. They don’t have to compete with other designers on their own team who are also trying to get their work on the field. They don’t have to build a presentation deck explaining their thought process (props to those who do, of course). They don’t have to present their work to league marketing officials or game operations staff. They don’t have to present their work to the team’s marketing executives, merchandising team, equipment manager, front office executives, presidents, CEOs, or owners. They don’t have to revise their work based on the opinions of any of those dozens of people previously mentioned. They don’t have to revise their work again. Or again. Or again. They don’t have to design within any sort of cost or margin constraint. They don’t have to spec measurements, colors, materials, or embellishments, nor do they have to have any of those things individually developed and cost-quoted for manufacturing. They don’t have to go through the process of physically sampling the product and revising it based on their own evaluation or that of any of those dozens of people previously mentioned. They don’t have to rely on a catalog with a TBD image and a team of salespeople to convince retailers to buy hundreds or even thousands of their bread-and-butter item sight unseen. They don’t have to do it for 8-12 teams and/or events every season (not to mention 60+ uniforms in a switchover year). They don’t have to stay motivated after they work for weeks or months on a project and the team responds with, “No, thanks!” They don’t have to grapple with the fact that 95% of the work they do is essentially a waste and wonder where their life and career went after a few decades of grinding... I’d say that covers the main reasons.
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    Perhaps after agreeing to sign with the Jets, Anthony Barr was told what the new uniforms were going to look like and he was like "Nope. I'm out," and went back to the Vikings. Makes sense right?
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    Or, the reddit person was blowing hot air and only describing the cheerleader uniforms and pretending he had insider knowledge.
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    Hey guys, After seeing the Mint Julip hats back on the last page, I just wanted to take this time to give a quick shout out to the Montgomery Biscuits. The Biscuits were so ahead of the curve on the anthropomorphic local food item logo. The logo below is from 2004. Now? The shark has been jumped over and back again. The horse has been mercilessly beaten into the ground. Montgomery Biscuits, I'm sorry that so many teams are infringing on your territory. I'm sorry now that you may unfairly get lumped in with the other unoriginal food logos. Your logo was great and clever. It made me laugh. It still does. Stay strong.
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