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    I don’t want much from Jacksonville. Literally just pants stripes. That’s all.
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    Here's a quick proof of concept: When working with this logo, I realized just how weak the ice/lower half of the "C" is compared to the dominant orca/upper half. If you give the lower a stronger and thicker base (like the Habs logo), the logo as a whole would be much stronger.
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    More like, a splash image-kind of thing. You'll see as the series goes on! My next teaser image for my MLB/Nike project, something my fellow Brewers fans will appreciate. NL MVP Christian Yelich modeling the new Brewers home threads. Is that new uniform cream-colored for the Brew Crew?
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    At least the games are good... that has helped the AAF at least be better then the original XFL.
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    The original Buccaneers colors, or something similar, would be a good look in MLB. I guess it could work for the Rays, fully embracing the Sun Ray theme. A slightly darker powder blue and yellow would look good too:
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    This will be my take on Nike re-designing Major League Baseball. Starting in 2020, it will be Nike (not Under Armour who was originally supposed to take over), taking the reigns from Majestic for the production of Major League Baseball uniforms. My upcoming series will focus more on tradition (baseball is a sport deep-rooted in it), but also feature a bit of edgy flair for teams that can use a bit of it. But overall, don't expect madness and trash like what Nike has done for a vast majority of the NBA. Now, in this teaser--it appears that the Philadelphia Phillies "P," and their wordmark across the front of the jersey have gotten a bit of a touch-up. Also, is this the return of burgundy for the "Fightin' Phils?" (Pardon my photo-editing skills, they're not perfect (far from it... Hahaha), but actually seeing my uniform concepts on actual players really brings them to life, to me--and I hope you guys enjoy seeing them despite the imperfections!)
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    Cincinnati draws in Atlanta. It may not be a win but its a win in my book.
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    The final club! Kelowna Line, named for the method of halting wildfires. Kelowna Line: The map: And all club logos:
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    I had a troop say it's OKURRRRRT! the other day. Pretty sure I had an aneurysm.
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    Well it seems the board’s resident Debbie Downer has found his new temporary fixation. I don’t think the AAF is the greatest thing ever, but I do appreciate someone taking a risk to establish a developmental league for people that enjoy football. I’ve enjoyed the games, and I don’t think I’m alone.
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    AL CENTRAL DETROIT TIGERS Nothing too controversial with the Tigers. I think we can all agree Detroit has one of the great designs in baseball and there isn't too much to do besides sanding off the rough edges. First and foremost is fixing the Old English "D" scenario. As much as I understand the motive of the Tigers to want the same logo on the cap and the jersey but the cap logo is just way too airy and uniquely shaped to work on the jersey. It's the same reason why blowing it up in size on the cap doesn't quite work either. That logo took maximum benefit its small size on the cap through its negative space balancing out the compressed space. My solution to this problem is to try out something of a hybrid logo. Essentially this is just the 1917 logo with two backward flanges instead of one. I think it draws a nice balance between the lighter cap logo and heavier jersey logo. I've applied to both caps and home jersey. I've also dropped the extra white outline from the away jersey to free up the "Detroit" script. As a bonus, I've mocked up a Detroit Stars fauxback as a full time Sunday alternate. I don't see the Tigers ever going with a conventional third option so using the awesome Negro League throwbacks on Sundays would be a great way to break up the two uniform paradigm. C&C as always. Enjoy!
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    are the thunder the rare team where every alternate they have right now is a better uniform than their regular association and icon looks? if they could inject some life into the white uni i would say this is the best they've ever looked.
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    The Dallas Greats should be able to use Green Bay's G logo, because I've been told that's what it stands for.
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    I was just about to post congratulating Cincinnati on its big win today. An equalizer in the 86th minute is pretty good. Is Atlanta turning into Toronto of 2018?
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    Tampa Bay - I like the return of the Tortugas' font, as well as the color choices and the striping designs. The fauxback is especially inspired! My one complaint would be with the color balance on the home uniform, as the powder accessories and cap crowns might clash with the navy-heavy lettering. However, I'd excuse it because you matched the uniform lettering to that of the caps and the sock stripes. Well done! Blue Jays - It's excellent all around! I'd add a white stripe in between the two blue stripes on the pants for the road uniform (I assume that the powder stripe in between the two royal ones on the alternate and BP was an error - EDIT: disregard, just my eyes seeing something that wasn’t there). I like the unorthodox striping design on the BP/Canada Day uniforms' shoulders. The alternate take is a fantastic interpretation of the Black Jays' color scheme, as it feels "blue" enough to still look good. I'd go with white placket stripes on the Red Sox alternate. White Sox - Thanks for the shout-out! Like @Carolingian Steamroller, I'm not so sure about pairing the blackletter "Sox" with the Tiffany/Circus-style number font. Either a modified block font or a blackletter number font would work better here. The white-crowned cap on the road uniform is a little too jarring for my taste, and I'd prefer it with the black jersey (I like using the "White Sox" cursive script) only. Both the BP and fauxback are excellent, but I second @coco1997's pinstriped cap suggestion. I'm looking forward to your next entry!
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    Pace of play can be largely ameliorated by, when players ask for time, telling them "no." Seems like a better initial plan of attack than taking ten days' worth of gate receipts away to be more like the NBA.
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    So, there are a lot of issues here for me. Logos are not well-thought (maybe for seventies as the user above told so), and the execution is quite poor. Mostly comes from the lack of a stroke in the white jersey of Pittsburgh, from the discontinuity in the NOBs of Louisville and from this template that I really do not like. The shorts remind me of LEGO, don't know why, The best advice I can provide is: First. Get a nicer template, look around in the forums or draw one from a jersey image like ones we have currently. Second. Take a lot of time in each concept. Haste makes waste. Showing a well-done and careful work not only will improve your skills, but will get you better advice.
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    You've been doing a great job! I love the throwback for the Rays and the outtakes of the Blue Jays. I love the White Sox set, but I think the road uni would look better with the home cao.
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    Ditch the black pants. White or teal only. Make teal jerseys primary. The black jersey with teal pants is a great alt look
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    Ah, Colorado. So close to a great uniform, but keep spoiling it with the blue socks.
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    Another weekend, another design! Time for the Mets: This set features the iconic NYC skyline with a front gradient, usign the Big Apple logo from a cap released years ago:
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    There should be no limits. College athletes should be paid whatever someone is willing to pay them.
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    Make the statement the new icon and the earned the new statement. Would be cool to see that city stick for at least another season. I’ve loved the incorporation of orange this season in the earned jersey and the accessories.
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    Nooo black for the Jets!! Green and white. That's all thats needed!
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    New uniforms for Southern University. these are what I've been waiting for!!!
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    The only thing that bothers me about the Jags set is the white jerseys and pants lack teal. They have become a black,white, and teal team. Teal, black, and gold is a much better/unique color scheme, but other then that I like the uniforms. Any change that got rid of those helmets is a win in my book.
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    Can the stupid circlejerk about emojis and everything end? It's so tired at this point and not really indicative of anything, that's just how a lot of younger people talk. Seriously, I've seen everything from the Giant's super simple throwbacks to the Seahawks all neon green color rush being described with the exact same terminology. What else do you expect them to say? Besides, uniforms should be allowed to have some attitude and make players excited. Of course, there's a delicate balance there to avoid going overboard, but still.
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    Next one is the USMNT.
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    I REALLY don't like the side numbers on Arizona, San Antonio, and San Diego's uniforms. They're all great. With enough modern flare to seem interesting but not so much that they become clown suits. I think it was @Gothamite who said that these uniforms really hit a happy middle ground between modern and traditional so many NFL teams seem to miss, and I agree with that. Those numbers on only one side of the helmets though...it just doesn't work.
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    I decided to redo most of my template aside from the overall shape. I applied it to what I hope the Wild unveil this summer. What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
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    Worth noting that while Pride Month is generally June, all Pride events in AZ take place in March because...nobody wants to do anything outside in June.
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    Memphis is the visiting team today. Arizona doesn't need an alternate at all. San Antonio probably doesn't either. Next season they'll probably introduce alternates for all the teams, and just force the teams that don't need alts to wear them once or twice.
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    I LOVE that modified "D" logo. It really is the perfect compromise between the two versions of the Olde English "D" they've used in recent decades. This may be my OCD kicking but shouldn't the inside of the Stars jersey be white instead of navy?
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    I dig what you've done with my White Sox! Like @Victormrey, my only nitpick is the pairing of the white cap with the throwback set. Any chance we could see a pinstriped black cap to match the rest of the uni?
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    San Diego is a better choice than if they were to have gone to Los Angeles or San Francisco. All San Diego needed to do was to outsell the Chargers and it seems like that is what they did.
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    The original designs you posted were already good, but the tweaked versions are even better! I love the use of green for the White Sox, certainly unique. And that second Cleveland Spiders sleeve patch is gorgeous. Keep it up
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    I really like where you’ve gone thematically with the Sox. The double stripe theme is great. I love the charcoal road with white lettering. I love the plain white logos on the black/pins alt. My one quibble is that I am not a fan of pairing the 76 style numbers with the Gothic S-o-x. To my eyes it just becomes too busy. Like pairing apple pie with chocolate ice cream. I’d much prefer a block or Gothic font. Apart from that, great job!
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    When you have little to NO TV revenue, where else do you receive income to last? Selling merchandise gives you just 10% of a $25 tee. Using the Dundon millions is just draining the sink hour by hour. "The thing is...", we know they lacked cash before Dundon, and "word of mouth" was key for Ebersol. Why are they failing to sell tickets? This was game 4 of 5 for Birmimgham.
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    Here's a question. And be honest. What attendance number would you need to see to consider it acceptable? And not constantly rag on it?
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    I did that one with the current fonts some time ago. I’m not as big of a fan of it now. The fonts aren’t particularly outstanding, and I wish the Rays would use more bright secondary colors. That’s why I’ve come around to the 1998-2000 Rays a little, because the bright gradients worked well in the dark venue. Think the Daytona Tortugas:
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    Unapologetically one of my favorite combos in the league..
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    I really like the current Cavalry logo. It's simple, it's classic. But keeping it isn't in the spirit of the series. So I took the horse from the City of Calgary's logo, made a few changes, and promoted the C from the current logo to more prominence. That just leaves Victoria, which I'd love some ideas for. ...or maybe I've got plans for expanding to 20 teams. Caravans of immigrants from the USA will likely be flooding Canada soon, so the sport will have room to grow.
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    Just saw this on Twitter. Northwestern seniors got to design their unis for Senior night vs Purdue and came up with these gems It could stand to use a little purple but I otherwise love the idea and execution of the uniform for a one-off.
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    Hoping for some more comments on Detroit, but I'm going to move on to another paragon of success (and, because I'm a masochist, my favorite team) the J-E-T-S (suck suck suck)! NEW YORK JETS I know they have a uniform unveiling coming next month, so I wanted to get this out before that or anything leaking. I'm disappointed they are doing a redesign, as I think their uniforms are just about perfect. I did make some important alterations, however. Their logo is pretty terrible, so I pilfered the unused Baltimore Bombers logo and put it in the classic green and white (and yes, I know not all bombers are jets, so shut up). The shade of green is different too, moving away from the dark hunter green that can at times look awful to more of a forest or British racing green. The alternate calls to mind the logo and uniforms of the 1980s. And, another new font! Yay! This one, called Bombardier, is meant to (kind of) evoke tail numbers on fighter jets to bring a refresh to the classic brand.
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    I really went wild on the Socceroos. The home kit is based on their early 90s kits.
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    Not 100% sold on these so I'll post to get some feedback. The first is Orlando. Idea here was to step back from the sky pattern/gradients and simplify things. The intent of the wordmark is to mimic the reflection of Orlando's downtown over the water - which ties in to the black (night sky) top and blue jersey. The bold waist band was intended to add a little modern flair and the star on the shorts is a nod to Orlando's original jersey. The next is Miami. I'll probably do another Miami one here soon, but thought it'd be fun to have a Dwayne Wade "the flash" tribute. Not necessarily something I'd like to see - but with the Lakers having a black mamba and magic jersey, and the Wolves and Nets both having uniforms inspired by people I don't think it's too crazy for the Heat to have a Wade tribute uniform. This one obviously playing off of his nickname and drawing inspiration from the flash superhero outfit. Thoughts?
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