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    Here's a quick proof of concept: When working with this logo, I realized just how weak the ice/lower half of the "C" is compared to the dominant orca/upper half. If you give the lower a stronger and thicker base (like the Habs logo), the logo as a whole would be much stronger.
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    Cincinnati draws in Atlanta. It may not be a win but its a win in my book.
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    The final club! Kelowna Line, named for the method of halting wildfires. Kelowna Line: The map: And all club logos:
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    Ditch the black pants. White or teal only. Make teal jerseys primary. The black jersey with teal pants is a great alt look
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    Ah, Colorado. So close to a great uniform, but keep spoiling it with the blue socks.
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    Make the statement the new icon and the earned the new statement. Would be cool to see that city stick for at least another season. I’ve loved the incorporation of orange this season in the earned jersey and the accessories.
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    Nooo black for the Jets!! Green and white. That's all thats needed!
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    New uniforms for Southern University. these are what I've been waiting for!!!
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    I LOVE that modified "D" logo. It really is the perfect compromise between the two versions of the Olde English "D" they've used in recent decades. This may be my OCD kicking but shouldn't the inside of the Stars jersey be white instead of navy?
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    I really like where you’ve gone thematically with the Sox. The double stripe theme is great. I love the charcoal road with white lettering. I love the plain white logos on the black/pins alt. My one quibble is that I am not a fan of pairing the 76 style numbers with the Gothic S-o-x. To my eyes it just becomes too busy. Like pairing apple pie with chocolate ice cream. I’d much prefer a block or Gothic font. Apart from that, great job!
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    Unapologetically one of my favorite combos in the league..
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    Hoping for some more comments on Detroit, but I'm going to move on to another paragon of success (and, because I'm a masochist, my favorite team) the J-E-T-S (suck suck suck)! NEW YORK JETS I know they have a uniform unveiling coming next month, so I wanted to get this out before that or anything leaking. I'm disappointed they are doing a redesign, as I think their uniforms are just about perfect. I did make some important alterations, however. Their logo is pretty terrible, so I pilfered the unused Baltimore Bombers logo and put it in the classic green and white (and yes, I know not all bombers are jets, so shut up). The shade of green is different too, moving away from the dark hunter green that can at times look awful to more of a forest or British racing green. The alternate calls to mind the logo and uniforms of the 1980s. And, another new font! Yay! This one, called Bombardier, is meant to (kind of) evoke tail numbers on fighter jets to bring a refresh to the classic brand.
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    I love every one of these designs except for Nickel City logo... I really don’t know why I wasn’t feeling any of it toward to the logo. Was it the antler part or what? I just can’t quite point it out, really. Perhaps you’d figure that one out or not. Still every single of are great and well done!
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    Dang I love the current Stillwater home jerseys. Their current road jerseys are awful. For the first time this series, I'm not a fan of a set. No hate on you its a well done set. I do really like the ALT. I always liked that jersey. I just dont think it works well with the home and away.
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    Mexico City is 10x more of a pipe dream than Raleigh. Baseball is at best the fourth-most popular sport in Mexico City (1. soccer, 2. boxing, 3. soccer again), and despite being the center of a 20+ million urban area, the Diablos Rojos recently moved into a 5k stadium in part because they weren't filling the 25k one. They were between 3-5k, which sounds fantastic for "minor league" baseball, but the Mexican League is "major" in a "minor" way... highest level in the country, but a few notches below the highest in the world. It's got a lot of similarities in that regard to MLS (and that's not a knock against MLS whatsoever). The kicker to this is that "actual tickets sold" is much, much lower than that. Nobody pays to go to Mexican League games. Lots of ticket giveaways to lure folks in to spend money on beer and snacks. Which is a fine enough marketing plan, but it won't work for MLB. I've also heard multiple times that baseball in Mexico is more popular among the poor (the wealth gap in Mexico City is enormous) than the upper and middle classes - the type that would actually purchase tickets. There would also need to be a new stadium, which is an entirely different can of worms. Add in the issues of peso-dollar convertibility, travel, luring non-Hispanic free agents to Mexico (ain't that where all them cartels are?!?)... it ain't happening. Unless a Carlos Slim wants to throw away a few billion because he wants MLB in Mexico, of course.
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    They have to come up with some kind of name. In 2019, all the "classics" - warriors, tigers, bulldogs - are totally overused. I'm sure people laughed at names like Athletics, Packers or Magic when they debuted.
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    The Sactown A's look great! As much as I'd love to see them adopt something like this if this move ever happens, I'm almost positive they'd just replace the "Oakland" with "Sacramento" in their current primary. I'm super excited to see you take on the Greensboro Twins, whenever that happens. (Has to be soon, right?)
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    Together with the Superliga, a new competition started also for College Basketball. The Older College Basketball Championship of National Academic League, divided into regional groups, was discontinued, and a new format was planned for the following Season, the Élite 12: Élite 12 Logo. Text is in French because French is the Official Language of National Academic League. In the Élite 12, the top twelve basketball programs of the country enter a double round robin. The top four placed after the 22 rounds go to the Final Four, which is always played in a neutral venue. Élite 12 Map. The location of each team is marked with the balls. Soria Metropolitan area colleges are shown in detail. Soria, the capital of the nation, have theoretically four colleges participating. Academia Politechnica (Poli), Universidade de Soria and Universidade Metropolitana play in courts within the communal limits, while Trinity College Campus is based in the neighbouring commune of Linville (was part of Soria Commune when Trinity College was founded). Despina in the southwest, have two colleges, Universidade do Sudoeste and Universidade São Miguel Arcanjo (USMA). Kasandora, in the southern coast, have one, Concordia. Going up north, three of the five colleges are based in Superliga cities: Universidade de Lerna and Universidade de Orissa retain the name of the city, while Portes have its demonym as the name of Universidade Portia. Out of the Superliga, Grandeville has its naval academy on the top of Mt. Grand (Another university victimized by the dismemberment of cities in the 20th century), the Academia Naval de Grandeville. College of Salinas, from the city with the same name, is the 12th team. Logos and Uniforms should be up next.
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    Promising start! I really like the tweaked “P” logo. So will each team concept be a Photoshopped design onto a player?
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    San Jose 0:3 Minnesota. I think we can now safely say the Loons' days as road doormats are now over. That is very bad news for the other 23 teams.
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    It's 2050 and we're all old as dirt.......The A's announce after exhausting all avenues in trying to build a ballpark in Oakland, they are relocating to Pluto.
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    I've said this before and I know people here disagree with me, but I often wonder if people overestimate or overstate the importance of merchandise sales when teams make their branding decisions. The Phillies might have sold tons of Harper jerseys already but how many of those people actually drove to the official team store? If they're buying online, those revenues are split evenly among all MLB teams. Unless I'm misinformed, so please correct me if I'm wrong on how that works. Call David Samson a moron and windbag all you want, but in one of his more recent interviews with Le Batard, he basically said that merchandise sales really weren't important to them for the reasons I mentioned. Now there's also the fact that given the low attendance the Marlins have, they probably get less people shopping at the team store than Cubs fans would be at Wrigley, but in the era of online shopping I wonder how much of a difference that really makes. It would be interesting to see how much revenue each team actually gets from those sales. My point is that when a team rebrands, the main motivation should not be about selling gear due to the relatively limited returns. A branding should be seen more as one component of what MLB is actually selling--an entertainment experience. Branding is important because it helps give a team an identity and generates buzz. The real dollars they are after are gate attendance, corporate ticket packages/luxury boxes, and television viewership.
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    If worse comes to worst they can move to Boston
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    Forward Madison unveiled their kits today. I bought the home blue, modeled after the Madison flag. and the secondary goalkeeper kit:
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    Well, I've already started working on it, so might as well show you what that route looks like: Acadien AFC:
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    Ride captain ride upon your mystery ship
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    In my opinion, when the expansion to Houston and the realignment of the NFL into eight divisions occurred, the divisional breakdown should have been: AFC EAST Baltimore Ravens Buffalo Bills New England Patriots New York Jets AFC NORTH Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns Indianapolis Colts Pittsburgh Steelers AFC SOUTH Houston Texans Jacksonville Jaguars Miami Dolphins Tennessee Titans AFC WEST Denver Broncos Kansas City Chiefs Oakland Raiders San Diego Chargers
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    Jets underperforming as usual
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    Will this team score 21 or bust.
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    What would a white version look like? I can see that there’s no black cuffs or hems, but IMO that’s necessary to maintain colour balance. I’d say this concept by @B-mer is more faithful to the home jersey, but disrupts the colour hierarchy too much.
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    I really don't mind this uniform. I actually think the Chargers look better in monochrome with their current uniforms.
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    It's a terrible branding of the area code 919.
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    FootyHeadlines has the USWNT Women's World Cup home kits: The pattern on the back lists all 50 states:
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    Interesting. Can't say as I recall a WM logo that gives such a big, overt nod to the football team that plays in the stadium they're hosting it in. They have done placeholder logos before for the initial announcements, though, so I wouldn't be surprised if this changes to something else as we get closer to next April.
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    The Jaguars all-black is technically their "primary," unfortunately, so it wouldn't be a first. Of course, no team should make all-black their primary IMHO, regardless of being "true" to their mascot (seriously, that is soo irrelevant).If any team would have wanted to make an identity out of their all-black uniform, they should have done it before 2004 when every black and black-adjacent team decided it would be *so badass* for them to have a black alt in their closet. Its pretty much tainted now as the "go-to alternate," which is why the Jags have looked like such buffoons for awhile attempting to own it.
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    Here's a club with a non-traditional name, easily made a classic name with the nickname "Golden Boys". I like the banner look that Valour presented, but they missed some low hanging fruit by not making a 'W' with the banner. Winnipeg Golden:
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    But black is already Carolina’s primary color...
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    That's ing child abuse, each one of those.
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    ORLANDO APOLLOS Originally I went with just sleeve caps but decided that a team based on space flight should have something that points to that. That's why the front features a "moon shot" yoke that goes up at an angle. The helmet logo moves further forward and gets the outline back to help it stand out on the helmet.
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    Not really. Not if the new ownership's plan works. The Astros changed their uniforms in 2013 and lost 110 games then lost like 90 something the next season but then won the World Series a few years later and now those Astros uniforms are associated with their first championship and their current run of great teams and a winning atmosphere. The Marlins have the same concept in mind. There are plenty of teams who have uniforms associated with winning teams that started on teams that stunk. People "forget" about losing seasons the second the winning years come.
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    Based in Anchorage, Alaska FC joins the CPL as the sole representative of the United States in the league. Anchorage is represented by the anchor, while Alaska as a whole is represented by Ursa Major and the North Star. Alaska FC:
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    AL CENTRAL CHICAGO WHITE SOX The last two White Sox concepts I've done have all been based off of the same black and white scheme with only minor tweaks over the past two years. You can look at my most recent version along with another idea here. Ultimately, for this series I decided to go in a different direction, namely changing the secondary color from silver to Kelly green. The Sox have looked good in green for their St. Patrick's Day promotions over the years which makes green an interesting direction and one the team has never fully explored. The green, however, is not the biggest change. You might think that the gothic S-o-x has remained unchanged since it debuted in the 1950's. However the original version in the 50's had negative space between the two verticals of the "S." The result is that the two verticals are distinct without being muddled. The current logo, has the "S" on a single background with no negative space. That works fine for a silver backdrop but try to switch it to another color and the logo becomes muddled especially when rendered in fabric. My solution was to go back to the original style and recreate the negative space by decreasing the thickness of the lettering. For the uniforms I applied a 1-2-1 piping formula. The white uniform uses a headspoon which the road and alternate uniforms apply collar piping. The sock have white bottoms and the belts have patterns designed to stand out and break the silhouette of the uniform. C&C as always. Enjoy!
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    Also reworking the Red Sox. I've tried out the 70's era cap and frankly I love it. I've always been a big fan of the Red Sox in red caps and the 70's uniforms generally. So while this probably will be seen as a downgrade by many, it's probably my personal favorite.
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    While I get back to tinkering with O's and Red Sox, I'll show the Rays. AL EAST TAMPA BAY RAYS After much thought and deliberation, I've determined that making a uniform that actually looks good in 81 of the Rays 162 is probably impossible (at least for me). The lighting in Tropicana Field is too dim, the field turf looks bad, and there is no way I'm going to make fans who have stuck around that team suffer more by forcing them to play outdoors in 90 degree heat solely for aesthetic reasons. My two previous concepts have approached this by switching to green and powder blue while leaning heavily on the fauxback. I didn't want to go back to that same well so I figured the only way to make something look good would be to look at other teams who have played indoors and amp the color brightness to 11. The solution was to lean on the original Devil Rays look with its color gradient and make the none-gradient colors purple and yellow like the Minnesota Vikings who really look good indoors. Only a truly funky script would match this hair-brained scheme so I figured out that the script the Rays use on their fauxback caps is called "Candice" and managed to make wordmarks out of that. (Thanks to @Victormrey for the help locating a more workable version of the font). I don't know if this will work but its worth a shot. Also I made the road uniform sea foam green because why not? (note: The use of a capital "T" on the road alt is deliberate as a change of pace)
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    I like it, pretty much how I've always imagined them. Maybe try to incorporate copper elsewhere in the uniform?
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    Thanks for the comments! Next up is...the Phoenix Suns! Inspiration here was the city flag. This year they wore a jersey with the Arizona flag, so I felt inspired to mix it up and pay homage to the city itself. I've shifted away from the Los Suns theme and instead "copied" Utah's landscape jersey by incorporating the McDowell mountains on the shorts. The color is more in line with the Phoenix flag and actually the waist bad incorporates the city flag Phoenix. The slight gradient is a nod to the 90s.
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    Thanks! It's been fun exploring my team's history and how it relates to their aesthetic style. Thank you! Thanks! Assembling these different Giants concepts was a fascinating look into my favorite team's aesthetic conventions and how their setting changes it. I do like the San Francisco ones the best, with New York and Minnesota concepts right behind them. Thank you so much! Don't worry, that rainbow isn't going anywhere! Sure, once I'm done with them. We've got San José and Portland as well! Let's hope my laptop's RAM can handle it. Thanks! That brings them a little close to the Orioles, but I could see the team striking a balance between the current Giants and the Orioles. Maybe a creamsicle orange would improve the differentiation? Still, the near-relocation to Tampa Bay prompted one of my favorite quotes from the research. This except from Blaine Newnham's August 11, 1992 column in The Seattle Times ("If Move OK’d, It’s a Giant Mistake") reads: The last statement may be slightly accurate, but the first has pretty much been laughable for the past 20-25 years. Imagine saying this any time after the signing of Barry Bonds, the opening of privately-funded Willie Mays Park, or the three-in-five. We’re wrapping it up today, with a little look into what could have been for the 1998 AL expansion team! TAMPA BAY STINGRAYS - Putting the sting into The Trop After the rejection of the bid to buy the Giants, Naimoli & Co. got litigious. A $3.5 billion lawsuit against baseball’s antitrust exemption proved to be enough of a credible threat to get expansion rolling in 1995. Tampa Bay would finally have a team, with Naimoli at the helm. One of his original naming plans was Sting Rays, but he wouldn’t pay $100,000 to a Hawaiian league team for the rights. This, of course, led to the Devil Rays name (with the "Manta Rays" phone poll), which in turn prompted the “ray of light” rebranding.2 However, what if Naimoli wasn’t such a cheapskate (unlikely), and paid for the Stingrays name? I assumed that he would still want the gradient design, for both period appeal and selling many different colors of apparel. The only element that would really change is the image of the ray, as a stingray and a devil ray are markedly different creatures. I kept the aesthetic style, making the normally placid stingray (puppies of the sea) look agitated. There are two renderings here, one for the alternate cap and one for everything else (based on this reference image).3 The shape of the stingray forced some adjustments to its placement on the cap and wordmarks, as it doesn’t cover the same space as the devil ray. I figured that these placements would be logical, showing most of the skate without obscuring the text. While the black jersey is largely unchanged from the 1998 version, I overhauled the TATC jersey to really embrace the gradient. The jacket really gets into the gradient theme now, with the pattern on the sleeves. With the Stingrays (or Sting Rays), the AL Tampa Bay team may not have needed such a radical rebrand in 2008. Heck, maybe they could wear something like this: C+C is appreciated, as always! Now, it’s time for the wrap-up. After all of this hullabaloo, what happened? Naimoli received the Rays, proceededing to run them as poorly/cheaply as possible, turning away potential fans. He eventually sold the team to Stu Sternberg, leading the Rays towards competitive success. However, this sale also started their current mess of looking for a new stadium due to The Trop/Florida Suncoast Dome’s significant issues. All in all, St. Petersburg built a poorly-designed stadium in the worst possible location, while also gaining a cheapskate initial owner. This was after about a decade of fighting between Tampa and St. Petersburg to get a team via relocation or expansion. This period featured near misses, double crosses, and faith in the wrong people (e.g., Steve Porter and Sidney Kohl, a variety of MLB owners and leaders, and Frank Morsani’s investors). The potential fans in Tampa Bay got repeatedly pummeled by these problems. They saw how baseball’s leadership could never be trusted and that their chances for a team could go away as quickly as they appeared. This mistrust is hard to disassemble. Morsani (whose $100 million lawsuit recieved an undisclosed settlement in 2003) described it like this, I wonder how many people share this perspective. The speculation period’s effect was a net negative for the market. Major League Baseball, St. Petersburg city officials, and Vince Naimoli, both knowingly and unknowingly, crippled baseball’s viability in Tampa Bay before a team could even take the field. I really wish ESPN would do a 30 for 30 on this ordeal. Heck, any kind of documentary would be welcome. It’s a fascinating period in the history of the game, one that Portland, Montréal, and Las Vegas might be in the middle of imitating. Never build a taxpayer-funded stadium (especially one people didn’t vote for) on speculation. You’ll only be disappointed. 1 Blaine Newnham, “If Move OK’d, It’s a Giant Mistake,” The Seattle Times, August 11, 1992, sec. Sports. 2 Bob Andelman and Lori Parsells, Stadium For Rent: Tampa Bay’s Quest for Major League Baseball, 2nd edition (St. Petersburg, FL: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2015), xvi–xviii, 396–97; Mark Woods, “The Name Stays. It’s the Devil Rays.,” USA Today, April 3, 1995, https://infoweb.newsbank.com/apps/news/document-view?p=NewsBank&t=&sort=YMD_date%3AD&fld-base-0=alltext&maxresults=20&val-base-0="manta rays" naimoli&docref=news/127E86B551BEE478; Jonah Keri, “The Devil In Tampa: Remembering The Penny-Pinching, Snack-Policing, Nut-Cutting Days Of Vince Naimoli,” Deadspin, March 9, 2011, http://web.archive.org/web/20170304040037/https://deadspin.com/5779887/the-devil-in-tampa-remembering-the-penny-pinching-snack-policing-nut-cutting-days-of-vince-naimoli. 3 Istock-184948807.Jpg (618×410),” accessed January 17, 2019, https://thenypost.files.wordpress.com/2018/11/istock-184948807.jpg?quality=90&strip=all&w=618&h=410&crop=1. 4 Andelman and Parsells, Stadium For Rent, 396; AP, “Tampa Investors Settle with MLB,” Sarasota Herald, September 27, 2003, sec. Sports, https://www.heraldtribune.com/article/20030927/News/605227064; Frank Morsani and Dave Scheiber, To Be Frank: Building the American Dream in Business and Life (Tampa, FL: BlackWood Books, 2015), 179.
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