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    Perhaps after agreeing to sign with the Jets, Anthony Barr was told what the new uniforms were going to look like and he was like "Nope. I'm out," and went back to the Vikings. Makes sense right?
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    This gif sums up this whole thread pretty much
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    Now that everyone agrees the Browns are the best football team ever assembled, I think it's high time they burned their embarrassment of a uniform and went back to what the Browns are supposed to be - clean, classic, and simple. As such, here's a uni-swap with Odell Beckham, Jr. into a concept Browns uniform that heavily features the triple stripe made by the helmet shell and helmet stripe. And not much else. As it should be.
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    This is the same flawed logic that says the Jaguars can't have uniforms as simple as the Raiders. The Jets will only be a team that doesn't have an "NY" logo that's existed for more than a half century as long as they don't commit to an "NY" logo for more than a half century.
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    There will only ever be one “New York Knights”.
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    Agreed. If we've learned anything from the Giants, Yankees, and Mets, it's that having a simple but recognizable "NY" on the hat/helmet is really unremarkable.
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    Hey guys, After seeing the Mint Julip hats back on the last page, I just wanted to take this time to give a quick shout out to the Montgomery Biscuits. The Biscuits were so ahead of the curve on the anthropomorphic local food item logo. The logo below is from 2004. Now? The shark has been jumped over and back again. The horse has been mercilessly beaten into the ground. Montgomery Biscuits, I'm sorry that so many teams are infringing on your territory. I'm sorry now that you may unfairly get lumped in with the other unoriginal food logos. Your logo was great and clever. It made me laugh. It still does. Stay strong.
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    Ah but as we Jet fans all know, “logic” isn’t in their dictionary.
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    I'm not too big on the logo being that minimized. It looks cluttered in that limited amount of space.
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    I doubt it, 50% of the league was teal in the 90s and several fans are asking for teams to throwback to the teal. I think the reason the Grizz won’t throwback is because the look is associated with the bad Vancouver days.
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    Those are logos that have lasted for more than half a century. The Jets NY was something put together in the 2000s and rarely seen anywhere.
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    Alright so here's a full update for the ChiSox: I decided to go for the new number font, as it feels more in-line with the White Sox current Gothic identity. I also decided to add a gray outline around the logo on the main caps for more consistency. Following @coco1997's suggestion, I decided to show what the BP cap would look like paired with the black alternate. I really like how it looks, and it made me realize that the white cap is pretty unnecessary, so I decided to drop it. The BP cap could also be occasionally paired with the home jersey, maybe as a Sunday alt or something of the like. I'm pretty pleased with how this update turned out, it makes the set more consistent throughout and gives the Sox a distinct identity. What do you all think, any thoughts before we move on to Cleveland?
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    I don't know how many years I've been yelling this at the Jets. It's so obvious.
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    Please please please no neon green for the jets, i dont wanna puke when they play the browns next year. That matchup would be bowling shoe ugly.
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    (I am just catching up with this thread; hence my response to a comment from several months ago.) I must say that I really dislike this comment. Even if we accept that the majority of lower-league players could not play in the NFL or the CFL, the fact remains that those players are still elite athletes. Someone who is 80% of NFL quality is nevertheless performing at an extraordinarily high level; and we see any number of individual performances in the AAF and all the indoor leagues that demonstrate this fact. These players should not be regarded as "rejects", or equivalent to a guy who was cut from his high school team. Furthermore, there are only so many jobs in the NFL and CFL; and only a tiny percentage of all the football players who are talented enough to play in those leagues ever get the opportunity. Notwithstanding all the scientific pretense involved in using metrics at scouting combines, scouting is in fact very dependent upon the dominant conventions (a polite way of saying "prejudices"). And even the metrics themselves become a kind of mythology; a slavish reliance on sprint times and bench presses tells us nothing about the many intangible qualities that make up a competitor. For every NFL or CFL player, there are dozens to hundreds of other players (depending on the position) who could do the job equally well. These guys wind up playing in the AAF and other lower leagues. The AAF has been successful in presenting high-level competition in a way that is interesting for spectators. The relatively good television ratings are very encouraging, and indicate that plenty of people see these players not as rejects, but, rather, as the quality professionals they are. The XFL will also be drawing players from the enormous pool of high-quality players who do not have NFL or CFL jobs. If that league fails to match the AAF's modest success, this will be for reasons other than the level of talent available.
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    For me, this is one of the best times of the year. My absolute favourite sport, hockey, is at a fever pitch. The NHL is deep in the middle of a run to the playoffs, junior teams are going through the playoff ringer and the level of play has jumped up (as it always does right now). To add to that, this is the time of year when my second favourite sport, Formula 1, hits the track. All 10 teams and 20 drivers are down in Melbourne as I type, ready to turn Albert Park from a sleepy path and pond to the biggest spectacle around. I love it. I've always thought this board has seen way too many sports-swap designs (if I see another Eagles or Flyers concept in red/white/blue, I swear to god...) and I never wanted to add yet another one here. That said, I've never seen anyone combine motorsports and hockey and if nobody else has done it, you best bet I want to be the first. So here we go. We'll start with the top two teams from last year and arguably the two biggest in the sport right now - Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport and Scuderia Ferrari. We'll continue on later with some more good stuff.
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    Bc amateur designers don't have to answer to old people in suits.
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    You’re also talking about two of the most iconic football helmet designs of all time, each with well over a half century of equity. It would be brand suicide to depart from horns or bolts.
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    That’s the opposite of what that means
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    Don’t like that one bit. One logo sitting on top of another competing for space is just bad.
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    (Bear with me, there is a concept here) I’ve been speculating that, since the Brewers have been ramping up their use of the navy/athletic gold Ball in Glove logo, they might be testing the waters for a change in 2020 or beyond. Now, that itself is not really a subject for this particular board, but it spawned something that I think it is. As much as I could get behind the BiG back to stay, I don’t like the blah navy color. It’s dark and drab, especially under the very heavy Miller Park roof. I’d like to see the Brewers adopt a slightly tweaked version of the darker cap, with a dark royal that’s brighter than navy but darker than the light navy of the throwbacks. Click to embiggen: Here it is in context, with the current alternate caps: The color is inspired by the first Brewers’ color scheme, used from 1970 through 77. Thanks to @TruColor for the details: Check out this game-worn Hank Aaron cap: That’s what I’m thinking about. Dark enough that they can still sell navy merchandise. Dark enough to stand separate from the throwback gear, so the Brewers can still sell all the throwback merch they want. But still bolder, more vibrant, more blue than the boring navy. So whaddya think?
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    That’s exactly what I was getting at, in a much more concise package. I have much more respect for a great interpretation of an artistic style or movement compared to a direct lift of a sculpture or other piece of art. Looking at traditional or fine art through the lens of sports, if you will. Being authentic is nice, and it’s important, but you can’t steal to get there. You have to do it through your interpretation; your audience should be able to understand your inspiration by reading the image. I think the Canucks’ orca and the Seahawks’ logo both do well by that measure.
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    actually, the spots appear to be the same green that was in the jamal adams christmas day video. here's another pic:
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    Super duper early prediction: The Cleveland Browns will not make the playoffs this upcoming season.
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    I sure hope not. Bland to the max.
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    Okay, I think I got something to show y'all. At the moment I only have football and I know my M.O. for this thread has been four sports but I almost want to keep this one just for football due to the importance of the game in real life, but I'll see what the court of public opinion thinks. No matter who your team is throughout the regular season, we always find ourselves drawn to the TV the weekend after Championship Weekend to watch the Army-Navy game. Nike and Under Armour have done fantastic jobs in the past on the game uniforms and I can only hope to have a sliver of that same success. I'm not gonna do a whole lot of talking on these, only enough to say that my inspiration was "tools" of World War II. Instruments of War sounded so dark. My overarching idea was important devices and such that helped the US military in World War II. For Army that was the M4 Sherman Tank. For Navy it was the USS Enterprise. Let me know what you guys think and if I should extend it to the rest of the sports!
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    I absolutely love the unique hockey masks. It adds a bit of flair and personality to the team. It's a great tradition. Sure some helmets can look naff, but that's all part of it.
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    Obviously kids can just wear blank pads. They don't get designs until they make it to the Juniors. That's part of paying your dues and looking professional, young man. Tongue planted firmly in cheek of course, but come on. Since when was there an uprising against the notion of goalies having a bit of fun with their look? This kinda came out of nowhere. And not just them! Olaf Kölzig was "Zilla," and even inspired the one custom painted mask I ever had. Beyond the elite though...if anyone still remembers Brian Heyward it's probably because he had the greatest San Jose Sharks goalie mask of all time. Or Trevor Kidd. Would anyone remember him if it weren't for his crazy checker board pad design? I mean Trevor Kidd didn't accomplish much of note in the NHL, but those pads were part of his look and he left an impression. So much so that Leafs goalie prospect Garret Sparks paid homage to him. Trevor ing Kidd, guys! That's the power of a unique look for a goalie And people saying goalie pads should be plainer...would Artus Irbe's legendary dirty plain pads look, created over the years as he wore the same white pads from team to team, have become as notable if everyone else around him was forced to tone it down in the name of suffocating fun?
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    Not really, no. Granted, I've never been a QB, but I've followed football long enough to know a QB needs to practice with his receivers and backs to form a connection of sorts. If you're a QB? You and your receivers and backs need to get your timing right. Your receivers need to know where to be. They need to know where you're going to put the ball on any one route. And likewise you need to know how fast they are, what their reach is, where you need to put the ball to give them the best chance at catching it. With backs? Timing needs to likewise be perfect with the backs both to get a handoff off as seamlessly as possible but also to perfectly sell the trick play. In short? The QB works with his receivers and backs both in the game as a unit (much like a three man offensive line in hockey) and in practice to form a sense of timing...a repartee if you will. Again, I would liken a QB to a hockey centre, working with his line mates. With a goaltender? You're on your own. In practice? You have your own drills, often separate from the rest of the team. When you are involved with the team? You're there to, essentially, be the stand-in for the goalie your teammates will face on gameday. You're not working to establish trust and timing with your teammates. You're just a body in net for them to run drills on. And that's perfectly fine, because they provide practice for you too. They're stand-ins for the players you're going to face on gameday. A hockey drill that involves the whole team is a unique thing, because the skaters and goalies are sort of in their own bubbles. Fine-tuning their skills in opposition. Only skaters have their wingmen or D partners to rely on and work with. You've just got yourself as a goalie. You'd think there's be more interplay between goaltenders and defenders, but there isn't, really. You don't spend practices getting to know each others' strengths. Defencemen work with their partners on D. You? You just sort of trust them to do their job and they trust you to do your job. It's, as I said, isolated. Far more so than a QB ever could be. I never said anyone impugned the valour of goaltenders. I do think, however, that the idea that goalie helmets be plain and unassuming comes from a place of ignorance about both the position and the sort of people who gravitate towards it. There's a reason why custom mask design has been a thing as long as there have been masks. The very nature of the position invites individualism in a way no other position in sports really does. See to me that just kind of seems wild. Like...goalie pads having the design of a sock was actually a joke we had back when we were kids because that would be wacky, right? Hell, I credit the look of Felix Potvin's pads and mask for me wanting to be a goalie in the first place.That look influenced me so much that when Louisville came out with this style of pad that hankered back to Potvin's design? I saved up allowance, pay from my part-time job, and birthday cheques for a few years just to get a pair. I was so enamoured with those things I even used the model name as my handle on some site where nerds go on about sock stripes or some crap I still have them too! I would even say that it's a bad thing that pad design has devolved to "everyone wears white pads with shards of colour" because back when I was a kid? Roy, Brodeur, Potvin, CuJo, Hasek, Belfour, Kölzig...they all had signature "looks." Not just the masks, but the pads. I remember it being a legitimate conversation with other goalies at my local rink when Roy traded in his old Koho pads for a new look. And again when CCM bought out Heaton and suddenly Kölzig and Brodeur went from their custom Heaton looks to this weird CCM co-branding. It was mind-boggling because CCM didn't make goalie gear! Only now they did and CCM was now taking over Heaton's stuff? And then this happened. So now Heaton, which was a huge player in the goalie gear world, was just gone! What did that mean? As kids? We all flocked to the pro shop to see the new stuff in the catalogues every time something like this happened. What were the new designs? What did the colour combinations look like? What NHL goalie would be wearing what come next season? /IceCapReminiscing Now most pads, across all manufacturers, are a bit same-y. At least masks are still unique though. Which is good, because it's so central to the individualistic streak goaltenders have by necessity.
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    The Jets seem to have always felt like they don’t belong.
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    You're right, but you're wrong with why you're right. Milwaukee has no field that would suit a football team. Miller Park isn't the answer to this question.
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    He was only off by 100 points on the hue-saturation-value scale, lay off
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    Looks better than the actual jersey.
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    Bell to the Jets. Hey Buffalo, make room for us down there in the AFC East basement.
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    Bell in a uniform he’ll never wear:
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    I can't believe I would ever say this, but the Cleveland Browns are the team to beat.
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    Or burn the whole thing down in a blaze a glory
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    Not sure if this should go here or the Super Bowl LIV logo thread. But here's some info on the branding for Super Bowl LIV from the style guide. 1) The color scheme will be aqua, gold and ..... HOT PINK!! (not joking) 2) Last year's geometric pattern in the various font styles is replaced with a soft gradient. So imagine a big LIV in aqua but with a soft vertical dark to light gradient. 3) I would expect the NFL 100 logo to replace the NFL shield in any and all places. There is a recolored version with silver numerals and 1 aqua stripe and 1 gold stripe replacing the regular version of blue numerals and 2 red stripes. But even though they do it here I don't expect team-specifics versions of the NFL 100 logo ala the MLB logo. 4) There are 2 fonts in play -- a thick, sans-serif font sort of like Impact. And then a very thin, sharp angled font like a Futura. All in all I think it works. All that aqua and gold is a little more jaguars-y than dolphins-y. But it looks good. And the hot pink is actually working for me,
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    I think you were looking for the unpopular opinions thread, these a mile ahead of their last uni, no matter how plain they are
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    So I rolled along and made a final version of everything. I cleaned up the logos and scripts from pages 4 and 5. I ended up going with font A from page 4. I don’t usually like italic numbers or completely round fonts, and font B was both of those things, so as much as I tried to like it to get some more blue on the jerseys, I just couldn’t get myself to like the font. So I went with the font based of the primary logo. Hats: Two hats, but both are similar. Both have black crowns with the fish-only logo, but one has a blue bill and button, the other swaps in pink. Jerseys: A whopping 5 jerseys, in white, gray, blue, pink, and black. The white and pink jerseys have the Marlins script, the gray and black jerseys have the Miami script, and the blue jersey has Miami, swapping pink and blue for better contrast. On the sleeves, the jerseys have a striping pattern that replicates the scripts, going thin black-thick blue-thin black-medium pink-thin black, with blue and pink swapped on the blue jersey. Pants: Three pairs, white, gray, and blue. All pairs have striping down the side matching the jerseys and belts are colored to match the socks, which come in blue, pink, and black. Rules: Ah yes, rules for the uniforms. The bill of the caps should match the socks/undershirts unless black socks are being worn (because there isn't a solid black cap). While black socks and undershirts are an option, they should be avoided. Ideally, blue would be the most common choice, with pink a close second, and black being worn only when necessary, such as with the blue pants or black jerseys. All three colored jerseys can be worn at home with white pants, and the blue and black jerseys can be worn on the road, with blue and gray pants, respectively. Pink jerseys stay at home. This is the first time I've done this with baseball, normally I stick to football concepts, so I kinda improvised the presentation as I went along. Hopefully it isn't too bad to even look at. Here's the final product: Personally, I like how the neon "light bulbs" pop off the black backgrounds, but if all I wanted was my opinion, I wouldn't be posting them here. What do you guys think? Compared to the real Marlins redesign, upgrade, downgrade, flat? Let me know!
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    This post would make sense if it was a case of "black for black sake" and black wasn't a part of their color scheme from day one. And there's still plenty of blue throughout- socks, stripes, collar, accessories. What more are you looking for? This isn't some college football "blackout" uniform. This is the Carolina Panthers showing off their colors.
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    I don't even care that both teams are wearing the same color scheme. This was a glorious uni matchup. The Pelicans need to adopt these colors full-time.
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