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    I like the concepts when they are pertinent to the discussion as this one was. Helps the conversation and much easier than trying to explain it.
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    To me, none of these uniforms you posted are really patriotic. They're about as well-intentioned as Pinktober was.
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    This is endorsed as a moderator's opinion. If you're developing a full-fledged concept, sure, post it in Concepts (but feel free to tease it here as it's relevant). But it's definitely fine to post a mock-up or something in this thread.
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    Arizona going with the standard A logo on the navy helmets in spring ball, instead of the monochrome red one. Hope it stays that way.
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    I wouldn't say only...
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    AL WEST HOUSTON ASTROS The Astros have an amazing tradition. The shooting star design, the tequila sunrise, the blue/gold, right up to the present and the new orange and blue. What I've done here is try and imagine what those traditions would look like distilled into a single look. Nike has had a tendency recently in their NCAA baseball designs to favor minimalist themes with an emphasis on distinctive patterns. For the Astros, that means the tequila sunrise. However, I hold to the discovery I made with my first Astros concept: the sunrise theme works best when its separated from the blue portions entirely. With that in mind, I've gone with the original 60's script with some slight modifications to the line weight and arch smoothness. The roads are cream just like they were for in the 80's. The alternate is all navy blue to let the warm color elements stand out. C&C as always. Enjoy!
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    EAT IT PHILLY. STAY AWAY FROM OUR MANS. God, I’m so happy to not deal with that BS for two 12 years. Or ever. (Now go reward this boy’s loyalty with some damn pitching.) How much does a Mike Trout Phillies Jersey go for on eBay? Asking for some “friends”
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    I’m bummed the thunder didn’t chose sonic, it’s a well known Oklahoma based brand, and would lead to so many SuperSonics jokes.
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    I've been a big fan of this hypothetical team ever since the conversation for it began over ten years ago. Since then I've made countless concepts and ideas on what a pro soccer in the Gateway City could look like. This is only the latest version of this vision of mine. I included some extra designer notes in the concept. Let me hear your thoughts.
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    Something something the Dodgers are the only Brooklyn based team to win a championship in Brooklyn, something something "celebrating Brooklyn's historical culture while giving it a modern classic vibe", something something I made this template PM me for the file
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    Oh, I agree. Everybody does it to one extent or another. But few leagues give away as many tickets as the AAF does, which means that few leagues can inflate their attendance to the same extent. And yes, turnstile counts should absolutely be the standard. For all leagues.
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    Strange that it's so rare. Seems more prevalent in baseball. I've long wanted the Packers to adopt stenciled numbers to match their wordmark.
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    The only good "patriotic" uniform, IMO. Love those pant stripes!
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    This. Argue the semantics all you want, but the Flag Code clearly suggests against this. Fortunately, the Flag Code is just that - a suggestion - and not a law, so individuals and teams are free to display or use the flag design any way they please. But I'm personally not a fan of any of these.
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    The flag code's reference to athletic uniforms clearly wasn't intended to literally mean taking part of a U.S. flag and making a uniform out of it, but that doesn't matter to me. I think it's bad whether there's a non-binding or binding rule against it or not.
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    I remember when concepts had there own section of the boards to post them
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    If Trout continues to play at God-pace for the majority of this contract he'll be underpaid by year 6 of the deal.
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    You are in the matrix, my friend.
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    Good lord. Probably a smart move though. I remember when whole teams teams were selling for a lot less than that. My goodness.
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    I'm just wildly throwing things out there at this point, but all the FA signings had the Jets hat with NY prominent, as well as all there instagram art has NY prominent. Could they try and do another NY logo (Yankees/Mets/Giants etc) all have a version of NY. The could alter the logo to fit a jet in there somewhere.
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    The Astros look sharp! Love that you went with the dusty cream look for the roads. The numbers style fits them perfectly. Any thought given to using a "HOUSTON" wordmark in the same style as the "ASTROS" one for the road?
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    I didn't realize there was so much push back against custom number fonts. Block has its places and serves its purpose, but I like teams having custom fonts.
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    Hopefully this will lead to them putting an end to the Shadow Flames identity.
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    These are great love that logo.
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    It’s always fun to hear conspiracy theories, if you will, about hidden meanings, letters, etc. in a logo. Like the Eagles’ logo supposedly featuring an “E,” since it was not actually the intention of the design but rather a coincidence someone noticed after the fact. I guess the bottom of the “N” in “NY” symbolizes a plane’s tail, too...
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    What I love most about this is the hidden nose of a jet between the N and the Y. It looks to be more than halfway through the half loop of an Immelmann turn, which would result in level flight in the exact opposite direction at a higher altitude. Perfect symbolism for the New York Jets.
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    I’m guessing the logo will be NY in the background and where Bell is, will say Jets. They will probably incorporate the Jet stream in the set somewhere also.
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    Pants as well - Someone had mentioned that the Oregon numbers were closer to when Mariota was there, so i went that style. Could be anything honestly. -.
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    They weren’t custom for the teams, rather, they were custom across each brand. If today’s manufacturers did it like the old ones. You’d have “Nike Block” for every Nike team, “UA Bold” for every UA team, and so on.
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    I am just glad they paid the man so he'll be a career Angel. This contract is even team friendly too at 36/year.
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    Apparently Harper’s tampering wasn’t convincing enough.
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    I have an easy fix. Put the blue jersey back as the primary and demote the orange jersey to third jersey status.
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    I haven't really been following this thread, but I just paged through the last dozen or so. I have no dog in this fight, but I gotta ask... Are there members of this board that are due to get some kind of financial bonus if this league fails? Jesus, what a pack of grinning vultures.
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    I AM BACK WITH A BOOM. Boomer Sooner that is, as the 9 seed in the south gets the special Bucknut treatment. A cream uniform for the Sooners with crimson accents, tied together with a western-style script wordmark. The shorts logo is my modernized version of the boomer wagon logo, which I have attached below for a better view. Also, does anybody have possible recommendations for things to do with Duke? I've been struggling with the Devils for a while now and wanna knock them out. Gonna keep the teams rolling with another one tomorrow, maybe tonight if I'm feeling good. March=madness and I love it.
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    I'll never understand why some people on this forum flip out about the usage of black in these uniforms. They never wore black jerseys. Never wore black pants. Never wore black socks. Yet the minor amount out black used with these in relation to the green and white has been vilified and tagged BFBS *sighs and shakes head*
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    Hey guys, After seeing the Mint Julip hats back on the last page, I just wanted to take this time to give a quick shout out to the Montgomery Biscuits. The Biscuits were so ahead of the curve on the anthropomorphic local food item logo. The logo below is from 2004. Now? The shark has been jumped over and back again. The horse has been mercilessly beaten into the ground. Montgomery Biscuits, I'm sorry that so many teams are infringing on your territory. I'm sorry now that you may unfairly get lumped in with the other unoriginal food logos. Your logo was great and clever. It made me laugh. It still does. Stay strong.
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    It was actually the first jersey I can remember liking because of the color. I thought the Bucks looked wrong in purple even back then and thought the deer unis made them look like themselves again.
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    Those look like they're from Macy's Mafia collection.
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    Clear upgrade, but the bevel effect across the entire brand does it zero favors. Even a skin tone would help tremendously, because these look like some weird, android Pilgrims.
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    Thanks man, appreciate that. And yeah, I thought a visual might be better than a long winded explanation but I guess I broke some kind of golden rule there, lol. Never knew black was confirmed - hope its not too much! (personally i don't think it's necessary)
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    Indeed. Just red and yellow and they're (pun intended) golden.
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    The thing is they aren’t taking the flag and making a uniform out of it. Using a pattern that matches the flag on a uniform isn’t the same as taking the flag and making a uniform out of it. It’s all about looking into what the code actually states. It’s up to powers higher than us to determine the intent of the code and so far none has come to say they have violated the code in any way.
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    The 'Cuse is loose! The west's 8 seed this year that magically and inexplicably performs well in March is our next team. It's nothing major, but the shorts stripe is meant to represent the roof of the Carrier dome. Another team will be coming tomorrow at the latest.
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    Superdome, too. When it was was completed in 1975, the interior designers went so far as to not only alternate seat colors, but also include seat colors with designs (stripes): The resulting "patchwork" effect made it difficult to determine (from standard-distance TV shots at least) how relatively full or empty the stadium was for any event (such as Tulane football games):  Perhaps the designers had the Saints and Tulane's perennially bad records in mind (and foresaw their upcoming futility as well) in laying out the seat design as such. Of course, with recent renovations, the two lower levels' upholstered seats are now either black or gold, while the upper-most level's seats remain harder plastic and shades of gray.
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    I think it's cool that MLS stadiums at least look distinct from other American sports. They'll never be as beautiful at the Munich Allianz Stadium, but I'm sure there are people who drive by the Minnesota Allianz and think it's pretty awesome.
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    I think you’re right that this is the main reason people give, but the way I see it, the Jets added black well before it became trendy in uniforms, and they ditched it before it really jumped the shark and filtered down to the lower levels of the sport. It’s strange to think about, but the Jets were on the forefront. They set the pace for two of the most significant movements of contemporary uniform design: the “black soup” movement of the mid- to late 1990s and the “return to the classics” movement of the early to mid-2000s.
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    I’ve never had an issue with alternates over gray/white pants. It’s baseball. Everyone outside of the 70s has done it that way. And, quite honestly, colored pants would be hella weird to me.
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