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    Shameless plug but I've been messing around with Jags uniforms in Madden as well via mods. I know this belongs in the concept section but I'll spoiler to hide the images. Some of these are obviously better than others but it's fun nontheless:
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    Anyone else worried the Jets are gonna remove the white shoulder yolk on the green jersey and simply put white stripes, which will make them look just like the Colts but in green? That is pretty much what their Color Rush is like. I think the inverted shoulder colors on both their white and green jerseys gives them a unique look that I hope they stick with in some way with these new sets. It especially helps when they wear the same color jersey and pants, as it evens out the overall color distribution. Main point = the jerseys shouldn't be too plain or heavy on one color. They need to work in some accents in the opposite color, maybe like this:
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    Predators did it waaay before MSU did
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    Great job on the lawsuit unis. I’d give a kidney to see those on the field just once.
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    Hi everyone, I'm back with some work from the next part of the project, realistic mockups. I've been researching Photoshop more and more and now I am ready to show you guys some mockups of real MLB players in CBL uniforms. I am still learning so give me some feedback on how I can improve these in the future. First up is the $430 million dollar man Mike Trout playing for the Victoria Spirits Next is Mookie Betts in uniform for the Halifax Basking Sharks Last for today is the big man, Aaron Judge in the lineup for the Montreal Poutine
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    I think the helmet should be kelly green, that looks awesome w/ the sun glaring off of it. We have 5 teams w white helmets and only 1 w green.
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    The new orange sucks. Sucks hard. And the brown has been too dark for years.
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    None, but I don’t think this kind of variance is normal (there’s not really a perfect way to do this, but note that these are both likely taken outdoors and that the value and tone of the grass are fairly similar for comparison purposes). “Well, normally it looks decent, sometimes it looks terrible, but there’s that 5% window where it looks amaaazing,” is not solid design thinking to me. I think it’s smarter to use something with more consistency, unless a wildly shifting color is a major part of your brand (indoor/outdoor for comparison below).
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    Before the prevoius change, the Browns W/B combination wasn’t that bad, but having no striping on the pants really killed the set. Something more like these mockups that I found online, look really good and would be a great road option. But Brown on Brown Monochrome, where most of the old outrage came from, should never be worn, ever.
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    These last 2 concepts posted is how I hope this goes. It’s a modern look, it’s updated, new, unique, and not gimmicky. I love both of them! Shame we will probably end up getting let down eventually, when we have creators that can make these beauties
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    This “color commentator” has to be a CCSLC member. And there’s nothing just “OK” about his commentary. He’s speaking our language.
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    Those schmucks are the lifeblood of this board! (I don't condone anybody losing their job, even for us.)
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    There was definitely *some* amount of color vs. color happening in the late Adidas era, too. Nitpicks aside, though, that is in fact a lovely matchup, more of that please!
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    Wow. I never had an opinion on the color difference one way or the other until you posted those pictures. And the old way seems way better.
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    I’m bummed the thunder didn’t chose sonic, it’s a well known Oklahoma based brand, and would lead to so many SuperSonics jokes.
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    Here are the Tigers! I retained the tiger-stripe pattern from my Redesigns series, as I feel it's something Nike would do if the Tigers gave them the opportunity to modernize their set. I also kept the Old English numbers and the newer "D" on the home uniform, as I actually like how it looks. I think it looks better with the headspoon removed on the home. The away has a slight navy blue tint to it, and unnecessary white outlines are removed. The Turn Back the Clock uniform is based off of the 1929 set, allowing for the occasional use of orange at home to make up for the lack of it in the main set. I also took this as an opportunity to use the team's nice "Tigers" script. So, even though I gave the team 4 different caps and 4 different sock patterns, I think this still has the makings of a pretty classic set. I'd love to hear what you all think!
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    It's frustrating to see the Bulls wear white on the road. I think it's even more frustrating than seeing the Lakers wear gold on the road. Really wish something could be done to restore some semblance of order to the league's uniform schedule. I'm actually okay with occasional color-on-color so long as there's enough contrast and it actually looks tasteful, but I wish we could go back to teams wearing white (or gold in the case of the Lakers) for the majority of their home games. At least straighten it our for the playoffs.
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    When you’ve been eliminated why the hell not?
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    Damn, look how fast those are! That face, though: Pick a scene, really.
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    As he should. I know the over the top send offs have became clichéd and overdone in recent years. But this one was deserving. This is the first baseball player in history you can definitively say had a HOF-worthy career on two different continents. It may never happen again. In the states, Ichiro will be remebered as someone who had a great career. But in Japan, Ichiro’s legacy will rival if not surpass that of Sadaharu Oh for the title of greatest Japanese player of all-time. As baseball fans, we should all be grateful for Ichiro’s decision to come to the states, and give us a big taste to what made him so special. Him going out to a hero’s ovation in his home country brings his legacy full circle.
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    Two weeks out and not a sniff of a leak. No hints from the Jets or extreme close up sneak peaks.
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    I don't get that at all. Braisher stripes seems to me to be the very Platonic idea of a professional look. Especially when the pants match the helmets.
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    Well ... actually both
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    The Yankees weren't the first team to wear pinstripes either. Notches are an MSU thing.
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    I'm pretty confident in that, as well.
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    Yes amazing to see the lawsuit uniforms applied to modern day.
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    I think the biggest issue ... at least for me ... is the use of the white jerseys on the road. Sure it's happened before in the past, but there's no rhyme or reason it seems for when their worn on the road. I wish the white jerseys were worn only as a clash kit.
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    Cincinnati Bengals: 1921 Throwback: The First Cincinnati NFL Team There were plenty of attempts at pro football in Cincinnati in the 20s and 30s, but none of them really stuck or had any success. The Cincinnati Celts lasted a single season in the NFL, but had plenty of amateur seasons before and after their lone 1921 season. I couldn't find any glimpses of the back of the jerseys, so I assumed the Celts used a block similar to the era. The logo comes from this which seems to be more legitimate than the Impact font modern recreation found everywhere when looking the Celts up. 1933 Throwback: "The Worst Team In The History Of The NFL" What I thought was an interesting look of a team in the 1930s turned into finding a lot of articles calling the 1933-34 Cincinnati Reds football team the worst ever. Managing only 3 wins in almost 2 seasons in the NFL before getting suspended for not being able to pay league dues is a compelling argument. Nonetheless, I found the all red look interesting and looks like if the Wisconsin Badgers and Michigan Wolverines had a baby. The wordmark comes from this game program. 1968 Throwback: The Last Of The AFL The AFL's last franchise was founded this year and decided the best thing to represent a Bengal on their helmets was just... well... "BENGALS." Be it uninspired compared to the current tiger stripe, it was the first wordmark on a football helmet I believe. Bonus 1981 Throwback: You're Welcome, @NicDB The closest Cincinnati has been to winning a Super Bowl came in these. These are the reason this guy is a thing we need to endure Sunday nights. These were revolutionary in the stripe game. These gave the Bengals their still unique helmet. You may have wished that the shoulder stripes went all the way around, though. Me too. But, with the Vapor Untouchable template, shoulder stripes get cut off at the top of the collar triangle and bottom of the nameplate (as seen on the Jets).
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    6 teams and 3 of them are in the AFC East. It makes it the most boring division when it comes to uniform matchups.
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    They have to work in those conditions and live in constant fear that their site will vanish at any moment. No wonder they're all so angry and everything on the site sounds like it was written by the same person - they're all on top of each other! I worked at a desk like that for six months and I came home exhausted every day because I was forced into constant socialization and eye contact for ten hours a day. I also didn't get anything done because it was loud and distracting as hell. I'll take my cube in Cincinnati all day every day. Not to get braggadocios, but it's about the size of two of those desks. RE: The Pardon My Take guys, while not as bad as the rest of Barstool, are problematic because they've become the friendly goofy face that acts as the gateway drug to Portnoy's bulls***. But they also have a huge audience and I don't begrudge Charlotte Wilder for having them on her web show. I think maybe if you're a woman trying to work in sports media the best play might be to cozy up to the PMT guys and get on their good side. Capital J Journalist Rachel Nichols doesn't seem to mind them. My biggest issue with the story is not that it's sponsored content. I'm not even certain that it is SponCon (which is a really annoying portmanteau. It sounds like a terrible convention. Just take a second and type out both words, people.). I think Wilder was probably like "hey can I go do my foodie thing with one of those weird ballpark foods?" and the editor was like "yeah go for it, you're our biggest star right now for some reason!". My biggest issue with the article is that it's hack AF. The local news does a story on the crazy new ballparks foods every spring, people tweet out the crazy new ballparks foods every spring. You know why the ballparks all have chefs make crazy new foods you wouldn't expect to see at a ballpark every year? Because the local news does a story on the crazy new ballparks foods every spring, and people tweet out the crazy new ballparks foods every spring. And every year I skip over them because I know I'm never gonna go to the Reds club section and spend $20 on a gourmet cheeseburger that has a full wedge salad under a red bun. https://www.wcpo.com/entertainment/local-a-e/great-american-ball-parks-new-food-options-are-reds-hot#id9
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    That’s actually Mavericks Icon vs Blazers Statement.
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    Up next we have the Irondale Knights from New Brighton. Irondale High School Nickname: Knights Enrollment: 1,670 Rival(s): Mounds View, Spring Lake Park Class: AA State Titles: 0 State Tournament Appearances: 3 (1979, 1980, 1981) Home: The Knights need a complete redesign, their current home's are both boring and hideous. The 3D logo is the first thing that needs to go, and gold needs to be more prominant. I based the striping off of one of their old jerseys, but updated them so they are straight across rather than slanted. The base of the jersey is gold and white is held to an accent color in the stripes. Away: The away is literally just the home with maroon and gold swapped. Alternate: Throwback time! The Knights have made the tournament three times, and they came in three straight years. I decided to bring back the jerseys they wore in their glory days. It is a white jersey with a maroon stripe going down the top of the sleeves and shoulders, around the ends of the arms it changes to gold. I tried my best at recreating the logo on the front of the jersey, but it was difficult because every image I could find was super blurry. The socks feature a mismatched stripe style to keep the throwback accurate. Next up will be the Osseo Orioles. Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
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    This gradient had these two colors and then some.
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    That’s why the numbers on the road jersey need to be (primarily, if not all the way) brown. I personally think the team looks best O-B-O and O-W-O, though I do like white pants on the road from time to time. Same with brown pants at home (both should be paired with orange socks).
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    Or you could just share pics of your favorite patriotic uniforms and leave that other nonsense at the door
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    It does seem pretty split, at least among non-Calgarians. If I had my way, I’d keep the home and road black free (not necessarily the throwback design as is, but that color palette for sure), and use the third as a place to experiment with black.
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    Cleveland Browns: 1924 Throwback: Cleveland's First NFL Title Cleveland had a bunch of different teams floating through the early NFL: the Tigers/Indians I, Indians II/Bulldogs (merged with Canton), and Indians III. The most successful being the second go at pro football in Cleveland, and more specifically, the first season of the merged Cleveland Indians-Canton Bulldogs (called the Cleveland Bulldogs) team that had the best record in the NFL and thus the 1924 champions. The numbers are based off of the 1925 team and the logo is based off the 1924 Championship watch. 1946 Throwback: Cleveland's First Drop Shadow The Browns essentially had the same uniform from 1947 to 2015, so this is the only uniform that was remotely different and is more than likely the reason Nike gave the Browns a dropshadow in 2015. Also, this was the first of 4 AAFC championship seasons for the Browns. Brownie the Elf has been a symbol for the Browns since Day 1, so the logo is as such.
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    Here comes the presentation! I'll be posting on here one division at a time. But I post each team on my Instagram page once I finish it, so follow @natesweitzer if you don't want to wait. First off, the NFC North.
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    Just a little friendly PSA for type designers: rhythm is a hugely important quality of good typography. When you add speed nicks or bevel notches or whatever you want to call these, it *reeeally* helps the rhythm when they all “flow” the same direction. Just looking at what’s here, the numbers on a player wearing 39 are going to look like they’re fighting each other, while the numbers on a player wearing 93 are going to look like they’re running away from each other. That 4 is really dense as well. “If you ain’t learnin’ how to get better, you’re just sittin’ around gettin’ worse.”
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    To me, none of these uniforms you posted are really patriotic. They're about as well-intentioned as Pinktober was.
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    Thanks for the comments, everybody. Here's that paragon of success, the Detroit Lions! DETROIT LIONS I personally really liked a lot of what they did in their recent redesign, such as the removal of black and the muscle-car-inspired striping. I was less enthused with the italicized numbers and the sleeve wordmark, both of which struck me as hokey. Instead, I drew inspiration from their excellent Thanksgiving Day throwbacks and kept it simple. The full-color socks would be a unique look in the NFL by my estimation, and (another) new font. Nothing life-altering. Some may say it's too simple, but I think it looks clean. Probably gonna do the Jets next.
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    There is no excuse for this kit.
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    I'm not sure how they'd really be able to top this look... Shrink down the sleeve stripes just slightly, maybe? Lighten the brown a touch, definitely. Add the sleeve stripes to the socks, and never wear those horrific brown pants that went with these. Done.
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    Indeed. Just red and yellow and they're (pun intended) golden.
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    Wouldn’t have that last problem if they didn’t insist on putting names on the back for merchandising.
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