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    In-depth analysis of a fictitious sports team appearing in a throwaway 30 second commercial about a state lottery is what makes this site great.
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    Today I made the first of many pilgrimages to Allianz Field - in this case, for a special season ticket holders' event. The first picture is from just inside the southwest gate. The other two were taken from the highest accessible point in the stadium - the top of the east-side upper deck's center section.
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    During Saturday's AAF game between Orlando and Atlanta on TNT, there was a commercial for the New York State Lottery that featured fans of a fictitious baseball team, many of whom were dressed in the team's yellow-and-black gear. Here is the establishing shot of the crowd. We can see someone wearing an unbuttoned home jersey; and, in front of that person, is the commercial's main character, who is wearing a buttoned road jersey. Both jerseys feature the same arched "New York" wordmark. Here is the main character. There are three caps pictured. The main character is wearing a black cap with an "NY" insignia. Another fan is wearing a yellow cap with the bird logo that can be seen on the left sleeve of the main character's jersey. And a vendor is wearing a yellow cap with the "NY" insignia, smartly accessorised with a yellow polo shirt bearing the bird logo. That cap can be seen on the head of a jolly face-painting fan. The fan with the yellow bird cap is wearing a black jacket that has the "NY" insignia, over a white T-shirt with the bird logo reversed. Finally, we see that the main character's jersey has the "NY" insignia on the right sleeve. We never get any indication of the team's nickname; but, considering the logo and the colour scheme, I am willing to bet that it is meant to be "Canaries". This is a quality production. Even the unorthodox choice not to have the letters of the "NY" insignia cross or interlock, as is traditional in New York baseball, was put to artistic use in the painting of the separate letters on the two cheeks of the fan. And the font, which is non-standard yet not awkwardly distorted, makes for a very attractive wordmark and initials insignia. So I say that this is very well done.
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    What about a fictional team that became a real team?
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    but the painted face mask reminds me of this, therefore it is actually good
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    Much like with the bowl games, basketball + energy = fun in Illustrator. So I present each regional bracket, displayed by team jerseys and scores. This will be updated again after next weekend's games. Click to enlarge.
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    That's not the first case.
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    I guess this explains why Ferdinand prefers white uniforms at home
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    Bleached blonde helmets confirmed.
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    Hey man, we didn't have free porn a mouse click away back then. We had to take our jiggles where we could get them.
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    I called up the ad agency responsible for this commercial, McCann. I wanted to let them know how good their work on this is. Also, I am hoping to have a conversation wish someone on the creative team. The person who answered the phone transferred me to someone supposedly on this account; and I left a message. If I am successful in talking to somebody, I will write it up for here. And you know I'm going to ask whether they meant the team to be called the Canaries!
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    That would be a great helmet if it were metallic green or satin. Basic matte drabs it up a bit.
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    + looks good on muscular/trim athletes and stupid on fat guys.
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    You think bright golden yellow is drab? I'm going blind just thinking about how you decorate your home.
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    and sequinned robes, on that quote though, i'm sure what we're all going to read into is that johnson wants to make the players happy with the re-design. that could really mean anything, but i'm sure some will jump to the conclusion that we're in for a more nike-ified look than most of us are hoping for.
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    That could be a nice upgrade for Baylor. The current colors seem a bit... idk, drab at times Hopefully this means the end of their volt basketball uniforms as well
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    And, of course...
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    Alright y’all, I thought about waiting a couple more days before posting the next team, but I’m bored in my room so I’m just gonna do it now. Buffalo Bills Helmet: It’s the return of the red shells with white face masks. I don’t dislike the current white helmets, I actually like them a lot, but I just like the red helmets more. The stripe is white-blue-white with a slight taper getting wider at the back, inspired by the logo. This stripe style is used through the whole uniform. Jerseys: Blue, white, and a red alternate. The Color Rush reds actually look decent on Madden when paired with white pants instead of the solid red pants and socks, so I added one here. The jerseys have the tapering stripes on the sleeves and the number font is the font from the 90s, a slightly different block. Pants: Two pairs, white and blue with the tapering three stripes on the sides. Combinations: Blue jerseys and red jerseys are always worn with white pants, the white jersey can be mixed with either color pants. No matter what jerseys or pants they wear, they have red socks. So there they are. Thoughts?
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    Counterpoint: 1. No they don’t; 2. No they aren’t; and 3. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
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    The characters are crudely drawn caricatures and the ending is so corny. It's a baseball movie for non-baseball fans, and I feel like it insults the viewer's intelligence. But the aesthetics of the movie are fantastic. The Knights look great, and War Memorial Stadium seems to perfectly capture the dinginess of ballparks from that era. I don't know if he's taking requests, but I'd love to see @SFGiants58 do a take on the Knights in his stunningly fantastic Defunct thread.
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    Alrighty, then. (Still, no matter which device I look at it on, it ain't all that far from brown. Though I cannot rule out some psychological Padres-related influence.)
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    Why brown? It’s nowhere else on the uniforms
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    These quotes and the Cheerleader uniforms have me feeling uneasy about all this.
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    2019 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, 1st and 2nd rounds complete:
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    Even if so, taking a year off can only be good for your body, not bad. He’s a moron, but not for this. Good on him for getting out while he still has full use of the limited brain he has, or at least for preserving himself and extending his career by a few extra years if he does decide to come back.
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    Jacqueline Onassis High First Ladies
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    Wow, I didn’t realize how popular that style was in the 70’s and 80’s, I thought it was just a few teams. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I think the colored top, white pants on the road look could work great across MLB in the modern day. It would bring a little extra splash of color to games as opposed to white v. gray, and would bring baseball closer to football, basketball, & hockey in aesthetic.
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    With all the talk about USF's new academic logo I started looking at their old athletic logos. There was not much to see. So I decided to take on the task of creating one. The "bulls" were originally the "Golden Brahmans". A Brahman or Brahma is a breed of cattle that originated in India so they do well in the hot, humid Florida environment. So southern and central Florida have a lot of them. They are very distinct looking with long ears, shorter horns, and a menacing/pissed off look on their face. So here is my USF Golden Brahman:
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    And yet neither hold a candle to this... And it even has the gray facemask several of y'all love! Plus, I don't think any big-time sports club anywhere uses Kelly green and metallic gold anywhere. If not, somebody should. (Like maybe Baylor.) Oh...and GOML.
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    Counterpoint: Is New York known in any capacity as a hub for military aviation? How about commercial aviation?
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    Oh, man, I'd love to hear the follow up on this. I'm interested in why they chose to go so detailed. Yeah, it makes it more "real" but all these different hats, jerseys, apparel, and extras have got to add up when it comes to the budget.
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    This Lotto commercial has so much detail in it. First, We see that the New York team is playing a red and (probably) navy team. There are a few fans wearing red caps in the crowd, too. It might be a white "B" with a blue outline. Boston, perhaps. And what do we see in this same frame?! Could it be a pigeon? We also see at least 7 different type of caps and 6 jerseys, t-shirts, jackets, even a puffy vest in the way back. Other folks are wearing team colors, like the yellow jacket behind the main character and the beanie to his right, but I can't see logos on those. Finally, in a later frame we see a banner above the main character's right shoulder. The script below the arched NEW YORK wordmark is hard to read, but the first letter sure looks like a script P, and it's the right length roughly to read "Pigeons". All in all, this is an incredibly detailed production for a 30-second spot. A mascot costume, lots of different hats, jerseys, apparel, a banner, away team hats.
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    That’s the whole point. It’s American mythology, a loose interpretation of Arthurian tales told through a more modern set of Knights. Hobbs is Percival in his quest to heal the Waste Land of Knight’s Field, with its barren grass and equally barren grandstand. Pop Fisher is aptly named as the Fisher King, whose ailments are tied to the sickness in his kingdom. Now, I understand that not being your thing, but it is what it is. Far from insulting your intelligence, the allegory rewards it.
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    Man this kit is just absolutely gorgeous: I, for one, love that they went with gold names/numbers to match the crest as well. Overall I’m pretty indifferent to the debate over royal or navy for the French primary shirts, but one thing I do want to see return on a full time basis is the gold rooster, at least on the home shirts. It just looks right. Even the rose gold version on the women’s new WC kits looks fantastic. I don’t care as much about whether or not the rooster is gold on the away shirts, but I personally want it to always be gold on the home shirts again.
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    Fair enough, it was just incredibly daunting at the 64-team level. Maybe if I get a chance this week it can be something I can add in at the Sweet 16 level. Y'know, something you earn by getting that far.
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    If the Isotopes would stop using that goofy ass script, they'd have the foundation for a pretty solid identity. Almost like an alternate universe Astros.
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    Love this, but I miss the team-color-specific presentation of other brackets you've done.
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    The 2019 Orioles MD jerseys . Flag covered sleeves.
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    I was so confused as to why he kept motioning to the crowd to quiet down. He must have been having some serious radio issues with his helmet, that crowd of 3,000 was made up of the loudest people in the history of the world, or his hearing is gone from all the time spent partying in clubs.
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    For almost every club, I'd agree with you. But this is a ing fantastic New York City jersey. I'll have to be ready to pounce when they go on sale - last year they were sold out within an hour or two.
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    Twins: I really like the color flip idea (red home, navy road) and the syncing of the cap bills to the wordmark colors. Well done! Astros: I like how you simplified the wordmarks and put dashes of the tequila sunrise throughout the uniform. The “Houston” wordmark is a welcome touch, as is the custom number font. Angels: This might be my favorite red/powder Angels concept. You have a fantastic balance of colors throughout, while also making sure powder and red don’t touch (which I find is key) on the home and alternate sets. I’m not that keen on the white front-panel, but I can see why it’s there. Nice work! A’s: I really like the color flip, the added “Oakland” emphasis, and the use of raglan piping! My one issue with the set is that I’d rather see a white recoloring of the modern elephant on the sleeves. Other than that, nice work! Mariners: I like the idea to bring in neon green into the set, but I wish you pushed it a little further. A lime green bill at home/for the home alt would be perfect! As for the road set, the more “minimal lime” approach should necessitate a different sock stripe pattern with less neon. I’d also back up @coco1997‘s suggestion for placket trim. Still, I like it!
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    Yep, the shadow of the roof shows where the sunlight is lacking. That and it's still Minnesota in March. Even US stadiums w/o roofs and awnings use the system (Lambeau and Baltimore). The pitch runs North/South, so the 18 yard boxes are going to get less sunlight.
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    not much insight to glean, but hey! that hasn't stopped us before. acting owner christopher johnson on the team's new unis:
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    I dont know a lot about Minnesota High school hockey . But I really like these concepts
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    The Giants did when they had their pullover period. I like the script, but divorced from the rest of the set.
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    “The notches represent the notches that a beaver makes as it chews through wood.” - Nike
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    That’s very unusual, to put that much work into a fictional team for a commercial. They usually pull from stock. The football uniforms from The Replacements get a lot of use, because they look very much like NFL uniforms. I’m not familiar with it, but could that be from another production? And the uniforms might be gold, but that bird is in no way a canary. That team my friend, is the Pigeons.
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