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    During Saturday's AAF game between Orlando and Atlanta on TNT, there was a commercial for the New York State Lottery that featured fans of a fictitious baseball team, many of whom were dressed in the team's yellow-and-black gear. Here is the establishing shot of the crowd. We can see someone wearing an unbuttoned home jersey; and, in front of that person, is the commercial's main character, who is wearing a buttoned road jersey. Both jerseys feature the same arched "New York" wordmark. Here is the main character. There are three caps pictured. The main character is wearing a black cap with an "NY" insignia. Another fan is wearing a yellow cap with the bird logo that can be seen on the left sleeve of the main character's jersey. And a vendor is wearing a yellow cap with the "NY" insignia, smartly accessorised with a yellow polo shirt bearing the bird logo. That cap can be seen on the head of a jolly face-painting fan. The fan with the yellow bird cap is wearing a black jacket that has the "NY" insignia, over a white T-shirt with the bird logo reversed. Finally, we see that the main character's jersey has the "NY" insignia on the right sleeve. We never get any indication of the team's nickname; but, considering the logo and the colour scheme, I am willing to bet that it is meant to be "Canaries". This is a quality production. Even the unorthodox choice not to have the letters of the "NY" insignia cross or interlock, as is traditional in New York baseball, was put to artistic use in the painting of the separate letters on the two cheeks of the fan. And the font, which is non-standard yet not awkwardly distorted, makes for a very attractive wordmark and initials insignia. So I say that this is very well done.
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    That's not the first case.
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    I called up the ad agency responsible for this commercial, McCann. I wanted to let them know how good their work on this is. Also, I am hoping to have a conversation wish someone on the creative team. The person who answered the phone transferred me to someone supposedly on this account; and I left a message. If I am successful in talking to somebody, I will write it up for here. And you know I'm going to ask whether they meant the team to be called the Canaries!
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    That would be a great helmet if it were metallic green or satin. Basic matte drabs it up a bit.
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    and sequinned robes, on that quote though, i'm sure what we're all going to read into is that johnson wants to make the players happy with the re-design. that could really mean anything, but i'm sure some will jump to the conclusion that we're in for a more nike-ified look than most of us are hoping for.
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    Why brown? It’s nowhere else on the uniforms
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    These quotes and the Cheerleader uniforms have me feeling uneasy about all this.
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    So we're going back to the American jingoistic fighter jet routine again? Ugh. Every concept posted in these 92 pages that has received mostly positive reviews have had a decidedly obvious lack of two things: black and fighter jets. I'm still expecting the worst. Too much unnecessary black, but I'm still not prepared for some Top Gun stuff.
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    And yet neither hold a candle to this... And it even has the gray facemask several of y'all love! Plus, I don't think any big-time sports club anywhere uses Kelly green and metallic gold anywhere. If not, somebody should. (Like maybe Baylor.) Oh...and GOML.
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    This Lotto commercial has so much detail in it. First, We see that the New York team is playing a red and (probably) navy team. There are a few fans wearing red caps in the crowd, too. It might be a white "B" with a blue outline. Boston, perhaps. And what do we see in this same frame?! Could it be a pigeon? We also see at least 7 different type of caps and 6 jerseys, t-shirts, jackets, even a puffy vest in the way back. Other folks are wearing team colors, like the yellow jacket behind the main character and the beanie to his right, but I can't see logos on those. Finally, in a later frame we see a banner above the main character's right shoulder. The script below the arched NEW YORK wordmark is hard to read, but the first letter sure looks like a script P, and it's the right length roughly to read "Pigeons". All in all, this is an incredibly detailed production for a 30-second spot. A mascot costume, lots of different hats, jerseys, apparel, a banner, away team hats.
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    The book and movie had different goals, different audiences. Some of the best adaptations ever threw away or ignored major components of their source material. In this case, I think it’s a thematic improvement over the original. But yes, to each their own. No worries there.
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    Footy Headlines has images of all of this year’s Parley jerseys: These are really stupid. Not a fan at all of the teal color being forced on all of the teams. And they’re also essentially the same as last year’s, but with the teal in place of white and the collars changed to crew necks.
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    I think it looks pretty good! Alternatively you could try white piping, but the green looks fine, IMO.
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    Always liked the look of the Cowboys from Little Giants. I mean, would it have killed Jerry Jones to add this to Dallas' rotation?
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    I’ve lurked these boards a long time and finally have worked up the courage to share some of my work. For my first series I was inspired by reports that the 100th season will be more about looking forward to the future than celebrating the past. I will be doing all 32 teams in random order. I hope you enjoy. Up first are the Denver Broncos. I gave them a unique icy blue that I felt better looks like it fits a team from Colorado. Big thanks to @ren69 for designing the beautiful modern D logo and allowing me to use it.
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    Ah, yes...that rooster. The more international kits and crests I get to see and study, the broader my perspective gets--but I've yet to see a crest anywhere near as unique and elegant as France's cockerel --excuse me--the Coq Gaulois. (The three Fs are cool, too.) And after having done some research into how and why FFF adopted that as their national badge, I now know more about roosters than I ever thought I would. The more you know, kids.
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    This NY Lotto team could be a 3rd NYC MLB franchise in an alternative universe.
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    They had a post on March 5th on their Facebook announcing pro days but nobody believes them and with good reason:
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    They also claim that they've had no revenue from the last two years, but can afford to write a couple of hot checks for stadium deposits. $30K for Virginia Beach The same MLFB who has been unable to get their football equipment back from the landlord because they don't have the money.
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    The announced attendance was 13,758. Calkins was at the game and was also there for the home opener. Before taking a buyout/retirement from Gannett, he was the columnist for the Commercial Appeal and was with the paper for 22 years. I don't think he's got a need to lie about what he was yesterday now that he has a radio show and works for a non-profit local news site. He's seen enough small crowds at the Liberty Bowl to know what he sees. For example, the blue chairbacks on the sidelines is a small number: 5,596 to be exact. And this is the 4th Quarter last night. https://gotigersgo.com/sports/2016/2/8/LBS.aspx
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    This is true. There are people also panicking that CFL 2.0 will be a repeat of the failed American expansion, and from what I have read about it, that's not the goal. The goal is to expand the player pool beyond Canada and the United States. I would not be surprised at all if the CFL forms a partnership with the Japanese X-League in the future.
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    Well, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then. Not too often something Phoenix does is actually an upgrade, so bravo to em.
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    This is a minor league so going all-out on the gimmicks is a step in the right direction. Of course, the reason why minor league baseball endured is because of backing from major league clubs. Barring anything like that, this is pants-on-head stupid.
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    Two tickets for $90 got you a Manziel replica jersey. And about that announced attendance...
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    Thanks! I think that those had a big, sub-conscious, effect on me. I only ever bought the Colorado one, but I saw the Mich one everywhere. Thank you!
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    The latest teaser from Baylor. Now we have a look at the letter font. Plus, they're really emphasizing brand unification across all of the athletic department, hence the word "united."
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    what a :censored:ing dork.
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    The 80s were the heyday of the teen sex comedy You could hardly go a week without a new one being released. It was a glorious time to be alive. Exactly. Of course, this might count as a plus in the 2010s column.
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    I disagree, the logos serve their purpose well. Although I do have two things, why’d you changed Orlando’s colors? I think they’re current colors work well. If you were to continue with the Dolphins colors tho, maybe adjust the shades, a lot of contrast going on. And I’d also simplify the Minutemen logo. The football seems unnecessary and there’s too many small details on the guns. I really like the hogs logo, it’s clever.
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    Not happening. Their uniforms are supposed to mimic the uniforms of the firefighting squad the team is named in honor of. Changing the YYG combo is a no go.
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    I know it ain't NFL, but I figure I would've done a Baltimore Stallions inspired uniform, because without them, there's no Ravens. But obviously I'm not. I do like the modernised Eskimos uniform, among others.
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    Baltimore Ravens: 1947 Throwback: The First Colts Since Indianapolis has the Baltimore Colts II in their history, we go back to the Baltimore Colts I, formerly Miami Seahawks. Competing in the AAFC with the likes of the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers, the first Colts lasted 4 seasons, and was only really successful in 1948, when they went on to the division playoff and lost. With an early Eagle-esque color scheme and classic block numbers, a solid throwback for the Ravens. 1996 Throwback: NFL's return to Baltimore After the Colts went to Indianapolis, Baltimore was left with a band desperately advocating for a new team. Then, the Browns moved east to become the brand new Baltimore Ravens, and this very 90s masterpiece was created.
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    These are all such simple improvements but they make all of them so much cleaner. Only suggestion I might make is white letters and numbers on Miami's City Edition. I think that would just pop better on the light blue.
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    Sounds like it’s just a one-off to be worn in tomorrow’s Euro qualifier against Iceland. The FFF was founded on April 7th, 1919, so tomorrow’s game is the closest one to that date.
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    They won’t, but Oregon state should roll with the Retro Benny uniforms as they are, vintage logo and everything. Just add a white jersey and black pants, an orange jersey if they must, and call it a day. Don’t overthink it.
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    Like Mike replaced the Clippers with the Los Angeles Knights.
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    Looks like Oregon State will be revealing new uniforms on April 20th: Hopefully they’re similar to the Retro Benny uniforms from this past season: If I had to guess I’d say they’ll be somewhat similar to those, but with their proprietary number font and the current beaver logo instead of the Retro Benny logo.
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    What does Ceasar think? Just what I thought. Seriously though, it sucks.. Nah. I seen good art made on MS Paint. This was worse then that, dude.
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    I wouldn’t think that Nashville would have to be stuck doing the SKC/DC United/Portland/whoever else road trip to start the season since they have the Titans stadium to seemingly work with. It seems like they either realized it was going to take longer all along to open the new stadium or made changes that made it so. Either way, I’m in the camp that would rather they take their time and get it right which seems to be a very popular camp.
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    too much orange. its bright and loud; energetic. the subtleness of brown and white looks more professional
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    This Rams one really doesn't work... white for white sake. Pattern doesn't exist anywhere else on the uniform. Single blue stripe on pants is the right answer here.
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    One more tweak to the Astros before moving on. I've replaced the "ASTROS" script with "HOUSTON" on the away set. I still like the cream best but I'm posting a grey version as well.
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    Your comments feed me and keep me satiated through this long journey of human existence, so continue making comments, especially on the Jets and Ravens. Now, since yesterday was Saint Patrick's Day, and this team's namesakes raped and pillaged the Irish many moons ago, I'm going to move from one purple team to another, and switch things up a bit with my hometown (and least favorite) team, the Minnesota Vikings! MINNESOTA VIKINGS Nike did an excellent job with the Vikings in their redesign, and all I would do to that uniform is bring some consistency to the numerals and get rid of the black facemask. But that's been done before, and isn't particularly fun or exciting, so I didn't do that (which is a surprise because I usually do all kinds of things that are neither fun nor exciting). Instead, I went pretty hard on a redesign. The numbers have a Nordic rune-like quality to them, and are the same ones I used as a concept for the Rochester Berserkers in my Professional Kübb League (shameless self-promotion). The Nordic thread continues throughout the uniform, with Nordic knot-inspired striping that, on the shoulders, is meant to allude to their UCLA stripes Minnesota wore on their away uniforms for many years. I also spat in the face of almost 60 years of tradition, replacing their longtime purple helmet with one of gold that makes more sense for a Viking helmet (even though Vikings never wore horns on their helmets), with matching gold pants now an option as well. This ought to get some people talking, and if it doesn't, I might just have to put the Packers in blaze orange and camo to get your attention.
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    AL CENTRAL MINNESOTA TWINS This is may not be the most revolutionary Twins concept but I decided on two points regarding the Twins aesthetic: 1. the home uniforms look best with navy blue lettering and 2. something was needed to add warmth to the look with the move to Target field. The cream alternates demonstrated both of these points perfectly. They looked better than any other look worn outdoors since the move out of the Metrodome. That being said, I felt it was too obvious to repeat the cream based home uniforms (and frankly its already been done to perfection elsewhere on these boards). So I opted for red pinstripes as the way to add some much needed warmth to the home look. It also blends well with a red softball top. For the road design, I opted to reinstate the pinstripes as it had been the only distinctive look for them on the road. Thanks to @MJD7 for lending me the updated "Minnesota" script based on the modernized letters. C&C as always. Enjoy!
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    So I kinda took some time messing around with some Miami Marlins stuff and haven’t focused on this as much. Just needed some time on something else for a bit. I was gonna finish the next team before I posted this, but recent developments have uhh... yeah. Imma just do this now. New York Giants Helmet: Blue shell with a red stripe and a gray mask. Logo on the side is changed to the GIANTS script. Jerseys: For the home and road, I based off the color rush set. A consistent blue-red-blue striping pattern is found throughout the uniforms. Numbers are white on blue, blue on white, no outlines. The alternate is a second white jersey, this one red-dominant like the current road, the only change being the Nike logo becoming blue so it isn’t completely gone from the jersey. Pants: Two pairs, white and gray. Both have the blue-red-blue stripes. Simple enough. Combinations: At home, blue jerseys with gray pants for all games. On the road, an even split between white and gray pants, with the only major rule being that the alternate jerseys must be worn with gray pants. One more note on the alternate: they are paired with white socks that have stripes matching the jerseys rather than the current solid red. I wanted to wait until I finished the next team before I posted this, but the whole OBJ thing... Thought I’d just get this one posted. So not major changes here. How y’all feel?
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    Donald's 2020 logo goes virtually unchanged...
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    Exactly, sounds like they should get rid of that overdetailed ugly mess of a logo rather than drop shoulder patches entirely. I’m glad we agree.
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    a) Yes it's an issue with the Canucks logo itself, but that doesn't mean that the shoulder patches criticism is invalid. It's the whole package. That's what we're dealing with, so you gotta make it work. b) The Canucks chest logo is definitely more intricate than most logos in the league. And I just listed a bunch of superfluous stuff on their jerseys that contribute to an overall mess IMO. It's not just a (simple) logo and some basic striping. It's about 3 other things as welll.
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