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    The helmet just feels incomplete or unfinished. The 90's logo would have been perfect. Adding the jet to the new wordmark or helmet logo would have helped.
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    Am I the only person who thinks these are better than their current set? Sure they may look a little dated, but they're still gorgeous. Edit: Also, it's cool to think about the fact that Steph began his career 10 years ago wearing this jersey and it all came full circle on Sunday night. If you would have told me in 2009 how much success the Warriors were going to have in this decade, I would have called you insane.
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    I'm thoroughly impressed that they've kept it under wraps this long, being that we live in the the era of leaked info, but the Warriors are wearing throwbacks in nod to the 2002-2010 set at home tonight. https://twitter.com/warriors/status/1115052460530208771?s=19
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    That first picture looks like he saw the Jets season already.
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    glad you brought this up, because i found something over the weekend that was interesting. on nike's website, here's the listing for the jets jerseys: note what i circled. not stumping for teal for anything, because i don't know the guy from a hole in the wall, but it seems like he was working with, at the very least, some inside information. it also probably shows where he is getting that info (from some link in the retail supply chain).
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    I like this trend of teams going back to vibrant bright colors again. Especially those who darkened their colors in the 90s/00s like the Rams, Jets, etc.
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    The home had too many outlines. The navy Away was way better I do wish the Warriors included some International Orange in their upcoming set, though I don’t think they’ll change from the Bay Bridge to the Golden Gate Bridge
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    Bruh, what the hell. I just wanna talk about triangle stripes and black outlines like a normal person, not the qualifications it takes to identify as a resident of a city
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    What is going on in this thread?
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    I hate the Warriors, but damn that’s such a cool move on their part. I’m amazed that they were able to keep it under wraps, apparently even from the players until shortly before tip. And credit to the NBA, because I’m sure they had to give the Dubs special permission to wear these. Just a really awesome move all around.
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    i don't know. did a quick edit from the studio unveiling pics. looks pretty good to me (and the contrast would obviously be even greater in daylight/under stadium lights):
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    Man that football on the logo looks dumb. It would've been better off with just the word Jets.
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    NL CENTRAL MILWAUKEE BREWERS The Brewers are in the midst of an identity crisis. They can't decide what logos or scripts to use. They can't decide on their primary or secondary color. There's another team in Milwaukee with a similar identity crisis: Marquette University. Marquette loves the navy/powder/gold combo for their uniforms but have used exclusively royal blue and gold for all their promotional material, including their home court. So taking some inspiration from Marquette, I've simplified the entire operation for the Brewers, its royal blue and athletic gold all the way. I've gone with sublimated pinstripes on the home, powder blue away, and gold Friday alternate. Likewise, the logo treatment on all three uniforms are identical. A modified 90's era "BREWERS" with a drop shadow against a blue back ground, which applies to the ball-in-glove and the numbers. There is also Pilots inspired alternate with "MILWAUKEE" script and multiple gold stripes with some unique logos. This bottles up (pardon the pun) the inconsistent elements into a single change-up set. C&C as always. Enjoy!
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    As I posted in the other thread, I wish Pitt had returned to the actual mustard yellow.
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    I remember the first time I was ever legitimately excited to watch the Warriors. I was (I think) a sophomore in high school and Baron Davis was a recent addition. These were the uniforms they wore then. I very much appreciate them pulling these out for the final regular season game at Oracle. That team was so much fun.
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    Me and the other immature kids at my elementary/high school always found this one pretty funny. Political correctness aside, Bridgestone Arena is a much better name.
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    Thank you for the feedback! I wouldn't want to use the throwback scripts for the team, although they add to the vintage look, both of those wordmarks just look a little clunky to me to work in the modern day. I tried a rotated version of the current wordmark, though it didn't work out quite as well as I had anticipated: I think it sort of clashes with the Nike swoosh now, where before the two worked well together. I had not thought of maroon & orange before, though I do like it quite a lot: I did think about adding a little bit of powder blue in the sleeve stripes, but the colors just didn't interact well for me. I also don't think forest green, powder blue, and gold all worked together (it gave off too much of a Milwaukee Bucks feeling for my liking), but I think forest and powder on their own did, as you'll see below: Thank you! While I have the chance, here are some other color options I considered for the Twins, including your suggestion: The navy, red, & gold design is basically what I would've done if the Twins had to keep their current kasota gold. With this uniform, the red & the gold never touch, as it should be. The purple, light blue, and mint green design is inspired by the branding of Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis. The cool colors combine to make a wintery scheme that is befitting of Minnesota, while also surely being unique. The forest & powder set is inspired by @SFGiants58's own alternate take for the Twins. The navy & kelly is inspired by one of @bohob's designs from almost a decade ago and the royal & kelly was the basis for my redesign of the Twins. Although these designs were fun to try out, I think I ultimately still prefer the navy, powder blue, & gold set, as it stays the closest to the original color scheme, while also looking unique, which was a goal of mine within the parameters of this series. Thanks again for the comments guys, they are always truly appreciated.
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    Project: Nike/MLB 2020--Team 7/30: The Miami Marlins. The Miami Marlins fully embrace the "Miami Vice" theme by adopting a flashy, bold color scheme of black as the primary color, and heavy accent uses of cyan and magenta to play off of it. The result are word marks that are reminiscent of neon and are art-deco like. The word marks on the uniforms have an underline for a bit of an added flair. The road uniform has a slightly darker shade of grey so the cyan accents can really pop off of it. The cyan alternate will be worn exclusively at home. Another possible alternate look at home is the wearing of magenta undershirts and socks with the regular white uniform--complete with a matching cap (felt like magenta jerseys are a bit much for a sport like baseball). The uniform that will surely garner the most attention are the black alternates. They feature word marks across the front of the uniform that are black on the black base of the uniform with cyan and magenta accents to give them a "Miami nightlife" look by giving off a "neon-lighting" vibe. Home: Away: Home alternate 1: Home alternate 2: Home alternate 3: Away alternate:
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    Probably an unpopular opinion, but I’m hoping to see them wear black pants and green socks with the green jersey at least once this year. Maybe same with the white jersey too.
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    I think that was you! Congratulations!
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    So a couple of different options regarding the Reds. The first is a simple swap the charcoal for black and the second is more of a straight red/white color scheme.
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    I'm starting to see some calls here for the black jersey to be worn with the green pants. While pretty much anything is better than black monochrome, I don't see the black over green option being much better. Not with that plain white stripe. It all feels a bit disjointed.
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    You touch on an important distinction: how the black jersey looks as a normal shirt is a different question to how it looks as part of a game uniform. However, the greater tendency of people to wear black shirts than green shirts might explain the inclusion of the black jersey in the set. (Nothing explains the black pants. The black jersey would be less bad if it were paired with white pants.)
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    I envy your youth. But you're talking about 80+ years in blue and yellow vs less than 30 in navy and gold, so....
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    Long overdue. The navy and Vegas gold always seemed wrong.
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    Takes me back to when they beat top-seeded Dallas and then Baron Davis dunked all over Utah in the next round. The Warriors’ current look is a better overall brand, but I wish they never went away from this look.
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    This thread has simply reminded me that the ignore function serves a wonderful purpose.
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    I actually really like the sublimated pattern in the helmet and pant stripes. And I don’t mind the number font too much either. Glad they pretty much just tweaked the throwbacks, though some sleeve stripes would’ve been nice.
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    Better look at the new Pitt uniforms
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    There’s soccer club Young Boys, who play at Wankdorf Stadium (now Stade de Suisse Wankdorf), leading to headlines like this:
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    Word trickling out that the Carolina Hurricanes are about to shut down, turns out Tom Dundon only bought the team so he could sell stupid t-shirts to irony posters on Twitter and Reddit. You hate to see it but you hope everyone can catch on someplace else. I'll be updating you on developments every two minutes.
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    It just hit me this would have been the peferct look for the jaguars The more I think about this just an underwhelming dated lookfor the jets, this was an opportunity to do something bold & timeless instead they pooped their pants.
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    It may not be a big deal to us, but to the AAF players, it's a huge deal, especially after all the off the field mess they had to go through. These players will have some stability for the next few months.
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    They looked way better in this set than the current stuff they trot out in. The script is fantastic color palette on point. The Run TMC set and this set are the best this team ever looked. IMO.
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    There are just some corporate names that naturally sound better than others. That's one of them. But if it was something like Bud Light Stadium, ugh.
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    Sure. Now is the time that rosters expand to 90. This really isn't a big deal, but I'll bet what isn't trumpeted come September 1 is whether or not these guys make the roster.
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    I bought two boxes at Walmart as a souvenir. Ended up with 165/175 cards and one signature card (Tim Lewis of Birmingham). A few other special cards as well. A nice little momento.
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    The fact they kept this under wraps I have to give them credit for this. Most teams havent unveiled early 2000s jerseys yet as throwbacks, this will open the floodgates for other teams who have some killer designs from that era. I love it
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    Interesting. What's wrong with them? Is there a rival hot dog place that you champion, in the manner of the Philadelphia cheesesteak war between partisans of Geno's and Pat's? With regard to Packo's, @oldschoolvikings pretty much nails it. Packo's is OK for what it is, but this Toledo native is not of the opinion that Packo's best represents our fine city. Honestly, what Packo's calls a hot dog is much closer to a brat than it is a hot dog. It's not a bad place to eat, it's just that Toledo has quite a few places that are a lot better. That said, I do kinda dig Packo's logo. My opinion is that Rudy's has the best hot dogs in Toledo with Netty's coming in a close second. And with that, let's give this thread back to the folks who are here to talk about the new Jets uniforms.
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    Sean Marks put together a playoff team that improved by 13 games this season with no major offseason acquisitions while maintaining major cap space for this summer. Outside of D'Angelo Russell at #2 overall, the 10-man rotation consists of guys picked 13, 20, 22, 22, 27, 33, 38, 40 and undrafted. I don't know what he learned in his time with the Spurs but as far as I'm concerned they can lock him down for another decade.
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    I think the modern Angels are a modern classic and would be perfect with no changes henceforth. But I never had a problem with the "Disney" Angels and think the look is being wasted by not being part of one of their farm clubs.
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    If it ticks off Jerry I'm good with it.
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    The Texans have a strong brand and a fantastic identity that’s aged well. Although a white helmet could work, I highly doubt they go away from the navy. If they were to make any tweaks, hopefully they just bring back the red socks on the road and wear the Battle Red tops more often. They could also adopt the color rush pants stripe full time. Maybe a slight change to the shoulder or collar striping. But if they aren’t able to use the Oilers colors for an alternate, I don’t see what other changes would realistically be an upgrade.
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    ...IT’S OFFICIAL AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I CAN’T BELIEVE IT AAAAAAAAAAAAA THE MAGIC ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA This is surreal. I was too young to remember the Dwight years, so this is the first real playoff Magic team I’ve ever seen. This is insane.
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    I’ll be this guy: Seeing Pitt’s new uniforms, I prefer them in navy blue and metallic gold. It’s what I’ve grown up with and it looks better to me. The royal blue and athletic gold isn’t bad, but I’d rather it be a one game alt than full time
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    I'll summarize that Giants concept in a single image:
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    I always found Mall of America Field at the Hubert H Humphrey Metrodome to be funny purely based on how much of a mouthful it was
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