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    Apparently, it's Tommy and Susie that can't be left alone.
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    WHY DO PEOPLE WANT THESE LEAGUES TO FAIL??????? It's absolutely stupid. At worst, a league's success is innocuous. At best, it provides an entertaining alternative or supplement for whatever else is out there, and maybe another avenue for players to catch a break. The way people salivate at the demise of these leagues is stupid.
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    1. Vikings -- The clear class of the group. 2. Lions -- It has some issues, but overall the look has grown on me, and is worthy of a classic franchise. 3. Dolphins -- I actually liked the original redesign, and the fixes only made them better. Still, there should be more orange. 4. Jets -- This is less about loving the new uniforms and more about how underwhelming/bad the other options are. 5. Jaguars 2.0 -- Boring, but they work. 6. Browns -- They've got plenty of problems, but they're close to actually being good. 7. Seahawks -- A compelling mess of a uniform. The basic idea is interesting, and there are strong elements (I love the sleeves), but the design overall is so inconsistent and feels so haphazard that the whole look is ruined. 8. Bucs -- Terrible all around. 9. Jaguars 1.0 -- A bad uniform in its own right, but that helmet. Woof. 10. Titans -- A complete culmination of awful ideas thrown together to make one of the worst uniforms in sports history. I absolutely hate the terms amateurish/arena league when describing uniforms. The Titans are the only NFL uniforms that I’m willing to describe that way. The stupid sword shoulders are almost as bad as the Jaguars helmet was.
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    I think the new number font would go really well with the Baltimore Ravens’ identity.
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    I am now going to use this post as an excuse to share a criminally underrated Blondie song (including a video in which Debbie Harry manages to make an orange jumpsuit look good) . . .
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    I'm not on here near as much as used to be, but damn Teal must've ruffled feathers in the past few years.
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    Talking Stick Resort Arena
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    Everyone is gonna have a football on their uniforms this season. womp womp
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    I'd say double down on the silver, drop the white pants, wear the blue socks as much as possible.
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    See personally I don't see why there should be any issues with the Texans making this their color rush ( Call it Houston football Classics or some nonsense ) They can bring back some Oiler greats for those games use the current battle red and a more proper version of the columbia blue ( Not Titan Blue which is lighter ) and I think for the most part everyone is satisfied even though i'm sure Adams family will still be pissed.
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    I bit the bullet and bought the hockey template from sportstemplates.net and made a 3d render of the jersey concepts. It doesn't have the capability to alter the appearance of the materials of whatever you are editing. I wanted the numbers and the crest on the front of the Vegas jersey to be embroidered, and the Arizona ones to be stitched felt like the Blues Winter Classic jersey from a few years ago. The template makes everything look screen printed which sucks, but I have to say it does make for some pretty cool renders.
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    Project: Nike/MLB 2020--Team 7/30: The Miami Marlins. The Miami Marlins fully embrace the "Miami Vice" theme by adopting a flashy, bold color scheme of black as the primary color, and heavy accent uses of cyan and magenta to play off of it. The result are word marks that are reminiscent of neon and are art-deco like. The word marks on the uniforms have an underline for a bit of an added flair. The road uniform has a slightly darker shade of grey so the cyan accents can really pop off of it. The cyan alternate will be worn exclusively at home. Another possible alternate look at home is the wearing of magenta undershirts and socks with the regular white uniform--complete with a matching cap (felt like magenta jerseys are a bit much for a sport like baseball). The uniform that will surely garner the most attention are the black alternates. They feature word marks across the front of the uniform that are black on the black base of the uniform with cyan and magenta accents to give them a "Miami nightlife" look by giving off a "neon-lighting" vibe. Home: Away: Home alternate 1: Home alternate 2: Home alternate 3: Away alternate:
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    I get there’s history and sentimentality behind this Pirates throwback, but it’s still awfully ugly and I wish they’d get rid of it. It’s much better left in 1979. If they want a World Series nod throwback, the 1960 or 1971 sets are much better uniforms by a country mile in my opinion. LATE EDIT: Just realized it’s the 40th anniversary of the ‘79 team, so I guess it makes sense to keep wearing it this year. But scrap it after the end of this season and go ‘60 or ‘71 instead, please!
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    What if certain teams/franchises in the NHL never rebranded or moved cities? Many other people have done their own renditions, so I figured I'd throw my hat in the ring too. Starting off, what if the LA Kings never adopted the colors of their then neighbors the LA Raiders? In 1988, at the introductory press conference for Wayne Gretzky no less, the Kings unveiled their brand new logo, jersey, and colors. If they hadn't changed the latter, what would the Great One's jersey have looked like? Rather than just recolor the logo from that era, I took the logo used in promotional materials throughout the '80s and cleaned it up. The speed lines are gone for an overall cleaner look to the KINGS text. The striping pattern on the jersey mimics the outlines of the logo and fits with the aesthetics of the time . Version 1 - Single outlined numbers Version 2 - Double outlined numbers C&C is always appreciated. Tomorrow, the Kings introduce their first alternate jersey!
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    And it's even crazier when it is AAF supporters doing that. I figured alt-football was alt-football.
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    It takes less than a day to tear down temporary seating and the court. Rolling out the field can be done in 4 hours. Somehow I feel MLS wouldn't care anyways.
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    ...and one last graphic to close out this thread.
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    Because it devalues the individual game compared to the overall season. A team losing one baseball game doesn't usually matter much because it's 1 of 162. Basketball or hockey it's 1 of 82. Football it's 1 of 16. That 1 of 16 is a much more hyped and important game. Teams go all out to win that single game because how crucial it is to the season baseball might sit some guys against a good opponent just because. You see the intensity of baseball change in the playoffs. How every pitch is scrutinized. Regular season, people could go days barely even following the box scores and it not affecting much.
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    What would it look like with tan pants? I feel like it would be more accurate and it would break up the leotard look. Otherwise great job!
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    Looks good, really bizarre that this uniform was a one-year wonder in Bears history.
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    Honestly? Holmes strikes me as a total sociopath while Ebersol strikes me as in over his head. We'll find out more and especially if this turns into a big legal brouhaha but that's my opinion as it stands now.
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    Are you his lawyer or something? Lolololol
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    This series has officially moved onto the NFC, starting with the infamous and historic NFC East Austin Lone Stars (Dallas Cowboys): As spoiled by my placement of the San Antonio Commanders with Houston, Dallas' affiliate will play in the state capital of Austin. Obviously the name references the state's nickname as the Lone Star State, but also refers to the Cowboys' famous Lone Star logo. I made some adjustments to said logo to make it different and pop. In addition, the logo reflects the seal of the state of Texas with obvious word replacements. They will play in Austin FC's new stadium when it opens in 2021 as DKRMS is far too big for the team. Connecticut Blues (New York Giants): I knew from the beginning it made sense for the Giants' affiliate to play in Connecticut, but it was very difficult to decide on a city and narrowed it down to Bridgeport, Hartford, and New Haven. I ultimately went with New Haven over Bridgeport and Hartford because of the existing (and famous) Yale Bowl available for use and proximity, respectively. The team name is in reference to the Giants' nickname as "Big Blue" and the logo is meant to resemble the Giants' primary logo styling, but a bit sharper. Trenton Liberty (Philadelphia Eagles): It was difficult to decide on a location for the Eagles' affiliate (namely whether to put them in South Jersey or Pennsylvania, since they have major fan support in both locations. I ultimately chose New Jersey's state capital of Trenton due to its population and proximity to Philly. The location in NJ can also possibly lure undecided fans to the Eagles (instead of their rival Giants, who also have fans in South Jersey). The team name obviously references the famous liberty bell and the logo features it as well. However, the shape of the logo and design are actually meant to reflect that of the old Veterans Stadium's bell and logo. Despite choosing Trenton as their city, they will play in the suburb of Princeton, where Princeton University's Tiger Stadium is readily available. Virginia Powhatans (Washington Redskins): After putting the Ravens' affiliate in Maryland, I elected to put the Skins' affiliate in Richmond, one of the larger cities in America without a sports team whatsoever. The Powhatans name honors the famous tribe synonymous with the area (in also an attempt of goodwill considering the parent clubs' racist existing name) and the logo features a similar logo to the Skins but features a P in the classic style of the team. The stadium must be Robins Stadium at the University of Richmond, although expansion by a few thousand seats could be in place. NFC North up next! Hope you like these!
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    This is definitely not true. The Orioles have yet to wear their black alts this year, and have worn the orange alt at both home and the road so far, on Saturdays. IGNORE, am idiot.
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    Houston really needs to wear those pajama kits, and soon. 90s nostalgia is definitely in, and Nike would make a killing re-selling those old jerseys.
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    It looks like they were trying to go for what Texas Tech has with the Guns Up on the pants, but then decided the Tech pants were too subtle.
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    Don't search "Auburn gymnast"
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    Team handball isn't just in the Olympics, I watch the Euro and World Championships online. I loved WWF in the 80's and 90's but didn't like the "extreme" route it went. Add to my list indoor/arena football. Normally I like altered major sports, but the short field is too weird for me.
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    I can dig it. Looks like next time I head to my old stomping grounds some retailer's gonna be getting some $ outta me. (Which is all good, because there's no sales tax on clothing in PA...) I could really go in and pick that Cathedral font apart (I wonder if that's the actual name of it), but I'll leave that for either @MEANS's or @andrewharrington's far more discerning eyeballs to do; for now I'll just say l like what they were going for but they can stand to be thinned out a good bit. Overall, I love that now all of Pitt athletics is under a unified brand. It'll be interesting to see how quick and how much this look makes it out onto the streets next time I'm up there.
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    As I posted in the other thread, I wish Pitt had returned to the actual mustard yellow.
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    You can do a whole set based off this template and would sell like hotcakes! Absolute
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    The Astros wore the all blue hats again, this time ditching the orange crown and blue bill hat. As of right now they are a one hat team.
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    Staying in Bloomington, we now head over to the more successful school in town, the Jefferson Jaguars. Thomas Jefferson High School Nickname: Eagles Enrollment: 1,679 Rival(s): Kennedy Class: AA State Titles: 5 (1981, 1989, 1992, 1993, 1994) State Tournament Appearances: 16 (1980, 1981, 1982, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2005) Home: Jefferson's current home is actually really good, I like it a lot, but I wanted to make them closer to their classic jerseys. I left the sleeve stripes the same and moved that stripe to the hem and removed shoulder striping. It is a pretty basic jersey, but I think it fits this historic team well. I left the classic jaguars script on the front and the jaguar head logo on the shoulders from their new jerseys. Away: The away jersey is a Columbia blue version of the home, I love how the Jaguars essentially own this color in the state, so there was no way I would ever change it. My ideal version is essentially the same as their current away except with the jaguar head logo on the shoulders and the sleeve stripes no longer extend to the cuffs. Alternate: The alternate is a throwback to what the Jags wore in the 80s and 90s, including the back to back to back state titles in 92, 93, and 94. I made it white so that they could wear it at home. Next up will be the Chanhassen Storm. Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
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    Pitt Returns to Retro Color Scheme, Reveals New Secondary Logo April 7, 2019 - 21:40 PM “Respect the past, represent the future.” The Pittsburgh Panthers on Sunday afternoon announced the return of its retro color scheme and introduced a new secondary logo, as well as new uniforms and number font for all 18 athletic programs. Represent […] Read More...
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    When I was a kid, I always thought The Notre Dame "Fighting Irish" logo, Was The logo for The Boston Celtics.
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    ┻┳| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| _ ┻┳| •.•) you don't have to watch all the games ┳┻|⊂ノ ┻┳|
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    I'm sure a big part of this is just the simple fact that I'm not a golf fan, but I really wish someone who was could explain to me the Tiger Woods thing. I watch ESPN and whenever some golf event is coming up, the gasbags that get paid to talk about it can barely contain their chubbies over the idea the Tiger could win again. I just don't get it... Why is it so important to everyone that this one guy win? I try to picture what it would be like if other sports we're covered like this... If they picked some team that used to be good but isn't now (say, the Detroit Pistons) and just openly rooted for them. To the point that they really just ignored every other team. From the standpoint of somebody who's really only marginally interested at best, it's bizzare. And the funniest part is, he never wins, and me, the non- golf fan seems to be the only one who isn't surprised. So they talk a bit about whatever faceless clone did win, they get back to how close Tiger was, and how he really seems to be putting it together. Then a month later, the whole senario plays out again verbatim. I don't know, maybe this is something that gets discussed a lot in golf circles, or I'm stepping into a mine field of stuff I'm unaware of. But from the distance of someone who has never cared one way or another, it's confusing.
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    So here’s the first double post with teams doing small tweaks. Just a reminder, there’s no flat mock-up, just the player models. I feel like the teams that get this type of treatment don’t have big enough changes that they’d require a flat mock-up. Leading off... Green Bay Packers Obviously no major changes, just some cleanups I think were needed. I’ll go through the primary pieces first, leaving the alternate until the end. Helmet: No changes Jerseys: Both home and road drop the collar stripes, just for simplicity’s sake. On the road jerseys, there’s no more white in between the green and gold stripes. It doesn’t serve a purpose and causes the gold stripe to look blurry at any distance, so it’s dropped here. It’s something that was consistent through the whole uniform set: gold and white always have green separating them. Pants: No changes. No white pants, no green pants, just the classic gold. Anything else is just unnecessary. Socks: That’s right, we’re talkin’ bout socks. Two pairs! Green and white with stripes matching the jerseys. Stand Alone Alternate: A fauxback, really. I took the solid green set from the 50s and applied it to the modern template, recoloring the primary set, essentially creating a Color Rush uniform. It’s a slightly different shade of green than the primaries use from the jerseys to the socks with gold numbers and stripes—no white. The helmet is also stripped of white, gold replacing anywhere it was on the primary helmet. Combinations: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out, but there’s just three. Home is green over gold with green socks, road is white over gold with white socks, and the alternate is the fauxback solid green Color Rush. So that’s the first team, now onto team two of this post: Chicago Bears Again, some simple cleanups. To someone who only pays casual attention, they might not even notice it. Helmet: The general idea is kept the same, but the wishbone C loses the white outline. Jerseys: Keeping in the theme set by the helmet, the jerseys drop all outlines. The navy jerseys have white numbers and three orange stripe. No number outlines, no outlines on the stripes. The white jerseys’ only change is the dropping of the number outlines and the orange jersey is a color swap of the navy. I thought about using navy numbers on the orange jersey as a fauxback, but in the end I went with white for better legibility. Pants: No changes. Combinations: Primarily navy/white at home and white/navy on the road, but all white is a good look I’d like to see them use in Green Bay and maybe against some other old school teams. The orange jerseys work with either pair of pants in my opinion, but I’d favor the white pants over the navy, though both can be worn. Socks always contrast the pants, so the current socks are kept, with the navy socks being updated to match the jersey stripes. And that’s the second team of the post. Any thoughts on the uniforms for either team? I know the tweaks were small, but were they good/bad/insignificant?
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    Keep the helmet navy.. too many white lids in the league, and the white prototype looked cheap imo make the battle red jersey primary, also go back to red socks any time navy pants are worn (blue socks w/ white pants would be fine still) never change the number font - it's my favorite font.
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    It's been a while since I've finished something worth sharing, but here's a City Edition uniform concept for the Houston Rockets. This actually came together when I was discussing scrapped concept ideas with @Tore, so much thanks to him for the suggestions and encouragement to finish the full concept! The Rockets' City Edition uniforms each of the past two years have been a bit underwhelming -- this season's at least has a bit more character and deviation from their Icon Edition uniforms, and I understand it from a marketing perspective, but I think it's time to move on and start fresh. (For what it's worth, here's one of my previous takes on a Houston Rockets City Edition concept -- the jersey looks really orange on my screen right now, but I swear it was originally red.) Considering Houston's status as "Space City" as well as their Rockets nickname, the inspiration behind this concept comes from a NASA space suit prototype for the upcoming mid-2030s Mars missions. (Here's an article describing the space suit prototype in detail -- I found it really fascinating.) I'm typically not a fan of logos replacing wordmarks, but it makes a bit more sense in context here. The overall design of the uniform takes cues from the Cavaliers' Statement Edition uniforms, and I originally had subtle horizontal pinstripes on the entire uniform as a nod to both the space suit prototype's material and the team's '90s pinstriped uniforms. It felt like a bit too much, though, especially on a base uniform color comparable only to that of the Dallas Mavericks' early 2000s trash bag uniforms. The logos and numerals incorporate a brighter shade of red along with the shade of crimson from the team's City Edition uniforms - per @Tore's suggestion - to create a bit of a glow effect as seen on the space suit prototype. The side panels mirror those of the space suit prototype as well, and all other details remain simple with sharp hits of black and red similar to the team's old gray uniforms. As always, thoughts, suggestions, comments, and criticisms are very welcomed! Thanks for looking! Houston Rockets City Edition Uniform Concept
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    Jacqueline Onassis High First Ladies
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    WWE just released the logo and location for Wrestlemania 36 in Tampa.
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    It’s kinda wonky that the WWE logo is perfectly squared up on a flag that is billowing in the breeze, but otherwise, that’s one of the best WM logos ever. I can’t wait to see what they do with the set next year.
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    Interesting. Can't say as I recall a WM logo that gives such a big, overt nod to the football team that plays in the stadium they're hosting it in. They have done placeholder logos before for the initial announcements, though, so I wouldn't be surprised if this changes to something else as we get closer to next April.
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    This next concept just kind of came together as I was looking up something on Basketball Reference while tinkering with a few parts of the template. More specifically, I came across Drazen Petrovic's name while I was working on connecting armhole trim to side panel trim and experimenting with two-tone materials/textures. For those unfamiliar Petrovic, he was a star shooting guard overseas in the '80s before a career in the NBA with the Blazers and Nets. An efficient scorer and one of the first truly great 3-point shooters, he was just beginning to reach his prime when he tragically passed away in a car accident at 28. He was inducted into both the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame as well as the FIBA Hall of Fame and is regarded as one of the figureheads responsible for helping popularize NBA basketball throughout Europe. Anyways, I thought it would be cool to create a City Edition uniform concept in his honor. The uniform design follows the general template of the Nets' Association and Icon Edition uniforms -- consistent trim around the collar armholes, along the jersey and shorts side panels, and around the bottoms of the shorts legs, with a centered wordmark and numerals. The color palette is a nod to both the '90s Nets uniforms in which Petrovic played as well as the colors of his native Croatia's flag; the trim pattern is designed as a nod to the flag's striping. The white base of the jersey contains a subtle checkerboard pattern as another nod to the Croatian flag. The wordmark and numerals remain the same as the ones on his home white Nets' jerseys. It's a clean, simple design that adds bits of familiar color to the Nets' palette while subtly paying tribute to the life, career, and legacy of Drazen Petrovic. Thanks for looking -- any and all comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated! Brooklyn Nets City Edition Uniform Concept
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    TAMPA BAY CANNONS (former Texas Rangers) - Yeahmanthat'sFortBrookedangumSlateandScarlet, tellyawhat! Tampa Bay Sweepstakes Intro The next franchise in the lineup was the Texas Rangers. By 1988, the problems inherent in the glorified minor-league venue Turnpike/Arlington Stadium had become all too apparent. It's rinky-dink, built-on-speculation (and poorly expanded upon) construction provided little-to-no shade in the hot & humid Texas summers. The history of crummy ownership and poor play did not help matters (UrinatingTree provides the details here). Majority owner Eddie Chiles had fallen on hard times and ill health (Frank Morsani recalls being told that Chiles had Alzheimer's in Stadium for Rent and To Be Frank), which prompted him to sell the club. Morsani and the TBBG saw the perfect opportunity to get that team for the Tampa stadium.1 The TBBG (namely, Morsani and Bill Mack) hashed out a contract to buy Chiles' stake for $85 million, one which looked promising. Once again, the deal fell through due to complications from minority owners. Ed Gaylord, who owned 33% of the team, triggered his option to take a majority stake. While the other baseball owners (especially Jerry Reinsdorf) rejected it (due to Gaylord owning superstation KTVT), it scuttled Morsani & co.'s deal. The deal probably would have been rejected anyway, since Dallas/Ft. Worth is too valuable a market to lose, even though Morsani hinted at spurring on an expansion team to replace the Rangers.2 Meanwhile, AL President Bobby Brown (originally from Texas) and exiting Baseball Commissioner Peter Ueberroth helped to assemble a new ownership group headed by George W. Bush, Rusty Rose and Richard Rainwater. Said group swept in and bought the team for $79.3 million, leaving Morsani out in the cold again and further up financial fecal creek (having spent $500,000 on attorneys for the sale). This would spell the end of the Al Lopez Field site project.3 The Rangers would get a taxpayer-funded stadium to replace the glorified bowl of bleachers. but that's a rant for another day. TL;DR: Rusty Shackleford as Frank Morsani, Puff-Puff as Ed Gaylor, and the falling cigarettes as the Bush/Rose/Rainwater ownership group.4 However, what if either deal went through, and the Rangers moved to Tampa? How would their identity adapt to the Gulf Coast? Unlike "Twins" (which kind of works), "Rangers" really doesn't sound right in Tampa Bay. I wanted a name that kept with similar themes to the Rangers' identity, so I looked to the Rays' 2008 rebrand ideas for inspiration (citation in link). The name "Cannons" stood out, as it fit with the history of the region. The Tampa Bay area's growth started around the US Army outpost Fort Brooke, where it served as a valuable outpost in the Seminole Wars and the Civil War (for the Confederates - hey, the actual Texas Rangers have done questionable stuff as well). Heck, cannons from the fort remain on the University of Tampa campus: It seemed like a local identity that would keep the ethos of the Rangers' moniker intact.5 I imported the slate blue from the Project 32 Rangers concept, alongside scarlet and gold. I carried over the Caniste Semibold from my Florida White Sox concept as the central font. The primary features a baseball roundel with the insignia in front of a diamond and crossed cannons. The insignia is the secondary, while a roundel with the crossed cannons is the tertiary. The home and road set go for a slate/scarlet co-dominant look (a la the 1972-82 Rangers), while also featuring red-billed caps (like the 1972-85 headwear). Thick sleeve and pants trim appears here, so that the set uses the whole color scheme. The socks use a similar pattern. Caniste numbers also appear here, as a display font felt more appropriate for an expansion team (rather than an Original 16 club like the White Sox) and the more modern arching style. The NOB's are one-color, for legibility. I also put the primary on the sleeves. The alternates include both scarlet and slate blue jerseys, with the blue shirt using the tertiary as a patch and the "Tampa Bay" wordmark (road wordmarks at home being a Rangers-esque touch). The second set of alternates features a red-crowned cap, along with matching belts, undershirts, and socks. I didn't want to pair them with the red jersey, for fear of it being too much red. The fauxback is my attempt to produce a 1963-67 Washington Senators-style jersey, albeit with the Cannons' name and color scheme. The cap logo comes from the Tarpons/Twins, with a few adjustments to bring it closer to the original Curly W. I re-used the font from my Sens MK II concept, for that extra touch of accuracy. The jacket continues the co-dominant color scheme theme, with red sleeves and gold shoulder trim. While the Rangers' name really wouldn't work in Tampa Bay, one could keep the spirit of it intact for the new locale. It also allows me to continue my theme of "what the Rays should have done in 1998 or 2008," building an identity with a more local flare. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, Morsani makes a final stand with TWO proposals for 1993 NL expansion teams. Here's a hint: one has a NHL name and the other has a MLS/NASL moniker. 1 Andrew Clem, “Clem’s Baseball ~ Arlington Stadium,” Clem’s Baseball, December 1, 2018, http://www.andrewclem.com/Baseball/ArlingtonStadium.html; Bob Andelman and Lori Parsells, Stadium For Rent: Tampa Bay’s Quest for Major League Baseball, 2nd edition (St. Petersburg, FL: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2015), 55-57; Frank Morsani and Dave Scheiber, To Be Frank: Building the American Dream in Business and Life (Tampa, FL: BlackWood Books, 2015), 130-35. 2 Andelman and Parsells, Stadium For Rent, 58-59; Morsani and Dave Scheiber, To Be Frank, 133-36. 3 Clem, “Clem’s Baseball ~ Arlington Stadium,” Morsani and Dave Scheiber, To Be Frank, 131-136. 4 Author's note: King of the Hill never really specified whether or not Arlen was Rangers or Astros territory. I'd guess Rangers, if only because of Hank's derision at Boomhauer being a Texans fan. 5 Jonah Keri, “Chapter 7: The Exorcism,” in The Extra 2%: How Wall Street Strategies Took a Major League Baseball Team from Worst to First (Bristol, CT: ESPN Books, 2011), 134; “The Establishment of Fort Brooke — FlaHQ 31:273‑278 (1953),” University of Chicago, accessed December 11, 2018, http://penelope.uchicago.edu/Thayer/E/Gazetteer/Places/America/United_States/Florida/_Texts/FlaHQ/31/The_Establishment_of_Fort_Brooke*.html; “Ft. Brooke Cannon - History of Tampa, Florida - Wikipedia,” accessed December 11, 2018, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Tampa,_Florida#/media/File:Ft._Brooke_Cannon.jpg; “Fort Brooke - FortWiki Historic U.S. and Canadian Forts,” accessed December 10, 2018, http://www.fortwiki.com/Fort_Brooke.
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    im going to go off of my own grading scale here A- Vikings B- Lions D Dolphins D Titans D Seahawks D- Jaguars F Browns F Buccs Edit for Titans.
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