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    The helmet just feels incomplete or unfinished. The 90's logo would have been perfect. Adding the jet to the new wordmark or helmet logo would have helped.
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    What kind of philistine are you? No one with half a brain eats the pizza from [LOCAL PIZZA PLACE THAT I FREQUENT THAT MAKES THE STYLE OF PIZZA I HAVE GROWN TO PREFER]. You need to venture out of [TOURIST TRAP NEIGHBORHOOD THAT DOESN'T HAVE ANYTHING AUTHENTIC ANYMORE]!
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    Are we all forgetting that Teal was right on everything in the NBA? He leaked jackets that were true (albeit with a misspelling, lol). He leaked that the Bucks city jersey will be yellow before anyone else did, which was true. IIRC, he also told us about Earned uniforms (basically, that a fifth line exists and will only be given to teams who made the playoffs) first - which was true. He said the Barcelona away uniforms for 2020 will be yellow - unless FH and a bunch of other people are wrong too (he put the news out before any “trusted” soccer leaks site did) - true. Also, someone posted a picture a while back on the retail description of the green jersey. While the name given by the Jets is “Gotham Green”, the name given by the listing? Sport Green - the exact name Teal called. If I had to guess, either he or his “source” (probably a friend) got a job in Nike sports retail/distribution (he’s only ever leaked Nike designs). It would explain how he’s not having direct details on design, but has colors relatively correct. There’s probably a “coming soon” where the picture of the product should be (ironically, to prevent employees from leaking things), but it still lists the colors to the side.
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    well with that logic, everyone always has a football on their uniforms:
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    The large wordmark on the upper jersey looks great in college IMO. Probably because I'm used to it, but Oklahoma and Michigan State wouldn't look right without it. I was also kind of ok with it for the Browns... As a city pride one-of-a-kind thing, but I definitely don't want to see it become a common thing in the NFL.
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    Honestly, the only thing bugging me about the Pitt redesign is that the helmet and pants stripes have different outline widths. The helmet stripe outline should be a bit thicker to match. Otherwise, really nice redesign.
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    Sure will be. Ebersol, Polian, and Dundon deserve each other, but the players deserved so much better than this league.
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    I've been a member of the boards for over 13 years and finally felt it was time to contribute my first concept. I've enjoyed checking out everyone's contributions over the years so I'm thankful for all your work. I downloaded the template from a Google search so thank you to whoever created it, if you're out there! Not a whole lot of risks taken with this but it's what I am expecting (and REALLY hoping) to see the Bears roll out on June 7 at the 100th Anniversary Celebration. It pays homage (and is a proper throwback) to the Bears of the mid-30's led by Bronko Nagurski. We've seen about everything they could possibly do with a navy or orange throwback so I wanted to go with white. Odds are good that they'll wear the 100th anniversary jersey in the opener against Green Bay so it would make sense to wear white as they've done so in a few openers over the last decade or so. (I am not a huge fan of the leotard pant look but thought it worked with the extra-stripey striped socks.) Here we go...
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    Apparently, it's Tommy and Susie that can't be left alone.
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    WHY DO PEOPLE WANT THESE LEAGUES TO FAIL??????? It's absolutely stupid. At worst, a league's success is innocuous. At best, it provides an entertaining alternative or supplement for whatever else is out there, and maybe another avenue for players to catch a break. The way people salivate at the demise of these leagues is stupid.
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    That’s what makes this frustrating as heck: his info is *practically correct* in the sense that you could have “leaked” that the Jags were going back to an all black helmet a year ago and end up being proven “correct.” It isn’t substantial enough to pin him as some kind of NFL insider leak god or even to demonstrate that the information was actually worth knowing at the time, though it’s just enough for him to be able to run the damn bases when he gets back. *sigh* It’s just a much safer iteration of Dan Parker’s JUST LIKE OREGON!! tactics. I suppose I’m just in denial that someone with such sophomoric posting habits as his could be anywhere near the position to be able to know and leak precious, top secret information about NFL uniforms. I’d sooner expect him to be in the position to leak such info like that Tommy and Susie got to second base in an empty classroom while everyone else was at lunch. I can’t be alone here.
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    Yikes. I most definitely am. I went back and added the DON'T because I DON'T.
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    1. In the mid-90's part of my job was covering the AAA Syracuse Chiefs. That meant I got to sit in the press box, eat free food, and watch baseball. I was astonished by how many media people complained about having to do the same thing I was doing. They bitched and moaned every single night. I thought that maybe they hated it because it was AAA baseball, it's a long season, there isn't much fan interest, etc." Nope. Turns out a lot of media people who have to go to games don't like their jobs. After my first season of covering the Chiefs, I started covering Syracuse University Football and basketball. Now we're talking covering D-1 football (and the team was pretty good back then) and a top tier college basketball program. Working at the Carrier Dome meant a much nicer press box and way better free food. For basketball games, I had a court side seat. You'd think anyone getting paid to do that job would be thrilled, but the media people bitched and moaned almost as much as they did at the Chiefs games. To this day, I don't get how these people can be so miserable doing a job that most every sports fan would be thrilled with. We were getting paid (and fed) to watch sports. My guess is the folks working at the factory down the road would have traded places with us in a heartbeat. Anyway, the point of that long-winded reply was to simply say that I also hate that sentiment. 2. I feel the same way about baseball. And yeah, it's a good thing.
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    1. Vikings -- The clear class of the group. 2. Lions -- It has some issues, but overall the look has grown on me, and is worthy of a classic franchise. 3. Dolphins -- I actually liked the original redesign, and the fixes only made them better. Still, there should be more orange. 4. Jets -- This is less about loving the new uniforms and more about how underwhelming/bad the other options are. 5. Jaguars 2.0 -- Boring, but they work. 6. Browns -- They've got plenty of problems, but they're close to actually being good. 7. Seahawks -- A compelling mess of a uniform. The basic idea is interesting, and there are strong elements (I love the sleeves), but the design overall is so inconsistent and feels so haphazard that the whole look is ruined. 8. Bucs -- Terrible all around. 9. Jaguars 1.0 -- A bad uniform in its own right, but that helmet. Woof. 10. Titans -- A complete culmination of awful ideas thrown together to make one of the worst uniforms in sports history. I absolutely hate the terms amateurish/arena league when describing uniforms. The Titans are the only NFL uniforms that I’m willing to describe that way. The stupid sword shoulders are almost as bad as the Jaguars helmet was.
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    If there is one thing I think would make that set a home run would for the team to "adopt" the current Virginia Tech jersey that has the modified stripe pattern. They can have the collar remain green (or black if they wanted to tie in sets together) and the stripes on either side of the collar would be white (on green set), green (on white set) and green (on black set). Then just do something with the stripe. But I can still live with what was given. This would then allow them to also put their new New York Jets in and oval logo on the chest as on the previous set or just a NY in oval.
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    The Arena League once again making the phrase "Those are horrible, they look like Arena League uniforms" relevant for another generation. If ever there was a single league which epitomized an ongoing commitment to butt ugly uniforms it is the AFL. Zubaz anyone?
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    I’m not in the camp wanting Carolina wearing black helmets, and don’t think I’ll ever be. I haven’t seen a single concept yet that’s made that idea work, in my opinion. Especially not with the logo as-is. I feel like when Carolina wears the right combinations, all the colors are balanced out really well. Sure you could maybe tweak a few parts of the uniform here or there if you wanted, but that’s really all they should do. I think they’ve got a better thing going for them than they’re given credit for and I’d really hate to see them muck it up. Anything can happen, and they may prove me wrong, but I just see too much potential for them to go Titans level bad on a redesign and we’ll be looking for that “S#!+ GO BACK” button to mash.
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    I think the new number font would go really well with the Baltimore Ravens’ identity.
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    I am now going to use this post as an excuse to share a criminally underrated Blondie song (including a video in which Debbie Harry manages to make an orange jumpsuit look good) . . .
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    Where did he say this? New colors could be major (though my guess is merely a slight hue change of the blue). I agree with a few others that the "Sport Green" thing is strong evidence that Teal at least has access to something. Likely placeholder text in some kind of Nike document, but that would be enough to confirm something like an upcoming color change.
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    If any of this is true, his friend better keep his resume ready.
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    I was able to attend the Final Four for the first time... ...it was a blast. All three games were great as well as the fans from all four schools.
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    If early returns are accurate, the Indians will likely have a red primary home jersey and a navy primary road jersey, with white and grey alternates. I'm on the fence about a lot of the Tribe's changes for this year. Red jersey is neat and a change of pace, but something just feels off about it. That was weird to me, because the mid-'70s red jerseys may be my favorite in the club history, at least when worn with white pants. I think I finally figured it out this weekend. Overall, that set had great color balance moving from one element to the other. There's a solid amount of navy on the jersey to tie in with the cap, but white is the main secondary color on the jersey. That definitely eases the transition into the white pants, as seen below. Contrast that to the Indians' new red jerseys, where there's very little white until you get to the pants, which creates a little more jarring of a shift: I'm not really sure that white lettering on this jersey style would be an improvement anyway -- it would probably be too white-heavy in that world -- but I think that's what's been bugging me. Other Indians thoughts: I think the block C at home looks better than Wahoo ever did I miss the red undershirts, belts, socks, etc. on the home jersey, though, which feels a little dull now Tribe should wear the red-billed hat on the road and make the lettering red, outlined in white, not the other way around New blue jersey is awful; it's both plain and doesn't match the cap
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    The 3 lottery winners got leaked and posted on Twitter 20 minutes before the winners were announced. Only the NHL would manage to let this happen.
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    Because Color Rush is expressly limited to the team’s actual palette, either now or in the past. And the Texans don’t have powder blue in their history.
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    Are you missing a 'don't' in that statement (where I added it in bold)?
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    I just came up with an "edgy" 90s name for the Crows mascot: Murder
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    Debbie Harry could make even the Jets uniforms look good! Heyo!... (Sorry...)
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    2019 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, Round 1:
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    Looking around, a red helmet would be interesting, not with this red mask but maybe blue.
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    I believe Bucs may be the only other one
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    The past few years, it has been Black for Friday, and Orange for Saturday, both at home, and on the road.
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    If that is Tommy who used to work on the docks, somebody needs to tell Gina.
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    I'm not on here near as much as used to be, but damn Teal must've ruffled feathers in the past few years.
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    1 - I had him on ignore long before this happened 2 - I don't go into the NBA thread since it doesn't mean anything to me 3 - So to answer your question, I can't forget what I don't know The reason I put together the quotes that I did was to show what he said, and have people objectively look at it. I don't think he said anything that was out and out wrong, but also don't think he said anything that was 'proof' of insider information. I'll continue to ignore him as his 'won't be long now' far outweighs any good he would bring me by reading his posts.
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    Yeah, maybe these guys work out, maybe they don't. Still interesting to see what happens with these players down the line.
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    Talking Stick Resort Arena
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    Is that the same Tommy that used to work on the docks? But no, you're not alone. Especially after the 2018 NFL uniform releases and the constant "any new info?" and "not long now" posts.
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    I can live with the color switch, even though it's not my favorite. I wish they kept the sleeve stripes from the now previous uniforms though .
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    This is from Vegas’s new “membership group?” Maybe that logo will provide a hint for the future third jersey?
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    White helmets - 5 - Chargers, Colts, Dolphins, Bills, Cardinals. Navy helmets - 6 - Rams, Bears, Broncos, Texans, Titans, Seahawks.
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    Interesting, as the colors aren't the problem with this uniform. At all. If I had to guess, they may go to a more North Carolina "University" or "Valor" Blue, as Nike calls it. Perhaps tweaking the Silver to Grey or Anthracite. I'd be shocked if they got rid of Black, but geeze, what to? White only? Navy, like UNC? The Panthers have a great, unique color set...shame if this is messed with. Update the logo & uniform fine, but changing the colors seems pointless and headed for disaster.
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    But this is the AAF thread. They're relevant to this thread. That's why he wouldn't post about some other signing for a non-AAF player.
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    Count me in the group that loved the Orange shorts. Blue socks would've look better, but when it's orange out day I get why they wore the orange socks. Are MLS teams allowed to mix and match like the NFL? I'd love to see the orange shorts with the white shirt and white socks on the road to infuse some color into that ultra plain set. I'd love to see them wear the orange socks with the blue shirt and shorts. That would look sharp. It seems like the league is pushing the white clash kits, but an orange clash shirt next season would be cool with me.
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    They're bad, but they're not this bad. Their pythagorean W/L is 3-6. They can't seem to get a hit with RISP, they can't get an out with RISP. Everyone was cold at the plate for 7 games, but the pitching was holding teams to 1 and 2 runs. Now they're hitting and the pitching drifted back to normal. They were supposed to be competitive this year, a .500 team, playoff contenders if everything went right. Nothing's gone right and they'll end up chasing this slow start the rest of the season. Play .500 ball from here and they'll still be selling their big offseason pickups at the deadline. Season's effectively over ten games in and it's one of the biggest letdowns I can remember. They're now buried in a tough division. I'm gonna take up woodworking or learn to play guitar. Sports are only for people from Boston and Pittsburgh, for some reason. EDIT: Also Chris Archer is one of the biggest hotdogs on a pitching mound, yet a guy he's previously shown up with some strike out dance antics admires his home run and Archer gets bent out of shape about it. Eat a fart.
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    glad you brought this up, because i found something over the weekend that was interesting. on nike's website, here's the listing for the jets jerseys: note what i circled. not stumping for teal for anything, because i don't know the guy from a hole in the wall, but it seems like he was working with, at the very least, some inside information. it also probably shows where he is getting that info (from some link in the retail supply chain).
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    ^And there’s even been some condiment mixing:
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