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    Thanks, guys! Thanks! Moving to Puerto Rico, at face value, seemed like a good idea. However, the 44 home games that the Expos played in San Juan were an effective argument against the proposal. Speaking of which, I found some video from one of the San Juan games. Understandably, MLB's YouTube page doesn't pay much attention to this little "experiment" from '03-'04. Thank you! Yeah, Montréal was just not going to survive all that the separatists, MLB/Loria, the Canadian recession (which also claimed the Grizzlies), and a few poor ownership groups did to the market. I thought about that, but the Clarendon-style "J" just looked awkward with the extra-condensed "S." Anyway, let's finally get to the other Latin American team! MONTERREY SULTANES - Mountain of Madness The next of the “pipe dream” locations was south of the border, down Monterrey way. Monterrey was one of the sites originally considered for the Expos’ 22 “home” games in 2003, as they had one of the most major league-ready stadiums at the time (the 27,000 seat Monterrey Stadium/Estadio de Béisbol Monterrey, which would be expanded to 30,000 upon a team’s permanent arrival). However, the choice of San Juan didn’t dissuade Monterrey from making an official bid for the Expos in 2003.1 Carlos Bremer led a group of other Mexican businessmen to purchase the Expos and relocate them to Monterrey. They argued that they had the best stadium in Latin America and that team in Mexico would be good for baseball. The city had a population of about 4 million people, a decent economic status and elevation (0..54 kilometers/1,772 feet., which is relatively close to Arizona's 0.32 kilometers/1,059 feet), and was close enough to the Texas teams to get some consideration (unlike the travel and elevation nightmare known as La Ciudad de México). Ultimately, MLB passed on Monterrey. Why? (Estadio de Béisbol Monterrey, with the Cerro de la Silla in the background.) Moving to Monterrey, both in 2003/2004 and today would be a terrible idea for several reasons. Travel, while not as bad as some distances (e.g., Seattle to St. Petersburg at 5112.89 km/3177 miles - Seattle-Monterrey is 3,762 km/2,337.6 miles and St. Petersburg-Monterrey is 2,345.62 km/1,457.5 miles.), would not be ideal when compared to locations like DC, Portland, Las Vegas, and New Jersey/Connecticut. If the exchange rate was proving a problem for the Blue Jays and Expos with the Canadian Dollar, imagine the issues it would create for the Peso. The team would have to be a lower-budget operation and could struggle with luring free agents. Security would also be a difficulty, due to the cartels and their activity in northern Mexico. Said difficulties would likely turn away many free agents and draftees signing contracts. Despite what many have claimed over the years, expansion to Mexico would prove to be a boondoggle of the highest order. But what if MLB had a brain fart and decided that “growing the game” would be a brilliant idea? I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to “promote” the traditional name of Monterrey’s baseball teams, the Sultanes (Sultans). Kelly and red are the new colors, per the Mexican flag and Monterrey’s city crest/flag. I figured it’d be both unique and regionally-appropriate. The primary logo uses a roundel with Batesina Atheltica text (I like the mix of edges and curviness), an image of the Cerro de la Silla (a large mountain within the city), and a simplifed version of the crown from the city’s crest/flag. The secondary is a merger of my Expos’ insignia and the Cerro de la Silla (akin to the current edition of the team), while the tertiary is a cursive script-based version of the primary. Uniforms are similar to the San Juan design, albeit with some modifications to fit with a “kelly and red never touch” approach. The scripts feature green text with red underlines (and white outlines), with Batesina Athletica numbers and Rawlings Block Bold NOB’s. The socks feature white/red/white stripes, while the home and road sleeves/pants have green/white/red trim. The alternates include both red and green jerseys, with the reds featuring a red-crowned cap and red socks. The green shirt includes the insignia and the tertiary on the sleeve. My jacket design features shoulder inserts and green/white/red striping on the trim sections. While moving the team to Monterrey would have been a terrible idea, the ex-Expos could have drawn upon local baseball history for a fantastic identity. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, we’ve got an idea that look sweet on paper but sour in reality. 1 Ronald Blum and AP, “Expos’ Final Four Hardly a Slam Dunk - Northern Va., D.C., Las Vegas, Norfolk Make Cut as Owners Meet,” Houston Chronicle, August 19, 2004, sec. Sports; Paul LaRocco, “Is Major League Baseball in State Just a Field of Dreams?,” Record-Journal, May 14, 2004; Steve Popper, “BASEBALL; Mexican Group Is Latest To Seek to Draw the Expos,” The New York Times, August 5, 2003, sec. Sports, https://www.nytimes.com/2003/08/05/sports/baseball-mexican-group-is-latest-to-seek-to-draw-the-expos.html; Tracy Ringolsby, “Expos: Non in Mon Back Yard - Territorial Threats - Especially Fears by the Yankees - Could Shut out Washington Again,” Rocky Mountain News, April 16, 2004, sec. Sports.
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    2019 NBA Playoffs, Round 1 matchups set:
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    I don’t want to get too excited because it’s only game, but that made no goddamn sense and I can’t believe that just happened. That never happens to us.
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    If the eagles want to use kelly green either change the uniforms completely to kelly green or shut up and deal with the midnight green bad decision from 20 something years ago.
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    I'm honestly not sure it would be better for the cap. The tweet there with Neil Walker shows, in my opinon, how the cap logo can work without the white outline. But yes the white outline is better in most other applications. Would love to see it on the black jersey for starters. This wordmark with the white trim is what I wanna see on the black jerseys...
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    I don’t mind the soccer kits. I think what I don’t like about the WNBA’s method is they have local AND league advertiser on the jerseys. Now with the team logo in the center with no front number it looks awful. Too busy.
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    Forget alternate, I’d make a whole set out of that. Yes please.
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    WHY DO PEOPLE WANT THESE LEAGUES TO FAIL??????? It's absolutely stupid. At worst, a league's success is innocuous. At best, it provides an entertaining alternative or supplement for whatever else is out there, and maybe another avenue for players to catch a break. The way people salivate at the demise of these leagues is stupid.
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    This. It's so much better, especially if they even out the stitching that creates the faux 3-D look. The colors come through better on the spring training cap and it's much less visually cluttered. Something about the normal cap logo just seems haphazard with part of the fish tail disappearing into the center of the M. I also never really understood or came around to liking that rightward lean. Slight purpling effect with the competing blue and red accents. I'd love to see them embrace the fish-only logo going forward with some added blue.
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    I hope these people never win anything of value. Hang your regular season champs banners until the sun explodes.
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    You think blue over gray vs blue over white is better than white/white vs blue/white? Wouldn't it be better visually to just stipulate no color vs color jerseys? If home team is wearing a color jersey, away team wears gray. If home team is wearing a white jersey, away team can wear gray or color jersey. In the end, I just never want to see a blue jersey vs blue jersey game (or any other same color vs same color).
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    Dunkin' Center sounds a lot better to me
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    HUGE step for Sacramento on the MLS front today. City council has approved the term sheet on our stadium plans unanimously and MLS took notice. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.sacbee.com/sports/mls/article229023294.html Do the right thing, Donnie. We’re ready.
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    Here's the updated image:
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    Gosh, who’d a thunk it? Context is important.
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    Since the D-Backs have always used very modern, “sleek”-looking scripts and numbers, it’s pretty cool to see them given a more old school, classic baseball design approach. Great job! I wonder if the home set would look good with a cream/off-white tint.
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    See this is the part I don't get about you. Whether the league succeeds or fails, isn't on the fans who watched or attended. It was football. We enjoyed it while it was here. If it had been more successful maybe it would've survived. It didn't. Also, this wasn't an aaf or XFL decision. It was a "aaf is here today, XFL isn't started yet". This no different than you and others arguing the reason you shouldn't watch the aaf (or XFL in the future) is because the NFL, like it or not, is better. But the NFL isn't on right now. The aaf was. Hence the interest. As for liking or not liking Vince McMahon, it's clear you're already amping up your hatred of the next spring league attempt. Such a sad state you must live in. If you don't like it, don't watch. Don't be a Keyboard Warrior trying to defend other people because something might fail.
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    Jumbo Shrimp, Shuckers, Blue Wahoos to play Seafood Buffet Series April 10, 2019 - 23:29 PM It’s not by accident that three minor league baseball teams in the Double-A Southern League have seafood-themed team names. The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp play on Florida’s Atlantic Coast, while the Pensacola Blue Wahoos and Biloxi Shuckers are situated on the […] Read More...
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    I guess I’m an unreasonable person then. I was born in 1990, so my first memories of John Elway are in that uniform. Any other photos/highlights immediately go to my mind as “early in his career.”
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    Bold playoff predictions: Sixers go out in the second round again Bucks win the East Blazers make the WCF Clippers and Nets each win a game If Steph is injured, the Warriors don't repeat. If he's not, they do No LeBron means I'm less interested that I otherwise would be. And while I think the Nuggets, Blazers and Rockets are all better than they were a year ago, I don't see any of them beating the Warriors. If the Bucks cakewalk to the Finals though, we'll see.
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    They just need to be a color that was used in their history, the Texans franchise never used Columbia/luvya/titan blue, so they wouldn’t be allowed to wear it for a color rush.
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    First off, Chi moving back to Soldier Field would be FANTASTIC. Love your approach, especially the powder blue. In terms of the name, I don't mind them keeping fire, but Municipal is solid. Me, as an English football fan, would take a more "generic" name like Chicago City FC or honestly just Chicago FC. Preference not withstanding, this is a beautiful concept. Hope irl these rumors are true and end up actually happening.
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    Last year, Columbus was an inch away from taking a 3-0 series lead against the team who won the Stanley Cup.
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    106 games in a row winning when up 3 goals. Wow, Columbus!
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    @OldTakesExposed Jackets went from the same old Jackets to this. Awesome.
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    I'm sorry, I know soccer does it, but ads on jerseys are a fooking abomination. It looks so tacky and gross. To me this looks like Texas Capital Bank is playing the Mayo Clinic on some f'ing rec league game. I don't watch soccer very often but when I do I have no idea who the hell is playing because it looks like Mercedes-Benz is playing Toshiba. It's a giant turn-off and I'll stop watching the NFL is they ever do this.
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    Class Action suit filed against the AAF by former Birmingham employee Bill Polian, Jared Allen, former DC mayor Adrian Fenty, JK McKay, Troy Polamalu, Chernin Group, and Founders Fund among the defendants. Charlie Ebersol, not named personally, rather Legendary Field Exhibitions is. The plaintiff is suing because they were not given 60 or more days notice prior to the layoff. Being a single entity, everyone was working for Legendary, thus there were over 100 employees and a 60-day notice is required by law. EDIT: Another class action suit filed. This one against Dundon, Ebersol and Ebersol-formed companies. https://www.cbssports.com/aaf/news/aaf-2019-two-players-sue-league-alleging-they-were-misled-and-defrauded/ Deadspin has the suit at their page. https://deadspin.com/lawsuit-claims-the-aaf-intentionally-misled-and-defraud-1833959393
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    How the flying is fishing a sport? If you can be drunk and 400 pounds and still compete, then it ain't a sport.
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    YES! GET OFF MY ESPN!!! If it's so damn popular get your own channel.
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    WNBA teams operate at a loss, as long as that's not the case in the NBA this shouldn't happen. They should've just put ATL in the center and toss the primary logo. That Liberty jersey reminds me of the MLS jerseys when they all had team wordmarks where sponsor logos are now.
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    I don't think this manufacturer understands how sleeve caps work. Those things are tiny. Does it need to be repeated that those Soul uniforms are a blight on humanity? Yes.
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    ...and one last graphic to close out this thread.
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    Because it devalues the individual game compared to the overall season. A team losing one baseball game doesn't usually matter much because it's 1 of 162. Basketball or hockey it's 1 of 82. Football it's 1 of 16. That 1 of 16 is a much more hyped and important game. Teams go all out to win that single game because how crucial it is to the season baseball might sit some guys against a good opponent just because. You see the intensity of baseball change in the playoffs. How every pitch is scrutinized. Regular season, people could go days barely even following the box scores and it not affecting much.
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    Everyone is gonna have a football on their uniforms this season. womp womp
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    See personally I don't see why there should be any issues with the Texans making this their color rush ( Call it Houston football Classics or some nonsense ) They can bring back some Oiler greats for those games use the current battle red and a more proper version of the columbia blue ( Not Titan Blue which is lighter ) and I think for the most part everyone is satisfied even though i'm sure Adams family will still be pissed.
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    Talking Stick Resort Arena
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    Guaranteed Rate Field
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    UMSL Tritons (at one time called Rivermen and Riverwomen)
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    Really love the Greys and the crest for Nickel City is AMAZING.
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    For Portland, the wordmark is a hard pass. Gives it a lot more of a Brandiose or semi-pro vibe than most of the others in this series, but without it, it’s a solid update to one of the better logos in MLS. However if you really want a version with the name of the city, I’d go roundel.
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    St. Louis is looking more and more likely. I always liked the short lived ACSTL brand and wish it was the look being promoted to the MLS. I wanted this logo to look very European, so I went with an oval. I also thought I'd try a half oval. Let me know your preference.
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    Tri-C unveiled their logo today and I have to say, I really like it.
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