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    There's never a bad time to leave behind a crappy uniform, and return to a significantly better one.
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    This whole throwback faux back discussion sparked an idea. Love the Hawk's silver helmet set but since they can't use an alt helmet, could/should they just do that set with their current darker blue and new logo?
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    Thanks, guys! Thanks! Moving to Puerto Rico, at face value, seemed like a good idea. However, the 44 home games that the Expos played in San Juan were an effective argument against the proposal. Speaking of which, I found some video from one of the San Juan games. Understandably, MLB's YouTube page doesn't pay much attention to this little "experiment" from '03-'04. Thank you! Yeah, Montréal was just not going to survive all that the separatists, MLB/Loria, the Canadian recession (which also claimed the Grizzlies), and a few poor ownership groups did to the market. I thought about that, but the Clarendon-style "J" just looked awkward with the extra-condensed "S." Anyway, let's finally get to the other Latin American team! MONTERREY SULTANES - Mountain of Madness The next of the “pipe dream” locations was south of the border, down Monterrey way. Monterrey was one of the sites originally considered for the Expos’ 22 “home” games in 2003, as they had one of the most major league-ready stadiums at the time (the 27,000 seat Monterrey Stadium/Estadio de Béisbol Monterrey, which would be expanded to 30,000 upon a team’s permanent arrival). However, the choice of San Juan didn’t dissuade Monterrey from making an official bid for the Expos in 2003.1 Carlos Bremer led a group of other Mexican businessmen to purchase the Expos and relocate them to Monterrey. They argued that they had the best stadium in Latin America and that team in Mexico would be good for baseball. The city had a population of about 4 million people, a decent economic status and elevation (0..54 kilometers/1,772 feet., which is relatively close to Arizona's 0.32 kilometers/1,059 feet), and was close enough to the Texas teams to get some consideration (unlike the travel and elevation nightmare known as La Ciudad de México). Ultimately, MLB passed on Monterrey. Why? (Estadio de Béisbol Monterrey, with the Cerro de la Silla in the background.) Moving to Monterrey, both in 2003/2004 and today would be a terrible idea for several reasons. Travel, while not as bad as some distances (e.g., Seattle to St. Petersburg at 5112.89 km/3177 miles - Seattle-Monterrey is 3,762 km/2,337.6 miles and St. Petersburg-Monterrey is 2,345.62 km/1,457.5 miles.), would not be ideal when compared to locations like DC, Portland, Las Vegas, and New Jersey/Connecticut. If the exchange rate was proving a problem for the Blue Jays and Expos with the Canadian Dollar, imagine the issues it would create for the Peso. The team would have to be a lower-budget operation and could struggle with luring free agents. Security would also be a difficulty, due to the cartels and their activity in northern Mexico. Said difficulties would likely turn away many free agents and draftees signing contracts. Despite what many have claimed over the years, expansion to Mexico would prove to be a boondoggle of the highest order. But what if MLB had a brain fart and decided that “growing the game” would be a brilliant idea? I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to “promote” the traditional name of Monterrey’s baseball teams, the Sultanes (Sultans). Kelly and red are the new colors, per the Mexican flag and Monterrey’s city crest/flag. I figured it’d be both unique and regionally-appropriate. The primary logo uses a roundel with Batesina Atheltica text (I like the mix of edges and curviness), an image of the Cerro de la Silla (a large mountain within the city), and a simplifed version of the crown from the city’s crest/flag. The secondary is a merger of my Expos’ insignia and the Cerro de la Silla (akin to the current edition of the team), while the tertiary is a cursive script-based version of the primary. Uniforms are similar to the San Juan design, albeit with some modifications to fit with a “kelly and red never touch” approach. The scripts feature green text with red underlines (and white outlines), with Batesina Athletica numbers and Rawlings Block Bold NOB’s. The socks feature white/red/white stripes, while the home and road sleeves/pants have green/white/red trim. The alternates include both red and green jerseys, with the reds featuring a red-crowned cap and red socks. The green shirt includes the insignia and the tertiary on the sleeve. My jacket design features shoulder inserts and green/white/red striping on the trim sections. While moving the team to Monterrey would have been a terrible idea, the ex-Expos could have drawn upon local baseball history for a fantastic identity. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, we’ve got an idea that look sweet on paper but sour in reality. 1 Ronald Blum and AP, “Expos’ Final Four Hardly a Slam Dunk - Northern Va., D.C., Las Vegas, Norfolk Make Cut as Owners Meet,” Houston Chronicle, August 19, 2004, sec. Sports; Paul LaRocco, “Is Major League Baseball in State Just a Field of Dreams?,” Record-Journal, May 14, 2004; Steve Popper, “BASEBALL; Mexican Group Is Latest To Seek to Draw the Expos,” The New York Times, August 5, 2003, sec. Sports, https://www.nytimes.com/2003/08/05/sports/baseball-mexican-group-is-latest-to-seek-to-draw-the-expos.html; Tracy Ringolsby, “Expos: Non in Mon Back Yard - Territorial Threats - Especially Fears by the Yankees - Could Shut out Washington Again,” Rocky Mountain News, April 16, 2004, sec. Sports.
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    Booooo. Fixed that for you. This change is particularly unfortunate because the Connecticut Tigers are an example of how a minor league team should be named and should be outfitted. They look just like their parent club, and even feature a letter logo in the style of the parent club. Not only do these guys look like professional ballplayers, but any observer could tell at a glance what organistation the team is affiliated with. To dump this classic identity and look for some goofy local kitch is criminal.
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    Since when did we start using other sports asthetics as justification? We really shouldn’t compare different sports because they have different styles. Baseball is super conservative, football is kinda a middle ground between the super liberal basketball ect.
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    Been a while, but with rumors flying about a Chicago Fire rebrand, I thought I'd take a stab:
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    Sidebar - lets use this template for uniform match-ups in 2019. Looks very nice and clean.
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    NL WEST ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS It should go without saying that the biggest problem holding Arizona from having a decent identity is the sheer length of the name. They've tried to fix this by using the abbreviated "D-BACKS" in their sets. The problem is that it just doesn't look right to me. So what I've done here is essentially try to rebuild their identity from scratch. The only hold over is some of the details from the curved snake "D" logo and the snake-head secondary logo. I reworked the details into an "A" shape rather than a "D" and then put it at the front of an "rizona" script that fit the look. The numbers and trim are fairly traditional since the Diamondbacks have hardly ever had a conventional template. In terms of color scheme, I've opted for golden red (truthfully its based on the color of really good Irish tea) and bronze. To off set the warmth in those colors, the away uniform has a mild turquoise tint to it that softens the hard edges of the red and gold. C&C as always. Enjoy!
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    One off jerseys like these shouldn't really count. The uniform should be one where the players have worn them or they were in use for at least a year or two to count.
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    Norwich Nine The modern City of Norwich, Connecticut has its roots in the 1659 settlement of Norwichtown, a village founded upon a plot of land "nine miles square". It was within this nine square mile plot that the community's original 35 settlers - including the Reverend James Fitch, Thomas Leffingwell, and Major John Mason - laid out the Norwichtown Green and established the first center of the community. Norwich Nine not only pays homage to the size of that original plot of land, but has an old-time sound to it that fits with the long history of Connecticut and New England. It conjures up images of ballplayers taking to the diamond in pillbox caps, collared lace-up or shield-front jerseys, baggy pants, and knee-high stockings.
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    I disagree. Having the same name as the parent club is boring and lazy to me. Having a unique branding with a local connection is great if done correctly.
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    Connecticut Cutters rolls off the tongue nicely, and would have a double meaning with the cut fastball, and the Coast Guard cutters. The U.S. Coast Guard Academy is in New London, Connecticut.
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    One day, people will stop getting opportunities based solely on their last name. LOL, I know.
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    2019 NBA Playoffs, Round 1 matchups set:
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    I think the cap logo looks great even with all the black. Sue me.
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    Full disclosure: Outside keeping an eye on the standings, I don’t pay much attention to the regular season, but I love playoff hockey - so much so that as I’m typing this I’m watching Vegas - San Jose, two teams I don’t like all that much. Anyway, I had zero hope for the Jackets going into this series. None. I thought getting a win in the series was about the best I could hope for. Tampa absolutely owned the Jackets in the regular season. They won all three games by a combined score of 17-3. I was out so I wasn’t able to see the entire game. By the time I got home it was 3-0 Bolts. At that point I was just hoping it didn’t get too embarrassing. Then I watched the Jackets reel off four unanswered goals. I saw it happen and I still can’t believe it. Amazing comeback and a helluva lot of fun. Odds are that the Bolts wake up and make quick work of Columbus and that will be that, but tonight, at least, my team is in this series. Fun game. I love the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
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    I don’t want to get too excited because it’s only game, but that made no goddamn sense and I can’t believe that just happened. That never happens to us.
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    Zach Hyman breaks the seal for Toronto to tie it in the first. Yes, I'm 13 years old.
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    I really like what they’ve done with the Memphis Redbirds
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    If the eagles want to use kelly green either change the uniforms completely to kelly green or shut up and deal with the midnight green bad decision from 20 something years ago.
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    I think there's a little more nuance to these things. Some minor league cities offer themselves up to some truly great, time-tested identities (Buffalo Bisons, San Antonio Missions, Toledo Mud Hens, etc.). But others are just better off adopting the parent club's identity or some sort of spin off. The great thing about the Connecticut Tigers uniforms is that they don't actually say Tigers. You can call them whatever you want and they can still look like this. That said... another f-ing Brandiose rebrand? I really wish they would stick with the Tigers identity.
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    This has to be one of my favorites of the series so far. This could be an excellent interpretation of what the team could have looked like if they existed in the 60’s. I love the brick & copper color scheme, as well as the turquoise-tinted road. Tremendous work!
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    I'm honestly not sure it would be better for the cap. The tweet there with Neil Walker shows, in my opinon, how the cap logo can work without the white outline. But yes the white outline is better in most other applications. Would love to see it on the black jersey for starters. This wordmark with the white trim is what I wanna see on the black jerseys...
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    That looks worse to me (too noisy) but I would need to see actual stitching to know for sure. I also don't think a white outline would solve the logo's flaws. The white negates the blue even more when it should really be emphasized.
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    I should probably clarify my original statement - it's not like I don't watch any hockey during the regular season, I probably watch 2-3 games a month from January through the end of the regular season. I'm just not what one would call a "hardcore" fan during the regular season. I'm somewhere in between "casual fan" and "hardcore fan." Anyway... It's funny that you bring up wishing they could play like this for an entire season. Last night as I was watching the game, I thought "if NHL regular season games were as good NHL playoff games, hockey would be bigger than the NFL."
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    "anyway here's my basbeall concept series i did on paint. first up is the Cleveland Blues C&C pleas"
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    But that *is* Elway’s “right” uniform (though white pants are probably more accurate). Won two Super Bowls in that set.
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    I'd like to see this uniform as their regular classic for next season, but I guess they will receive "The City" jersey. @Conrad. am I right or am I wrong?
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    Playoff hockey is what the sport looks like when it's played in its ideal form, which is why I think hockey fans seem to enjoy their playoffs so much. We watch these guys go 85-90% for 6 months and we wait for 6 months just to see this version of the game. You wish they could play the regular season like this, but they'd all be dead by Thanksgiving.
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    I was so happy to see Dom Luscyczkscycncnnznznznz from The Athletic tweet this and confirmed that I'm not insane. I've been saying this for years, but it's always "oh you're just bitter". YES I AM, but also they're a dirty hockey team who gets away with so much crap because they're the Penguins. Unrelated, Jack Johnson got healthy scratched last night. He was also scratched in the playoffs last year when he was with the Blue Jackets. When Jim Rutherford signed him to a 5 year deal (LOL) last July he said the playoff scratch “wasn’t because of how he was playing.” Was this scratch because of how he's playing, JIMBO?
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    The current set needs the Run TMC wordmark on the front instead of the logo and I'd agree, but as is it's in the bottom tier of looks in the league in my opinion.
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    @JimmyN64 made a solution: It largely depends on what you do after a championship contender period. If it was one title followed by a long stretch of mediocrity, then it makes a bit of sense to change it up. The Buccaneers fall into that category, as do the Jets and Dolphins. The Steelers and Packers did a mixture of trend-chasing and tweaking, while the Niners were pure trend-chasing while fading from the competitive radar.
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    I don’t mind the soccer kits. I think what I don’t like about the WNBA’s method is they have local AND league advertiser on the jerseys. Now with the team logo in the center with no front number it looks awful. Too busy.
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    The only issue with their current set is that they are constantly wearing various dumb alternates rather than the home whites and road blues. That set from the aughts wasn't terrible but the current set is something special IMO.
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    Forget alternate, I’d make a whole set out of that. Yes please.
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    WHY DO PEOPLE WANT THESE LEAGUES TO FAIL??????? It's absolutely stupid. At worst, a league's success is innocuous. At best, it provides an entertaining alternative or supplement for whatever else is out there, and maybe another avenue for players to catch a break. The way people salivate at the demise of these leagues is stupid.
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    Athletic gold is more orange-y, it has more red in it than a true yellow. Seems like a subtle difference, but isn’t that what these boards are all about? Athletic gold is to yellow what teal is to sky blue: related, but not the same thing.
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    Hey guys I'm new here, but I have been designing for a while. I made this for the Bridgeport Sound Tigers, the Islanders' AHL affiliate. What do you think?
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    Nice, I don’t know if I’ve seen a fauxback Diamondbacks set, but this is exactly what this is!
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    My (admittedly limited) experience of Des Moines was a plurality of Packers, Bears, Vikings, and Chiefs fans with no clear majority. My main concern about Cedar Rapids is the facilities, though maybe Kingston Stadium would work as a temporary venue. That said, if you don't mind a team playing at a high school, then the Quad Cities is the ideal place for this team. The Quad Cities may be a slightly smaller market population wise, but the QC's population isn't so spread out like Cedar Rapids-Waterloo-Dubuque. The Quad Cities also have a history of hosting teams in the NFL and NBA ; with Douglas Field in Rock Island being home to the Rock Island Independents, an early pro football powerhouse in Illinois.
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    Nissan Stadium. The Titans play there. Nissan builds a pickup truck named Titan. Did they purposely not name it Nissan Titan Stadium?
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    1951 PRESEASON (PART 1: RUDDY REVEALS IDENTITY) In the offseason, fans in Ruddy awaited what their uniforms will look like. Ruddy was the first to unveil theirs, with fans expecting a strong combination of garnet and cream. The logo was unveiled at the same time, depicting a longhorn cattle with a football. The home jumper will include garnet and cream stripes with a garnet number panel. In some away games, the Longhorns will wear a predominantly cream guernsey with a garnet stripe in the middle of the front.
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    I get that white outs are a thing, but they worked better when teams wore white at home.
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    Once this Arena adopts the new rebranded name of "Dunkin' Arena," its going to be a pretty cool sounding Basketball arena.
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    So Beckham has a white, orange and Color Rush jersey. Yet the horrible brown primaries are no where to be seen. I know it's wishful thinking, but maybe the orange jerseys are coming back for 2019? Any chance they can make that the primary instead? I don't see the league letting them upgrade the Color Rush to primary.
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    Unpopular opinion: Leave kelly green for the Jets. Midnight green looks great on the Eagles.
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