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    There is no such thing as the right Boston team winning. Any win by a Boston team is a win by the wrong team.
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    You know, the 4th of July caps made me think of something that I think would be cool. What if they had a Throwback Weekend where teams wear an era appropriate jersey and hat? Like 1900, 1930, 1970s, etc. and for those teams that weren't around use either a Minor League team from that era or do a fauxback like the Rays do for the 80s? I think that would be really cool. Maybe even do Negro League inspired jerseys on Jackie Robinson Day? Okay I am probably getting ahead of myself.
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    I know that sleeve-flag gets a lot of love around here, but I think it's too busy, especially on a modern jersey. Just use the pants stripe there and you can't top it.
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    Okay, finished up the American League! Angels - Had to throw a fun lil of Anaheim in there, and always loved the ball with angel wings Mariners - Went vertical here, inspired by their awesome 80s branding and simple waves that other Seattle teams have utilized (like the Sounders) Astros - This might be one of my favorites, any excuse to do something space-related I'm gonna take it. Athletics - Another one of my favorites, mainly because they have always had one of my favorite brands in sports - they need to utilize the elephant EVEN MOAR! Rangers - This one speaks for itself haha, they have always had one of the blandest looks in sports to me Cheers, can't wait to move on to the NL!
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    Just when I mercifully thought I’d seen the last of these, LockerVision says the Pistons will be using “Motor City” as their road uniform throughout the playoffs. I almost want them to get swept as quickly as possible now..
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    I really would've loved for Cinci to go full Germanic with their rebrand. The lion is great, and should be the main focus of the logo. They did go for a somewhat unique crest shape, but why not go even more unique.
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    I'll play around with gaLAxy and Chicago Muni colors, but for now: LAFC: Leaning into the art deco.
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    Over a year later and a couple of "final" and "final final" designs - I can finally say that this project is now complete.
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    Mizzou ditching the “tiger” helmet stripes they’ve had since their rebrand in 2012 and returning to their traditional helmet stripe.
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    It just kind of hit me that I 'll miss the Jets striped white socks. A little touch like that could have made the green and black pants look much better
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    Howdy there! Been a whole while since I've posted here. But lately I've been drawing up some vintage-inspired pennant designs for all the MLB teams! I love how pennants play with color, fonts, and trying to capture the essence of a team with a few simple shapes. I've had fun exploring different ways to showcase a team and elements of their brand, so to speak. First up, my Jays and the AL East! Boston - kept this extra simple, loved the way the text flowed into the home plate. Blue Jays - Had a eureka moment when I realized I could get the J and the bird's chest shape to line up well. I'm biased but they have the best look in baseball, so it was fun thinking up a retro design for them. Yankees - I wasn't going to give these guys a good nickname. I tried giving it an almost authoritarian look, the pinstripes and font lookin like 1930s-were-not-messing-around-mobster aesthetic. Baltimore - Kind of just split this into three sections, playing with shapes and of course a nod to the awesome Maryland flag. Rays - Was so happy with how this one turned out. They have the blandest brand in the big leagues, I wish they never got rid of the Devil Rays name and look. So I combined a bunch of eras basically! Cheers guys!
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    I thought of this idea a while ago and wasn't sure if anyone did or not, but here is a series I have been working on. Each conference will be getting their own BP-template of sorts. Here's the first conference, the CAA. C&C welcome! College of Charleston: Delaware: Elon: Hofstra: James Madison Northeastern Towson UNCW William and Mary:
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    Hope the Lakers stay a dumpster fire for eternity.
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    This is the best episode of Pace Around Yelling About The Stock Market I've ever seen!
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    Billionaires golfing while peoples' lives fall apart is a feature, not a bug. You really can't understate the sociopathy of our ruling class.
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    I was dry heaving while looking at most of those holiday/specialty cap concepts. Who is going to fork over $37 for them outside of the most dedicated collectors?
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    I'd be happy if they just made their striping consistent. It's either... A. Oops, forgot the white outline on the shoulder B. Hey, the white outline was supposed to be for the NUMERALS, not the stripe So irritating.
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    I like the use of the throwback hats. I wish MLB did a throwback weekend or two (this would give a chance for a home and away series) where teams had to go all out with the throwbacks. But making sure the teams were wearing throwbacks from the same era.
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    Or you can just not get butt hurt about people calling a color a certain name, the blues do indeed use yellow, so do the grizzlies, ect. It’s just when it has an orange hue to it it’s called athletic gold when used in athletics. That’s where it gets it’s name.
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    Try guilting them for not recycling enough plastic. Do they hate the earth and money?
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    The Cardinals are dumb not to wear that throwback for five years.
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    Thanks, guys! Thanks! Moving to Puerto Rico, at face value, seemed like a good idea. However, the 44 home games that the Expos played in San Juan were an effective argument against the proposal. Speaking of which, I found some video from one of the San Juan games. Understandably, MLB's YouTube page doesn't pay much attention to this little "experiment" from '03-'04. Thank you! Yeah, Montréal was just not going to survive all that the separatists, MLB/Loria, the Canadian recession (which also claimed the Grizzlies), and a few poor ownership groups did to the market. I thought about that, but the Clarendon-style "J" just looked awkward with the extra-condensed "S." Anyway, let's finally get to the other Latin American team! MONTERREY SULTANES - Mountain of Madness The next of the “pipe dream” locations was south of the border, down Monterrey way. Monterrey was one of the sites originally considered for the Expos’ 22 “home” games in 2003, as they had one of the most major league-ready stadiums at the time (the 27,000 seat Monterrey Stadium/Estadio de Béisbol Monterrey, which would be expanded to 30,000 upon a team’s permanent arrival). However, the choice of San Juan didn’t dissuade Monterrey from making an official bid for the Expos in 2003.1 Carlos Bremer led a group of other Mexican businessmen to purchase the Expos and relocate them to Monterrey. They argued that they had the best stadium in Latin America and that team in Mexico would be good for baseball. The city had a population of about 4 million people, a decent economic status and elevation (0..54 kilometers/1,772 feet., which is relatively close to Arizona's 0.32 kilometers/1,059 feet), and was close enough to the Texas teams to get some consideration (unlike the travel and elevation nightmare known as La Ciudad de México). Ultimately, MLB passed on Monterrey. Why? (Estadio de Béisbol Monterrey, with the Cerro de la Silla in the background.) Moving to Monterrey, both in 2003/2004 and today would be a terrible idea for several reasons. Travel, while not as bad as some distances (e.g., Seattle to St. Petersburg at 5112.89 km/3177 miles - Seattle-Monterrey is 3,762 km/2,337.6 miles and St. Petersburg-Monterrey is 2,345.62 km/1,457.5 miles.), would not be ideal when compared to locations like DC, Portland, Las Vegas, and New Jersey/Connecticut. If the exchange rate was proving a problem for the Blue Jays and Expos with the Canadian Dollar, imagine the issues it would create for the Peso. The team would have to be a lower-budget operation and could struggle with luring free agents. Security would also be a difficulty, due to the cartels and their activity in northern Mexico. Said difficulties would likely turn away many free agents and draftees signing contracts. Despite what many have claimed over the years, expansion to Mexico would prove to be a boondoggle of the highest order. But what if MLB had a brain fart and decided that “growing the game” would be a brilliant idea? I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to “promote” the traditional name of Monterrey’s baseball teams, the Sultanes (Sultans). Kelly and red are the new colors, per the Mexican flag and Monterrey’s city crest/flag. I figured it’d be both unique and regionally-appropriate. The primary logo uses a roundel with Batesina Atheltica text (I like the mix of edges and curviness), an image of the Cerro de la Silla (a large mountain within the city), and a simplifed version of the crown from the city’s crest/flag. The secondary is a merger of my Expos’ insignia and the Cerro de la Silla (akin to the current edition of the team), while the tertiary is a cursive script-based version of the primary. Uniforms are similar to the San Juan design, albeit with some modifications to fit with a “kelly and red never touch” approach. The scripts feature green text with red underlines (and white outlines), with Batesina Athletica numbers and Rawlings Block Bold NOB’s. The socks feature white/red/white stripes, while the home and road sleeves/pants have green/white/red trim. The alternates include both red and green jerseys, with the reds featuring a red-crowned cap and red socks. The green shirt includes the insignia and the tertiary on the sleeve. My jacket design features shoulder inserts and green/white/red striping on the trim sections. While moving the team to Monterrey would have been a terrible idea, the ex-Expos could have drawn upon local baseball history for a fantastic identity. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, we’ve got an idea that look sweet on paper but sour in reality. 1 Ronald Blum and AP, “Expos’ Final Four Hardly a Slam Dunk - Northern Va., D.C., Las Vegas, Norfolk Make Cut as Owners Meet,” Houston Chronicle, August 19, 2004, sec. Sports; Paul LaRocco, “Is Major League Baseball in State Just a Field of Dreams?,” Record-Journal, May 14, 2004; Steve Popper, “BASEBALL; Mexican Group Is Latest To Seek to Draw the Expos,” The New York Times, August 5, 2003, sec. Sports, https://www.nytimes.com/2003/08/05/sports/baseball-mexican-group-is-latest-to-seek-to-draw-the-expos.html; Tracy Ringolsby, “Expos: Non in Mon Back Yard - Territorial Threats - Especially Fears by the Yankees - Could Shut out Washington Again,” Rocky Mountain News, April 16, 2004, sec. Sports.
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    See this is the part I don't get about you. Whether the league succeeds or fails, isn't on the fans who watched or attended. It was football. We enjoyed it while it was here. If it had been more successful maybe it would've survived. It didn't. Also, this wasn't an aaf or XFL decision. It was a "aaf is here today, XFL isn't started yet". This no different than you and others arguing the reason you shouldn't watch the aaf (or XFL in the future) is because the NFL, like it or not, is better. But the NFL isn't on right now. The aaf was. Hence the interest. As for liking or not liking Vince McMahon, it's clear you're already amping up your hatred of the next spring league attempt. Such a sad state you must live in. If you don't like it, don't watch. Don't be a Keyboard Warrior trying to defend other people because something might fail.
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    I've done many concepts in my day. Happy to see one of them hit the field for the first time (although I am against numbers on side). Ribbon is for Pediatric Cancer Awareness and we will be honoring kids at the game.
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    yes! Damn, this stock market talk is exciting.
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    How about we talk about the Eagles’ desire for a kelly green throwback and get past this discussion where someone is getting oddly personal over what we call the Steelers’ pants.
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    They're both wearing gold. One team is wearing"athletic gold" and the other is wearing"Vegas gold". Jeebus, this old discussion is tiring.
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    Connor McDavid winding up in Edmonton should end any discussion of whether or not the lottery is rigged. I still don't get why they can't do the drawing out in the open.
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    DBZ Abridged is the canon now Nothing can convince me otherwise! But yeah, I get your point. Still, I was referring to the fact that Piccolo’s strong start basically amounted to nothing once Frieza got to his third form XD
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    It's a real billboard haha! Translation: I like my Weber.
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    Yeah, the overall design is still pretty bad (I hate the lean on the M, seems so arbitrary), but the addition of more blue to the cap logo is a massive improvement over what they have right now. I kind of wish the Marlin didn't look like it swam through an oil slick, but perhaps it needs to be mostly black to ensure differentiation from a solid blue M. I feel like the Marlin could use some fine tuning (in lieu of a total redesign), but giving it an eye would be necessary at the very least for me.
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    Hey Everyone, I know it's been a while for updates on this project. That's because I've been busy with the final deliverable for the school pat of the project. I now present to you a promotional animation video for the league. This is basically like a video that would be released to introduce the teams of the league and get it's hype up for starting this summer. Let me know what you think.
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    I can’t believe, with the whole “Blue and White Ignite” push, we’re going to wear black every away game. The rumor around town was that we were going to wear throwbacks as much as possible, which just makes the actual news even more ldepressing. Raptors will be wearing black too. Every single game in the series will be black vs white (except for game 6, which will be black vs red). Considering this and the news for next season, they might as well make the slogan Black and White Ignite.
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    $300 is a lot of money. I'm not sure how the material of any sports jersey is "worth" $300. They must be master marketers if they can convince people of that.
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    This uniform obviously has problems But it is a nice move forward from their previous set, and if they stuck with it and de-Edgeified it, it could be great today. Unfortunately they would rather be the Maple Lightning.
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    Oh, I'm sorry, life coach. How should I live my life? Why the fukk would anybody assume the Dallas Cowboys are the "Nike stars?" What a horribly stupid example. One of the most recognizable team brands in the world for over 50 years. The Cowboys logo is recognized worldwide. And there's a star on the Texas flag (you allegedly live there) and stars and cowboys have been synonymous since the days of the old west. But yeah, a Nike swoosh on the shoulder is the same thing as seeing MAYO CLINIC Minnesota Lynx AT&T across a jersey. Great points made. You should talk more often.
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    It’s just a term used to differentiate slightly different colors within a hue family, no different than royal v. navy, forest v. kelly, or red v. cardinal
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    There's never a bad time to leave behind a crappy uniform, and return to a significantly better one.
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    Connecticut Cutters rolls off the tongue nicely, and would have a double meaning with the cut fastball, and the Coast Guard cutters. The U.S. Coast Guard Academy is in New London, Connecticut.
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    One day, people will stop getting opportunities based solely on their last name. LOL, I know.
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    Manipulating saturation levels to mimic yellow in the actual element gold is easy to do - and easy to undo. It's a forced distinction especially in sports, because there are plenty of excellent examples of gold vs. yellow, yet with both teams insisting they're wearing "gold." Who's wearing gold here, and who is wearing yellow? Are they both right?
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    Lightning should bring back the victory stripes.
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    Booooo. Fixed that for you. This change is particularly unfortunate because the Connecticut Tigers are an example of how a minor league team should be named and should be outfitted. They look just like their parent club, and even feature a letter logo in the style of the parent club. Not only do these guys look like professional ballplayers, but any observer could tell at a glance what organistation the team is affiliated with. To dump this classic identity and look for some goofy local kitch is criminal.
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    Penn State > Beaver Stadium. It's named after a surname (James A. Beaver), but it sounds like the wrong team's mascot.
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