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    They could have at least photoshopped the Seahawks logo off the glove haha
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    I've done many concepts in my day. Happy to see one of them hit the field for the first time (although I am against numbers on side). Ribbon is for Pediatric Cancer Awareness and we will be honoring kids at the game.
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    There's no such thing as a wrong opinion, but that's pretty damn close
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    A quick edit with a stripe on shoulder and helmet:
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    Quite possibly one of the worst uniforms in college football history. One day college football teams will realize they don't actually wear uniforms in an 8x8 darkened studio room. Night game uniforms are usually just awful in practice.
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    I've said it once and I'll say it again: as much as I disliked this set from the launch, I dislike it more and more the more I see of it. The bad logos and Uncanny Valley Sans scripts are bad enough, but as sports team uniforms, they simply do not function. Unacceptable. Back to the drawing board.
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    I feel like the ONLY reason the texans would switch to a white helmet at this point is to create the ability to have an Oilers themed Color Rush set. IMO, it’s a really poor idea to change a major point of your branding just so you can use a look twice a season that harkens back to a team you’re not even associated with. Especially when the real version of that team still exists in another city wearing that shade of blue everyone likes and is your divisional rival. Also, and this may not be very popular, that Oilers look was pretty good, but is MASSIVELY overrated IMO. If you gave me the choice between the Oilers old look and color scheme and the Texans current look and color scheme, I’d take the Texans look every time. The Texans have a damn near perfect look at this point IMO and it blows anything the old Oilers did out of the water.
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    Wow. What a mess. I was watching some highlights of tonight's game. Open dome Night game Black jerseys End result? Absolutely the worst jerseys I have ever seen in action in MLB. Close up, it's a tad better Everyday situations are a mess I think I'm done with the marlins for now.
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    I almost feel like the league is going to step in at some point and do something about this. Not because the look is bad and they want it changed, but because it’s gotta be basically impossible for announcers and scorekeepers to read the numbers on that black set.
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    I feel like Mizzou has a lot of options but are striking out on all of them, they definitely need to make a throwback alternate uniform, not just the helmet. The unmatching stripes is v e r y annoying
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    I get scaling back some of the previous designs, but these uniforms are absolutely boring
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    This is GARBAAAAAAAAGE. In what world is the bottom jaw/teeth of a bear twice the size of the snout/upper teeth?
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    New Baylor uniforms: A bit too simplistic for them IMO, and pretty similar to the new Illinois and Iowa State sets from last year. These would’ve looked great with a stripe on the helmets and pants, but as is they just seem incomplete.
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    If anything, white at home was a 33 year-long aberration.
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    It's clear to me the Marlins set was only reviewed up close in an LED lit office. It's odd because I hated the Loria set but it was far superior
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    It's a little late for April Fools Day! These look hideous!
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    I'll play around with gaLAxy and Chicago Muni colors, but for now: LAFC: Leaning into the art deco.
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    Decided to start a series where I'll design minimalist shirts for every NHL city/team using their skyline and striping pattern. I'll post the designs as I make them, and they'll be available to purchase on Redbubble. VANCOUVER (available here) BOSTON (available here) MONTREAL (available here) What do you think? C&C appreciated, and also let me know which team you'd be interested in seeing!
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    I was annoyed by that. Even more annoyed that NYCFC wore their secondaries, which look oddly like our primaries. Visually this game didn't feel right because of that.
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    The lack of TV numbers is inexcusable
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    I think West Virginia looks great. Baylor is meh. Michigan STATE is terrible.
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    At this point, Nike either doesn't like to put any detailing on pants or the new template doesn't lend itself to a lot of embellishments.
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    And more than the entire Colorado Avalanche roster combined.
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    [citation needed]
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    i guess im in the minority that i dont outright hate the MSU uniforms. they arent good but they're far from being the literal worst, especially following the years of adidas shockweb and the florida gatorskin uniforms
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    This would look so much better
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    That statement is as follows: "Please focus your vitriol on these craptastic uniforms, which will be gone in a year, and not on... other stuff... you may have heard about... regarding our campus environment. Thanks!"
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    Add "Baylor" to the front and get rid of the notch on the font and it's great. 8/10 as is
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    Yeah, it's looking bad for the Patriots... They might have to go on the road before winning the next Superbowl
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    Re WVU: okay phew, the numbers seem to be an upgrade. Dont love the grey. But don’t hate it either. initial reaction on the blue in the distance is it looks a lot like Cal
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    That’s horrible. Nothing on that jersey is legible. I’d like to believe they considered legibility when designing and producing it, but it really doesn’t seem like it was thought through hard enough. How that jersey got approved is absolutely beyond me.
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    I really like the KC logo, and just swapped the S for a K in one of the more subtle updates for this series. You can see it a few pages back. Another option for Seattle is just a simplification of their current logo:
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    Yeah they need to switch to blue letters... I've been convinced.
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    The 8th graphic from the link shows this It's leaning to the left (or counter clockwise). Good o'l overseas production, now that the new era derby factory is officially gone. Buyer beware of every single new era item from here on out. And this will be speciality priced too.
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    Blue Jackets up 2-0. Penguins down 0-2. Everything's coming up @McCarthy
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    Ol’ Joe did a nice take on this style last year. A bit more refined if you ask me.
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    “We need the home team to wear white so we can see the other team’s collars” is a bad argument in 2019 when you can watch any game in the league on any one night. You don’t need the home team to wear white to see other team’s colours. Besides, darks at home work better with most alternates so it’s probably best to keep dark at home as the status quo going forward.
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    Besides TCU, it sure seems the new design directive for Nike is for minimalism since almost none of the new uniforms have much (if any) shoulder and/or pants detailing.
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    Honestly... i love MSUs new uniforms. *puts on flame suit*
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    Des Moines is a bit too far for an affiliate club in my opinion and in most circumstances teams HATE sharing ballparks and fields together (just look the the NFL and MLB in the 1960s-90s). It would be even worse for a minor league field with a tiny budget unlike pro clubs. My proposed Cedar Rapids location could possibly mean only a temporary stay at Kingston Stadium before a new stadium is constructed, but Cedar Rapids is much more accessible than Des Moines and fandoms do get mixed in the latter city. Looking at it further and seeing a ready home in Kalamazoo, I agreed with you and moved the Lions' affiliate there, but renamed the team to simply the Michigan Pride, because Kalamazoo is a bit too hard to pronounce and unknown for some. I adjusted the logo as needed. I decided to redo the logo I made and incorporated the classic football player design (with some color adjustments) and make the logo a bit more classic. In addition, I placed a little M over where the city of Milwaukee is approximately located to differentiate from the parent club in the case they use their throwback anytime soon. Referencing my previous comments on the Iowa Reapers, I think Miller Park will only be temporary until a new stadium can be built, like how NYCFC is using Yankee Stadium until they get a new one of their own. I realized that I did in fact screw the name up and changed it to the Norsemen. I feel swapping the colors and making yellow the primary color is a bit jarring on the eyes, whereas the Vikes' purple is a lot easier on the eyes and still allows for great contrast. When it comes to concerns over the NFC East, I didn't make any changes: What you seem to fail to address is the insane amount of expats moving into Austin, so it's not only college students and alum in the area, similar to that of Columbus (where people doubted the Crew and Blue Jackets' success in a "college town"). This city is also expected to grow even further in the future with a booming youth population and more jobs. Considering the Cowboys' reach and the new state-of-the-art venue being built, Austin is too good to pass up. In addition, they already have multiple minor league teams in the Austin area which are all very successful, like the Austin Spurs and Round Rock Express. Arkansas is just unproven and not very synonymous with the team's name either. Being born in the NY metro area (and a Giants fan), Hartford is in the dead heart of Patriots country and, as you may very well know, Patriots fans HATE the Giants. Thus, putting a team in Hartford would be a recipe for disaster and the team would have no fan support. Even other things considered with regard to Hartford, it is very far from East Rutherford relative to the other cities I proposed. However, your concerns over the Yale Bowl's viability are reasonable, and I can see this team only playing there temporarily until they can get a venue in Bridgeport, which is larger and much more Giants-centric.
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    Interesting, but Mizzou's M looks different until from Michigan until 1985 (ascenders angled). And seems they've been in gold, not yellow, for many years too. But, yes, a slab serif M is pretty much a slab serif M
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    Hey Matt! Cool project, I would LOVE to see something like this implemented, and it's clear you've put a lot of thought into it. I'm going to go a bit of a different route in my critique than the majority of these comments, and focus on the graphic design portion of your series, as a lot of the replies seem to be focusing on the nitty gritty of your location choices, stadium possibilities, etc. when all I want to look at and talk about is the logos and designs. Forgive my upcoming few-beers-in-at-adult-softball rambling, but I think you have a good eye and great ideas and could benefit from some more in-depth design critiques. I think other posters were right - your designs are too simple, and maybe you didn't spend enough time on them. I encourage you to do so! Then again, maybe I'm way off and the design aspect of this project isn't that important to you...in which case oh well, if there are any other logo designers out there maybe something here will be helpful! I want to show you that "simple" doesn't have to be a bad thing, so I'm going to try and go over some super easy tweaks that could make one of your logos better. Gonna focus on your Hogs idea to get across my points, because it's freaking brilliant, I'm a Toronto fan, and with a couple simple tweaks, I think you could have a great, SIMPLE clean logo. It's almost there. So I hope you don't mind, I'm going to use it to give some easy tips on sports logos, how I would improve the design. First, let's talk concept. It's awesome, but I think you missed out on some big opportunities! I wouldn't recommend changing the colors - the Bills one looks super weird with a red buffalo and blue stripe and so would this - it just looks off, ya know? So keep it the same, it still is clearly recognizable yet distinct in its own right. Second, you have the warthogs tusk all the way up like he's a bison, how can he fight his fellow Canadians?! Looking at reference photos, we should try to mimic the anatomy of the subject. So just an easy fix would be move that tusk down closer to his snout. And when I think of warthog, another thing I think is those crazy rat tails they waving around. Adding a little, one-wave-line on his butt is something that allows the viewer to easily recognize what this abstract thing they're looking at is (and really, that's what many sports logos are), that also helps add some flair and motion - another key component of sport logos. Speaking of motion, just a few degrees tilt upwards can help portray that a bit better. Notice that's why they do it in the Bills logo - buffalo don't actually run like that - they're loafs. So a little tilt up makes the hog look less like he's scurrying away, and more like he's leaping into action (doing what, I don't know, what do warthogs even do?) Okay, a few quick tips on the drawing side to keep in mind for sports logos, that I hope other people can benefit from as well! In general for logos, try to use as few points and as simple shapes as possible. Keep it real clean, using a few clean curves and straight lines - always minimizing. If you look at what makes the Bills logo work well, even though it's one of the simplest in the league, it's the simple geometric shapes. Straight lines, clean curves, no fluff! So all I did was trace over your logo using as few lines and points as possible, try and do that going forward - it can be a good exercise. Notice the bottom of his snout to his front leg, or his ear to his snout - before it was a squiggly line that looked too illustrative, now it's one curve, from point A to point B. The logo is entirely straight lines or long curves, making it more abstract, imply motion, and gives him a lil fierce edge. Logos don't need to, and really shouldn't be, realistic. Don't be afraid to get a lil funky with it. And try to keep the points to a minimum! After we get the general shape and motion down, THEN you can go in and add the finer details like the little tufts of hair the bison has, that add that little extra character. All I did was make a couple triangles, then add them to the main shape. The other legs are literally just duplicated - just as they are in the Bills one. Keep it simple, remember! Another simple way to make your sports logos look sleeker is by making your lines thicker. I mean real thicc. Again, these aren't illustrations - don't use any small 1 point lines as details on a pirate's collar or dog's snout or anything. Hell, if you want to add a gray outline, just make it thicker! Make it looks like it belongs, with a purpose, not an afterthought. Keep in mind, sports logos are really meant to be seen from far away - whether on a TV screen or in the stands. They need to be bold, without little points or objects or lines. And when you do have outlines or strokes - keep them consistent! See how the width of the white stroke on the red stripe is the same as the width of the white line between the front and hind legs? Never use more than 2, MAYBE 3 line widths in a logo. It's simple things like that you can do to ensure all your logos look consistent within themselves, cohesive in every part - not just a bunch of parts layered on top of each other. I'm not sure what program you're using, it looks like maybe photoshop or gimp, but I'd DEFINITELY recommend getting Illustrator, Inkscape, or some kind of vector software. That's really the only way to make logos, where you can get those sweet, sweet curves. Just practice with the pen tool every day. Trace logos. Seriously, trace this one, trace a bunch of sports logos, (this site has a few dozen or so around I think). That's how I best learned the pen tool AND the general rules that 95% of good sports logos follow. Anyhoo, I'm sorry for the looong comment, a lot of this is more general and not just directed at you - I just like focusing on the design aspect of these things and I hope some other people starting out could benefit from some feedback like this! 12 years ago I first joined this community and didn't know my way around any program or what made for a good logo. But there were loads of awesome people who helped me improve by giving sometimes harsh, but always helpful criticism and feedback. As a fellow designer, I hate when people comment unconstructive things or don't expand on their criticism a bit. You don't like it / it's too simple / too complicated / the colors don't work? Well why is it that way, and how can I improve it?! I may have gone a bit overboard on the how you can improve it part But again, I like your style and what ya got, seriously keep doing this and really take time with each of your concepts. And if you ever want some advice or to chat hit me up!
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