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    There's no such thing as a wrong opinion, but that's pretty damn close
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    Quite possibly one of the worst uniforms in college football history. One day college football teams will realize they don't actually wear uniforms in an 8x8 darkened studio room. Night game uniforms are usually just awful in practice.
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    I get scaling back some of the previous designs, but these uniforms are absolutely boring
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    I was annoyed by that. Even more annoyed that NYCFC wore their secondaries, which look oddly like our primaries. Visually this game didn't feel right because of that.
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    And more than the entire Colorado Avalanche roster combined.
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    i guess im in the minority that i dont outright hate the MSU uniforms. they arent good but they're far from being the literal worst, especially following the years of adidas shockweb and the florida gatorskin uniforms
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    Yeah, it's looking bad for the Patriots... They might have to go on the road before winning the next Superbowl
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    Re WVU: okay phew, the numbers seem to be an upgrade. Dont love the grey. But don’t hate it either. initial reaction on the blue in the distance is it looks a lot like Cal
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    They wore those against Washington State last year...so it's not really new, but it is better. And the navy/white/white look was great. Still need the white helmet with split stripes.
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    This uniform is better than the regular uniform.
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    Great hire for Sacramento. If Walton gets the Kings to the playoffs before LeBron and the Lakers do, that would be hilarious.
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    Spoiler because there are a fair few images in this post. These are screencaps from the gold and blue game.
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    I can only hope they come to their senses and NEVER wear these in an actual game. Amazing how these even got past the concept stage let alone being approved. People should be fired, honestly.
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    At least we'll know the plain black jerseyied team is the marlins. So they're unique in that way. The numbers and wordmark have a certain cheap sheen to them too. Maybe all MLB jerseys are that way. But it's not helping their cause. I remember the days we had our swingman cheapy replica jerseys. And then the real deal. These black Marlins are not looking too well in any condition. They're better off doing a hollow outline stitching, much like the on field hat. And when I say worst, I mean in a regular fan or umpire viewing point of view. Legible letters/wordmark are at the bare bones of requirements. If you can't get that right, you jump to the top of the worst list.
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    I'm still watching games but this is turning out to be one of the most excruciating seasons in their history. It's bad enough that the on-field talent atrocious, but it's not fun staring at those caps/jerseys all night long.
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    A bunch do, but I don’t know of any contract in Major League Baseball where incentives are the backbone of the deal. Neither players or owners want to see a question mark in the salary column, and that’s what would happen if you made performance incentives the basis of a contract. Paying players “what they’re worth” sounds nice in principle, but it would be a disaster if you actually tried it. How do you go about assigning value to a player for starters? You get paid what you negotiate for, not what your value is. That’s as true in baseball as it is in any other line of work.
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    I’ll call WVU’s uniforms an underwhelming slight upgrade.
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    Props to Mike Smith for wearing red pads
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    MayBe that gloss is normal? In theory, my last screenshot had conference room visions of looking like this But that's not always the case. The eye test from various stadium views is essential. I wonder if they do field tests for commentators and such? Obvious answer is no lol. The text here has the upper part a bit darker than the mid to lower part The gloss is adding an odd gradient type glare even in basic field level professional photos.
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    Notably to me with the Twins even in the new graphics package they still use the borderless TC instead of the mustard-trim TC. So even though they killed the best Twins uniform for another terrible uniform to push the mustard into the color identity, they're not ballsy enough to just fully commit all the way. So we're left with a bunch of mismatched and inconsistent logos. Their branding people have no idea what they're doing.
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    West Virginia is nice enough. I could go for a double stripe on the pants and I’d lose the white helmet. I also like the gray for them and it’s one situation where I think anthracite would be appropriate
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    Probably best not to do that so as to avoid any copyright issues. I'm a bit torn over using airport codes vs. using the three-letter abbreviations teams use on scoreboards, etc. (e.g. YUL vs. MTL for Montreal). The airport codes might appeal more to locals (e.g. YEG is used a lot here in Edmonton) but I feel like the scoreboard abbreviations would be much more recognizable outside of local markets. EDIT: Also agree with @BellaSpurs – definitely position the design higher on the shirt itself. Aim for the chest rather than what would be the physical middle of the shirt.
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    Heres some of West Virginia's new uni combos
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    Baylor Athletic Department Unveils United Brand April 13, 2019 - 17:41 PM Baylor’s athletic department has lacked color consistency across its 18 sports programs for several years, but the Bears unveiled a new united brand on Saturday during the football team’s pre-Spring Game festivities, which includes new uniforms and a new secondary […] Read More...
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    I actually feel the opposite. I think the giant "State" is kinda cool for a one off but doing it in neon green is insanity. That old bronze color would've made these more palatable.
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    Kucherov will maybe get a game. No way what he did was nearly as bad as the time Andrew Shaw brushed up against Mike Smith.
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    Futura! Condensed. Bold?
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    Yeah, he looks like he had to lay low in Argentina.
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    Sorry for the delay but here they are... Any comments & suggestions are welcome.
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    Can we bring this back to the tired line about how the Padres’ soon-to-be color scheme resembles human liquid and solid evacuations?
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    I had a thought recently where the NHL would adopt a sweater rule similar to the minor leagues (AHL, ECHL, or both) where theres a point in the season where the rules flip. Teams start the season as things are right now, with dark and home and white on road (barring any agreements between teams), then after the All Star break it flips to white at home and dark on the road. Then once playoffs kick in, like @spartacat_12 said teams will designate a "home jersey" whether white. dark, or alternate and would stick with it thru the playoffs.
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    One day, people will stop getting opportunities based solely on their last name. LOL, I know.
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    I stop paying attention to the AFL for a few years and all the OG teams are gone...the AFL to me will always be Rattlers, Sabercats, Sharks, VooDoo, etc.
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    Forget alternate, I’d make a whole set out of that. Yes please.
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    WHY DO PEOPLE WANT THESE LEAGUES TO FAIL??????? It's absolutely stupid. At worst, a league's success is innocuous. At best, it provides an entertaining alternative or supplement for whatever else is out there, and maybe another avenue for players to catch a break. The way people salivate at the demise of these leagues is stupid.
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    Bruh, what the hell. I just wanna talk about triangle stripes and black outlines like a normal person, not the qualifications it takes to identify as a resident of a city
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    Right but my feeling is it would have to be something like this (completely different from anything they'd have to date) to work. The trying to be new while still trying to be old doesn't work at all. Got to go full new to make a break from the past.
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    Not my teams, but some baseball suggestions: Astros - Union Station Grounds Mets - Jackie Robinson Stadium Giants - China Basin Park or Willie Mays Park Brewers - Bud Selig Stadium Phillies - Citizens' Park Twins - Killebrew Field Tigers - Tiger Stadium (II) Blue Jays - SkyDome Nationals - Capital Diamond Angels - Anaheim Stadium Reds - National League Park?
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    Islanders- Nassau Coliseum. Not that anyone's called it NYCB Live outside of being required on telecasts anyway Mets- Shea Stadium (Correct) II Jets- Meadowlands Syracuse- The Dome, though they can transfer Ernie Davis from the field name to naming the whole Dome to him
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    Or simply use the line on the helmet. I mean it already says NEW YORK large on the front of the jersey.
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    This is true. There are people also panicking that CFL 2.0 will be a repeat of the failed American expansion, and from what I have read about it, that's not the goal. The goal is to expand the player pool beyond Canada and the United States. I would not be surprised at all if the CFL forms a partnership with the Japanese X-League in the future.
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    this is one heck of an epic MLS Logo concept thread! BRAVISSIMO Fantastic work, each and everyone of them! I'd buy merch for those teams or get inked with those. I especially like the NYCFC shape and simplification, the Nashville Guitar pick shape. Looking forward with what you come up with for the Caps.
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    I always wondered who murdered everybody in McDonaldsland.
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    "Might probably"... what is that mess? I don't think they'd move away from the VW logo. I'd expect something like the 1967 logo, but with a blue closer to the 1999 logo. I'm calling: VW with the letter thickness roughly like the 1945 logo, one outline, in a blue somewhere between royal and indigo.
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