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    At this point, I just assume every Canadian team is forever cursed until Gary Bettman brings back the Quebec Nordiques
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    And the Rockies probably would've gotten away with the color change back around that ASG too. Don't know if they would do it now, but it would look good. Adding more purple would go a long way, regardless.
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    Man. Seeing the Rockies jersey away from the rest of the uniform really hits you with how bland and lifeless it is.
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    I see DG wrote more-or-less what I was about to write. I really shouldn't like Portland wearing non-traditional uniforms in the playoffs, but, man, that color scheme just works. It's beautiful.
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    "Go Beavs" and "Build the Dam" are two of OSU's mottos/sayings so there's nothing wrong with them.
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    Well, Mike Riley will probably wind up in Corvallis for a 15th time so this fits with his, "gee golly" persona.
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    Not D1 but in D3's USA South Athletic Conference, Greensboro College Pride of Greensboro, NC rebranded last week. I'm a fan of how the placement of the lions, Leo & Leona, were changed to be presented as equals. Lure Design of Orlando, FL assisted with the design. There is a new Lions over GC logo too. If you're not familiar with Greensboro College, it's a liberal arts college with 1000-1300 students sandwiched between UNC Greensboro & North Carolina A&T. Article Old New
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    I want the Arena League to survive so it can get to the point where there's a 32 team league, half of the teams owned by Ron Jaworski and the other half by Ted Leonsis, and they split into two 16 team conferences, known as the Jaworski Conference and the Leonsis Conference and the winners battle it out for the Leonsis-Jaworski Championship Trophy in the Arena Bowl.
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    For me, it's not about an inability to distinguish between the teams that are playing on-screen. I can figure that out right away. The main issue is that it looks bad the majority of the time, especially during the playoffs.
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    Hit the jackpot this past week, including an official NFL game ball signed by Drew Bledsoe for $10
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    I don't think anyone is saying that. Just like no one would say no college football team besides UCLA should wear a triple shoulder stripe. But everyone would be scratching their heads if USC did it.
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    I definitely understand what your saying but using the rockets as an example is not helping. They still have a key red and black in all their uniforms. I say a team like Utah who uses a purple jersey, green jersey, gold jersey, gradient red/orange jersey, and a navy jersey are having a bigger problem. Same with a team like Cleveland who had a maroon, white, black, baby blue, orange/blue, and grey jerseys over the past two years. Their colors are maroon and gold. Making up for 2 of their 6 jerseys using their primary colors. Utah has 3 or their 5 uniforms using their diverse amount of primary colors. I could list more examples. I wonder if some people even know the heat are a red yellow black team and not a black blue and pink team.
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    Uses a white jersey as an example But in all seriousness, the white is very crucial as @SFGiants58 said, if you look at the current home uniforms not the one without the white, the orange radiates off the brown violently, even on the current one without the white, the orange clashes so much with the brown. The white calms it all down. A whole set without white would be the worst mistake the browns could make. This isn’t a team like Los Angeles where blue and yellow compliment each other and contrast well enough to pull off a no white look. The orange and brown don’t mesh like that. They can look good in certain stripes yes. But orange numbers on a brown jersey? It’s ugly and it doesn’t work at all.
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    Still stand by my theory that Nike intentionally makes OSU’s uniforms subpar to assist Oregon. Oregon State has had such a hard time getting their graphic identity right. I actually really liked the interlocking OS and the font that came with it but for some reason that was never embraced. And just stick with the traditional Benny Beaver already. Everything about their identity since the mid-00s has just been trying too hard to look “tough”.
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    Outside of the horrendous crowd colors clashing with Portland, I would venture to say that this has been one of my favorite uniform matchup so far this season. As a tangent, these boards get unbearable this time of year. I'll check them religiously earlier in the season when new uniforms have yet to be unveiled. But there is so much complaining, bickering, and attack of opinion happening right now. It feels insufferable. If I felt that I wanted more of that in my life, I would have spent an extra weekend at my parents. Let's all try to be more civil and kind. Anyways, happy 420 all!
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    Celtics (Green) at Pacers (gold) looks absolutely fantastic tonight. Any team with a yellow alt should wear it against the Celtics.
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    More likely Clark County, NV jail as his first stop.
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    Denver Gold 1983 to 1985 Early Season Denver Gold 1983 to 1985 Late Season
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    You are correct that the city decided not to sink $700 million into the Edward Jones Dome renovations that were proposed by the Rams. You are, therefore, correct that the lease went to a year-by-year basis, so once the lease ran out of time the Rams could leave regarding their contract with the city. However, the NFL's relocation policies contained in their constitution and bylaws also exist. I unfortunately cannot find a PDF copy of those bylaws online (I'm sure they're out there somewhere), so the best I can do for a reference is newspaper reports on what they say. Here's one from the Star Tribune: http://www.startribune.com/nfl-s-relocation-policy-and-procedures/148181325/ Contained within these policies is a requirement that there be negotiations in "good faith" with the community that the team currently exists within. C.3 states that taken into consideration is "the adequacy of the stadium in which the club played its home games in the previous season; the willingness of the stadium authority or the community to remedy any deficiencies in or to replace such facility, including whether there are legislative or referenda proposals pending to address these issues; and the characteristics of the stadium in the proposed new community;" C.6 and C.7 state that factors that must be considered, respectively, are: "the degree to which the club has engaged in good faith negotiations (and enlisted the League office to assist in such negotiations) with appropriate persons concerning terms and conditions under which the club would remain in its current home territory and afforded that community a reasonable amount of time to address pertinent proposals," and "The degree to which the owners or managers of the club have contributed to circumstances which might demonstrate the need for such relocation..." SO, actually, yes, the viability of the plan proposed by the city is relevant and in question, as was the degree of good faith to which Kroenke negotiated. I'd argue, and the city is arguing in its lawsuit, that Kroenke never intended to stay in St. Louis. EDIT: I will, add, though, that I entirely agree with this NYT article. As heartbreaking as it was for St. Louis and its Rams fans, and as much as I place the fiasco's blame on the shoulders of Kroenke, it could have been disastrous for St. Louis to keep the Rams. Frankly, the city didn't have the money to renovate the Dome and it wasn't going to have the money to build the riverfront stadium. The MLS bid is better for the city because it's going to be private dollars to build the stadium. Sure, there will be tax assistance, but there won't be actual public debt incurred on the stadium. https://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/16/sports/football/st-louis-should-be-glad-it-lost-the-rams.html
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    I've been pondering whether to hunt for and buy any AAF gear. On the plus side, it has great camp value and since it's Starter, is probably decently made. On the other hand, the AAF screwed a lot of people out of a lot of money, royally jobbed its players, and was basically the Theranos/Fyre Festival of football leagues. I'm not sure I want to be a billboard for something like that.
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    Which skyline would you like me to use, lol?
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    I've been trying to get in contact with clubs before doing a concept series. Maybe I'll do a series without it being in the concept section.
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    Yeah, suck it up, Nationals. I hate Miller Park with a passion in no small part because of the shadows, but shadows are part of the deal. It’s like a right-handed pull hitter complaining to the Pirates that their left-field fence is too far away.
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    to join @McCarthy’s “DIDN’T START 0-8” banner in the rafters
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    NOW you’re taking my language! I’m also sure that in this timeline the Milwaukee PD’s greatest contribution to society won several Oscars: On a serious note, some relocations are good ones. It was the right call to move two established teams out west to properly expand baseball beyond the East/Midwest. Two expansion teams or an integrated PCL wouldn’t have worked as well, especially with how terrible the 1961/62 expansion teams were in their first few years. The Browns were right to escape St. Louis and establish themselves in Baltimore. The Chiefs leaving Dallas was good for the league in the long run, as was the Flames moving to Calgary. I don’t think many people would argue that the Thrashers’ departure was such a great loss. Besides, relocation has given us so many amazing identities. The Ravens, the original Titans, the Avs, the Texans, the Brewers, and the new Jets are all products of relocation. The Texans and the 1999-2018 Titans have infinitely better designs than the Oilers. I’d also take the Avs’ restoration of their original design over any of the Nordiques’ offerings.
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    I see the Lakers have found their next head coach.
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    Harden starts 0-15, goes 3-20 and the Rockets still win.
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    Well, they did move to the area between Cleveland and Akron, which went about as well as one could expect. The North Stars proceeded to absorb the team, a la Cell. Of course, once the 1990s rolled around and the Gunds wanted to be in the Bay Area again: The image of Android 18 unconscious and covered in Cell's puke is an excellent visual analogy for the messiness of the Sharks.
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    San Antonio FC has released a Fiesta jersey to be worn at home during pregame warmups. If you buy at the shop you can add the name and numbers.
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    Who knew the absence of two letters on the jersey would bug me so much.
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    It looks pretty bad, so that's a low bar.. wouldn't take much
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    I think the Flames' loss is bigger than Tampa's. They lost to a team who was basically ranked ninth. The Jackets were technically ranked fifth. SMH, NHL playoff seeding is a joke.
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    They "share" the history, but that's really only a technically. The Thunder had a deal with Seattle that the history and identity would revert to Seattle if they got a team within five years of the Thunder leaving. That never happened, so the Thunder are under no obligation to let a new Seattle team have the identity/record books.
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    Did... that not... prove his point?
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    It may be an unpopular opinion but these original uniforms are far superior to the fred taylor era with the custom number font. I wish they had never changed them.
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    Definitely will never unsee that. Coolest pirate in college athletics.
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    Chargers a B+ switching to the powder blue jersey
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    Ah yes. The taxpayers should foot the bill for a stadium, not the billionaire that owns the team. Thank you for your deep insight.
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    I believe the Chargers got special permission to wear the throwback powder blues against the Raiders in October 2000 and San Diego fans were asking for a switch in primaries ever since. But they kept it a novelty at best. So of course a desperate ownership waits until a few years into their struggling L.A. move to do it... almost 19 years later. The Denver Nuggets fit an entire powder blue and yellow primary era into the time Chargers ownership hesitated to own a color scheme that is their birthright. Then have the nerve to say, "You're welcome."
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    There’s a 100% chance someone’s grandma could get those stains out.
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    Why couldn't the Jets have made a modern version of this logo? Also, the "New York" on the unis is not needed, IMO.
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    Wrong. The new Jets uni is clearly a blatant rip-off of the Farmingdale High School football team of Long Island, NY. Shame on the Jets for stealing these kids' uniforms. Sad.
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    Hit the Value Village 50% off sale and picked up a Tiger-Cats scarf for $3 Also got this cap (in my size) for $1.25
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    "it works" is certainly subjective. I think that most would say that it doesn't work, but some are fooled into thinking it does just because that's all they've known. I remember someone doing photoshops of the Cowboys with silver green replacing all silver, and IIRC the reality wasn't as pretty as the vision. It clashed pretty bad with the navy, and didn't look quite right even if the navy jersey was switched to royal.
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    As in "get struck by lightning and burn" flashy?
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