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    At best, the yellow is a fine alternate look. I don't want it as the primary. The Los Angeles Rams are royal blue, then yellow. *chef's kiss*
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    But... We have actual photos of what the Rams would look like in yellow jerseys. And they look nothing like those Saints uniforms at all.
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    If I never see the painting of 80 and 40 in yellow Rams uniforms on this stupid board again as long as I live it'll still be too soon
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    And being a fan of the NHL is a harsh existence. Vegas fans haven't had that experience yet. It'd be good for them.
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    At this point, I just assume every Canadian team is forever cursed until Gary Bettman brings back the Quebec Nordiques
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    I must be in the minority here, but I really don't understand why so many of you guys have such a boner for the yellow uniforms. I really don't care for them. I don't even like seeing pictures of the 1994 throwbacks that much. I think they were okay for the time, and a nod to history. But for a full time alternate now? No thanks. I despise the yellow Color Rush. Give me the royal blue and yellow as home and away. And blue and white as throwback/alt.
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    ...for the Lakers. It's a well-entrenched LA sports tradition for the Lakers. Besides the Lakers, the Kings are the only other LA team (pro/college or otherwise) to wear gold at home, and even then, they've worn white/black at home longer now than the gold or purple uniforms (21 years vs 31 years). Yes, the LA Rams once upon a time had a yellow jersey in the main rotation for 13 years (not including the 1994 throwback and Color Rush). For the other 68 of the other 69 years (their inaugural season in Cleveland was red/black), blue has been the main uniform color. The Rams' primary uniforms will NOT be yellow. I will guarantee this. Just because a few people keep posting the 80/40 painting hoping to wish it into existence does not make it any closer to happening. The fans have spoken with their game-day attire and decor and their wallets. The Los Angeles Rams will be Royal Blue with Yellow.
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    The Rockies look bad in pinstripes for two reasons. 1. The hollowness of their lettering creates strokes around empty space that doesn’t look good when out on top of pinstripes that are essentially strokes around empty space. 2. Serifs can sometimes look awkward on top of pinstripes with thin lines crossing thin lines. Look at at the I and E. The I kinda looks like two pinstripes on top of pinstripes, and the serif on the E looks like the pinstripe is crooked in places.
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    The Rays wore some pretty crazy socks with their throwbacks yesterday. They also posted an incredible late 90's animation on their Twitter.
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    We gotta accept that the Rams with yellow-gold jerseys would look a lot more like this than the painting: Oof.
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    Oregon State is going to look good losing to every team in the Pac-12.
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    Teams wearing pinstripes World Series wins since 2001: Not Yankees: 5 Yankees: 1
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    So the Rays wore their rainbow gradient throwbacks last night and will wear them three more times this season. With them playing the Diamondbacks in May, why didn't anyone think of having a 1998 expansion team throwback night? I'd love to see the rainbows be worn against the D-backs road pinstripes. Missed opportunity.
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    Oh c'mon: It's Fiesta Baby!
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    Id honestly love to see these bunch of jerks take game 7.
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    Yeah. Those are not as good as some of you want them to be. For the life of me, I actually can't think of a PRIMARY yellow football (pro or college) uniform that's good. I actually can't even think of many yellow alternates that are all that great. Again, I think yellow is a perfectly *fine* alternate look for the Rams, but it should not be the primary.
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    Love the colors, but that pants stripe clashes with the helmet and jersey.
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    And the Rockies probably would've gotten away with the color change back around that ASG too. Don't know if they would do it now, but it would look good. Adding more purple would go a long way, regardless.
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    That's essentially late 90s/early 2000s Milwaukee Bucks, but it would indeed look good. Green and purple are definitely mountainous colors, and obviously tie in to Coors Field.
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    Silver is a great color for the Rockies and I don't believe it's being used elsewhere in MLB at the moment, but they definitely need to embrace purple a bit more forcefully in their home whites. I love Arizona in Sedona Red. I'd like them to keep their current red/teal-ish color scheme but revert back to a design closer to what they wore in the early 2000s.
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    I keep saying, I want the Rockies to rebrand in just purple and white. If Arizona's whole reason for sticking with Sedona Red is because they feel Colorado owns purple, it makes it that much more frustrating that the Rockies won't rebrand so they can actually do it.
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    Few things I noticed: -The Jets are the most diverse -Jags (2013-17), Bucs and Browns all combined for 0 A’s -The Vikings seemed like the only one that was clearly an A or B (above 75% saying a or b) -The Lions and Current Dolphins have almost identical stats @nuordr thanks for doing the survey! You definitely got some interesting results, some which were predictable, others like the Seahawks, which were much worse than I thought, or the new jags which I thought would’ve been worse.
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    Man. Seeing the Rockies jersey away from the rest of the uniform really hits you with how bland and lifeless it is.
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    I say buy it and wear it. If you used moral upstangingness as your criterion, you could wear nothing but St. Pauli gear. The team I support most, NYCFC, has an owner who is the deputy prime minister of the UAE, where homosexuality is a capital crime. When I was a Yankee fan, I knew full well that Steinbrenner was a Nixon supporter and a major Republican contributor. None of this prevented/prevents me from wearing these teams' gear, as a team takes on a meaning and an identity that are separate from the identity and the persona of its owner. (What prevents me from wearing Nets gear is its total lack of aesthetic merit.) On the question of the AAF in particular, I think you should resist the urge to demonise the league too much. There is certainly no valid comparison to the Fyre Festival, which was nothing but an intent to scam from the beginning, or even to Theranos, which started as a serious business but then quickly degenerated into a scam perpetrated by its founder. By contrast, the AAF's founders didn't scam anyone; they had every intention of running the league and paying the players and coaches on an ongoing basis. It was only when one of the early backers suddenly disappeared that the AAF became vulnerable to takeover by a predatory investor who had no wish to operate the league according to its founders' plan. If only Reggie Fowler, the early investor who flaked out, had backed off earlier; in that case the league could probably have survived by delaying its debut season until next year (and thereby avoiding having to cede control to the vulture Tom Dundon). I disagree with the vitriol directed by torch-bearing mob towards Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian, as Ebersol's grand statements about the league were true when he made them. Also, the egregious events after the league folded, such as leaving players without medical coverage and not paying so many creditors, must be blamed entirely on Dundon and on no one else. So, even if you want to bring ethics into your choice of team gear, AAF gear can still be worn with a clear conscience on account of the good intentions involved in the league's founding.
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    I see DG wrote more-or-less what I was about to write. I really shouldn't like Portland wearing non-traditional uniforms in the playoffs, but, man, that color scheme just works. It's beautiful.
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    As a 9ers fan I love these better then are current uniforms
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    I know you're being sarcastic but I'll still respond. Some arenas literally saw three colors for three months. I don't know about you but it was always about what the opposing team wore that was cool or unique. Now they're appeasing fans who may only attend one game and making mostly all games the same. Real fans who may go to every game or watch every game is being screwed out of unique experiences What used to be a unique matchup Almost game by game is no more. I don't know about you. But this isn't the NFL where same color at home is the norm for home teams all season long. Seeing Laker purple on the road is now quite rare. Seeing piston blue in highlights, you knew it was a road game instantly. Historically since lebron won in that ugly black jersey at home, it's been a disaster to gauge home/away context based on photos or quick glances at highlights. It may be cool now. But 10 years from now, we'll be back to home/away/ and two alternates. I was curious. Lakers wore purple on the road just 15 of their 41 road contests. This includes their black dominant statement jersey Edit. They also wore purple about 15 times at home. I'm with @Wade Heidt. For the casual fan, watching the rockets is a mess My uncle had season tickets for the Spurs years ago. I would've been pissed to see the Celtics wear white in the alamodome for their one yearly visit. Seeing various colors used to be so cool. Even watching leaguepass years ago, each night was a treat. Current era is the opposite of fulfilling. But maybe I'm just getting old.
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    As much as I hate to be the fist shaking old man calling athletes a bunch if millionaire crybabies... It's a f-ing shadow. And you're paid better than the overwhelming majority of the world because you're one of the best in the world at what you do. If a shadow is enough of a distraction for you. Then maybe you should step aside for the next guy and find a different career path.
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    I hate this notion that the Yankees own pinstripes and are the only team that can wear them.
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    "Go Beavs" and "Build the Dam" are two of OSU's mottos/sayings so there's nothing wrong with them.
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    How is this possible? The team colors are right there in every teams logo. Common sense should be that if you see a uniform that does not represent what is in the logo, then it is a special uniform and that's that. Look, I don't like the rampant alternates as much as the next poster but you guys don't need to make up ridiculous excuses to dislike it. You have the TV Broadcast telling you what teams are playing, the team logos to tell you what the team colors are, hell, the front of the jersey should be an obvious indicator as to who the team is.
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    Well, Mike Riley will probably wind up in Corvallis for a 15th time so this fits with his, "gee golly" persona.
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    Ultra long term, soccer is probably a more viable option for a city anyway with the way football, just as a sport, is trending. St. Louis is better off without the Rams.
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    Probably an unpopular opinion, but I don’t think they are the best looking pinstripe team. Good-looking classic? Yes. I think the Cubs and Mets look better. I would add the Rockies too if they removed the front number.
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    Hit the jackpot this past week, including an official NFL game ball signed by Drew Bledsoe for $10
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    Can somebody Photoshop that throwback jersey with their current helmet and pants?
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    Ernie Johnson proved to be the best host in handling the PDX/OKC postgame. So much for Playoff P
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    For the nth time: A player can choose to change helmets and that isn't the NFL's fault. If the NFL mandates a second helmet, it is their legal responsibility. How is this so effing hard to understand?!?!
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    I don't think anyone is saying that. Just like no one would say no college football team besides UCLA should wear a triple shoulder stripe. But everyone would be scratching their heads if USC did it.
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    The stripes look incomplete without white thrown in on the brown jerseys. And brown pants have never looked good. The only reason I like the Color Rush JERSEY, is it's better than anything else the Browns have right now. If it had white numbers a white stripe in between the orange and white pants with the current stripe pattern on that color rush I would take it over either of the jerseys shown by Jezus_Goti.
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    I'll tell the only "full stop" in this discussion. Monochrome dark football uniforms suck... Full stop
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    Yeah, sorry, I hate these. Great if it fits your team color, but these look ridiculous on the Houstons and RSLs and New Englands of the world. And, I have to say it every time, there's nothing environmental or sustainable about making special one time use kits! So stupid as to be offensive.
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    To follow-up, I am posting the Marlins and using nike basics to add more color to the set, and pinstripes just because. Well actually as a nod to successful marlins past, but same concept.
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    Yellow pants looked stupid and totally unnecessary. It's like the Dolphins with orange pants, or the Chiefs with yellow pants. The powder blue with white looks absolutely amazing. There's already plenty of yellow throughout the uniform.
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    One minor inconsistency I noticed on OSU's uniforms is the color of the swooshes on the black set, as the jersey has an orange chest swoosh while the pants have a white hip swoosh. All the other uniforms have the same color swoosh on both the pants and jersey.
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    Still stand by my theory that Nike intentionally makes OSU’s uniforms subpar to assist Oregon. Oregon State has had such a hard time getting their graphic identity right. I actually really liked the interlocking OS and the font that came with it but for some reason that was never embraced. And just stick with the traditional Benny Beaver already. Everything about their identity since the mid-00s has just been trying too hard to look “tough”.
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