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    Half of MLB was formerly an "alternative baseball league". The American League is the most successful alternative league ever. It just happened to start 108 years ago.
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    Honestly, does it matter? A title is a title.
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    I I don't see that as especially drab. I think they just look a little more like an actual NFL team in gray pants. I do agree that the gray pants are confusingly free of green. The simple solution to color the pattern detail in the middle of the stripe green. Then burn all the other pants.
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    LeBron haters: “Why does everyone talk about LeBron all the time? There are other players in the NBA you know!” Also LeBron haters: *in discussions not related to LeBron at all* “Haha LUL LeBrick couldn’t even get his team to the playoffs! MJ’s still the GOAT and he always will be!!!!111!1!!!!1”
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    Forget anti-trust. No start-up could ever guarantee $500M contracts over 10+years. Even if they had stupid money, no player would sign that long with a team that isn’t likely to survive more than a couple of seasons. There will never be an “alternate league” to MLB. Ever.
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    I'm not really going to argue with that.... That's why it sucks.
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    Since Oregon State only showed off the monochrome combos of their new set, here are some mockups of the non-mono combos: If/when they unveil new white and orange helmets, then I’ll whip up some more mockups to include those. For now, though, all of these include the black helmet that they showed off with the unveiling of the new set.
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    Yeah, but we should never take press release marketing-speak very seriously.
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    K, THIS is where I meant to put this. Have you ever had a time where you ended up dating the most beautiful and popular girl you know, and despite the accolades and praise that comes with that (popularity, clout, etc) you end up getting to the point where you’re just SO goddamn sick of her and all the baggage that comes along with it? Thats kinda what this Warriors team feels like at times. I’m actually starting to wonder if they would play better, or in the very least be more fun to watch, if Durant ends up leaving.
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    I want to add that the Lakers, who have arguably the biggest brand in the NBA, are pretty much in the same boat. Lakers goes back to the Minneapolis days, but it's still their name... and I haven't seen any petitions to change it.
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    In 49 states it's just basketball, but this is Indiana. This mashup jersey draws inspiration from the rich history of Indiana high school basketball which is woven into the fabric of the state's sporting culture.
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    Gettleman needs to be shown the door. He could have had Josh Allen or even a Jonah Williams who would fill huge glaring needs that they have...but instead he picks the Duke QB. Hey Gettleman, how does it feel knowing the Jets beat you in the draft this year?
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    Minnesota had been talking to Major League officials throughout the '50s. Its a market that had not one, but two successful minor league teams (the Minneapolis Millers and the St. Paul Saints) that drew right up until the day the Twins came to town. Did the Twins come about simply because the Continental League offered them a team? Or where the wheels already in motion for a team to come to Minnesota, and the Continental League's potential creation just sped the process up? I'm very cautious about giving credit to a league that did nothing beyond having talks and signing some papers that never came to fruition. I much rather give credit to the people and players who spent decades laying down the groundwork for establishing fanbases that could match any existing MLB team in terms of passion and size from the day these cities got MLB teams.
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    It wasn't for lack of trying, even if it never made it onto the field. I have seen the Continental League given a great deal of credit for MLB's decision to finally expand in the '60s. Most of the expansion or relocation markets of the '60s were originally supposed to be part of the CL. The Mets franchise was actually awarded to the New York CL ownership group (which effectively killed the CL).
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    And the Vikings redesign of '06 (*shudder*). The difference is that, for whatever reason, I don't seem to remember that many people pinning those horrible designs as directly on Reebok as we do now on Nike. I think the general feeling was those ideas seemed to be largely a product of NFL Properties. That may or may not have been true, but in the decade that they were exclusive, Reebok definitely didn't put themselves out front and center on every change the way Nike does. Now when there's a new uniform, it's debuted with Nike imagery, and Nike logos, and buckets and buckets of Nike-speak. I'm sure it's true that the teams are just as much to blame/praise for new uniforms now as they were then, but the way it's presented it doesn't always feel that way.
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    Is Columbus our 2019 Team Justice? If only because I already want to shoot Boston into the sun. Again. Again again.
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    After having time to go over the last few weeks of reveals, here are my thoughts: Pitt: For the most part, I like the rebrand and the return to their previous color scheme. I really would've preferred they use a numeral font similar to the one found on their next-to-last set. A traditional block font is immensely better than what they went for. Also glad they didn't try any alternate uniforms. Michigan STATE: If the Spartans want an alternate, why not just use a throwback or fauxback? This design is just offensive. There's too much of a clash with all that's going on, the oversized wordmark and numerals, lime wordmark and pants, it's just overwhelming and not good at all. Baylor: I don't like it. Just another lifeless, stripped down "design" that screams practice uniforms, which unfortunately has been a trend with Nike. Sleeve, pant, and helmet stripes, plus outlined numerals would pick this set up by miles. In my head, I thought Baylor would be OK in yellow, but in actuality, I feel they should've kept the old gold; the omission of black uniform elements is an added plus. West Virginia: Once again, I don't like this. Another strip down of any distinguishable features or design. Why not build off of the White/Slaton/Devine era look or even their coal-mining Pro Combat alternate? I don't really care for the number font, although it's better than the predecessor. Oregon State: Solid design. Finally some striping, although it irks me that, at least in the photoshoot, the helmet striping only matches the away set; overall I think it's an upgrade over the previous set. Wordmark on the chest should have either been omitted or just "Beavers." Missouri: Not sure what to make of the psuedo-retro push that they're making... I enjoy seeing the return of the helmet stripe, but be consistent and put them on all of the pants too. I'd be content if they left their jerseys as is however, with a few minor changes of course.
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    That striping is bad.. boring is better than another overly-designed, reference-to-some-random-building-on-campus-that-I've-never-heard-of, trendy look.. I can't wait til that trend dies
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    There’s also the not-insignificant motivation of selling a -ton of NFL merchandise, too. It’s not like poor Nike won’t get their money’s worth if they can’t re-dress the league in their image. And the NFL has all the leverage there. Nike needs them more than they need Nike’s money. There is absolutely no reason for the league to let a shoe company dictate terms.
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    These Tyreek Hill audio recordings that were released today are really.. disgusting. He needs to be banned from the NFL permanently.
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    Since my Thunder got eliminated, go Bucks. Giannis Antetokounmpo is the Jon Snow to the Warriors' White Walkers.
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    I like it. I feel like with a mashup like this the seams should be visible.
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    In the Rest vs. Rust debate I was firmly on Team Rest because the defense was banged up, Bobrovsky needed time to rest, and needed time for Vladislav Gavrikov to get over here from the KHL. We will see of course if it makes any difference. I kind of think that's one of those things that's talked about more than it actually matters. If they lose the series I don't think it'll be because they had too much time off and if they win I don't think it'll be because the Bruins had no time off. The Blue Jackets have a world class goaltender who's been lights out down the stretch and had one bad period against the Lightning, but was otherwise spectacular. He's had playoff troubles before, but looks like he overcame that against Tampa. Seth Jones and Zach Werenski are elite puck moving defenseman who play a big role in the offense, but I do enjoy watching Seth Jones stickcheck the puck off guys' sticks in the defensive because he's enormous and long. David Savard is a possession monster who's stepped up his offensive abilities this year and Dean Kukan has been a pleasant surprise this season. Their bottom pair on D, however, is a weak spot with the injuries they've had on the blue line. The forwards have some guys. Top line interchanges PL Dubois for Matt Duchene depending on the night, but Cam Atkinson and Artemi Panarin are on the wings. That's the most dangerous line. Josh Anderson is a big dude who motors, but plays clean and can score. He's Tom Wilson if Tom Wilson wasn't a dumb a$$hole. They also have some sneaky small fast guys like Oliver Bjorkstrand and this Alexandre Texier kid who seem to score every time they have the puck. Best ranked penalty kill in the league and they're the second least penalized team in the NHL this season, which is the stat I point to when so many national writers griped "the refs put their whistles away in the playoffs!". Maybe, but there wasn't a whole lot in that series where I went "yikes. got away with one there". Average to bad power-play for the whole season, but they went 5 out of 10 against Tampa, which is actually kind of misleading because one of those was at the end of game 2 when they were up 5-1, plus they scored a 6 on 5 goal in game 4 so really they were 6 for 10 if you think about it like that. It'll be interesting to see what they try against Boston because against Tampa they played a patient, defense-first, neutral zone heavy game that disrupted passes and made it difficult for the Lightning to enter the zone and their forecheck was really good. I'm not sure if the same systems will work against Boston, but one thing I saw was the team committed to playing complete team hockey with everyone buying into the systems and were air-tight responsible with the puck on the breakout and in the neutral zone, which was my biggest worry going into the Lightning series. I'm worried about them giving that Marchand guy too much room to operate. He always always always seems to have a goal and 2 assists against the Blue Jackets.
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    NBA Finals: Portland vs. Milwaukee. Let's do it! TV Ratings be damned!!!!!!!
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    Thanks everyone for the replies. Simple fix but at least now the logo has some meaning to it.
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    I planted my flag for Montrezl Harrell the moment he entered the league and I'll always stan for the guy. He's just the best.
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    Minnesota United again in the white kits tonight. Come on you Loons, no more white at home!!!
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    Red and white just look so good together tbh
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    Your take is both unpopular and dumb
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    As a Jazz fan, I get it. I really do. Silly name, SLC’s not a Jazz music hotbed, blah blah blah. But the name’s not going anywhere. Hasn’t in 40 years, and won’t in the next 40 and probably ever. Let’s all accept and deal with that, and move along. They definitely could make some improvements in other aspects of the brand, no doubt about that, and I’d like to see a few of those things happen. A name change will never be one of those things, though.
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    And the Rockies probably would've gotten away with the color change back around that ASG too. Don't know if they would do it now, but it would look good. Adding more purple would go a long way, regardless.
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    Tom Andrich, an Oregon State alum, was the designer in charge of this new set. So I really don’t think your theory has any legs to it in this instance.
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    I miss the kepi hat.
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    Gold facemasks make it. Still lots of problems with the set, but powder blue over white is by far their best option. But man, what a kick in the nuts to San Diego. Again. They finally ditch the navy blue primaries, but now?!
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    I do like the fact they came up with a fictional anniversary logo for a fictional bowl game.
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    Baltimore Ravens: 1947 Throwback: The First Colts Since Indianapolis has the Baltimore Colts II in their history, we go back to the Baltimore Colts I, formerly Miami Seahawks. Competing in the AAFC with the likes of the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers, the first Colts lasted 4 seasons, and was only really successful in 1948, when they went on to the division playoff and lost. With an early Eagle-esque color scheme and classic block numbers, a solid throwback for the Ravens. 1996 Throwback: NFL's return to Baltimore After the Colts went to Indianapolis, Baltimore was left with a band desperately advocating for a new team. Then, the Browns moved east to become the brand new Baltimore Ravens, and this very 90s masterpiece was created.
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    Cincinnati Bengals: 1921 Throwback: The First Cincinnati NFL Team There were plenty of attempts at pro football in Cincinnati in the 20s and 30s, but none of them really stuck or had any success. The Cincinnati Celts lasted a single season in the NFL, but had plenty of amateur seasons before and after their lone 1921 season. I couldn't find any glimpses of the back of the jerseys, so I assumed the Celts used a block similar to the era. The logo comes from this which seems to be more legitimate than the Impact font modern recreation found everywhere when looking the Celts up. 1933 Throwback: "The Worst Team In The History Of The NFL" What I thought was an interesting look of a team in the 1930s turned into finding a lot of articles calling the 1933-34 Cincinnati Reds football team the worst ever. Managing only 3 wins in almost 2 seasons in the NFL before getting suspended for not being able to pay league dues is a compelling argument. Nonetheless, I found the all red look interesting and looks like if the Wisconsin Badgers and Michigan Wolverines had a baby. The wordmark comes from this game program. 1968 Throwback: The Last Of The AFL The AFL's last franchise was founded this year and decided the best thing to represent a Bengal on their helmets was just... well... "BENGALS." Be it uninspired compared to the current tiger stripe, it was the first wordmark on a football helmet I believe. Bonus 1981 Throwback: You're Welcome, @NicDB The closest Cincinnati has been to winning a Super Bowl came in these. These are the reason this guy is a thing we need to endure Sunday nights. These were revolutionary in the stripe game. These gave the Bengals their still unique helmet. You may have wished that the shoulder stripes went all the way around, though. Me too. But, with the Vapor Untouchable template, shoulder stripes get cut off at the top of the collar triangle and bottom of the nameplate (as seen on the Jets).
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    I'm interested. Cleveland looks great. Even though I tend to like brighter color schemes, I really like the maroon and navy combo.
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    For this Sharks concept, I promoted their secondary logo and updated the updated fin logo. The primary jerseys' striping is based off of the fin's striping in the logo, the third jersey makes use of a triple teal colour scheme, and the alternate is my attempt at combining multiple eras to create a less boring black jersey. What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
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    On to the next one. Detroit Lions: 1932 Throwback: Portsmouth Spartans and the Leather Strips In the early days of football, the leather strips on jerseys to supposedly grip the ball better were quite common, and the Portsmouth Spartans were no exception, so here's my crack at making a good looking jersey (and not the travesty that was the 1994 Bears). The logo comes from a modification of the popular logo on Portsmouth Spartans merchandise to make it rounded like what is on this 1920-1960 NFL map. 1935 Throwback: Block Update A recurring theme I find when researching about these old jerseys is that current NFL designers are (not surprisingly) lazy when it comes to throwback number blocks. The Bears are the only one that put some effort to making their throwback block semi-accurate, whereas the Packers and Lions just slap on the standard current varsity block regardless of historical accuracy. And that is one of the main reasons I started making the Packers concepts to begin with. So, of course, I fixed the block, and found that the Lions logo of 1950s was actually used back in the 1930s as well (as seen on this 1934 ticket). As a result, I found a higher quality version of the logo (on this 1954 records and rules manual) as recolored it to similar as the ticket.
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    AL CENTRAL CLEVELAND SPIDERS Alright, let's do this one more time. This is the Cleveland American League baseball team. They were bitten by a radioactive spider and as of right now they are the one and only Cleveland Spiders. Pretty sure that you know the rest. They've got a great block "C" logo, new scripts, and web-themed sleeve patch. The old fauxbacks had a great combination of soutached pants with unadorned jerseys that looked terrific with the all red color scheme. They also made great use of the cream base color. These uniforms take that stream to another level. Cream home uniforms with a single navy soutache on the pants and block lettering that matches the cap "C" and the numerals. Road uniforms also feature the block lettering but keep the red to navy switch of the current set.
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    Also reworking the Red Sox. I've tried out the 70's era cap and frankly I love it. I've always been a big fan of the Red Sox in red caps and the 70's uniforms generally. So while this probably will be seen as a downgrade by many, it's probably my personal favorite.
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    Here's my entry for the HJC Stinger competition. I made use of all the colors in the primary stinger logo on the home and away, and experimented with powder blue on the alternate jerseys. What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
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    You don't have much of an argument. The force of impact will overwhelm any additional friction provided by a matte finish. You could likely even measure it but the statistical significance in terms of determining the trajectory of the blow or recoil would not be statistically significant. i think there's a pretty strong argument that helmet finish (and possibly decal material) could have a measurable amount of influence on player safety in helmet-to-helmet collisions. most collisions aren't perfectly centered, head-on collisions, in exact opposite directions, on the exact same plane, at a perfect angle. They're normally off-center, random angles, etc., so the force of impact will be affected by deflection of the opposing helmet due in some part to the level of friction of the helmets, based on their finish. the main point here through all of this is that the brain slams up against the inside of the skull due to inertia when the the skull abruptly descelerates. anything that increases the rate of desceleration contributes to an increase in player risk for potential head injury. i would say there has been a pretty clear case represented that certain helmet finishes promote an increased rate of desceleration due to an increase in fricion, thus providing an increased risk to the player. i'm not sure what the differences are, and for all i know, they may be negligible (although ANY difference, when compounded over time, becomes a much bigger issue), but none of us truly know, so people's opinions don't hold much water when this needs to be determined by scientific experiment (thus making the results more "fact" than "opinion").
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    This sounds like something MythBusters would do. Prepare the life-sized gelatin molds and get us some helmets! Seriously though, what are the types of helmet finishes out there? I can think of the following: - gloss - Satin - Chrome - Matte - Textured ("frost") - Unfinished, meaning no paint paint or effect added whatsoever, used as a control That's all I've got. You'd have to pit one model against another, with each finish colliding with another as well as a like-helmet. Yay Science!
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