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    I think the green looks gorgeous. *shrug*
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    Half of MLB was formerly an "alternative baseball league". The American League is the most successful alternative league ever. It just happened to start 108 years ago.
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    Every time someone says the rams home jerseys should be yellow, an infant dies.
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    It seems like only yesterday that C. Montgomery Burns wanted to scour the Federal League for ringers.
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    American League, Federal League, Negro Leagues, and the PCL have all featured Major League, sometimes even Hall of Fame level talent. There just hasn't been a league to challenge the MLB since Branch Rickey's Continental League in which was supposed to launch in the early-60's but never got off the ground. Even though it never got started, Rickey's gameplan made a ton of sense for the time because he recognized MLB's financial model wasn't just falling behind, it had slipped back. One of the reasons I think baseball fell behind the NFL was because they were so stingy about expansion and exploring new markets. The league was still only operating in 10 cities as late as 1952. I can understand why it took so long to get out to places like San Francisco and Los Angeles. But the MLB could have expanded to Toronto, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Buffalo, and Baltimore as early as the 1920s. The fact that no MLB team has gone under since 1901 is proof they could have expanded to more cities at any point, before the first '61 expansion. The AFL/NFL either beat or tied MLB with bringing franchises to Buffalo, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, Oakland, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa Bay. People frequently talk down about expansion, but it's the only way you can grow your league. If you don't take a city seriously when they are ready to be taken as a city capable of supporting a significant franchise, they will find another league that does. And you will be behind and trying to attract new fans, while the more established team has had potentially a 20+ year head start. Today, the same dynamics don't exist anymore. To seriously compete with Major League Baseball you would need at least $8-10 billion to start with, and that's assuming we're only running a six-team league. Looking at alternatives going family-friendly because you already have hundreds of Minor-League teams to serve that function. I don't think rules changes or a different presentation style alone would be enough to attract a younger audience that MLB isn't currently hitting. You could play playoff games earlier, but again I would look at them as ancillary issues and not something you can build a league around. The only thing I think you could do with regards to creating an alternative to the MLB would be to start up a Women's league. The fact that nobody has attempted to do so since Phillip Wrigley is surprising to me. I know how many female writers I've run into who got into covering in large part because of A League of Their Own and have met more than one softball player who would prefer to be playing baseball. I saw the amount of buzz and interest generated by Mo'ne Davis. There was enough interest in the idea of a woman playing in the Majors to get a primetime network show green light. I see a demand here for a product that nobody is providing. I see way more room for potential growth there than another football league, or a three on three basketball league.
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    Honestly, does it matter? A title is a title.
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    I I don't see that as especially drab. I think they just look a little more like an actual NFL team in gray pants. I do agree that the gray pants are confusingly free of green. The simple solution to color the pattern detail in the middle of the stripe green. Then burn all the other pants.
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    It seems that the more series upset Admiral and make him shake his cane, the more I enjoy the playoffs. Please continue, everyone.
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    LeBron haters: “Why does everyone talk about LeBron all the time? There are other players in the NBA you know!” Also LeBron haters: *in discussions not related to LeBron at all* “Haha LUL LeBrick couldn’t even get his team to the playoffs! MJ’s still the GOAT and he always will be!!!!111!1!!!!1”
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    Forget anti-trust. No start-up could ever guarantee $500M contracts over 10+years. Even if they had stupid money, no player would sign that long with a team that isn’t likely to survive more than a couple of seasons. There will never be an “alternate league” to MLB. Ever.
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    As mentioned, the AL was one of those “alternative leagues”. There was another, though; back in the days when the MLB map stopped at St. Louis, the Pacific Coast League built themselves up into a majors-worthy circuit. They paid competitive wages, and many players from the west coast turned down MLB contracts to stay home and play with PCL clubs. In the late 40s and early 50s, it was reported that the PCL might make it official and declare themselves a third major league. But the twin relocations from New York City to California in 1958 robbed the PCL of its two strongest markets and killed that plan. Who knows? If things had worked out differently, we might today have the San Francisco Seals, Portland Beavers, and Seattle Rainiers in the majors. Or even the Los Angeles Angels and San Diego Padres.
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    I'm not really going to argue with that.... That's why it sucks.
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    We have all these wonderful upsets, and it will probably lead to another Boston sports team title.
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    Yeah, Boston fans don’t get a lot of sympathy around here.
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    Since Oregon State only showed off the monochrome combos of their new set, here are some mockups of the non-mono combos: If/when they unveil new white and orange helmets, then I’ll whip up some more mockups to include those. For now, though, all of these include the black helmet that they showed off with the unveiling of the new set.
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    Well, yeah but to me, that's the whole crux of the problem, even more evident on the college level. This is what happens when the vendor/client relationship gets flipped ass-backwards. Ideally, and the way it worked at one time (I guess a long long time ago), a sports team would have a design (whether it was what they traditionally had always worn, or a new design they presumably contracted out for) and they would then find a vendor to manufacture that design. And the team would pay the supplier. That way, there could be no question as to who was making the decision, and the uniform could exist solely for the benefit of the team's brand, to whatever degree the team wanted it to. But that isn't where we are now. These days, the supplier pays the client for the privilege to manufacturer their uniform (in reality, just for the privilege of attaching their logo to the uniform), and as you state, they're not doing that just for the prestige. So, obviously, Nike (or whoever) feels it's well within their rights as the entity that's shelling out all the cash, to make it well worth their investment. I'm not sure there's anything really to be done about it... obviously, we aren't going to put that particular genie back in the bottle, but I reserve the right to bitch about it. And here's a picture of me doing so...
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    The Continental League is what put the gun to MLB's head to expand, but by the same token all four major sports leagues were going through expansions, so I don't know how much credit should go to the Continental League for getting the ball started on expansion. There's no question the League led directly to the creation of the Astros and Mets. The rest is a bit murkier. I mentioned Toronto earlier as being a market the MLB could have expanded to decades before they did. The Toronto Maple Leafs of the International League were playing in a 20,000+ seat stadium and outdrawing some Major League teams well into the 1960s. It shouldn't have taken until the mid-'70s for someone to pipe up and say, hey maybe that city with the million-plus population base and a decades-long track record of supporting baseball should get a team. Another market I didn't mention in my earlier post that MLB could have been first to but wasn't is Atlanta. When the Braves came into town, the team they displaced, the Atlanta Crackers had been in operation since 1892. But the second the NFL announces the Falcons (franchise awarded specifically to block AFL expansion), it's okay for an MLB team to go there. What should tell you is up until about the 1950s, no matter how strong a minor league market was, it didn't matter. They weren't getting a team. That's why when you study baseball history in the United States before the 1960s; you can't just focus on the MLB and ignore everything else. The sport was way bigger than MLB would let you believe because there were so many underserved markets, which is what gave rise to brainstorming tours, minor league dynasties and most importantly the Negro Leagues. Its a completely different world today, but I still see baseball twiddling their thumbs when it comes to cities like Portland, Austin, and Montreal. The built-in excuse now is we need all of our teams to be comfortable with their ballpark situations before looking into other markets. But name one year in the past 50 where this has been true across the league? You don't set unattainable goals if you're serious about doing something.
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    Apologies for the bit of delay, but moving on we have the Oakland Athletics! This set is pretty straightforward, as has been the case with many A's concepts in recent years, kelly takes the place of forest green. It looks great on their alternate jersey, and deserves some time back in the spotlight. The Northwestern sleeve stripes from the 70's are simplified a little bit to create a cleaner look that matches the line weights of the logo. Like @csura999 did with his excellent A's set, the away has a slight green tint to it. The number font is Nike's Futura font, which matches quite well with the letters in the A's primary logo. The BP cap is inspired by the white caps A's coaches would wear throughout the years. The Turn Back the Clock design stays quite reserved, inspired by the 70's home uniform, a design I knew I couldn't omit from this set. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated as always.
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    Utah Jazz is a pretty odd name, and certainly if they'd moved in 2019 instead of 1979, they'd probably have changed the identity to fit their new location. But we're 40 years down the road and Utah Jazz is a household name in world sports and they've got a lot of history behind it. The basketball J note logo is iconic. They'd be mad to change up that level of entrenched identity because it's an odd fit. Not a lot different to the Lakers really.
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    West Coast Simmons with the tortured metaphors over here. As if anyone on this board has ever dated a beautiful popular girl.
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    There are "alternative" baseball leagues. We know them as the "independent leagues" like the Frontier League, Northern League, etc. If you're not counting those leagues then here's what would have to happen to start another alternative league. First, you need to find around 2500 players who are good enough to play professionally at at least AAA level and who aren’t already signed by MLB or MiLB. Do that, and we can talk about the second step.
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    I don't need to hear Warriors fans complaining. Nope, not interested. You're Boston-level now and no one cares. Sorry. Also, you pay $5,000 grand for lower bowl seats, you can sit out the last damned minute of the game. Embarrassing.
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    I feel like it was different in Cincinnati's case as the building was their stadium
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    I wanted to try to create a Cleveland Browns Baseball Hat. A hat that might pass as a baseball team hat and not a goofy NFL or minor league hat. The logo-less Browns make for an interesting problem. The colors, stripes, etc being their real identity. (2 versions - piping and no piping)
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    Raiders doing a great job reaching when they got 2 other first round draft picks they could have used to get the same player.
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    Not that Ike. And yeah, it does strike me that quoting Steve Martin’s routine about stale material is pretty funny, considering we’re farther away from his stand-up now than he was to Eisenhower at the time.
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    I would watch the heck out of a women's baseball league so long as they didn't make the nicknames and logos some arbitrarily feminine name. Just make them baseball teams, but with women playing. So don't call them the Chicks, Lassies, or Belles. Rockford (or Chicago) Peaches might be okay just because they were the winningest team and could have a little bit more of a pop culture appeal just because of the movie. But I'd just hope they would have real baseball team names and branding.
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    2008 Playoffs - Round One Eastern Conference Long Island (1) vs Detroit (8) After a fairly successful regular season, the young and inexperienced Mustangs proved to be little match for the powerful Concordes. Nathan Sibley scored two of Detroit’s four goals in a four-game Long Island sweep. Philadelphia (2) vs Quebec (7) In a series that was much closer than it appeared, Quebec gave up the lead in four out of five games, including a pair of two-goal leads in a wild game three. Jared Baxter was once again Philly’s best player, scoring six points in the series as the Redshirts advanced in five. Boston (3) vs Atlanta (6) Just prior to game one, the Bulldogs announced their black alternate uniforms would once again serve as their home jerseys, not just for the playoffs but full time starting in 2008-09. The team rolled out to AC/DC’s “Back in Black” to start game one, which was then dominated by Atlanta, as was game two, which the Copperheads won 2-0 to take a stunning 2-0 series lead. But Boston rallied in game three, forcing the game to overtime with just 41 seconds left before Jeffery Simpkins won it in overtime. Game four was 2-0 Boston until the third period, when a goal from Jason Ferland brought Atlanta within one. But Mark Davis was solid in net, as Boston held on to tie the series. A 3-0 shutout for Davis gave the Bulldogs the win in game five to give them a chance to close out the series in game six. Down a goal with 28 seconds left in game six, Brendan Marlo tied it up. Then just seconds away from overtime, Mikael Larsson scored to give Boston the win and send them to the second round. Toronto (4) vs Carolina (5) Carolina jumped to a 3-0 lead in game one, but two goals from Joe Murdock and one each from Darren Reid and Theo Galvin gave Toronto a huge comeback win. Carolina never recovered, winning only game three at home before succumbing to the Racers in five. Western Conference Milwaukee (1) vs St. Louis (8) The Spirits made their long-awaited return to the post-season. However, they never really stood a chance facing the league’s top team. Brad McNair’s six points led the Choppers to a 3-0 series lead early. After St. Louis won game four, the Choppers finished them off in game five. Chicago (2) vs Portland (7) New Shamrocks owner Richard Garfield made one adjustment to a long-standing team policy just prior to the 2008 playoffs, he lifted the ban on facial hair just for the playoffs so his team could join in on the playoff beard tradition. Game one went to Portland on a soft third period goal from center ice. But Kari Nurminen bounced back in a big way in game two, stealing the show with a 2-0 shutout performance. Chicago then won a triple-OT thriller at the Pacifico Center in game three thanks to a big goal from Jonathan Wheatley. Portland then won an overtime epic of their own, with Patrick Diaz scoring the winner in double overtime in game four to tie the series. Back in Chicago, Nurminen earned another shutout while Wheatley’s two goal performance gave the Shamrocks a 3-2 series lead. The Shamrocks then closed out the Cascades in game six, with Nurminen earning his third shutout of the series. Oakland (3) vs Dallas (6) In a very closely contested series, Oakland’s budding superstar goaltender proved to be the difference. With the teams tied 2-2 going into game five, Sweet had back-to-back shutouts in games five and six as the Nuggets advanced. Edmonton (4) vs Los Angeles (5) Despite a strong year for LA, Kris Nazarenko and the Northern Lights were considered the favorites going in. The Wizards’ tight-checking game held “Naz” to only one point in the entire series, while goaltender Matt Stover stood on his head. LA stunned Edmonton in four straight and after losing game four, Nazarenko threw a garbage can through a glass door in the visitor’s locker room.
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    I like the idea of yellow as the home jersey if it's what they wore when they moved in 1946. That being said, I can see the Rams completely ticking all the fans off if they ditch the current home design for a Seattle like design.
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    The image is broken. What teams was it?
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    I recently read a very good book on the Continental League called Bottom of the Ninth by Michael Shapiro. It's an odd book, ostensibly about both Branch Rickey and Casey Stengel. However, the two of them don't interact; the book looks separately at the formation of the Continental League and at the Yankees' 1960 season. The author never even makes any coherent case for why Rickey and Stengel should be considered in parallel. This book is really like two books in one cover. The half about the Continental League is far more interesting. While Stengel is indeed a fascinating character, there has been plenty written about him. Whereas, this chronicling of the attempt to launch the Continental League is the most detailed material I have ever seen on that topic. The central character in that story, apart from Rickey, is Bill Shea. And there are many scenes involving Yankee owner Del Webb, baseball Commissioner Ford Frick, A.L. President Joe Cronin, columnist Dan Daniel, and even some AFL owners, as the Continental League's Denver team was originally controlled by Broncos founder Bob Howsam.
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    Literally nobody says that. Nike takes heat because Nike is the one currently screwing up the league. We took on Reebok when they were doing it, but now complaining about them seems misplaced. A bit late, like Ike jokes.
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    Yeah, but we should never take press release marketing-speak very seriously.
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    Detroit Stars one of my favorite throwbacks!
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    The swoosh has become a team logo in many cases, and it’s obviously intentional. I can’t blame Nike - if the NFL allows it, why wouldn’t they do it? I blame the teams for not caring enough about their brands to allow Nike’s to overtake theirs.
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    I think the redesigns made during Nike's tenure have been hit and miss. Certainly no better or worse than some of the crap that came out during the Reebok era (Bengals?). But the idea that Nike is working a way to highlight the swoosh in their designs has been floated before around here. A little tin-foil-hat, to be sure, but there is some evidence. Seattle's sleeve features a bright green element that completely surrounds the swoosh, like a brightly colored frame; In fact, on the road, it would seem logical for that triangular element to stay green, but instead it goes to navy with a green swoosh, which stands out better; In the case of the Vikings, you could make the argument that the curved striping forms a "pocket" that, like Seattle, specifically frames out the logo; And then there's the Jags and the Titans; In both cases, the logo is oddly colored. With Jacksonville's road uniform, they went out of their way to drain all teal out of every part... it's all black and white. Except for the swoosh, which gets the bright teal treatment. And with the Titans, its embarrassingly obvious. There's really only one reason to make that logo red. I'm not saying these are crimes against nature or something, but when people bring up the manufacturer introducing elements that serve to mostly highlight themselves over the team, this might be some of the stuff they're referring to. Or, on the other hand...
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    Fair enough! This combo is drab & deflated: While this one is far more vibrant, albeit it monochromatic: I love that a major sports team has taken ownership of such an oddball color.
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    What's up with the claims that the Jets helmet looks black now? I don't see it. It's clearly a medium shade of green and gets brighter when light hits it because of the metallic flakes or whatever. It's nothing we haven't seen with the Broncos or Eagles.
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    if there was only somewhere to draw inspiration from...perhaps a stylized script that evoked the JET era of the 70's-80's that did not use a football and might even resemble an airline wordmark.
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    K, THIS is where I meant to put this. Have you ever had a time where you ended up dating the most beautiful and popular girl you know, and despite the accolades and praise that comes with that (popularity, clout, etc) you end up getting to the point where you’re just SO goddamn sick of her and all the baggage that comes along with it? Thats kinda what this Warriors team feels like at times. I’m actually starting to wonder if they would play better, or in the very least be more fun to watch, if Durant ends up leaving.
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    Same with football, actually. The most successful rival league to the NFL became an entire conference within it.
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    The next team up is the Seattle Shockwaves. (Northwest Division, North conference.) Made in Affinity Designer. C&C Appreciated.
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    I want to add that the Lakers, who have arguably the biggest brand in the NBA, are pretty much in the same boat. Lakers goes back to the Minneapolis days, but it's still their name... and I haven't seen any petitions to change it.
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    So by my count, 11 of the 16 playoff teams have at least one black primary or alternate uniform. And I believe nine of those teams have worn a black set at least once in the playoffs. So of the 32 games played so far, not counting tonight, 17 matchups have featured one team wearing black. That's over 50% of the games! That number is...
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    It’s been nearly 40 years. Let it go, people.
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