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    But didn't players wear really baggy uniforms in the 1990's? The style of the uniforms are going to likely change constantly, so that would mean you'd have to constantly change the logo... which would be super tedious to always do.
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    The Heat already have an established look. Their uniforms are pretty close to modern classics. If anything, wear the vice jerseys less. I don’t think the Heat look anything like Toronto.
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    So it’s about 5:30am, I couldn’t fall asleep tonight, and I really loved Maryland’s spring game helmets. What’s all this mean when put together? A new concept! Seriously though these were amazing. They looked great with numbers and they’d probably look good with the M logo swapped in as well, but, in my opinion, neither come close to the Terps script. And that’s what I went with. Also made some tweaks to the jerseys, limiting the flag pattern to a small stripe on the sleeve instead of the whole sleeve cap and adding a turtle patch in its place. It’s one of the most unique names in sports, why is it not used ANYWHERE in their current branding? Unfortunately, the picture I based my rendering off of didn’t show the pants (I was more focused on getting a good shot of the helmet), so those aren’t visible, but would likely have the helmet stripe on the side. Maybe I’ll do a full set, but for now this is what I got: Thoughts?
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    Hey everyone, I'm excited to share this refresh for my hometown Seattle Mariners! I think the Mariners have an outstanding identity (compass rose, beautiful colors) but currently have lots of execution issues (endless outlines, disjointed elements, and strange line weights). I tried to combine the current and retro wordmarks, and keep it all a bit simpler. The main uniforms have wave striping on the sleeves, and drop shadows on the text. The arched lowercase "Seattle" on powder blue is inspired by early Mariners road jerseys. The Sunday alt is based on the inaugural uniform. The jersey template is by rsaline. Here's a quick edit of the Mariners website: Please, let me know what you think! Thanks for looking!
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    Why can’t all ball players dress like this?
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    Yesterday’s matchups: Few notes: - The Revs wore navy shorts with their current primary kits for the first time. These are new for this season, as they weren’t worn at all last season and they have the Adidas logo on the front like all of the other shorts for this year’s kits. When their new secondaries were unveiled it was mentioned that there would be navy alternate shorts, so chances are these are them and they can be worn with the primaries as well. - The Red Bulls had their annual Autism Awareness match yesterday and wore these special shiny blue numbers: - And as I mentioned yesterday, the Timbers debuted the white clash/alternate shorts for their new primary kit: This is an absolutely gorgeous look. After seeing both the all-green and green/white/green kit combos in action, I’ve definitely changed my mind to think that the latter is the better look overall. The white shorts help to balance everything out and tie in the white accents. As biased as I am, I’d say this might just be the single best look in the league. I’m still okay with the all-green being the first choice look, but I want to see a healthy dose of the white shorts as well.
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    Oh Bucs, why did you change from those beauties... CLOCK NUMBERS!
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    Are the Bucks fans wearing BFBS shirts? Also on the court, the Celtics are wearing their BFBS jerseys! Two green teams avoiding the green! Gross lol.
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    Hi friends! I was really disappointed when the AAF folded. I felt they had some great logos and visuals and I really like the idea of spring football. I really think it would have worked great and eventually improved the NFL by developing talent. This got me thinking what if the NFL were to fund the whole project. Make it a development league for the NFL. It really got my mind turning with some idea of how this could work. I'll lay out my thoughts then get too the concepts: In this league there will be 16 teams. This is double what there was before but with the potential of crossover with NFL players support, this amount could be realistic from a personnel stand. The 8 original teams will all be returning and there will be 8 new teams. The new teams will be derived from other previously defunct leagues (USFL, FXFL, UFL, WFL) these identities may be tweaked or relocated. In my mind I see Roger Goodell buying the rights to anyone who ever challenged the NFL in a power move ala Vince Mcmahon buying WCW and ECW. Each of the teams will have two parent clubs from the NFL, one from the AFC and one from the NFC. The teams will consist of 60 players broken down in the following manner: each NFL team supplies 25 players -- 10 offensive, 10 defensive, and 5 flex players that may include special teamers or anyone else. The remaining 10 players will be signed as free agents by the AAF club independentl . The free agents may only sign 1 year contracts. The pro players must meet the following criteria: they are either still within their rookie contract OR have played in less than 20% of snaps in the previous season. This league would play a 10 game season, with a two week 4 team playoff. The season would begin in May after the NFL draft and conclude in August. This means the season will be completely independent from the NFL season avoiding any conflicts. The league is divided into two conference and here are the identities known thus far: As you can see the original AAF teams are slotted, and there are two teams that will be revealed in this first post. I wanted to make sure to do one recent team and one that is being brought back. The first team is one of my favorites from the AAF, the San Diego Fleet. Honestly I really didn't change a whole lot. As you can see on both the jersey and helmet each player will have a patch/decal to represent which parent club they represent. Free agent players will not have these. The Fleet will continue to play at the SDCCU Stadium. The next club moved north on the Mississippi. When I started this project I really wanted to recreated the Memphis Showboats from the USFL and honestly almost didn't just be because Memphis already had a team. I gave thought to moving the Express but decided it would be best to leave the original teams where they were. St. Louis was somewhere that I thought deserve a club after the Rams left and with a showboat history there it seemed like a good fit. They will play their home game at The Dome at Americas Center. I really hope this is a fun series for you all to look through, I have all of the teams done and organized, I just need to do their uniforms. I will alternate between "current" teams and rebooted teams. I wanna throw credit where it belongs here. First the Uniforms and helmets- the Nike hypercool Football template I'm using came from the board here, it was posted by user MattWilcox and he gives credit to a couple other guys as well. I may tweak a line here and there and add to it but those guys made it. Theres a link to that thread embeded to this post. Of course I dont own most of these logos. None of the NFL ones, none of the original AAF ones either. The reboots teams will be a combination of the original concepts and new elements. Some will be recolored, tweaked, fully redesigned. I will try to give credit on a post by post basis but if you have questions feel free to ask. ENJOY (up next: Zeus+Leto= )
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    They still gotta get rid of those shoulder caps. Either remove it completely or make it a strip somehow.
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    So, Tulsa Rouchnecks FC just set a damn good example for the rest of soccer. One of their players was accused of using a serious racial slur against an opponent, and THIS was their response (revised). Thats a tough move to make from a competitive standpoint because this particular player is a pretty big part of their system. But this was also the right move to make. Sometimes, the right moves are the most difficult. I truly commend them for this.
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    I own the middle level Limited. Fits just the same as before, and I would much rather wear that than the cheap ones.
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    Looks like that’s just a photoshopped Chiefs jersey. Still looks pretty good, though.
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    They could, if we had sensible rules that required them to.
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    The Diamondbacks should only use A-chest jerseys. Diamondbacks is too long and D-Backs looks ridiculous. Could someone mock that up with current colors?
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    One problem: Dolan keeps the Knicks from ever being a consistent contender.
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    Sorta looks like an altered version of the old Philadelphia wordmark (look at “arriors”): Also, though going the opposite way, I see that basketball with the 4-point stars trailing and see something that’d be a great update of the Magic’s original ball. You’d have to place the stars a bit closer to the ball trail, of course, but the idea is there.
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    Here's a thread for some of my NFL concepts. First off, the LA Rams. I gave them a yellow home jersey because they might be the only team that could pull it off. The sleeve striping is a very Southwestern design based on the flag of Los Angeles, to really lean into their new SoCal identity. Included are alternate blue pants for both home and away, and throwbacks based on both the Fearsome Foursome and Eric Dickerson eras.
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    As long as we don’t get a Willy and Willie Johnson or Richard and Richie Long on the same team situation, this shouldn’t be a stiff issue. In this era, the last name is good enough.
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    Does it have an old school Orlando Magic feel to anyone else?
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    For what ever reason it’s not allowing me to quote, but stacked is by far the worst. The first name gets covered by the helmet and the number get pushed further down than normal.
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    Thanks! That was absolutely the goal going in. Thank you! For the throwback, I thought about going with the sleeveless design, but there's a specific reason I decided not to, as you will see later on in the series. I kind of like how it acts as sort of an alternative home look, sort of like the Giants do with their two gray road jerseys. The Mariners should be up tomorrow!
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    Glad you like it! I wanted to include the partial logo somewhere, so I put it on the helmet, but the S logo works just as well! As for the fauxback helmet, I guess that, with all the talk about the NFL one-helmet rule, I forgot that MLB teams could have multiple! Thanks for the kind words! I'm partial to the A's in forest green (it contrasts well with their yellow) but mostly I wanted a vibrant emerald green for the Mariners. Too often, the team's current shade comes out as a light blue color rather than green.
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    You really made me think that they actually did something about it, and then I clicked the link. "More information will be given when it is available" is code for "we're going to let this quietly fade away, and hope everyone forgets". EDIT: I think you gave the wrong link. I see now that they actually released the player. Great on them, and hopefully they're a role model for everyone else. The correct one should be here.
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    Yeah, it's an improved concept. The updated 2D centurion is too tightly packed and doesnt look as elegant as the original. The "concept" melds the two together nicely IMO.
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    Damn, that ending to the game was crazy. Both teams had an opportunity to steal a win in the closing moments. LAFC are perhaps a bit unlucky to not come out with a win (they missed some amazing chances) as Seattle were down to 10 men for nearly the entirety of the game and down to 9 for the last few minutes, but all credit to Seattle for holding on and nearly stealing it at the end. Onto Chicago!
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    The post deserves first star of the game for the Canes.
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    That Portland kit is definitely the best in the league right now, and what a great matchup with Toronto. Sorry color blind fans but it does look fantastic. I also really like the NYCFC v Orlando match. Orlando’s purple are up there towards the top of the league imo. Also Colorado’s kit is great, the Red Blue Red balances fantastically
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    I don't know when this happened, but I found it too funny...
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    Because stirrups and wearing pants that a high cuffed isn’t comfortable to most players.
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    Sorry that Bergeron is a bit tired, most likely because he spent the game hustling back into the defensive zone for five periods because Marchand, Pastrnak, and Heinen, who he is constantly lined with, don't do dick in their own zones. This team has a lot of problems, such as Jake DeBrusk somehow deciding to drop the puck back when he's four feet from Bobrovsky with nothing in the way or Charlie Coyle thinking it's a marvelous idea to make a no look pass right in front of his own net. Bergeron is getting opportunities. He's just not capitalizing. There is a huge difference between that and not getting opportunities, which is what Marchand and Pastrnak are doing because they are getting too fancy and just gliding around half the game. This team has some problems but Patrice Bergeron's effort is not one of them.
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    Here is an update on the showboats. I agree the numbers didn't work, I was on the fence but didnt want to have both first teams have block numbers. Poor judgement. I can see the complaint about monochrome red. Its very "color rush" I kinda like it still and more so I fear they would end up looking too similar to San Antonio eventually. A team with a name like "showboats" should have a a flashy feel IMO. Thanks for the feed back!
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    Hey, nice work! This is a really solid update of the Mariners’ identity. The ocean wave striping on the sleeves is inspired! My one concern is the green you chose comes dangerously close to the retro shade the A’s have been using (and that they may go back to full time sooner rather than later) that it might be odd to have them both playing in the same division. But on its own terms, it works really well!
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    FCC is starting to show their expansion woes... Although I'm pretty sure the team is a damn myth, where as I can't watch them on the tele. At this point though, I'm pretty fluent with the Premier League and Bundesliga.
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    What the hell happened there at the end?? They just stood there and let the Nuggets run the clock out while Popovich yelled at me to foul. It’s like they just gave up. Bizzare.
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    I don’t see any flaw in using the actual silhouette of Kerry west and what he wore. If any league tried to set up a logo that way and keep it consistent with the current style then the logo would never stay the same.
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    When you're team is based in Austin and the Alamo is the picture they use for the city picture, you'll never see a single down.
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    Seems like Brownie is being reemphasized. On kitchen's hat and short during interview today. I like it.
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    Trash take. Go sit outside in Phoenix for four hours in July and talk to me about it.
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    I really like this one:
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    Cardinals, Bengals and Falcons could all use a redesign. Reebok's designs didn't age well.
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    New Orleans Jazz sounds fine but who cares? Jazz basketball is almost entirely in Utah now. Nothing is broken about the brand except for their efforts to use every color of the rainbow in one year.
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    What the hell is going on here? The phrase "New Orleans jazz" existed before the team used it for its name. In respect, it is similar to other already-existing phrases which got adopted as team names, such as "St. Louis blues", "Texas Rangers", "Baltimore oriole", "Colorado Rockies", and "Florida panther". And what's all this about? First of all, "New Orleans" consists of words of one syllable plus two syllables (no matter whether you say the second word as "OR-linz" or as "or-LEANZ"). But, more importantly, a multi-syllabic locality name can do just fine with a one-syllable nickname. We see it all the time: Minnesota Twins, Philadelphia Stars, Indianapolis Colts, San Antonio Spurs, San Francisco Seals, Los Angeles Rams, Sacramento Kings, etc.
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    Tell that to the San Antonio Spurs, Indiana Pacers, Denver Nuggets and the Nets.
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    Let this happen NFL. Please. Wear color rush for 6 games, orange for 2, and white on the road.
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    I love it! You just don’t get the show.
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