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    Fixed (except on the already finished red jersey) Done! Here's an update with a full set;
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    Now here are the Mariners! As is the case with most Mariners concepts, teal takes a greater priority within the color scheme. The teal-billed hat is the primary, and I also lightened up the digital version of the shade to better match the color in real life. Although I didn't love the update the Mariners made in 2015 in separating the navy & teal in their wordmarks, I admit it did make the teal pop a little more which I liked. Because of that, I decided to run with that element in this set, where the sleeve & pants stripes (inspired by the sock pattern) also take cues from that design choice. The away has a navy blue tint to it, the navy alternate would be worn with a white cap while at home (inspired by this fauxback cap), and a teal cap option is also added as a Friday home alt option. The Turn Back the Clock uniform is based on the heritage white alt uniform, which is based on the Seattle Pilots' original uniforms. I'd love to hear what you all think, any comments or criticisms are appreciated.
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    So, Tulsa Rouchnecks FC just set a damn good example for the rest of soccer. One of their players was accused of using a serious racial slur against an opponent, and THIS was their response (revised). Thats a tough move to make from a competitive standpoint because this particular player is a pretty big part of their system. But this was also the right move to make. Sometimes, the right moves are the most difficult. I truly commend them for this.
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    Here's my prediction for next season's Oilers third. What do you think?
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    He's still damn good too
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    No matter what their color, they need to fix that bubbly typeface. 6/8/9 all bleed into each other. It looks like the 2018 Marlins and Dunkin Donuts made thick in the warm.
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    I find that the sleeve length on a limited is more like a t-shirt whereas the game jerseys have sleeves that are a little too long for me. That combined with the higher quality of numbers and logos is why I prefer limited. If you can, try some on in store even if it’s a different team to see how you like the fit before deciding.
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    MLS would be plenty profitable if it chose, but they are instead plowing their earnings back into infrastructure at a clip not seen in any other sport. MLS clubs are building stadiums, training facilities, scouting networks, youth academies, and everything else the sport demands. They’re actively working to make up the decades’ worth of head start leagues have around the globe. So don’t mistake “not profitable” for “not making enough money.” The owners are foregoing short-term profits to invest heavily in the future of their businesses. That is a sign of strength, not weakness.
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    I would definitely watch nature documentaries narrated by Ice Cube.
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    During Saturday's AAF game between Orlando and Atlanta on TNT, there was a commercial for the New York State Lottery that featured fans of a fictitious baseball team, many of whom were dressed in the team's yellow-and-black gear. Here is the establishing shot of the crowd. We can see someone wearing an unbuttoned home jersey; and, in front of that person, is the commercial's main character, who is wearing a buttoned road jersey. Both jerseys feature the same arched "New York" wordmark. Here is the main character. There are three caps pictured. The main character is wearing a black cap with an "NY" insignia. Another fan is wearing a yellow cap with the bird logo that can be seen on the left sleeve of the main character's jersey. And a vendor is wearing a yellow cap with the "NY" insignia, smartly accessorised with a yellow polo shirt bearing the bird logo. That cap can be seen on the head of a jolly face-painting fan. The fan with the yellow bird cap is wearing a black jacket that has the "NY" insignia, over a white T-shirt with the bird logo reversed. Finally, we see that the main character's jersey has the "NY" insignia on the right sleeve. We never get any indication of the team's nickname; but, considering the logo and the colour scheme, I am willing to bet that it is meant to be "Canaries". This is a quality production. Even the unorthodox choice not to have the letters of the "NY" insignia cross or interlock, as is traditional in New York baseball, was put to artistic use in the painting of the separate letters on the two cheeks of the fan. And the font, which is non-standard yet not awkwardly distorted, makes for a very attractive wordmark and initials insignia. So I say that this is very well done.
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    Great decision eliminating the silver. I wouldn't have thought to go with the negative space between the colors but it looks terrific. I can definitely see the M's going in this direction.
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    You haven't had much client work, I see.
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    We can't forget the Beavers and their nemesis, the Dragons.
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    Ah, yes! Thank you for cluing me in.
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    The Detroit team from The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh. Shiny teal and orange. Just watched it, that movie was fonkay.
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    NEW YORK STREETS!!! OMG OMG OMG YES love it! That's wassup! The short field kinda bugs me, too weird. If it was a shorter length game, yea, but to finish a game 70-31, come on man. @ProfessorBigShots What's the Miami Suns?
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    I'd love to see the Pelicans wearing the purple/green/gold more often. I don't like that color scheme for the Jazz, because the classic logo makes it so that they're pretty much a purple/yellow team when wearing purple uniforms. I wouldn't mind dark green/light blue/faded yellow for the team if they can't do purple.
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    Yea he was a great, there was many great players, he's a good gm, but he should be never be logo.
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    If we changed logos due to the items no longer being the standard we'd have to change them every year. He's a crap GM but he was a great player, otherwise the league wouldn't have picked him.
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    A lot of it has to do with instability. The league has had a history of a bunch of teams folding at once, and even suspended operations in 2009. That's why they are not more popular. Right now it's a niche league owned by two men: Ron Jaworski and Ted Leonsis. They had 4 teams last year and now have added two more teams but who knows how long that's going to last. It also doesn't help that there are another 1,000 indoor leagues as well.
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    The post deserves first star of the game for the Canes.
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    The terp on the shoulder be facing the other way, but besides that it looks awesome. That script has always been their bed look imo
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    I don’t see any flaw in using the actual silhouette of Kerry west and what he wore. If any league tried to set up a logo that way and keep it consistent with the current style then the logo would never stay the same.
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    Sorta looks like an altered version of the old Philadelphia wordmark (look at “arriors”): Also, though going the opposite way, I see that basketball with the 4-point stars trailing and see something that’d be a great update of the Magic’s original ball. You’d have to place the stars a bit closer to the ball trail, of course, but the idea is there.
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    I'm okay with the name. But for the colors, definitely because they created a grey jersey that's one of the most beautiful, by making it pop with the perfect accent colors. To make a grey jersey look this nice, you need to kick your design game into that next gear, and they sure as heck did.
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    The shield is also sorta the shape of Ohio—not super literally, but I get that vibe, especially in reference to the Cleveland Barons logo.
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    That's probably the best way to use the Maryland flag, making it a stripe. It's just too busy of a design to use as the entire helmet shell.
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    Tell that to the San Antonio Spurs, Indiana Pacers, Denver Nuggets and the Nets.
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    Since Oregon State only showed off the monochrome combos of their new set, here are some mockups of the non-mono combos: If/when they unveil new white and orange helmets, then I’ll whip up some more mockups to include those. For now, though, all of these include the black helmet that they showed off with the unveiling of the new set.
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    It's been a week, I've been working on more concepts... 2 of them are completed, 2 more are being finished off... let's go with the first of these new teams. THE DALLAS COWBOYS HOME ROAD OTHER So Jerry Jones is a maverick, defies the league in his choices.... so I figured I do the same here, the big city one is probably the biggest middle finger concept wise to the league, bright neon skyline of Dallas represented truly.
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    If they do, I'd go with the block numbers from the original season. Maybe against the Titans, who were the Jags first regular season opponent when they were the Oilers.
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    Alright, here by request, dark green jerseys over lime pants:
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    You mean this one? Sure, since nothing else on this jersey has a white outline. But still, that's probably the smallest problem with this look.
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    I'm not sure if this is a technical issue and it's not really a big deal, but has anybody else been getting notifications repeated in other notifications? I've noticed it a few separate times now and you can see it here with the most recent like on a the Star Wars thread post notifications is rolled over into the next notification.
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    I won't delay this much longer but now I present the first AFC team of this concept batch, the other LA team... the Chargers. And I figured the primary blue will be powder but I also want to use their color rush blue and their navy blue and create uniforms based of those plus what their big city uniform is like.. which is to represent what Los Angeles is also known for but ignoring Hollywood altogether.... PALM TREES and 50's style suits. THE LOS ANGELES CHARGERS HOME ROAD OTHER If you also want to see the images before they show up here, they'll be uploaded onto my imgur which is provided here - https://heavybassx.imgur.com/all When time passes, I'll choose the best three before moving onto the next one.
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    New look for Jays games on Sportsnet: Old:
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    Fun fact: An American team has won the Grey Cup (1995 Baltimore Stallions) more recently than a Canadian team has won the Stanley Cup (1993 Montreal Canadiens).
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    Final expansion team named today. The Enemies.
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    Moria Forgers The dwarven kingdom of Moria was created as a mining city by Durin, under the three main peaks of the Misty Mountains. The name forgers was inspired by the wonderous skills of dwarves at crafting metals into magnificent armours, weapons and everyday objects. The color scheme symbolises the heat of the forge (red, orang and yellow) and the two tone gray stands for metal ore (dark gray) and polished metal (light gray). The forge hammer blown over the anvil is the exact image that the team wants to convey when fighting in the hockey rink.
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    The were smart enough to Citadel in 2006 and signed LMAs with Cumulus a few years ago. The same Cumulus which just got out of bankruptcy. There's little money in radio, they're going back in regardless of the you knowing the call letters. This is more pointless than any sports realignment concept.
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    Anduin Argonath The team takes the name from the famous two statues called the Pillars of the Kings or Argonath. They mark the entrance in the realm of Gondor on the course of the river Anduin. The big statues, representing Isildur and Anarion, are said to hold both an axe in the books while in the movies it was decided to give a sword to one of the two. The team decided to stick with the movie design as it seemed a neat idea to differentiate more the two. The color palette is based on Fresh Water Light Blue, Granite Ochre and Deep Waterfall Blue. The usual jersey presentation was changed to make enough room for the main logo, which has a mainly vertical extension, and in the negative space it was possible to add a particular of the shoulder patch A.
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    Of all possible pictures, why would you post Kobe in a Knicks uni?
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    Minas Morgul Nazgul I've always been fascinated by Peter Jackson's depiction of the fallen city of Minas Ithil, now known as Minas Morgul, with its gloomy yet flashy apparence. Neon blue and green fading into darkness was a perfect match to the home jersey. The logo is taken from the Nazgul banner representing Minas Ithil (Tower of the Moon) now under the dark spells of the Nazgul, hence the skull. The away jersey sports a logo resembling the helmet of the witchking of Angmar, the Nazgul commander. I decided to have just fading colors instead of a proper striping as the Ringwraiths are a simple yet powerful institutions in the ranks of the Dark lord
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    Mordor Black Army The dark realm of Mordor deserved a dark and gloomy jersey to match. The flaming eye of Sauron was in red on the black banner of the mighty army of Mordor so the team's logo was an obvious one to choose. For the away jersey the team refused to wear white opting for an interesting shade of reddish gray. At first it was thought of adding yellow and orange to recreate the colors of the ever-active volcano of Mount Doom but then the idea was ditched as the color scheme was felt becoming too bright...
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    Dale Blazers The City of Dale was completely destroyed and burnt by Smaug the Terrible, dweller of the Lonely Mountain but rised from its ashes when the dragon was eliminated by Bard. For this reasons Blazers was a suiting name for them. The color palette was chosen from the colors of fire and the sandrock of which Dale was built. They sport a pretty simple uniform with the iconic Bacon strips striping. As there is not actual description in Tolkien books I chose to stick with Peter Jackson imagery and colors for the city.
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    Here's a new Eagles concept, based on the late 70's/early 80's look...
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