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    I really like the fiesta colors, but I don’t want fiesta colors in EVERY uniform, we’ve never had fiesta colors in any uniform and weve won 5 championships in the black and silver. If we had to add it I would prefer it being an alt, replacing the camo uni. However I don’t hate that we don’t use it and it’s strictly marketing, there’s something professional about that ig.
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    Of the three, the Rams are the only team that might be able to consider the yellow/athletic gold era to be their glory years. They wore yellow at least part of the time from 1946-50 (including the weird red season of 1949) and exclusively from 1951-57. During that period, they played in four NFL championship games (1949, 1950, 1951 and 1955) and won the championship in 1951. They also only finished under .500 once (1956). Besides that, the yellow jerseys just look really nice.
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    Because pop culture.... it would be a terrible name that would look awful initially and worse every year.
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    Didn't someone recently say there were some good people on that side? Debunked, unfortunately... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kensington_Runestone
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    Yes Sockeyes is definitely a hockey name. Game hashtags would be like #SharksGetSocked
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    Yup. Only four sites confirmed by actual finds;
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    Sorry but the BiG logo is one of, if not the most overrated look in American sports, it has nothing to tie in with Milwaukee, it has nothing to do with brewing, was only around for fifteen years, (the current one is at 19, next year will be its second decade) and is almost half a century old. Let it go it had its time. Their current set is not perfect but it’s definitely the best look they’ve had. If a change had to be made I would take the team in a whole different direction, not everything has to be a throwback. Preferably I would just adjust their current look. There’s some adjustments that could be made. But it’s a downgrade if they switch to the BiG logo
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    I'm with you. I'm always hearing people say things like "The NBA is more fun when the Lakers are good." But man, watching the Lakers become arguably the most bumbling franchise in the NBA is FUN.
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    This Utah Jazz Statement Edition uniform concept is part of a full set of uniforms for the Jazz I hope to finish at some point. I've had some rough ideas for this one in the back of my mind for a while, and I found some time to see the entire conceptualization process through. Quite a few projects I've started recently haven't been completed for one reason or another - and I don't have many if any ideas when it comes to details of the Association, Icon, and City Edition designs to round out the set - but it feels good to finally finish at least one thing worth sharing. Utah's current identity is one of the more solid, yet understated looks in the League, in my opinion -- the color palette is unique, the typefaces are clean with a bit of subtle character, and the uniforms inoffensively tie all of the elements together. However, I also wouldn't mind it if they were to make a change sooner than later. Given my '90s nostalgia, I wouldn't mind something a bit closer to their '90s identity....but the color palette needs to be more focused, the maximal-ist wordmarks and numerals need to be toned down, and for the love of everything the mountain gradient needs to be left in the past. Anyways, the inspiration for this concept started with Utah's late '90s BFBS alternates that I'm pretty sure caused David Stern to ban any additional teams from wearing BFBS uniforms for a period of time. The color palette was intriguing, the design elements were dialed down without being boring nor generic, and overall I feel like it's a pretty underrated uniform. Basically, I wanted to bring the spirit of that uniform forward to today's era and see how it could be modernized. More inspiration for this concept came from these Pete Maravich-era throwbacks -- I really like how things contrast with only the wordmark and numerals in white against a dark background. (Early drafts of this concept were also influenced by an Avengers: Endgame advertisement that popped up as an ad while I was online.) The uniform uses a modified version of the team's current 'UTAH' wordmark with the tops of all four letters leveled rather than arced; the current numerals are unchanged. The color palette remains the same, though the balance has been tweaked to create a darker atmosphere while allowing the white applications and copper trim to pop. (My biggest issue with the '90s BFBS uniforms is that the copper doesn't work well in volume -- relegating it solely to collar, armhole, and side panel trim as well as numeral strokes alleviates this.) Lastly, the color-block gradient from the team's current City Edition uniforms has been re-purposed on the side panels -- it reminds me a bit of the purple-ish glow of the Utah night sky, but mostly I just think it looks cool and like it as a signature branding element for them. Anyways, that's all for now. Any and all thoughts and feedback on this concept as well as the (eventual) direction for the rest of their uniform set is greatly appreciated! Utah Jazz Statement Edition Uniform Concept
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    I think I've gone into this before: unpopular southern teams get to play Thinking Fan's Team far more easily than teams in Canada and the Northeast because what few fans they do have are necessarily younger and more online, so these teams are not burdened with legions of big loud dumb guys who may have retrograde opinions about hockey strategy or the ongoing American Kulturkampf at large. The Hurricanes are a stat nerd's wet dream on the ice because they take lots of shots no matter how bad and they can't lay hits, which is the platonic ideal of analytic hockey. But try to imagine the Twitter crowd falling in love with a Flyers, Bruins, or Islanders team that played the same way. It would never happen. Try to imagine it with the Canadiens, good god, you really can't.
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    Riddell and that old foam...
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    Those were always really nice uniforms. Much as I love the use of light blue in sports, though, the best Chargers look for me has always been the royal blue Dan Fouts look.
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    the Bruins, go West. The East can go die in a fire this year.
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    LAS VEGAS LIZARDS - What’s eating Gilbert Gila? (Father Ted .gif's are here) This proposal had a surprising amount of longevity to it. Not only did Las Vegas express interest in receiving the Expos, but the city was also in Jeff Loria’s extortion/relocation talks in 2006. But how did Vegas get in that position? Mayor Oscar B. Goodman, a former mob attorney, networked with Democratic financier Lou Weisbach in 2003. Weisbach used connections with several influential MLB figures (e.g., Cubs broadcaster Steve Stone, relocation consultant Corey Busch, and Michael Shapiro - former general counsel of the Giants and Braves) to get baseball’s attention. Thanks to a letter from Shapiro, the Vegas group immediately got interest.1 However, Goodman’s original plan for a publicly-financed downtown stadium (as advertised to MLB) gave way to a privately-funded proposal in the parking lot of several casinos (e.g., the Aladdin, Paris, and Bally’s) on the Strip. This would have been a $420-$500 million park with a retractable roof and several event configurations (e.g., boxing and concerts). Because of this change of plans and a lack of clarity in securing funding, the plan did not get all that much serious consideration. It was clear that there were too many obstacles in the way of a viable stadium plan.2 Still, Goldman and Weisbach expressed interest in swooping up the team after DC’s funding negotiations hit a snag. During Loria’s attempts to get a new stadium in Miami, the Marlins reached out to Las Vegas. Goodman met with Marlins executives in 2004, with talks continuing into 2006. Since the Marlins got their stadium and Vegas never got a competent stadium plan together, Sin City remained without an MLB team.3 TL;DR: Harold Howard as Goodman/Weisbach, with Steve Jennum as MLB.4 While Vegas might one day support an expansion team, the tourism-based economy would discourage an 81-date schedule. Add in the economic downturn following the 2008 recession, the need for realignment, and the long-term desire for a team in Washington/Northern Virginia, and you’ve got a messy proposition. Also, Cashman Field would have made for an inadequate temporary venue. However, what if either MLB or Loria went all-in on Vegas? What would have happened? I turned to local fauna for the inspiration, namely the Banded Gila Monster. This lizard was the inspiration for the sore losersGolden Knights’ mascot and is certainly a fierce creature. The color scheme is black/yellow-gold/red, akin to the coloration of the team’s namesake. The primary is a top-down view of the lizard’s head within an ace of spades. The insignia is a cursive interlocking “LV” (Beaverton Script modified) while the tertiary is the primary in a roundel. The lettering is the Atlanta Hawks’ 2007-15 font since it reminded me of the Golden Knights’ wordmark lettering. EDIT: I've adjusted the script and tertiary to incorporate @vtgco, @coco1997, and @AstroBull21's C+C. Linked here are comparisons for the scripts and tertiary, and the original is here. The uniforms follow a fairly traditional template, with a black/yellow-gold co-dominance. The scripts draw inspiration from the Las Vegas Wranglers’ uniforms of the 1950s. Three-layer stripes are on the sleeves and pants, which pair well with Northwestern stripes on the socks. The Hawks’ font makes up the numerals, while the primary is on the sleeves. The original is here. The alternates include a yellow-gold jersey with a yellow-gold-crowned cap. The black jersey features the team insignia on the chest and the tertiary on the sleeve. I've replaced the insignia with the "Las Vegas" script and tweaked the home alt script. My initial rendering is here. Additional alternates include a pairing of the yellow-gold headwear with the home uniform, while also featuring a racing stripes uniform. Inspired by the Expos’ similar design, this one has a white front-panel and the primary on the chest. The original is here. The jacket features the road script. Here's the first variant. Whether they were the Expos or the Marlins, a relocated team in Vegas could look fantastic. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, oh deer-y me! 1 AP, “The Dreamers in Las Vegas Awaken and See the Expos,” The New York Times, May 23, 2004, sec. Baseball, https://www.nytimes.com/2004/05/23/sports/baseball/the-dreamers-in-las-vegas-awaken-and-see-the-expos.html; Steve Fainaru, “Las Vegas Rolls the Dice on Expos’ Move,” The Washington Post, August 13, 2004, sec. Sports, https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/sports/2004/08/13/las-vegas-rolls-the-dice-on-expos-move/984a032a-6a15-4047-a913-66fa455b4565/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.fa52463fec9d; Rob Miech, “Long Shot Ready to Run Again,” Las Vegas Sun, September 23, 2004, sec. Sports, https://m.lasvegassun.com/news/2004/sep/23/long-shot-ready-to-run-again/. 2 Ibid. 3 Charles Elmore, “Stadium Roulette Opening-Day Ritual,” The Palm Beach Post, April 12, 2006, sec. Sports; Barry Jackson, “Marlins Considering Move to Las Vegas,” Houston Chronicle, December 9, 2004, sec. Sports, https://www.chron.com/sports/astros/article/Marlins-considering-move-to-Las-Vegas-1654331.php; Michael McCarthy, “Vegas Makes Play for Team - Mayor Leading Push to Lure Big-League Franchise to Desert Says Don’t Bet against Sin City,” USA Today, November 30, 2005, sec. News. 4 There’s something about early UFC that’s just so endearing, especially pre-insanity Harold Howard. Crime in Sports did a fantastic episode on him.
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    Geez @Gothamite has probably posted that 25 times over the life of this website
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    Been playing around with a few different secondary logos for the Cleveland Browns. Several of these reference the shape of the state of Ohio, such as the kind of retro-funky one shown here.
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    The Packers and Steelers also have much more franchise success/glory/historical iconography tied to their uniforms, and aren't moving back after 20 years and trying to make a fresh start in the community/market
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    so what you're saying is that southern hockey fandom is one giant bandwagon aside from maybe, like, the Bolts and Stars.
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    It's funny how people act like it would be blasphemy for them to wear yellow dominant when they've already done it in their history.
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    Yeah, I'm not sure if they wore the navy on gray for JUST that one season, but I did find some game pictures from GettyImages. For some reason I thought they had wide shoulders in the 2000-04 alternates? Hmmm ... fun find.
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    ASU and Texas just announced a home and home agreement... for the 2032 and 2033 seasons. I dunno, that seems like awfully short notice for two football games.
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    Because everyone is obsessed with the idea of saying "RELEASE THE KRAKEN". Truthfully, naming the team after a cephalopod is a great idea. It's a creepy sea creature, completely unlike any other sports name, and Puget Sound is full of giant squid and octopus. But Kraken is gimmicky and has no connection to the region. How about Seattle Squid? You can have all the same imagery and uniform design without a terrible name.
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    Agreed. One of my top-5 in the Prem now.
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    Just that. It improved the look by getting rid of that unrelated font.
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    Robert Kraft? Drake?
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    We're approaching peak '90s.
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    Navy blue is still blue to me. And I've said several times that I feel both shades have their own merits as the Brewers color. It also stands that the BiG looks far less "cartoony" in navy, which I know is some people's criticism of it. I'm more concerned about the Brewers moving back to a proper athletic gold. Metallic gold looks terrible when paired with gray. Some powder blue road unis (even if used as an alt) would be nice too.
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    There's way too much red/black/white in the NBA and NHL. I'd be ecstatic if the Rockets dropped black and returned to red/yellow/white. They'd have a unique look since Atlanta uses "Volt" instead of yellow.
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    The rivalry in the desert between Lizards and Diamondbacks in the same division would be interesting
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    Baseball is the only sport where both teams don't collide or intermingle on the field like Football, Soccer, Basketball or Hockey. So if they are both wearing colored uniforms its not as much of a problem as if in an NFL game the Giants wore their blue jerseys vs the patriots in their navy jerseys in an NFL game. In the 2016 World Series I had no problem being able to tell who were the Indians or Cubs even though they both wore colored tops.
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    I liked the late 90's Caps color scheme. Still very DC without going RWB.
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    I think Miami has a look that I’d be okay with if they never changed again, tweaks sure but like nothing major. Them, the Bulls, the Pistons, Blazers, and Celtics are the only 5 I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t change anything in their brand (besides alts) for the next 50 years
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    Giannis is about to be the best player in the league, isn’t he? My goodness.
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    to While the current CBJ logo isn't fantastic, I find the original Blue Jackets logo to be absolutely hideous. The heinous neon in the stick and extremely ineloquent CB made just look so awful in my opinion. This logo is so much cleaner and actually evokes the team name (named for the soldiers) clearly. It isn't fantastic but at least it's decent.
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    via Imgflip Meme Generator
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    The Grey Cup got a new base. https://www.cfl.ca/2019/05/03/iconic-grey-cup-trophy-gets-new-base/
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    I almost dropped this in the Cleveland Indians discussion, but then thought it might go better here. I also don't know if this is unpopular or not, but... In 99.99% of the time, radial arched letters are superior to vertical arched letters.
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    Hope Rosen wins five straight rings in Miami. Hell, I just hope he wins one. I want Goodell to cry while handing him the Lombardi.
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    Denver Gold 1983 to 1985 Early Season Denver Gold 1983 to 1985 Late Season
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    The Cardinals new powder blues are unnecessary and gimmicky.
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    Official shots of the full Argentina and Colombia Copa America home kits, both of which have the new shorts style with the horizontal Adidas stripes above the back hem:
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    Updated Chicago Blitz field (Matching the font in the end zone. Which was the same font used at Soldier Field from 1980 till the Bears moved out for the remodel of the stadium at the end of the 2001 Season)
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    No worries. Your brain fart led to another great thread.
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    McHale, Aguirre and Bird from 1991 Playoffs:
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    UniWatch posted some unused Vikings prototypes from 2003 yesterday. I actually really like this one:
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