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    Americans who romanticize Robert E. Lee and Erwin Rommel should never be let out of your sight.
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    I don’t love the Spurs going Full-time Fiesta colors, but going with a Fiesta City Edition jersey that gets upgraded to a full-time alternate is what the general City Edition concept should be all about.
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    RETHINKING NCAA FOOTBALL Expansion! It's like the 21st Century version of Manifest Destiny and gold rushes. In the quest for more money, college football adopted a severe growth mindset that saw profits rising and rivalries flung by the wayside. There's been good mixed with bad - we now have a 4 team playoff that fans have clamored for, but many feel like traditions have been thrown out the window. Setting aside the money and sponsorship questions, there are two things fundamentally broken in my mind with the current state of college football. First, there is a four team playoff that is supposed to cover five conferences (plus Notre Dame). In every year, a conference champion is left out of the equation. And in some years, you may have TWO conference champions left out. The second problem, which is one I alluded to before, is the destruction of classic rivalries within college football. With those two issues at stake, I set out to rethink the landscape of college football. More specifically, what's now considered the Power 5, Major FBS teams, Division-1, etc. First of all, there are simply too any teams in FBS (P5 + G5 + Indies). But if we restrict this new division or league to just the Power 5 teams we wind up with only 64, which is arguably too small since teams like Notre Dame, BYU, etc., get left out of the picture. The answer is 72 teams. Arranged in 4 conferences of 18 teams. Yes, that's right - 18 teams. Meaning 3 divisions of 6. In this model, the Big XII is no more. The fact is, nobody was lining up to watch those amazing Baylor-West Virginia games. Not when the current state of college football means that Texas vs A&M is an out of conference game and we now get to watch Louisville play Wake Forest annually! We'll cover scheduling in a moment, but the logic here is that most teams have 2-5 other opponents that they would like to see on the schedule every year. No system is perfect, so we won't be seeing a division with Notre Dame and USC, despite their history. Yes, there are some teams that have been promoted from their status as mid-majors. If you object to me picking UCF over Houston, or Memphis instead of East Carolina, you're more than welcome to make your own concept. Let's address it conference by conference. The Pac-12 is basically the same, with six teams added. The Central Division is a little wonky, but I'd argue that you have two solid trios of UT-BYU-CU and Baylor-TCU-TTU. Montana and Boise State join the North Division and the Griz are the only FCS team reclassified. The Big Ten is largely the same, except the conference loses the Maryland-Rutgers addition, plus Penn State moves east. This allows the conference to scoop up the remnants of the Big 8, including Mizzou from the SEC. Notre Dame is forced to join a conference or GTFO and they really belong in the Big Ten. It's basically like watching a 100 year version of Ross and Rachel from Friends. Kids, ask your parents on that one. The ACC and SEC have become essentially a North/South divide with FSU, Miami and GT jumping ship. The SEC West picks up Texas, restoring the rivalries with A&M and Arkansas, giving that division a modern SWC feel. Meanwhile, the ACC becomes a little more Carolina centric with the four NC schools joining Clemson and SC in a big ole tobacco and palmetto conference. The ACC Central is probably the division I'm most proud of as it reunites all the great Virginia-Maryland-Pennsylvania rivalries. Who doesn't want an annual Pitt-WVU game? Or Pitt-Penn State? Or UVA/VT and Maryland? The ACC North grabs Temple along with Cincinnati and Louisville. Alright, now that everyone is jumping up and down about how I've destroyed their favorite conferences, let's look at how this has affected rivalries. RIVALRIES The rivalries in GREEN are NEW games that are now ANNUAL. Florida-FSU-Miami. Nebraska-Mizzou-Oklahoma. There are some great 3-way and 4-way rivalries in college football that should have never been broken up. And further, the rivalries in BLUE are now rivalries contained within a conference. Auburn and Georgia Tech aren't in the same division, but they're in the same conference, meaning they will play every few seasons (more to come on scheduling, I promise!). The rivalries in RED are games that were once annual games. The rivalries in ORANGE are ones that were once within the same conference. Like most things in life, it's a trade off, but I'd argue that there are few rivalries here that are more important than the new rivalries gained. I'll make an exception here for Oklahoma-Texas, but again, more on scheduling later. One more note on rivalries. If you DON'T see a rivalry listed, it's remained unchanged. Oregon-Washington isn't listed because those two teams were in the same division -- and still are, preserving the rivalry. SCHEDULING Each team plays a 12-game regular season schedule, unchanged from the current NCAA model. All teams play 9 conference games and 3 non-conference games. Non-conference games may only be scheduled with one of the other 72 teams in this league. I'm especially looking at you, SEC, with your "buy some extra BYE weeks by throwing Samford and Citadel on the schedule." No more. This non-conference scheduling also allows schools to add a regular or semi-regular rival from outside their conference. Oklahoma and Texas had zero problem doing this when they were in the Big 8 and SWC. In fact, that arrangement lasted longer than the 20-ish years of the Big XII. For the conference slate, each team gets 5 annual divisional games, plus 4 crossover games split 2x2 against the other two divisions in the conference. Those crossover games will rotate annually, rather than the home-and-home model that some teams use today. This means that by the time an athlete reaches their third year on a team, they'll have played every single conference opponent at least once. And if they're a 5-year player (redshirt), they'll have played 14 teams in the conference at least twice. The reciprocating home-and-away agreement is nice but it also locks certain players into playing only certain teams from the other division. In the example above, Nebraska gets to play Ohio State every third year, which is essentially the same frequency as the current Big Ten arrangement. This model just allows for extra rotation with more teams. POSTSEASON AND PLAYOFFS Three divisions? How does that work for a conference title game? Stealing a wildcard page from the NFL, each conference will have three divisional winners, plus a wildcard team with the best record overall. Ties are settled in the usual fashion (head-to-head record, "BCS" style rankings, etc). The four teams are seeded 1v4 and 2v3 for effectively a mini-tournament within the conference. In some cases, this will result in a divisional rematch. Effectively, the Conference Semi-Finals and Conference Championships become games #13 and #14. Conference winners move to a National Semi-Final, and then eventually a Final (games #15-16). In the current model, we have 2 teams potentially playing a 15th game. This concept means four teams play that 15th game and only 2 advance to a 16th. Insert arguments about academics and travel expenses, but this doesn't really add any appreciable length to the overall season. The 4 Conference Championships and 2 Semi-Finals will be split amongst the NYD6 Bowls, making sure to preserve the "special" quality of the Orange, Rose, Sugar, Cotton, Peach and Fiesta. Further, each season the semi-final games are predetermined and will rotate. Year 1 might feature B1G vs PAC and SEC vs ACC. Year 2 would rotate to B1G vs SEC, and so forth, every three seasons. The remaining teams not making any kind of postseason playoff would still participate in the Assorted Bag-o-Bowls, like the Gator or Music City. Okay, time to open this thing up for questions, fellas.
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    Why is "Kraken" even a thing for Seattle? It's a mythical sea creature allegedly from the North Atlantic. It'd be like naming a team from Florida the "Sasquatch"
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    A surprising amount of people on the boards like the name Kraken, so I don’t know about that.
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    But it has everything to do with BASEBALL, I remember being in a diner in wildwood in the late 90s and seeing it and thinking what a cool logo. Just something about that ball in glove that just is pure baseball.
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    just created this for my desktop,
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    I really like the fiesta colors, but I don’t want fiesta colors in EVERY uniform, we’ve never had fiesta colors in any uniform and weve won 5 championships in the black and silver. If we had to add it I would prefer it being an alt, replacing the camo uni. However I don’t hate that we don’t use it and it’s strictly marketing, there’s something professional about that ig.
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    Of the three, the Rams are the only team that might be able to consider the yellow/athletic gold era to be their glory years. They wore yellow at least part of the time from 1946-50 (including the weird red season of 1949) and exclusively from 1951-57. During that period, they played in four NFL championship games (1949, 1950, 1951 and 1955) and won the championship in 1951. They also only finished under .500 once (1956). Besides that, the yellow jerseys just look really nice.
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    But, as I've stated a number of times ... I love the name Seattle Sockeyes. It fits. It FEELS like a hockey name and a combination of green, red and ... maybe black or a gold, could work and look good.
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    Because pop culture.... it would be a terrible name that would look awful initially and worse every year.
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    I'll go to my grave (and take anyone that disagrees with me) shouting that the authentic road jersey with the green trim was beautiful when viewed in person. Someone in my high school was related to a player and wore his jersey one day, and I was blown away by how good it looked up close. May not have translated as well on UHF TV, but damn if it didn't give little Vet a boner (though maybe that was from Stacey since she sat behind him, but either way.)
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    The Seattle franchise has just released a new fan site, and it provides us with some new info, as well as some fan polls about the branding of the team: https://www.seattlenhlfans.com/ A couple of the main takeaways: The team name is expected to be announced sometime this fall (it doesn't say anything about the logo/uniforms/colours) While the site's colour scheme is the black, red, grey we've seen so far, the poll options for team colours are: "blue & green", "green & something else", "blue & something else", and "anything but blue & green" (I voted green & something else) The options for the type of team name are: "Mythical creatures" (referencing Kraken), "Sea animals" (Sockeyes, Sea Lions, Seals, etc.), "Historical references" (Totems, Metropolitans), and "Anything that eats Canucks"
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    There's also historical precedence for the Steelers & Packers wearing yellow jerseys, but you don't see anyone clamouring for them to make a change.
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    wah wah wah it has no explicit connection to the making of beer People from Wisconsin like it anyway, give the people what they want. It has an implicit connection to the making of beer, which is that everything in the vicinity of the Brewers' ballpark reeks of beer.
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    (Best yet!) As for the discussion of the Fiesta colors for the Spurs, I think you all know my stance on the subject.
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    Didn't someone recently say there were some good people on that side? Debunked, unfortunately... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kensington_Runestone
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    My understanding falls along the lines of old-timey writers branding athletic clubs with names representing a mild, almost sanitized for sports, dogged tenacity seen as a trait of not well understood adversaries of the western world or of white men: "Our boys in red stopped every offensive maneuver, appearing like devils in every gap." "The defense stood no chance as [SCHOOL NAME] raided the secondary like a band of savages." I feel like names like that, Saracens, Indians, Warriors, and even Devils, came out of that time when teams didn't necessarily have particularly decided nicknames, and instead, the writers described them as they felt. And a persistent, tenacious, frenzied attack by a team would lead itself to the use of those names above because at the time, that perception applied to these historic adversaries of the generally white western world (with Devils, of course, being the spiritual enemy or other for most Christians). (I'm thinking the late 1800s and early 1900s here, specifically.) Obviously now most of the comparisons fall flat and come off as insensitive to downright racist. But that's the plausible explanation that first occurred to me when reading OP's post. An adversary of white or western culture that was not well understood whose name could evoke a manner of understanding in an audience when applied to the way in which an athletic team performed on the field.
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    "Noble opponent"? Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Red Barons. Yep-- also tornadoes, cyclones, twisters, avalanches, volcanoes, earthquakes, blizzards, etc. Also, what about teams.such as Pirates, Buccaneers, and Raiders? Those were bad people, criminals in fact...
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    Hmmmmmm. 1999-2014. Lakers won 5 titles in that time frame. Whatever dude.
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    This isn't what's usually being discussed when someone puts the words "breaking" and "Theismann" in the same sentence.
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    Yes Sockeyes is definitely a hockey name. Game hashtags would be like #SharksGetSocked
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    Yeah I kept saying that over and over but BELTS AND BOOBS
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    Well, "Kraken" is a thing because we teams out there called "Wild"
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    Yup. Only four sites confirmed by actual finds;
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    The only thing I can figure is that they didn't want both to be red and used it to distinguish between the two....or maybe it was just a screwup? . Personally, I wish the Phillies would go back to that full time. That color screams Phillies to me.
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    Sorry but the BiG logo is one of, if not the most overrated look in American sports, it has nothing to tie in with Milwaukee, it has nothing to do with brewing, was only around for fifteen years, (the current one is at 19, next year will be its second decade) and is almost half a century old. Let it go it had its time. Their current set is not perfect but it’s definitely the best look they’ve had. If a change had to be made I would take the team in a whole different direction, not everything has to be a throwback. Preferably I would just adjust their current look. There’s some adjustments that could be made. But it’s a downgrade if they switch to the BiG logo
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    He discovered America, is what he did! He was a brave Italian explorer. And in this house, Christopher Columbus is a hero. End of story.
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    Hurricanes are things that show up and kill the current residents of the places that have teams named after them.
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    I'm with you. I'm always hearing people say things like "The NBA is more fun when the Lakers are good." But man, watching the Lakers become arguably the most bumbling franchise in the NBA is FUN.
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    Re: The Heat Why are people trying to fix what isn’t broken? They’re modern classics that suit the franchise perfectly.
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    Here we go one more time, let’s not get too emotional Atlanta Falcons Similar to the Cardinals, the Falcons have a look based heavily on piping from the Reebok era, and while Atlanta looks much better than Arizona, the piping really has overstayed its welcome. Let’s get to it. Logo/Colors: Nothing major, but the logo (and therefore the color scheme) has received one minor tweak. The silver outline on the logo is replaced with a gold outline, calling back to the first years of the franchise when they included gold as a way to incorporate something from Georgia Tech. Helmet: The only change here is the update to the logo. Jerseys: Home red, road white, and alternate black designs are all available. Each has a contrasting collar, black, black, and red, respectively. All three jerseys have the same sleeve design, which is based off the top of the logo. I really can’t seem to put it into words exactly, so that’ll be what the pictures are for. The number font is the same as the current, but the drop shadow is gone, instead the numbers just have a standard outline. Pants: Two options, white and black, both with the same stripes based on the logo. Combinations: Go nuts. As long as the black pants are worn with red socks, I personally don’t think any jersey/pant combination looks bad with this set. That’s all the words I have for ‘em, so here they are: So umm... any good? Any tweaks needed? On another note... as some of you may have figured out, Atlanta is team 32 in a 32 team league, so every team has been redone. Kinda crazy. I started this on a whim and even as I did them I never really thought I’d actually complete it, but here we are. Not really certain where I wanna go from here, but when I figure it out I’ll say something. I do wanna get emotional for a quick second and say thanks to those who stuck through this. This thread has been a good way for me to get away from the stress of the real world and definitely helped me through some tougher times, so thanks to everyone for looking. It means a lot that a few random people from around the internet actually cared enough about my crap to look at it, so again, thank you. -Jake *mic drop*
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    And so did the Spurs. Combined, they went to three other Finals too but, "Competitive Balance"
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    KD is out, Steph looks like the Monstars stole his powers, Cook and Bell are absolutely USELESS, and Jerebko looks like he worked a shift at a Galveston area Jiffy Lube before the game tonight. Despite that, it’s tied at half. Houston looks like they have pretty much zero killer instinct right now. If they lose tonight, they deserve every ounce of the they’re going to get. Klay is brilliant like he always is in game 6, and if Steph actually wakes up, this could be BAD for Houston.
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    The original Kraken is Norse in origin (so Atlantic and not the Pacific), and it’s not even an octopus. The OG kraken is just a really, really big whale. So the Seattle Kraken with a giant octopus logo would be a doublely dumb identity. As well as infringing on the Wings’ schtick.
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    1965 NDA Playoffs Tiebreaker at Milwaukee County Stadium Milwaukee def Oakland 33-30 Wild Card at Soldier Field Chicago def Milwaukee 55-41 Wild Card at Husky Stadium New York def Seattle 36-27 Semifinal at Balboa Stadium Chicago def San Diego 48-40 Semifinal at the Orange Bowl New York def Miami 38-21 18th Frosty Mug at Soldier Field New York def Chicago 39-33 The eighteenth Frosty Mug was the culmination of a post-season filled with more officiating mistakes than a human being could count. With five seconds left in a tie ballgame, the Heroes won their second Frosty Mug in the last three years. The winning score came when the Heroes' hotshot half forward Warren Lucas fist-balled the ball past Chicago's rookie goalie Rocky Giannini. This marks the Heroes' fourth Frosty Mug, having previously won the Mug in 1951, '55 and '63. MVP: Warren Lucas (Full Forward; Heroes) 1965 CDA Playoffs Tiebreaker at the LA Memorial Coliseum Los Angeles def Dallas 30-15 Wildcard at Forbes Field Pittsburgh def Los Angeles 18-15 Wildcard at Kezar Stadium San Francisco def New Orleans 24-15 Semifinal at Metropolitan Stadium Minnesota def Pittsburgh 33-24 Semifinal at the Astrodome Houston def San Francisco 36-30 12th Floyd Cup at the Truman Dome (Kansas City, MO) Minnesota def Houston 27-18 The 1965 CDA postseason proved to be a long, tedious snoozefest. Fans hoping to see the top seeds Minnesota and Houston fall victim to underdogs would have to wait till next season when the two leagues finally merge. This year's Floyd Cup would be the very first to be televised in color. In the broadcast booth, CBS would assign Ray Scott along with former Rogues captain Corky Liebowitz. At the Floyd Cup in Kansas City, the Shockers and Marshals were tied at 18 apiece in the final quarter. That's when Minnesota's defense stripped the ball out of Freddie Weaver's hands in the Shockers' defensive zone. Weaver terrorized the Shockers most of that game, but was finally kept quiet when Houston needed him the most. The Marshals' bench could only watch helplessly as the Shockers' center Ken Ungar freeze the left side of Houston's defensive zone with a stutter step. Ungar then connected with a wide open Luigi D'Amato for a six pointer that gave Minnesota the 24-18 lead. D'Amato added a post-siren over to make it 27-18, giving the Shockers their first championship in a decade. MVP: Luigi D'Amato (Half-forward; Shockers)
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    In fairness, the Steelers and Packers look pretty good with what they've got. The Rams are the only one of the three in desperate need of a new look. And if those teams weren't wearing gold pants, then gold alternate jerseys would be very much on the table for either. The Packers have been selling one for about twenty years.
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    I've said for a long time that I actually enjoyed the green trim, and it was a mistake to go away from the Motre Bame look as quickly as they did. It would have aged much better than the current look and wouldn't be associated solely with the painful final days of County Stadium.
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    Does it really matter how many championships were won while wearing a uniform??? If that was really important, championship teams wouldn't change their uniforms at all in their history. Heat fans were saying the Vice unis were "cursed". No they were not, that's the way the team was. Championship uniforms bring back a lot of memories, but it doesn't mean they shouldn't change.
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    Green & Something Else. Sea animals. Ferry Horn. The rest were 'all of the above.' Hope I did you proud Seattlites
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    I didn’t mind that one, but I loved the one that came after it, with the thick blue soutache.
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    During the original incarnation of the XFL I always thought that Chicago & New York should've switched nicknames. Chicago Hitmen & New York Enforcers sounds better.
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    Those were always really nice uniforms. Much as I love the use of light blue in sports, though, the best Chargers look for me has always been the royal blue Dan Fouts look.
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    1965 NDA/CDA Playoff Schedule NDA NDA Tiebreaker Oakland Squirrels at Milwaukee Voyagers Milwaukee County Stadium NDA Wild Card #1 Winner of OAK/MIL at Chicago Gaels Soldier Field NDA Wild Card #2 New York Heroes at Seattle Emeralds Husky Stadium NDA Semifinal #1 TBD at San Diego Admirals Balboa Stadium NDA Semifinal #2 TBD at Miami Flamingos Orange Bowl 18th Frosty Mug Teams and site TBD CDA CDA Tiebreaker Dallas Metros at Los Angeles Jaguars LA Memorial Coliseum CDA Wild Card #1 Winner of DAL/LA at Pittsburgh Knights Forbes Field CDA Wild Card #2 New Orleans Revelers at San Francisco Dragons Kezar Stadium CDA Semifinal #1 TBD at Houston Marshals Astrodome CDA Semifinal #2 TBD at Minnesota Shockers Metropolitan Stadium 12th Floyd Cup Teams TBD Harry S Truman Domed Stadium Kansas City, MO
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    I really loved this kit, I thought the asymmetrical look was super unique in a good way and looked great with the crest.
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    For the chargers I think the ideal colour balance would be something similar to the Denver Nuggets look from the start of the decade: Not too much navy, just enough to contrast the powder blue & yellow.
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