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    “Spineless coward” He’s a damn basketball player, for Christ’s sake. He chose a new team in free agency. It’s not like he deserted his troops at Normandy and joined the Nazi cause or something. It it really amazes me how little self awareness sports fans, but especially NBA fans, have at times.
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    Sure BBTV has a point. It would just be much easier to agree with that point if he wasn't simultaneously wishing career ending agony on a complete stranger.
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    Do the complainers of today realize that the Lakers made 8 out of 10 finals in the 80s and yet the NBA survived?
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    All this needs is white-red-white piping on the the jersey and then this is perfect.
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    (Ron Howard voice) More importantly, I think the issue with 49ers is that aside from being a school in California that was founded in 1949, that nickname has ZERO relevance to Long Beach State. The mascot is Northern California figure who doesn't resemble your student body or their history anyway even before we unpack problematic aspects of white American settlement of California-pick something that appeals to them.
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    I like that the Astros are incorporating the tequila sunrise, but when will people finally wise up to the fact that side panels on baseball jerseys never ever ever ever ever ever look good?
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    Top player in the league, that could turn multiable teams into championship contenders, instead signing with not only the team that beat him in the playoffs, but just won 73 games without him (and were already a championship team without him) is a scumbag move no matter how you put it. He basically broke the league by doing that. Hence why we haven't had a Dub-less Finals since 2014.
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    The kerning on the Astros’ home and alt jerseys really big me. I get that it’s tough to truly balance block letters for a short, even-length word, but the home jersey in particular looks really bad and amateur.
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    They should have extrapolated Dirtbags across the entire athletic department. How about the Lady Dirtbags and their mascot is a girl who wears Cookie Monster pajama pants and smokes.
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    UPDATE: There was a little confusion as to what specifically changed. The choice of Shark is solely for the physical mascot representation. Prospector Pete was removed and replaced with a Shark (whose look will be developed over the next year). Long Beach State athletics will not rebrand and are still referred to as "The Beach" or "Beach Athletics," the baseball team is still "Dirtbags," and students/faculty/alumni/people associated with the school are still informally known as "49ers." ------- ORIGINAL POST: ------> -----> (NOT OFFICIAL LOGOS, JUST RENDERINGS BY THE SCHOOL) The long, drawn-out, partially unneccesary, and all-out confusing process of the Cal State Long Beach / Long Beach State 49ers / Beach / Dirtbags naming saga has come to an end. On Friday, the students chose, with a 53% vote, and the university president ratified the new university mascot: Sharks Sharks was chosen from a group of three finalists (Stingrays 22% and "Go Beach" 25% as the other two) that was chosen from a group of six semifinalists (additional options of Giraffes, Pelicans, Kraken). Long Beach State is well known for its Shark Lab, which has been featured several times during Discovery Channel's Shark Week. LBSU now enters a year-long development process to come up with logos and branding and all that fun stuff. (The above isn't official, just something the school provided.) Six months ago, Cal State Long Beach / Long Beach State (they're still working on that. Officially its Cal State Long Beach, but they're working on the change as Fresno State and San Diego State have) officially remove Prospector Pete as the athletics/university mascot after years of criticism that he was offensive to indigenous peoples of the area, which Long Beach State actually has a great relationship with. Prospector Pete was chosen as a representative of 49ers, which is a reference to the founding of the school in 1949 and of course the Gold Rush, where again prospectors weren't great to the people whose land they were stealing, mining and blowing up for gold. Since then, and even before then when I was a student there, they had tried to shift away from the 49ers brand and tried to emphasize "Beach" as their claim to being the only Division 1 school with the word "Beach" in the name. Thought it would be attractive to kids around the country. ("Come to school at The Beach!") The rallying cry for LBSU for years has been Go Beach. But trying to refer to the teams as "The Beach" or just "Beach" proved to be quite awkward. During this interim period, the athletic teams will be officially known as "Beach Athletics." The only thing really unchanged by all of this, the LBSU baseball team has been and will continually be known as "Dirtbags." There's a long history to that name, and while on the surface sound derogatory, it came about as a term of endearment for how the team played on the bases in the 80s. Constantly stealing bases, laying out, diving and being covered in dirt. Also, FWIW, it's technically an informal nickname. It's not official. It's on jerseys and on merch, but technically they're still called officially whatever the school's mascot is. --- TL;DR - Long Beach State was the 49ers, removed Prospector Pete as physical mascot because the Gold Rush was bad to Native Americans. 49ers formally dropped as school tried to emphasize The Beach. Physical mascot choice put it to a student vote, and is now a Shark. Dirtbags remains unchanged. Students/Faculty/Alumuni/Organizations still informally referred to as 49ers.
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    I don't think it is anyway. People who might want to compare this to the first round, realize that those first two games ended 4-2 (with an ENG) and 4-3 in OT. Close games that, especially the second one, could've gone the other way easily. Carolina was also still playing on that "playoff push" buzz. It's often said that a sweep can be a dangerous way of winning a playoff series when it comes to what happens down the road because it's too much down time. Carolina went six days between games after they finished off the Islanders. Their buzz has disappeared and, lets be perfectly honest, they're playing a much better team. More high-end talent, more depth, and a hell of a lot more experience. The Bruins were probably no worse than the third most likely team to win the East, and the two teams in front of them were knocked out in the first round (:censored: you, Lightning). None of this is a surprise. Losing 5-2 and 6-1 isn't one of those things that "but we got home ice" solves. Besides, the Bruins are 4-2 away from home this postseason. They've actually played better hockey in the prior two rounds away from home than they did at the Garden. This was never gonna be close. If the Hurricanes make me look imbicilic later on, I'll take it. I don't expect that to happen, though.
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    Nope, NYCFC was in the navy shorts:
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    So its the Blazers vs Dubs in the Western Conference Finals on Tuesday...
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    As usual, Canada looking the best, while the rest are ugly as hell. I would say I wish somebody else would take over, but judging by what we saw from Adidas at the World Cup a couple of years ago, I have no faith in any of the jersey manufacturers, not even CCM with what they are doing with their new ugly collars.
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    Good Portland is really good.
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    Bettman doesn't like the name Metros because there already is a division with the same name. I like Sockeyes as well and with Minnesota going back to green at home, Seattle could go with a red primary and green and use those colours as a tribute to the Metros instead of adopting its awful name.
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    I miss those uniforms. They never should have dropped red.
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    Really? He wore that uniform as long as he’s worn the current ones.
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    I went to middle school down the street from the Budweiser plant in Van Nuys CA. That's a smell you don't forget!
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    Harvard Horntails is a better name than Harvard Crimson.
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    Yep. Great example of when it would have been appropriate. Hell - how long until players start putting "I" after their names? I'm in total favor of pro sports relaxing and having more fun, and allowing nicknames* and becoming more theatrical in general, but until that's how it is, stop acting like "CAROL II" is necessary. *nicknames except for the first initial of the first name and beginning of last name (ex. A-Rod, J-Rol, etc.) Be more creative. Be better.
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    Really like your idea for Brisbane Rovers, and awesome job on the Victory rebrand. I'm not a fan of the Central Coast rebrand though. I think you should have kept the wave motive in some capacity.
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    I did think something was maybe a little bit off and there you’ve got it. Flipping the checkers would box off the top and bottom and that would probably complete it.
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    Give it time and it’ll get there.
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    So we're now at the point where 49ers is an offensive nickname? SMH
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    I like the road cap beat with that jersey, it balances the colors perfectly Same with these pants, the piping goes great with the red numbers.
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    They might as well hire Dave Joerger while they're at it. When will Kidd do this to Vogel?
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    Missouri State used the same marks for athletics (for a short time) and academics after the name change.
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    I didn't have a chance to see Game 1, but if there's an argument from my POV to root against Carolina, it has nothing to do with their opponent and everything to do with the idea that, since Carolina's last playoff appearance, the Lightning have made the playoffs six times, reached the ECF four times, and been to the SCF once, without getting the job done on any occasion, and to see a team miss the playoffs for a solid decade and then immediately match, if not surpass, all of that in one fell swoop, is an idea I'm not too keen on wanting to see happen. Whoever wins this series, I'm hoping the West winner takes them out, no doubt.
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    The Packers and Steelers also have much more franchise success/glory/historical iconography tied to their uniforms, and aren't moving back after 20 years and trying to make a fresh start in the community/market
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    Yes Sockeyes is definitely a hockey name. Game hashtags would be like #SharksGetSocked
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    This Utah Jazz Statement Edition uniform concept is part of a full set of uniforms for the Jazz I hope to finish at some point. I've had some rough ideas for this one in the back of my mind for a while, and I found some time to see the entire conceptualization process through. Quite a few projects I've started recently haven't been completed for one reason or another - and I don't have many if any ideas when it comes to details of the Association, Icon, and City Edition designs to round out the set - but it feels good to finally finish at least one thing worth sharing. Utah's current identity is one of the more solid, yet understated looks in the League, in my opinion -- the color palette is unique, the typefaces are clean with a bit of subtle character, and the uniforms inoffensively tie all of the elements together. However, I also wouldn't mind it if they were to make a change sooner than later. Given my '90s nostalgia, I wouldn't mind something a bit closer to their '90s identity....but the color palette needs to be more focused, the maximal-ist wordmarks and numerals need to be toned down, and for the love of everything the mountain gradient needs to be left in the past. Anyways, the inspiration for this concept started with Utah's late '90s BFBS alternates that I'm pretty sure caused David Stern to ban any additional teams from wearing BFBS uniforms for a period of time. The color palette was intriguing, the design elements were dialed down without being boring nor generic, and overall I feel like it's a pretty underrated uniform. Basically, I wanted to bring the spirit of that uniform forward to today's era and see how it could be modernized. More inspiration for this concept came from these Pete Maravich-era throwbacks -- I really like how things contrast with only the wordmark and numerals in white against a dark background. (Early drafts of this concept were also influenced by an Avengers: Endgame advertisement that popped up as an ad while I was online.) The uniform uses a modified version of the team's current 'UTAH' wordmark with the tops of all four letters leveled rather than arced; the current numerals are unchanged. The color palette remains the same, though the balance has been tweaked to create a darker atmosphere while allowing the white applications and copper trim to pop. (My biggest issue with the '90s BFBS uniforms is that the copper doesn't work well in volume -- relegating it solely to collar, armhole, and side panel trim as well as numeral strokes alleviates this.) Lastly, the color-block gradient from the team's current City Edition uniforms has been re-purposed on the side panels -- it reminds me a bit of the purple-ish glow of the Utah night sky, but mostly I just think it looks cool and like it as a signature branding element for them. Anyways, that's all for now. Any and all thoughts and feedback on this concept as well as the (eventual) direction for the rest of their uniform set is greatly appreciated! Utah Jazz Statement Edition Uniform Concept
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    Because pop culture.... it would be a terrible name that would look awful initially and worse every year.
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    The only thing I can figure is that they didn't want both to be red and used it to distinguish between the two....or maybe it was just a screwup? . Personally, I wish the Phillies would go back to that full time. That color screams Phillies to me.
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    Says a professional sporting goods team dealer/sales rep and high school football coach with factory-direct training. I have sold and/or have experience with Riddell, Schutt, Xenith and Vicis helmets. You might be thinking about a helmet you played in years ago, which were generally vinyl-covered foam with air pockets. Things have changed, both in helmet technology and how a player is properly fitted into the correct helmet, which is paramount to the athlete's safety.
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    Yeah, lionizing the CSA is even worse. As for “noble opponent”, you need look no further than the fetish for First Nations imagery.
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    I, for one, am totally against that French and Indian War Champions banner the US Army hung a few years back. They should just be proud of their own history!
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    I think I still prefer the Chargers’ now-current color balance of Powder Blue/Gold/White/Navy (notwithstanding the organization’s repeated flipping off of San Diego since leaving), but this was by all accounts a sneaky good look, which made minimal use of gold but placed it in a way that it still stood out and helped the white pop. Ignoring the colors between the two, I think this jersey is better-designed than today’s. If the NFL ever drops the one-helmet rule, I’d be inclined to use this uniform as a throwback.
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    It certainly belongs in General Design, but there are parallels with sports. The Army isn’t the first organization to abandon a classic uniform because they wanted to refresh their image, only to swing wildly with a couple new designs in turn, and then bring back the classics in hopes of tapping in to old glories.
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    Or a version thereof. I don't think they've ever quite got that leaping Dolphin right, but pretty sure they'll try again.
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    I don't know when this happened, but I found it too funny...
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    The Cardinals new powder blues are unnecessary and gimmicky.
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    Who's praising the bumble-bee jerseys as the best of all time?
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    Not sure if this has been done before, it might’ve been but I don’t recall seeing it ever, but it’s something I feel could have an interesting discussion. Pretty self-explanatory, what uniforms do you think are the most overrated? By that I don’t mean just post any uniform you don’t like, but more along the lines of a uniform people around here (or anywhere, I guess) seem to regard as a top uniform of all time that you feel is no more than average, or something along those lines. For me, one I’d call overrated is the classic Patriots. For starters, that logo is God-awful. Way too much going on in the middle there that just starts to look like a mess at any distance, and on the helmet it’s way too tall to look good. IMO, helmet logos should be wider rather than taller. As for the rest of the uniform, it’s nothing special. Just some basic striping. The biggest issue? It’s primarily red. Anyone see an issue with the Patriots, a team name referencing the Revolutionary War, a team based in America, wearing red? I’ll give you a hint: Paul Revere wasn’t shouting “the blue coats are coming.” IDK, what else to say. I mean, I just don’t get what some people see in them. So, anyone else have a uniform set thy feel is overrated?
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    Navy and Orange worked better, but I don't disagree with the thrust of your statement. Brown was always a mistake. It's just trendy to resurrect old things lately which are mis-remembered. I give it 10 years and they'll switch back.
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    Me too. I also love the original Nashville Predators 3rd Jersey. That shade of mustard was insanely cool and the 3D cat looked great on the front.
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