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    Yeah of course, but you’re pretty much describing the very history of the United States. “Manifest Destiny” was awful for natives, but so was the very founding of this country by European settlers. While there are some negative connotations to representing that history, the nickname isn’t overtly racist like the others people have issues with. I mean, :censored:, vikings were known for being brutally violent and destroying entire villages of innocent people. Raiders/Buccaneers/Pirates commandeered ships and threw the passengers overboard into the ocean. Cowboys have been depicted in popular culture as slaughtering groups of Indians for over a century now. Bengal tigers have killed people at zoos before. Point is, where do you draw the line on what’s acceptable and what isn’t? If you’re going to take issue with a name like 49ers, you’re also going to have to re-evaluate a lot of other names that probably come across as rather innocuous.
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    “Spineless coward” He’s a damn basketball player, for Christ’s sake. He chose a new team in free agency. It’s not like he deserted his troops at Normandy and joined the Nazi cause or something. It it really amazes me how little self awareness sports fans, but especially NBA fans, have at times.
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    Sure BBTV has a point. It would just be much easier to agree with that point if he wasn't simultaneously wishing career ending agony on a complete stranger.
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    Do the complainers of today realize that the Lakers made 8 out of 10 finals in the 80s and yet the NBA survived?
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    BBTVNOB: Only the letters that are completely necessary go on the jersey. If your last name is Smith and there’s no other S names, you just get an S on your NOB. If there’s a Wilson and a Watson, one gets Wi and the other gets Wa. Time to remove needless clutter.
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    I can’t speak for anyone else, but it’s fun to hate on a great team (especially when your own team is hot garbage ). It’s kinda what we do as sports fans. And the Warriors do have a fun team, objectively speaking. When Curry, Klay and co. are going off, it’s thoroughly entertaining. They built that team from nothing. They deserve a ton of credit. Durant is what transformed this team into the hatable juggernaut for me. He’s a spineless, coward who took the easy way out. I really want Giannis and the Bucks to beat them.
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    All this needs is white-red-white piping on the the jersey and then this is perfect.
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    I know y’all hate Golden State (I get it, it’s understandable), but we’re getting a Blazers/Warriors and Raptors/Bucks conference finals. This is probably the best final four I’ve ever seen, at least personally. And even if you hate the Dubs, that’s still 3/4ths awesome. Go back back ten years and tell someone this is the 2019 Final Four. Nobody would believe you
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    Yeah this one is weird to me. I’ve legit NEVER heard this controversy. I guess I sort of get it, in the context that the entire west was a violent, dangerous, lawless place. But if we’re going that far with this, there are a TON of names we should probably take exception with.
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    (Ron Howard voice) More importantly, I think the issue with 49ers is that aside from being a school in California that was founded in 1949, that nickname has ZERO relevance to Long Beach State. The mascot is Northern California figure who doesn't resemble your student body or their history anyway even before we unpack problematic aspects of white American settlement of California-pick something that appeals to them.
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    The baby blue Kings sets were okay, but the front numbers were awkwardly massive and having the same “Kings” script on the shorts as the jersey was a bit redundant. In my opinion, I think it’s a bit overrated. I’d love to see the Kings bust out a throwback to one of the Archibald sets instead. I think this is the best they ever looked pre-Purple:
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    Whole tribes were wiped out and other Native Americans were taken as slaves during the gold rush.
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    That's not a KC Kings uni. They didn't start wearing powder blue until they moved to Sacramento.
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    I like that the Astros are incorporating the tequila sunrise, but when will people finally wise up to the fact that side panels on baseball jerseys never ever ever ever ever ever look good?
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    With that logic, why have names on jerseys at all? Numbers are distinguishable enough...
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    Neither team is getting past the Bucks anyway.
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    Am I the only one that's been hoping Cincy breaks out the orange shorts or socks again this season? Just not together. I want to believe blue-blue-orange or blue-orange-blue would be visually satisfying.
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    Damn those football players and their *shuffles cards* legally given names at birth
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    I mainly tried making these based off city edition jerseys or just making a new standard court. I use a lot of wood stain because that’s just my style and it seems to be the trend nowadays. Suggestions and ideas are welcomed. Houston Rockets Golden State Warriors Oklahoma City Thunder Oklahoma City Thunder v2 Minnesota Timberwolves Charlotte Hornets LA Clippers Dallas Mavericks New Orleans Pelicans
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    Kawhi vs Giannis should be an interesting series.
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    Absolutely UNREAL. That was one of the greatest shots I’ve ever seen to end a series. Biggest shot in Raptors history, easily. Leonard is a damn assassin. One one of the best days of playoff basketball I’ve ever seen. Like I said earlier, it’s a damn shame someone had to lose today.
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    Upgrade; I prefer the new logo and wordmark! However, why does the "U" fall under the logo?! Move it a few more pixels! Also, the more I look at it the more I see the Broncos logo (in the mane).
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    I’m surprisingly liking that Real SLC Jersey, only if Colorado had maroon socks, would’ve been a beautiful matchup, still nice though
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    Lol absolutely not. Dame may get them a game, but this one is probably going to be over quick. But if Portland does find a way, I’d be really happy for them. This team is a lot of fun.
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    It’s a real shame either of these teams has to lose. This is one of the most fun series I’ve seen in a LONG time.
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    Again, I don’t think Miami has any attendance problems.
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    B-Vet has a point. Older nicknames seemed to be better. Air Jordan, The Mailman, The Big Hurt, The Juice, Refrigerator Perry, The Big Unit, The Great One.
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    Top player in the league, that could turn multiable teams into championship contenders, instead signing with not only the team that beat him in the playoffs, but just won 73 games without him (and were already a championship team without him) is a scumbag move no matter how you put it. He basically broke the league by doing that. Hence why we haven't had a Dub-less Finals since 2014.
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    I gotta say though, hunting Native Americans like they were deer is the kind of thing that deserves some sort of special horrified acknowledgement.
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    The kerning on the Astros’ home and alt jerseys really big me. I get that it’s tough to truly balance block letters for a short, even-length word, but the home jersey in particular looks really bad and amateur.
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    Following up during the offseason, we have Xiong unveiling their theme song: Disclaimer: It is based off the Chicago Bears fight song. Bear down, Xiong Bears, Make every kick play the way to victory! Bear down, Xiong Bears, Put up with a fight so fearlessly. We'll never forget you thrilled Gorania, As you showed no fear. Bear down, Xiong Bears, And let them know why you're wearing the crown! Dare to beat the mighty black and golds, Xiong Bears, bear down!
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    Never. I live in Sacramento. They're ours forever. The Grizz need to relocate to Seattle. After that the Pelicans should move somewhere. Maybe KC?
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    Exactly. Here's literally one of the only examples I know of. And his nickname was just, "Junior."
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    Drop the Sac Town uniforms and wear these
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    They should have extrapolated Dirtbags across the entire athletic department. How about the Lady Dirtbags and their mascot is a girl who wears Cookie Monster pajama pants and smokes.
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    God, Kraken is such a terrible name, I feel like the fascination with this name is a practical joke that everyone is conspiring to play on me, just me.
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    I bet the color choices are limited and predictable because the school already has colors.
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    Americans who romanticize Robert E. Lee and Erwin Rommel should never be let out of your sight.
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    As usual, Canada looking the best, while the rest are ugly as hell. I would say I wish somebody else would take over, but judging by what we saw from Adidas at the World Cup a couple of years ago, I have no faith in any of the jersey manufacturers, not even CCM with what they are doing with their new ugly collars.
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    Really like your idea for Brisbane Rovers, and awesome job on the Victory rebrand. I'm not a fan of the Central Coast rebrand though. I think you should have kept the wave motive in some capacity.
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    I didn't have a chance to see Game 1, but if there's an argument from my POV to root against Carolina, it has nothing to do with their opponent and everything to do with the idea that, since Carolina's last playoff appearance, the Lightning have made the playoffs six times, reached the ECF four times, and been to the SCF once, without getting the job done on any occasion, and to see a team miss the playoffs for a solid decade and then immediately match, if not surpass, all of that in one fell swoop, is an idea I'm not too keen on wanting to see happen. Whoever wins this series, I'm hoping the West winner takes them out, no doubt.
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    I love this Lizards concept! Every single uniform option is fantastic. The color scheme is perfect for a Las Vegas team. The scripts are great. I can understand @coco1997‘s sentiments about adding a little more red to distance from the Pirates, but I’m not really sure how you could do that without decreasing the yellow, which I don’t think you should do. I think this is unique enough for sure, as they’d certainly be more distinct from each other than the Astros and Tigers, for example. It would be interesting to the black/yellow/red color scheme evenly distributed (maybe sort of like your Milwaukee White Sox), or a version of the set that is mostly black & red with yellow accents, but I imagine what you have right now is best. This is a beautiful set!
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    I think the fact that it's literally across the valley from Miller Brewery has just a little bit to do with that.
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    Yeah, lionizing the CSA is even worse. As for “noble opponent”, you need look no further than the fetish for First Nations imagery.
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    I, for one, am totally against that French and Indian War Champions banner the US Army hung a few years back. They should just be proud of their own history!
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    But... is it? Is it that much of an outlier? We don't know, likely because if it happens at pre-professional levels to that degree, the playing days of the player suffering the trauma (hopefully) come to an immediate end. I was diagnosed with one concussion playing high school football; the next day, my parents made me turn in my pads and helmet. I had headaches for weeks but was otherwise fine. Did I want to play? Yeah. But my parents were smart enough to forbid it from that point forward. And on the other hand, even presuming it's a freak accident as you put it, why put people in a position where such freak accidents are any more likely than the proverbial lightning strike? But the truth is, these aren't freak accidents or lightning strikes. Darryl Stingley was not an accident. Dennis Byrd was not an accident. Mike Webster was not an accident. Dwight Clark was not an accident. Lou Creekmur was not an accident. Dave Duerson was not an accident. Frank Gifford was not an accident. Cookie Gilchrist was not an accident. Aaron Hernandez was not an accident. Jovan Belcher was not an accident. Rob Lytle was not an accident. John Mackey was not an accident. Ollie Matson was not an accident. Earl Morrall was not an accident. Junior Seau was not an accident. Ken Stabler was not an accident. Bubba Smith was not an accident. Justin Strzelczyk was not an accident. Andre Waters was not an accident. Mosi Tatupu was not an accident. They were 20 players who, either due to one-time hits or a lifetime of suffering head traumas directly related to playing football, had their lives either seriously compromised or cut short. Two of those people took innocent lives with them along the way before meeting their own demise. How much lightning has to strike?
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