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    Everyone sending in lists like
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    Yeah of course, but you’re pretty much describing the very history of the United States. “Manifest Destiny” was awful for natives, but so was the very founding of this country by European settlers. While there are some negative connotations to representing that history, the nickname isn’t overtly racist like the others people have issues with. I mean, :censored:, vikings were known for being brutally violent and destroying entire villages of innocent people. Raiders/Buccaneers/Pirates commandeered ships and threw the passengers overboard into the ocean. Cowboys have been depicted in popular culture as slaughtering groups of Indians for over a century now. Bengal tigers have killed people at zoos before. Point is, where do you draw the line on what’s acceptable and what isn’t? If you’re going to take issue with a name like 49ers, you’re also going to have to re-evaluate a lot of other names that probably come across as rather innocuous.
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    The Bruins switching to black socks would be like if the Dodgers replaced the red numbers on the front of their jerseys with blue numbers. Would the blue numbers look bad? No. Would it even match a bit better than the red numbers? Yeah. Would it be an improvement? Hell no. Red numbers for the Dodgers, like gold socks for the Bruins, are one of those quirks you don’t see much of anymore. The kind of stuff that can make a legacy franchise’s look really special. The Bruins don’t look bad with black socks but they pissed away an underrated part of their classic identity just so they could look ok.
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    I know y’all hate Golden State (I get it, it’s understandable), but we’re getting a Blazers/Warriors and Raptors/Bucks conference finals. This is probably the best final four I’ve ever seen, at least personally. And even if you hate the Dubs, that’s still 3/4ths awesome. Go back back ten years and tell someone this is the 2019 Final Four. Nobody would believe you
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    Wasn't the entire point of The Process so the Sixers would win championships instead of losing in the second round every year?
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    You'd think they'd go with something closer to the Hawks' Pacman logo, no? That's horribly ABA 2000ish.
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    Maybe we should just put the last four of players' SSN on thr uniform. It could work for their name AND number.
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    (Ron Howard voice) More importantly, I think the issue with 49ers is that aside from being a school in California that was founded in 1949, that nickname has ZERO relevance to Long Beach State. The mascot is Northern California figure who doesn't resemble your student body or their history anyway even before we unpack problematic aspects of white American settlement of California-pick something that appeals to them.
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    They should have extrapolated Dirtbags across the entire athletic department. How about the Lady Dirtbags and their mascot is a girl who wears Cookie Monster pajama pants and smokes.
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    The one we should all be mad at is Toronto for laying a dud in games 6 and 7.
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    I see you and I raise you
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    A character from Neon Genesis Evangelion. A show that if you were generous would be considered one of the best animes of the 90s with a deep (for a giant robot anime) storyline and Christian references. If you were not generous, you'd call it the anime version of Rick and Morty. And if you don't watch anime, its just another giant robot show with a wuss as the protagonist rather than a hot-blooded young man of questionable intelligence. Has f all to do with the Concordes aside from @Jimmy Lethal being a fan of both NGE and the Concordes.
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    Well, and considering those saved us from this, I'm grateful for those gray uniforms.
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    The Brewers every year are the only team to create matching helmets for these special occasion caps. They've done this multiple times. I wonder why they do it and/or why no one else does it.
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    If Seattle really wants the Metropolitans name, denying it because of a dumb division name with a whole six years of history behind it would be so OITGDNHL.
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    New York Jets: 1946 Throwback: The Football Yankees? There have been plenty of teams to play for New York from the 1930s to 1960s, but most pale to the Giants. However, the New York Football Yankees IV, in my opinion, seem to be the most successful and fitting to be the counterpart to the other football team in New York named after a baseball team. The numbers were challenging and obviously not perfect, being a combination of Clarendon, Nike Kansas, and Nike's 2010 Ohio State 1942 throwback. The logo is based on the 1946 New York Baseball Yankees logo and this New York Football Yankees schedule. 1960 Throwback: The Titans Before The Titans The Jets started as the Titans and for some reason decided to wear Notre Dame colors before changing to the iconic Gotham kelly green and white. The logo comes from the 2007 rendering. 1963 Throwback: What Could've Been Luckily I'm not a Jets fan, but after J.B. Smoove's painfully drawn out introduction to the 2019 Jets uniforms last month, I'd imagine plenty of Jets fans wished the new uniforms were simply tweaks to 2018 to look like this.
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    My heart wants Blazers/Bucks but I think it'll be Warriors/Raptors.
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    BringBackVeteransStadium No nicknames, please.
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    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This isn’t really a hill I want to die on. I get the negative side of the name, so I can accept the pushback. I personally think it’s a bit overblown, but I respect the opinions of those who don’t. It’s kinda news to me that there is such a negative connotation to all of this, enough so that it seems to overshadow the rest of the history, but I can admit when I realize that there’s probably more I need to learn about it.
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    How about the Bruins should wear gold socks because that’s part of their aesthetic tradition and it helps separate them from the other team with the same colour scheme?
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    God, Kraken is such a terrible name, I feel like the fascination with this name is a practical joke that everyone is conspiring to play on me, just me.
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    NL East Philadelphia Phillies Miami Marlins New York Mets Washington Nationals Atlanta Braves AL East New York Yankees Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox Blue Jays Devil Rays AL West Seattle Mariners This is my thread for the 2020 MLB in my eyes, starting in Philadelphia, or should I say PHILA. Here is the home: And the updated road: Most noticebly, the "Phillies" script is replaced with a "PHILA" script in a de-italicized Lobster. A new block font enters for the NOB and #OB. The new logo replaces the number on the sleeve as a sleeve logo. Also, the grey unis have a slight heather. C&C Welcome! Who should I do next?
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    I'm not sure if you're talking about Jones or Graham here, but I think it works either way.
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    Yup, on the shorts. If you haven't read the whole story, it's totally worth it.
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    Bumping this for a moment. I sort of lost track nearly a year ago when I got the flu and I was stuck on the Phoenix Suns and killed all inspiration for me. Anyway, I have a few more concepts and I thought I'd share them. These are extremely inspired by 2019 Earned/City uniforms. #12 Milwaukee Bucks #13 Cleveland Cavaliers
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    Jones leaving isn't really a shock to Hamilton and he was probably gone after this season anyways. He had just been demoted to associate head coach and OC this offseason because Hamilton hired an assistant head coach prior to last season and then promoted the assistant to head coach a few months ago to stop him from being poached by BC or Toronto. The Ticats also hired a receivers coach who had previously been an OC for Hamilton and Toronto and they just named that guy the new OC right after the announcement Jones was leaving. For those who don't follow the CFL, Jones was hired by Hamilton as the assistant head coach five games into the 2017 season, right after Hamilton had lost 60-1 to the Stampeders, a game I was at. Then 22 days later, the Hamilton head coach stepped down to focus solely on his position as VP of Football Operations and Jones was promoted to head coach (pay no attention to the fact the Ticats were 0-8 at the time and the coach couldn't really be fired). One of his first moves only four days after being promoted, was hiring Art Briles. Then when people were like "Hey, maybe don't do that", the CFL blocked the hire only hours after it happened and a joint statement was issued by Hamilton and the CFL saying the hire has been officially blocked and Briles wasn't joining the team. What is Briles up to nowadays? Maybe Jones will try to hire him again, this time seeing if Vince and the XFL will let it happen?
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    Name: Anthony Libby AGE: 37 City: Shreveport, LA Occupation: 3rd Generation Owner of Libby Glass and Steel Favorite NDA/CDA/CDL Team: New Orleans Revelers Positions on League Issues League Name: North American Driveball League (Leaves Opening for possible Canadian (Should the CDL fold) and Mexican teams. Championship: United Cup (Just make sure we don't call the winners World Champions, Since no one in our League is outside the US and Canada has it's own league for now.) All Star Game: Yes, After the United Cup NBC & CBS Partnership: Keep for now Rules/Field Markings: No Changes Cincinnati & Denver: Return to League within 5 to 7 years with two other expansion teams. Free Angency: Granted after 4 years Exhibition Timeframe: Agree with Danny Copeland.
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    Crystal Palace finally got rid of the yellow.
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    It looks like MLB Shop may have given us our first hint at what the London Series hats will be: https://www.mlbshop.com/new-york-yankees/mens-new-york-yankees-new-era-navy-2019-london-series-side-patch-9twenty-adjustable-hat/t-14777676+p-3650702405036+z-9-545638754 Kinda bland don't you think? This is also the only hat that's up, so it could change. EDIT: whipped this up real quick - wouldn't something along these lines be better and more exciting?
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    There aren't wild Tigers, Lions, Bengals, Jaguars or Penguins in the United States or Canada but there are teams named for them....so Kraken is fine with me if they go with it. I dont like the name, but it would have precedence.
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    Typo: it says the Thunder beat the Blazers 4-1, it should be the other way around.
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    "They can't be the Metros because that's the name of one of our divisions!" The Washington Nationals are not impressed.
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    Well it’ll be the Blues sweeping the Bruins, so...
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    Isles sweep Penguins. Canes sweep Isles. Bruins sweep Canes. Sharks sweep Bruins. You guys owe me ten bucks if I'm right. Each.
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    I remember they actually did that in 2003/2004 against the Lakers. It was a pretty good looking game.
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    One of my favorite comments on Twitter the day of was "Why does it have a wig?" I really think this will be one of the best new brands of 2019, if not top collegiate.
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    Mother er I nominate this for post of the day XD
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    That was the dramatic ending to a corny sports movie! Four bounces!
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    I'm sure the 2 people who wouldn't buy a Juve kit for this reason are overjoyed.
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    No. The ideal is multiple regional leagues with minimal travel to save on costs.
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    I wouldn’t look too deeply into that, the astros BP Jersey they wear in games goes for the same amount.
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    Sure BBTV has a point. It would just be much easier to agree with that point if he wasn't simultaneously wishing career ending agony on a complete stranger.
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    GIannis in the red trim Bucks Uniforms
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    That's not a KC Kings uni. They didn't start wearing powder blue until they moved to Sacramento.
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    Nah, they really don’t.
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    The Grand Theft Auto series created fictional teams based off current teams in/near Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Las Vegas, which were used as models for the cities in the game: https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Sports_Teams Los Santos Panic = Los Angeles Lakers UCLS Bookworms = UCSC Banana Slugs San Fierro 69ers = San Francisco 49ers San Andres Magnetics = Los Angeles Chargers San Fierro Packers = San Francisco Giants Red Mist FC = New York Red Bulls Los Santos Kings = Los Angeles Kings Los Santos Slappers = San Jose Sharks (an oddity given LS is LA and SJ is near SF) Los Santos Corkers/Saints = Different elements of the Los Angeles Dodgers Los Santos Shrimps = Los Angeles Clippers Liberty City Cocks = New York Cosmos Liberty City Wrath = New York Giants Liberty Penetrators = New York Knicks Las Venturas Bandits = Las Vegas 51s Oakland A’s, who played some of their games in LV while the colosseum was being renovated.
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