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    Somebody has got to do time for all of this, right? I mean this is America. You can’t just scam a ton of people out of a ton of money, just refuse to pay it, and then get elected as presi... wait what are we talking about again?
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    As much as I like those photos, I'm not sure M&N is dropping any hints other than "M&N has new throwback unis we are going to sell next month."
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    I'd love them to get full tribal blessing and be the Totems. Set up a scholarship fund for the tribe. Donate a portion of sales each year to the tribe. Even get their input on the design. I'm so tired of all the conflict, do it right, as a true honor and benefit all. This mock up has always been a favorite of mine.
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    I'm not sure why '97 was chosen for the Mitchell & Ness jerseys -- I'm just hoping Nike wouldn't follow suit. Like @WSU151 said, I don't necessarily think it's an indication of what's to come. '95 was the inaugural season, and it'd make a lot of sense to go with that look with this being the team's 25th anniversary season. The '99 team was the greatest team we've ever had, and it happened to have the quintessential Jaguars uniform. That would easily be my preference of being the inspiration for any potential throwbacks. '97 certainly feels like an arbitrary choice for a throwback.
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    I realize these are just for retail, and I don't buy jerseys. Do they really have to use the black stripe 1997 one for McCardell though? They only used it for one season, and the ones without that stupid, unnecessary black stripe look way better.
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    Who cares if it falls a few pages? There’s no news right now. If there’s news it’ll still be posted. It’s not like just because this drops to the second page people won’t be able to find it if there’s something they need to post.
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    Yup, on the shorts. If you haven't read the whole story, it's totally worth it.
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    That's the '90s-est '90s that ever '90s-ed.
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    NL West Arizona Diamondbacks San Diego Padres Colorado Rockies Los Angeles Dodgers San Francisco Giants NL Central Milwaukee Brewers (v2) (Road attempt 3) Pittsburgh Pirates Cincinnati Reds St. Louis Cardinals Chicago Cubs NL East Philadelphia Phillies Miami Marlins New York Mets Washington Nationals (update) Atlanta Braves AL East New York Yankees Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox Toronto Blue Jays Tampa Bay Devil Rays AL Central Detroit Tigers (v2) Chicago White Sox Minnesota Twins Kansas City Royals (v2) Cleveland Gladiators AL West Seattle Mariners Los Angeles Angels Texas Rangers Houston Astros Oakland A's (update) This is my thread for the 2020 MLB in my eyes, starting in Philadelphia, or should I say PHILA. Here is the home: And the updated road: Most noticebly, the "Phillies" script is replaced with a "PHILA" script in a de-italicized Lobster. A new block font enters for the NOB and #OB. The new logo replaces the number on the sleeve as a sleeve logo. Also, the grey unis have a slight heather. C&C Welcome! Who should I do next?
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    The double outlines create a really muddled look.
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    Thanks for your C&C! Here is the Yankees. Not much change.
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    Sadly, I can't come out and say anything that divulges anything concrete or leads to "lost hype" for products. Can't take the chance of jeopardizing corporate relationships. Curse this (awesome) job of mine!
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    This is the least likely Finals outcome, but how depressing: http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/26746618/senator-asks-canada-ensure-kanter-safety
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    Huh - I figured it was a hack job when I saw a few things last night.
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    I prefer Sockeye. Salmon just doesn't resonate with me, doesn't sound bold enough for a team. But Sockeye, even though a Salmon, does. Then you also have the fun aside of a black eye motif.
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    There seems to be a lot of smoke for the Jaguars to potentially see a throwback alternate this season. Mitchell & Ness is now dropping this -- Hell yes. Hopefully Nike would not include that side panel though. Oof.
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    Yeah but the Warriors will inevitably end up wearing dark gray once or twice. Can't wait for next year and those jerseys to be tossed aside (along with several decades of loyal Warirors fans, hey-o).
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    You know, maybe (as a design note) it wasn't a good idea to put a big "N" over a black person.
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    I'm not sure people with a "caretaker ethos" exist in any American professional sports. I'm pretty sure all of the startup leagues in the last 60 years (and, in reality, longer than that) have been started with the intention of making money. I don't think anyone has founded and bankrolled a new sports league with the intention of providing a public service in the manner of a patron of the arts. The closest example to that scenario above high school might be non-revenue college sports. Those teams are money losers for their schools and are subsidized either by the sports that do generate revenue and/or (more likely) the college as a whole. Now, what day do the Ann Arbor Wolverines and Columbus Buckeyes play this year?
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    That perception will not change until they start winning. I remember when the Astros were in the midst of rebuilding and their ownership was being criticized for not spending their record profit on improving their roster. People who don’t understand the process and those who like to get a jab in will do so. Jeter and co have not been perfect but it’s still too early to judge the rebuild.
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    Buffalo Bills: 1920 Throwback: All Of The Nicknames The Buffalo All-Stars/Niagaras/Prospects/All-Americans/Bisons/Rangers/Bisons was the first team to play pro football in Buffalo and have only kept a name at most 4 years, going through 7 names over 15 years. The Buffalo team from the APFA's inaugural season have McAuliffe numbers and a wordmark from this 1921 program. 1946 Throwback: What Did The Buffalo Say To His Kid When He Went To College? The Buffalo Bisons were a part of the AAFC with the likes of the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers, and were the Bisons for a year before becoming the first iteration of the Buffalo Bills for the remaining 3 years of the AAFC's and the franchise's history. The logo comes from a combination of this information booklet and this pennant. 1962 Throwback: The Beginning Of The Red, White, And Blue Bills The Buffalo Bills II that we know today started off looking like the Buffalo Bills I from the AAFC for their first 2 years before rolling out this more familiar, classic look. Chose to have the helmet logo rather than the primary logo because it's more recognizable.
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    Hey guys, I'm back. I apologize for the extended absence, but I've had a pretty :censored:ty last few days. Boise State felt that my graphic design skills weren't strong enough to permit me to continue my graphic design degree so I've been unofficially placed in the transfer portal unless something changes drastically. I'm upset and very confused as to how this happened, but I can't dwell on it, just have to keep moving forward. Now that I've totally killed the mood, let's check out the other Miami: I was a big fan of the newest uniforms they unveiled IIRC in 2016 with the stripes running down the shoulders. It was pretty simple figuring out where to go from there. Overall, it was a simpler than most uniform set, but is there really anything wrong with that? Football - To kick us off, the football team really doesn't deviate from existing uniforms. Two helmets: white and red, both with a stripe down the middle of the helmet. M logo on both sides. I used silver minimally as a trim color, which is the color of the red helmet's facemask. For the jerseys, rather than go down the shoulders, the stripes go back on the sleeve caps with the M logo smack dab in the middle of the sleeves. MIAMI wordmark on the chest, new font better matches the wordmark. Pants are just as simple, with a wide stripe with the M logo on the hip. Hockey - A bit Red Wing-ish, but that was a bit unavoidable with the newly established motif. Wide stripes on the hem and the sleeves, with the M logo on the sleeve stripes. As such, the numbers move to the shoulders. Pants are wide striped with the M logo at the bottom of the stripe. Socks have the wide stripe as well. Baseball - As simple as I felt they could have been, these follow along with the rest of the uniforms. Big stripes on the sleeves with the M's on the stripes, you get it by now. MIAMI wordmark on the chest with the numbers underneath them. Two colors of hats and helmets. Pants have the same wide stripe down the side. Basketball - To wrap us all up here, the basketball uniforms really aren't much different. Single color trim around the neck and arms, MIAMI wordmarks on the chest. Colored in the waistband and wide stripe down near the bottom of the shorts with the M logo on the side in the stripe. Simple, Easy and I want to hear what you guys think!
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    Not all quirks are good quirks. I love the gold socks (especially with gold yokes) but can do without the stripes on the breezers.
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    I see you and I raise you
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    Noted. Edited with a smaller wordmark, created a little more space between it and the side panel. Here is #8, Toronto Raptors And #9, Portland Trail Blazers I wanted to do Toronto in purple, however, the home whites looked really off, at least without some tweaking, so I "settled" for their All-Canadian red/black look which they rock pretty well. Added silver to differentiate them from the Bulls and Blazers, while hopefully the black keeps looking apart from Houston as well. I brought back the pinstripes (maybe also too Houston-y?) and the arching nameplate because I like those Barney Dinosaur elements, they keep their identity unique. And I altered their wordmark to a bolder font because what they're wearing now seems a little placeholder-y to me. Portland, I just based their look off of their amazing statement jersey. Remove the silver and lowed the name to appear under the number (just 'cause I think the back of the jersey looks little plain).
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    Thank you for all the C&C! And now, the O's
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    Anthony Davis is going to stay with the promise of Zion next to him. I guarantee it.
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    Looks pretty good though the script positioning seems a tad off. You've placed it right over the third button which actually shows in the road uniform. I'd consider either changing the button spacing or moving the lettering up. Edit: One additional note. Don't be afraid to leave early drafts up. If its a substantive change, its great to see someone's thought processes play out.
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    That was bad. The color change itself tells me they no longer care for the "Wizards" identity anymore... which leads me to question why it's still the team name.
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    Because, as has been stated MANY times before, players can switch helmets by choice all they want, the issue is when someone tells them they HAVE to get a second helmet for one game. It’s not a comfort thing. It’s not a “the helmet needs to be broken in” thing. It’s simply the NFL doing the best they can to avoid being sued for forcing players to get another helmet when they didn’t want to
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    Dirtbags is a name that only works in the context of baseball. Naming the rest of your athletics after a literal description of a baseball field doesn't make any sense.
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    Correct. The hindsight way of changing the perception is what sucks though. The Astros fans/baseball fans while rebuilding: "This team and ownership sucks I hate them they have no clue what they're doing!" Astros fans/baseball fans once the rebuild is complete and successful: "OMG Astros are the best, they were so smart to rebuild, I knew they would always be this good!"
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    Bucks Blazers would not only be my choice as a fan of basketball, but also would be a great uniform matchup, and unless Nike botches it (and we all know they will) bucks green and Portland’s black/red will provide some great uniform matchups, specifically in portland
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    I missed this when it came out, but Minneapolis City dropped a fantastic kit a couple weeks ago. Now if only they'd use that script logo full time.
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    Love picking up organic dirtbags at Lowe's, you pay a little more but it's much better than that genetically modified dirt.
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    Why? Are people aware that Sockeye is a type of salmon?
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    My school (Concordia University-Wisconsin) is releasing a new set of logos today. Sorry for the bad image quality, I couldn't find any copies of the letter insignia online. The logos were created through BVK, a Milwaukee-based marketing agency. For reference, here's what we were sporting before the change Obviously, the Falcon logo is a tremendous upgrade, but I think I like the old letter mark better. Overall, I'm very happy with the change and will be looking to score a t-shirt or hat with the new falcon ASAP. Besides the logo changes, the school is also dropping any orange from its athletic brands, which is good because only about half the sports used it anyway. For the full press release go to https://www.cuwfalcons.com/athletics/generalreleases/2018-19/CUW_Athletics_unveils_new_logos_051319 And the style guide can be found here https://www.cuwfalcons.com/athletics/logos/2019/CUW_Athletics_Brand_Identity_Guide_040319.pdf
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    The Bruins switching to black socks would be like if the Dodgers replaced the red numbers on the front of their jerseys with blue numbers. Would the blue numbers look bad? No. Would it even match a bit better than the red numbers? Yeah. Would it be an improvement? Hell no. Red numbers for the Dodgers, like gold socks for the Bruins, are one of those quirks you don’t see much of anymore. The kind of stuff that can make a legacy franchise’s look really special. The Bruins don’t look bad with black socks but they pissed away an underrated part of their classic identity just so they could look ok.
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    I'm sure the 2 people who wouldn't buy a Juve kit for this reason are overjoyed.
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    They should have extrapolated Dirtbags across the entire athletic department. How about the Lady Dirtbags and their mascot is a girl who wears Cookie Monster pajama pants and smokes.
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    Not to defend that logo, but...
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    Imo the Vice look is extremely forced and such a violent 180 degree turn from the foundation of roots. Their identity is one of the best in the league and it sucks that they given it up for changes sake, the color scheme is nice but terrible for the heat. Imagine the dolphins in vice, it’s the same way. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Marlins take it though.
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    No one let the Sonics leave and no public advocacy groups meaningfully influenced anything. Ownership's proposals were made in bad faith and were designed to be rejected so that Oklahoma City-based interests could move the team to Oklahoma City, following their rejected attempt to buy the Hornets, whose layover in OKC they had been subsidizing. It was all for show; the coffee idiot signed their death sentence the day he sold the team.
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    And here are two more concepts while I am up. #6 Houston Rockets While I am a major fan of the Rockets re-incorporating yellow back into their identity, I feel Atlanta now "own" those colours so to speak, and my only idea for Houston in yellow is either the 94-95 Championship jerseys or a home-and-road version of their 2009 alternate. So I thought I would try and make red and silver really work for them because I do love those colours. I wanted to bring back the Steve Francis era pinstripes too because I loved those. #7 Brooklyn Nets Much like the Rockets, this is a merge of the Nets previous identities. I love their sleeved alternates and their Statement jersey; I love the old ABA Nets look done in black & white so that's what I went with, only replacing the stars with the old net pattern. It's not a unique design, I've seen it before, but I am big fan, I think it's the obvious move the team should make.
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