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    That's at least three too many patches.
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    If you can't figure out that you shouldn't attack a moderator with racial and/or homophobic slurs there's no saving you. You'd think it'd be self explanatory. You really would.
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    It's been a while since I last posted a concept, and I feel my designing has improved a lot, so I wanted to challenge myself. I took it upon myself to redesign the MLB. Instead of just tweaking my way through the MLB, I wanted to make every single team look greatly different than they do now. I have already finished all thirty teams, so I will release two every couple days or so. Hopefully you guys don't mind the format, I thought it looked cooler than simply showing the uniform on a blank background. Yankees: I didn't know how to redesign the Yankees without changing the name, so that's exactly what I did. I thought if any team was going to have a vintage look, it should be the Yankees. The name plays of the nickname "Bronx Bombers", while also doubling as a homage to the Army. I put a flannel pattern on the road, and kept the wordmarks simple. there are no alternate jerseys or hats for the bombers. Rays: I decided to bring back some of my favorite uniforms of all time, but with a twist. I went with a minty green color and a lighter blue. I got rid of the gradiant on the wordmarks and tweaked them a little. The TB hat could be worn with any of the uniforms, while the Devil Ray hat would only be worn with the away and alternate jersey.
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    . . . and the purple pants they suddenly wore last year. The problem with light blue pants with the current white jersey is that the numbers and trim on the jersey are predominantly navy blue, so it would probably look unbalanced.
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    Okay, so it has been seemingly FOREVER since I posted anything resembling a concept on these boards. But I've been playing around with something for a few minutes here and there for probably two weeks now, and I'd love to get some feedback to know if I'm potentially onto something or just wasting my precious free time. I've always been a fan (like many of you it seems) of the Rays' original Devil Rays identity, but I thought it missed the mark in a few areas. I loved (still do) the gradient. But there were far too many colors in the logo(s), and the uniforms seemed to miss the opportunity to "own" the bright colors by overuse of black and purple. Some parts of the logos also use too many fine details or super thin strokes. So here's what I got. Right now it's something of a visual dream journal. I apologize for not taking the time to split all the elements into separate files yet. Basically, I dropped the black for a dark purple. I kept the gradient but had the gamut run from yellow to aqua-ish to purple. Purple would be primary, with yellow secondary and aqua tertiary. Light purple only in highlights in the logos. Thickened/simplified some elements and strokes. Have an idea of where I want to go with uniform striping. Started playing with a custom number font, but not sure it can work. Dropped the "Devil," obviously (though I never disliked it). Can't pick a preference of uniform wordmarks. So let me know what, if anything is worth continuing. I appreciate all comments ahead of time. Thanks guys!
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    Called it. Uni Watch has the full story today, and it’s a beaut: https://uni-watch.com/2019/05/15/exclusive-the-story-behind-the-new-york-pigeons/
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    See Hunt, Lamar. Good example. Hunt clearly had objectives that ranked above maximising his monetary gain, as he repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to pay what it took in order to run his teams. He was indeed one of the very few good owners.
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    Easy to do that when you’re willing to lose other people’s money. Ross’s was an egotist in another man’s pants, whose jock-sniffing irresponsibility ended up killing an entire league. Not only do we not need more of him, even just the one turned out to be more than we could bear.
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    Next the Bears. In the past, I've made some concepts that "fixed" the stripe inconsistencies, but I've come to realize those so-called inconsistencies are actually awesome, so I've made almost no changes on the home and road, just moving the GSH off the sleeve to the jersey front. I've decided against a throwback because the Bears basically wear their best throwback as their normal uniform every week, and I've never really liked any of the throwbacks they've tried. The orange alt is based on the road uni instead of the home uni, and has the added benefit of supplying them with an extra pair of white pants and a solid navy sock so that if they want to go all-white on the road once or twice a year, they will look a bit more cohesive. (Gray facemask added to annoy... you're welcome.)
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    Let's start with Green Bay. A classic look, obviously, but still in need of a little polishing. The current collars are pretty dated IMO... a bit too busy. And I've never liked the road stripes with the extra white space. The sleeve stripes here are the same width home and road, both with 5 stripes total. Sock stripes make a comeback. The alt is a throwback to an early 50's uniform that was bright kelly green monochrome, so how can you pass it up?
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    or the Carolina Hurricanes doing the Hartford Whal-oh.....
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    Oh hi, we stole Montréal’s team away because of language laws, a white elephant stadium, Canadian economic downturn, and a lack of desire to have a team in the area. Do you mind if we dress up like them and pretend that everything is hunky-dory? Nobody should do an Expos throwback until there’s a replacement team in Montréal. Heck, I’d rather have the Jays do an Expos throwback than the Nats. At least it’d be a good way to not rub salt in Montréal’s wounds.
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    Word in the street: Nats-Royals doing a Turn Back the Clock night in July. Nats will be dressing as Expos. Pinwheel cap.
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    Steve Ross is one of the greatest businessmen in American History over the past century. Anyone who says differently doesn't know what they're talking about. As to what he did with NASL, he was running a team with World Class talent in the only US market where that type of team was sustainable. The problem was the Cosmos turned into a UEFA team playing in NASL. Not every team is going to be in the position where they can go out and sign two of the five greatest soccer players of all-time as the Cosmos did. You have one team selling out Giants Stadium, and almost everyone else is struggling to get to 10K fans. At a certain point, it starts sounding silly to suggest that a team drawing more than double what any else has for a gate is somehow on the same playing field as the rest of the teams in the league. Credit the MLS for learning from NASL's mistakes and not allowing a cavalier owner to go out and do this while the rest of the league lags behind. The result has been a league that has been slow to grow, but all the growth they have done has been sustainable over the long term because it's not relying on the success of any one player or one team that can't be replicated across the league. I want an owner like Stephen Ross in the sense that he's not afraid to think outside the box and take calculated risks. I don't want an owner like Stephen Ross in the sense that he's going to play by his own set of rules, and not be all that concerned with how his actions affect everyone else. Anyone with a "win at all costs" approach may not always win, but they will spend every last penny they have trying. Go for broke enough times, and eventually, you will end up broke.
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    Ajax released their away kit today.
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    Ugh, I need a shower after that last tweet. Disgusting.
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    Wait, I had the perfect response to that one, too. Seriously, I know you don't like capitalism. Which is cool, but that doesn't mean you don't have to understand it.
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    I think even a reverse Minnesota Wild scheme since the Wild have gone green heavy (focus more on red than green), and through in some black or charcoal. That pinky-red is the color I think of when I hear the word Sockeyes.
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    Soooooo, everyone is wearing recolored Pistons logos on their draft caps? Bold.
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    What if* Zion pulls an Elway/Danny Ferry/Eli and refuses to play for the Pelicans?
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    Hold on, what? There hasn't been any kind of confirmation regarding the team name or colors. Unless you have some insider info, you're going to need to back up that claim with a link. And I gotta disagree with you on red, black, and slate gray surely being the team colors. I don't care what the website shows. When a name is determined, there will be a total rebrand. 'NHL Seattle' has established itself as a brand using red/black/gray on their apparel, media, etc. 'Seattle (Team Name)' brand will have its own set of colors. Maybe it'll include some of those colors, maybe not.
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    This is a great, memorable logo The modern one is just generic.
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    Here's their next one...
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    I never realized that thing actually says "winning tradition" on it. That feels... I dunno... kinda needy, or something.
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    I heard a joke that said the only things that will survive a nuclear apocalypse are cockroaches and the Quebecois, because if the Quebecois have lasted this long, why not? Anyway, I understand and agree with the impulse for cultural preservation, there must always be a Quebec for the Quebecois, but I don't see why we couldn't have had a pluralistic Montreal with a firmly French rest-of-the-province. That's basically what Quebec ended up with, anyway, just at the expense of having a baseball team, a Jewish community, apostrophes on storefronts, and the most important city in Canada. As loathsome as the separatists may be, the old order of a disengaged English ruling class with the Catholic Church acting as a shadow government wasn't gonna last forever; the Quebecois were going to start determining their own affairs one way or another, they just picked the clumsy and antisemitic way. Anyway, as for thuh Nats dressing up as les Expos, I'd be fine with it if the Nats were in the habit of honoring their history as the Expos, e.g., maintaining retired numbers, things like that. They're not, really, so I kinda wish they wouldn't.
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    More Rogues ideas. Experimenting with a prototype color scheme. Too early for these colors? C&C Welcome.
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    lol it’s profoundly bizarre to make André Dawson and Steve Rogers fly to DC though. This makes not one lick of sense. Don’t poke the Expos bear and don’t do anything stupid in DC, this shouldnt be that hard.
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    Grays. Mainly because I love Georgia's uniform and a look like the Generals had would fit in with this time period. EDIT: The Generals had white outlines. I think I must've smoked myself handicapped in college.
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    Yea, this does seem awkward and tone deaf. It'd be like if the OKC Thunder wore Sonics throwbacks.
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    I can't speak for other teams, but we've had the shoulder patch since at least the late 80s / early 90s. It's just become one of those uniform quirks/traditions, like the Buckeyes/FSU helmet stickers, the Chicago Bears having GSH on the sleeves or the Steelers having a one-sided helmet logo. I realize 30 years isn't as long as some of those other traditions, but it's still long enough I don't see the patch being taken off.
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    I don't think it would look terrible. But it would be unbalanced more so. Besides the Chargers look better doing white on white when playing away. When they move into the shared Rams stadium, I can see the Chargers going with light blue pants if they do a new uniform.
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    Personally I think New Orleans will work out for Zion; he's sad about not going to New York and that's fair enough, but let's face it: with how toxic of a dumpster fire the Knicks are they'd probably only ruin him, just like they probably would've ruined Steph Curry, the last prospect who really wanted to go to NYC.
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    Ideally teams shouldn't need the conference patch, considering most fans know what team plays in what conference and whatnot. So in Nebraska's example, they'd keep the Winning Tradition patch and place the 150 patch where the B1G patch is at.
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    She made such a poor decision... This is so great.
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    Was coming to make a comment on that. Last night's lottery helped confirmed that none of those teams are getting new logos / wordmarks next season. Also, in Zion news, unfortunately for NBA/Nike, the Pels aren't getting any new logos / uniforms next season. Whoops! That being said, I'm sure they'll still sell plenty of the City (and I guess the other 3 unis since Zion is so popular) unis. Those were one of the best in the league this year, imo.
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    Edit: I am planning on doing Alternates at the end
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    Get out of here with that positive thinking of the Marlins, only negativity is welcome here.
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    Other people's money. You seem to overlook this very key point. That's what sets him apart from a man like Lamar Hunt. Ross wanted to wear Chinaglia's pants, but made other people pay for it. Least he could have done was pay the tab himself.
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    Looks like new field turf going down at Ford Field. The end zones are Honolulu Blue, and the actual field is a lighter shade of green, closer to the color to the turf used in the Pontiac Silverdome.
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    Zion in the Big Easy! Can't wait! I'd imagine AD is probably going to be receiving a phone call from David Griffin real soon, trying to convince him to stay. New Orleans has a very bright future ahead. Depending on whether AD is traded or not, they're going to end up with one of the following combinations as their franchise stars next year: Zion/AD Zion/R.J. Barrett (via the Knicks) Zion/Jayson Tatum (via the Celtics) Zion/??? (maybe the 4th pick from the Lakers) Throw in a healthy Jrue Holiday whose still in his prime + KD potentially going East, and suddenly the whole power dynamic in the West has shifted dramatically. Edit: I forgot to add to add this: This is probably the best off the court move the Pels have made since they've been in New Orleans. People are severely underestimating just how much of a positive impact Griffin is going to have on this organization.
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    Don't forget Lebron's "stamina" is one of the biggest reason the Cavs won Game 7 ECF last year against the Celtics. I believe he played every minute of that game. They very likely don't win if he didn't.
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    I don't miss any of the "personality" that was stripped from the ballpark. The building reflects Miami more than it ever has. The yellows, reds, and greens represented Loria's favorite artist more than Miami. As a venue, the renovations improved the experience. Fans are closer to the playing field. Flow around the concourses is easier. Concessions feature local favorites.
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    No kidding. Second round? GTFO. Lakers made a huge jump in a one-person draft, so does it matter? Maybe? My conspiracy theory is that the NBA rigged the lottery to help a struggling market. It shouldn't make a difference -- if NO didn't show up for AD why would they for Zion? -- but as a Seattlile looking lustfully at the Pelicans franchise, I'm now bummed.
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    Open Cup Round 2 tonight and Hartford Athletic hosts the New York Cosmos. (Yes, "Brass Bonanza" is their goal song.)
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    I realize these are just for retail, and I don't buy jerseys. Do they really have to use the black stripe 1997 one for McCardell though? They only used it for one season, and the ones without that stupid, unnecessary black stripe look way better.
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    Because he was young and sometimes they know better than the rest of us
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    GIannis in the red trim Bucks Uniforms
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    Onward to Winnipeg! PHOENIX! ARIZONA! The Arizona Coyotes Arizona follows Anaheim's lead by adapting another iconic alternate to fit today's design trends. The cactus green and stone orange return as does the angled hem striping of the old "Peyote Coyote". Black is replaced in the look by a darker green and the Arizona sunburst can be found sublimated on both the jersey and pants. The old 'Yotes wordmark returns to the helmet and the crescent moon shoulder patch finds a second life on the left shoulder only (there is only one moon after all). What do you guys think? This was one of my favourites to design so far!
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