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    Okay, so it has been seemingly FOREVER since I posted anything resembling a concept on these boards. But I've been playing around with something for a few minutes here and there for probably two weeks now, and I'd love to get some feedback to know if I'm potentially onto something or just wasting my precious free time. I've always been a fan (like many of you it seems) of the Rays' original Devil Rays identity, but I thought it missed the mark in a few areas. I loved (still do) the gradient. But there were far too many colors in the logo(s), and the uniforms seemed to miss the opportunity to "own" the bright colors by overuse of black and purple. Some parts of the logos also use too many fine details or super thin strokes. So here's what I got. Right now it's something of a visual dream journal. I apologize for not taking the time to split all the elements into separate files yet. Basically, I dropped the black for a dark purple. I kept the gradient but had the gamut run from yellow to aqua-ish to purple. Purple would be primary, with yellow secondary and aqua tertiary. Light purple only in highlights in the logos. Thickened/simplified some elements and strokes. Have an idea of where I want to go with uniform striping. Started playing with a custom number font, but not sure it can work. Dropped the "Devil," obviously (though I never disliked it). Can't pick a preference of uniform wordmarks. So let me know what, if anything is worth continuing. I appreciate all comments ahead of time. Thanks guys!
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    Let's start with Green Bay. A classic look, obviously, but still in need of a little polishing. The current collars are pretty dated IMO... a bit too busy. And I've never liked the road stripes with the extra white space. The sleeve stripes here are the same width home and road, both with 5 stripes total. Sock stripes make a comeback. The alt is a throwback to an early 50's uniform that was bright kelly green monochrome, so how can you pass it up?
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    What if* Zion pulls an Elway/Danny Ferry/Eli and refuses to play for the Pelicans?
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    I never realized that thing actually says "winning tradition" on it. That feels... I dunno... kinda needy, or something.
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    Has to be Voyageurs or Admirals, the '70s L.A. Kings in Milwaukee is an astonishingly terrible idea
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    I heard a joke that said the only things that will survive a nuclear apocalypse are cockroaches and the Quebecois, because if the Quebecois have lasted this long, why not? Anyway, I understand and agree with the impulse for cultural preservation, there must always be a Quebec for the Quebecois, but I don't see why we couldn't have had a pluralistic Montreal with a firmly French rest-of-the-province. That's basically what Quebec ended up with, anyway, just at the expense of having a baseball team, a Jewish community, apostrophes on storefronts, and the most important city in Canada. As loathsome as the separatists may be, the old order of a disengaged English ruling class with the Catholic Church acting as a shadow government wasn't gonna last forever; the Quebecois were going to start determining their own affairs one way or another, they just picked the clumsy and antisemitic way. Anyway, as for thuh Nats dressing up as les Expos, I'd be fine with it if the Nats were in the habit of honoring their history as the Expos, e.g., maintaining retired numbers, things like that. They're not, really, so I kinda wish they wouldn't.
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    Just leaving this here for comparison. This is NBC's logo for the 2012 Olympics. This does a far better job of conveying location than the generic logo MLB ran out.
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    Ideally teams shouldn't need the conference patch, considering most fans know what team plays in what conference and whatnot. So in Nebraska's example, they'd keep the Winning Tradition patch and place the 150 patch where the B1G patch is at.
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    I know it isn’t a very ‘Seattle’ colour (aside from UW), but I’d like to see at least one team use purple now that LA has all but abandoned it.
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    Was coming to make a comment on that. Last night's lottery helped confirmed that none of those teams are getting new logos / wordmarks next season. Also, in Zion news, unfortunately for NBA/Nike, the Pels aren't getting any new logos / uniforms next season. Whoops! That being said, I'm sure they'll still sell plenty of the City (and I guess the other 3 unis since Zion is so popular) unis. Those were one of the best in the league this year, imo.
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    Other people's money. You seem to overlook this very key point. That's what sets him apart from a man like Lamar Hunt. Ross wanted to wear Chinaglia's pants, but made other people pay for it. Least he could have done was pay the tab himself.
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    Looks like new field turf going down at Ford Field. The end zones are Honolulu Blue, and the actual field is a lighter shade of green, closer to the color to the turf used in the Pontiac Silverdome.
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    I will say this, though. The thing that absolutely KILLED them in 2016 is that Harrison Barnes pretty much folded like a lawn chair on the wing when it mattered most and when Steph and Klay were absolutely gassed. Legit NOBODY has the stamina LeBron has, and that’s the thing I think most people overlook/take for granted the most about him. He’s one of a kind in that sense. The Warriors needed at least some sort of an upgrade out there if they wanted to beat him at the end of the season with how long those runs are (2016 especially because basically nobody got a game off at the end of that year because of that run 73-9 run). They were also relatively small, so they needed height, too. I get why people knock KD for going there, because it was absolutely overkill (they maybe needed a slight upgrade at that spot, and ended up with the best wing player in the game), but they did have a legitimate weakness on that end and he was, like he would’ve been anywhere else, perfect for that role. Just look at Dame right now. As Abel said, he’s absolutely gassed. And considering the slog Portland has gone through this post season, how would he not be? You’ve gotta realize this is the farthest the Blazers have ever played with this roster, and the fatigue is showing at the worst possible time. People can knock KD and the Warriors all they want, and for the most part I get it. But if they learned one thing from that loss it’s how important having the stamina to maintain it late in the post season is. The biggest reason they’re gunning for a 5th straight Western title and 4 out of the last 5 is because KD has given them the opportunity to maintain some of that stamina. There is absolutely ZERO chance they would’ve had a long run like this without him. They recognized that, and so did he. I don’t think many people are really satisfied with a lot of it (KD included), but damned if it didn’t work.
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    Most people in the know call him the best prospect since LeBron. Anything can happen, but he seems as ready as LeBron was back in 03.
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    I realize these are just for retail, and I don't buy jerseys. Do they really have to use the black stripe 1997 one for McCardell though? They only used it for one season, and the ones without that stupid, unnecessary black stripe look way better.
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    Onward to Winnipeg! PHOENIX! ARIZONA! The Arizona Coyotes Arizona follows Anaheim's lead by adapting another iconic alternate to fit today's design trends. The cactus green and stone orange return as does the angled hem striping of the old "Peyote Coyote". Black is replaced in the look by a darker green and the Arizona sunburst can be found sublimated on both the jersey and pants. The old 'Yotes wordmark returns to the helmet and the crescent moon shoulder patch finds a second life on the left shoulder only (there is only one moon after all). What do you guys think? This was one of my favourites to design so far!
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    And Lions. This is the one I've messed with the most. I've deep-sixed the asymmetrical wordmarks on the sleeve, first... just going with plain stripes. Also, it's bugged me from the start that the dark gray only exists on the primary home and road as number outlines, which makes it seem like a shoe-horned afterthought added just as an excuse for that ugly color rush mess. I considered dumping the dark gray all together, but something makes me want to keep it, so I tried to find a few more places for it. On the white jersey, the small wordmark, NOB, and swooshes are now dark gray, and I changed the outer outline on the helmet logo to dark gray, which helps with the out-of-place color patterning of the current helmet logo. Living in Detroit, I'm well aware of how beloved the Lions' ultra-plain throwbacks are, but for myself, I feel they've run their course. I decided to keep the dark gray as an alt, just not as a color rush. I hate the current color rush jersey... even as just a jersey it's a bad design, so I re-worked the whole concept. \
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    That's what I've thought from seeing the promo material and seeing sockeye... red, green, black Red - Used for the old Metropolitans and Rainiers Green - Used by every Seattle team and the Seattle Center where they'll play Black - Nice compliment to the red and green I've posted this before but it's been a while...
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    It would've been funny if they were still in Richfield though.
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    Pondering the London Series logo, I thought of the flags of Australia and New Zealand, which have a blue field with the Union Jack in the upper left quadrant. So it seems natural to apply the same straighforward treatment to the Major League Baseball logo.
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    Major downgrade. Duquesne had one of my personal favorite looks, sad to see it replaced with a video game console logo
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    Joe Biden already steals intellectual property; he doesn't need to steal valor on top of that.
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    The wordmark is an upgrade, though I'm not sure why the U is smaller than the other letters. The D logo is a downgrade, in part because it almost doesn't read as a D (particularly in isolation) and in part because an Old English D makes sense for a team named the Dukes.
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    Since the leagues require them that won't happen.
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    Stay bummed, you conspiracy-believing would-be schemer-stealer. Committed, deep-pockets ownership; new GOOD leadership at the executive operations level, and the number one pick in a consensus "great, can't miss player" year. Yeah, we're set here for awhile. ...and BTW, New Orleans "showed up" for AD a lot more than soft-ass AD showed up for New Orleans. NBA didn't "give" us anything. That's pretty petulant and childish. They did go to OKC... temporarily, after a major disaster. ... And then they came home. ... And then the powers-that-be and voters in Seattle wouldn't replace or do another major upgrade of an arena originally BUILT FOR THE 1962 WORLD'S FAIR. ... And Seattle's LOCAL, mega-bucks owner decided to SELL THE TEAM. ... And no local ownership group came forward to meet his price. ... And he talked to prospective buyers from Kansas City, St. Louis, Las Vegas, San Jose and Anaheim, but wound up selling the team to folks from OKC, who had a taste of being "big-league" and were trying like hell to get back in the big leagues. ... And once they couldn't get an arena deal done, those folks moved the team to OKC. Quit conflating the effects of a major disaster on one city with another city/metro area's failure to do what it takes to keep a team.
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    True. The current logo screams bland and unrelated, while this one is a bit more exciting. I know some people say it's a "wand" as the Washington Monument. I call 100% BS on that; it's just the monument. Not great colors to begin with either.
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    Ok, so hot take here... Maybe the Warriors don’t exactly need KD. Especially since LeBron is in basketball purgatory right now.
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    The San Jose Sharks The Sharks Color Rush look grants the 'Los Tiburones' logo its rightful position as a primary. The Sharks adopt a black look on the heels of the success of their Stealth jersey, but this time infusing a bit more color through a full length teal yoke, complete with a striping pattern based off the gills in the primary. A new secondary logo (designed by yours truly) can be found on the shoulders, pants, and helmet. This new logo builds off the negative-space S in the bottom of the chest logo and adds a J while forming a shark tooth silhouette to tie the logo back to both the city and the team. White numbers balance out the look given the prominence of black and teal in the rest of the set. C&C welcome, folks! (especially with the new logo added here)
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    Yup. I loved watching the full kelly green uniform when we saw the Whalers throwbacks this year. It looked so good. I realized as hockey fans we are getting a raw deal by not having a team wearing a uniform of kelly green complete with the green helmets and pants as their regular look. Time for a team to right this wrong! We don't need another red uniform. Adding the silver trim gives a unique look. It is different enough from the Stars. The silver is only in the logo for the Stars - they are a green and black team. The green and silver would be a modern look that could provide a nod to the old green and white Totems.
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    lets go! (Yes I already changed my profile)
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    Because, as has been stated MANY times before, players can switch helmets by choice all they want, the issue is when someone tells them they HAVE to get a second helmet for one game. It’s not a comfort thing. It’s not a “the helmet needs to be broken in” thing. It’s simply the NFL doing the best they can to avoid being sued for forcing players to get another helmet when they didn’t want to
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    There seems to be a lot of smoke for the Jaguars to potentially see a throwback alternate this season. Mitchell & Ness is now dropping this -- Hell yes. Hopefully Nike would not include that side panel though. Oof.
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    Obviously, want the black to sell and it has based off the numbers we've gotten but it's not here to stay. You'll see a return to a more traditional Sporting "dark" kit next season. It's one of my favorites. Excited to get it released next year.
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    I missed this when it came out, but Minneapolis City dropped a fantastic kit a couple weeks ago. Now if only they'd use that script logo full time.
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    Just be glad the nets didn't wear black and white back in 2003 against the spurs.
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    Yea, but from what little I have been seeing, Portland's basically red and black, no white, Toronto is white and black, little red. At least that pic has a good balance of the three.
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    I see you and I raise you
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    I see a shocking number of PSG kits here, I guess for Neymar and maybe Mbappe. I seriously doubt any of these people have watched a single Ligue 1 match, but then again, PSG only cares about Ligue 1 as a method of getting into the Champions League where they can fail again. since I'm a degenerate hipster i have an old Palermo shirt that I picked up for a song on ClassicFootballShirts
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    These are the kinds of posts that make this thread great. I never knew he wore this uniform.
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    This Utah Jazz Statement Edition uniform concept is part of a full set of uniforms for the Jazz I hope to finish at some point. I've had some rough ideas for this one in the back of my mind for a while, and I found some time to see the entire conceptualization process through. Quite a few projects I've started recently haven't been completed for one reason or another - and I don't have many if any ideas when it comes to details of the Association, Icon, and City Edition designs to round out the set - but it feels good to finally finish at least one thing worth sharing. Utah's current identity is one of the more solid, yet understated looks in the League, in my opinion -- the color palette is unique, the typefaces are clean with a bit of subtle character, and the uniforms inoffensively tie all of the elements together. However, I also wouldn't mind it if they were to make a change sooner than later. Given my '90s nostalgia, I wouldn't mind something a bit closer to their '90s identity....but the color palette needs to be more focused, the maximal-ist wordmarks and numerals need to be toned down, and for the love of everything the mountain gradient needs to be left in the past. Anyways, the inspiration for this concept started with Utah's late '90s BFBS alternates that I'm pretty sure caused David Stern to ban any additional teams from wearing BFBS uniforms for a period of time. The color palette was intriguing, the design elements were dialed down without being boring nor generic, and overall I feel like it's a pretty underrated uniform. Basically, I wanted to bring the spirit of that uniform forward to today's era and see how it could be modernized. More inspiration for this concept came from these Pete Maravich-era throwbacks -- I really like how things contrast with only the wordmark and numerals in white against a dark background. (Early drafts of this concept were also influenced by an Avengers: Endgame advertisement that popped up as an ad while I was online.) The uniform uses a modified version of the team's current 'UTAH' wordmark with the tops of all four letters leveled rather than arced; the current numerals are unchanged. The color palette remains the same, though the balance has been tweaked to create a darker atmosphere while allowing the white applications and copper trim to pop. (My biggest issue with the '90s BFBS uniforms is that the copper doesn't work well in volume -- relegating it solely to collar, armhole, and side panel trim as well as numeral strokes alleviates this.) Lastly, the color-block gradient from the team's current City Edition uniforms has been re-purposed on the side panels -- it reminds me a bit of the purple-ish glow of the Utah night sky, but mostly I just think it looks cool and like it as a signature branding element for them. Anyways, that's all for now. Any and all thoughts and feedback on this concept as well as the (eventual) direction for the rest of their uniform set is greatly appreciated! Utah Jazz Statement Edition Uniform Concept
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    Thread title fools me every time.
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    My apologies for the unintended week and a half break. For awhile there, it looked like my laptop had breathed it's last, but we got her up and kicking again. So, in the spirit of recent events with my laptop, we're bringing the series back to life! The Anaheim Ducks Eggplant is the name of the game for Anaheim as they return to their original colors for Color Rush. The striping pattern draws from the infamous Wild Wing, paired with a matching hem stripe to keep things from going too crazy again. Modern Primary is recolored to match the old scheme and jade and eggplant are separated by white across the uniform set, from logos to striping to #OB to collar, consistency abounds. Not much more to say than that. An adaptation of an old favorite that leaves room for the old colors to truly shine.
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    The Colorado Avalanche Colorado’s sky/steel/whatever-you-want-to-call-it blue is promoted to the primary here with white capped shoulders matching the snow covered peak of the Av’s alternate logo found on the chest. A simple maroon pattern can be found in the striping and color as well as in the name which rests in an extended yoke. The pants are blue with a single white stripe in the C from the primary, becoming a vertical version of the Colorado flag. Socks match the hem and the helmets and gloves are white to add to the snow-capped look.
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    Has your favorite local team ever relocated? The one that you grew up following on tv before Internet, the one that had it's logo on your bedding while growing up, the one you have so many memories attending their games with your family? Believe me, it sucks badly and you wouldn't like to see some douchebag owners that took your team away cashing in trying to justify "pride" in what they took from you while not giving a :censored:...
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    If the Dallas Stars ever try to bring out a North Stars throwback, that myth of "Minnesota Nice" will disappear faster than you can say Norm Green.
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    Noted. Edited with a smaller wordmark, created a little more space between it and the side panel. Here is #8, Toronto Raptors And #9, Portland Trail Blazers I wanted to do Toronto in purple, however, the home whites looked really off, at least without some tweaking, so I "settled" for their All-Canadian red/black look which they rock pretty well. Added silver to differentiate them from the Bulls and Blazers, while hopefully the black keeps looking apart from Houston as well. I brought back the pinstripes (maybe also too Houston-y?) and the arching nameplate because I like those Barney Dinosaur elements, they keep their identity unique. And I altered their wordmark to a bolder font because what they're wearing now seems a little placeholder-y to me. Portland, I just based their look off of their amazing statement jersey. Remove the silver and lowed the name to appear under the number (just 'cause I think the back of the jersey looks little plain).
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