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    it occurred to me that this might be worth pointing this out: this is a 3D model Nike uses for presenting concepts to teams for approval (the next step with a brand new design would be to actually make some uniform options and put them on real models to see how they look IRL). we've seen some fakes from people altering images from specific team shoots (Lions) of real players and thats not how Nike presents their uniforms. if any image had ever leaked early, it would have been on something like this. just remember that come next season
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    Award for the most pointless cap in the league? I’m watching them wear this and I often forget the white outline is there. The difference so minuscule, they might as well be wearing the classic blue cap. The 2 tone cap was much better. This one here has no reason to exist.
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    As the world rolls into the 90s and pro baseball player's biceps keep expanding, the Solons move to a black and red look. I went for a not so subtle Greek building with the pillars being baseball bats. The font becomes more in your face, and the cap logo becomes harder to stitch than it needs to be.
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    Now that school is done with, I can get back to this project which has not been abandoned! Hahaha. I am back, finally! I have had all these uniforms completed since about late-March, early-April and now just have the time to post all of these. Project: Nike/MLB 2020--Team 13/30: The Colorado Rockies. The Colorado Rockies get a refreshed look under Nike. Notably gone from their color scheme is black. I always felt with their uniforms that black competed with purple and often overtook it, so I decided to do away with it. This in turn lets purple shine as the primary color, and clearly establishes silver as the secondary color. The hat, under shirts, and socks of all the uniforms are now purple instead of black. The wordmarks and scripts have a touch of "Western" feel to them. The home uniforms remain the traditional purple pinstripes. The road uniforms are similar to what they currently wear (same piping), but have updated wordmarks. The white home alternate is basically a white version of their road uniforms (with "ROCKIES" across the front--a fresh look to give the Coors Field fans a bit of a different look. The purple alternates can be worn both at home (with their home alternate pants) and on the road and feature silver piping. Home: Away: Home alternate 1: Home alternate 2: Away alternate:
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    I don't think it's totally misplaced. The spectre of Quebec separatism did cause much of Montreal's corporate infrastructure to move west. (Hence, BMO, the Bank of Montreal, is now headquartered in Toronto.)
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    A uniform is much more than the helmet and jersey. Thanks, CFL.
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    That's a buzzkill. Smart of the most logical team to be the ones to debut them, I guess. But the templating in MLS has been really rough lately.
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    This thread will be full of revisionist history. Some teams existed past the 1960 date, and have influenced my concepts slightly. I justify this because not every team has all 4 phases into history. The longer a team was around, the less I'm inclined to create concepts for. Some good examples are the Buffalo Bisons, and Portland Beavers(RIP). The Sacramento Solons are named after the Greek senator Solon, which was a reference to the California senators in the city. I took that as a sign to lean into the Greek symbolism. The Mets started the racing stripes trend in baseball in 1982. The MLB Solons would follow with a Greek pattern running all over the god damn place. The mascot logo of a bearded Solon is a bastard of if the Swinging Friar was the Orioles bird. The S logo is from Wikipedia. It's the first thing you see when you look into this team, and I cannot find the source outside Wiki. The 1970s Solons wore a block S logo, but I really liked the english S as the cap logo for Sacramento. Next: Sacramento Solons Phase 2.
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    My understanding was that there was in fact a new stadium deal in place with a split of private and public money. Loria complained the amount of public money wasn't enough, Montreal said take it or leave it, and that was the end. Here is a little blurb from an article I found... In his first speech as owner of the Expos, Loria demanded a new stadium for his team. He bluntly said of Olympic Stadium, "We cannot and will not stay there." The city made it very clear at the time that they would not build a new facility when millions were still owed on the existing stadium. Later, though, the city began to warm to the idea of a new stadium and LaBatt Park was designed and was ready to be built using a combination of public and private financing. The facility was to be ready for the 2002 season. However, Loria balked and demanded that the city pay a higher percentage of the building costs. The city, weary of dealing with Loria, cancelled the project.
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    Yeah, the NFL really let the uniform nonsense out of the bag last year. Multiple alts, relaxed rules on when, where, and how often an alt can be worn, mixing color rush elements into non-color rush sets... we saw it all. And it sucked. Teams like the Panthers practically wore a different combination weekly, and none of them were the one uniform they should be wearing. It's only the horrific nightmare riot of the NBA that's keeping the NFL looking somewhat restrained by comparison. And some of you want to introduce multiple helmets into this unappealing soup? Insanity. The NFL gets boneheaded flak for being too controlling ("No Fun League!! ... I just thought that up!! Durr!") when in fact, when it comes to uniform policies, they need to go back to being much more controlling. They should go back to one alt, period, whether it's a throwback, color alt, or whatever, just one. And it should only be worn twice, never in the playoffs. I'd go further, and make each team designate a primary uniform combination... jersey, pants, and socks, that have to be worn together for at least 5 home games.
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    Thanks man, i appreciate the comments. I'm going to revisit it at some point. The font discrepancy was based on the Padres. Just a weird quirk i liked haha. As far as the pointy font for the 90s.... Yes, the BEARS are the team I was talking about. And their Phase 2 logo fits the profile of the Diamondbacks/Mariners script. Rainiers, Buffs, and Beavers are on my list, but the Beavers are lower since they continued to exist until 10 years ago. The Tacoma Rainiers logos consistently weren't great so I want to tackle them
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    Are peppers in oil known for being served up along with a wooden-spoon beating courtesy of an angry old woman? Because that's what that character artwork suggests.
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    I still think Montreal should be the first relocation option if anyone moves. At least in that situation they should be able to use Olympic Stadium until a new one is built.
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    Those new BC helmets look great. Love the addition of the stripes and the numbers on the back of the helmets.
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    These would’ve made for an absolutely gorgeous secondary kit for them, and the rainbow-colored graphic would obviously tie in to their early days as the Wiz as well. Shame these won’t see the field.
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    Sporting KC Pride tops. I LOVE these. If only we could see them in the game. There are a couple other photos on twitter that wouldn't post. I would really like to see Sporting use a rainbow pattern on a black jersey for their secondaries.
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    I can't quite place the genesis of this idea. For years I've kicked around an a spreadsheet with what the MLB would look like if the AAA Pacific Coast League, known for it's skill level in the 50s, evolved into a 3rd major league in 1958. The idea is fun because so much would be different if that ever happened. You'd have names like the San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Angels still around, but then the Seattle Rainiers, Portland Beavers, and Sacramento Solons would continue to exist. The Dodgers wanted to move west to LA, and brought the Giants with them, ultimately ending the possibility. A few weeks ago, i got lost in the thread about a third major league in the sports in general board. I didn't know this, but the Continental League was starting to form in 1960. Houston, Dallas, New York, Denver, Minnesota, Toronto, and Atlanta would all have team names that existed for decades, and Buffalo would have a Major League team. This was bound to happen, but didn't before MLB approved expansion to Los Angeles(Angels), and DC(post Twins move). The Mets(owned by William Shea, the leader of the Continental League), and Houston Colt 45's joined the next year. The team names have been dead for about as long as they existed in the first place. But what if the Continental League of Pacific Coast League ever formed to major league level? So that's where I come in. I noticed a trend with the expansion era MLB teams. It came and went with trends in graphic design, fashion, merchandising, and nostalgia. PHASE 1: A strong brand in the 70s and 80s. Establishes for decades without change, as teams create fans. Noticeable cartoony logos, bright colors, and simple design. PHASE 2: The world became dark, and extreme. Teams ditched their brands for expanded merchandise options and better t-shirt printing. PHASE 3: Turns out the 90s were rough on design, and it might be worth completely adjusting what defines your team. PHASE 4: People miss the simple design, and we can sell much more merchandise than we had been. Now, i'm certainly simplifying things. Not every team can fit into this formula. The Twins and Royals have refined their Phase 1. The Mariners need a refresh from their Phase 2 set. The Angels are in Phase 3 and I wish they'd bring back the California Angels branding. The Rockies are holding strong in Phase 2. The Marlins are sprinting towards this pattern. The Diamondbacks just love playing with colors. There's also this. How is this a concept? Well sit tight and continue reading.
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    Before: After: https://www.fcnantes.com/articles/article2809.php?num=29769
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    We the North! Come on guys, one more win!
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    Logo design for the newly merged league: C&C Welcome.
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    Just like the Pirates alternate cap.
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    I'd probably more inclined to vote for the purple/black scheme if you chose the lighter shade of purple you used in your teaser.
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    Trust the PrOcess ?
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    It's not on both sides because it makes the jersey even lighter, allowing the players to go faster by .00000000034 seconds. Seriously, they need to bring back proper hem stripes. They should also replace the shoulder logos with the updated fin. They can keep the home shoulder logo for an alternate, though. And, while I'm okay with the orange, I think they should bring back the silver as it goes better with the black and teal.
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    Agreed. It’s important to understand how much the demographic shift produced by Bill 101 turned away the baseball fandom of the area, as well as the corporate support networks needed to fund a competitive team. Said separatist leanings increased the pain the province faced during the Canadian recession of the 1990s, especially after the referendum failed. Without the PQ, maybe the Expos would have had a better corporate support network to keep the team afloat through the recession (like the Blue Jays, who arguably benefitted from a post-Bill 101 Canada and claimed Southern Ontario as their territory - hurting the Expos’ revenue). Without the separatist referendum, maybe they get a stadium built with public money (it never should have come to that, but I’m just being realistic). With a stadium or better ownership, Loria never would have been sent in to “salt the earth” and the team wouldn’t have fallen as far. Those who try to claim that the PQ weren’t at fault to some extent are misguided. Heck, Jonah Keri made a point to mention these “demographic issues” in Up, Up, and Away.
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    The NFL uniform guidelines are in a weird, undefined place right now. We hear that Color Rush is no longer required but teams can wear them as they please. And yet, teams like the 49ers implement “throwback” under the Color Rush line and use all white socks, which were not era appropriate. On the other hand, there are teams like the Cowboys who take certain aspects of their Color Rush set and integrate it into their normal wardrobe (white pants). At this point, it’s no longer clear how the uniform protocol works. Could teams with Color Rush sets use regular colored socks? Could they use their Color Rush jersey with pants from their regular set? The lines are blurred now.
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    I'm liking the series thus far, especially the philosophy behind the design work! Solons Phase One: I rather like the approach here, keeping with the conventions of the period and putting a unique (but not unreasonable within aesthetic traditions of the time) style on them. The cartoon logo could do without the dotted seam lines on the cap, but that's a minor quibble. I don't know if arched block letters are really the best idea here, given the font experimentation present at the time. Look at what the Blue Jays, Mariners, Astros, and Padres were doing for a more appropriate typeface. Heck, the primary logo typeface would work well for the uniforms! The font Cortez would be fantastic as well: I do agree with @Htown1141 slightly about the pattern in the racing stripes, but I can pass it off as an "exceptionally experimental" design. Also, I'd recolor the yellow cap button white or use a yellow "S." Solons Phase Two: I like the font and the new logo for the period, with appropriate amounts of highlights and accents. My big complaints center around the uniforms, namely the trim and number fonts. Collar trim like that is more an early-2000s trick (e.g., the Angels or Giants). If you want a more '90s aesthetic, pattern trim may be your best bet. I'd also recommend using a display font for the numbers. What do the numerals look like on the wordmark font? Don't you mean Denver Bears? I can't find anything on a vintage Denver Bulls team. As for teams you have plans to do, may I inquire about the Seattle Rainiers, Houston Buffs, or Portland Beavers? There's plenty of potential in those designs.
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    I can think of bigger pieces of crap. If this is getting political, it’s only because it’s relevant to the Expos’ situation. People who solely blame Loria/Selig or the 1994 strike are woefully ignorant of the political, economic, and demographic factors that turned the Expos into DC’s National League club.
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    Despite issues with some of these, it's so nice to go back to one helmet per team (please stay dead forever, black Stamps helmet) that I'd say this is overall a large upgrade for the league.
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    This is probably best suited here. But, this is an article that claims the Vancouver Grizzlies and Charlotte Bobcats logos (even the New Jersey Swamp Dragons logo) were rejected names/logos for the Toronto Raptors. Pretty cool read.
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    Does the MLB really need an expansion? I don’t think so.
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    That's the one! I see they changed their name, that explains why I couldn't find it. Thank you!
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    I would recommend going with the "Colorado" colors over purple/black/silver. Concerning the perspective, I would maybe shorten up the left side so that the triceratops' eye line is a bit more obvious. Something like this concept would work: See how the antlers appear in the image? This is the approach I would recommend for the triceratops' horn/back of head. I'd lower the head/"camera" angle to match what you want from the image.
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    Whoa, I forgot about this one. I picked this exact team for this exact reason.
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    1. That’s why I was careful to use the word “similar” and not “precisely 100% exactly identical”. 2. It’s not about “confusion” in the sense that someone turns on a Bruins game and thinks they’re watching the Penguins. That’s not really happening with anyone over the age of 6. What I’m talking about is the creative problem of two teams in a league this small with Infinite design possibilities choosing to use elements in their design that are so very close to being alike when they could do anything else to differentiate themselves. This same reason is why Tampa’s uniform has always bothered me. It’s not that they look too much like Toronto, because they very much do, it’s more that they could do something uniquely theirs and in cosplaying as the Leafs they’re leaving a wealth of good uniform ideas on the table. Summary: The socks are too similar. Neither team is using the ideal sock design the team should be wearing. End of point.
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    What's throwing off this look for me is that awkward greenish tint on the bolts from the powder blue touching the gold. I would just get rid of powder blue altogether when it comes to the bolts... just gold with a simple navy outline that itself can be separated by a white outline when applied to a powder blue background.
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    https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/48373886 FIFA makes a somewhat sensible, but not the correct decision. They have decided not to increase the amount of teams for Qatar to 48. * - The correct decision is to still move it from Qatar, but FIFA's married to that albatross now.
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    Ah, I forgot to mention that, thanks! The number font is Bahnschrift SemiBold Condensed, I chose it because it had even line weights, similar to the Mets' "NY" logo, and fit well with the tall, cursive wordmarks. I also forgot to mention that I fixed the error of the little notch in the middle of the Mets' "M" that has been brought up by @Gothamite in the past. Thank you for the analysis and suggestions! I'll go through them team by team: For Atlanta, I totally get where you're coming from with the inverted sock stripes. The reason why I went with a white-heavy design is because it matches the color distribution of the feather on the sleeve, as you can see here: Do you think I should still go red-heavy with the socks, despite the mismatch it would create? As for the alternate take, I almost transferred the gold over to that set too. I actually considered replacing the gold with kelly green too, not for any specific reason other than it would be a cool, otherwise unused scheme. Which of these is better? I can update the original post after getting some feedback. With the Marlins, your suggestions do bring about a cleaner set for sure. I decided to leave the marlin on the cap though, because the M or the marlin on their own were just a little too plain for my tastes. Should I update the set to be like this? For the Mets, I'll admit I really like the racing stripes, to me it's a nice way to bring a conventionally 80's look into the modern day. I did remove the pinstripes on the home to try not to go too overboard with it. I can see where you're coming from though. Personally, I've grown to not really like placket piping anymore (as evidenced by my lack of use of it throughout this series), but the blue alternate provided some inspiration on a different direction I could've taken with the Mets: I'm probably going to stick with the racing stripes for the set (as this would be too similar to the A's, in my opinion), but this wouldn't be a bad direction to take. Don't worry about not being too much of a fan of this set though, trust me the criticism is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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    I only called it color rush because teams seem to still be using that style as their alternate. I didn't know what else to call it since the aqua is the "throwback" option.
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    because Color Rush no longer exaist as a requirement, this is just a 2nd alternate jersey. the helmet, pants, socks, and equipment should all be the same as when they wear the aqua throwback. yes, seems Nike just didnt make the NFL100 logo update on the template
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    The astros were lead by people that were actually competent
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    If anybody would know, it would be somebody named @Berlin Wall
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    Though I agree that those are definitely way better than their regular home uniforms, I prefer the Mardi Gras version... I miss those pinstripes! I'll never understand why they didn't keep the creole blue in the color scheme when they changed names. They had a good look going, all they needed was a new logo and name, the uniforms were perfect IMO.
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    As seen in the anniversary logo, this should be the direction of a new primary. It's times infinity better than the current crest that contains a dozen outlines. Source: Icethetics. This is the one with the polished up bison side by side comparison:
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