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    In 1936 I'd be shocked if the designer was anybody other than the George Halas.
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    Purty. The navy facemask is a nice choice, considering the helmet that actually went with this uniform had no facemask. It always bugs me when a team switches to a gray mask for a throwback uniform, even when the original had no mask at all (the Packers do this IIRC). I guess the the thought is that older helmets all had gray masks, so a fauxback to a leather helmet will somehow look more authentic with a gray mask, but in my mind that perpetuates the faulty logic that gray masks are outdated, instead of just a handsome design choice.
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    But we know he didn’t allow it. Any manufacturer would have paid him more to put their logo on the pinstripes. But Steinbrenner held firm. There was a limit to what he was willing to sell.
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    its been my personal favorite uniform for a long time. im extremley happy to see it in action now. from the promo shots, the only real flaw i see is the players were wearing white cleats; i hope they change to black for the games. i would seriously support this as a full time uniform and theres so much to learn from this era of uniform when it comes to todays designs. the socks alone make it worth dong this uniform, incredible character that makes the standard NFL sock design seem like an afterthought. i guess it usually is. Bears should sell those socks in the team store as well. boom! new revenue!
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    I love the colored fields. All of them. EWU, UCA, Coastal Carolina, Boise, all of them. The only thing bush league was when the MWC banned them from wearing all blue on a blue field while teams like Hawaii or Colorado State could theoretically wear all green on green fields (and have). When you objectively look at it, it's just arbitrary to have green turf simply because grass is green. Wood is shades of brown but we still have different colors of basketball courts. It's not bush league, you just don't like change.
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    The 1936 designer who made these were way ahead of the times. He would have flourished as a designer today. I wonder who did this, and if he had more work.
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    And the sport would be a little better off today.
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    The Second Team in Group A and France's opponent in their 3-0 victory in the World Cup opener... KOREA REPUBLIC
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    It's clear that 99% of the time, a player is trying to play it off the glass to a forward high in the zone. The intention of doing that is a smart, heads-up hockey play. Did some defensemen abuse the system? Probably, but it was never enough of a problem to warrant a new rule to combat it. I hate to play this card, I really do, but I've played at a high level of hockey and can promise you that it was never a problem nor was it something coaches told their players to do. The only reasons it's a penalty now is to hamstring the defense and open the game up more offensively. It reminds me of about 15 years ago when USA Hockey was toying with the idea of getting rid of no-icing for teams killing penalties.
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    The Toronto Giants identity gives off a Japanese baseball vibe.
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    Maybe, maybe not. That goes both ways, though. I think it’s a near-certainly that adidas offered the Yankees more than they would have offered the Indians. And maybe he wouldn’t have turned it down if they offered him a billion gazillion dollars. All we can judge him on is what he actually did. And what he did was refuse to sell ad space on the uniforms to any manufacturer. I think we should give him credit for that without wandering too far into hypotheticals.
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    My point is that there's no evidence to suggest "he'd be fine with this, it's only a change in uniform placement. " While we'll never know if he would have been OK with it had MLB allowed a non-approved ad on the jerseys, all evidence suggests that he would not have wanted any ad on their uniform.
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    My biggest issue with most every club having an all-white change kit is that it misses so much of the soccer aesthetic. To me, soccer is turning on three matches in one day and seeing a diverse set of kit matchups, whether the visiting club is in their primary or change kit. Judging by this thread, a majority of MLS matches this season feature an all-white kit. That’s not diversity, it’s an Americanization of the sport’s aesthetic.
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    If the Rockets aren’t going to take red/yellow, the Hawks should, with black added. If I have anything that counts as a “guilty pleasure uniform”, this Hawks uniform is it. It’s hideous, but I love it. That is the color scheme Atlanta should have, especially if Houston is stubbornly refusing to go red/yellow.
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    Is there any situation even close to as crazy as the Billy Martin one in all of North American pro sports? Even in the world? Hiring and firing the same manager what- 6 times? I've always thought bringing a manager/HC back even once was odd. This is downright crazy. This surprises me too, even knowing the info that was contained in the article and posted by Gothamite. They can clearly manufacture on new templates, since they're doing so for college teams, so unless they're planning on reinventing the wheel for MLB, they don't have to... well, reinvent the wheel. Maybe the deal with Majestic/Fanatics makes it tougher since they'd need to integrate whatever new processes / materials into the Majestic facility, but that doesn't seem like an insurmountable hurdle. My guess is that they do have something completely new in mind for 2021, and don't want to waste even a dime changing things up before then. Citation needed.
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    I grew up thinking the Chicago Bears colors were black and red. Sometimes my mind reverts back to that incorrect programming.
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    To all the people saying it's bush league......Its18 to 22 year old amateur athletes playing football in exchange for education. My god, this is the perfect place for blue turf. NCAA is indeed a bush league.
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    The next team up is the Philadelphia Cannons, Atlantic Division, North conference. Named for Philadelphia's part in the American Revolution. A Keystone is placed throughout the identity. The uniform stripes are inspired by the angles of a keystone. Helmet has a red shell with a gray facemask and stripe, with the crossed cannons logo adorning the sides. Alternate uniform is a throwback to the teams original uniform set.
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    It's not supposed to be specific. That's the beauty (imo) of the Canucks moniker, and thank god, otherwise yes, it would be maddening not to have an actual 'Canuck' as a logo. I sometimes feel like people are so desperate to want to have every teams' identity be executed in a way that is easily understandable to a 6 year old. Not every team identity needs to make as much sense as a team called the penguins who wear black yellow and white and have a full bodied penguin on their chest.
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    Thank you. Thanks! I'll only be doing one of those, due to it's special connection to the city. Thanks. Thanks! I like the Hannibal vibe as well, even though the elephant species are different, AFAIK. William "Bill" Collins III really does look like a midlife crisis made manifest, doesn't he? "Singular names that refer to emotions are in! THIS IS WHAT THE KIDS LIKE! I'm cool now, right?" Thanks! The Rainiers is a top-five concept for me, as I like the color balance and the region-appropriate design (not to mention how it would get rid of my least-favorite MLB name). The whole "colorful but tasteful" angle has been a big driving force for the series, showing the diverse ways in which the color schemes of the sport could be remarkably less boring. I found that Twins scenario funny as well! I am curious what you thought of the 1987-2009 Senators/Nationals design, if only for its "uncanny valley" nature. Anyway, for the one-year celebration of this thread, here's the next concept! PORTLAND STAGS – Wish upon a whitetail The Rose City’s recent push for an MLB team (AKA the Portland Diamond Project) has been all the rage on these forums, with the group apparently gaining traction at the Terminal 2 site.1 However, this is not the first time that Portland has come up for MLB relocation/expansion discussion. The first attempts to bring baseball to Portland involved both the Expos and the Marlins. Rumblings started in about 2002/early 2003, when former Portland Mayor Vera Katz and the Oregon Sports Authority/Portland Baseball Group/Oregon Stadium Campaign (website here) – led by former Pacers GM David Kahn, Drew Mahalic, and Steve Kanter – met with MLB officials in New York. With Portland being the second-biggest market among the many cities listed at 2.86 million people (compared to the first-place 5.9 million of the District of Columbia).2 (from left: David Kahn, Drew Mahalic, and Steve Kanter - a law professor at the law school branch of my alma mater) These groups were able to lead the charge for Senate Bill 5 in Oregon, which passed in September 2003, allowed for the city to use $150 million of athletes and team executives’ income taxes to fund part of a stadium. This controversial bill went through several phases before its final passing. Around the time of the bill passing, things were looking up for Portland as a baseball destination. If they weren’t going to get the Expos, they could easily get another team.3 The groups even had a variety of sites outlined in their plan (link in the citations).4 However, trouble was brewing within the bid. Local interest among the business community never fully materialized and the group went through internal struggles. By April 2004, Portland was left off of the finalist list for the Expos (DC, Northern Virginia, Norfolk, Monterrey, and Las Vegas). While the Portland forces completed a financing plan to supplement Senate Bill 5 for the $350 million stadium proposal, it did not revive MLB’s interest in the market. Portland, like Las Vegas, had a minor hope spot during the DC City Council’s funding snag. However, that conflict’s resolution put Portland baseball on hold.5 The Marlins were quick to revive interest, during the extortion proceedings that resulted in Marlins Park’s construction. Portland was one of the most popular speculation sites for baseball to land, with famed Red Sox player/executive Johnny Pesky coming out in support of the initiative. Plans were ready to expand Providence (then PGE) Park to 25,000 seats to accommodate the team, while Marlins’ top brass (e.g., David Samson) toured the groups’ desired sites. However, this interest was merely a ruse to get a stadium deal done in Little Havana. While the Portland Baseball Group would continue informally, interest died down until the recent Portland Diamond Project started in 2017.6 TL; DR: Hans (Udo Kier doing his usual weird guy schtick, which is appropriate for the movie) as the Portland boosters, and Mike Waters as MLB.7 I’d like to throw a big shout-out to John Hunt of The Oregonian for his beat reporting on the Expos’ relocation saga. His articles were an excellent resource in following the story. Portland gaining either the Expos or the Marlins, had they gotten a more concrete stadium plan, would have probably been beneficial for the league. They could have either given the NL a Pacific Northwest presence or with an AL flip, given Seattle a bit of a breather when it comes to travel time. Having gone to college in the area, I’d have loved to see a game or two. This concept should cover both the Expos and Marlins’ attempts to move to the area, as well as potential moves by a new team (as explained by Craig Cheek, founder of the Portland Diamond Project – although he had some reservations about a name change with the A’s).8 I’ve long been a fan of the name “Stags” for a Portland team. This is hardly a new name for a prospective Portland team, but it’s one that fits. The whitetail deer (Odocoileus virginianus) is native to the state and represented on one of the most recognizable signs in the city. Besides, they’d be the only deer team in MLB! Using this picture of a posed whitetail deer and the work of @Section30 (thanks for the help!) on his Saskatchewan Whitetails as a base/inspiration, I crafted a deer logo that’s both dynamic and a little playful. The colors are Forest Green/Sky Blue/Yellow-Gold, my adaptation of the Portland flag. The balance of these colors sets them apart from both the A’s and the Mariners. The primary is the deer head on its own, while the secondary is the cap logo (a modified version of Hanley Pro Block Inline). The tertiary features the deer inside a roundel with the sock stripe pattern and the full team name. EDIT 6/23: I have tweaked the deer to be yellow-dominant, while also lightening the blue, removing the back antler, and adding a blue spot into the ear/new eye shape. Here is a comparison, and here are the original logo sheet render, home & road, alternates one and set two, and the dugout outerwear. The uniform design is fairly traditional, with open type Buinton as the base font for the cursive scripts. The tails have gold inlines, for an extra punch of color. Hanley Pro Block numbers also appear alongside the scripts. The sleeve and pants stripes are B/G/Y/G/B, as the light blue and yellow-gold never touch. The alternates include a Sky Blue jersey and a Forest Green one. The green outfit features the “P” insignia, while the blue employs the tertiary patch. Additional alternates include a Sky Blue-crowned cap for the blue jersey and a fauxback. Said uniform homages the 1957 Portland Beavers’ cap logo and Cardinals-style wordmark and template My method for this was to simplify the deer from an old Milwaukee Bucks concept of mine and show it leaping over the bat (itself from the Cardinals’ 1940s logo, recolored). The jacket uses the home script and blue shoulder inserts. While Portland will have to wait to get their team (PLEASE don’t build on speculation, remember what happened to St. Petersburg and arguably San Antonio), I would consider this concept my supposition for what a Portland team could look like. It’s got my favorite name, color scheme, and design style for a Rose City squad! C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, we revisit Northern Virginia, for a little bit of horseplay. 1 Zach Spedden, “New Portland Ballpark Renderings Unveiled,” Ballpark Digest (blog), April 11, 2019, http:// https://ballparkdigest.com/2019/04/11/new-portland-ballpark-renderings-unveiled/. 2 AP, “Portland Makes Pitch for Expos,” Los Angeles Times, January 26, 2003, https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-2003-jan-26-sp-dogportland26-story.html; Population figures from Sales & Marketing Management, “Relocation Revisited,” The Oregonian, January 18, 2004, sec. Sports. 3 John Hunt, “Can You Say Portland Twins, A’s or Marlins?,” The Oregonian, September 14, 2003, sec. Sports; John Hunt, “‘Plethora’ of Potential Baseball Owners - A Consultant Says Potential Owners Are ‘Very Interested’ If Financing Can Be Finalized,” The Oregonian, September 17, 2003, sec. Sports; John Hunt, “Enthusiastic Kulongoski Signs Stadium Finance Bill,” The Oregonian, September 25, 2003, sec. Sports. 4 Eric Okurowski, “StadiumPage.Com - 2004 Portland Concepts,” Stadium Page, 2012, http://www.stadiumpage.com/concepts/Portland04_R.html. 5 John Hunt, “Portland Omitted, but Only from List,” The Oregonian, March 30, 2004, sec. Sports; John Hunt, “Stadium Finance Plan Finished,” The Oregonian, August 6, 2004, sec. Sports; John Hunt, “Stepping up, Striking Out,” The Oregonian, April 3, 2005, sec. Sports; John Hunt and Erin Hoover Barnett, “Expos Might Be on Road Again,” The Oregonian, December 16, 2004, sec. Sports. 6 Stephen Beaven and John Killen, “Big-League Baseball Drive Not Dead, Just Kind of Resting,” The Oregonian, September 1, 2009, sec. Local News, https://www.oregonlive.com/news/2009/08/major_league_baseball_in_portl.html; Charles Elmore, “Stadium Roulette Opening-Day Ritual,” The Palm Beach Post, April 12, 2006, sec. Sports; John Hunt, “Florida Marlins’ Relocation Tour Comes to Portland for ‘Exploring,’” The Oregonian, January 11, 2006, sec. Sports; John Hunt, “Portland’s Prospects Fading for MLB Team,” April 16, 2006, sec. Sports; Phil Rogers, “Rogers: Portland Could Be a Prized Relocation Spot,” ESPN.com, January 12, 2007, https://www.espn.com/mlb/hotstove06/columns/story?columnist=rogers_phil&id=2727901. 7 My Own Private Idaho is my favorite movie, something I’ve shared before on the boards. I’ve been waiting for a Portland team to appear to share this .gif (even though this scene is Seattle). 8 Primetime 3.12.19 Hour 1/Craig Cheek Interview, accessed June 5, 2019, https://1080thefan.radio.com/media/audio-channel/primetime-31219-hour-1craig-cheek-interview.
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    Yeah... is it a Nike jersey with a Yankees logo, or a Yankees jersey with a Nike logo, or are they affiliated in some way and it's co-branded? Complete rubbish. To the bin with it.
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    The Women's World Cup kicked off yesterday with France downing South Korea in convincing fashion. This year's competition is full of some great looks from France's polka dots to Nigeria's zig-zag beauty that has returned from the men's competition last year. I'm always a very casual soccer fan until the World Cup comes around and then I dive in full force, so I figured I'd mesh my typical hockey design with my summer passion and see what came of it. Presenting The 2019 Women's World Cup (of Hockey)! We kick things off Group A, beginning with host nation France. FRANCE
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    Thanks. That is exactly the knowledge I didn't have. I will join in hating it
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    LOLWUT? He actualy behind the times, since most teams ditched stripes after the 20s, and were using solids with either colored panels or super thick stripes by the 30s. Below are just a few uniforms from 1923 - there's plenty of other examples throughout the decade. That's not to say it's a bad design, but let's not pretend it was trendsetting or anything special for the times.
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    I hate that floating head V logo. Not perfect, but if a Johnny Canuck on a V, then maybe something like this?
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    The stick-in-rink logo is nice and clean, but it’s also very uninspiring. It made returning to that logo after experimenting with various identities a non-starter. The team threw back to the original identity save for the logo in 2007. Why is that? Well I would argue because no one has confidence in the stick-in-rink logo to carry the brand. Had they gone with Johnny Canuck from the get-go? It would give the “classic” Canucks identity more character. Much like how the Penguins eventually embraced the skating penguin after experimentation of their own. Johnny Canuck is a fun logo with local character that would have been an easy go-to had the team embraced him in their early years. Instead they went with a hockey stick and rink and they’ve been trying to find themselves ever since. As for identity problems if they go to Johnny? @McCarthy already addressed the fallacy with that line of thinking. I don’t buy that. If that’s true than no team needs to reference their name with their logo because “the players are the real Tigers/Bears/Eagles.” The team took its identity from an earlier team that drew on Johnny Canuck for their name. I don’t think expecting them to actually go with him over a laser skate, angry orca, or a hockey rink and disproportionally large stick is too out-there.
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    Agreed. To compound on this thought is that George throughout his tenure as Managing General Partner enforced grooming standards for the players regarding hair length and facial hair. The guy had a fit because Mattingly's hair was too long or someone started growing a beard because it had a perceived "negative impact" on the Yankees brand. From the evidence of how George conducted business a logo other than the interlocking NY on the jersey was a non-starter. When TATC was introduced he was asked why the Yankees weren't participating and he famously said words to the effect that they already were because that's how the Yankees were supposed to look and would always look in the future. I'd further argue that under George there'd have been no Players Weekend Yankee jersey either.
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    IIRC MLS jerseys didn't sell enough for Adidas' liking to justify allowing thirds. Apparently Adidas puts the MLS clubs on the same sales quota as the big Euro clubs.
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    Team 3 of our Opening Group... NIGERIA
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    Part of that may be an attenpt to help newer American soccer fans pick out who's home and away, but they have enough devices to do that like the scorebug and the update bars that display kit colors. I also don't like teams switching between the home and away kit for home games. Columbus is really bad about this. Man United would never wear their pink kit at home and neither should the Crew wear an alternate kit at home.
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    Ok, thanks people. Back with what I hope will be the final wordmark options. Should be pretty self-explanatory. Personally I'm preferring the ray with the marks, and probably the double-tiered road wordmark. (Also, if anyone can point me toward a nice, clean vector baseball uniform file so I don't have to scroll through dozens of old posts, that would be aweseome....) As always, feedback welcome!
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    George made a deal to have Adidas make the Yankees uniforms and MLB came back and said he couldn't put their logo on the uniforms because Adidas didn't have a deal with MLB. Trust me, he'd be fine with this, it's only a change in uniform placement.
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    If I remember correctly, his name was Denis.
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    No, they don't, but it's not exactly a time-honored idiosyncrasy, like New York's team being called the Rangers because of a lame pun on an owner named Tex, or the Blackhawks not having an actual hawk that is black. What we have here is "I dunno, people seemed to like Free Willy" in the late '90s following years of "Canucks" being denoted by an ice skate made of lasers. It's much harder to swing modern designs that are a step and a half removed from making obvious sense: see the Columbus Blue Jackets debuting as Civil War soldiers who are also abstract ribbon-dancers and bees before narrowing it down to, while still not literal, a much clearer Civil War/Ohio approach. 2007 was the time for the Canucks to get it right and they didn't do it.
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    We are definitely reading between the lines on these. We figured you've seen them as well as others that hasnt came out in news.
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    It looks good! But I think it needs a darker color mixed in there, like a forest green or something, something to contrast the bright colors
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    The logo is terrible, but if the Rockets get new, better uniforms out of this I'll call it even. And hopefully, since this is a "global" logo that only exists to comply with NBA rules, it might get buried anyway, kind of like the Cavs shield logo or the Sixers box logo from a while back.
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    Nope. That kills the uniform for me. I really like the chevron design, and I think they should make it their primary design (with, you know, the TEAM AND CITY NAME AND NOT A VAGUE IDENTIFIER), but the shorts chevron is just awful. Since it would look terrible on both sides of the shorts, just remove it and have the claw logo on both sides. The chevron on the front is bold enough that you don’t need anything else. To add to the topic, and slightly related, I hate when teams put wordmarks on the front that aren’t the city or team name. You’re not “Buzz City”, you’re the Charlotte Hornets. You’re not “North”, you’re the Toronto Raptors. Even nicknames like “Cavs” irk me, but I’ll let that slide.
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    In many other sports I get why the logo on the front would be preferred for maximum visibility, but in baseball I think the sleeve is actually the better choice. When watching a game on TV most of the time you are looking at a better in profile view which means his sleeve is pointing towards you. That said the size and placement on the front doesn't bug me.
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    Asymmetrical designs on nba shorts like why? Why would you want only one side of the shorts to have a stripe it bugs me so much
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    Not bad! Much better than the set they are replacing.
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    If that ain't a metaphor for hockey, I don't know what is!
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    The white side panels on the Bengals black and orange jerseys. So unnecessary and they always stand out to me. It would be better if it were either matching the jersey color like the Whites or continues the tiger stripe pattern down the side (missed opportunity)
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