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    Anything other than Copperplate Gothic is an improvement.
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    We all subconsciously do that with Boston fans and Yankee fans all the time, even if the ones that we directly expose ourselves to are actually pretty good, all things considered.
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    This thread is hilarious to read. Nike swoosh looks fine. Cry a river.
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    Yeah, I do think Johnny needs to be increased in size though. Closer to this
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    Hard to believe this "iconic" logo is going on two decades.
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    I would argue that adding logos where none existed violates the essence of the original. Tweaks really ought to be limited to constraints of modern equipment, such as the higher sleeve stripes.
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    I think the “M” cap logo was awful. Even if it did go with the mediocre word mark. The “TC” logo is much better logo, and still works for the Twins. If they had gone with a “MN” logo that could have been better...
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    I will second, third, fourth and fifth this!!!!!!!
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    A totem-pole orca as symbol of Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest is fine enough to get you through, but for "Vancouver Canucks," they could do a lot better. Johnny Canuck in green and blue would say it all.
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    The 3 on the left, would have been perfect for Houston.
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    The fans who cheered Durant coming up limping should punch themselves in the dicks. Luckily, most applauded him on his way out. Durant was looking awesome tonight; I would have loved to see him v Kawhi for a full game. Durant will get his money no matter what, but hopefully his career doesn't suffer for a quarter of a game tonight. The gamble was probably worth it to get a good start against Toronto, but not if it affects KD's future.
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    I was led to believe they would be called the "Louisiana Purchase" and have dollar bill logos.
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    I think you could get rid of the grey numbers, make them white...and pair that top jersey with the old helmet and have a decent set .
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    It's a throwback. If the original didn't have a logo on the side of the helmet, the throwback shouldn't have one either.
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    The Leafs haven't won a title in 50 years. I feel like everyone would be at least a little bit happy for them for a while.
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    i think thats the difference between a throwback and an alternate. if you're doing a throwback, the intention is to honor something from the past, so you should do it as accurately as possible. if its an alternate, then the intention is to do something new, something not seen before, and the rules fall away
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    “There’s three of you. You’re not exactly ‘Lone’.”
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    The Bay logo has a vague ball design at the bottom, but I'm not sure if that would be enough to meet the requirement.
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    Just let me see the uniforms. If it doesn't look anything like this... Them throw it in the trash
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    Its still the Bay Bridge. The Golden Gate has vertical support cables:
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    I think I prefer the older bridge. The font is a slight upgrade, although it seems very bold. The bridge seems very bold to me too, maybe that's why it seems a little off to me. Fixing the uneven circles is a big improvement.
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    Didn't he fail a background check to buy the Atlanta Hawks? Sounds like our kind of guy.
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    Kind of feels like the Nike logo has been part of the Yankees uniform for years:
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    There was an ABA team that used that name from 1968-70. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anaheim_Amigos
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    $40 on Facebook I did some lightning-fast research before I bought it. Gamer on the left, mine in the middle, and a store-bought authentic on the right. The tags and cut suggest its at least team-issued, and most Sharpe gamers I found online are the same sz. 48:
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    It’s not a “bad” logo — for a car and/or paper company
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    You guys may think the Bears had a crazy uniform for 1936 but the Giants in that same season were even crazier.
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    Nice snark reply instead of enlightening. Aren't you a professor? Teach, and use some tact while you are at it. Show off your profession. Funny how you didn't highlight the "I want to learn" part. Did you stop reading when you found a window to be rude?
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    Here's what's going to happen. The Bruins are going to win in double overtime thanks to an egregious case of refpuck, and every time you try to point out that, hey, maybe the Blues just got screwed, everyone around you is going to start frothing at the mouth while screaming "BUT PAPI GOT SHOT THEYWERE THE UNDERDOGS!!!!11!!!!1!!!" No matter what happens, from the bottom of my heart, f-ck you, Boston.
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    The Canucks are literally named after a pulp hero who was already turned into a hockey logo though “The team named after Johnny Canuck should use the Johnny Canuck logo” is not the radical opinion some of you are making it out to be
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    The Rockets would have a far better identity if they used a little yellow (not pushing for 50/50 balance, rather 95% red/5% yellow). Red and black and gray is pretty snoozish.
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    I always liked certain design elements of the Gemini Rocket grey sleeved uniforms . If they had an entire set based around that, I'd be a fan. I feel like a balance between some of the alternates lately and these concepts by @kerlonmoura would be ideal.
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    Just a quick mock up of the new warriors uniforms.
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    Yeah, just noticed that after posting. But still, that rule must end NBA...
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    I wonder why they waited so long to do this...
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    Not to Duck-Jack this thread when we (me included) are having such enthralling conversations about the Canucks that aren't totally talking in circles, but I just bought this on-sale Ducks t-shirt (that I really only want for this summer so I don't care too much) and it really hammered home what I've always thought about the Ducks gold being quite inconsistent across different applications. It's a Fanatics shirt, a Reebok jersey and a WinCraft sticker and it's three different shades of gold, though the picture and lighting don't do it exact justice as to how different they look in person. The logo on the shirt looks quite grey depending on the angle and the lighting.
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    Huh? Is there something I'm missing? It seems like you're talking about it from the Yankee's FO perspective rather than the actual discussion between board members about their opinions on the branding. Yes, obviously if the Yankees franchise took issue with the new template and added swoosh they'd take it up with Nike and the MLB. What's your point in regards to the opinions here?
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    I will second, third, fourth and fifth this!!!!!!!* * -- Except the part about the Twins' TC logo. I'm not sure if I would feel differently it was introduced today. However, it has been around as long as the team has played in Minnesota, so I have no problem with it . . . even if 7-year-old me didn't get in back in the mid-70s.
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    On the other hand, neither is the others’ preference for something more mature than “midcentury skating lumberjack cartoon.”
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    No. I'm saying that a team's uniform should exclusively represent their brand, which can include the outfitter their corporate owners have a signed contract with. Note here that corporate owners doesn't refer to the Steinbrenners, but rather to MLB. If the Yankees hate the swoosh so much, than negotiate it off the jersey with MLB+Nike. Or, pack up and join a different baseball league. This is literally the same thing as a Burger King franchisee getting mad that corporate updated a logo, supplier or menu item. If you don't like it, you completely have the freedom to either object (and accept the decision of your corporate parent) or you can dump your franchisee license and go find a new way to conduct business. Plus, the swoosh doesn't look bad. I mean, we're talking about grown ass men who have a history of wearing stirrups. I think a swoosh can be lived with.
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    No feedback, so I'll post the Royals. In this instance I have kept the button up, but in a style that evokes the striping of a pullover. And while I usually value color consistency (see above concept), the Royals pose a problem. My take uses mixes of royal, gold, and powder blue in different non-matching combos. IMO Gold is necessary to differentiate from the dodgers, but doesn't look good on all color bases, and can be swapped for powder blue in a unique look.
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    It doesn't feel like it should count as a sport in the same way poker shouldn't, but there's also a level of danger in allowing inebriated people to just throw sharp objects around that I respect.
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    What guy? You have a strange conception of how sports design worked 50+ years ago...
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    Trump did try to buy the Bills, as did a group of Toronto investors fronted by Jon Bon Jovi. The Bon Jovi group had plans to move the team to Toronto. Trump stated he planned to keep the team in Buffalo, but nobody here really believed that would really happen. LA and Vegas were still on the table as possible destinations at that point. Luckily for Bills fans the Pegulas came through and bought the team, keeping them here for the foreseeable future. https://www.gq.com/story/donald-trump-shady-scheme-to-buy-nfl-buffalo-bills
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    That man is a glorious shape. I'm glad he's living his best life.
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    If I remember correctly, his name was Denis.
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